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26, Report #1071776
Jul 31 2013
12:30 PM
Firelane Internet USA basher, fraud, organised scam USA
 INVESTORS BEWAREFire Lane was bashing a company that engaged in a merger with a FL based company called MinaMar. MinaMar joins shell stocks with companies that want to go public. This is a fast track for a private company to get listed. It was MinaMar that took iHub to court and won the case against iHub and bashers. Fire Lane was one of the biggest losers in the caseHere is one example of his criminal activity:SCAM ALERT: CINGX DOESNT EXIST> IT WAS MADE UP BY THE CRIMINALS AT MINIMAR/AGIJ
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27, Report #1071996
Aug 02 2013
07:19 AM
Firelane Internet USA basher, fraud, organised scam USA
InvestorsHub - Freedom of speech not respectedOne the the most important reason  is that some admin seems to be racist and critic your post when you dont use very good english grammar . Also they remove posts without warn you and when you post back they simply lock your account that you pay for it or not . You not free to say your feeling there and the most scandalous is the way they use to remove your posts and comments when they dont like what you say . Posts just disapear without any explanation . Also they suspend your account then publicly make fun of you. IHUB is for LOSERS!!!  
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28, Report #1072393
Aug 02 2013
08:42 AM
Firelane Internet USA scam USA
InvestorsHub - Moderators  are slanted Bashers -- stay clear of IHub! Investors Hub is a very biased website.They claim to be an unbiased website forum where anyone can post things about different stocks.However, the Moderators of the forums constantly bash the stocks and anyone who has good things to say about the stock on the forums they are supposed to moderate/. This wouldn't be an issue if they allowed everyone to do this, however they remove posts saying anything negative about the bashers or the bashing, or anything positive about the stock that is not on topic:. In fact, they delete anything that they don't deem as appropriate or on topic, which according to their mod rules can really be anything that is not a hard and fast proven truth/. But again, these rules don't seem to apply to the mods or the administrators.Any opinion that does not seem to match theirs is deleted within minutes..They constantly call the stocks scams without giving any proof, but other posters can't argue without getting deleted.    
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29, Report #1066615
Jul 12 2013
07:27 PM
Portraits USA portaits usa ripoff central Canton Ohio
I went to them because they were at my local Giant Eagle and I thought it would make for a nice mothers day present for my mom to have updated pictures of her graddaughters. I went to pick them up at my scheduled time and decided to buy a package. Well the lady would not let me leave with the package I had already paid for because I had not paid anything on the package I was purchasing.I thought that to be odd but didn't fight it. I later called the lady and told her that I would not be able to purchase the package because I had lost income at that point that was on the card because I was using my child support card, she told me not an issue and not to worry because I had not paid anything yet she was not going to fight with me on cancelling the order.After I had called her about a week later I had recieved about 30 and they took 20 off, I called and complained with my card holder and they got my 20 back. Well just recently I had recieved money on my card and before I could use any of it it was gone. I no longer have the ladys name or number because I didn't think I would have issues any longer since went about 3 months in between and I threw it away. There is nothing my card company can do because it is still pending transactions and not to mention they took more off my card than what was on it so they will be getting more whenever I get money put on it.
Entity: Canton, Ohio
30, Report #1174993
Sep 06 2014
08:41 PM
Athletes USA College scholarships athletes USA London Internet
I've known several people to work or be associated with this 'company'...if you can even call it that. They lack serious knowledge of the industry they claim to be worlds #1 in! Over 1000 athletes? Over $100m in scholarship funds? Love to see this proven. I don't believe them at all. I know only of athletes who have been let down. I would warn anyone to stay away from this company as it seems apparent that none of their credentials are legitimately true....
Entity: Internet
31, Report #1193421
Dec 05 2014
06:21 PM
DeltaCare USA DeltaCAre USA Ripoff Cerritos, California Nationwide
DeltaCare USA was contracted by Kaiser Seniro Advantage Health Plan for dental care.  DeltaCare USA ripoff consumers by providing poor (1 star review or 2 star review) dental providers to Kaiser Senior Advantage Health Plan consumers.  Along with Kaiser Senior Advantage Plan, they are a web of bogus markeing claims without delivery of dental care to their insureds.  Insureds get the run around and not being cared for.  In my case, I got bounced around Kaiser Senior Advantage, DeltaCare USA and their providers for about 1 year and my broken crown is still not replaced.These health insurance companies are ripping off their consumers and advertise bogus 5 star marketing claims! 
