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51, Report #256513
Jun 24 2007
10:56 AM
University Of Phoenix ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Phoenix Arizona
When I enrolled at University of Phoenix on January 2007 and selected financial aid I did it in the faith that I would also get my Stafford Loans without a problem. Counselor Nichole Thompson assured me that my enrollment with Portland Community College would not interfere with my availability for Stafford Loans at University of Phoenix as long as I was not currently attending both colleges and I was not. I was told that when I finished my term at Portland Community College that I could receive my financial aid at UOP without a problem. I was told my Stafford Loans were never received by the financial aid department at UOP. I obviously was misinformed by MS. Thompson's hard sell tactics and UOP's financial aid department. As a consequence I had to withdraw from UOP because I could not afford to pay out of pocket. I received a letter from University of Phoenix dated May 29, 2007 concerning my account. They claim I owe them a balance of 1, 462, 50 for the remaining credits in my program of choice, which I did not even log in to. They are now threatening to turn me over to credit collections if I do not give them $1,462,50. On the there are over 212 complaints for the same thing. I did complete my obligation by finishing the one class I took with an A grade. They collected $487.50 from Federal Title IV funds, for that class. I faxed my withdrawal before the 29th day (per. UOP Policy) and sent it by certified mail and have signatures as a receipt; therefore, I do not owe for classes I did not take Just like financial aid I do not owe for that which was not used. If they persist that I owe them money then I was misinformed by hard sell tactics and unclear language in their financial agreement. When they stated in their letter that my signature on admissions and financial documents is an agreement that I would be financially responsible for all incurred cost, which they state have been covered by Federal Title IV funds. I kept copies of all signed documents and that is just not true. As their letter states the only incurred cost is the $ 487.50 for tuition expenses, which they collected from Federal Title IV funds. They stated the returned balance was unearned (indicating I did not earn something)? I say it is because they gave me, the student, nothing for it; therefore, they did not earn it. As far as I know American consumers are not held responsible for goods they do not receive .My education and my personal life has been interrupted and I feel like they need to be brought to justice for their unethical business practices. Everyone needs google the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint there as well. Dorolis Bullhead City, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
52, Report #226042
Dec 18 2006
12:31 PM
University Of Phoenix Returned $3937.50 to lender and say I now owe $244.50 Ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I completed all core classes on October 23, 2006.I advised my academic counselor of my intentions to Clep for my electives. At the completion of class there was a credit balance of $3,937.50. After I submitted my temporary withdrawl for. The University of Phoenix returned $3,693.00 to lender and now the y say I owe $244.50 and until it is paid they will not release my credits.However, my intentions were to transfer credits for my electives to the University of Phoenix to complete the requirements for my BSHA degree. However, in all honesty from the moment I gave notice that I would not be completing my electives at $1,400.00 per class at the University of Phoenix. The situational circumstances began to get ugly. I truly believe that some of the staff at the University are embezzling stundent loan funds from students. In addition, my GPA is 3.71 and I earned those credits. However, I would like to state that when they are recruiting they do not care if an individual is college able or not. Because once they get you and your student loans you are just a notch in their belt. Therefore, someone really needs to put an end to the University of Phoenix unethical business behavior.Even though I am just one individual and the amount to many may seem small. It is the general principal of it all. The University of Phoenix have and will continue to do this to students and in the grand scheme of things this amount taken from thousands of students will make them millions of dollars. I intend to fight this no matter what. I am well aware that the University is running a business. However, Enron and WorldCom was too. Cora Rockford, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
53, Report #239706
Mar 19 2007
12:24 PM
University Of Phoenix Recruiting problems Ripoff Phoenix Arizona
Like many similar here, I was not provided critical admissions information by my counselor. I guess he thought it would be more fun as a surprise. Instead, it has caused my unecessary time and expense. Thankfully, I am no longer attached to UOP, but have done a little research which will I hope prevent others from following my footsteps. Information printed below is from a U.S. Department of Education report on the UOP, and gives the appropriate context to how the UOP conducts business. Also, check out the NYT piece, 11 Feb 2007. Thanks, and you can find this stuff by googling it. Happy REading... The DOE review was conducted in the summer of 03 to determine UOP's compliance with the Higher Education Act...One of the requirements makes it against the law for educational institutions like the UOP to pay enrollment counselors compensation based solely on obtaining enrollments. In summarizing the UOP's compensation system the report states, The actions of UOP and the system it has established cultivates and maintains a corporate culture of defiance of UOP's fiduciary duty. UOP has created an environment that pits the strong motivation of individual gain against its fiduciary duty to the Department. It is one that flaunts the Departments regulations and the prohibition against incentive compensation based on enrollments. The DOE begins its report asserting that when the UOP is hiring recruiters, they promise substantial income opportunities, and could double or triple thier salary in three to six months. The report explains new trainees quickly learn income potential is specifically tied to number of enrollments achieved. Recruiters learn a system called matrix, which supposedly supplies numerous factors in determining a recruiters compensation. However, The matrix sets forth the rating (meets, etc.) associated with the number of enrollments, and it is these criteria that supercede all others and actually determine salary. Indeed one recruiter recalls the Director of Enrollment saying we're flying under the radar of the Department, believes that the matrix is a way to deceive the