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26, Report #1170842
Aug 19 2014
01:53 PM
Amazon ripped me off for $959 Nationwide
I sold two galaxy s5 phones on Amazon and the buyer claimed you never received the package. He then filed an A-Z claim against me which was suppose to take 7-14 days for a decision, but they decided in 4 hours which is against there own policy.  I contacted Amazon sellers support with the tracking number from usps and they told me they can show proof of package being delivered, and issued the buyer a refund,sonow im out of two phones and $959. Amazon.com is a joke. There in the business of siding with the buyer and F***** the seller over. I will never buy or sell anything on Amazon neither will all my friends and family.  My advice to you is never shop on Amazon stick to (((REDACTED))), much better and you dont have to wait 30 days to get paid like I did only for them to turn around and take my money back.
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #1156467
Jun 21 2014
08:15 AM
Tracfone ripped me off Miami Florida
 This phone was purchased as a gift to my husband & me a few years ago. It was supposed to be for emergencies. The phone was activated, and we didn't even use all the free minutes (60) that came with the phone. I charged up the phone every six months. We are older than dirt, not tech saavy, and don't consider ourselves 'phone' people. I recently had an emergency. I ordered $25.83 worth of minutes online on 5/8/14, but the phone wouldn't work. It took them TWO WEEKS to inform me that the phone # now belonged to someone else, and I had purchased $25.83 worth of minutes for a stranger. OK, then just refund my money please, I said. They said NO. In fact, a dozen people, including 2 supervisors at Corporate said NO. Where I grew up, that is called stealing. Even banks, as bad as they can be, won't even try to get away with that nonsense. When people deposit money, in error, to an account that is one digit off from theirs, the bank doesn't ignore you and say 'NO'. The bank goes into the other account and gets your money and returns it to you. It happened more frequenly before computers, when people filled out paper deposit slips. Funnily enough, the customer who got the extra minutes never called customer service to find out where the minutes came from. Just your average lowlife American who figures that Tracfone made a mistake and he/she got away with something-for-nothing. In the meantime, I am out the money. It may sound like a small amount, and, believe me, I have eaten my share of sheet in life and just moved on. But this is different. It is not even in a grey area. I WILL get my money back and Tracfone will get another black mark against their name. But they don't really care, or they would have returned my money. Tracfone isn't the best or most affordable out there. There are alot of other options. Go get an unlocked phone of YOUR choice, then shop for a SIM card, with the features you want. Most have much better pay-as-you-go prices. No one has to rely on Tracfone...they are a dinosaur. Eventually, they will say NO to you, too, and steal your money. Oh, and the phone? I tossed it into the wood chipper yesterday, after the final word from the last supervisor I spoke with, which was NO! Then I filed my claim against that lowlife company.
Entity: Miami, Florida
28, Report #1067374
Jul 16 2013
08:26 AM
FastLoan4Me I have been ripped off! Internet
I got up this morning and logged in to my bank account.  I found that this company has debited my checking account for $30.00 without my permission.  I immediately called my bank and will be filing papers refuting charges against this fraudulent company.  I've called the phone number on the check for them, ended up with busy signal.   I will be glad to learn this company (probably some person) gets caught and the book thrown at them!
Entity: Internet
29, Report #1101440
Nov 22 2013
10:06 AM
CashNetUsa.com Ripped off Houston Texas
I received an email from CashNetUsa from a Daniel Gray stating I had been approved for a loan of $3500 which I did apply for previously so I believed this to be true. There is company letterhead and all so that wasn't what got me. I was ripped off once the amount to cover the 1st payment was given and the loan amount was to be dispersed within 30 minutes. Now considering it is the holidays and time for a new year I was ready to clean the slate and move forward. Everyone was more professional before the transaction of money was done. Now its let me call you back and then I supposedly can't recieve the loan because FTC has put a freeze on my account and I owe taxes. I'm like the IRS would definitely let you know when you owe them so immediately flags raised and waved. I am very hurt, disappointed and usually not even caught up with these scams but they indeed got me this time....
