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1, Report #1402490
Sep 26 2017
01:01 PM
Stratford Career Insitute Ripped me of Twice Washington DC
I have since continued my education in healthcare, but want to improve my creditnals by utlizing the diploma that I recived from Stratford Career Instiute that I paid for and recived in 2004 only to find out the dipolma is no good. They never stated that this was not a accredit program. I also recived a diploma from Stratfored Career Institue in 2011 for Child Day Care Mangement that is also no good, I am really upset I was unable to go to a college campus because I had small kids and wanted to continue my education, I like the fact that I could do so online through Startford to only find out that both of my dipolma are no good and waste of time and my money.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #457311
Jun 01 2009
11:53 AM
Harrison Career Insitute ,HCI paying a student loan off because they lied Delran New Jersey
I think that i should not have to pay back that loan because hci lied to me and they should be ashamed for lying to people just to get funding and not helping people the way they should have.They also talked me into getting a cheap computer that broke down a month after they gave it to me and that was also part of the student loan they told me that they brought the computer with the money that was left over from the student loan. They also was suppose to help me find a job after i graduated and they didn't because i did not have my diploma.They knew i needed my diploma in the field i was taking. In conclusion i think i sholud not have to pay that student loan back because they did not help me at all and now it is on my credit report and it is stopping me from moving and futhering my education. Qiana Camden, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Delran, New Jersey
3, Report #1060715
Jun 20 2013
11:52 AM
Harrison Career Insitute They closed their doors and never let anyone know where they could getbtheir 5ransscripts or records. Deptford New Jersey
I graduated from Harrison 2002. I had to find my own externship and job. I was able to do both without help from Harrison. They furnished me with my Diploma and a letter and we parted ways.I was  steadily employed till 2012. I have found employment and they require my  Transcripts and original documents.I have tried to locate a school with no avail .What can I do?Sincerely yours.MaryJDeptford, NJ.
Entity: Deptford, New Jersey
4, Report #417651
Jan 29 2009
09:27 AM
Stratford Career Institute Something inside of me kept me from signing with Stratford Career Institute! Internet
Something inside of me kept me from signing up with Stratford Career Institute. After reading reports on I'm glad I did. I have emailed them twice and called three times about their refund policy, and support. No one could answer my questions and I have not received a email response. I spent alot of time on the internet looking for a Administrative Assistant/Secretary school. Stratford Career Institute offered all the classes I need. (at least their ad shows that) Now I'm back to searching for another school, if anyone knows of one, please let me know. Thank you for the heads up. Cathy g Lawrence, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #697193
Feb 18 2011
03:50 PM
Stratford Career Institute Scammers!! Shipped late and Overcharged Saint Albans, Vermont
All I can say is to stay away from Stratford Career Institute. They promised in their contract to ship the module in 48 hrs but it took them more than a week to do so and another 16 days for it to get to my home. I ordered it on Jan. 24, was sent on Feb. 1, and received it on the 16th. I think they did it on purpose. By then I couldn't cancel without owing them approximately 200 hundred dollars; the fourteen days to cancel had already passed. They don't even give you enough time to check the material. What meager material they sent that it was absurd; and for near 700 dollars, I was expecting more! Just one thin little booklet with basic information that can easily be found online. I was utterly angry. I emailed them and notified that I would be canceling and the nerve of them to ask me to return the module through certified register mail, that's expensive. I have sent it back and now I am waiting for these scammers to start bothering me with their letters that I owe money for having canceled. First, they should have kept their promise and sent it according to their contract. Second, they should give you an opportunity to view the material sent so you can have a chance of deciding whether to continue or cancel. Third, they are not accredited so their piece of paper awarded to you at the end of the program is baseless. Fourth, they charge too much for cancellation. Fifth, certified mail my foot! Whatever you do, warn people, tell them its a scam. Stratford Career is here to take away your money.   
