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51, Report #155375
Aug 29 2005
01:45 PM
Tracfone A big scam and ripoff! Miami Florida
I ordered a Tracfone online. Buy 40 minutes get a reconditioned phone free. Thought it was a good deal considering I can't get a traditional cellphone without a huge deposit. Received the phone in a timely manner, however, the battery wouldn't charge. So I called them and they said that I would receive a replacement phone in 5-10 days. Those days came and went without a phone. So I called them again today (Aug. 29, 2005). The rep (who, by they way, have a bad case of broken english) said that there was a delay because of the hurricane. Well there wasn't any hurricane when I originally was suppose to receive the phone. He then said that I will receive the phone in 5 days. Well if there's a delay, then how can he tell me when I'll receive the phone? I have a feeling I am going to get the run around. And I can't figure out why I had to send the entire phone back when it was jus the battery. I should have just gone to the store and bought a new battery. Tracfone has the worst customer service and the worst english speaking reps. Stacey Traverse City, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
52, Report #137389
Apr 03 2005
12:21 PM
Tracfone Ripoff Deception MIAMI Florida
In February I contacted Tracfone and asked if my minutes could be transferred to a Tracfone. I was told no problem so I purchased a new Tracfone for my husband's birthday in April. On April 1st I contacted Tracfone Customer Service and spoke to Leander and he informed me that it will not be possible to transfer the minutes as the model I have does not allow Tracfone to verify how many units are on the phone. He offered me 30 free minutes and suggested I use the minutes on the phone. Service is due to be renewed on April 6 and I do not wish to spend another $20 for another 30 minutes on top of the 302 minutes already on the phone but if I'd known this was the only way that is what they should have told me in February before I purchased the new phone. I've emailed F.J. Pollak, Steve Ritter, and Paul Kozma, who are Tracfone Executives and I'm still awaiting response. My next step is to send the phone by UPS at my own expense and let them verify the minutes. They can keep the phone as I have no use for it, it's old. The problem with this is, Tracfone has not agreed to it so I may very well be out the minutes once it gets to Tracfone in Miami. C Rocky Mount, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
53, Report #228885
Jan 05 2007
10:41 AM
Tracfone Deceptive Marketing Practices Ripoff Miami Florida
After having had my tracfone deactivated I tried going through the Better Business Bureau. Apparently the florida BBB protects the big companies 1st. Not true in all states. Just seems to be in the republican dominated states were BBB does not work. But trying resolve an issue about tracfone after many hours on phone with them now I'm just trying to warn people about buying tracphones. I contacted ebay today to see if they'd help but this is what you get from ebay if you buy one of these phones and it does'nt work. Search the Help pages (Does not search for items or products) Tips eBay Standard Purchase Protection Program eBay's Standard Purchase Protection Program reimburses buyers for eligible transactions when: An item was not received. An item was received but significantly not as described. You'll be reimbursed up to a maximum of $200 (less $25 to cover processing costs). For example: If the item price is $500, you're eligible to receive $175. If the item price is $100, you're eligible to receive $75. If the item price is $26, you're eligible to receive $1. The maximum reimbursement for any claim is $175. About the same anwser we got from tracfone when they sent my wife a replacement phone for her Walmart purchased phone which did'nt work properly. After 3 phones all bad the comsumer needs to be aware after I did some research. Seems you can tell if your tracfone is new 2 ways. When you 1st purchase before activating it by the date on main screen. If it says 01-01-2001 means the phone is already 6 years old and reprogrammed phone. 2nd way to test to see if its a reprogrammed phone is to press *#06# on the main screen. If the serial number that shows here does not match the serial number under the imei or esn under prepaid then you know its a reprogrammed phone. In this case you will always have trouble with your phone. All the features will not work correctly or eventually the phone reverts back to the original settings. Knowledge is the best weapon. Do your homework before you buy these days. You may not be getting what you think you are. Fraudulent advertising. Yes because the stores advertise these phones as new. Not refurbished or reprogramed, or reconditioned. You pay a certain price you should recieve compensation of an equal amount not less. Think before you buy on ebay now. Its not what it use to be. Money equals greed equals corruption. Ken Johnston, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