Entity: Houston, Texas
30, Report #1267655
Nov 12 2015
09:38 PM
charm date RIO OFF RIP OFF Odessa Ukraine Internet
Do not get rip off by this dating service like I was I have spoke to a woman on this site for close to a year and have spent thousands of dollars keeping in contact with her i was going to Ukraine in November to get married to this girl I found out today that her profile is fake I found photos of this girl on another web site and talked to the girl on this other site she told me that charm date paid her for the photos and that was all she told me but i believe her because she did not know who I was had no idea who I was or so she told me any way and also this girl was married the name of the girl that has the fake profile Kate Javoronkova told me daily that she was in love with me and that she would be waiting for me when I got there. We even had plans on what we were going to do while I was there. It was just one big lie after another and she had to know what she was doing I will be contacting Charm Date on Friday November 12 to find out if they will do anything. I do not expect them to do anything at all as this is how they make there money.
Entity: Internet
31, Report #1293423
Mar 13 2016
08:35 PM
ShippingQuest Rip Off New York New York
I have recently purchased a grill that I was planning to ship internationally where I currently work and reside. Through checking service providers on line, I called several providers one of which is Shipping Quest. They have informed me that the price of this shipment to Saudi Arabia for my box size and weight is $466 in which they have officially sent me a quotation by email, email can be shared with you when required. After picking up my shipment, the invoice value that was sent to me was almost doubled $875.94. Before issuing the final invoice, they have sent me an email to confirm details. The email had a statement at the bottom that the final price will include a $4 cost per cubic foot. I have confirmed this email without noticing this item. However, since this item was overlooked by me, I am willing to pay this additional $150. They claim that the additional items can be seen through a link called quick guide in the quote that was never highlighted to me in the initial conversation or directly in the initial quote. They also claim other items are included in their terms of service that are linked in their website and were never part of any of the documentation they sent me before shipment. In addition, after statement my complete dissatisfaction and write some on line review. I received a shocking email that can also be shared with you, that my order has been cancelled and I need to pick it up on my expense and pay collection charges of about $350. They have also sent me an email threatening me if I posted any reviews, quote from their email Should we notice any review that is even similar to yours, we will be sure that our IT dept will make you famous as well. Please do not attempt to threat us with frivolous reviews as we have the tools, technology and power to ensure your name will be globally famous in ways you are not so proud of. I can share with you all the correspondences that qualify my argument. 
Entity: New York, New York
32, Report #1248741
Aug 15 2015
12:00 PM
Npf The rip off Plainview New York
I also received a letter from N P F claiming I won 1.2 Million. I sent the $20.00 ,and then found out about this rip off after I sent my money. I feel this is wrong because people don't have money to throw away. Getting people hopes up. We'll I hope it make them happy to get over on folk, because God is not proud about this. I hope we all get together and stop this with a law suite and I can be notified threw my gmail.
Entity: Plainview, New York
33, Report #1276833
Dec 31 2015
10:49 AM
Beautifully Tamed Rip off New York Internet
 I placed an order and I never received my item. I tried emailing them and I even tried to look up the number nothing happened... I just would like my money back for them
Entity: Internet
34, Report #1266223
Nov 06 2015
02:46 PM
SAR & Associates fraudulent, rip-off Plantation Florida
I received a letter in the mail from this SAR & Associates stating I owe them money. It states the original creditor as LTS Management, has the last four of my social security number, and says I owe $1450.00. I researched this LTS Management and found they went to the grand jury in 2014 for violations of wire fraud, rackateering, and money laundering. I also researched SAR and Associates and found 11 federal cases against them for violations as well. I attempted to call the phone number on the letter but only reached a busy signal after one ring. I wanted to inform these people of my research findings, but was not successful.
Entity: Plantation, Florida
35, Report #1291440
Jul 22 2016
04:47 PM
GARCINIA CAMBODIA rip off arizona Internet
On February 26, 2016I did some research on some dietary supplemental pills. There was a advertisement for a free thirty day trial and the only thing required was that 4.95 be paid for shipping and handling. there was a box at the very bottom of the page that was optional to check should you decline any other offer.  I then went on with my day with my family to run errands paying bills and buying food. While out running errands I called my card to get my balance before making any more purchases.  Once I heard my balance I immediately felt that something wasn't right so I went on to listening to my recent transactions and heard that there was a transaction made for 96.99 which didn't ring a bell to me or my husband so I disputed that transaction immediately.  I was then told by the customer agent that the website GCOFFEF. COM had taken 96.99 from my account.  It's now been a few days no product no refund. I say to any and everybody PLEASE READ ANY AND ALL MATERIAL BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR INFORMATION. 