Department. (Department refers to DOE) The DOE describes daily morning meetings where managers ...serve to motivate or humiliate the recruiters based on their activities. Managers use large boards to post statistics for each employee, Except when visitors are expected, UOP managers prominently post the board... UOP used these frequent meetings to drive home the message that a recruiters success in securing enrollments would equate to success.. in reaching salary goals. One enrollment manager puts a spreadsheet on her recruiters' computer desktops that shows how many enrollments each recruiter needs to reach the next salary level. The report describes intimidation tactics used by managers. One admissions director tells students who are not meeting required enrollment they are, stealing from Brian Mueller (CEO of UOP on line.) The red room was a place reserved for punishment for those not meeting required sales figures. The room was a glassed in enclosure so those outside could look in. Tables were placed in the middle where recruits were made to sit and make calls, while fellow co-workers looked on. Those sent to this room had to report immeadiatly and would be closely monitered by management. THis practice was eliminated in 2002. SOme recruiters point out management would become intimidating when enrollment numbers were down, saying their heads would be on a chopping block if numbers weren't reached. One recruiter recalls explaining she may need to fly home to attend here grandmas funeral and was told by her manager, YOu can't afford the time away... and ...if you go, you have to prove that you went to the funeral and that she is dead. As to recruiter evaluations, the report describes, More than 70% of the recruiters reported that they were unaware of any basis for compensation other than enrollment numbers and recruiting activities. It is remarkable that the only recruiters who said that their salary also included qualitative factors, such as customer service, were recruiters chosen by UOP to be interviewed by the reviewers. Literally every recruiter interviewed randomly or outside of the work premises said that the number of enrollments determined their salary. One manager when asked by a recruiter about compensation stated its enrollments. You know its enrollments. It will always be enrollments. From its monthly commissionable sales reports, to its admissions counselor policy guide, to its repeated reminders from managers, UOP reinforces to recruiters that UOP evaluates and pays them solely on the basis of how many students they enroll the report concludes. The report asserts, The sales philosophy at UOP and practice is designed around evasion and relies upon euphemisms to avoid detection by the Department. UOP systematically established terminology and procedures to hide the fact that UOP pays distinct and significant financial incentives solely based on recruiters' success in securing enrollments. To avoid detection, the UOP uses euphemisms to describe enrollments, such as activities or level one student information cards. The report goes on to describe how recruiters with the highest enrollments get massive pay raises. It describes managements pressure to recruit unqualified students. That recruiters are coached when officials from government or accrediting agencies were visiting. And in response to DOE questions, Literally every current UOP employee who has worked longer than a year, expressed anxiety over possible retaliation by the UOP. The report goes on to describe a cover up during the DOE review, UOP's behavior during the program review process further substantiates the ethical concerns expressed by both current and former employees. When one manager knew of the review, she coached two employees what to say, that salaries were based on numerous factors, not just enrollments. She further instructed they were not to speak to former UOP employees about what goes on at the UOP. Recruiters were told if they were contacted by DOE personell, they were first to report this to management before participating in an interview. Recruiters uniformly said they felt intimidated by this practice. After managers were told the DOE review would be conducted as schools in Northern California and Phoenix, UOP management told some recruiters at the California locations they should take leave. When interviewed, these recruiters indicated they were absent as they had reputations for being honest and frank. M SLC, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
54, Report #99994
Jul 21 2004
07:56 PM
University Of Phoenix Online Misleading, money hungry Phoenix Arizona
So...after finding out that UOP still had not tried to obtain my financial aid funds nor had they filed my paperwork for federal student loans, I'd had enough. I faxed in my withdrawal forms today and started looking at signing up for classes at the local community college again. WOAH! Phone rings...I see it's UOP and I let the machine get it. My Admissions counselor is on the phone saying that if I don't take another class that they will NOT apply my financial aid funds and that I'll have to pay out of pocket. Let me state here, that these classes are $1,300.00 EACH + books! I don't know about you people, but I cannot afford that, nor did I know before my first class that the classes would be that much. I was TOLD that the classes would be about $600 each...of course, this was just to get me to sign up and start classes. NONE of the initial paperwork that was emailed to me, had any pricing info on it. I was suckered in before I knew everything. Yes, I know...stupid me. I'm not trying to get people to feel sorry for me, I'm hoping that if enough of us speak up, we'll prevent others from going through this. A former UOP student told should have checked them out on first! Yeah well, I didn't know what that site was at the time, let me tell ya, now I do. God it makes me nauseous. I wish I had known before I signed up. I have no clue how I'm going to afford this. Char Mytown, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
55, Report #109317
Sep 20 2004
06:19 PM
University Of Phoenix - OnlineUOP ripoff Fishers Phoenix Internet
