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1, Report #622063
Jul 10 2010
04:53 PM top-dog-marketing rip off, fraud, no refunds, Internet had me fooled and I thought they were a legitimate SEO company, that was until I started to notice that my website page rankings actually got worse 2 months after I signed up with asked for a refund and they tried to talk me out of it and then they just hung up. I have been trying to contact them for a full week now with no luck.  It looks like they are a scam operation and after doing some investigation it looks as though the owner Maggie Jones is not a real person just a fake looks like the rumors about the FDRS scammer Mark Cella being the owner may be true.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #1405240
Oct 09 2017
06:30 PM
Top Top Renovation LLC - Beware of Edil Ramirez (Diego) Hollywood Florida
Top Top Renovation LLC Diego was recommended to us and we contacted him in mid-September 2017. We needed a contractor/handyman to complete a series of home improvement projects in our Florida home.Improvements would include dry wall/cinder block repairs, window sill tiling, repair wood decking, install/repair plumbing, electrical, etc. Diego itemized a complete list of our desire improvements and defined the scope of the work. He said he is able to accomplish all our home improvement goals including plumbing and electrical. He emailed us a proposal with cost estimates for supplies and labor - very reasonable and we accepted his contract. All was good and we agreed that he will begin work on the first coming Saturday. Project 1 - Replace and repair exterior main electrical box breaker and panel (project cost $1500 for labor and materials).In his contract, Diego said the main box with breakers would run between $500-$600. We were ok with his estimates. Diego and his 2 electrician buddies came Saturday morning and completed the project in about 6 hours.When the power was turned back on, we had electrical issues.There was a surge which blew out lightbulbs and impacted appliances in all the rooms at the front of the house.The outlets and surge seemed to be ok in the back of the house where we had recent renovations done about 2 years ago. Diego said the probable root cause was all outlets and switches in the front of the house were old and outdated.Solution was to change them all out. Ok fine, lets get this done since our kitchen, washer/dryer, living room and home office was in the front of the house and we can't turn anything on. Diego then asked for payment to pay his electrical buddies (in cash) and they will return tomorrow (Sunday) to finish and evaluate the impacted switches and outlets. Sunday morning came - no show.I texted Diego and he responded at noon to say that he and his electrician will stop by tomorrow (ie. Monday) to figure out the electrical issues.I immediately texted back to say that we have work on Monday but I will make sure I will be home by 1PM to let him into the house. No response. Monday arrived. I returned home at 1PM. No show, no communications, nothing from Diego. I called Diego Monday evening, we chatted and he says that he will be there tomorrow (Tuesday) around 3PM.Ok fine, Tuesday afternoon it is. Tuesday came and went. Again no show. And again no communications. But Tuesday evening at 5:51PM, we get this strange text from Diego. Hi. I was there earlier. I checked the input power, there is weakness on some of the outlet because they are old.I should be there on Saturday morning with my electrician. Will pick up materials for the deck and walls and will talk about prices for outlets and switches. Ok, now we are livid! In addition to his unprofessional lack of communications, Diego had just lied to us in his text.He never showed and we realized his song and dance of repeatedly moving the dates is evident that he doesn't want to complete the electrical work we had paid him to do.We fired him and immediately contacted a licensed Electrician to inspect his finished work. Today we see a clearer picture that would explain Diego's lack of communication and lack of professional integrity.Clearly Diego was no electrician and he must have realized his 2 electrician buddies were completely clueless after installing this mess and at the end of the hot day, gave up and wanted no further responsibility to correct their mess.These three stooges just wanted to get paid (in full) and leave! Our hired licensed Electrician was completely dumbfounded at Top Top Renovation's work - labeling the entired finished work a serious Fire Hazard! Our electrician had to dismantle and discard EVERYTHING and start over. According to our electrician, here is a list of what Edil Ramirez of Top Top Renovation did: > installed old, rusty, used, defective breakers while charging us for new ones> installed a 220amp breaker to feed into a 60amp wire causing surges that blew up lightbulbs and appliances in our house> created a bad contact/connection between 2 wrapped wires, the wires were barely connecting causing weakness which explains why several outlets and switches had no or weak power> had a neutral (white) wire installed into a breaker - served absolutely no purpose> the entire panel circuitry was not grounded> panel had no deadfront panel, all wires completely exposed> panel was too small, no room to add more breakers The price we paid our electrician was slightly more than what Diego had charged us but it is now done right and within code. Not only did Top Top Renovation LLC completely ripped us off, they created a serious fire hazard jepordizing my home and my family! Warning to all Florida homeowners!Beware of Edil Ramirez, he cannot be trusted! This is his business information: Cell: 305-417-0776Office: 954-548-1436Email: I have reported this sham of a company to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
3, Report #621890
Jul 10 2010
05:09 AM Maggie jones aka wag the dog marketing top dog marketing, top dog ads, top dog marketing,,, Internet
Mark A Cella aka markus antonio aka maggie jones is a criminal scammer who defrauds people out of money. Mark Cellas latest scam is wag the dog marketing a telemarketing con operation that sells an SEO and lead generation scam, being a scam wag the dog marketing will go bust in 6 months after Mark A Cella aka Maggie Jones have ripped off many innocent consumers, then it will be time for Mark A Cella to bury Wag the dog marketing aka and start up another scam operation.Watch out for scam wag the dog marketing and top-dog  .org!