Entity: Internet
36, Report #1232340
May 30 2015
07:28 AM
Ken A AUS Airconditioning Employment Rip Off Austin Texas
  This company repairs warranty work for customer’s home owner’s insurance policies.   Waiting to start employment the following Monday I spoke w Kenny who said, at least make 200.00 a day instead of staying at home. Come Monday Jr. said “I never said 200.00 a day, you get zero”. Not in those words but I should have known better.   The deal is you get 40.00 per call but you have to go back to the residence 2 or 3 times to pick up parts, order the parts, and repair the unit. To make a long story short, I called Jr. two weeks afterwards to ask about my check. His response was “Oh, I didn’t know you wanted it, my payroll check”. He put it in the mail and I finally got paid three weeks later.   So I worked 3 days for free as Kenny’s helper, worked additional four days, 12 hours a day, doing major HVAC repairs and my take home pay was 371.48.       As a tech, I would not recommend employment with this company!  
Entity: Austin, Texas
37, Report #1318751
Jul 25 2016
09:48 AM
eyevibe skin element rip off read fine print pacoima Nationwide
ordered eyevibe and skin element and in fine print said to call to return within 14 days from when product was sent.  Called and got reference number and mailed back.  They received Juy 5 but on July 25 I was charged $92.79 and $97.83 as they claim they didn't receive product.  Thank goodness for USPS tracking that showed when they received.  They finally issued a refund but said it could take 10-14 business days for the refund to .  Product does not work   There claim is you should try it longer.  Why so more money is spent.  Mary Cloquet, MN
Entity: Nationwide
38, Report #1336591
Nov 04 2016
11:01 AM
ECS ECIGSHOP Rip-Off Artist Internet
An offer for an electronic cigarette appeared online for taking a survey you would receive an e-cigarette for Shipping Charges Only. I completed the survey and paid the shipping charges of $4.95.  To my suprise I was charged $99.95 on my checking account exactly 15 days later. I called the compant immediately to cancel which they refused to do claiming I had agreed to thier offer which stated at the bottom of the page that I had 15 days to cancel. Read ALL the fine print before conducting any business with this company!  
Entity: Internet
39, Report #1322772
Aug 16 2016
09:16 AM
DermEssence DermEssence/L'Amore rip off New Castle DE
This company offers free/lowcharge trial and all you do is pay shipping. They get your credit card number and before you know it you are being sent product at almost 100 dollars a jar. When you call to dipute this they do not take return product. y the way you can only get a hold of a 3rd party company that will take your cancellation of fuyure orders. I found it is not worth the time and effort to try to get your money back. Chalk it up to lesson learned.  If someone does start a class action suit I am in, I just do not have the time or resources.
Entity: Internet
40, Report #1325471
Aug 30 2016
01:35 PM
I got this product on a site that says you won.  I received the product with nothing inside the but, but, a thank you.  I tried the product for 2 days and it broke my face out, so, I stopped using it.  Two months later I received the same product in the mail.  I did not order it and I did not want it.  I checked my credit card and there was an unauthorized charge for 92.00.  I called the number on the credit card and was told I had set up an account.  I told them I did not want there product and asked how to send it back.  They informed me they do not take the product back and if I want to cancel they would cancel, but, I am stuck with the product and the bill.  The warehouse is not equipped to trake back products.  I read all the fine print and at no time was there any thing saying that I would be billed monthly.  I only found there number by looking on my credit card bill and would not have known if I had not checked it.  This company needs to get the facts straight.  I was told it was in the fine print.  There was no fine print whatsoever.  I think this wrong and it is wrong that I should have to pay for this.