There have been many complaints about UOP. There is a post that feels UOP is a good university. I am currently enrolled in the MSCIS program at UOP, and in my third to last class for my Masters. I have learned absolutely nothing within my classes, which I did not already know. My undergrad provided me with all the skills that I have. The Masters program has not improved my knowledge or my skill set. Part of this is because the instructors do not help with the classes. I am able to respond to other students and talk about things that do not even pertain to the course of study. Yes, I have to have 2 posts 5 out of 7 days a week. The classes do not take up much time because all I have to do is answer questions. There are no exams; there is not any real work. My wife tried to obtain her BS through UOP. She had a completely different experience. She had non-stop work. Papers, posts, and more. The work would not have been a problem, but after further research it was discovered that the classes that she was enrolled in and scheduled to be enrolled in did not even pertain towards the degree she was after. She was told that she would graduate in 2 years by her first advisor. Her fifth advisor told her that she would not graduate in 2005, but 2007. The online website where one can see their courses completed and future classes, even said that she would be done by the end of 2005. Where was the other 2 years coming from? Why was my wife enrolled in classes and scheduled to be enrolled in classes that were not going towards her degree? UOP is after one thing MONEY!. They are a waste of time and energy. They are expensive. My wife has switched to a local college and is paying 7k less than what one year at UOP would have cost her and she will have completed her degree with this one time payment. She and I have had numerous academic advisors and financial advisors. None have the same story and none of them seem to have a clue. I am completing my degree because my work is paying for it. I have told my work to never pay for someone to take a class through UOP. They are not worth the money nor are they worth the accreditation that they have. Who in their right mind accredited this university? If there is any ground for a class action suit against UOP, please let, as many people know as you can. I would love to get my company's money and my time back from UOP. Ben Fishers, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Internet
56, Report #104725
Aug 21 2004
07:59 AM
University Of Phoenix They want everything including my shoe size Phoenix Arizona
I thought I was crazy until I started reading all of the material against UOP. I am about to complete the first class and I am dropping out. No doubt, they will overcharge my card and pursue me for full charges. My counselor was great, when he used to call me back. I am getting nowhere now. Here is my issue with the University. I, like everyone else, applied for financial aid. Before my class started, everything was fine and they were working on getting the aid for me. Then about two weeks into the first class, I got an email from Becky Mcarther (my financial advisor) explaining to me that there was discrepant information in my paperwork and that I needed to fax her my social security card. I did as I was told. Then, a week later, I received another email from Becky advising me that there was more discrepant information in my paperwork and that I needed to fax her a copy of my birth certificate. Since I am fourty three and do not keep up with anything for that amount of time, I had to go get one (at my expense, of course). I thought surely they have enough information by now. Then, yesterday, I received a voice mail on my cell phone telling me that there was yet more discrepant information and they would need a copy of my marriage license from my first marriage. I burned that piece of paper when the divorce was final. I can't imagine that my High School Transcript wouldn't be enough information, since it has my social security number and my maiden name on it and I have never changed the SS #. Honestly, I breezed through this first class with an A. I thought it was because I was doing all the work. However, I haven't learned anything. I would love to have a degree, but I want it to be worth the paper it is written on. The instructor I have very rarely joins the class (it is on-line). If you send her an email or post a question, she will let you know in a hurry that you are to teach yourself. If I had known this to begin with, I never would have enrolled in the ripoff of a school. They are charging me 1320.00 for one class, and that doesn't include the 45.00 book or the 53.00 resource fees. How could I have been so blind!! Adele Irving, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
57, Report #107429
Sep 08 2004
08:55 AM
University Of Phoenix is a rip-off! Phoenix Arizona
I am one of the victims from the University of Phoenix. I get a call at work informing me my account is past due. So I call up the so-called financial advisor as to what this is all about since I signed an agreement saying my first class was free. Well it seems that the Admissions Counselor was lying about the promotion, and yes, I did read it before signing it, but I was under the impressions by my admissions counselor that this offer was still valid, even though I didn't start class in the designated time frame. The reason I didn't start class was because my admissions counselor kept putting off my class. That made the offer no good. I had to withdraw after I completed the first class because my husband lost his job and my son was in trouble, they treated me like I had leprosy or something and then sent me a $1300.00 bill and told me I had two weeks to pay up or it was going to collections. By the way, when they got me to sign up I told them, the only way I can sign up is if I got financial aid, they said don't worry about it, it's taken care of, I filled out the FAFSA and was rewarded $500.00 I don't know where that went? (Pell Grant) I would be interested in a class-action law suit if anyone else is, this is robbery and should be stopped. It is a bait & switch operation with a worthless degree in the end. I am going applying to a real school in Florida and have had NO problems with financial aid. These people need to be stopped with their aggressive tactics and lies. I hope they all burn in @#$&. Pamela Albertville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
58, Report #287767
Nov 29 2007
03:55 PM
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX I should've done my research before signing up! Phoenix Arizona
Like everyone else, I thought UOP was going to be great. My Admissions counselor made it sound like signing up would be one of the best things I'll ever do for myself. He started my FAFSA paperwork and everything was going good. He explained how the GI Bill would work and that it would cover my whole tuition. So I thought Great! I really don't have to worry about paying for school out of pocket. Well, everything started going great up until a few days ago. A co-worker of mine asked me how classes were going and asked how much my GI Bill is covering. And I didn't even think about my GI Bill until he mentioned that. So I try to get in touch with my financial aid counselor and said that she didn't know that I submitted any paperwork for it. Instead of trying to find out if it was submitted, she re-directed me to their VA office. Well, the VA office told me they never received anything. So now I have to complete extra forms that should have been taken care of before I started classes. I went onto the VA website to find out if they'll cover the classes I already took. But as far as I'm concerned, they don't. Can anyone answer that question for me? Anyways - when I was trying