Entity: Saint Albans, Vermont
6, Report #652829
Oct 19 2010
01:01 PM
Stratford Career Institute Payment Scam St. Albans, Vermont
If any attorney is interested i would like to start a class-action lawsuit.  I live in Southern NJ.   Please contact me.I did my homework reading about this school and thought it was good, so i signed up and started making payments.  about 2 weeks into it i was reading more info online to find out it was NOT accredited and so many people were scammed.  So the very next day I cancelled with the school.  Everything was fine until I recieved a final bill for 187.96.  I was told by Peter the Supervisor that I definatly owe it.  I tried talking to him about the school not being accredited and i was only enrolled for the 2 weeks.  He said he didn't care and i still owed the 187.96.  If i only attended school for 2 weeks how do i owe so much money?  I then requested to speak to someone higher than him and he refused me talking to anyone over him.  I told him i will seek an attorney about this and he said he didn't care, i had to pay anyway.  I was also told to return any books i did not use and i would get credit for.  I mailed the unopened package with the book back to them the very next day.  about 2 weeks after that i called them to see if they recieved the book.  The woman said that she recieved it, but because i didn't put a certified number on it i would not get credit.  I was never told to put a certified number on it but the woman on the phone told me that on the last phone call the woman told me to put the certified number on it.  LIAR!!!!  I was never told to put a number on it.  So now i lose that money and they gain money because they have a brand new book they can get paid twice on with another student.  How can they keep scamming people and keep getting away with it?If any attorney is interested i would like to start a class-action lawsuit.  I live in Southern NJ.   Please contact me.
Entity: St. Albans, Vermont
7, Report #584147
Mar 22 2010
04:12 PM
Stratford Career Institute Ruined Me and my wife Mount Royal, Quebec
My husband wasn't very good at school at all so we figured that if he had time to study and got more help he would be able to get his high school diploma in his spare time.  He did his school work and recieved his high school diploma in 2006. We thought everything was fine and dandy.  My husband got a good job which requires a high school diploma to be able to work there.  The sorry thing is that in order to be able to work here he had to obtain a security clearance and he had to be interviewed by the department of defense. He was going to be a security guard at an ammuntion plant.  No problems there, he got the job.  About 9 months later the company lost the contract and he got laid off.  My husband decided to try to join the U.S. Army.  Guess what?  The diploma he has is not valid.  Stratford is not accredited by the board of education to even be handing out diplomas.  He worked for the U.S. government by contract at one of our ammuntion plants and because they didn't bother to check his diploma he was able to work there.  How does that make you feel? Now we are stuck, my husband has to go back to school again to get his diploma before he can join the military and we are out $700.  It took someone 4 years to tell us the diploma wasn't even a real one.  Not to mention all the money we are out until he is able to even get in the military.  I have 3 kids to raise and have no idea what to do now. 
Entity: Mount Royal, Quebec
8, Report #720785
Apr 22 2011
10:19 AM
Stratford Career Institute bad material, illegal tactics and threats Saint albans, Vermont
I enrolled in the Private Investigator class and paid the fee and got the first materials. After reviewing the materials and taking one test I called a private investigator in my state and he said the class and the material wasnt worth the money or effort and was a sham. It wouldnt help me at all in the field. I sent a cease and decist letter about not taking money from my account and that I was withdrawing from the program. For 2 months after they kept taking the money from my account and I have not been able to recover it. It was ten dollars more per month than they had stated to me when I signed up. In the last 2 weeks I have gotten two letter stating to pay the full amount of 635.00 for the remaining program. (It should be 88 less). I called and told them I wasnt going to pay unless they were going to issue a certificate claiming I was done the course because I had withdrawn within a 60 day period. Im not paying for a class I am not taking and for a sham class thats not recognized in my state. Today I got the threat of an attorney if I didnt pay. Im still not paying!
