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26, Report #210631
Sep 12 2006
02:02 PM
Online Stores ripoff Orem Utah
They misreresented the product AND HOW EASY IT IS to go online and build a store using their software (that didn't work half the time). They showed people who barely spoke english and had no computer expierence go online and build a store and started making a lot of money their first month. They lied about their product and what you could do with it. They made it sound so simple anyone could do it and make money when that isn't the truth. I have paid them several hundred dollars so far and got nothing in return for it. George North Hollywood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah
27, Report #112578
Oct 12 2004
12:19 PM
Stores Online ripoff no follow-through Orem Utah
High pressure sales but no follow-through to assist you with establishing an e-commerce business. You are abandoned, with no feedback once you've paid your money. David Carrollton, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah
28, Report #120207
Nov 29 2004
02:00 AM
Stores On Line ripoff Orem Utah
My attorney has found a way to attach the property of all the employees of Stores on Line as they know they are working for a scam outfit and continue to do so. We can file lein attachment to the employees homes for the amount we have been scammed. Doug Polson, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah
29, Report #163924
Nov 09 2005
12:41 PM
Stores Online ripoff Orem Utah
Stores Online is ALL hype. No concrete information given at their workshop. Disgusting as it sounds, SOL places plants throughout their workshop supposedly to entice others to 'get involved'. If SOL program was so successful, why wouldn't drop-shippers employ people to do their OWN marketing. SOL does employ a lot of slick talkers. Too bad these people can't do things honestly, instead of taking money for essentially nothing! D South Bend, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah
30, Report #180209
Mar 09 2006
11:17 AM
Agm Stores ripoff Wilmington Delaware
About 3 years ago, I found AGM INTERNATIONAL website through a pop-up and I signed up for the membership basic plan of $760.00. I was told to set up the website, but was unable to do it. I tried to call the helpline but no response. I have been trying to reach them since but no luck. I also left a few messages because there were never any live help line. I am really tired of calling and need my money refunded. Please help me. Thank you. Marsha Paterson, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
31, Report #2639
Jul 11 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City Warranty Ripoff
On January 3rd I purchased two CTX laptop computers from the Circuit City store in Burnsville, MN. I purchased these as an open box buy at a discounted price. Because of the risk involved I decided to buy the extended warranty at a cost of 100 dollars. The salesperson, Jay Sivasailam, assured me that in the event something went wrong it would be covered for 4 years under this plan. He also told me that the fact the computer was sold as an open box had no effect on the warranty status. The sales receipt also states that all warranties still apply. After taking the computers home I discovered the Hard Drive on one of the machines was malfunctioning. I had a computer programmer look at it and he told me that it needed to be replaced. That night I contacted my sales person Jay and informed him of the problem, he said to go ahead and bring it in but that it was 8:50pm and the store would be closing at 9. He also said he would be off the following day and to bring it in any time after that so he could resolve the problem personally. Three days later I took the computer back to the store to get service. I contacted the store periodically, each time they told me it was waiting for service. After 2 weeks I pointed out that the warranty stated that if they could not repair or replace the damaged hardware that a loaner should be issued. On 1/16/200 the store manager, Eric, hesitantly complied and issued an older IBM laptop to me. The store was not attempting to repair the computer but replace it, and since the model had been discontinued they could not issue a new one. The first replacement was also an open box or returned item and it had the same problem the first one did. The second replacement had a badly burned out screen, which made it unusable. After I turned down these computers the store manager told me he could not repair the computer because CTX was out of business and they were not authorized to work on them. I found that CTX was not out of business, but had only discontinued their line of laptops. However they were still honoring their one-year manufacturer warranty. When I contacted CTX they told me that open box buys were not covered under their warranty. This is important because Circuit City has repeatedly told me that all warranties would still apply and that the extended warranty becomes effective when the manufacturer's expires. In Circuit City's warranty literature it states that if a piece of hardware is not repairable that they would replace it with a model with similar features and functionality. I took our case to the district manager who refused to resolve our problem. I stated to the store manager that I expected a repaired laptop or a model similar in functionality as their warranty states. Later I spoke to the service manager who told me that our laptop had been sold and that they would contact me on what they were going to do. I waited some time and finally received a message from an employee named Ann saying that our laptop had been repaired and all I needed to do was to bring the loaner in. I did not bring the laptop in but I called to verify this. The store then changed its story saying that it was in fact not fixed but repeated to me that it had been sold. After waiting more time I received a letter from Circuit City threatening to take legal action if we did not return the loaner IBM laptop. By June I decided to take my case to the corporate offices. I thought we had an agreement with a customer service rep, Tasha, for the laptop to be replaced. However after consulting with the store manager she told me that nothing could be done. I then spoke to a supervisor named Sharisse Davis who stated that the reason they could not repair the laptop was because they were not authorized to do so. She also affirmed the reason for not replacing the model with a one with similar features and functionality is because the price difference between what we paid and the price in what a replacement would disqualify it from being comparable features and functionality as stated in the warranty. It is now July, and the service manager Earl has told me he is going to call the police if I don't return the loaner. I believe that I am not being treated fairly by this company. My goal here is simply to have the company live up to its promises, stand by its written and implied warranties, and repair or replace my laptop.
