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1, Report #1397828
Sep 04 2017
11:57 AM
USEH International / Burcin Turkkan useh.orguseh internshipusehuseh reviewsBurcin Turkkan Scam Company, Can't Speak English, Threatening, Fraud, Not Real, Cannot Get Real Jobs or Visas. World Wide Nationwide
I decided to try USEH. After paying an initial free of around $300 USD. After dealing with an interviewing with some folks that hardly spoke English(Turns out a lot of their staff is African, in Africa). I was offered a Job in the United States and asked for another $3,000 USD. During a breif phone conversations, I told them I was hesitant and has some questions about their company. During the call I was immediately threatened and started receiving really long threatening emails from I was told in short: that if I didn’t proceed with payment immediately, I would be blacklisted and ineligible from receiving a US Visa for the next 10 years. I followed their remittance instructions and sent the money next day and it was received. In short, it turns out it was a big scam. I politely asked for simple things and they wouldn’t deliver, instead they just sent threatening emails from Burcin Turkkan. A big warning to anyone out there whois thing of using this company. They have really obvious fake reviews using stock photography, but if you dig deeper you’ll see a lot of complaints. This obviously won’t be a problem anymore as this report should be one of the first things in Google.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #14282
Feb 16 2002
12:00 AM
Dynasty International Ripoff
I also had a trip booked along with my brother only to find out that the company had filed bankruptcy , according to the Florida B.B.B. They said that it would be highly unlikely that we would get any money back. We did get in touch with another agency that said they were trying to handle the packages that were previously purchased but could not guarranty that we would get a resv. They also said that Dynasty has gone out of bus. Freddie Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Dynasty International
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #337336
Jun 05 2008
08:24 AM
Zephyr International Promotions - Liberty International Promotions - Texas International Promos ultimate betrayal Arlington Texas
This is the worst scheme ever let me tell you how it started ..... On thursday morning i went on career builder to find a better job then my current job ....wal i started sending my resume's to companies and things like that little before i knew i had an email about an job at Zephyr international promos i was excited because it sounded good and easy and the pay was dreamy so i was a go. i called an asked for an jason worth which is who notified me of the job and the receptionist jake said that he wasnt in and that he would look up my app. so i said ok , and jake found my resume and said could i come for an interview around 11:00 i said okay thinking my luck must really be up ! so then i came in for the interview around 11:00 i went in and met jeremy he seemed kool and what i noticed was weird was that he only talked to me for 10 mins if that ....b4 asking me for an 2nd interview to go observe what they do.....i said when he said come back around 1:30 and its going to be about 4 hours i said okay even though now thinkin back i should have said no next i went to lowe's with my trainer it was over 90 degrees out and i became 2 shades darker .... we didnt make it back to the office till 5:45 then i was asked to be called in for an 3rd interview with jeremy again ....then he tried to make it seem like it was either me or someone else i was like wow ....i think it should be me so he choose me he asked me to show up on saturday for an day of O i was like ok great .....i showed up at 8:00 am i didnt leave till 5:30 and i was then 4 shades darker trying to get people to buy dare shit and only 5% of it went to dare ...and they crazy part is dare is ok with that because they get millions of this scheme .... they try to tell you how you are going to be able to set up ur own office in 4 to 6 months they are lying! they find some way to fire you b4 then or u quit therefore they win because u have put in 60 hours a week at a hot ass job event for nothing ! but 6.50 an hour if that ! thats only if u sell that cheap stuff that they want u to get people to buy ...they coach you on what to say and how to say it but its a gimmick and i want everyone to know it dont go there !!!! i just hope i recieve my paycheck after quiting with an company like this you never can tell..... Hurt gurl by zephyr fort worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington, Texas
4, Report #241839
Apr 01 2007
04:46 PM
Entity: Internet
5, Report #913754
Jul 18 2012
08:15 AM
International Group LLC International Lending Group, Joksch WARNING , Internet
This is a WARNING, International Group, LLC of Phoenix, Arizona may be affiliated with the operators of previously Ripoff-reported International Lending Group, LLC, also of Phoenix, Arizona. FACTS: The website for International Group, LLC states that International Group has been in business for 20 years: International Group (IG) has been in business for over 20 years. We began offering superior service right away by taking over an existing company and retaining an experienced manager from the former ownership for several years. The previous business sold to us after 35 years in the business which actually gives us a 57 year history. IG has historically focused on international loans, with particular interest in hospitality, new construction, and rehab projects. However, the Arizona Corporate Commission shows that the company filed its articles of incorporation on MARCH 19, 2012.  Hardly 20 years ago. The manager/member information for International Group shows a Joksch & Associates.  An RJ Joksch, also from Phoenix, AZ was implicated in a scam in connection with International Lending Group, LLC.  Are these the same people?? The company claims to have already done the following deals, even though it was only formed in March 2012:   $3.0 million warehouse acquisition closed in 3 days $9.6 million trucking company expansion $16.5 million resort construction $56 million multi-parcel acquisition and assemblage for condotel $60 million resort-casino development $150 million port expansion $200 million hotel development The company has provided affiliates of our client with what we believe to be a falsified credit documents.
