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1, Report #1360539
Mar 08 2017
10:48 AM
Vidanta Group Timeshare Scam
We went to a timeshare presentation at the Riviera Maya in Nov  2015. It was the worst thing we could of done. Sadly we were scammed. In the sales presentation we asked many questions, and some questions various times. Every question or doubt we had regarding the contract was put to ease by the 2 sales persons who dealt with us. We have tried contacting them at many different numbers and sent them letters. We have been promised that our calls will be returned but they are not. They will not cancel the purchase or contract and they will not even bother to speak to us and find a resolution. We found 170 complaints on one website against this merchant and their timeshare sales such as the one we bought. I also found dozens of complaints at other complaints boards, at the better business bureau and dozens of other sites online. if you search online, Vida Vacations or Vacation Privileges or Mayan resorts you will see endless lists of customers who like us were lied to and scammed. We found Mexican Timeshare Solutions when searching the web for help and within a few months, they were able to get the cancellation of our contract. we are so relieved to not have timeshare payments anymore DO NOT VISIT THIS RESORT OR GO  TO THEIR TIMESHARE PRESENTATION NO MATTER WHAT IS OFFERED TO YOU.DO NOT BUY FROM THESE THIEVES.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1326625
Sep 06 2016
01:56 PM
Vidanta a nightmare in Real Life
A few months ago I went to Riviera Maya Vidanta. sales people offered us a ride to see the facilities, includig a free breakfast but with an obligatory timeshare presentation. After that  many people, a friend and I we decided to buy them a membership . Without clearly read what we were signing by the urgency of the matter. They ask  to take out a credit card to cover the down payment. they took a long time to return my card, a comparison to  my friend they charge very quick the hitch in her credit card. We were not given any contract. They said they would arrive 15 days after the signing of documents. At home, a week after this what I talking about, without having received my contract yet. I called to the resort to make the timeshare cancellation contract that i still not had it  but it would arrive and had to pay. There were many inconsistencies with what they told us at the timeshare pitch at the San Francisco exchange program That is not what we were promised. The resort ignored me, they  just passed me from one department to another and nobody knew us an answer. We felt we needed help and wanted to cancel. So seeing the refusal of the hotel we are dedicated to seek help and we found it, we hire a company (Mexican Timeshare Solutions) who gave us a free initial consultation, we could communicate whenever we wanted at no cost and charged until 3 months later when they fully  had cancelled our timeshare contract. My friend and I live with a lot of stress because at the time the hotel said we could not cancel and we had to pay,so  we believed that we were engaged for 50 years to pay that !  is something horrible and not wish it to anyone, be very careful dont trust what they tell you , avoid timeshare presentations , read your contract carefully before acquire something .  
Entity: nationwide
3, Report #1392485
Aug 13 2017
08:28 PM
Vidanta testimonial de tiempo compartido
Contaba con una membresia  con el desarrollo Vidanta, sin embargo lo que me ofrecieron en un principio, no fue lo que me otorgaron al solicitar sus servicios, yo compré esa membresia porque me prometieron $4 mil dolares por cada una de mis semanas y en caso de no rentarlas ellos se comprometieron a rentarmelas, porque dicen tener muchos clientes potenciales disponibles. Durante el desayuno, donde me vendieron la membresia, eran excesivamente amables, pero una vez que te vas de ahí y les hablas para pedirles ayuda, te tratan como limosnero, cuando uno pagó por un servicio y vaya que pagamos bastante  y lo que indigna es que siendo una empresa mexicana nos maltrate a nosotros los mexicanos, es por eso que me acerqué a mexican timeshare solutions para finiquitar dicho contrato y sin más me apoyaron en todo momento hasta la cancelación del mismo, mi agradecimiento a todo su equipo de trabajo ya que el apoyo que recibí fue excelente, nada que ver con el equipo de vidanta.*I had a membership with the Vidanta development, however, what I was offered at the beginning was not what they gave me when I requested their services, I bought that membership because I was promised $ 4 thousand dollars for each of my weeks and in case of Not renting them they promised to rent me, because they claim to have many potential customers available. During breakfast, where they sold me the membership, they were overly friendly, but once you go there and talk to them to ask for help, they treat you like a beggar, when you paid for a service and go that we paid enough and what is unworthy is That being a Mexican company mistreats us Mexicans, that is why I approached Mexican timeshare solutions to finalize this contract and without further support at all times until the cancellation of the same, my thanks to all his work team since The support I received was excellent, nothing to do with the vidanta team.*