Entity: Saint albans, Vermont
9, Report #772400
Sep 02 2011
02:39 PM
as a student of this so-called school (not an accredited school, apparantly), I am apalled at the lack of concern or interest shown by the telephone operators and supervisors of this DIPLOMA MILL! The materials are low-grade. Textbooks are not current information but basic, easily accesible information that anyone can get off the internet. The quality of the course is very low and the customer service is even lower. Employers have told me that the courses Stratford Career Institute offers are not worth the effort and will definitely NOT be considered as meeting the minimum requirements of the chosen career field. When I asked if they'd hire me BASED ON THE STRATFRORD course, they flat out said NO, but they would be happy o offer me a basic, labour job, the same as they would offer any entry-level worker. That course will not help you with the job competition. Sorry. (exact quote) Further research about Stratford Career Institute also revealed to me that MANY other students were also discovering the same thing as I have discovered, and were also, like me, displeased with both the course content and the poor customer service!To further piss me off, their stupid accounting system would not accept a payment from my credit card and after 3 tries they charged me an NSF, DESPITE the fact that my back said there was absolutely NO REASON the payment didn't go through, and that the issue was with the Stratford Career Institute people, not me, and not my bank, and NOT my credit card!Would I reccomend this so-called school? Definitely NOT. In fact, I will do everything I can to DISSUADE any person considering distance education with SCI. Want a REAL education? Go to a REAL school!
Entity: SAINT ALBANS, Vermont
10, Report #736442
Jun 03 2011
12:12 PM
stratford career institute cancelled mount royal, Quebec Canada
we sent the books back on feb 26th.2011.still receiving phone call sayig we owe 257.00.told them we shipped books back through usps.package marked refused.not my problem if they cant find the package.i refuse to be harrased for their stupidity.they lied about the course to begin with so we canceled on feb 10th.was given till 24th to decide if we wanted to continue.but i dropped package off at post office.
Entity: mount royal, Quebec
11, Report #1012568
Feb 11 2013
07:08 PM
stratford career institute im pissed Carrollton, Texas
hi everyone i just want you to know about Stratford career Institute its a scam i tried to use my high school diploma to go to college and i couldn't even use it this school is a scam. it took a lot of my time to get my diploma and i couldn't even use it and it cost me a lot of money. so please people don't go to online to this school. now i have to get my GED which is going to cost more money. thanks for listing to my story about this school.
Entity: Carrollton, Texas
12, Report #1097246
Nov 05 2013
07:36 PM
stratford career institute liars and cheats mount royal Quebec Canada
I applied for the high school diploma at stratford career institute. I did not receive any books so i cancelled my enrolment twice and i received a balance of more than $1050 even though the program cost $895.00. The institute told me there will be no charge for cancellation but i received a balance of $1050.  I cancelled the program two weeks after i applied for the program and i called to cancel again a week later.It is not fair because i didnt receve any book or anything at all from the school and yet they charged me for nothing. Can you please help me? I am a single mother trying to support my child. It is emotionally tearful because it is hard for us already. I am looking for a job and that is why i am worried and scared since i have bills to pay and they ripped me off for nothing. They kept telling me the books will come but it never did. The school is a fraud and is not accredited. Please help me.
Entity: mount royal, Quebec
13, Report #1184768
Oct 24 2014
12:54 PM
Stratford Career Institute SCI Misrepresenting a course St Albans Vermont
I signed up for the Relaxation Therapist course and much to my dismay, realized the ENTIRE course is all just ONE book called Managing Stress which I found on Amazon for .01 plus $3.99 shipping. So for a $4 investment you pay $749 for the course which of course is marked down from $1049! The book is also from 2004. The updated editions are not what is in this course. Even the penny book came with the relaxation CD still sealed on the inside back cover. I sure regret giving Stratford any money at all! That just isn't ethical to represent you are legit and charge so much for that.
