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1, Report #940972
Sep 14 2012
05:16 AM
TitleMax TitleMax of Alabama Deceptive, aggressive and immoral business practices Prattville, Alabama
I, regrettably, took out a title loan (Title Pawn in the states of AL & GA), at this Prattville, AL store on 7/28/2012. I needed the loan to help finance my upcoming relocation to Georgia which took place on 8/3/2012. On 8/14/2012, I called TitleMax in Prattville and attempted to make a payment by phone using my debit card. I was told that payments could only be made in person and that I should have a limited power of attorney assembled and use it to authorize someone local to the store to make payments for me. Yeah, right!!! The following Monday, I contacted a store local to me here in Georgia to find out if I could make my payments there and was told no. Apparently, TitleMax has built-in business practices that are geared to much quicker repossession processes rather than receiving repayment of their loans. Tonight, 9/13/2012, 30 days after I made the initial call to make my payment and only 15 days past due from my actual payment due date, my vehicle was repossessed. I have not yet contacted them about what it will take to get it back. I'm sure there will be fees and charges tacked on to the original payment. Now, I have personally read the Alabama Pawnshop Code Act and did not find anything about the patron needing to be there in-person to make payment. Nor does it say any such thing in the pawn ticket from TitleMax. I'm interested in seeing how TitleMax can demand that payments are made in person, if repossession after just 15 days is legal and what exorbitant fees they are allowed to tack on to the vehicle that I now have to go retrieve. 
Entity: Prattville, Alabama
2, Report #1052050
May 18 2013
11:07 PM
ENOUGH PREDATORY LENDING!!!MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!!!TitleMax, a Fringe Banker similar to Payday Lenders or Pawn Shop Lenders, wants to open a new outlet near Downtown Tempe on Mill Avenue and Broadway.WE'RE DOING FINE, THANK YOU. WE DON'T WANT YOUR PAYDAY LOAN!DON'T LET THEM ROB OUR COMMUNITY!!!! They need a Use Permit. There is a hearing scheduled:Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 6:00pm31 E. 5th Street, Tempe, AZTempe Municipal Building, Council ChambersCase Number PL130112CONTACT:Diana Kaminski, Senior Plannerdiana_kaminski@tempe.gov(480) 858-2391Case Number PL130112Title Loan Offices are a blight to any community. They rob our financial illiterate, our young, our poor, our soldiers. Read more here:http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1745-9133.2011.00725.x/abstract
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
3, Report #1371451
May 05 2017
06:57 AM
4, Report #199521
Jul 05 2006
10:09 AM
Titlemax Ripoff nightmare Murfreesboro Tennessee
We are also going through a title loan nightmare. So far we have been insulted, threatened several times, talked to like we are stupid, lied to,and almost stolen from twice and on paper. Today we were told that if we didnt make our monthly payment on the day it was due, then they could not take a payment and would repossess our vehicle. After calling the district manager and telling him we are going to talk to the state attorney he promised to get things straight. We will see. I have heard that an attorney here in Tn ( James Kennamer ) may be comptemplating a class-action suit against them so that may be relief for people. Personnaly I found out today that without even a permit I can go down and picket in front of their office as long as I am not on private property or causing trouble. Lets face it, the bottom line is money and every loan I can loose them is potentially worth hundreds or thousands.I will keep you posted and look forward to advice. This may be war! Steven Murfreesboro, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
5, Report #327378
Apr 19 2008
08:23 PM
Titlemax Got your money alright!!!! Lawrenceville Georgia
About one year ago I got a title loan from the titlemax located in 210 Scenic hwy, Larenceville. I was making regular payment until i ran into finacial hardships.I stopped making payments and then the car was towed away. I assumed they came and got it. Well now their saying they dont have the car and they threated to put a warrent out for my arrest unless i pay them more money. Well recetly i found out in georgia they are not allowed to charge over 16% intrest on a loan and i was charged 22% intrest.Please Dont take any chances with this company.They will really have your money!!!!! T. lawenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lawrenceville, Georgia
6, Report #620327
Jul 05 2010
03:55 PM
TITLEMAX Titlebucks Unethical Business Practices Savannah, Georgia