Entity: Burnsville, Minnesota
32, Report #558456
Jan 22 2010
10:26 AM
Kohls Department Stores kohls gift card scam Internet
Kohls ScamKohls gift cards are marketed online.Other gift card sellers, when marketing gift cards online, will send a series of emails to the purchaser informing then of the exact date to expect delivery. These emails are usually accompanied by URLs to tracking sites which can be used to determine the precise location of the merchandise.When purchasing from Kohls, one is more likely to see an email with the following content:  Thank you for shopping!  Your order confirmation number is 472152087.  You'll find a complete summary of your order below.  Please print this e-mail for your records.  Delivery Information: Your Standard Ground shipment will arrive by December 24  You will receive another e-mail from us when your order is packed and ready to be shipped.  If you have any other questions, please e-mail  Thanks for shopping!  We hope to see you online again, soon.In this case, the purchaser NEVER receives any definitive information as to exactly when the order will arrive.Consequently, in the case above, the purchaser has no other option but to anxiously wait until the 24th, hoping not to disappoint the eventual receiver of the gift.Since the original email from Kohls does not contain a phone number to use when attempting to reach customer service, when the order does not arrive in time, the purchaser has no choice but to send an email to, or to spend additional time and effort combing the Kohls website for customer service contact information.Unlike other gift card retailers, the Kohls cards come in a standard envelope clearly marked with the Kohls logo on them. This envelope is delivered using the most inexpensive USPS mail, and with no definitive warning as to when it will be delivered. Easy prey for those of us who would like to examine the contents of people's mailboxes just before the holidays.When the gift cards don't arrive, and the purchaser contacts Kohls customer service, the purchaser may eventually be told that the cards were stolen and had been used. Kohls will refuse to make good on the purchase, and instead will suggest to the purchaser that they file a claim against the credit card provider, which in this case was Discover.That's where the beauty of the scam takes place. Since the new owner of the gift card can't afford to get caught, they are probably not going to have time to be able to redeem the entire value of the card, and they will eventually dispose of it. Discover, of course, has paid Kohls the entire value of the gift card, which means that every time one of these gift cards are stolen Kohls is making a considerable profit. That, in of itself, is enough motivation for Kohls to continue with this policy. If companies like discover continue to pay off the claims, there is no one left to complain.
Entity: , Internet
33, Report #465406
Jun 26 2009
06:52 PM
Cell Stores Attempted Credit Card Fraud Internet
I received a call from VISA last week telling me that someone had tried to place a fraudulent charge on my card (nearly $700) to an internet company with the generic name of Cell Stores. I had to cancel my card and will now need to fill out a bunch of fraud forms. Today, I received another call from MASTER CARD telling me that the same thing happened on that account (same company and dollar amount). I now have to cancel that card and fill out yet more fraud forms--all this despite the fact that I have never tried to purchase a cell phone online. I always try to use only secured websites and have online security software in place on my computer. I even shred all items containing personal info that I get in the mail! When I tried to call the number that the credit card companies gave me, I got someone with a heavy accent (India?) whom I could barely understand and was given the website: to contact. After googling that name, I see that many people have had problems with that website regarding promised refunds. Maybe they are now branching out into outright credit card theft and fraud. Fleece attempted & still fuming Bakersfield, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
34, Report #748680
Jul 03 2011
11:10 AM
CSN Stores Bad Products---Bad Store Internet
I purchased a set of counter stools knowing it required assembly.  When the box arrived it was obviously repackaged and re-taped to the point that the box had to be destroyed to get to the contents.  This was the first clue that the stools had been returned once already and the defective goods were being foisted off on me.  As I tried to assembly the stools, I discovered that the screw holes had not been tooled to accept the screws provided; the holes for the dowels were not sized correctly so the dowels wouldn't fit.  The legs were not set evenly on the seat, so they appeared skewed.  I recently assembled a 7-piece wicker patio set with less trouble than this simple stool.  When I went to return the merchandise, I learned that CSN would make me pay for the return fee, and would charge me a 'restocking' fee so they could sell this piece of junk to some other unsuspecting consumer.  I would only get about 50% of the original price.  Considering all the trouble to return it, I'll probably donate it to Goodwill for some enterprising soul to use as parts for another project.