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #622510
Jul 12 2010
10:58 AM call center scam artists Internet
When asked to identify themselves they refuse. Don't get on their call list, you will never get off and they will call you day after day several times a day and when you ask them to take your number off the list they will lie and keep calling day after day after day. When asked for a number to call them back they give 877-636-8431. That number will put you on hold forever and then will electronically say good bye and hang up on you. I think they get paid from scam educational companies and student loan funded organizations. I reported my number to the do not call system. They don't care about that, because they never identify themselves.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #1219659
Apr 01 2015
09:12 AM
top bet top bet is a ripoff Internet
Top bet closed my account and wont give me back what is left in it---They are thieves---I gave them every chance to close the account amiably and send what was left back to me---they stole the money with no cause--this was hard dollars that I deposited with no bonus
Entity: Internet
6, Report #149830
Jul 15 2005
04:57 AM
EZ Lap Top ripoff Internet
I joined this scam a while back, someone at my place of employment posted their advertisment on a bulletin board to aquire credits for themselves. I paid $5.00 and had begun to aquire my own credits. I was getting very close to having enough for a Sony Lap Top, when all of a sudden the web site is no longer accessable. Go figure, the took the money and ran. I would've had enough credits by the end of the month, but now who knows. Denis Holyoke, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #613738
Jun 13 2010
09:31 AM
top 1 card virtual card, Internet
i trayed to use top 1 card service pay sending mony to them using chasu services. thay send me the virtual card with the vcc2 & customer ID since that there is no replay from them I send them alot on mails saying that the virtual card is not invaled even in the websits thay anounce thay accept virtual card. I reported them before couse the virtual card will expired withn 2 months. If there is any 1 that happend to him like me, please contact me: (((email redacted))) Best regardsCLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1139960
Apr 18 2014
02:27 PM
Top Bet Fraud Internet
I sent a $50 deposit, using my credit card to TopBet.  They received the money, so I then was able to place a bet.  I won $110.  When it was time to payout I called to receive it and got laughed at and deactivated from the account.  They said they were going to send me my $50 back and hold the rest.  I don't know if I am going to get that money back or not, hopefully I do. I need this money.  The whole point of betting was to win money, not for me to win money and them get to keep the winnings.  I am so irritated.  Do not use these site for betting.  I will stick to horse racing from now on.  I know they won't jerk me around. 
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1211744
Feb 25 2015
09:23 PM
Top Chicago Illinois
My experience with has been very frustrating and time consuming. They are unwilling to take ownership of their mishaps and is very deceptive and dishonest. We still have open tradelines since October 2014. Of the few tradelines that did post - they were either the wrong tradeline (lower tradelines that we paid for) and/or bad tradelines (high credit utilization), Even though they have failed to meet their commitment they refuse to refund our money. Their inability to delivered as promised has cause me many headaches and lost of potential customers and money.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
10, Report #1321768
Aug 10 2016
12:12 PM
Top Bet Scam Internet
It's been over a month since I requested a payout.. I still haven't received my check.. I call everyday to ask for a status update and they give me the same b.s excuses.. They will blame it on there 3rd party processor and stay they don't yet have a tracking number... Basically they don't give you any updates for where your money is... The point is when u lose a bet with them... They get there money right then and there but when you win your bet and want to cash out, they make every excuse not to pay you... DO NOT USE TOPBET... You will not receive your money in a timely fashion.. Also whenever I ask to speak to a manager, magically they are never available... I also noticed the same 3 or 4 people always answer the phone... Suspicious for a big company like TOPBET... I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS BETTING SITE... Please read other people's reviews first.. We are all basically saying the same thing.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #684504
Jan 19 2011
06:16 PM
Top Bridal Top bridal top of the sh* heap. Shanghi, China
crappy dress. ordered "do with my size" came like a sheet. beads falling off strings not tied in knots dress comming apart. Glued in places where stiching should be Ships from Shang Hi not china this dress is a horriable knock off no seamstresses in the area will even attempt to fix it... Company speaks very little english hard to talk to anyone. Dont order from this company you will be sorry if you do. They also sent me someone elses personal info. Name, address, phone number. Where is my info? this is what worries me the most.