Titlemax is an unfortunate mess and one that comes to us because Congress has allowed it but that does NOT mean we can not stand up as a group and press this issue. I know the owner, and while his business practices are sketchy, he has created a business that is allowed by law. I have attempted to work out my position with mgmt and Tracy Young as well but they are firm in their position. Their position is one which works on on a position of weakness of customers and when that contract is entered into to it's so difficult to work out of...even with best intentions. I suggest do exactly as Rhonda has suggested in an earlier post and pursue it to best efforts. I do feel if you press your position and see it through you will have a workable solution. If you are getting push back from local offices here is the directg contact to corporate HQ: Tracy Young 15 Bull Street, STE 200 Savannah, GA 31401 tracy.young@titlemax.biz 800-804-5368 Corporate 800# Work:912-525-2675 Cell: 912:604:0060 www.titlemax.biz
Entity: Savannah, Georgia
7, Report #1052591
May 21 2013
08:50 AM
TitleMax Predatory Lending Savannah Georgia
A debt-ridden father doused himself in petrol and turned himself into a human fireball after being harassed for money by payday loan firms. Antony Breeze, 36, died after setting himself alight, telling passers-by who tried to extinguish the flames: ‘I’ve had enough.’ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2324769/Antony-Breeze-set-hounded-payday-loan-firms.html   Tracy Young:  Yes.  They’re first-time customers in a lot of the new areas that we’re going into.  Like in Virginia, Texas and Arizona, for example, we have a higher percentage of internet customers because they don’t understand the model.  So, this actually pushes those types of customers to the store.  http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1511967/000110465912062224/a12-20468_1ex99d1.htm
Entity: Savannah, Georgia
8, Report #1114892
Jan 11 2014
10:38 PM
TitleMax Misrepresented Contract at signing Hartselle Alabama
When I signed my truck title loan with TitleMax in Hartselle it was presented to me as a standard loan that woud take about 10-12 months to payoff. When making my second payment I was informed that my monthly amount was ONLY and interest payment! I can barely afford the monthly amount so it appears I will never pay this off. Don't ever go to TitleMax! Never, ever, ever. It is a total scam and a total rip-off.
Entity: Hartselle, Alabama
9, Report #1188191
Nov 11 2014
11:14 AM
TitleMax doesnt care about loyal customers Internet
My only real problem with TitleMax is they dont report your account to the credit bureau even when it can HELP you. Yes they do also have higher interests  too. But I was a loyal customer of them. I took out 3 title loans with them in 2 years and I always paid on time, even paying the last one off in only  7 months although I had 2 years to pay it off. I understand why they dont report to credit bureau but now its hurting me. Now I need it on my credit report to get a a loan for an emergency. More than just a title loan. I asked 3 times if they could send the info and my account  to the credit bureau and they said no. They let it be known they won't do it , no matter what. Now I regret using them. It took me 2 years to establish that credit and now I realy need it but titlemax are being dicks about it. It pisses me off.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1332201
Oct 08 2016
10:45 AM
Titlemax Ripoff, Scam Sandersville Georgia
Went to get a loan so I can pay a could off bills. Borrowed $500 and they wanted $250 for 24 months. That is a lot of money stil have not paid them back yet. Something needs to be done they are really a loan shark
Entity: Sandersville, Georgia
11, Report #1151191
Jun 04 2014
05:18 AM
TitleMax of Texas Inc DBA TitleMax Took out on a loan from the title of my truck Lewisville Texas
I took out a loan with TitleMax in Lewisville, Texas for $2,000 with the title for my Toyota truck. Upon signing all documents, TitleMax never explained to me the horrendous interest/finance charge. After paying over $300 per month for 6 month which was more than the minimum payment they required I had successfully paid my loan back. I estimated my interest fee would be around $400-$500. When I asked what the cost would be to close out my loan they told me $2,000! So TitleMax makes $2,000 off of me for a $2,000 loan paid back in 6 months. I was furious. I had no idea it would be that much. If I continued to pay $300 per month for another 6 months my loan would still not be paid off because I would have incurred another $1,800 in interest. That would put me at paying them close to $4,000 back. Highway robbery!! Luckily,my sister paid the $2,000 so I am out of their clutches. Don't get suckered in by TitleMax. They are a total rip off!