Entity: St Albans, Vermont
14, Report #207208
Aug 21 2006
05:42 PM
Stratford Career Institute ripoff Washinton District of Columbia
after the third letter requesting the next lesson they said they lost my sons home work and test and he would have to send it in again. we did this twice thena fter no more of the materials arrived I quit paying and now they refuse to refund the rest or send the transcript they promised. Deidre Ethan, South DakotaU.S.A.
Entity: Washinton, District of Columbia
15, Report #211435
Sep 17 2006
02:17 PM
Stratford Career Institute ripoff St. Albans Washington DC Internet
I joined Stratford Career Institute so that i could earn my High School Diploma so that i could go to colleage and become something and so that i would be able to support my family and do something with my life i was struglen so bad and then i seen Stratford Career Institute on tv so i called and i talked to them and they said that i could go to colleage and i just found out i cant use it to go to school that was my purpose for joining that school i paid them about $600.00 for what nothin it dont mean anything just a piece of paper with writing on it. So is their anyone out that can help get my money back. Marco PINE BLUFF, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Washington DC, Internet
16, Report #1192061
Nov 29 2014
07:55 PM
Stratford Career Institute Misleading British Columbia Alberta
My girlfriend and I sent Stratford Career Instute $ 10.00 each for information on Photography and Business Courses,after receiving what we thought was the introduction package,we were then contacted by NYC Collections stating that we owed the full amount for both courses,all we wanted was the information on these two courses,we had no idea that we were enrolling to Stratford.My girlfriend an I are both on disability and cannot afford to pay Stratford for their scam.If anybody has any ideas how my girlfriend and I can deal with this please reply to this letter.For the past couple of month my girlfriend and I have been hurrassed by the collections and have paid over three hundred dollars.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
Entity: Calgary, Alberta
17, Report #452001
May 14 2009
05:23 PM
Stratford Career Institute Follow up on SCI, favourable outcome. Mount-Royal Quebec (((UPDATE)))
We came to an amicable agreement whereby I paid a $165 cancellation fee instead of the previous $300. I don't think the latter amount was legal in Quebec--it is important to know the laws and be an informed consumer. SCI is not an accredited or recognized school but it doesn't say that it is and its courses appear to be good ones. Student LAval, QuebecCanada
Entity: Mount-Royal, Quebec
18, Report #909063
Jul 09 2012
03:19 PM
Stratford Career Institute I think that Straford Career Intitute is a good help toward toward a Career; but. Saint Albans, Vermont Internet
I  Think the Stratford Career Institute is a Good online College to help prepare people for good careers, but This is NOT the kind of training that will accredit the education like real Colleges. You can not use The Diploma to get a job or inter into a Community College But, Stratford Career Intitute does help more then you think it does. Its has its good and badd advantages. You pay about 645 Dollars of real money, and they send you all 5 or 6 of you study books free as you study and learn about the Career of your dreams. now.... what you can do with all the good education that you have learned with Stratford Career Institute, or next you can inter a college in real life, or internet College that does (accredited the diploma) And state board test. The think is you will already be very familiar with the Training of Your Dreams. Real College Courses are harder then Stratford Career Intitute, Lots of people go to real life colleges and in the end can't even PASS A STATE BOARD EXAM. tHE Stratford Career institute is an exellent website. that will help PREPARE YOU FOR YOUR DREAM CAREER. but they DO NOT ACCREDIT REAL DIPLOMAS, YOU WOULD HAVE TO GO TO REAL COLLEGE OR A ONLINE COLLEGE THAT DOES.... ACCREDITED REAL DIPLOMAS. Whats makes Stratford Carreen Institute and good online college is that, you can really learn lots of material with them. I don't think it's a rip off scam.  I think its a lot of help in striving toward a career. 