54, Report #228087
Dec 31 2006
02:03 PM
Tracfone not lived up to its advertising Miami Florida
tracfone: DOES NOT live up to anything in writing, said to you by the illiterate customer service representatives, give advance warning on changing deals, the so called bomus minute cards work out to be .33 a minute, which I use up in about 2-3 weeks, therefore forcing you to purchase other bonus minute cards untill your 1 year contract is up, then and only then are the double minute bonus cards worth double. I purchased a 400 doube minute card, which cost me $129.99, plus tax, equaling $136.47! I spent $19.99 in the phone, plus tax. And now, they are offering, on line the exact phone & minutes for ONLY $99.99! The incompetant and non-enlish speaking representatives put you on hold for over 20 minutes at a time, and when someone gets back on the line, it's a different representative, therefore forcing you to tell them the same story you told the last three reps. Even with a reference #, provided to me by a supervisor, named Jose, promising an additional 60 minutes, for my time & inconvience the next representative said I was only getting 60 minutes, not the PROMISED 460 MINUTES!! I am willing to take legal action against them in a class action law suit, if I can get at least on other unsatisfied customer of tracfone. Deborah Va. Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
55, Report #221375
Nov 19 2006
10:15 PM
Tracfone Customer Service Reps Are Idiots ripoff Miami Florida
I wanted to share with you the worst experience I have ever had with Tracfone. It all started when I bought a new Tracfone on Friday afternoon at Walmart. I went home and activated it online. Seeing that the service provider was Verizon Wireless, I assumed that the phone would begin working almost immediately. It didn't. What followed from there was a nightmare. By Saturday afternoon, the phone still wasn't able to make or receive calls. I called Tracfone and after going through all the usual nonsense, the foreign woman, that of course speaks little english, tells me I have to wait 24 hours. Well, it was like an hour away from being the 24 hours and she gives me a case number. Here we go. Now I know and she knows that the phone is not going to be working within that hour. It's programmed wrong. I don't argue with her because first she isn't going to understand what I am telling her and second I KNOW I am am gonna have an argument coming up later because I know the phone isn't going to work even after I call back. Instead of calling right back in an hour, I wait a couple hours extra. I call back. It took me several tries to make another foreigner understand why I was calling. She reads her script Ok, sir, the reason you are calling is because you want to deactivate a phone and change your email address. WHAT THE HELL IS SHE TALKING ABOUT? I never said I wanted to deactivate a phone and change my email address! I never said anything like that. So I explain it AGAIN and for the 4th time and very slowly. This time she gets it, or so I thought. She tells me that the computer shows my phone is active. I tell her it is NOT active. The phone was already activated, It just didn't work. We reprogram the phone. I am thinking maybe it will work when we get done. We finish. She tells me that my phone is now activated and my expiration date is March 17, 2007. Huh? I hung up. This is ridiculous! Now I wait until Sunday afternoon and call Tracfone back again. Now THIS woman was the biggest idiot I EVER heard at Tracfone. I patiently explained the problem 6 times. 6 TIMES! I am standing at a pay phone and my hands were freezing but still I was patient. This woman tells me to write down a case number. I figure it is a new one. She reads the case number back and it's the same case number I just gave her. Oh my God. Then she tells me that the Customer Service person changed the zip code yesterday and the phone is working. I tell her THE PHONE IS NOT WORKING! I asked what zip code the phone is programmed for. She tells me a zip code that doesn't even exist in this state. Oh my freakin god! She then tells asks me if I entered the case number she gave me into the Tracfone. Enter a case number into the tracfone? Must be something new. I say no and I'm thinking how weird this is. So she goes on reading the notes aloud and then tells me to forget entering the case number into the phone, she made a mistake. I already knew that. Then out of nowhere she says Ok, sir, is there anything else I can assist you