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1324159
Aug 23 2016
01:56 PM
Vidanta Group Timeshare Scam Internet
I went on vacation with my family to Cancun, and at the airport we were invited to a breakfast for 90 minutes, if we attended the breakfast they would give us some tickets to go to xcaret, we thought free breakfast and tickets, what could  go wrong? and the answer is EVERYTHING, they ruined our vacation, they first did not want to let us go, and even if it sounds exaggerated, they forced us to buy. Vidanta group is a group of swindlers and liars, avoiding our calls, they told us that would return the calls, made us spend our 5 days that they gives you to cancel, just to then refuse the cancellation. Fortunately my sister gave us information from a company that cancel timeshares, they are called Mexican Timeshare Solutions and we are very grateful for the work that has been proposed, in order to represent and defend the interests of customers who trusted institutions that seemed reliable , we are very satisfied with the services and results of our cause, from the first moment we contacted we were given the necessary to deliver the representation of our problem, the confidence was growing up through the development process, we want to highlight the work done by Mr. Roberto Guzman, with whom we remained in a fluid and transparent contact all the time. It is difficult nowadays to find serious and responsible organizations, they are the exception and we thank God to put them our way. What we do have very clear is that never put a foot in a hotel of Vidanta group, they are like the devil.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1353707
Feb 02 2017
06:51 PM
Vidanta Timeshare Scam Internet
The timeshare offers by the group Vidanta are full of lies.  We recently were conned into a timeshare purchase while staying at the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya.  I want to provide you with some of the lies you can expect to be told if you attend such a presentation. There are no fees unless you use your week.  Truth is this is only true if you plan on returning to the place you purchased every year.  Should you want to exchange your week which is what they sell you hard on then there are tons of fees that make it very expensive to go anywhere.  You are better off booking without a timeshare. You can exchange your week for two weeks since you have higher trading power by purchasing at Vidanta.  You can only get two weeks by exchanging one week through SFX.  It is merely a promotion being offered.  Once again there are many fees and stipulations that make this not valuable at all.  Once again you could pay the same prices without buying a timeshare. You can split your week up into days.  This is only true through Vida Lifestyles and it is not through an exchange.  It is no different then just booking a hotel room.  Once again there is no need to buy a timeshare.  You can get Vida dollars which are just like real dollars which you can use to pay for vacations. You can only use a small amount of Vida dollars each trip and the prices of the trips are overpriced.  These are the lies that we were told.  Do not believe anything these people tell you.  They will wear you down with their lies.         
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1386661
Jul 19 2017
10:39 AM
vidanta mayan palace, private reserve collection fraud, ripped off, scammed, riveria maya , mexico
My husband and I attended a time share presentation in 2016, riviara maya at mayan palace. We were there for 8 hours, and were pushed to the edge to sign over my time share. I almost did, until they stated I needed to pay for 2017 maintenance fees. ( That is why I wanted to relieve myself of this timeshare.) I said no, to all of it, then they offered a package from Private Reserve Collection for 3000.00 The representative told us, we would receive a free alaskan cruise, free stays at hotel, weeks at resorts for 299.00 and a free week at the Mayan Palace in Riveria maya. we bought the package, only good for 3 yrs. Tried to book an Alaskan cruise, and it would cost us over 3000.00 dollars, resorts were not available. We did redeem the mayan Palace, and will NEVER go back there. The room stunk, our view was of the roof, we were very far from the pool. It was horrible. Needless to say, we go scammed. DO NOT ATTEND ANY TIME SHARE presentations. They are liars!!!