Entity: Saint Albans,Vermont, Internet
19, Report #543714
Dec 22 2009
12:00 PM
Sanford Brown Insitute, White Plains, NY HAD ME APPLY FOR 10,000 worth of student loans, promised employment assistance and after I graduated in May 2009, on had 3 calls from career services where they just asked me if I had found a job White Plains, New York
I am an Africian American female (adult over 40) that attended Sanford Brown Institute, 333 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, NY from 7/08-5/09 graduated with a 3.39 GPA.  Prior to starting my externship with Dr. Noreen H. Linn, Internal Medicine, 222 Westchester Ave., White Plains, NY I was told that externship employment would not be promised but if hired it would be great.  I was not hired within my externship because the school nor employer agreed; but what Sanford Brown Institute did PROMISE during my registering to attend this school was that they would help me find employment through their Career Services Department which has not happened.  It has been 7 months since my graduation, I've applied for 35 Medical Assistant positions including Medical Receptionist positions through my own initiave and Headhunters and my response from the Headhunters You need atleast 3-6 months of paid experience to be considered for a position.  I answer them by stating how do I get this experience if no one offers me the opportunity (this includes companies that can see that I've had Receptionist experience just not in the medical field which is not hard at all).  from May - present I've left numerous messages at Sanford Brown Institute's Career Services Department (Ms. Shawanna Ellis) an maybe she's returned my call 3-4 times but again she's just checking to see if I found a job (I guess it's for statitical purposes).  Ms. Ellis did advise me in July 2009 that she had faxed my Resume to an employer to find out that the same employer she faxed my Resume out to was a duplicate employer that I faxed my Resume out to which I found on Craigs List!  I advised Ms. Ellis that I was advised of this duplicate Resume that was sent out on Sanford Browns letterhead and I should be contacted to make sure were not duplicating Resumes.  Ms. Ellis advised me that she can not call everyone that she sending Resumes out for.  She also advised me that she sends out BUNDLES of Resumes at a time and I advised her that she should only send out 5 Resumes at a time because a potential employer in this economy now will not review her 35 Resumes for my graduating class of 2009 and outside job seekers searching on the web.  I asked her if Sanford Brown has direct employer contacts and she told me NO, WE FIND JOBS JUST AS YOU DO! I asked her why? No answer, just that we do.  My last contact with Ms Ellis was in October, she has not contacted me and I have not contacted her.  I did contact the President of the school around the second week of November regarding additional training that they promised we could have free of cost and to date and many phone calls and voice messages, President Rolanda Manna has not nor has the Dean of Education, Mr. Parkins.  Sanford Brown has already been paid $12,775.00 dollard through FAFSA and NYSHE.  I would like to file an Appeal to have these loans withdrawn from Sanford Brown Institute. At this point the longer I am unemployed, the harder it will be to fin employment in the field as a Medical Assistant which has been a waste if educational funding.   Desiree White Plains New york
Entity: White Plains, New York
20, Report #794957
Nov 03 2011
08:06 PM
Sanford Brown Insitute gave me wrong information, I cannot get a job because of the reputation of this school. white plains, New York
I cannot get a job because of the school reputation, and credentials. I have a loan to pay and no job.