Entity: Internet, Internet
6, Report #476366
Aug 04 2009
01:25 PM
International Rebates International Rebates...Good Luck Getting One! Tellevast Florida
As an additional incentive to purchase a couch, the store offered $100 Gas Rebate card from International Rebates. A nice gesture, but not our reason for buying the couch. We followed the 'details' of the rebate process...exactly, and mailed it within the time limits. Initial mailing sent 24 Nov 2008...first $10 check arrived 12 March 09. Second mailing sent 16 March 2009...three We're still processing... calls later and still no check as of 04 August 2009. This is obviously a scam, but I refuse to let it 'slide'... Luckily, this was not part of the real couch deal, but it is still disheartening to know that scam companies like this can operate legally (I suppose?) and nothing is done about it. Perhaps if more dissatisfied 'rebaters' made this action public knowledge, things could change. As it is now, I just want others to know that that International Rebates appears to be a front for a 'Tony and Vito' operation. Sorely disappointed, Ret S. Newberry, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tellevast, Florida
7, Report #497015
Sep 18 2009
01:24 PM
Honeywell International - Honeywell International, Inc Internet
Recieved an email stating a job position with Honeywell International, Inc. as a representative who would handle fund transfers between clients and then asked for our phone number, email, and name and address.  we recieved a response that our application had been accepted and we would not be eligiable to work for Honeywell.  We got suspicious and looked up and saw that this was a possible scam.  Too late, they emailed us and said that a money order in the amount of $1900 was to be delivered to our home today and to take it to our bank and cash it and take 10% and then Western Union the rest to the name given in the email.  I knew this was a scam then, so I contacted Honeywell International and they told me is was a scam and to not cash the money order and call our local FBI immediatly.  So now I am waiting on them to call me back. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #934646
Aug 30 2012
06:44 AM
Vacation International Vacation International - Deira Dubai Complaints, Reviews - Cheating Internet
This review is created to make public aware about timeshare scam by vacation international, operating in Dubai. Also to help lot more innocent victims to retreive money from these cheaters. About Vacation International Frauds, Dear all, If youre seeing this message means you must be a victim of this company. They are full of lies right from the beginning, all promises were fake. They are professional in cheating business, they know how to bait the hook by playing around the UAE law. Even Dubai Economics Department accepts they are cheating (refer gulf news article link), DED simply says only higher authorities can take action against them. Still if you go to court, you may have to spend 5000+ Dhs to conduct the case which is not possible for a common expat. Some people manage to conduc t case in Dubai court, and get favorable judgment (which confirms they are cheaters). They even threaten you to drop the case, this means they are not only cheaters but also criminals. Those who've made contract with these cheaters, please read through the below points (actions to follow) to retrieve your money back. This is applicable only within 10 days of contract signing, after that no way (except court) 1. Do not communicate with vacation cheaters at all. 2. Go directly to Dubai Economic Department (Ahlan Dubai) near clock tower round about. 3.Take all your contract papers, receipt documents & submit the complaint by filling the form given by them. 4.Initially DED may resist to accept your complaint, dont leave them stay strong on your point (tell them I want to meet higher authority, if you dont take my case). 5.After filing complaint, dont ever ever listen to vacation cheaters. They will try to give you more offers to make you take back the complaint. 6.If you listen to them, thats it they will fool you again. Already so many cases are going in Dubai court, even court has ordered them to refund the money to some victims. Now some of the recent victims are going to file a group case against these cheaters, those who are willing can join. As usual I am not a competitor of vacation cheaters, am also an innocent victim trying to retrieve my money back. All Ive mentioned is true, so many hundreds of people have lost their money (refer gulf news article).