Entity: Shang hi, Select State/Province
12, Report #205596
Aug 11 2006
07:30 AM
Top Haulers Camey Paula ripoff Redding California
I paid this company $115 to transport my car from Pa to Ga. They never picked up the car, never contacted me, changed their phone# never heard from them again. They ripped me off good. I have heard from others that had the same problem. My order # was 2420 Greg Valdosta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Redding, California
13, Report #214627
Oct 07 2006
07:15 AM
Top Site Reviews ripoff via fraudulent promotion Internet
Promised: Free Car Websites - These are the top websites we've reviewed that offer everyday people a free car to drive, as long as they are willing to drive with an advertisement on the vehicle. DID NOT DELIVER!! None of their so-called free car references replied and it's been a year since I applied and I never got my $29.95 refunded!! Martin Dumfries, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #141263
May 02 2005
02:34 PM
Top Camera ripoff Orlando Florida
Way over charges for demo cameras that are missing parts, instruction manuals,memory cards etc. Uses fast handed sales technics to fool unsuspecting customers. David St. Pete, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
15, Report #310619
Feb 20 2008
06:12 PM
Top-Generic Stole my money,Lied to me repeatingly. Internet
This company called Top-Generic is a scam, They charged my credit card $160.00 on June 19th 2007 for a script they never intended to send, and the reason I know is I logged onto they're site when I did'nt recieve what I had ordered trying to get intouch with someone and found they nolonger sold the medication I ordered.They made promises of tracking #'s and never came through, The adminstration e-mailed me and appolized for taking so long several months after the order was placed.I then was promised a refund even got a e-mail telling me I would have my refund in 24-48hrs and never recieved,I was able to speak to someone named Michelle a few times at first until I told her my intentions of reporting them and she told me to do what I felt was best,so I did make copies of the instant messages and also the e-mails,now every time I try to call or contact at this point they won't answer the phone and will not answer online operater either.I don't intend to stop until they return my money. I'm a single Mother with two children and can'not afford just to give or throw my money away.So I don't recommend anyone to order from these scam artist theives they are just after your money. Mary Howard, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #345719
Jun 29 2008
11:57 PM
First time using this place. It sounded so good if you don't have time and need a 100% non plagerized paper with the exact specifications then contact us. I got the paper the day I was supposed to turn it in, and it was plagerized word for word from the one resource I gave them!!! Not only that it was in the wrong format and the first few lines didn't make sense, like it was a four year old writing it or someone that couldn't speak english! I sent five emails, I was almost in tears through sheer frustration. Yes, I should have done it my self but that's not the issue here the fact that this company lies and for me to catch them red handed with the proof and nobody will do anything?! They're ripping off students that may be working 12 hours aday, taking two classes with kids and need that help with one paper. You can't even use it as a guide, its all word for word plagerized. Its disgusting Addi aiea, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #886641
May 22 2012
07:31 PM
Rocky Top Marketing scam!! knoxville , Tennessee
This is the worse place to work for. I have never wasted so much time. They bring you in for a long interview but they hire just about anyone that walks in the door. Then they put you going door to door which is not a bad thing but the leads have been work and worked. The manager also have now clue what they are doing. Also they don't you. During the interview they tell you how good the money is but dont actually come thru with it.  They make it commission only so they can work you all the hours they want and not pay you. The office staff also fills out the rebuttals so they are not even real rebuttals.Don't waste your time. You would be better off staying home a collecting unemployment.  This place is a scam.
Entity: knoxville, Tennessee
18, Report #656262
Oct 28 2010
02:21 PM
TOP TV Rip off decoder, Satellite dish, Internet
I purchased a TopTv decoder on the 14th October 2010. I had it installed and registered however, there was a problem with the decoder and we could not receive any audio. I was told by your call centre to please return it to the store where it was purchased for a new one. I did return the decoder and the new decoder also did not give us any audio. We have a wonderful picture but no sound. After two weeks of calling your call centre every day and also being assured that a manager will return my call I have had no joy. The installer returned to have a look and yesterday we bought the decoder to your offices in woodmead to check. The decoder worked perfectly at the Woodmead centre and we were told once again to call the installer out to fix the problem. The installer now advises us that he has no idea what the fault is. We have even moved our TVs around to test the different TVs but we have the same problem NO AUDIO! If I realised what a hassle this was going to be I would have paid the extra R300.00 for DSTV. I am very very very frustrated and want somebody to FIX THIS PROBLEM TODAY!!