Entity: Internet
41, Report #1366089
Apr 05 2017
08:53 PM
Skin Opulent, Simply Beautiful Solutions Costly Rip Off Internet
 I signed up for a free online trial of Skin Opulent advanced eye serum and Skin Opulent skin cream. Nowhere, was there any statement on the web page, that the trial would become an automatic monthly product shipment and charge to your credit card. A credit card was required for product trial shipment only. I received the samples and did not find any benefits as claimed. A month later I received both products shipped to me again. This time, my credit card was charged for both products. Each product was $94.00 I called the company and told the customer service person that I did not order the product and want to ship the product back. The reply I got, was that they would give me 50% off of the price, for being a first time customer. I repeated that the product did not work for me and that I wanted to return it. The customer service then said that they would give me a one time 75% discount, if I kept the product. I asked the customer service person why would I want a further discount on a product I don't want to use. Her reply was that I may want to use it in the future. Seriously?! If it didn't work in the first place, and I don't want it, why would I keep it for future use?! Clearly she was reading mindlessly off of a computer screen. I insisted that I do not want the product, period! The customer service then told me to be aware that I would be charged a restocking fee for each individual product at $9 an item plus pay for the return shipping. I have never heard of such a scam nor dealt with a customer service person, that kept trying to sell me the product at a lesser % discount each time. So just because I fell for a free trial only, I now have to pay $18 for restocking, plus shipment back, for a product that doesn't work in the first place. This is a dishonest business not interested in having their product returned. They would rather give you 50%, then 75% discount to keep the product and let them keep their profits. If they are this unethical, why would you trust the product itself?!
Entity: Internet
42, Report #1374669
May 22 2017
01:33 PM
Pulsetv.com Pulsetv continues to rip off consumers Internet
I bought a product from Pulsetv.com that does not work. It is defective. They refuse to refund the cost of shipping the product to me, and want me to spend my money to ship it back to them before they will offer to refund the cost of the product. They will not refund shipping to me or my cost to ship the product back. When I refused that offer, and told the person on the phone I would not do business with them any more if they would not refund the shipping as well, she said I don't care. Do not do business with these people. They are out for your money, not your repeat business.
Entity: Internet
43, Report #1353575
Feb 02 2017
11:53 AM
Flawless Spring Cream Rip Off Internet
 Ordered two trial Flawless Spring Cream products...paid $4.95 for one and $4.99 for other. Received the creams , thinking that was it. Then I found where they had charged my account for $84.95 and $89.92 for these creams. When I called, they hung up on me 5 times after I questioned the additional charges.i finally got through and I was told that the instructions said I had 14 days to cancel...which never appeared anywhere as I ordered the trial products. The people I spoke to were extremely rude and yelled that I should have read the fine print. Also, the creams do not do what they advertise. The whole thing is a rip off!!!
Entity: Internet
44, Report #1348089
Jan 06 2017
01:02 PM
Hobbies Discount Chris Oliver RIP-OFF - SCAM! Internet
I ordered a flying Clown Fish, remote control, for my Grandson for Christmas.  Ordered on 12/14 - charged my credit card on 12/14.  Now when I try to inquire all I get is:  Your order is still processing at our shipping facility. We will send shipping update as soon as it’s available. Thanks for your patience. Thanks!ChrisHobbies Discount NO GOOD BUMS! My credit card company told me it is illegal for them to charge the account before the item ships!  HA!  I hope they find these people and make them pay!  As far as eternity - I hope they burn! 