with?. HUH? She's ready to hang up. I said YEs, we still need to re-program the phone to make it work!. She says, Ok, sir then the reason you are calling is.. SLAM! I hang up the phone. Now I was so pissed off I turned and headed back to my car and nearly got hit by another car when I started to cross the street. I was so angry I wasn't even paying attention to the traffic. I was having chest pains by then and sat in the car and took a nitro pill. About a half hour later, after calming down, I decided to give it one final try. If it failed this time, I was going to return the phone to the Store or go to Florida and stick this phone up Tracfones collective ass :-) I call Tracfone back AGAIN. This woman, although a foreigner, seems to speak english quite well. This is a first. I explain the problem to her. This one starts asking for my mailing address so they can send me a replacement. Huh? Replacement for what? I tell her we just need to re-program the phone. I didn't ask for a replacement. She agrees to re-program the phone. After nearly another 15 minutes of useless jibberish from her and after she finally got around to the reprogramming, the phone worked immediately after we get done. This was unbelievable. The amount of time I spent standing at pay phones this weekend, the aggravation and nonsense with people that speak very little english and have no idea what is even going on, almost being hit by a car and nearly having a heart attack, was not even worth it. I can't understand why Tracfone keeps hiring these idiots that don't speak english. This is America. We speak English here. Why should I have to speak slowly, using baby words, repeat myself over and over and go through all this crap to patronize a Company that hires people that can't speak english? John Burlington, VermontU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Tracfone
Entity: Miami, Florida
56, Report #81233
Feb 21 2004
12:08 AM
TracFone Breach of Contract, failure to honor promo ripoff Internet
Subscribed 1YR pre-paid service 150 minutes with promo code 56484 for an additional 100 minutes for a total of 250 minutes.(Dec 26 '03) Received an error message when trying to activate, called listed number. Service rep did the activation and told me to ignore the error message. When I asked about the promo code he told me I was supposed to enter that when activating! Excuse me, but I didn't activate the phone! Tracfone's off shore service rep did. Called service phone # and was told tough luck ... Actual words! Have disputed charge with credit card company explaining circumstances. Told them all I want is my 100 minutes. I have copy of web page with the promo AND shipping invoice which lists 1 TF1YRBONUS PROMO CODE 56484. Sent the same email to four different address's as determined by message header.(ALL different!) Two of them were returned. I have not and will not use this phone until I get my 100 minutes. Tracfone DOES have my email address. I have noticed a similar promo in the past week that was good until Mar 31. This promo disappeared in three days. Looks like they use the same scam @ once a month? It's only $100, but I am going to fight these rip-off artist's tooth and nail. Does anyone have a mailing address for these people? It will be required to commence legal action. I will start in the local small claims court. Joy Ferndale, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
57, Report #285990
Nov 21 2007
02:27 PM
TracFone Beware, Ripoff, no service Miami Florida
On 11/8/07 I recieved a new (required) phone due to upgrades in my area. I have tried to transfer my minutes(206.5) to my new phone on 11/9/07, 11/15/07 and today on 11/21/07. Each time I am told that due to system failure they are unable to transfer my minutes and told to try back in 5-7 days. My repeated e mails have just referred me to their 800 number (which is unable to help me). Have filed a complaint with the Miami Better Business Bureau. Do not do business with this company. They are a ripoff. Gary portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
58, Report #179734
Mar 07 2006
09:03 AM
TRACFONE ripoff EDGEMOOR South Carolina
Tracfone had a promotional deal where you can buy a 250 min. card and get a Reconditioned Motorola V-170 tracfone for Free. I ordered it on Feb.-20th-2006 and also had PAID for overnight shipping, I waited for 3 days and called them and they had cancelled the order. So I ordered it again even after they had taken money from my credit card. The 2nd order was done on the 23rd of Feb. Well on the 27th I called and they had CANCELLED AGAIN!! So I went online and filed a complaint with the B.B.B. and Tracfone did not take long about getting in touch with me and they are trying to make it right now. YEA RIGHT I will beleive it when I see it. SO far a lady named Janet Talavera-Gomez at Tracfone at the phone # 1-800-339-9345 ext 3627. HEA. SHE SPEAKS ENGLISH REAL GOOD. THAT WAS A PLUS. I will see if they send me my phone and Min. David Edgemoor, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: EDGEMOOR, South Carolina
