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51, Report #135352
Mar 17 2005
07:40 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff Dallas Texas
I had ordered a sofa bed a couple of months ago and was paying on it as a layaway. I called because i was unable to keep the account at this time and asked if i could cancel my layaway. they told me i was not allowed and that I was unable to recieve my money back . i have bought other items from them also. i wrote them a letter and they told me they dont read letters so it never made it to whom ever. I am very upset about this and want my money back. please help Patricia Garfield hts, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas Texas, Texas
52, Report #115605
Nov 01 2004
03:13 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse attempted ripoff Dallas Texas
Just wanted to give a heads up to future victims, and a thank you to this website for not letting me become a victim.... I recieved a time sensitive document in the mail from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse alerting me I had won a television. The letter said, Total amount required for immediate delivery $47.96. Almost tempted to send the money and recieve my TV (thinking I had entered som sweepstake and won), I happened to notice that the clearinghouse had no phone number printed anywhere on the document and found that to be odd. Thank goodness I decided to look it up on the internet. Corey chelmsford, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
53, Report #120732
Dec 01 2004
07:06 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Television Set ripoff Dallas Texas
Delfin f. Falls Church, Virginia U.S.A. Thank you for your report I to have received the same notice and thanks to your report I have not been taken for a ride. Good Job ! Sweepstakes Clearinghouse sent me a Notice that looks official. Were I a moron, I might have followed their instructions stating I would win a Television Set if I merely sent $47.96 within 14 days for payment of Shipping and Handling. Sounds good doesn't it? A TV for less than 50 bucks. Frank Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
54, Report #156835
Sep 12 2005
04:46 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff DALLAS Texas
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
55, Report #163652
Nov 07 2005
02:34 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff dishonest billing Dallas Texas
Beware! I recieved a notice, via U.S. mail, with an Urgent notice on the front of the envelope and a warning that 'anyone that interfered with delivery of the notice could be imprisoned for up to 5 years'. This warning on the outside of the envelope lead me to beleive that I had recieved some important imformation. I opened the envelope and discovered it to be a notice that if I sent in $37.96 within thirteen days, I would recieve a television set. This payment could be made in 2 smaller payments. There was not a telephone number provided for Sweepstakes Clearinghouse but only an address in Dallas, TX. Thank Goodness that a brief Internet search revealed several websites which reflected scams across the U.S. regarding Sweepstakes Clearinghouse. One of the websites provided a toll-free telephone number. On behalf of Sweepstakes Clearinghouse, after contacting the number, I spoke with a representative who requested an authorization number provided on the notice. I was then informed that if sending in the payment, I would recieve a 5 1/2 black/white television. Thanks, but no thanks! Leigh Box Springs, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
56, Report #165646
Nov 23 2005
07:23 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff on layaways Dallas Texas
Be cautioned if you try to put something in layaway with this company, they will rip you off. All I can tell you is that if you put it in laway make sure you are 100% sure you will pay it off. They don't tell ya when you put it on layaway that if you cancel you WON'T get a refund of what you have paid. We actually canceled a layaway there and never recieved our money thankfully it was just a small amount, but still we didn't get it back. We thought about canceling our current layaway on a laptop because we found a better one cheaper, but when we called this time they said we could cancel it but we would NOT get any of the money we have paid on it back. They said they don't give refunds on unpaid layaways. We had a hard time gettign a hold of the company because we had never been given a phone nummber for them. When we did finally find a number for them we called and asked for a balance statement and you would have thought that was wrong. They don't like sending statements on account balances. Today when I called I couldn't find the 1-800 number at first so I called the long distance number and when I finally got connected to customer service they asked for my account number and as I was giving it to the rep he started to say hello again and then hung up on me. I feel this company is a rip off and after I get this layaway paid off I will NOT do this again especially with this company. I just wish I had found this site and all the reports before I fell for their joke. Lori Logan, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
57, Report #157238
Sep 15 2005
05:57 PM
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
58, Report #125817
Jan 04 2005
08:09 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse don't send what's ordered RIPOFF Dallas Texas