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1326431
Sep 05 2016
11:30 AM
Grupo Vidanta Vida Vacations False Sales Promises & Outright Lies Neuvo Vallarta Nayarit, Mexico
We attended a presentation at the Grand Luxxe in Nuevo Vallarta and met a salesperson names Adrian Fatechand. He later admitted that we we targeted because I am a physician and assigned to him - a top gun. I found out later that he had already been warned for lying to customers and that is exactly what he did to us. He presented a very complicated package with more weeks than we could use but said the company will take 3 weeks back and rent them for $5500 a week and you will get $16,500 applied to your visa card every January. We do that so you don't have to pay tax on that income. He told us to call Global Golf Connection to arrange the rentals. All they did was charge us fees and never rented a single week. He told us other lies such as: a concierge will stock your room with whatever food & liquor you order before your arrival, you can have daily personal laundry service, Cirque de Soliel performes on site out doors and you will have front row seats. All of these were outright lies. He also told us a concierge from the exchange company SFX would call and would be available 24/7 to meet all of our travel needs anytime and anywhere. They could pretty much guarantee cheap flights where ever we wanted to travel and would make all arrangements, including for family members. None of this is true and no one ever called. We had to call them since they never received our paperwork from Vidanta. We were told our documents would be couriered to us within 3 days but that never happened. They arrived weeks later and only after we called. This was to avoid us realizing that we had 5 days from signing to cancel. In addition, Mr. Fatechand took us out the next day and bought us drinks. He got around to telling James & I (we are a same sex couple) that he liked both boys & girls. A subsequent e-mail invited us to stay with him and bring a boy or girl for him to enjoy. I understand he was subsequently fired but that is little consolation since we were pressured to buy something based on lies and presented by an already known fraudster and deviant. Now we have scammers calling all of the time offering us schemes to buy our membership. They know all of our personal data so Vidanta has not made this secure. Beware of their salespeople. They do not tell all of the truth and will try to decieve you. Do not make a quick decision. Write everything down, read all of the fine print and think about it for a few days.
8, Report #1408075
Oct 23 2017
02:57 PM
VIDANTA Destinos unlimitedREsterra Whatever they sold to us does not exist. Nuevo Vallarta. Mexico Jalisco
We went in good faith to one of those famous presentations. We liked the place and thought we could listen to what they had to offer. After hours of debating (they don't let you go easily),and when were were ready to leave without purchasing anything, a woman came and offered a deal that nobody could refuse. We were offered: 1-Transfer our Timeshare to Vidanta, and literally, get rid of it. She explained that she was allowed to do so, even when our timeshare was not paid in full, because Vidanta was expanding and needed extra money for the new Cirque du Soleil development. The only thing we were going to be responsible for was for the property taxes, and she offered to open a credit card for us. 2- Vidanta was going to send us a package in the mail, with information regarding our new memebership and instructions where to send the deed for the Timeshare to be transferred. 3- Vidanta offered us a certificate for a week stay in any of their resorts, with free airline tickets. I had to send a voucher with a money order for $14, which I did. I never even tried to get the free week...:O) I never received anything from Vidanta, Vida or Resterra (tickets). It's not possible to talk to anybody, and the only people I could get ahold to never took any responsibility for this. I was emailing back and forward with a guy named Luke Kurig, or however his real name is. He was not friendly, and never gave me a response for all these irregularities.  
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1315476
Jul 06 2016
11:10 PM
Vidanta Mayan Nuevo Vallarta Deceived and robbed Nuevo Vallarta Mexico
 To whom this may concern : I had the most horrifying experience at this place. The sales people are scam artists. We went to presentation on 6/26/16 for the timeshare resort there. They started at 24,900 for a two bedroom told them no no no many times. Then when we went down stairs. Another sales lady told us they had an available grand Mayan two bedroom suite available because someone had upgraded and they couldn't make profit off of it and would sell it for 8900 which would be $72 month financed. They said would be approved through Bank of America. I asked if it would be exactly what was promised upstairs and they said yes and only difference was the grander room. We agreed as it was a wonderful deal compared to what they had upstairs. They came back and said that bank had not responded as of yet and because of that they would only charge us tax and closing costs which was $2822 but would need to be paid now. We asked them to confirm that we were getting the same things and they confirmed and showed us pic of room again . After we went to sign noticed it said destino unlimited on paperwork and they said it was because that's the website used for vida vacations but not to worry they said we were getting all same things promised $699 