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
12, Report #270902
Aug 28 2007
04:41 PM
TitleMax Any recourse with repos Scary employees!! Ripoff Clarksville Tennessee
I realize that I signed a valid contract, and that I could not meet the payments due to financial and health issues, which have no bearing so I won't go into them. BUT... the way they practice business is un ethical. First of all, I was in dire need of money, or I would never have done it. I was upset, and when I was attempting to read the contract the employee kept up constant chatter and kept drawing my attention away from it. She was pretty much shoving the pen at me. At the time I did not realize it, but I clued in later. She asked me numerous questions while I was reading the contract... about my kids, my health..anything to keep me from giving it my full attention. Then... the house calls. Showing up at the door, repeatedly. Getting nasty when you tell them you DON'T HAVE IT. They tell you as long as you keep in contact they will have leniency. Great, so as long as you allow them to verbally harass you.. you get leniency. Once, an employee showed up at the door, and actually stuck her foot IN THE DOOR. I wasn't attempting to close the door, I was talking with her. I was keeping my dogs in and from jumping all over her. Then the foot went into the door, so she could get it open further. So... I opened it wide open, let her in and of course, the dogs jumped all over her. I had the payment, all but $20. In front of her, I dug through my purse for change, hoping to maybe come up with some of that $20. I managed $3. After all that, I was told that I could take my cash down to the office, they would hold it until I could come in with the rest. They would NOT apply what I had to it. They would NOT accept it as a payment. It was all or nothing. The end result, they have my car. I have less than 20 days to come up with $1900 or they sell it. I don't care what they say about paying you anything over it, they won't. Judging from their attitudes, they will lie. I feel SO stupid for using that service. I lost my car, had many ugly confrontations, and was belittled.... and now I'm just stuck. I wish I could go back in time, I would tell that employee to shut up, get up and walk away with the contract and read it. There is no recourse now is there? Srh Clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Clarksville, Tennessee
13, Report #328422
Apr 23 2008
04:34 PM
I received a $3000.00 loan with Titlemax in November 2006. My first payment (mini $300.00) was due in December 2006. I have never missed a payment until this past month March 26, 2008. Titlemax repossed my car yesterday, April 22, 2008 for being one payment behind. The next payment is not due until April 26, 2008. I was told that I have to pay the full amount before I can get my car back. I have paid the minimum interest $300.00 on the loan for the last 16 months, totaling $4800.00 (not including late fees $10.00 a day) and I STILL owe Titlemax $3000.00. I am a flight attendant and I travel all over the world. Sometimes it is very difficult to return the 3 or 4 calls a day, everyday from Titlemax, especially if I am out of the countrty. You can not make payments online, over the phone or in my case mailing is difficult to do if I am out of the country. I have asked the employees, district managers several times for a settlement offer on my loan since I have paid so much in just interest alone and only a few dollars went towards the principal. Titlemax refused to work with me stating that I still have to pay the payoff of $3000.00. Now I am out on disability due to a work injury. I am unable to return to work until next year (maybe). So my income is limited and coming up with the payoff is very very difficult to do so. I am not sure of where I can go or what I can do about Titlemax Ripping Me Off. But I need some HELP! Help on talking to the Legislators, Attorney General or State Consumer Affairs. If any one knows where I can go or what I can do, please email me. Thanks! Tucker Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: AUSTELL, Georgia
14, Report #782389
Sep 28 2011
10:59 AM
titlemax / titlebucks Easy way to lose your vehicle savannah, Georgia