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #1171509
Aug 21 2014
08:59 PM
Karatbars International Ripoff The truth about Karatbars International
   Karatbars International is a E Commerce site that offers 999.9 Bullion currency Grade Gold. Karatbars was founded by Harald Seiz in 2011 and this Company do Business in over 100 countries world wide. the offer 1 gram 2.5 gram and 5 grams of Gold bars believed to be 24karat 999.9 bullion. so I dedcided to do some research on this company and what I focund was shocking.   karatbars International have been in Business for more than 4 years In their are no complaints against this company and that's simply because the product are real and their services are one of a kind. if anyone is speaking bad about Karatbars I'm more than sure they are trying to offer you something else. everyone I've talked to said karatbars Just make since.   Karatbars International is in business to do one thing, that's to protect the financial future of all families all over the world. the paper dollar ism losing it's value at a fast pace are you comfortable with that? if not I strongly suggest that you take a good look at karatbars and education your solve about the value of have gold and the near future. this is not just some home base Business that is Protecting your wealth.
Entity: sttugart, Other
10, Report #1243407
Jul 21 2015
08:16 PM
HK International FH International Adult Meeting Website Internet
HK International is operating an adult website; It may be affiliated with other sites, because I have noticed the layout of most sites are pretty much the same, leading me to conclude, same people, just minor differences, but the whole operation is much the same. I have sent out nuumerous chat requests, receiving one reply initially and then nothing. I constantly receive e-mails from members from an e-mail address ending in .org, and the party never seems to get my replies, unbelievable! In fact, the scam I have proven....I received an e-mail message from one member, and days later, I receive an almost identical word for word message, with a couple of minor differences, but for the most part, the same e-mail, from another member using a different user profile! How could this be? They don't even know each other! Each of the emails have links, with the members 'so-called' user name to other sister sites that I'm supposed to go and search. First of all, of all the sites only two actually have a member search option, so how the heck does one search for a member on a site that doesn't even offer a member search option? And in every case if you want to reply or send a message to anyone, they want you to join right away, $29.95 1 month,- $59.95 for 3 months! I have found the same member female pictures, at least 4 that I know of, on different sites, with different names, in different cities! How can this be? Save your money, avoid all these adult sites. They all seem to be based in Guernsey, or Cyprus,. and other weird world locations operating under unsrupulous regulations. The FTC should investigate these rip-off clowns. Scam, scam, scam!
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1359282
Mar 02 2017
08:33 AM
Epic international Progressive learning corporation Epic international is bogus!
 My husband at the time in 2012 was an enlisted army member. The sales guy came to our door and my husband signed a contract for almost 2700 for encyclopedias scholastic book ect. Now 4 years later these books are on my credit. We had a house fire in 2013 and lost everything including those books. He contacted the president of the company and explained the scenario. He was then told that the account would be written off! And as i said the account was in his name. Not mine. Now a third party is contacting me trying to get the balance. I'm totally bewildered at how they can come after me for his account? Anyone else have this issue?