Entity: Internet
45, Report #1407301
Oct 19 2017
12:50 PM
Dermaglow Biggest con Ever Biggest Rip Off Ever Orlando Florida Floridat
 Biggest fraud ever, very deceptive.  They offer you a trial sample that you pay for the shipping which is all i agreed to.  I never received the sample, but the next month there was a $90.00 charge on my bank account statement and when I called to inquire about it, my bank gave me the information of who made the withdrawal.  When I contacted them, they told me that I needed to call and cancel order.  I told them that I never placed an order and that I never received any sample. They tried to say that you automatically agree to receiving continued products each month with a ridulous amount for a small jar of cream that you did not order.  They automatically renew this unauthorized purchase.  When I contacted them, they were very rude and told me that they would only agree to refund $35.00 of this amount, when I told them I wanted a full refund, she then told me they would send me $50.00 back as if it was negotiable!.  I told her I would sue them if they did not return this money to me account. The agent  then said that I would need to return the unused product and then I would get my refund, but I needed to return it to a PO Box located in Orlando, Fl.  It has been another month and I have not received my refund.  A few days after I made this call I received this product in the mail.  I called back and told them I received this unauthorized package in the mail and I want to return it and get my full refund.  She gave me a return authorization code and said this is the only way I could get my full refund.  I returned it right away and it's going in to a second month and I still have not received my refund.I called back again, and I was told that they need the tracking number to verify that I returned it.  This is ridulous, so I notifed by bank that I am disputed this and I cancelled my credit card that they were using which causes me a total inconvenience.  This company attempts to deceive you and uses trickery to get you to make this so called free sample purchase with a catch.  Do not fall for this scam people.  They wiill try all kinds of tactics to avoid giving you a refund.  I am going to sue them if my money is not returned.  I sent them an email and verbally informed the agent that all orders are to be cancelled that they have scheduled to be sent immediately.AnnDayton, OH 
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1394838
Aug 23 2017
06:33 AM
Elly's World Rip off Internet
 I purchased a steam hair straightener for $49.97 from an ad I saw on Facebook from Elly's World on July 23, 2017. The confirmation email I received said delivery would take 4-6 weeks. When I recently checked online, their Facebook page has been taken down, as well as their website.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #1220958
Apr 07 2015
02:33 PM
Crest malone rip off . trussville Alabama
i went to work driving for crest malone , a otr, flatbed trucking company , located in trussville al. i am 61 years old , and after i went through the orintation , was in a lease agreement with crest malone for their truck , and chains and binders , bundgee cords , etc, etc , pulled two loads for them , muscle shoals al, to williamsburg va , reload in va, to hiltohead sc, i was not physcally able to do the work , i informed crest of the situation , and i was informed to return the truck and trailer to the termnial in trussville al , and i done so , all equipment was accounted for , and i was given a ride to the grayhound bus station , and returned home to south al . i only drove their truck for six day's , now since i quit working for them , i have been charged $1600 dollars for the equipment that was leased to me , chains , binders , bundgee cords , etc etc . they even said i hade physcall damage to the truck , $29.00 their was no damage to any equipment of theirs . a %400 percent mark up was added to the original price , of the equipment . i drove six day's for this company , never used the binders , or chains , only used the straps , on two loads . crest malone reported the aledged dept to a collection agency , and now i have to pay an attorney to defend me in court , all of this came , because i stoped working for them , they are the worst of the worst , beware of them , and avoid them like the pleague , never ever lease a truck from them , stay away from this company crest malone .
Entity: trussville , Alabama
48, Report #1229812
May 17 2015
06:42 PM
Dan barrett is asking you for 20.00 but no real sweepstakes would not ask you for money to give you money you had just won that does not make scents so do not believe.No sweepstakes that ask you for money other than when  you get your winning and you have to pay taxes. CLEVELAND OHIO
Entity: PLAINVIEW, New York
49, Report #1391962
Aug 11 2017
07:09 AM
Jody's Secret RIP OFF Internet
I ordered a sports bra the beginning of June and got an immediate response that it would take 4 to 6 weeks.  I emailed them and said it's been 8 weeks and got no response.  I now know I've been scammed.  I hope they don't do anything with my credit card information.  I will be reporting to my credit card company.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #1404321
Oct 05 2017
06:38 AM
Emma Mortimore Rip off pet sales Brixham Brixham
 I purchased a puppy pug from Emma Mortimore back in march, we agreed on the price and I went to collect him. She gave me a puppy pack saying that would have cointained all the informations regarding the puppy I was purchasing and then said that she needed to keep the microchip details to change the name of the owner. She also said that the puppy was up to date with the vaccinations and just needed the third injection . I started contacting her from the day after the purchase to change the owner details and she started making up excuses and taking time, in the same time the vet told me they didn't know what she meant by third injection and i could do nothing as the puppy wasn't Registered on my name . So I insisted with the messages and she said she had schizophrenia ( although she didn't seem that ill taking and counting the money) , she replied that she was waiting for an email from petlog so more time passed by... nothing happened and the puppy was still registered on her husband name ( mr Richard Mortimore). I contacted petlog myself and they told me that changing details is quick and easy and she wasn't waiting for any email . So I payed 16 pound and registered the puppy on my name ( I wish I knew before I could do that) . I don't want anyone to go through the same please DO NOT BUY OFF THIS WOMAN
Entity: Brixham , Other

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