only when used for the grand Mayan two bedroom suite , or we could choose to use only one bedroom for 499 or studio for 299. They confirmed all and after we even asked them to show us what we purchased in the specific pic of what they said we were purchasing and they took us up. Today 7/6/16 I went to book a reservation and noticed that this expires in 5 years when they said it wouldn't , noticed it was not through vida but through something called destino unlimited , we were told today after calling that all those above things we were promised were for vida vacations but they had sold us something called destinos unlimited and that it was not those prices it was 1400 for two bedroom , 900 for one bedroom and 800 for studio. I'm completely dumbfounded on how everything they said was a complete lie!!!!! They even went back to show us the room that we bought and confirmed everything a million times. How can these horrible people get away with this. We were robbed and scammed!!! Completely deceived! We were told we were purchasing one thing when we were purchasing something we had never even heard of. This is horrible and deceiving. I have no idea how a company that is worth so much would do this to their guests. We were looking forward to taking our family and friends we had loved it and you guys took us for all we had. I want our money back because we did not get what we purchased. I even took pic of what they said we were purchasing and the lady writing prices . image1.jpeg image2.jpegCrystal Cote Sent from my iPhone
10, Report #1367785
Apr 14 2017
04:15 PM
Vida Vacations, Vidanta Resorts, Destinos Unlimited Paola Anaya Scam, LIES, fraud, deciet Nuevo Vallarta Mexico Nationwide
My husband and I were scammed by Vidanta/Destnos Umlimited!! . We went to presentation on 4/27/16 for the timeshare resort in Nueve Vallarta. After the presentation they tried to sell us units startingin the $70,000 range for a two bedroom unit at the Grand Mayan. We told them no several times over a 2 hour period. The were supposed to take us downstairs to collect our “gifts” when another sales lady continued to pressure us to buy. Paola Anaya told my husband and I that they had a forceclosure for the Grand Mayan that they couldn’t resell because of Mexican law but she could charge us for the difference owed which was much less for us to use the unit. She tried to sell it to us for $7,000 and we said no, to which she offered financing if we couldn’t afford it. We said we could pay it in full if we wanted to, but we didn’t want to buy at that time. She then slashed th price again saying if we paid it in full that day we could get it for $4,000. She said we would get exactly what was promised upstairs except instead of two weeks a year we would get one week a year. We had told her earlier on in the conversation that we wouldn’t come to mexico more than once a year. She said our contract would be forever and that we could pass it onto our children if we wanted. She said they had a special promotion allowing our contract to be used in 5 year incriments where where we could stack up to 5 weeks at a time (stay 5 weeks at Vidanta resort in a year) but then we would have to wait 5 years before being able to stay there again, or we could just come one week a year if we wanted but we couldn’t accumulate the weeks for more than 5 years at a time. We asked them to confirm that we were getting the same things and they confirmed and showed us pic of the floorplan again and the 5 weeks a year travel ( 1 week at Vidanta, 2 weeks Worl wide Travel/Diamond weeks and 2 advebture Weeks a year). When we went to sign, we noticed it said destino unlimited on he paperwork andwhen we asked we were told that destinos is the website used for booking all the stays our  vacation weeks and not to worry, we were getting all same things promised to us before. Our paperwork said 10 destinos week at the Vidanta Resorts (Grand Mayan, Mayan Palace, Sea Gardens, The Bliss), 10 Diamond weeks and 10 Adventure weeks. When we aksed why is said these numbers we were told that  these weeks must be used in 5 years because the contract is for 5 year incriments. She again said that after 5 years, it starts all over where we had 5 weeks to use in a 5 year period that we could stack or use however we wanted and that the contract was forever. I asked whi the contract itself didn’t say it was forever and she pointed to me on the enrollment application where it says membership terms and awknowldegements there are boxes to check that says 2-year, 5-year, 10 year. She said she didn’t mark any of those boxes because is not a 2, 5 or 10 year membership, that its forever. She also said that they were giving us a Check for our purchase price that we could use if we decided to upgrade our membership into a higher tier ( like the Grand Luxxe, or if we wanted a plan with more weeks in the first 5 years of our membership before it re-starts for the next 5 years). We just went and stayed at the Vidnata Resort in Nuevo Vallarta where we bought our contract and we went to something called an “abbarath?” which we were told is a free breakfast and the opportunity to voice our ideas on what they can improve on and hear about all the new things that were happening with the properties. The meeting infact was nother 3 hour sales pitch!! They NEVER asked about our stay or our ideas of how they can improve. We told them several times we were happy with what we have (the 1 week a year and so on). The sales team then informed us that we didn’t actually own anything with them, that we had purchased a trial or “exit” program where we bought the right to stay there a few times only and then we couldn’t stay there again until we purchased the time share from Vidanta. My husband and I got very upset trying to explain to them we were sold a “foreclosure property” with the usage rights of one week a year in 5 year incriments forever, to which they were extremy rude to us in return, insulting our inteeligence saying “do you really think we would sell you something that cheap?”