to find out more about UOP's financial policy, I came across this website and saw how horrible UOP really is. So I'm dropping all my classes and never going back. I realized that it is not convenient to be going to UOP because you have to log on and post dumb ass messages to people that say the same things, so you really aren't learning anything. I've been losing sleep because I stay up reading a bunch of pages that are just crap because the teacher only finds one or two things to talk about in those pages. All the other pages are just useless. I'm not having any problems taking care of my loan payments... yet. I'm sure they will try to pin something on me saying that I have to pay the entire amount of the loan, even though I only took two classes. I know some of you have said that you can't get the Official Withdrawal form from them. Well, my financial aid counselor has been nice enough to send one to me. So if you need it, please let me know. I want to try to help out as much as possible. Because I know that everyone does not have the luxury of throwing money away and wasting time for a degree that doesn't even count in the real world. Jfd4o8 San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
59, Report #295114
Dec 28 2007
09:39 AM
University Of Phoenix Incompetent instructors Phoenix Arizona
I believe that you can get an education on line via the University of Phoenix. That being said, you absolutely CANNOT rely on their instructors. Be very prepared to spend many more hours each week than the only 10 or so I was told would be needed at the time I initially signed up at UOP. I have just completed the Associates in Business program and during the entire time I did not once have an instructor who could get a 'real' teaching job in a Bricks and Mortar University. Additionally, my finance counselor changed at least 6 times during my involvement, each time with absolutely NO warning whatsoever. Also, several of the instructors screwed up my grades and it was like pulling teeth to get them changed. In one case, I could not get them to change an OBVIOUS grade mistake even though I provided a stack of emails from the instructor showing that she completely confused my grade on a major project with that of another student; I eventually just gave up because I had become so completely frustrated with the complete lack of cooperation from the University, including my (also ever-changing) academic advisor. Dennis c Villa Park, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
60, Report #283230
Nov 06 2007
09:01 AM
University Of Phoenix Military, financial aid, money, education, recruitment tactics Phoenix Arizona
UoP treats military students like cash pinatas. When I first spoke with my financial advisor as part of the initial enrollment process, I was told that I could not attend without financial aid. She explained that I could just apply for grants since I would qualify, but she suggested that I also apply for loans just in case something happened and the military could not cover my courses. So, being young and naive, I applied for everything. Once my FAFSA was processed, I received a letter asking for verification from the Department of Education. I asked my financial advisor for assistance, and she mysteriously disappeared, so the school gave me a new advisor, and when I say new, I mean brand new to the job. She had no idea what I was supposed to do with a verification letter. I ended up losing my first disbursement and had to get a private loan to cover my fees. My first few courses went smoothly, until I got the order to deploy. I had to withdraw from a course that I was 3 weeks into. My original advisor had quit for reasons unknown to me until now, (she had been threatened to increase enrollment or lose her job), so I had to explain my situation to a new advisor. She said that I could take online courses, but I mentioned that there was not an adequate internet connection in my destination. I was enrolled in an email course, since email was sent and received just fine. My first course was Psychology. Well, I would have loved the course, but I did not receive any reading material or resources since the internet connection was so unstable. I told the instructor and he said that I will have to do what I can. Well, I passed the course, but with a grade too low for the military tuition assistance to cover. I asked to not be enrolled in any more email courses because I would not be able to pay for any more until I returned home. I was dropped from my classes, and I was billed for the psychology class AND the class I had to withdraw from due to deployment. I was also put into repayment status on my student loans because my financial advisor said that a copy of my orders would be forwarded to my lender, which did not happen. I came home to a judgement on my account from UoP and wounded credit from not paying my student loans. I fought the judgement, but I have still not been able to recover my credit. I once applied for a job at the local newspaper to be a part-time website administrator. When I told the interviewer that I was attending UoP for a bachelor's in IT, he said, University of Phoenix? and started laughing. Immediately after, he stood up, shook my hand, and said, Good luck. We'll call you when we make a decision. I didn't even receive a phone call saying I didn't get the job. If anyone can offer some legal advice as to what I can do to recover wasted time and money, please let me know. Their inadequacies as an institution have cost me thousands, and I am soon to be in irreversable debt. James Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
61, Report #325831
Apr 13 2008
11:07 PM
University Of Phoenix Onlin UOP online Rip OFF Phoenix, Arizona
I took one class from UOP, then had to withdrawl due to my job. I was putting in way to many hours at work to handle even one class. I was asked to rejoin by one their represenatives 6 months later. I tried again, but due to my project load I had to withdrawl. UOP did all of the financing for the classes. In the end, they said I owed 376 dollars, and I had 4k in loans. I said there was no way. I protested this amount since day one. I called them on several occasions about the balance, and they said it was correct. I protested this through the credit bureau numerous times. They ended up charging off the balance, and making my credit even worse than it was. I admit I didn't have perfect credit, but this probably cost me thousands in interest. Not only that, but I was paying interest on the full amount they received from the government. After 3 years of payments, they sent back 2419 dollars to the government saying that there was a mistake they found during an audit. When I contacted UOP about this, they said that I was lucky they even did an audit, and I was still responsible for the interest since I was still enrolled. I said I withdrew, and haven't taken a class in over 3 years. The bean counter said I still had a web page. I said so that entitles you to keep money that isn't yours, and he replied well infact it does. I said so there is nothing you are going to do, and he replied no we do not have to, and by the way you still owe us 276 dollars? What do I do? I doubt hiring a lawyer would be cost effective. Please help! P.S. I have the copy of the money returned after 3 years 3 months. Doug Mason City, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix,, Arizona