I regret that i must inform you. You have a very good chance of having a very bad relationship with this institution. I worked for this company for over 2 yrs. So I was also the problem. I have seen people make payments on cars they no longer have. not repo's- but junked by the customer. I have seen people get hammered for 45$ while the big accounts slide by. I have seen people attempt to run over employees I have seen people threaten employees in the store & at their house. I have had keys thrown at me countless doors slammed in my face,phone hang ups. what you don't realize, is the people doing these jobs,only do it to support families. not because they enjoy it. the ones that enjoy it are the ones you see in the same store for yrs. everyone else is on a revolving door.  The good managers make upwards to 100,000  would you quit? but as an adult making 25K, why would you stay?  The company has good ole stand by lines--we give you more $ we charge half the interest keep in contact, we can work with you. need some extra $ for school supplies, xmas,ect, ect AT  158% WHY TAKE IT ? True story- borrow 5000$,few yrs ago. make late payments & minimal amounts for yrs. Get repoed, still owe, 3500$ but payed over 11k.  Alot of people think it goes on their credit- it doesn't, even if they never get the car. never on your credit. easier way to come out ahead- drop off a money order when closed, cant charge late fees. have forgotten alot of the in's & out's- when i remember, i will post more
Entity: savannah, Georgia
15, Report #704028
Mar 07 2011
10:01 PM
titlemax they treat you like you're the criminal! gardencity, Georgia
I too had the same problem with Title Max. when you pawn your title to them you aare actually paying them back TWICE as much as you borrowed. If you miss by one day they report your car as a stolen vehicle. They have absolutely no leniency for anybody even if you DO CALL them. The day that your payment is to be made they will call you a hundred times between the time time they open until you make your payment. Once you have made your payment they then ask you when and will you be making your next one. sometimes they even called me the DAY AFTER I made a payment to ask when i will be making the next one. By the time they have called you a hundred times the day you are scheduled to make a payment, you get there you're fuming mad because you're phone has rang off the hook all day, you've been drilled like you're being interrogated, it doesn't end there. when you get to the office you make you're payment and are given dirty looks like they are higher than you and they have no debt, no problems and they have their lives so under control that they dont need to take out a simple loan.   They treat you like you are as low as dirt. You feel like shit after you come out of there. I will NEVER take a loan out from them again because they treat you like you have stolen their property or you're a criminal in their eyes. Like you're the scum of the earth.If they were the last people on earth that could put food on my table for my family all in trade for a loan, I would choose to starve. Go to hell titlemax
Entity: gardencity, Georgia
16, Report #507157
Oct 10 2009
06:07 AM
TITLEMAX Grand Theft Auto lying dishonest company and employees andalusia, Alabama
A Titlemax employee came to my home without any attempt on their part to contact me and parked behind my vehicle so I couldn't leave and for over 2 hours while waiting on a tow truck to come take my truck he kept telling me I didn't have a choice and he wouild call the law out there if I gave him any trouble and his boss refused to speak to me because he told her he had a hysterical irate customer. I was not either of these but I was upset but still polite and calm. I later found out they did this because I didn't have to let them take the truck and even the law wouldn't of let them take it because they break my state laws concerning title loans and they know it now i wish the cops would of been called I would still have my truck.  A judge in their state prior to this also ruled what they were doing with interest rates was illegal but no action to date has been taken against them Their main site for the corporate office even states if you lose your vehicle that any funds from the sell are sent to you well I called was told they had sold my truck less than a month after they took it and they refused to tell me how much they sold it for and I have yet to receive and funds from them and I know they got at least double what was owed them for that truck. And now I am house bound 98% of the time because of no transportation and health getting worse cause I cant even get to doctors now when I need to. Title max is not to be trusted or believed because yes they will loan you money and mire than they know you can pay back if you are pawning a car they want at very high interest rates up to 10% a month not annually but monthly. The ;aw needs to put a stop to them and make them return our vehicles with equal or better vehicles because most of us paid more than the loan but  were still losers to them and their knowledge and piwer and our lack of it in time to save ourselves and our vehicles.