Entity: white plains, New York
21, Report #424486
Feb 15 2009
08:57 PM
Robert Kiyosaki Real Estate 3 Day Seminar, Wealth Insitute Academy Rich Dad Education RE 3 Day Seminar, Wealth Insitute Academy How a 3 day Real Estate Seminar Turned into 3 days of sales promoting more expensive training Cape Coral Florida
We attended a preview of Robert Kiyosaki Real Estate seminar - promoting 3 days of indepth hands on training with their top notch trainers. We signed up for this training which cost $500.00 that did not deliver their promises. The trainer spent the first half of the first day touting her success all of which was building on the group purchasing additional very expensive training to the tune of if you took all classes a whopping discount included...$65,000. To set the class up for this training and to remove any objections that their credit cards were maxed out, the ending excercise and home work requested by trainer was this: call your credit card companies and get the balance raised to the highest amount they would approve. When they delivered the pricing the next day it was easily explained that your first foreclosure could pay for the the Weatlh Acceleration Certificate course which included 8 plus training totalling $34,990.00. To add drama and building during the first two days, the trainer kept asking who are my 10%..each day the hands lessen. Also, the trainer waited until the close of the 2nd day to announce to the group that the Wealth Institute Academy was under federal was like a bomb went off in the room; you saw the group just sag. Why was this statement never devuldged to us at the Preview.... no it was a total Bait and Switch. One example this trainer used to add drama and get the hook going to frighten folks was this: if your home was paid off you were basically setting yourself up for being sued, but if you went to the bank got HELOC your home would be leveraged to the maxed so no one would want to sue you cause you looked on paper poor. What she did not tell the group that a simple Umbrella policy for 1 million dollars value would easily off set any lawsuit against you. Another very bad example she explained was use your credit cards with the high limits to buy a house and move the money around to 3 the cards until the house sold...she never said well if the house doesn't sell and your cards are maxed out and you cannot meet your bills, you are in a world of hurt. She deliberated mislead young inexperienced real estate novices into thinking this was a cool deal. I am extremely dissappointed that I took a vacation day on Friday and wasted my Saturday to only be hoodwinked. Robert Kiyosaki needs to get himself out of the Wealth Institute before it destorys his reputation. I have lost respect for him and his organization. Ginny Plano, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Cape Coral, Florida
22, Report #191873
May 16 2006
09:54 PM
Stratford Career Institute RIP-OFF!!! RIP-OFF!!! RIP-OFF!! Washington DC And Champlain New York
I also sent in 10.00 deposit for a computer programming course but changed my mind when i found out that the school isnt accredited. i sent my cancellation letter in the 14day window and in it i indicated that i hadnt received any material and they shouldnt bother to send it to me. A week or so later, i receive a package which i RTS. I later receive a letter saying that i owe 187.35 for the material. Called the school and they advise me to give them time to receive it. Later i get the package back from post office claiming that they refused to accept the package the 3 times they had tried to return it. I sent it back Priority mail and i call usps in 2days to make sure the package is received and they confirm that it has. Today i get a call from their collections dept saying that i owe the same 187.35. I explain the situation to the rep who says that i am right and that the customer service dept needs to update my profile. I get transfered and there customer service rep says that the material hasn't been received. I am still waiting to hear back from the school. In the mean time, i hope no one else gets suckered into this school... they are a total rip off... Irene houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Washington DC And Champlain NY, Washington DC
23, Report #166318
Nov 30 2005
02:42 AM
Stratford Career Institute Falsifying records, making false billing claims, hiding behind multiple addresses Washington Internet
In September I sent for information from the Stratford Career Institute, indicating I was interested in their Veterinary Assistant program. They sent me an information packet, and on October 12, 2005, I signed up for the course via their website. I did so because after reading their student agreement, I understood that they would send me my first set of course materials immediately, and that I'd have 14 days to examine the materials and decide whether I wanted to pursue the program. I should have printed out the agreement, because once I'd paid my $10 deposit, I was unable to access any of the enrollment pages on their website again, so I was unable to review it. After many days of searching, I'm still unable to find any copy of their student agreement/contract on their website, and it was never sent to me via postal or email for my review. I still had not received any email or postal mail correspondence from SCI as of October 24th, so I decided it was in my best interests to cancel my enrollment. I didn't like the fact that my course materials were taking so long to arrive, and I was also bothered because the student login area of their website seemed to be constantly down for maintenance. Their website was full of spelling and grammatical errors. I worried that my evaluation period might