62, Report #97477
Jul 03 2004
06:16 AM
University Of Phoenix Online false advertising not upholding policy Phoenix Arizona
I was enrolled in the class, EDD/574. I received a notice that I was autodropped from this class, for not posting enough. This happened, not only to me, but to several others in the class, as well. It appears that the computer autodropped us, for not posting two times in a week, even though the syllabus plainly stated that students were to post once per week. This is a quote from the syllabus.. Attendance and Participation You are expected to be in attendance all three of the scheduled weeks by posting a minimum of one post. Attendance is taken electronically. So, now, several of us have been auto-dropped, for doing exactly what the syllabus told us to do. This class is apparently looked at as an independent study class. From what I understand, it only meets one or two times in the on campus version. Therefore, when you read in the syllabus post{ing} a minimum of one post, you take it for what it says. It makes perfect sense. Basically, the entire purpose for this class is to write the outline for your research project. The reason for posting is to ask any questions that you have. So, it makes perfect sense that one would only be required to post once per week, just to let someone know that you are still around, even if you have no questions. A syllabus is an official representation of the University of Phoenix. I understand, now, that this was perhaps an error in the syllabus. However, error or not, it is still what the students in the class saw. Error or not, it still is a representation of the University of Phoenix. And when the University of Phoenix does not stand by it, it only serves to make the University of Phoenix look bad. I have received word that, despite the best efforts of both my academic counselor and the instructor from the class, University of Phoenix intends to do nothing about the situation. Look at the example that University of Phoenix is setting for its education students. What would happen if we, as teachers, were to make a mistake in our classroom, but then have the students pay the price for it? How long would we be able to hold a teaching position, if we did that? Not long. However, this is exactly the example that University of Phoenix is setting for its education students. As an example, look at one of University of Phoenix's students. What if that person had their own classroom and distributed a handout, containing instructions for an assignment. The instructions state that the students are to write a 500 word paper and turn in as part of their completed project. Of course, some of the students probably will write more anyway, so they are safe. However, some of the students write exactly 500 words. When the graded papers are given back, those students find they have made an F. The reason is because the instructor _meant_ to say 5000 words, but accidentally left off the last zero. The students protest, but the instructor will not budge, because all previous classes have written 5000 words and because some of their classmates wrote that many words, as well. I am sure that the same people who made the decision to do nothing about our situation would gasp in horror and say that teacher should not be teaching anywhere. However, it is the same scenario. It is the example that University of Phoenix is modeling for us to follow. When I first found out that nothing was going to be done, I was stunned that this was the way University of Phoenix conducted business. However, I finally managed to calm myself and begin to look at this as a little break. I thought So, I'll have to take the class over. ...oh well, I have the work already done...all I'll have to do is just post hi two times each week and then send in the same outline. I can look at it like a little break. I managed to finally accept that it would now be another month before I would actually receive my degree, because of something that was not my fault. I managed to finally accept that I would be separated from several of the people I have become acquainted with during my classes, so far....people I have learned to work with.....despite the fact that University of Phoenix emphasizes over and over the importance of team work, and the importance of developing a working relationship with those people on your team. I finally managed to begin to get over that contradiction in policy and what is actually said. However, today, I received yet another blow. I enrolled with the University of Phoenix because of the awesome claims they made about how nice it is to be enrolled with University of Phoenix and run a single parent household. I am a single parent. Because of the endless work that I do to meet my assignments for University of Phoenix, I have had to cut back in some other areas. Therefore, I use my loan check to help out with expenses, in places where I have had to cut back on income. Today, I found out that because I followed the syllabus....because I did exactly what I was told to do.....because I was auto-dropped for my loan check will not be issued for another month. I simply will not have enough credit hours until then. Why? you ask. The reason is because I received 0 credit hours from that class. As a single parent, I had already budgeted, based on the previous dates that I had been told the check would be released. So, now the distress being caused is not only emotional, but financial, as well. Both my counselor and my instructor for that class have done everything they can do to remedy the situation. They have no power to go any further, they have been told there is nothing that can be done. So, I have tried to call and talk to someone, who has more authority. I find out that students are not allowed to talk to people, who have authority. We are only allowed to talk to our counselors. So, we can't get anything done about this. Michelle Waynesville, North CarolinaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on University Of Phoenix
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
63, Report #360816
Aug 08 2008
12:58 PM
University Of Phoenix - Axia College Withdrawing from UOP Phoenix Arizona