I recieved a voucher in the mail with a list of various things that it could be used toward. I chose a pentium III computer with windows 98 SE, and 128 MB ram. I read all the fine print. Including the line that stated I would recieve the described item or a better one if the listed one was no longer available. I chose the layaway option as I could not afford to pay all of the remaining balance up front. When I got the computer paid off I recieved a post card from them with an expectd date of delivery and a tracking number. When the computer arrived I imediatly set it up in my home. As soon as I turned it on I knew I hadn't got what I wanted. What they sent my was an intel celereon processor and only 32 mb of ram. That barely enough to turn it on let alone use the basic programing it came with. It also had windows XP on it. If I had wanted XP I would have asked for it. So unless you are expecting garbage from them you will be highly disappointed. Yvonne Emmett, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
59, Report #277841
Oct 08 2007
08:46 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse cod scam Dallas texas
got six vouchers used 3 of them sent them and 3 money orders for 860.00 ups delivered didnt have cod money. they got sent back. called and confirmed they were sent back.told we could get them sent back and pay cod.we called on oct4 found out the account #s do not exsit anmore so we are out over 800.00dollars and mad as hell. how do we get our money back Dawn Rumford, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
60, Report #319134
Mar 18 2008
05:52 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Recieved Junk Computer!!! Dallas Texas
Recieved voucher for $400 off Dell Desktop Computer, Paid $300 for Dell Computer plus $97 shipping Cost. Recieved a Computer that won't work at all, can't talk to a real person, company won't respond to E-Mails! Screwed! Kernersville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
61, Report #222418
Nov 27 2006
12:43 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Rip-off of overpriced merchandise Dallas Texas
It is November 27, 2006 ... yes, two-thousand-SIX. Keep reading to find out why I am stressing the year ... Today I got a mailing from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse, and at first thought this was something nice. My parents used to get them several years ago, and many older people think they are a really nice bargain, or are consolation prizes from a national sweepstakes (which is what they openly claim). One of the items offered got my attention, only to read the fine print. They are offering a desktop computer, and a laptop computer! But what is the problem? The desktop is a 500mhz with a 6 gigabyte hard drive, and the laptop is a 300mhz with a 6 gigabyte hard drive. After the $400 voucher is applied the remaining cost for the desktop is $299.95, and for the laptop $279.95. For those who aren't completely up on their computers those specs are for a computer from EIGHT YEARS AGO! You can find the same thing on eBay for barely $50. IT IS A CRIME to take advantage of the naivete of an uninformed person to sell them an eight year old refurbished computer for $300 when they could buy the newest top of the line from a major company for the same price. This ANGERED ME TO NO END! I cannot believe this company is getting away with this. I am contacting their local better business bureau and attorney general because this is a CRIME, often perpetrated against the elderly. Dov Dayton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
62, Report #224310
Dec 07 2006
08:35 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse playing games Dallas Texas
I got the coupons for 400.00 dollars, and sent them in for the laptop, stupid me should have known better.payed off the lay-a-way for one laptop and was instead sent some ibm desktop that was about 10 years old. I contacted a guy named Gary and after i was on hold for a half hour. Told him the problem said he would send out return lables to send it back.2 weeks later still waiting for those return lables. I want a refund, We will see if and how long that might take. I am going to hound them till i get my money back!! Amie Belchertown, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
63, Report #221561
Nov 20 2006
08:00 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Thank you Rip off report! Dallas Texas
I am so glad i went to this website first before ordering anything form this company. I also found this article: http://www.state.ia.us/government/ag/consumer/press_releases/sweepsy2.html I hope every state will file a lawsuit against them. Then they will stop fooling people. She Vallejo, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
64, Report #253028
Jun 07 2007
02:51 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse took voucher and check ripoff Dallas Texas
I sent in the voucher for $310.00 and a check for $99.95 on April 14th,2007 for the health glider gym. The check was cashed on April 24th,2007. So far I have not recieved the gym or my refund. It does not take this long to deliver anything. Please help! Grace evansville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
65, Report #251970
Jun 03 2007
07:51 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Consolation Prize Winner Scam ripoff Dallas Texas