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1344702
Dec 21 2016
02:16 PM
Lux Style International Lux international Sales Ap S Internet Along with countless others it has proved I just browsed this company's products giving e-mail address etc to do so. I reiterate NOT at any time did I place an order with them neither have I received anything from them . I wrote back to them on several occasions telling them so. I then received a document stating I had placed an order to sign and to confirm non receipt! I was willing to sign a document of non receipt but not to confirm I placed order as I never have ! I am now receiving invoices threatening debt collection and added costs. This is a scam they are threatening and bullying people to obtain monies from them . I refuse to be coerced in this way and more public should be made aware of this scam . There are lots of other reports on google and Facebook similar to mine what they are doing . It begs belief and is causing so much distress. I will instruct solicitors through my consumer rights insurance policy if need be to fight and prove these false accusations agains me
13, Report #205297
Aug 09 2006
01:51 PM
Royalwealth International ripoff Barrie Ontario
this company sent me a letter stating that i won 50.000.00 in the european lottery and enclosed was a check for 4,750.00 they gave a contact person to call once i caled him he told me to deposit the check in my bank acount. so what i did was took the check to a check cashing outlet to cash it and this is what i was told that the check was a fraud and they took the check and if i had deposit this check in my bank account that they would have rip me off also so i call the bank the check was drawn on and they told me that the check had benn cashed 12 months ago and that this was a scam so make sure you call the bank and by all means do not deposit it in you bank accout if you can't cash it at a check cashing place don,t deposit it please you will get taken the people move around and change the names but they are the same people check everything out before you do anything Kelly Altadena, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Barrie, Ontario
14, Report #121771
Dec 07 2004
09:23 PM
Fulfillment International ripoff Coldwater Michigan
On 11 December 03 i too was misled by this fraudulent company. The day after I found this web site whilst looking for them on the net. I was worried that I too had fallen for the trap. I contacted them via email (which I no longer have a record of) and the responded and after phone calls and emails I received my luggage so I thought it was all legitimate but now that it's time to extend my holiday I am unable to contact them. Every phone number I have is either disconnected, belongs to someone else or has a recorded message saying they will return my call... and of course that doesn't happen. I have sent numerous emails to the numerous email addresses i have gained through this website and through the documentation they sent me and I get no reply. The web address they gave me used to work when they first sent their documents to me and now it is up for sale so you can't access the site. I only have a few days left to extend the holiday or I lose my money. I am obviously nieve or other wise I wouldn't have fallen into their trap but I need help as to who to contact urgently to try and resolve this issue. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME ASAP. A year ago when I first thought it was suspicious I contacted Dept of fair trading australia and was told that there is nothing they can do as it is an international company and when I spoke to the phone company to try and trace the call they said their was nothing they could do either. Please someone help me. And to everyone else... please be careful of these horribly nasty heartless people. I don't have the email addresses and phone numbers with me today but I will update this report asap and post all the information I have so that hopefully it will help others. Jordan DaptoAustralia Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Fulfillment International
Entity: Coldwater, Michigan
15, Report #51913
Apr 07 2003
01:37 PM
Monitronics International ripoff Dallas
We canceled our service at the end July in Columbia, South Carolina. The company said that they never received our letter to terminate. We resent another letter in October. The company told us since they did not receive the letter 30 days from the date that the contract automatically -renewed. No one told us when we signed the contracted that it would automatically renew after the initial term. My husband called and spoke to them on several occasions. Everytime he called he was told that the contract would be terminated and we would not be charged. Every month since then we have received a bill and everytime we call we get someone different tellling us a different story about the bill. He even spoke to someone in the corporate headquarters in Chicago and they assured him that the contract was terminated and we would not receive any more bills. Again, this month like clock work they sent us another bill. Renee ft. wood, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
16, Report #55422
May 02 2003
11:41 AM
Fulfillment International ripoff Michigan Internet