Hi, I am currently in the process of trying to withdrawal. I had spoken to my academic counselor about 2 days ago. She told me she would notify my financial counselor, so I should expect a call from her. My academic counselor told me I would probably have to repay a refund/excess from my pell grant I received over 2 months ago. I told to just let me know what to process was and to have my financial counselor call me. It's Friday already and I would have expected her to call me by now. I don't know how I came across all these negative websites about UOP and Axia but it got me very worried. I wrote an email today requesting the withdrawal form. I sent the email to both counselors and requested a read receipt with the email. One of them read it right away but it's been about 2 hours and hasn't wrote back. I was getting more and more concerned and I googled axia college withdrawal form and this post came up. Thank goodness for your help. So far I had not had any problems with my financial aide, counselors, classes, etc. Everyone has been pleasant but I do not want any problems now that I am withdrawaling. I have printed the withdrawal form and I have faxed it to both counselors. I do not knwo what the next step is, if you still come here and read this, please help me! R Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
64, Report #371173
Sep 09 2008
09:18 AM
University of Phoenix wants your money! Phoenix Arizona
I took two classes from University of Phoenix and then found out that my employer would rather I had a degree from some other school. I went to a local University to enroll but I was short on Financial aid because the University (I use that term loosely) of Phoenix had not returned the money that was disbursed to them. They received financial aid money after I withdrew from the school. I keep calling my financial counselor at Phoenix. He just won't answer his phone nor will he return my calls how convenient for them. Looking back the only time I actually talked with him was when my bill was coming due and he wanted to make sure they get paid. They also are charging me for a class and books after I withdrew from the school. They are a waste of time, MONEY! They are a joke!!! Terry CO City, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix,, Arizona
65, Report #368051
Aug 28 2008
08:10 PM
University Of Phoenix Killed my wife's and daughters education dreams Phoenix Arizona
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
66, Report #369353
Sep 03 2008
11:36 AM
University Of Phoenix Deceptive enrollment and recruiting practices Phoenix Internet
I contacted University of Phoenix over a month ago for information on transferring credits from other schools and having an evaluation done that would tell me where I stand on getting an associates degree with them. I was called up and told They were going to enroll me in their BS Management program right away. I asked the enrollment counselor is they would like to get my transcripts first and then say that. I faxed my transcripts and received a call 2 days later informing me that due to my 20 years of military service and schools I only needed 4 classes, plus their intro course Gen300, to complete this degree. They also sent me a generic degree plan that did not reflect any of my other prior classes. I enrolled in that course and the education counselor called me to have me enroll in another course. I asked him why they wanted me to sign up for another course that I was told I wouldn't need. Turned out that they didn't have all the official transcripts in yet. I told him to call me back when all the transcripts were in, they have a solid degree plan and can tell me exactly where I stand. I also told him that I wanted to get my AA degree first and then pursue the BS degree. I was told that was fine and he would go ahead and get that plan changed for me. I signed onto the site today (3 Sep 2008) and found out they had already enrolled me in another course without my permission or consent. Sarge APO AEU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona, Nationwide
67, Report #375455
Sep 23 2008
02:39 PM
University Of Phoenix - Apollo Group is a SCAM Phoenix Arizona
I enrolled at the Phoenix in July of 2007. I was a new mom and looking to continue my education while on maternity leave. I emailed them my some questions. I got a response in about 5 phone. The man who called me was James Evans. I got a big speech about how they would support me. Asked me if I would need help paying for school. Told me that all my credits would transfer and it wouldn't take long for me to graduate. He also said that my degree would be accepted the same as OU or OSU. Well let me tell ya...this school is a total nightmare. The online system goes down all the time, the professors say that you shouldn't wait until the night the papers are due to turn them in. Yada, yada, yada. Although my adviser was very nice, she kept making excuses for them and convinced me to keep enrolling in classes. When I had problems with a few classes she had me fill out grievence forms, which took forever to get a response. When I did get a response, they said that I had waited too long to contact them. This is a bunch of crap because I had cooresponded with my counselor the whole time. My counselor, which has no qualifications but a bachelors degree. Anyway, not only was all this a hassel, but I also had a problem with the financial aid. I asked several times for a regular bursar statement and never received one. There is no way to account for any of my loans or educational assistance from the government. I know they have money that was not applied to my account. I also was told that a portion of my loans got sent back to citi and they are not showing so. I am being bamboozled. Megan yukon, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
68, Report #372962
Sep 15 2008
08:17 AM
University Of Phoenix Is this a Tuition Scam? Phoenix Arizona
I can certainly relate with you regarding the financial aid department at Phoenix University. I, unfortunately started classed March 31, 2008 I am now in my third block about to go to my fourth. When I enrolled, I applied for a Stafford Loan and a Pell Grant, which I recieved. The first dispersement when to Phoenix on April 09, 2008 amounts of $5848.75 for the Stafford loan and and for the Pell. My two blocks of class were billed as follows: 1900.00 for the first block and 1900.00 for the second block a total of 3800.00. I was mailed the difference shortly after that. Well my second dispersement was suppose to go out on 08/11/08 of the same amount but tuition had gone up for classes to 2080.00. My stafford loan when throu on 09/04/08 (a month late) and I am still waiting on the Pell Grant. Some how, I was neglected to be told that since I came in on a half year, I needed to resubmit my fafsa in order to get the second disbersment of my Pell. I have never heard of that in my life but I did it anyway....and still I wait. Funny how a loan...the stafford One I have to repay) goes thru but the grant (one I do not have to repay)seems to have an eternal hold up on it..... I have called my financial advisor...I never get her when I call...she calls me at her convenience...and writing emails are definitely out of the question because I never get one back. I had sent her an email on an incident where I had call wanting to speak with her and they transfered me to another advisor by the name of Javier. He was incredibly rude and basically stated that it was not their responsibility to make sure my loans processed like they should. I sent this with a read reciept....I saw that she had read it but I never got a response back by phone or email. My roommate joined Phoenix in the mean time and she recieved all of her aid on time and yet I still seems like the new students they bend over backward for but once they have you, they don't feel obligated any more. I was told I could not transfer from Phoenix without penalty unless I had 12 credits...well they are coming up and I am serioulsly thinking about leaving. oh by the way....I also was targeted for verification the 2nd time I had to certify my fafsa...but was not on the first submission. Tamara Greensboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