59, Report #180212
Mar 09 2006
11:30 AM
TracFone Wireless, cannot reactivate new phone Ripoff Miami Florida
On Feb. 14 I bought a replacement phone to reactivate and since that time I have spent over 3 weeks and countless hours on the phone with 13 tech reps, 2 supervisors, and 1 person from the complaint dept. I have been assigned 7 different case numbers(they assign case numbers when there is a problem) trying to resolve this problem. They have sent another phone with new SIM card and then sent another SIM card (3 new SIM cards total) and I am still without service. I would have given up many days ago but I have 1440 minutes on my phone. This has turned into a nightmare. I do not think Ripleys Believe It Or Not would even believe this story, but unfortunately it is all true. Andrew FLORENCE, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
60, Report #185904
Apr 10 2006
02:55 PM
Tracfone ripoff liars misleading deceptive Tampa Florida
I purchased a cell phone for my daughter to have for security. Tracfone issued me a phone number that no one can call locally. It's a long distance phone number. This has caused a major problem, since I've spent hours trying to resolve this issue, only to end up talking to people who can't speak English well, let alone try and fix the problem. In dealing with the on the phone conversations, I was sent to many departments and told many things. The phone probably will never get fixed, even though they sent me a new sims card for it. Today was my most recent call to them and I was told by Gerard, the so called head supervisor, that I'd have to call back in 24 hours (he changed this to 48 hours of course, during the conversation) to get the assigned phone number. They need to be majorly investigated by the government at this point. The deceptive practices and misleading statements by the employees shouldn't be allowed. No one at this company has a clue about what they are doing, which is why they want to transfer a customer to many departments, with the intention of nothing ever getting resolved. Everyone needs to watch out for this nightmare! Lissy Toledo, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
61, Report #186254
Apr 12 2006
10:40 AM
Tracfone Wireless ripoff remaining minutes Miami Florida
Just before the Christmas holidays of 05, I purchased a Tracfone to keep in touch with family members. When the time came to buy more minutes, I purchased a 300 minute card and that made a total of 394 minutes remaining. Now my phone is disabled and they will not reactivate it or refund my money for the 394 minutes I purchased for the phone. I am unemployed with a limited income and I just cannot afford to go and buy more minutes when I really don't need anymore. I will not recommend Tracfone to any friends or family who are seeking a pay as you go cell phone. I just wish I came here before I bought from them. Jon Corpus Christi, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
62, Report #133276
Mar 01 2005
10:17 AM
Tracfone Wireless Screwed up ripoff Miami Florida
I have had sooooo many problems with Tracfone. I cannot even list them all. If you have problems: 1. File a complaint with the BBB in Florida. This is extremely important. 2. And... Hope you get Monica Godoy - she is the only person in that company with any type of customer service skills. She fixed my problems easily! She should be training the other losers in that company! Betty Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
63, Report #322193
Mar 29 2008
12:50 PM
Tracfone Bad Billing no record of order Miami Florida
I placed a order on the tracfone web site on 3-29-08 for a prepaid cell phone that i can use when i am traveling in the United States next month. After entering all of my info including my credit card info and submiting the order to be processed. I recived a msg that my credit card was declined so i went to mu online banking and see that Tracfone infact took out the money I called the bank and they advised me that the transcation was approved. I called tracfone customer service and spoke to some one who would not give there name (later i found out why ) He had hung up on me after he requested my credit card number again and i said no. So i called back and spoke to a woman who said she could help me but she had to put me on hold for 1 min well 10 mins later she came back and asked me why i was calling as if she was not just talking to me. Well she asked for my info to look in there system just as i gave it to her the system went down so back on hold i went for another 10 mins she came back to tell me that she has to transfer me to another rep to help me. So all in all they have no record of me in there system but they still took the money out of my bank account. They had no answer for me on how or why that happend only that if i wanted to place another order with they over the phone they would be more then happy to take more of my money. So tracfone is a total rip off there customer service is the worst i have ever delt with. So i am filing a dispute with my bank to get my money back and will never do business with they again . Paul San JoseCosta Rica