I also fell for the phone call claiming I had won a great holiday and ubfortunately fell for it hook line and sinker. I had a phone call one evening last September and got a little overwhelmed. Stupidly I gave my details including my credit card details. As soon as the call was over I got concerned and decided I'd done something stupid so I contacted my credit card company to stop the transaction and the money had already gone from my account. I waited for delivery of the 'free' gifts and had had found out how much I would be looking at spending on this great holiday, and it no longer looked so great. When the stuff arrived I checked it out and there was information on cancelling the deal. Immediately I was on it and returned the stuff. I have e-mailed them a number of times and have received very pleasant responses finishing with have a nice day, but I have as yet still not received a full refund, although in March I did get a partial refund. I am aware that what I did was stupid and have been informed by them that they are awaiting refunds from the hotels involved, and apparently I was informed on the phone call that the money was non refundable. However I do not remember them telling me that and there was no mention of it with the cancellation instructions which arrived with th free gifts. My advice to anyone considering taking them up on their offer is if you're going to make a stupid mistake make it a cheap one. Grant BucksUnited Kingdom Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Fulfillment International Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Fulfillment International
Entity: Internet
17, Report #280468
Oct 23 2007
05:38 PM
Telesolution International TORTURED Winnipeg Manitoba
I worked in Telesolution from May2006 to May 2007. Atfirst, the manager treat me well, they are friendly and nice to me. I was working from 4 to 10:30 pm everyday and night shifts. as the day passes by, Tim Waldck he was good to me, eventually there's one situation inwhere tim accusing me that I didn't read the verbatim. I felt humiliate and the next day i said sorry to tim, even though i had no mistook that night. i gave him a chocolate and he accpet it. Then December I quit I cannot handle it anymore. then I came back, on January I came back but I was put on the morning position. Pamela and David Keith , are the manager who assigned everymorning shifts. Pamela Keith accepted me , with a warm welcome and I did my job, However, Last February Pamela, Donna, William , and Kendall were on their meeting, Suddenly Pamela Phoned me through the speaker. and I said yes, Ms Pamela, she humiliate in the front of the manager, she told me you're an asian bitch. all of them were laughing. and everytime Itold to my manager or even Pamela shall I go to washroom , they said to me NO! stayed there until 4 pm. I felt Humiliate again. then Pamela told me , that i had a ridiclous behaivor , but i cannot see that through myself or the reflection of myself. yesterday I recieved a letter from telesolution, It states that they need me again, but for me It's enough. for the customer I accept what they want to said to me, but the way Pamela did to me , it's brutal and painful. to all the people , who are seeking for a job don't try this telesolution , by interview call 9820095. they might hire you immediately but in the end they will torture you same thing like what they did to me. Angela Winnipeg MB canada Anne Winnipeg, ManitobaCanada
Entity: Winnipeg, Manitoba
18, Report #199944
Jul 07 2006
08:45 PM
Monitronics International Ripoff Dallas Texas
I had used Monitronics for 5-6 years in California having the original system relocated twice during that period due to moves. My monitoring fees were always paid. On February 8, 2005 I called their Customer Service Dept to advise that I intended to move out of state and desired to cancel their service. I moved and followed up with a certified letter advising that I had then moved and was in fact cancelling their service. Monitronics never cancelled the service. They referred the account to a collection agency by the name of CMI Group who reported an unpaid debt of $140 to the credit reporting agencies. I telephoned the collections dept. of Monitronics this morning with the intent of paying the $140 just to get the negative entry removed from my credit report. The woman I spoke with; Mandria refused to accept payment in full ($140) telling me I would have to contact the CMI Group and that they would accept my money but do nothing to remove the negative entry from my credit report. My credit score has been downgraded by 178 points from 853 to 675 because of this issue and it is the only negative issue on my entire report. Monitronics will NOT work with you regardless of how long or how good you have been a customer. I was advised today by Mandria of Monitronics that they could not cancel my service because they did not have my password??? and that the new owner of the property I sold and moved out of did not assume the monitoring for the location. I am disappointed that a company who faithfully received payments from me for years and years uses such a lame excuse of not cancelling my monitoring service because they did not have my password. I did not leave this company hanging, I called them to report a move and to cancel their service and then followed up with a certified letter. They are worse than the Hotel California - 'you can check anytime you like but you can never leave' Bruce Springfield, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
19, Report #188022
Apr 22 2006
10:56 AM
Monitronics International ripoff Dallas Texas
I reside in the state of Washington and in September of 2000 I entered into a contract with Monitronic Inc to install and receive home alarm services, one month later an electrical surge blew the system and it wouldn't work, so I called Monitronics to report the episode and they said they would notify a repair service to contact me to arrange for repairs. That never happened and I followed up with two more calls that year. I continued to pay the monthly bill until 2002 when I got tired of paying for services I wasn't receiving. I sent brief notes in my monthly bills stating to please cancel the account, with no response, and the bills continued. In March of 2002 I stopped issuing payment and after 3 months they called me and told me I had to continue the contract for 2 years, I told them the system did not work, and they told me I would have to write a letter to the company requesting to cancel the contract, they also told me they didn't