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #792830
Oct 27 2011
03:33 PM
Cymax Stores Shipped my ordered after cancelled Internet
Ordered a Sauder Harbor View Corner TV Stand on 10/4/2011.  Called around 10/10/2011 to inquire, where I was told BY THE OPERATOR that the estimated shipping/delivery dates were never correct.  So I waited and waited until 10/17, when I still heard NOTHING.  I cancelled the order on the spot.  The next day, I got a shipping confirmation.  I called that day and after waiting 10 minutes to speak to someone left my number.  I was called back hours later and told them that it was cancelled and there was no way I was doing this, that I wanted my refund as the item was cancelled before shipment.  The person, REESE, said that he couldn't do anything but would get me through to a supervisor... in about 24 hours!  So... no resolution was made, so I called my bank and filed a claim.  I won't disclose the details there because the file is still under review.On the 22nd, I received ANOTHER email saying (just like in the 10/18/2011 in email) that my order has shipped.  When going to the site for Cymax, it shows that the order wasn't even ready until the 20th!  That's PLENTY of time to stop an order from going out... that's THREE DAYS!So now I've been told I would hear from a supervisor within 24 hours... that was a week ago.  I'm now receiving emails from Cymax from Barry M. (WHAT KIND OF COMPANY DOESN'T GIVE THE FULL NAME OF ASSOCIATES!!!!!!!!??????) saying the following:Please also be advised as we were unable to cancel the unit if you refuse it, it will fall under our standard return policy that Im sure you have familiarised yourself with before purchasing online.HOW CAN YOU REFUSE OR ACCEPT AN ORDER THAT WAS CANCELLED OVER A WEEK AGO AND THREE DAYS BEFORE IT SHIPPED!!!!????I've tried beyond words with this company.  I can't understand how crooks like this are able to still be in business!There are several more details, but I'm just about done with this place... I know I refuse to pay money for this company's screw ups, and these are CERTAINLY THEIR SCREW UPS.
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #395173
Nov 25 2008
10:03 PM
Salvation Army Stores Overpricing Tampa Florida
This Salvation Army store, as is the case with ALL of them it seems, overcharges on most of their merchandise. It pains me to see poor people (who the Salvation Army purports to help) get suckered into paying more for things such as furniture than they could buy new at many outlets. They seem to take advantage of people's ignorance of what is available elsewhere. The book prices are also a major ripoff. The vast majority of hardcover books are worth $1 at most but they insist on trying to extort $5 on average for them. I purchase many books at various other outlets for my collection for anywhere between .25 and $1. Any the Salvation Army gets theirs for FREE as a donation. I have stopped shopping there and urge others to do the same or at least think before they spend their hard earned dollars. Neil tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
37, Report #958982
Oct 26 2012
12:14 PM
stores online worthless and heartless seattle, Washington
Initially I went into this program with a friend, who was a programmer, with the intent of starting an online business. I was motivated but he kept slacking. Eventually he was diagnosed with alzheimers which let me know why he was spinning gears. I kept payments up until I was laid off and became destitute at 62. I tried to call storesonline but only reached a phillipine answerer, who had no clue of who was in charge or any way I could talk with an american. (which I was told was illegal) I finally talked with someone in accounting and was told there was no way for them to drop the balance. I explained I had paid into them several thousand dollars already and had received nothing. I was willing to walk away, but they insisted I continue payments of at least $50 a month (with interest it would take 10 years!). Otherwise it will go into collections. I have to borrow money now to pay my bills and buy food. & I can't afford a collection on my credit. This company is worthless. 