Entity: Miami, Florida
64, Report #316641
Mar 10 2008
05:55 PM
Tracfone Paid for airtime that I cant use Miami Florida
I purchased a tracfone for my 89 year old father in case of an emergency. I paid 30.00 for airtime. Then after emailing, calling, receiving 2 new sim cards, reprogramming the phone, and it still DOESN'T work (I can't call out, I can't receive calls, I can't call customer service with it, it displays unregistered sim, no service, and emergency only) that I CANNOT GET REFUNDED FOR THE 30.00 I PAID TO SET THE PHONE UP FOR MY FATHER! I have called the corporate office and am at my wits end since I spent the 30.00 for the air time that can't be used plus the cost of the stupid phone. The only thing I get is, we cannot refund your money BASICALLY! YOU PAY FOR SOMETHING YOU DON'T GET! That's a SCAM and a RIP OFF! Something needs to be done about Tracfone and their deceptive practices. They are getting money for something they are not returning in services. I was and am willing to even send them the SIM cards back to them. Cheryl brooklyn, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
65, Report #69648
Oct 20 2003
08:56 PM
TracFone Nationwide Prepaid Wireless ripoff Melborne Florida
TracFone Nationwide Prepaid Wireless is a ripoff, untruthful company. I bought their cell phone over the internet, they sent it to me Knowing that they had no way of activating my phone at my location. I discovered this not from them but from another source after I paid and received the phone. I called them to activate my phone for three days in a row they kept saying we are working on it call back in 24-48 hours,Knowing that they could not activate my phone in the state I lived in. I thought they could since their web site indicated that. They just gave me the runaround the whole time. I asked for my money back,they gave me a number to call,I did and they said to call back in a half hour, then a hour and then to call back tomorrow, that their computer is down or I don't have the right number, or they can't find the imformation on how I can send them back the phone and get my money back. I don't think they have any intention of giving me my money back. Morse Fairbanks, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Melborne, Florida
66, Report #841336
Feb 18 2012
10:28 AM
TracFone provides no customer service & minutes bought online get lost, Internet
I have been using TracFone for a couple of years now, I don't need a contract or a hand held computer! I'm a disabilied Vet on a small pension! Recently I bought a new phone and I've had problems ever since! First off THIS is my ONLY PHONE! I cannot afford two services! The day I bought the phone it took 29hrs to get it actavated, so If I'd had an emergency I'd have been up a creek when I was up and working, I called their customer service line and was on hold for 2hrs and 48min. never did get thru! So Yesterday I go to their web site to buy minutes, as I had used most of mine up I get double minutes so I bought 120 with a bonus code for a total of 280 Min. so here I am 24hrs later I've got no minutes, They have my money ($31.95) and If I did want to wait on hold for hrs. customer service is closed till TUES. DO NOT do business with TracFone Their Face Book page is full of unhappy customers! and I'm going to try and get them all to come here and file a ripoff report!
Entity: , Internet
67, Report #822420
Jan 13 2012
04:14 PM
Tracfone Poor cell phone services Miami, Florida
I have been experiencing ongoing problems with my Safelink phone.  It does appear that Tracfone wants to milk as much money out of the customers as possible. Problems I have been experiencing include having to enter my home phone number in up to five times when retrieving my house phone voice mail.  Then, recently, they made it to where I could not roll over unused minutes with the safelink plan.  Yes, if I used a prepaid plan, the minutes are rolled over. And, last week, I lost my phone, so Tracfone decides to zero out my balance when I talked with the customer service representative about getting a replacement. This is why I have been sticking with a land line at my house.  The cell phone industry in general is a major league scam.