. We said yes! That’s what we purchased. They then informes us that we purhcased a lifetime contract with destinos which is a completely separate company and that we didn’t purchase with Vidnata at all. I asked to see our contract and they said they didn’t have it because it was purchased with Destinos and that destinos had it!! I asked why we were told we were buying a foreclosure if we weren’t and he kept avoiding asnwering saying he was trying to help me by offering me to upgrade into a full ownership with them!! Needless to say we said we were just going to leave and go home to look at our contract since they were telling us the opposite of we were told when we boutght it. Heres the catch! It was a Vidanta employee that sold us the contract, she NEVER said that Destinos was a separate company and that we were NOT buyin with Vidanta! She NEVER said we were buying a trial/exit program. She said Destinos was the booking party for all of Vidanta. We thought they were the same company. When we received our Destinos travel card in the mail a few weeks after retuning home, there is a number on the card to call to activate the card and it’s the number for Vida, the Owners of Vidanta!! So again, we thought Destinos was the same company, just the booking part of Vidanta. The sales team totally lied and scammed us. Ive tried calling both Destinos and Vida/Vidanta several times to no avail. Destinos saus I need to call the Vidanta Resort where I bought the contract and Vida/Vidanta tells me I bought a Dstinos Contract. Its so frustrating!! Vida/Vidanta (the number on the front of the Destinos travel card) keeps telling me that somene from the resort sales team where I bought my contract will call me, but they never do! I called the resort directly and aske d for the sales team and was told they would have someone call me back that could explain what was going on with my contract but no has called me back. I looked up Vidanta Scams online afeter returning home from our vacation and found hundreds of comlaints about contract scams with them. Many stories are the same as mine where people were sold “foreclosres” for cheap that were in 3 or 5 year incriments that were supposed to last forever only to find out later that it was just a “trial” contract and that they had only bought the right to stay there a few times for the usage fees ($800-$1400/week). The actual contracts DO NOT say they are TRIALS!! No one ever explained that they are trials or that Vidanta and Destinos are completely separate compaines!! There are also many stories that are the exact same as mine except instead of being sold a foreclosure they were sold a contract where someone else had upgraded (and they coun’t resell it for full price, so it was sold cheap) only to find out it was a trial. I know this is a huge scam and that I was not the only one who was sold a bunch of lies.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1322434
Aug 14 2016
11:51 AM
Vida Vacations/ Vida Lifestyles Vidanta Vacations Vida VacationsVida Lifestyles , Vidanta Group We were FOOLED DON’T become a VICTIM to the lies of VIDA VACATIONS (Vidanta Group) Scottsdale Arizona & Mexico Nationwide
I sure wish we would have researched online ALL the information on Vida Vacations prior to attending a lie filled presentation by this company and their sales employees.  It is very eye opening to find out that this is and has been a huge issue with Vida Vacations.  They keep people all day to “break them down” and in the end you are hungry, tired and just want to get back to your vacation and don’t realize you are being conned.   It appears NOTHING has changed over the years they have been “selling” timeshares to people.  In fact, if anything they have relished in their success and their ability to adapt to cover themselves in their contract using recorded calls and an additional “3rd party call” to be taped always referring to the contract and not what their sales people say to get you to sign.   If the company had ANY integrity at all or was actually legitimately conducting ethical business they would stand by what customers are saying and release people from their contracts based on the lies their sales people tell.  I keep seeing the same comments over and over again which leads me to believe they encourage their sales people to do and say anything to make the SALE.  I have never seen a business not work to resolve the issues of customers who don’t want to be associated with them.  If Vida Vacations is so WONDERFUL, ETHICAL and LEGITIMATE they would have positive reviews and customers knocking down doors to buy.   They would not need to FORCE people to stay in a contract that was deceptively presented to keep the money flowing in their pockets.    At this point I have found 5 lies that were told to us and I am sure if I continue to look I WILL uncover more however enough time has been wasted to this point.Here are five areas of misrepresentation and lies that we have uncovered in the month since our purchase. These questions below were asked by us several times to different sales representatives to confirm we had the correct information. One of our mistakes was not to have them “show us where in the contract this was”.   