Entity: seattle, Washington
38, Report #1078840
Aug 26 2013
09:31 AM
Stores Online All a Big Scam Orem Utah
All a Big Scam and very frustrated I've always wanted to do something on the internet and came across their ad. I went to the seminar and convinced my sister to join me. Long story short i purchased 3 sites with money i didnt even have to begin with. Everything was just frustrating from the start. Their online support sucks and no one seems to know what they were talking about. We knew the least about trying to set up this website and requested help alot of the way. Push came to shove we only had a certain amount of time to get this website up and running.  With little i had done i requested for the programmer to have a look at it to make sure i was going it right.  That never happened and no one got back to me.  With no one gettting back to me and alot going on i let that time lapse but not without confirming how much it wud be to get the sites up and running again.  The representative i chatted with online told me a nice cheap price (for all 3 sites might i add) where later down the road i found out it was about $500 for just 1 site.  Needless to say i didnt have the money to pursue that and let things be. Ive been getting calls from I believe a Chris but when i try to call back, its always a machine and never any contact.  But i do keep getting the automated message probably every month about their renewal package deals.  It really bothers me to think im out $6000/3 sites. I dont really know what to do in order to get my money  back and cant believe they have not been shut down yet. My hopes have been shut down a couple years ago when i started reading these reviews online. I didnt want to believe this scam was true Im out $6000 and can really use that money right about now.  I live in Canada so if there is a process or a claim i have to make somewhere, pls let me know
Entity: Orem, Utah
39, Report #1082275
Sep 06 2013
01:21 PM
Omega stores Rip off WALLINGFORD Connecticut
A bunch of complaints about omega stores. It starts with ordering an electric trike from them, on their web site it says Free Shipping yet I was charged an additional $146.50 for shipping. I paid an extra $254.50 for a lithium battery, I got lead acid batteries and no refund of money. I ordered a replacement battery they sent the wrong one and are now refusing to refund my money even though I paid to return it to them.These people have no idea how to run a business and should be closed. I'm willing to join in on any legal action against these people. They talk a lot when taking your money but thats when it ends. Once they have your money they don't care. They send the wrong parts, according to them it's your fault. They say free shipping but it's not true.It really does not matter what you order from them, they just send what they have and then charge you again for their mistakes. Don't buy anything from these people. They go by many names,, monica LLC and These people are a rip off. It's really to bad because they have a good product.If you are thinking about an electric three wheeler don't buy it from these guys, they are no longer the only outlet for these three wheel trikes. Order yours from anyone else but these guys. They do not deserve your business and somehow you will be paying more than expected and not receive what you ordered and no response from them that's helpful.
Entity: Select State/Province
40, Report #1213795
Mar 06 2015
11:02 AM
In 2010 i paid $40 online using a debit card for stores onkine with the promise if having a website built for me. i never received any services from stores online, and last week i got a bill in the mail from a debt collector for $6,233.41! I never was billed from stores online...never received services and never had anyone from stores inline build or help build a website. Stores online never disclosed there would be any more than the $40 billed. I looked up reports on about this company and didn't find any. Stores online reports say they are willing to work with anyone with an issue, past present or future, but when i called their support number all they would tell me is that i would have to call the debt collector. So musch for support and willing to work with anyone past present or future. its all talk and no action. Fraud and non-disclosure and bait and switch.
Entity: Internet
41, Report #1226929
May 05 2015
08:28 AM
 Cymax is a horrible company. Customer service is the worst you will find anywhere. They have no idea what is going on. Polite as most out source is but no clue. Their return policies are even worse. So glad I paid thru my Amazon account or I would not have gotten my full refund. They try to charge restocking fees when in fact the vendor does not charge restocking fees, so where is that money go? Cymax is a third party ordering company, they don't stock living room furniture. Save yourself the headache and order your items elsewhere. But try to pay thru paypal or if the company offers Amazon payment options. Your credit card dispute will take forever. Buyer beware.