Entity: Miami, Florida
68, Report #564461
Feb 04 2010
10:37 AM
TracFone They disconnect your phone AFTER they take your $$ and fix their mistakes Internet
Initially, Tracfone was OK - heavy accents in customer service, and they didn't honor my original purchase of double minutes with my phone.  On the plus side - the phone worked in Mexico (something At&T and Sprint couldn't do).  After trying for 3 days to buy airtime online - and couldn't -  i called customer service - 50 minutes later - and $99.99 - i had 400 minutes (yeah, .25 per minute) - which were not doubled and they didn't use the promo - and they changed my phone number (why?)- the phone doesn't work - at all - I called customer service again - they won't fixed it because i don't have the phone with me - my husband took it on an extended trip.  When he tried to use it and couldn't, they deduct minutes in what multiples of 10?  It went from 400 to 289 after a couple of attempts of usage.  They won't fix the problem they made.  I have sent at least 20 e-mails thinking that perhaps that department could help - but all you get is cut and paste. They don't read.  They say they call you on the home phone but that is a lie.  I live in a very rural area with minimal reception on any phone - the phone is strictly for use while on the road.  It's 112 miles  between towns here - it's important to have a cell phone for emergencies -   At least i was able to stop payment.  By the way, one of my employees tells me that she purchased a Tracfone and minutes for her son for Christmas.  Tracfone won't activate because she doens't have the original receipt to fax to them!
Entity: , Internet
69, Report #583493
Mar 21 2010
06:37 AM
Tracfone Doesn't double minutes when *Not Purchased* -- SCAM -- Internet
I bought a one year contract because it *included* 400 minutes AND 250 bonus minutes, so with my double minutes phone that equals 1300 minutes.  They cut 250 minutes off.  I wrote to have them fix it.  I got this reply. **The Double Minute benefit does not apply to minutes that have not been purchased, such as bonus minutes provided with a special TracFone promotional code or bonus minutes automatically added to the TracFone.** So they are saying when you purchase *bonus* minutes you really aren't *purchasing* them.  SCAM!!!  Watch out! I asked for a refund and was told it's *non-refundable*.  They got me!  This time!
Entity: , Internet
70, Report #534225
Dec 05 2009
05:06 AM
TracFone did not honor its promotion Miami, Florida
TracFone will not honor a promotion that it offered to me in an email.  TracFone specifically denied my request to honor its promotion.  I received the promotional email Nov. 29.  The promotion period was from Nov. 29 to today, Dec. 4.  The promotion was for 20 bonus minutes, with a purchase of 60 minutes.  I was blocked from using the promotion, in attempts both by phone and via TracFone's internet website. The unnamed customer service person replying by email for the company claimed that the promotional code number is invalid, and was already used in September.  Therefor, the promotion will not be honored.  The point I made to TracFone, and which was rejected, was The notion that the promotional code number is invalid, and for a prior period, is irrelevant.  What is relevant is the promise in the promotion itself, to honor a promise of a 20-minute bonus if I purchase 60 minutes of service, within the specified time frame.  I honored my part of the promotion.  TracFone, on the other hand, is not honoring its promise. Evidently, on Nov. 29 somebody at TracFone sent me a current promotional email, with an old code number in it.  This means that that same somebody at TracFone made an error.  TracFone should make good on its promotion, regardless of the error of the invalid code number.  It's the intent in the promotion that counts, and not a code number.  TracFone does not agree, will not admit its mistake in issuing a promtion with an invalid code number, nor rectify the mistake, and so is guilty of ripping me off.
Entity: Miami, Florida
71, Report #994900
Jan 10 2013
08:35 PM
TracFone Straight Talk false advertising Miami, Florida
Unlimited Plan, talk, text, and web is a false advertisement. I am a disabled senior home bound and rely upon my phone with all contact to the outside world. They give no limit on data but I got a message saying they're going to shut off my data service for a month, until my plan restarts.  This is completely ridiculous 
Entity: Miami, Florida
72, Report #970702
Nov 17 2012
03:34 PM
Tracfone RIP OFF OF 2 AIRTIME CARDS, Internet
I bought 2 - 60 minute cards, due to the store only having those. I got home 30 minutes later, that was 2 1/2 hours ago. One card will not go through- I have the receipt and cards. First rep I spoke with told me she would transfer me to the department that could put the minutes on with just some information from the receipt, well the call got disconnected BIG SURPRISED. 2 hours on hold to find out they will give me 20 minutes free and have a bbb report filed instead of helping a customer with getting PAID minutes added to her phone. Well employee #53897 (Julien) and employee #88888 Mark Hernandez Thank you for NOTHING. Now Mark is saying he can only add 5 minutes, that was once I said I was calling the Better Business Bureau.  This company rips off people day in and day out.