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #1311344
Jun 14 2016
12:08 PM
Filters USA Filters USA - filter quality Ashville Ohio
I have purchased A/C filters from Filter USA for years and up until the last 2 years I was very satisified with the filters they shipped.  They were original manufactured filters for my American Standard/Trane A/C.  When I emailed and called to question, I was politely told OEM filters had been discontinued and I was welcome to return them and was even email a return receipt. I suggested they put this info on their website, - OEM no longer provided on each item vs. just shipping without notice to the customer. I will give them a try on my refrig filter and see, but have found Home Depot can supply both A/C filter and refrig filter.  Not quite as convenient as home delivery.   Don't trick good customers...not a good thing.             
Entity: Ashville, Ohio
33, Report #1372667
May 11 2017
11:52 AM
Midway USA Midway USA Steals $850! Columbia Missouri
On January 31st 2017 I returned two scopes and rings.  Midway USA acknowledges that they have received the items and owe me $850. Now the song and dance starts with every excuse in the book.   I have called, emailed and live chatted numerous times. It is now May 11th 2017, 4 months later and they still have not returned my money. Bottom line, they are never going to and I have to sue them to get my money back. NEVER will I shop with these thieves again.  Warning to all you out there not to either.
Entity: Columbia, Missouri
34, Report #1151300
Jun 01 2014
05:42 PM
USA Finance Beware of USA Finance
 I applied for a loann on line and got a email from USA finance saying that I had been approved for a loan for 3.000.00 i called them and th gentlemen  who i could hadley understand because of his accent. Tells me that i could get the loan that all i had to do was go and get a pay-power- re-load-it and load it for 200.00 which he said that it was just to guarentee i would pay the loan and he said i would get it back  with the loann.  .Went and got th pay-power and loaded it for 200..00 scrached off the back of the back and could not read the last for numbers ii had scrached to hard. Called thee gentlmen back and told him about not being able to read all the numbers he said give him the numbers i could read. We wnt back and fourth for 30 minutes trying to get the right numbers but could not make thm out. He finally tells me to go get another card and load it for 200.00 and telling me that paypower would refund my first 200.00. Got another paypower and loaded it for 200,00. went through fine gentlmen tells me that ii would get my loan plus the 200.00 by 11:00 next day He calls me the next morning an tells me that because my credit is not good i would have to get another paypower load it for 365.00.I told him i did not have the money to in my account to reload this paypower he tells me that i wood get the money back with the loan i tried telling him again i did not have the fuunds. He tells me that i can cancel the loan  but would have to pay 108.00  to cancel it.  I told him again i did not have the money he said think about it and get back to him,.Called the paypower help line and told her what had happend with the first card not being able to read all the numbers .She lookes it up and said that Usa Finance had put it through they had somehow got all the numbers. She advised me to vall the plice and file a report. Called USA Finance and told him what the lady from paypower had old me he first denied even talkking to me and that i had he wrong company. I told him i knew it was him i had talked to and he finally admitted but wouuld nnot answer me about the first paypower transaction. I told him i was advised my paypower to file a reportwith the police, He said to do what i had to do. Called he police and they sent out a offiver and i told him what had happened he said because it was a out of state issue that there wa nothing the police could do he advised me to file a report with the FBI . He also said to call UDA finance one more time and tell them that i was going to the FBI  if i did not get my 400,00 back I left a message but have not got any response.
Entity: Select State/Province
35, Report #1150366
May 28 2014
05:03 PM
Entity: Illinois
36, Report #1393781
Aug 18 2017
12:34 PM
 Ok Am i alone with this company.. I receive a email from The Guy Name Is Paul Anderson..HE TELLS ME I HAVE A WARRANT OUT FOR MY ARREST..HE ALSO SAID I WILL BE PAYING MORE THAN $5000.00 IF I DONT MAKE A PAYMENT .. I HAVE 3 PAYMENT OPTIONS MONEY GRAM
Entity: Internet
37, Report #147835
Jun 28 2005
04:33 PM
USA Credit Yet another USA Credit ripoff Uniontown Pennsylvania
I too have had my checking account debited my these scumbags! Matthew Bradenton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
38, Report #109971
Sep 24 2004
11:08 AM
USA Voicemail ripoff USA Voice Mail
Usa Voice mail has billed my phone bill for $14.95 for something I did not sign up for. I tried to call them or sign in to their website and both are unsuccessful the phone just rings. Verizon is investigating. Melissa Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
39, Report #129759
Feb 01 2005
04:56 PM
Soyo USA Soyo Computer USA Diamond Bar California
I purchased a Soyo motherboard and Computer Case from Tiger Direct in May 2004. Both items offer mail-in rebates. I mailed the required submissions within one week of receipt of the items. I have had no response or communication from Soyo or anyone representing them. I have copies of all the submission forms. I would gladly join in any class action law suit against such an obvious case of fraud. Stan Southaven, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Diamond Bar, California