Entity: Internet
42, Report #208810
Aug 31 2006
08:58 AM
Stores Online ripoff and high handed attitude Orem Utah
I agree with all the complaints here regarding the high handed attitude of Stores Online. I signed up for 6 packages last year April after attending a hyped up seminar in Singapore. The total package cost me +$5,000.00. I couldn't pay the whole lot in one go, so I decided on a first down payment of $3,400.00, and had the balance paid by instalment via the credit card. However, after a couple of months, I realised that I wasn't getting my money's worth, and wanted to cancel the package. There was no way for me to reach anybody in Stores Online: the only online help was their so-called help desk, which, I believe was an out-sourced company somewhere in the Philippines. (I recognised the slang).That doesn't matter. I wrote into this help desk called to voice my dissatisfaction, and demanded to have my package cancelled. Of course this people were not in a position to grant me that: they had to check with their masters at Stores Online. A couple of days later, somebody from Stores Online called me. I explained the same thing to him. The only was out, he said, was for me to re-sell my package to somebody else. Now, why would I want to sell these to my friends or relatives if I find this of no use at all. I decided to cancel my credit card account just to stop them from continuing their deductions of the instalments. What I learned then, was that, Stores Online had actually got another company billing me, a company called Duvera Financial. That means, Stores Online has actually got the payment already, and it was Duvera Financial that I was owing the money. Too bad, I did not sign any contract with Duvera, but they were coming after me strong to collect., with warnings of law suits. Wrote back to them that I actually had written in to Stores Online helpl desk to cancel my package, as I found it over priced, and not to my satisfaction. I got no reply from them on this. But their letters on demand and threats of suit kept coming in. When I stopped my payments, I was owing them about $5,000.00. Theiur latest letter of demand, this time from another collection company called Vengroff, Williams and Associates, Inc. was for $6,431.00. How on earth did the amount sudden go up by another $1,000.00? What can victims like us be protected against such bad business practice? Laurence SingaporeSingapore Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Storesonline
Entity: Orem, Utah
43, Report #193872
May 30 2006
01:18 PM
Stores Online ripoff internet cash flow lies poor quality wanted more money pressured me Orem Utah
This company duped me into believing the lie that they make things easy. They made me believe that their company was superior and I would have no trouble finding a product and a drop-shipper. I wanted to buy one site, but they pressured me into buying 6 because of the great deal they were offering that one day. I was overwhelmed by all the info and all the work I had to do once I got started. Then I was contacted by PMI coaches. Luckily I told them no. I was already broke and in over my head. The coaches kept calling. They were rude and made me feel like a coward and a loser for saying no. I didn't even want to answer my phone because I was worried it was them. Why would I need coaches if all this was so easy? Also many of the companies I researched while I was trying to choose my products said they provided websites to their distributors for little money. Stores Online didn't mention this, of course. I am now broke and have nothing to show for all this. Rhaegen Titusville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah
44, Report #157341
Sep 16 2005
05:12 PM
Stores Online ripoff I'm trying to get refund Orem Utah
I signed up with Stores Online in May, 2005 in Indianapolis, IN. BAD MISTAKE!! I have yet to be able to understand enough about building my store to get it done. I did send it to them for inspection and now I have several things I need to 'fix'. I find it VERY confusing. AND I don't have TIME to spend in front of the computer reading tutorials all day. I have requested a cancellation of my contract and a refund of all the money I have paid them. The only response I have gotten so far is an offer to help if I will email them with my concerns. I don't have time for this. I have a full time job I cannot quit. I'm sure I don't have the intelligence needed to wade through all this information. I have tried for four months. If anyone has any helpful information on how to either get my money back, or get this store finished, please let me know. Peggy Centerville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah
45, Report #130834
Feb 10 2005
12:36 AM
Dillards Department Stores Disturbing Employment Practices Dallas Texas
I have read most of the reports and rebuttals concerning Dillard's stores. While some seem to be very exagerrated, others point to a common problem which can only lead us to believe that there is thread that links all the stores right up to the operating policies handed down from the top. If a store is selling used merchandise, I would question what is going on at the associates' level, since the sales associate is the first person to come in contact with returned items. If they question whether it has been used, it is easy enough to make a judgement on it or call a manager to see the item before accepting it for return. Often, an associate will take back merchandise and return it to the floor without closely inspecting it. Items do get taken back with tags removed, and proof of purchase (POP) labels are usually placed on the tags. Moving beyond that, however, I have seen that it is generally the treatment of employees that breeds the sort of indifference seen in many associates. I will say, however, that some managers will allow returns if the item still looks like it is in saleable condition. Afterall, it can still make the company money. I was, until recently, an associate at one of the biggest Dillard's stores in the chain. I write this not because I have a grudge - I am glad to leave the place - but because something needs to be done regarding some of the unfair employment practices by the store. The store manager, first of all, is not above berating an employee in front of others, and has no common respect for the employees as people. The only job performance recognized is high sales, not honest and hard work. We were often pitted against eachother to achieve sales, and the atmosphere was a negatively charged one. For quite some time we were short handed, and it was seen as an opportunity by each associate to boost their own sales, but it also left few of us available to take care of markdowns, damage control, sales area maintenance, etc. The job entailed more than just waiting on customers, but also making sure that the merchandise was properly displayed, that our register areas were cleaned regularly, that we had plenty of supplies in the way of tissue for wrapping, bags, tags, and forms needed to conduct daily business. Not very many are willing to take care of these needs as they feared it would cut into the time they could spend just making sales. While it was easy to have your wages cut, it was difficult to get a raise as once your sales improved, your sales per hour quota went up. Simply put, you were in a position to always chase after a quota. My initial sales quota was increased at my first review at 90 days for which I was not present, and at my 6 month review I was told by my manager that I was getting a 10% cut. She also stated at the time that she understood that since I was willing to do markdowns and all the gruntwork necessary to actually make sales happen, as well as understood and executed the performance of my job very well, as soon as new hires joined our area she wanted me to train them and make sure I had more opportunities to get on the floor and make my sales quotas. I was also told that my next review was in another 6 months, and that I had to get my sales numbers up and maintain them until that time. That was in December. Just over a month later, I was fired for having inadequate sales numbers. I did not have the opportunity to improve my sales though I was under the impression that I did. I put in 40 to 60 hour weeks during the holidays, and during inventory I put in one 14 hour day and one 16 hour day without lunches to assist with inventory preparation and perform actual inventory scanning through the night. A week later was when I was terminated. When I went back to pick up my last check, I found out that an associate in our department was recognized as best salesperson. She stands at her register or roves the department stealing sales, does little to maintain her area, and has had repeated customer complaints regarding her attitude, lack of customer service, and blatant rudeness, but has been retained based only on her sales numbers. Another associate used the markdown scanner on days when we had no markdown assignments to find markdowns she could hoard and later purchase for herself, and was seen consuming chocolate bars sold at the store while standing at her register and on the clock. They were not paid for, and even if they were, it was against company policy. Yet another was known for coming in repeatedly late, sometimes by an hour, and on occasion drunk. Another had complaints for confronting customers for going to another sales associate because she had tried to line up too many customers and they got tired of waiting. None of these people so much as got a warning from store managment because they made or exceeded their sales. I had filled in for managers that refused to come and assist when called, offered to fill in hours for associates out sick, worked in other departments when someone didn't show up, unpacked and displayed merchandise, performed markdowns, cleaned glass, and multiple tasks that prevented me from spending the time I needed on the sales floor to make my sales quota. What I did, however, was absolutely necessary to the function of the department, and to make it possible for the merchandise to be sold in the first place. For that I was terminated without notice. I was even allowed to work for most of my shift, terminated 3 hours before the end of the shift without being allowed to finish it. It left one person to close 5 registers that night. The store managers do play favorites, and they don't hide it. Hard work is not appreciated, nor is building customer relations, or providing good customer service. Even if you do everything else to the benefit of the store, if your sales aren't what they want it to be, you will be fired. It is a demoralizing environment, to say the least. As for tardies and absences, the rules are not impossible to abide by, but make it difficult for a working adult. We are not just employees, we are parents, children, commuters, and life happens sometimes just as you walk out the door, accidents happen on freeways, and the school nurse may call you just as you get to the parking lot. They are all parts of daily lives, and even the most responsible and time conscious person falls victim to them. The management does not care. You're there or not, on time or not, period. Department managers and employees were consistently blamed and punished for things going awry or not being completed in departments when it was clear that there was a lack of personnel to perform all tasks. If all tasks were tackled by already overextended associates, they lost sales time, therefore they lost sales and they would be punished for that by either pay cuts or termination. There is far too much yet to be said in one report, but I look forward to additional comments to which I can respond and expound upon. Undisclosed Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
46, Report #146968
Jun 21 2005
01:41 PM
Dillard Stores ripoff Charlotte North Carolina