believe the system was not working. I wrote the letter, and received a letter back from the company Presidents office saying I would need to provide more detail and copies of my contract and any information I had on the contacts with their company, plus I would need to pay the unpaid balance. I did make a copy of the contract, provided a diary of all contacts and issued a check to pay the unpaid balance. I received a letter back from the presidents office saying they received my letter and payment and considered my account closed. Now, 4 years later I am receiving calls from a collection agency saying Monitronics Inc has turned me in for an unpaid bill, and I need to pay it immediately. I have sent a written protest to Monitronics claim and have asked for copies of documentation sent to the collection agency. They have not indicated receipt of my letter but continue to call wanting payment in full. Wilma Taholah, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
20, Report #31248
Sep 27 2002
01:53 AM
Fulfillment International Bahamas Scam Michigan
Hi, I recieved a phonecall from Fulfillment International but was unavailable to take the call so my flatmate took a message. She took down all the company details and then I decided to research them on the web before they were due to call back the following day. Luckily I found all this information. The holiday they were offering me was worth $4,500 and I had to pay a promotional fee of 450 (I'm in Ireland). I politely told them what they could do with their offer! Susie Dublin
Entity: Michigan, Nationwide
21, Report #3004
Aug 21 2000
12:00 AM
ACM International fireglaze car polish
I am a professional car Detailer. about 4 years ago after buying a sample bottle of a polish named fireglaze I contacted the manufactures cause I was interested on having a distributorship they offered me a exclusive territory for 10K money that at that point didn't have but I was really interested so I asked a family friend for a loan in that amount, I got to pay 10% interest on that money loan, at that time I got promises that the product was going to make a big hit cause they where going to air a 30 minute informercial on national tv and I was going to get 1 cent out of each bottle they sold thru it I signed a contract for one year and they gave me about 3000 thousand dollars worth of product but still I got invoced for 5 thousand, I told Mr Chuck Barnes visepresident of the company about the mistake and he just insisted for me to correct it and writte the right amount on the invoice and he will take care of the matter on his copy, it have passed almost 4 years and every attempt that I had made to contact this people to get my money back is been in vane cause all I get is the run arround. To worsen thing up about 2 years ago a got a call from another Detailer in my area telling me that he got ripped off too with the promises that he got the exclusive distributions rights in the same area as me, althought the ammount was not as heavy as mine he still got all this promises that never happend. I am looking for a way to get my money back in full as I have been already contacted by my friend asking for her money and I don't have any money made thru the sales of the product with mostly had been sold at almost my cost of $6.50 a bottle instead of the retail price of $19.95 plus tax. I would apreciate any help you guys can provide me Sincery Greco Otero
Entity: Glendora, California
22, Report #2123
Apr 20 2000
12:00 AM
Damark International
Ordered a computer desk from this company on 3/14/00. Received item on 3/21/00. Opened item and found missing parts. Contacted company and was told parts would be issued immediately. After 1 week, no parts. Contacted company again and was told they do not issue new parts. Was told they would send a label to send item back at their expense. After 10 days had not received labels. Called back was told they had been mailed and I would be receiving them soon. Finally got labels and found that it would cost me $10.00 to ship item back. Paid the money to ship item and called the company on this. They agreed to give me a refund but have yet to receive it. The company received the item and reshipped a new one. Received the new item 38 days after initial order only to find it also was missing parts. Called company about this and was told there was nothing they could so but have me reship the item and them ship a new one. The customer rep became very rude and hateful and at that I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told there was nothing they could do. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I now have a desk I paid for that I cannot put together and they have my money.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
23, Report #12114
Jan 24 2002
12:00 AM
Entity: DALE CITY, Virginia
24, Report #16474
Mar 11 2002
12:00 AM
Dynasty International/heather/jason ripoff U.S.Unknown Florida
Dynasty International faxed our employer with one of their Orlando + Bahamas vacations. My buddy (Gary Brown) and myself (William Sparkman) were immediately interested. We used Gary's credit card and paid $300.00 to start processing. I don't remember who I talked to origionaly, but Heather is the name of the other receptionist that we spoke to. Our conformation number is: im10200035 We each paid $150 towards his credit card and it was never seen again! William Oxford, Michigan
Entity: Florida
25, Report #6403
Aug 29 2001
12:00 AM
Travel Card international ripoff
Lise so many others on this rip-off report, we also got scammed on travel card international they took the money from our account 189.00 and never redcieved anything from them when we called them the first time they asked us to fax our bank statement and they will send our card now we call them their phone is temporarily disconnected how can they get away with this
Entity: Nationwide

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