Entity: andalusia, Alabama
17, Report #1241682
Jul 14 2015
06:22 AM
TitleMax RIP OFFS` Bennettsville South Carolina
I took out a loan on my 2001 Chevy Prizm appr. 1 1/2 yrs. ago at TitleMax located in Bennettsville, SC. I was in need of Christmas money since I am on SS Disability and my medical expenses had piled up on me. The loan was for $600. When I saw the contract I was appalled to see that I had to repay $2000 back, yet my need was so great I actually felt I had no other option at the time because I was maxed out with my other loan companies. I paid $85 each month until the bill was down to appr. $350. Even though my payment wasn't due until the 25th of the month I paid it either on the first or the third of same month the payment was due in order not to be late.In June of 2015 I was 2 weeks late. I tried explaining to the lady why I was late but she rudely informed me that when I came in for a payment that I had BETTER bring 2 payments. I told her I shouldn't be paying such a large interest rate in the first place but I was informed that I knew what I was signing in the first place!  A day later (before I could even try to get my money up, my car was repossessed! I feel this was done for 2 simple reasons: The contract was almost paid off and because I made them mad with the conversations above.Now I don't have any transportation to my doctors, pharmacies, grocery stores, or anywhere else. This is TOTALLY unfair. I was given an option of paying the entire remaining balance before they auctioned it off a week later. Again, I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to do that.  The sad part is: the car has been in the shop for 2 months because I couldn't afford to get it fixed! I was still making my loan payments even though I couldn't drive the car. I told them this but they couldn't have cared less.\I am advising my friends and neighbors to NEVER get wrapped up in a car title loan. They will wait until your loan is almost paid off and hope you miss a payment so they can get your vehicle for THEIR PROFIT!
Entity: Bennettsville, South Carolina
18, Report #272506
Sep 05 2007
09:52 AM
Titlemax --- Memphis Titlemax --Three week ex-employee --the things we put up with for a job.. Memphis Tennessee
I just recently stoped working for Titlemax because of the work environmemt & work ethics and what I had to put up with on a daily basis -- just to have a job. I do believe the ethics for a loan should be polished up & be better outlined. I've been in title loan & colletctions for over 6 years & I've never seen anything like it. Below is my letter of resignation to the district mgr..... I have resigned my position for the following reasons.... 1.) I was asked how I felt about staying untill 7 p.m.(TUESDAY SEPT. 4) If current & past due customers did not come in to pay on their accounts. MY RESPONSE : Just give me a chance to call home & let them know where I am. I'am fine with it. 2.) Mgr. complained too many times of being ''SHORT - HANDED.'' There were 2 employees in the office. PERHAPS HE SHOULD HAVE SCHEDULED BETTER. 3.) I was walking a fine line of disclosing the customers privacy policy to get the account paid. By going to the customer's home & telling her husband that she has a loan out on the car. We are trained to ONLY talk to the customer about their accounts & ONLY face - to - face. (YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT ME FOR THIS.) 4.) My financial compensation was threatened. QUOTE: I CAN F*%K UP YOUR CHECK THAT YOU GET FRIDAY. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GET PAID THIS FRIDAY AREN'T YOU? I CAN F*%K UP YOUR CHECK. MY RESPONSE... I'AM SORRY, BUT I DO HAVE A PROBLEM IN THIS AREA. 5.) I DON'T THINK IT'S FAIR THAT MY CO-WORKER GETS TO LIVE / WORK ONLY 6 MILES AWAY. WHEN I HAVE TO COMMUTE 26 MILES EVERYDAY.(One way.) I had asked to be put in an area closer to home. NOW, I KNOW IT'S MY WORD AGAINST THE MGR'S. AT THIS POINT.I JUST THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FAIR TO YOU TO LET YOU KNOW WHY I HAVE CHOSEN TO RESIGN. BUT IN ALL HONESTY... I BELIEVE HE'S BEEN TRYING TO GET RID OF ME FOR THE LAST TWO WEEKS. Madam -x memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
19, Report #380950
Oct 13 2008
08:48 PM
TitleMax Elderly Widow Has Emergency Surgery and TitleMax Sends Wrecker Tifton Georgia
I am a 66 year old widow who had emergency surgery. I have made eight months of on time payments to TitleMax. After being only ten days late due to emergency surgery TitleMax sends a wrecker for my vehicle. Marianne Tifton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tifton, Georgia
20, Report #536226
Dec 08 2009
09:40 PM
Titlemax Title bucks Ripoff by titlemax snellville, Georgia
I had some down times, so i decide to go to title bucks and get a loan. When i enter the building the first thing i saw was the sign that read we are here  to help you. I ask for $2,000 dollars ,they gave me $3,500, i ask the agent what was my monthly payment , she told me that will be that will be $361.oo which did not sound too bad. 11 months later i decided to check on my balance ,only to find out i was only paying the intrest on the loan, this is not something i normally do , i only wish the agent was honest with me  and give me a better understanding of what i was getting into . If i was told the truth i would of walk away or take only $2,000 which carry a lessor intrest rate, so the agent know just what she was doing maybe the bigger the loan the more incentives for her. now its december 2009 and i paid over $5,500 and i still owe $3,900 on my principle, this is too bad, i was told by the agent the only way out is to pay that amount in full or i will lose my car. can someone help me please ?