Since a month ago I have been dealing with dillards stores for a hyring procedure. I move to charlotte from a very large city. Interviewed. My resume is exemplary.I not only showed with facts with data. Today the store manager tells me of the south park location that not to be blunt but just because I am calling does mean i not going to get hired. I asked about his other positions he tells me they are holding off on them. First of all I toured the stored And the displays which I am to fix Are falling apart. Lack of professional presention. To us the consumer. I guess My resume will have no match. Since I do not know Of alot of individuals that have had their designs in Paris France. It makes me think is tis a racial issue since I am latin. I guess commitment persevarance and hardwork is what truly pays off. Truly what a dissapointment to see such lack of humanity for others. And leading a person when one is new to a city. It is very false. What goes arond comes around this is my motto. why racial. I asked for other positions They are advertising in hotjobs. His response we are past our budget ours so we are holding off. Interstingly enough this positions have been open for more than a month. A month I thiught this company had a professional staff. Re charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
47, Report #146851
Jun 20 2005
05:35 PM
Stores Online ripoff Looks like I've wasted $2000!! Orem Utah
I went to one of their seminars in Auckland NZ and signed up for 6 sites, looks like I'm another sucker! Any other Kiwis in a similar boat? Not sure what will happen but I definitely aint interested in giving them any more $$$. Contact me should you wish > number7 at Telecoms email account Cheers Ian AucklandNew Zealand Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Storesonline
Entity: Orem, Utah
48, Report #242681
Apr 06 2007
11:30 AM
Dear Readers, This is to inform you all that Macy's is a rip-off artist of the highest degrees. I purchased furniture in December of 2005, returnde the furniture several times finally giving up on the product with a final return in June of 2006. Macy's knowing and showing in their records that the furniture was returned to them fails to send me a zero owed balance and as a result has reported this to my credit which has taken my scoring from an 850 to a 839. I have been in touch with them to the point of frustrations I cannot express along with several hold me opportunities which the last one was for over an hour that I have decided to write this to inform all of you out there to RUN! ... RUN from Macy's as they will screw up your account and report you to the credit agencies which I am sure will lead to a collection company, Lucky Me :-) NO MACY'S SPOKEN HERE Sincerely, Anne GILBERT, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: MESA, Arizona
49, Report #92794
May 24 2004
06:06 PM
Stores Online ripoff Total Dishonesty Dont be taken by them Scam Artist Orem Utah
I am sorry these people are still out there ripping off people, I too have been taken by these people, I have sent numerous letters over the last 12 months to no avail they do not even respond to them. I can not afford to be taken as I am a single parent of 4 children. I was hoping to make a better life for my kids, but they did not inform me of all the other things that I was going to have to pay for after leaving the seminar and getting home I finally got to look at the contents of the package. I thought something was fishy, but decided to give it my best shot. I did what the package told me and after putting in the disk I found out the the software was useless. I went online and tried to start everything that way I got the thing up but to publish it you have to pay $150 so I spent another $150 added to the $300 that I spent at the seminar and the 20 for the workshop. I was very unhappy with the results I then relized that the help that they offered was not there I tried unsuccessfully to get help, but to no success I was then approached to put more money in the thing by a company called pmi which I told I did not have any more money to sink into a scheme such as this. I attempted to write letters to the company and have not recieved an answer to any of the letters. I cannot believe in America that we allow people who steal from the honest working people of the United States. I am getting ready to write the Attorney General and the Governor of the State of Virginia and to See what other action I can take at this point as they have already put this on my credit as owing over $5000.00. Cindy Evington, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah
50, Report #67816
Sep 29 2003
11:38 AM
Stores Online Fancy ripoff. Stores Online offers the world, yet delivers absolutely nothing. Orem Utah
After attending a very high quality presentation and fancy sales pitch, I signed a contract to purchase 6 websites for $4200.00. I would submit the information, they would put it together and place online. Since I was already familiar with the creation of websites, I felt the price was quite fair for the time involved in creating a marketable site. After reading all the material and putting together all I needed to begin my site, I submitted this to them (at an additional 'publishing' fee) and waited for the results. I was then informed that any addititonal work they did would cost me additional, then they corrected this and said of course it was included. After several weeks, nothing was done. Now, nearly 3 months later, I have no website, a number of unreturned emails, and many hostile phone calls. I contacted the finance company that buys their contracts (strangely they buy all contracts, regardless of credit or ability to pay, but they swear they are not connected to Stores Online) and began a dispute over moneys owed. When I next contacted Home Acceptance Corp as to the status, I discovered they had already charged off my account, while I was in the middle of refinancing my home! Another call to Stores Online, and I was shocked to actually talk to a person. I was treated very rudely when they discovered that the loan had not been paid, and they refused to assist me in any way. Stores Online offers the world, yet delivers absolutely nothing. Jeff Westlake Village, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah

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