be 14 days from the time I signed up, not 14 days from the time I received my course materials, so I wrote and requested my enrollment be cancelled. My letter went in the mail on October 24th and would have been postmarked no later than October 25th. I know my cancellation request letter was received by SCI, because on November 1, 2005, an SCI employee I'll call Jay left a message on my telephone answering machine, apologizing for the materials I hadn't received, and he referred to my letter in his message. He then sent a follow-up letter via postal mail (dated November 10th), confirming my account was cancelled. On November 15, 2005, SCI sent me a bill for $237.25, claiming that I hadn't cancelled my course within my 14 day window, and claiming that I hadn't returned the course materials (the ones I didn't receive). They dated my cancellation November 15th, which is a full 22 days after my original cancellation letter to SCI was written and postmarked, and a full two weeks after SCI employee Jay acknowledged via telephone that my cancellation letter had been received. SCI continued to harass me via email, telling me that delivery confirmation proved I'd received my course materials (on a date well after the 14 day trial, as a matter of note). I did not receive them, so perhaps they were misdelivered. Jay from SCI told me I'd have to get compensation for the materials from my local postmaster, despite the fact the package from SCI was not insured, nor certified, registered, etc. I rectified the matter quite quickly after I sent Jay a link to the USPS website, where they said that Delivery Confirmation did not constitute legal proof of delivery. I also sent him a link to another site which said that Delivery Confirmation only proves that the item in question made it to the local post office, not that it was ever delivered beyond the post office. To that, I added that I would sue Stratford if necessary, and that their lack of legal proof would mean I would win a case against them. Oh, one more thing -- I filed a complaint against them with the Education Licensure Board of the District of Columbia. Within 24 hours, I heard from Jay that all charges had been cleared from my account and that my account was closed. I say, stay away from this company. They've communicated to me on four different letterheads with four different mailing addresses (including an address in another state). Also, the address you're supposed to send a cancellation request to is yet ANOTHER address, one which they don't offer until they accuse you of not cancelling in a timely manner. L Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Stratford Career Institute
Entity: Washington, District of Columbia
24, Report #333996
May 21 2008
12:17 PM
Stratford Career Institute Theives who steal fom people trying to better their life Washington District of Columbia
I'm 23 years old with a 6 year old son. I dropped out of high school when i was 16 because i got pregnant. I got a job right away and have always had one. I work at Taco Bell. Not where i thought i would end up. I worked with this girl who told me about Stratford Career Institute and how she got her high school diploma. She gave me all the information and i sighned up right away. I was so proud of myself that i was going to get a high school diploma. I paid for it in payments. It was about $40 a month and was about $600 for the whole program. I finished it in a little over a year. I got my diploma in the mail. It made me feel good to accomplish something like finishing school and paying for it myself. Of course i wanted to do more schooling to further my education. I signed up for this medical assistant program called Ross. I got all signed up and started class. I didnt even finish my second day when one of the administrators pulled me out of class and told me that they found out that my diploma from Stratford Career Institute was not accredited. How embarrassing. They said they had to drop me from the program and i would have get my GED to come back and finish. I was livid. I got home and called Stratford Career Institute and asked this dumb guy if he knew they were stealing from people. He tried to tell me that they told me in the beginning when i started that the program wasnt accredited. Yeah that must have been in the very fine print somewhere. I dont remember seeing that anywhere because i sure as hell wouldnt have paid all that money for a peice of paper with my name on it that i cant even do anything with. Thats what i told the guy and he just told me to have a nice day and hung up on me. So now i have to pay like $150 to get my GED. I would have just done that in the first place. Even worse is that i told someone else about Stratford Career Institute and they started doing it too. To all of you out there who didn't finished school DO NOT go through Stratford Career Institute. They are crooks, theives, liars and take advantage of people trying to do better with their lives like finish school to get a better job so they can take care of their family. Karry Algonac, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Washington, District of Columbia
25, Report #370279
Sep 05 2008
09:53 PM
Stratford Career Institue I thought i was getting a diploma to go to college and or possibly the military! Saint Albans Vermont
Nobody has any use for a fake, unaccredited high school diploma. is this legal? I believe this company has not been nailed yet because of there smooth wording. I feel as if this school has completly took advantage of me. I believe if there is a such thing as an educational blackmarket this is it. Andrew spartanburg, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Albans, Vermont

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