Entity: snellville, Georgia
21, Report #618798
Jun 29 2010
01:50 PM
TitleBucks, TitleMax Titlemax Stole my personal belongings from MY car. Cleveland, Tennessee
 I had my vehicle repossessed by Titlebucks. I paid the past due amount and my vehicle was returned. I have my vehicle back but I am missing over $1500.00 in personal items that were either stolen or given to a third party without my consent which is a violation of Title bucks own policy which states To redeem your vehicle or collect your personal items,please come by our store during normal business hours. Bring a form of suitable identification with you. Your personal items and your title will only be released to you personally. Titlebucks gave permission to the recovery company to remove personal items from my vehicle which is against company policy. I have tried to recover my missing items but Titlebucks tells me there is nothing they can do even though they are the authority that gave these items away. I have since been current with my payments but they still refuse to make this right claiming I gave them permission of which I did not give permission in any form. Titlebucks also does not have any written consent to release items to anyone other than myself. I have told them I will repay the loan amount of $1500.00 but not the interest since I have had my personal items taken/given away to other persons and one of these people will testify to this fact. I want to pay back the money I borrowed $1500.00 however I would like for Titlebucks to either return the property or replace it which comes to $1500.00. I have paid the company over $1000.00 estimated and would also settle for having my title returned and the account closed. I am not trying to get out of my obligation to this loan, I simply want my personal items returned or be compensated for my loss.  I have filed a complaint with the BBB but there isn't alot they can do and Titlebucks not only refuses to take payment or speak with me. There is also no authority in the company higher than the Regional Manager named Shawn or Sean Robinson ( according to everyone I have spoken to ) and he refuses to return or compensate me for my loss.
Entity: Cleveland, Tennessee
22, Report #1059903
Jun 17 2013
11:58 PM
TitleMax TitleMax repoed my vehicle two days after I made my payments current. Knoxville Tennessee
 I paid my vehicle payment to TitleMax max two days ago. I was 34 days late but paid what was due in full. This morning they repoed my vehicle. Will I have to pay my loan in full to get my vehicle back?!
Entity: Knoxville , Tennessee
23, Report #1226335
May 03 2015
02:39 PM
Titlemax - TMX Finance Titlemax Retaliation, Sexual harassment, Gay Slander jasper Alabama
 First of All I just got fired today, after being retaliated against and sexual harassed My boss had asked my worker if she knew I was a Dike/Butch! Friday 9/26/2014 around 9-9:25am. 2- He asked my CSR if she thought my store manager & myself were having an affair! Friday 9/26/26014 9-9:25am 3- He then stated the store managers email seemed more like she was bitter at a relationship gone bad, rather than a disgruntled employee. Friday 9/26/2014 9-9:25 am 4- He asked my CSR if she had ever caught myself and the other manager doing anything! Or if we acted strange around each other! Friday 9/26/2014 9-9:25 am 5- He told my workers he didn't know I was gay when he hired me, & made them think he wouldn't have hired me had he known! 6- He asked my crew why I dress the way I do, and not more girly!! Same day he stated Well her being gay and dressing like that makes sense now! 7- He frequently makes homophobic remarks, for example, once a customer came in and was talking about her sister being gay the conversation was very calm and nonchalant, I didnt say anything about myself being gay. After she left marvin looks over at me and says wow, that was a very disturbing conversation, that lady isn't right, she's crazy 8- He asked me about my sexual orientation and made me feel very uncomfortable about it when I told him, after that he has treated me totally different!!! 9- He found out a different coworker was gay and stated to another employee Wow not another one 10- He told me and my CSR that women are crazy, you all need to take 1 vacation day a month because you all yall do is cause drama and have babies!! 11- He has also told me he was going to fire a different worker &, that he was going to document her until he could fire her, since she called HR and got him in trouble that he would make her quit, or fire her. 12- he tells other workers that he has to treat women different because we are crazy and moody! 