I received an official looking correspondence from this company staing that I had been awarded a consolation prize in the TEN MILLION DOLLAR SWEEPSTAKES CLEARINGHOUSE GIVEAWAY. I was instructed to send acheck for the remainder of the cost of the item I chose (Dell Laptop). The amount I wrote the check for was $379.95 and the check was cashed through my bank on May 7,2007 and I still have not received ANYTHING from them. When I try to check my acct status on line it ask for my customer number which I never received. I e-mailed the co. and never got a reply and the automated phone system does not give you the option of talking to a live person but I did leave a voice message but never got a response. According to the fine print in the literature I received from this company, after receiving my check my merchandise claim is shipped promptly, and while some selections may occasionally be unavailable the the time of order, you will be notified immdediately of any delay subject to your satisfaction guarantee. I talked to my local Police Cheif and he suggested going to the Better Business Bureau which I am in the process of initiating. Debbie L'Anse, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
66, Report #62905
Jul 07 2003
11:23 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff Dallas Texas
I have bought some things from the company before, and i have had no problem until know. I bought the queen quickcomfort airbed in may of 2003, and I got it in june of 2003, and the box was left out side my door and it was raining that day and the box was damage and it had a big hole in it and I had know information a this item and paper work. So i called the company and they told me that i had to mail it back to them first and then they will send me a new one, but remember that the box was damaged from the rain so i have no box to ship it back to them. and i have company coming to my house this week and i have know where for them to sleep now. and the company said to bad for you. So i thought that i should make a report about this company. Shirley syracuse, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
67, Report #66464
Sep 03 2003
03:16 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff Dallas Texas
I agree completely to the attached rip-off reports on Sweepstakes Clearinhouse Texas. I received their 'Certificate of Award' and ordered a luggage set and the same story as described before happened - check cleared immediately, no shipment even after a month. I would like to claim customer's injury and pass this message so that the company goes to lawful trial for customers' damage. Adriana APO AE 09831, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
68, Report #59466
Jun 03 2003
04:40 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff deceptive company Dallas Texas
My fiance and I were considering purchasing the IBM laptop computer with the four hundred dollar voucher he received from this company. After researching the laptop, as well as some other prizes on the internet, we found out we would pay much more through this company and probably receive an older model, if we received anything at all. Neither of us have entered any sweepstakes contests and we wondered how he had won anything to begin with. We sincerely apprecite everyone's comments and opinions on this matter, and we hope people open their eyes and not get ripped off by these folks, as we almost did. Sad thing is, I was extremely happy when we opened the letter, as I had been wanting a laptop for some time now. Margie Monetta, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
69, Report #57570
May 19 2003
04:29 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff fraudulent ripoff business Dallas Texas
They claim they provide prompt shipment of products. They cashed my check about a month ago for the health glider. I still have not received what was ordered. Vann Lakeville, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
70, Report #102243
Aug 05 2004
07:57 AM
Hello i' ve recieved an envelope about sweepstakes award prize which it's a ripoff what these guys are offering me it doesn't make any sense. I have this question yet is more about an advice.THIS ENVELOPE HAS NOT PHONE NUMBER ATTACHED AND IT LOOKS SUSPICIOUS. I don't know about sweepstakes or anything like it but would it be rational to interrogate these guys about this sweepstakes ripoff thing? because these guy constitue a threat againt any person. I EXPLAIN THESE WHO ARE SENDING THIS ENVELOPE COULD BE A CRIMINAL OR MURDER These people know our addresses, our names and sometimes our phone what kind of security does United States have? Where is the CIA or the FBI? And i want to add something else this sweepstakes look like a little thing but its make bigger until nobody is secured. Where are the people in charge where are the bad guys behind this big scam? where are they? I KNOW THAT THEY ARE FROM TEXAS EVERYBODY KNOWS WHY THEY HAVEN'T BEEN STOOPED YET . My envelope says 1555 REGAL ROW PO BOX 569600 DALLAS TX 75356-9931 WHO PICKS THIS MONEY THEY HAVE TO BE TRACKED AND PUT THEM IN JAIL. And if this is a real busyness, the owners have to be interrogated and prove the authenticity of their busyness . THIS WAS MY FINAL ARGUMENT AND I HOPE THAT THE NEXT TIME I SHOULD RECEIVE A FEEDBACK SAYING THAT THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN TAKEN CARE OF AND THE THESE PEOPLE PUT IN JAIL. Carlos j 46176, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
71, Report #98212
Jul 09 2004
08:31 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff, fraudulent billing, thieves Dallas Texas