40, Report #16895
Mar 15 2002
12:00 AM
Likom USA ripoff lawsuit against Likom USA Sacramento California
Likom USA rip you off by denying your rebate? We are signing up one client at a time to file suit against Likom USA. No cost to you. You can help prevent further rebate rip offs by filing suit against Likom. To qualify you must meet the following requirements. 1) Have bought a furura monitor in the month of June. 2) Have a copy of the URL sticker that you sent in to recieve the rebate. 3) E-mail Rip-off at: and the info will be forwarded. We will answer any questions you have. M. Sacramento, California
Entity: Sacramento, California
41, Report #44185
Feb 04 2003
09:49 PM
USA Credit Superstore USA Gold ripoff Uniontown Pennsylvania
I went to the site and all i find is ripoff info,I dint get my 150 back .All i got was a voucher with no bank name help i borrowed the money troy white city, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
42, Report #43996
Feb 03 2003
05:51 PM
Like the other lady that I just read about I too have been taken in by this scam. I have had my account debited by over 200 they said that by adding another 30.00 to the start of fee ( that I could get back and use towards purchases) I would be able to view my credit report unlimited access. I came to the web site they listed and there was nothing there but the words RIP OFF REPORTS USA CREDIT Needless to say I will pursue this and becuase I am the CORPRATE COLLECTION BUSINESS I will be seeking and useing every means at my disposal to SHUT THESE PEOPLE DOWN from taking money illegally!!!!!!! Also one thing I would like to advise others to do is contact the BANK PLAINS COMMERCE and let them know that this company is using their name in this scam. Although the bank is real and they do extend credit to people. I don't think they would like the fact that they are actually part of an illegal operation. Christel newnan, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: UNIONTOWN, Pennsylvania
43, Report #184849
Apr 04 2006
10:58 AM
USA Benefits Rip-Off From USA Benefits Internet
A company called USA Benefits has been debiting my savings account at my financial institution since September 26, 2005. There have been six other debits since this date. The most recent debit was withdrawn March 30, 2006. As of today, USA Benefits has taken a total of $69.65 from my account. I realize that I should have taken action upon this matter months ago, but I assumed that this fee was being withdrawn from my account as some monthly membership fee for supplemental insurance that I have through my job. Until recently, I was unable to pull up any information on USA Benefits. This struck me as odd many months before, which is why I typed in the name of the company once again last week,just to see if any information would appear. I later found that on this website, other unknowing individuals had monies debited from their checking and savings accounts. Supposedly, this company gained my, and others information based on contact that we had with a payday loan company. I admit to applying for payday loans online, but I have NEVER authorized this company to debit my account at anytime. I contacted USA Benefits on March 30th and spoke with a representative who verified that the company did in fact, get my information when I applied for a payday loan on July 11, 2005. The representative then explained that I would have had to click on a box that said yes, I agree to have my account debited monthly for credit report services provided through Trans Union, including credit repair and viewing my actual credit score. I know that this cannot be true, simply because I am already working with another company who provides the exact same services, and who also debits my account monthly. The representative then said that I received a conformation e-mail for these services on July 14, 2005. I asked if I could receive a copy of that sent e-mail, and I was informed that it would not be possible, because the e-mail was an automatic computer generated message. This makes no sense to me if the representative can track the dates that I signed up for the payday loan and the conformation e-mail. I have offically ended my membership with USA Benefits today, April 4th, 2006. On March 31rst, I went into my fiancial insitution and requested a Federal Regualtion E form as suggested. The representative that was dealing with me gave me an adfidavit for fraud to fill out for each unauthorized debit from my account, which according to the representative, is the exact same as a Federal Regualtion E form. However, even though I pressed further, the representative assured me that my financial institution would only return funds that were withdrwan within 60 days. So to date, I have received a total of three refunds in the amount of $9.95 to my account. That still leaves 4 unaccounted for. I have already reported this financial institution to the Michigan Banking Comission, and I'm currently waiting to hear from them. Courtney Southfield, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
44, Report #60988
Jul 16 2012
11:16 PM
USA Gold Credit ripoff Nationwide USA
Usa Gold Credit Card ripoff for f-ing 149.99 ripoff business from hell deceptive company ripoff swindler ripped off and scammed screwed others too slime-ball slow prossessing the business that doesnt give a dam slow prossessing slime-ball screwed others too ripped off and scammed Redmond Nationwide .....said 5000 credit limit for free. after i signed up and read the agreement and evryithing i saw a charge was goung to be made for 149.99 from my checking. i tried to go back but i couldnt and i cousdnt find a way to reach them by email mail or phone to cancel theyre just f***ing taking my money and i cant stop them. i didnt want to pay for credit thats why i copyied the agreeement it says nothing abo0ut 149.99here it is thats what i copied in the agreement window not actually it was the whole agreement this is what came up after i figured it was definetly a scam. help me michael schererMike the dalles, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Redmond, Nationwide