69, Report #21322
May 22 2002
09:59 AM
UOP University of Phoenix Disorganized, rude, fraud abused & mistreated ripped off Phoenix Arizona
I attended the University of Phoenix in 1997 and it was the worst experience of my life. First of all they lost all of my paperwork 3 times. Then once they finally had it all in front of them they failed to run my student aid, so I got a bill for the cost of the class that I had just taken. I found out I had several parts of my application that were just missing and that is why my financial aid did not get processed. So we played the back and forth game with more paperwork, then apparently it was too late for them to file my student aid reports. So I got a bill every week for the next couple of months. I had their henchmen calling my house every other day, not verifying who they were speaking to (a couple of times they were giving private info to my friend) yelling at me how I need to take responsibility for my school payment. I changed my number shortly after, then they called my parents (when I was an independent student.) It drove me crazy! They put negative info on my credit report. They should have taken responsibility for the mistakes they made. I filled out all of the papers that they asked me to, and they lost it multiple times it is not my fault that they are disorganized. Michelle Spencer, West Virginia
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
70, Report #456972
May 30 2009
08:36 PM
University Of Phoenix Finacial Aid rip off Phoenix Arizona
I was enrolled with the UoP for about 6 months. During this time, there were several issues that came up with some information provided to me at the time of signing up to attend the online university. Well, needless to say after multiple attempts to get my issues resolved with the release of my financial aid as well as me through the department of dispute management, I am now resorting to this. Contacting my financial aid advisor was a nightmare. Emails or calls do not get returned, at least not when you are trying to withdraw from the university. Before then, they were the friendliest people you could find. Now to the reason I have to file this report. I reside in LA, and was trying to certify in LA to teach. The UoP assured me that I could go through their master program with an add on for certification and they would follow the guidelines to meet LA requirements. After 6 months of being in the program, I learned through the LA cert counselor that this was not the case. While I could get my master through UoP, LA does not consider them to have an alternative certification program, therefore I would have to take more courses at another university to certify in LA. Okay, so I called them to inquire and was told that I agreed to that at the time of acceptance into their university. The question is why anyone would agree to pay such astronomical fee to not achieve the desired result. So I started to do some research and found another LA college that I could attend. The problem being that it is taking the UoP more than 2 months to release the preapproved amount for the loan, which is keeping me from going to another university. I have not contacted Sallie Mae to see if there is anything they can do to have the funds released and applied to the new university since there is concern with the credit that remains on the account with the University of Phoenix. I am willing to and maybe forced to contact the lender to get this issue resolved. These are the two letters sent to the dispute department along with the email sent to my financial aid advisor. I am hoping you all can assist with getting this resolved, or giving me other option for resolve. I thought you'd be interested in this item from University of Phoenix: emailed at 9:16pm on May 30, 2009 This is my second attempt to contact your office for resolution to my account. My IRN is 9027239248. As per my previous email, my account with your university has yet to be closed since my last class which ended on 4/6/2009. I spoke to Veronica Cornejo@602-383-7041 on 5/26/2009@3:00pm. In this conversation, I was advised that my financial aid was in the process of being released and the refund on the account also processed at that time. It was recorded that it would be done at latest by the end of the week which date was 5/29/2009. After checking my account today, I see that it is still open and nothing has been done to have my financial aid released or my refund processed. As per Veronica, she was to call me to give me an update by the end of the week, but of course this did not occur. I am attempting this contact one last time, and will takeother action if not addressed in a timely manner. Please I would like to have this resolved without seeking outside sources, but I will if forced. Can you please email me at asap with a resolution to this matter. Email sent on 5-23-2009 @ 11:11pm central time to Office of Dispute Management Web address: To whom it may concern: I have attempted several times to get a resolution for my withdrawal from the university and tied up ends within financial aid. I have emailed, spoken to and emailed again my counselor and financial advisor but have yet to get a resolve. I am seeking a reason for my withdrawal not being processed, I have not attended since the 6th of April, and was advised that the atomatic withdrawal was already in process when I was finally able to speak to Veronica and Rhonda. It was explained to me that within the week I would receive a call to advise that the process for withdrawal and refund processed would be complete. I have yet to get that call, after 3 weeks of waiting. I attempted emailing again, but have yet to get a response. I have a copy of all the emails sent and request that his matter be resolved.This is haltering my acceptance into another university that will better fit my needs. I am also keeping a copy of this for record, and hope to receive a resolution within the coming week. I have sought other complaint avenues and will be forced to go that route if this is not resolved. The