I had ordered some chinaware from this company, unfortunately I did not know I had to not only pay $60 dollars for the chinaware but $40 from shipping and handling. The address I had placed as shipment address was where two elderly people were in bed and taken care off therefore there is always someone there...this company had supposedly sent the chinaware there and since no one answered they took the chinaware back. Later I called the compnay and not only did I have to pay for the shipping and handling, but I also had to pay the chinaware again. So I decided I wanted my money back and according to them I had the right to receive only $17 because the rest was used for the shipping and handling. Now please explain this....isn't this stealing from a consumer. Sooner or later there will be someone who will not only file a ripoff report but just like other companies like Enron...was caught doing fraudulent activities. Between the sky and earth there is nothing hidden except fraudulent companies like Sweepstakes Clearinghouse. Angela Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
72, Report #87495
Apr 13 2004
02:50 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Ripoff! Dallas Texas
Last week I recieved a $400 voucher to use towards a product that I could purchase. I was considering getting the laptop until my husband looked at it and noticed that the laptop only had 64 MB RAM, 3.0 GB Hard Drive, no CD Writer, and no DVD player. So we decided to call the company and ask which operating system was on the laptop, but there wasn't a number anywhere in the pages that I recieved from them. We decided to try to find the number online and fortunatly were successful (1-800-762-3302). When we called the person that I talked to told me that the laptop had Windows 95!! Microsoft doesn't even support that system anymore. I then asked if I would have to pay shipping and handling (by this time I was pretty pissed) and the lady told me that the shipping and handling would be $57.00 and I WOULD have to pay that. I then asked how long it would take to get it in the mail and was told 5-7 business days. When I brought up the fact that I thought it was a ripoff she told me that it was not a scam and that if I did not want to purchase the product then I didn't have to. To be frank.. she was not very friendly about it. So I just wanted to warn some of you guys out there about the SCAM that they are trying to pull. But if you call and say that it's a scam they will not be very friendly towards you. Just thought I would let everyone know exactly what kind of shady bussiness they are running. Oh yea, In 1998 they we sued for $90,000 by the state of Iowa for not compling with consumer state protection laws! Watch your back with this company, they're out for money and don't give a crap about you! Amanda Harrison Twp, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
73, Report #197847
Jun 23 2006
02:38 PM
SWEEPSTAKES CLEARINGHOUSE ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Dallas Texas
I received vouchers from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse in the amount of $210.00 each along with item descriptions and order form. I ordered two items and the order form and vouchers state that the price of the items is minus the $210.00 and the additional money would pay for the items in full. For instance, the digital camcorder camera was priced at $149.95 after the $210.00 deduction and the Steelcraft Home Safe was priced at $59.95 after the $210.00 deduction. I ordered these items and made a check payable for the full amount. There was no additional shipping or handling or tax charge. However, when the items arrived, they had COD charges attached. I paid an additional $23.74 to Allied Marketing for the camcorder camera. When the home safe arrived, the COD charge was for $50.00 which I refused. I would like to return the camcorder camera and request a refund. However, the company does not have any return or refund information and no telephone number or email address. And in order to send the items back, I have to pay shipping charges. I would like for the company to give me a full refund of $209.90 plus $23.74 for the COD charge I paid to Allied Marketing. This company gives false advertisements because the prices shown are not the actual prices paid for the items ordered. Marilyn Stockton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
74, Report #188225
Apr 24 2006
06:25 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff Dallas Texas
I received a TV. I returned it with letters, also made a phone call explaining why I was returning it. A rip off indeed!!!I received letter asking why I had returned it, they had no instructions. Baloney!! I have tried calling. Cannot get anyone to talk to. Held on for over 10 minutes which was running up time. I bought a TV better than that one locally for $9.99. I asked for my money back plus return postage of $8.38. I have another letter going out today. Hopefully, somebody will listen. Lucille Greenville, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
75, Report #178928
Mar 02 2006
10:30 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse RIPOFF!!! Dallas Texas
Thank you so much Rip-Off Report... I had my checks filled out and signed getting ready to mail them out to dallas.... I called the company initially, spoke to someone asked what was needed to send and he told me either the balance, or a minimum for lay-a-way. I then asked for some more info on the products ie. model numbers on either the computer laptop or the camcorder, he said he didn't have any of that information. Then I asked him about how long the process will take he said 'After we reciece the payment, it will take about 3 days to process, and then about 5-7 days for delivery. Thats when I asked about delivery, and he asked for my zip code and put me on hold.... then I got disconnected... so I went online to get some info and thats when I found this site... THANK GOD!!!! Alex West Windsor, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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