13 - He tells one of the pregnant workers that she needed to have an abortion because it wasn't good for her to have the babies! Which I personally know to be true because he also stated this to me about her! 14. Workers went to manager about someone being sexual harassed & he asked workers what were you doing to cause him to sexually harass you? 15. He told me he used to like fast food workers because they were hard workers, but now he has changed his mind because they weren't smart enough! ( I came from fast food directly before TMX) 16- He told told me that all his chairs in Titlemax of Jasper, Titlebucks of Jasper was broken because of two big workers 17. He told me I was now on Salary so I worked a lot of hours around 100-115 & on Wednesday the day pay period ends he tells me im still hourly!! So he has to take ALL those hours off my timecard! 18. As soon as titlemax and titlebucks in my town came available I was the first person to email My boss about the jobs. I was suppose to interview for it, I deserved a fair interview, even if I didn't get the job I wanted a shot like everyone else. I know this is a lot of information and a little scattered but the point I'm trying to make is this company has belittled me (and other employees), slandered my name to my employees, embarrassed me, and discriminated against my sexual orientation, They tries to lead their employees out of fear, fear of losing their jobs, by cussing and yelling, and intimidating. They do not possess the characteristics of a good leader, judgemental, rude to customers, highly sexist... there is a lot more also that has happend
Entity: Jasper, Alabama
24, Report #1259544
Oct 06 2015
02:17 PM
titlemax Titlemax of texas, inc. D/b/a titlemax lied, mislead me and they read the contracts to you they dobt let u read them . league city Texas
 They told me i only had to pay back 728 dollars and everytime i tried to come in early to pay it they would talk me out of it and say oh you dont wanna do that it will change the date and you will end up forgetting about it. They lied to me and explained there whole program wrong to me and mislead me to believe i was only paying 128 interest. They never said anything about it being a 30 loan and the amount i was paying was only to keep the loan alive and they only came clean because i thought i was gonna pay it off today so i asked how much i owed cause i wanted to finish it today and they said i had even started. And they knew if i would of paid early that the numvers would of changed and i would of caught on so they tricked me by being so friendly and making me think they were only telling me not to pay because they didnt want me forgetting. They only told me i had to pay 128 in interest i bern paying for like five months and havent even touch the loan. I dont know what to do now cause i cant afford to pay it off only to keep the loan restated each month, they tricked me and told me i would only have to pay 100 bucks a month but forgot to mention that i had to pay the financial charge every month. Why would they say anything to me after i made so many payments and havent even touch my loan. They k ew they explained it wrong to me and let me keep paying and acted all buddy buddy giving me free drinks and skipping over the contracts because they give you so much it would take a day to read each time u made a payment so they spead thru it not telling you what was really going on k owing most people wouldnt catch on. So now i payed the loaned pretty much and still gotta keep paying on it cause they explained it wrong and tricked me.
Entity: league city, Texas
25, Report #282328
Nov 01 2007
10:44 AM
TitleBucks,TitleMax Professional Scam Artist...Masters of Fine Print Augusta Georgia
TitleBucks should change their names to Rip off Pour helpless souls who have no other option but to get a title loan. Last year the starter on my car was acting up, since it was November and very close to the holidays, I didn't want my 4 year old daughter's Christmas to suffer because I'd spent all our money on the car. So I went to TitleBucks, I guess I can say I was a bit nieve, but I really had no other choice. The way they explained things to me was totally different than the way it came to be. It is now November again and I have paid them, faithfully every month, a total of $1,300 for an $1,100 loan. I have had my hours cut at work and was unable to pay on time this last month and they are now threatening me with garnishment!!! I went over all my old receipts and pointed out to them that my loan had been paid off and in no way could the $1300 only gone to interest!?! I was told that I either had to pay the account in full or they would send the state marshall out to my house to serve me with a writ of arrest! I can't believe this, If I'd known it was going to be this serious I would have just taken my chances on a lame Christmas. Is there anything I can do about this, because this just doesn't seem right to me??? Annivery Augusta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Augusta, Georgia

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