summer session is about to start, and I am unable to do so because of your university holding financial aid that is not going to be used. Please get this resolved, I would hate to have to take on a more aggressive approach, but I will if I have to. Automatic response received. Thank You We appreciate your interest in University of Phoenix. We have received your request and will be getting in touch with you very soon. Thanks again for your inquiry. Veronica, As per our conversation on 5/6/2009, my account along with my refund would have been processed by 5/13/2009. I have accessed the account, and I have still not had the information updated with my withdrawal from the university or my refund. I need this resolved now so I can register at another university for the summer term. I feel that I was patient in waiting for you to return the call to inform me of the completion of the withdrawal and the refund, but I have not heard from you after waiting an additional week. I need this matter resolved, and would not like to leave the UoP with a poor perception of your practices for students best interest, with that being said I will take the necessary steps if this is not resolved in a timely matter. I would like to be called today atalong with an email confirmation that all matters have been resolved. Thanks in advance for your quick response to addressing my concerns. personal information removed K j dom Opelousas, LouisianaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on University Of Phoenix
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
71, Report #473157
Jul 24 2009
08:30 PM
University Of Phoenix $975 tuition fee!! Phoenix Arizona
I also was charged $975 because I dropped classes 2 semesters in a row. They said it would effect my Financial Aid. What school charges you $975 when you drop a class???? It took me a whole semester to pay it off. I paid in 10 installments of $97.50/week. Now I am trying to work with my lender to see if I can have my loan forgiven due to their bad publicity and other financial circumstances I'm dealing with. I doubt it'll work, but we'll see Carlos Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
72, Report #661539
Nov 13 2010
10:27 AM
University of Phoenix Disertation run-around, delays cause drop-out Phoenix, Arizona
I enrolled with the University of Phoenix to get their on-line Ed D degree in Educational Management. Things went well in classes I admit, I enjoyed them. However, I had entered the program with a specific dissertation topic in mind. When we got to the classes that were suppose to help us develop our topic with the required APA areas, I was encouraged to work with my topic.  Even the added summer sessions that were devoted to this part of the degree were positive. My Dissertation Chairman, however, ultimately was not in agreement and said the topic did not meet the criteria for the degree. I was shaken but already had over $40,000 in loans by that time so I was determined to proceed. After a delay of a few months I came up with a topic he didn't exactly approve or disapprove. We worked on it and that summer while in residence in Phoenix, which was designed to specifically focus on the dissertation, I was NOT discouraged in my topic.Yet, again I had slow going with the Chairman who would not allow me to get feedback from the rest of the committee I had assembled. To make this long story short, I did not submit my required first three chapters to the university in the required time limit. Therefore, more costs were added. Again, both in slow response from the Chairman and massive re-writes delayed me to the point of frustration. Then came word that I had exceeded the Federal limit of five years and could not proceed. I am out over $60,000. both in loans and out of pocket. What advise does anyone have? Should I contact the Arizona Attorney General. Would that even do any good. Or do I need the go the great expense of a lawyer. I am already paying back the loans to Wells Fargo bank.  
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
73, Report #422894
Feb 11 2009
10:47 AM
University Of Phoenix File Report with BBB Online Phoenix Arizona
I read some of the sad stories of bad experiences with the University of Phoenix. However, if you truly want a resolution to your issues, file a report with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You can do it online and it only takes as much time as it did to write on this web site. My husband attends University of Phoenix and is having similar financial issues. They promised a $3000 grant if he continued in their undergrad program. He did. Now they say he is not eligibile because his attendance was not contiguous, month to month. Unfortunately, he needed to take time off to handle some family matters. So, after many, many phone calls, getting nowhere, he filed a report with the BBB. Only now is he getting a response. My advice, don't give up, don't let them them to the BBB. Here is are some links to get you started. Check your anger at the curb, because what companies do to you are not personal attacks; don't take it personally. Therefore, state you views tactfully and to the point without anger or colorful language. You will get results. Good Luck! The main web site for the BBB is: Annonymous Charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
74, Report #470735
Jul 17 2009
09:46 AM
University Of Phoenix Online Big ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I am very disgusted with the university of phoenix. Last year I received a failing grade in a class, so I retook the class using the same information from the previous class, and guess what I got an A! Now this year is the same...I took one of my next to last classes and got an F, so now I am rein rolled in the class, but guess what? The tuition went up the first of July, so I have to pay more. I have a counselor both financial and academic counselor that are never in the office when I call, so I have to leave a voice mail, and stay at home to retrieve their call because I don't have long distance. Plus my family is starving to death because they decided that would not release any money until I completed my first failing course, so my family went without for quite awhile. Unhappygranny St. Louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
75, Report #721653
Apr 25 2011
06:55 AM
University of Phoenix axia Theyr are a rip off phoenix, Arizona
If you are a College student in need of homework help join You can also answer questions with the work you already have and earn money! The site is free to join. I have passed a bunch of University Of Phoenix classes with this sites help. I have also earned money on the site and got paid in like less then an hour after withdrawing my money through Pay pal. This site is the bomb when it comes to getting an A in my classes. I love it and recommend it to every college student out there.
Entity: phoenix, Arizona

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