45, Report #86496
Apr 03 2004
06:52 PM
Usa Credit - usa platinum ripoff Internet
This company set-up a debit date on my account for a usa credit card for $79.99 and another $19.99 for a variaty of other savings. This debit amount was setup for 04/16/04. They have my account and routing numbers. They told me they were having problems with there computers and couldn't give me my card number. They gave me a number to call that nobody never answers. Joseph Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
46, Report #90199
May 04 2004
04:28 PM
Usa Credit Card usa Credit ripoff Uniontown Pennsylvania
can not be found to use usa card.paid $149. want money back Marguerite 19139, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
47, Report #285973
Nov 21 2007
01:06 PM
USA CREDIT USA BAD CREDIT!!! Internet Internet
Well I was a scammer and now I have been scammed. Well my husband was. Which brought me to be scammed too. I used to work for Mediatel who some know as Credit plus rewards. I used to tell people that they were approved and that the money would be in their bank in less than 24 hours if they pay 179. and that they can pay back 50 a month. There is no such thing. When I worked there we were told that these people are dumb enough to go online for a loan then they want to be ripped off. My husband went to ameriloan and asked for a payday loan next thing we know no one even called to scam us. They just took the money and so did their affiliates. auto pay. 30 something dollars and and some get this ID Theft protection for another 30 something! so the ID protectors are the theives. I already know the game and I told my husband he has 1 option! call the bank and dispute you only have a short time to do this. Then when the money is back in take it out and close the account! I know these companies and they will not stop until they can't take anymore. In many ways I know I deserve whats happening because it is Kharmas way! I lied to SSI people and took their money to feed my own babies. Now my babies have no food and someone else is feeding theirs. By the way when I was a telemarketer I was a single mom and had no choice because it is the only thing that pays that good in Vegas without taking your clothes off. SO I have said sorry many times and I know I am not done. Many people lost homes I'm sure because of me. :( And to you credit usa. I will get my money back and I will close my account and I am sure that we can somehow make you pay as the thief you are. I have 4 kids and we have no food now. Christmas didn't happen last year and I hope that you have not ruined it this year! So heres to you scammer.... (middle finger way high) you can't bring me down you only slowed things and life goes on. Obla de Obla da! Ex-telemarketer Stacie carlin, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
48, Report #284092
Nov 10 2007
01:14 PM
Usa Credit usa credit scammed me Internet Internet
I applied for a credit card from usa credit. They took $150 from my bank account. I received the card. I was required to call the activation number to find out my credit line. They said I had to buy and send them a Postal money order for the amount I wanted loaded onto the card. If I wanted to buy their merchandise, I would have to pay the shipping/handling chargesmyself. They called me back with an offer to sell me a printer/scanner/copier for $350. I had just purchased to same item locally for $70 brand new. The fine print says if I want my $150 refunded I must show them my bank account is not overdrawn within 30 days. My bank account is overdrawn at this time. The fine print says they will tap my bank account for $19.95 monthly as long as I have the card. I want to send back the card to them and tell them not to tap my bank account. I don't know how to recover my $150. I have been scammed! Stephen Santa Cruz, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #300715
Jan 16 2008
06:24 PM
USA Credit USA Credit $7500 Dollar credit RIP-OFF!! Nationwide
This company first off is a scam first and for-most so lets get that straight. I, like others with bad credit have sought out to improve my credit only to get hacked by the scum-bags of the world and this company is one of them. The only thing that saved my lonely checking account was that first, they asked for my 'bank rounting number! Hmmmm..I thought! The next was a dead give-away! My checking account number.From here I asked about a 30 day refund,this was a ruse as I was on to his scam, and also their website to see their so called products. From here he bailed on the conversation..wonder why? BE SMART!!!!! Flamike n.ft.myers, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #230918
Jan 16 2007
06:54 PM
Usa Credit usa credit ripped me off Internet
I signed up for a cash loan on the internet and was approved for it.But when i checked my bank account i noticed a withdrawl of 149.95 from usa credit. I got the loan but didn't do me any good since that was withdrawn and 49.95 of my own money was withdrawn. I tryed to check with usa credit but it sent me to this website so i can assume that it is a rip off. James Jeffersonville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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