Entity: Internet, Internet
73, Report #965045
Nov 05 2012
02:36 PM
Tracfone I lose minutes too Miami, Florida
I also lose minutes randomly and know other people who have the same issue. One day I will fill it up with $5 giving me 500 minutes and by the next day they are all gone. I hardly even use my phone but the minutes just disappear. As for the two people talking about having to program your phone to disconnect when you close it, that is ludicrous. I have been through many phones including Verizon and I have never heard of something so ridiculous. They may be paid off by the company to write reports to counter issues (it happens all the time). It is very common and I find it highly suspicious that 2 people would happen to find this page and defend the company using the same bs line.
Entity: Miami, Florida
74, Report #970299
Nov 16 2012
03:08 PM
TracFone Customer Service is an oxymoron , Internet
I bought a TracFone because my Verizon phone got fried during power surge of Hurricane Sandy.  I tried to add minutes, using the special Savings Book, but the promo code came up expired even though the coupon specifically said Valid November 1-30, 2012 - 2013.  I wasted over 3 hours and more than 50 minutes, (they're not really minutes, more like 20 seconds), of my existing time talking to customer service trying to get the problem solved.  End result is they charged my credit card $42+ for additional minutes but never gave them to me.  No wonder they're called throw-away phones.  An absolute, shameful, disreputable company.
Entity: Internet, Internet
75, Report #1026665
Mar 10 2013
07:51 PM
TracFone shuts service to customer before end date, Internet
I just got of the phone with TracFone customer service, after almost 2-1/2 hours on a merry-go-round. The problem started today 3/10/2013 when I tried to use my cell phone and was unable to make any connection. I then noticed that the phone read that the Sim-Card was un-registered. I telephoned TracFone customer service and reached someone in the Philippines, I explained the problem, and I was told that my phone was disconnected because I reached my end date and didnt put more minutes into my phone so they disconnected my service.  Today is March 10, 2013 and my end date is March 22, 2013, so my question is way was my phone disconnected?  They could not provide an answer, and had to transfer me to someone higher up. After a few moments another person came on the phone and asked me for all the same information all over again. After they entered it into their so called computer they said that my sim-card was out of date and that I would need a new one. I asked how that is possible when only purchased that phone (Motorola model TFEX124G) less than a year ago. I have 1219.80 minutes left on my phone because I use it very little and only in mostly emergency situations. They said they would have to send a new sim card to me. As I questioned their explanation I was transferred to yet another so called manager. Again I had to supply all the same information for them to enter it into their little computer. This time I was informed that there was nothing wrong with my sim card and that they could re-activate my phone, but in order for them to do it I would have to purchase more minutes. MORE MINUTES!!! I have 1219.80 minutes now in the phone and my deadline wasnt until March 22, 2013, so I said just reactivate the phone. They refused to do it without the purchase of more minutes.  Its not the money its the principle of the matter. I had 2 weeks of service time left and I do not like getting cheated. They broke their contract by shutting me down before I reached my end date.  I needed my phone so I went online and purchased more minutes and sure enough the sim number was acknowledged and the minutes were added to the phone and it was re-activated. TracFone is the most UN-professional company I have ever done business with and the lies that came from the customer service reps were worst than the talking points given to the American public after the Benghazi incident in Libya that left four Americans dead by Muslim tourists. Another question I have is why on earth are we giving employment to people in the Philippines, India, and Vienna South America when we have so many Americans unemployed? You would think that TracFone would support the people they are providing phone service to.   I will find another company to do business with, this goes without saying, but not until I use up every single minute of the now 1399 minutes, thats over 23 hours of talk time, I have left on the phone, and its the principle not the money.  So to all my friends if you need to make telephone calls come use my phone please.  Thanks.    OH; by the way watch for my You Tube video showing how TracFone handled my calls and how they lied to cover-up their blunders.     
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