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #531844
Dec 01 2009
08:57 PM
Top Sales magazine sales Huntsville, Alabama
A salesman barged into my teenage daughter's college apartment and would not leave when asked or even when they tried to push him out of apt. He finally left after he got them to agree to 3 magazine subscriptions and told them all the profit would go to a charity of their choosing!  They paid 24.95 for ea subscription! Of all the nerve. They were scared and unable to get to their cell phones because the phones  were upstairs and he had them blocked in the living room. My daughter finally called to let me know what happened and by then he was long gone. This happened in COmmerce, Tx.  
Entity: Huntsville, Alabama
20, Report #574157
Feb 24 2010
07:05 AM
Top SEO's is not a merit based company Internet
We have used Top SEO's for some time and we have found that if we are not willing to pay their over inflated price hikes we are either brushed aside or simply told there are many other companies out there that will pay these prices. I thought they were supposed to promote companies on merit not the size of their bank balances!Dont be drawn in it is adwords for SEO companies!!!
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #419176
Feb 02 2009
01:49 PM
Top Ten Imports iheater Indianapolis Indiana
I like Carla, purchased a I heater that did not heat like it was advertised. I called the customer service number, mail box was full and it refered me to another number, an so on and so on. After being told by 3 people that all sales are final and there is a no return policy, which none of that is in the ads and you are not told that when you place your order, I asked her if she had ever made a purchase at a store that she could not return if she didn't like it and she became very nasty at that point and i told her i would return it. I tried it for 3 days( I purchased the 1500 to heat about 700 sq ft) the tempature in the romm maintained 66 degrees, with the heat also on. It never heated the room. Good luck Carla, i'm taking the same action. Jo Mechanicsville, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
22, Report #473918
Jul 27 2009
05:41 PM
Chicago Top Models TOTAL RIPOFF Chicago Illinois
We had same thing happen with Dee at Chicago Top Models. He told me it don't cost me nothing to start modeling later he says I got to go to this photographer for pictures that costs $110. I had money but told him I left my money at home. Me and my girlfriend went together and she did the pictures and when she went back he tells her she got to get a comp card to get a job. Cardds costs $600, She's got no more money and didn't get the cards. She called Dee lots of times to see if he had any job but nobody answers the phone. We think Chicago Top Models is a total ripoff. Keesha Joliet, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
23, Report #445407
Apr 21 2009
07:29 AM
Top Producer Deceptive contract practices Edgewood Washington
Top Producer is a company that has deceptive business practices. I signed up for 2 individual services, was charged individually for both and now they are telling me that I had a package and have not satisfied my yearly obligation. Several months ago I called in and spoke to customer service, requesting the cancellation, who in turned transferred me to my account rep (Tammy), she informed me that my year was up in April, no mention of the reset to my account either in that phone call or during the initial ordering. She assured me that my account would be canceled in April. I didn't think much of it till I saw a $90 & $79 charge this month when there shouldn't have been. Called into Top Producer and was told I had not satisfied my yearly obligation and furthermore the adding of the other service reset my year obligation. It is the company's responsibility to inform their clients of that. Also, if their argument is that I have a package, then why was I being charged 2 separate charges for 2 separate features/services instead of the package? I have already contacted my credit card company to report this. I have reported it to the BBB in Washington. Just a quick FYI: Before you sign with TP, make sure you ask stupid questions as they obviously aren't forthcoming with information. Not happy, very pissed OFF!! Alisa Street, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Edgewood, Washington
24, Report #985885
Dec 22 2012
10:58 AM
top tv stuff home maker ????, Internet
I ordered a snuggie for a Christmas present on 12/13/12. Checked online on 12/22/12 for status and was told they had no record of my merchandise shipping, after they been paid. I am ticked off. I hate scammers!!
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #1052242
May 20 2013
06:38 AM
Top Bet Extremely Suspecious Behavior Internet
After I opened an account with Top Bet I noticed that their computerized casino did not operate normally.  It would allow  you to win the first game or two then switch into a very aggressive mode not allowing you to win.   It was so consistant in this that I began to be worried about the fairlness of the casino games.  I contacted Top Bet and said I wanted to close my account.  I was not allowed to do this or even withdrawal funds.  I was told I had to place bets of $2,800 before I could make a withdrawal.   (My deposit was $100).  After I made the call I noticed that the computerized games were even more aggressive.   I stopped playing Blackjack and switched to Roulette, sticking to just betting red or black.  I bet black and then the roulette wheel hit red 21 times in a row wiping out my account.  I had never played roulette on the Top Bet site.   I looked up the odds of this happening.  The odds were that 21 straight rolls of red would happen once every 2,097,152 times.  If I played 10 games of roulette every Saturday this would happen once every 4,032 years.   It struck me that it may be no coincidence that this occured after I attempted to make a withdrawal.   I feel that this operation is a criminal scam.   For those who bet with Top Bet.....good luck getting any money back.    
Entity: Internet

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