Vida dollars DO have a 1 year expiration (we were told there is no expiration) The weekly rate DOES increase over time (we were told it was a locked in and a fixed rate) Vida dollars can ONLY be used on the Vida website & ONLY with select vendors (we were told as long as a business has a website where you can purchase online you can use Vida dollars)   We would have access in 7 -10 business days to the Vida Lifestyles & Vida dollars so we could look and see all the wonderful choices.  (When I did not receive my user name and sign in after 20 days I sent an email.  The response was “oh it can take 30-60 days or so”  Well we are past 30 days and still nothing.   If you need to cancel a reservation there is a $50 cancellation fee.  Again we were never informed of this but when I complained to the representative I was once again told “it’s in the contract”.  Bottom-line:  If a customer asks and is told that there are no fees but when the customer calls back to cancel they are told “it’s in the contract you signed”  Also interesting with all their contract paperwork they have to cover themselves against us awful noisy customers who don’t like to be lied to – go figure.  When you cancel a reservation they WON’T or CAN’T give you a cancellation number for confirmation.  Who doesn’t provide a cancellation number?  DISHONEST COMPANYS like Vida Vacations that’s who!!!! We have made attempts to communicate with Vida customer service to receive our deposit refund and void our contract without success.  We were NEVER give the time to read our contract during the presentation and always rushed through the contract with the sales people pointing out the parts they wanted us to see “selective representation”.Please if you want a timeshare there are many other companies we have worked with that are great.  ViDA VACATIONS IS NOT ONE OF THEM! Staying at one of their resorts (Mayan Palace, Grand Mayan Palace, The Bliss, The Grand Bliss, Grand Luxxe)  only supports their unethical behavior and provides them the money to continue to fraud people.  My hope is that one day they will be held accountable for their actions and fraudulent behavior.  Please don’t support them – stay somewhere else.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1408890
Oct 26 2017
10:59 PM
Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta Destinos UnlimitedGrand MayanInternational Cruise & Excursion Gallery Inc d.b.a. Our Vacation CenterVentas Riviera Maya, S.A. de C.V. What was promised did not end up in contact, what did end up in contact was that I paid $2225 for 3 weeks at Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta Nayarit, Mexico
I went to a presentation at Vidante Nuevo Vallarta. Every time I said no to their outrageously expensive offers, they kept passing me off to different sales agents to sell a timeshare. Finally, I thought i was done when they told me to go with somebody to sign out and claim my gift for attending the presentation. They took me downstairs and said i needed to talk to this guy (can't remember his name). He said he worked for the owner of the company and he was able to give me a reduced price on what was negotiated upstairs. He offered half of the lowest quote discussed with the previous sales agents. I told him I wanted to look at the polls because the tour only gave us a distant look. He arranged for someone to take me. Of course they were beautiful and I counter offered half of what he just quoted me. We agreed and I went to contracting. After leaving i looked over the papers and was infuriated that none of what we verbally agreed on was in the paperwork. I tried calling the Scottsdale Az office where i was transferred around to 3 different people and them they hung up. I called back and the same thing happened again. I called back again and begged the girl who answered the phone to stay on with me until someone answered. She did and I spoke with someone and they couldn't help me so they had to transfer me. They finally said i needed to call Vidanta in Nuevo Vallarta or go back to them and that there was nothing they could do for me. I wasn't going to go back there so they could try to scam me again and waste another several hours of my vacation time. I called them and the gentleman was rude and was not helpful at all. He said no way could I get out of the contract after I signed it. Even after I referred to the state law of rescinsion that gave me 5 days, he said no. He finally admitted that i could possibly get the contract cancelled but no way could I have my money back. Rip off. This company and it's staff are liars and have no regard for customers.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
13, Report #1361549
Mar 13 2017
06:38 PM
Vida Vacations Vidanta, Grupo Mayan Misrepresentation of Timeshare Contract Benefits Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo
We are Vida vacations timeshare owners and agreed to attend an ‘update ‘presentation.  Of course, we knew this would be several hours but we held out for a 10% account discount, MEX 3,000 credit and a late check-out.  The focus of the presentation was to convert our membership from the ‘timeshare’ side to the ‘real estate’ side.  The main benefit was to eliminate the 5-yr and 25-yr anniversary payments in our current contract for a lower 10-yr payment and credits in the form of ‘Vidanta Lifestyle Dollars’.  Our 2 Grand Mayan 2-bedroom ‘Registered’ weeks would be converted to one Registered week for a Grand Luxxe 1-bedroom loft unit for only 10 years, plus 2 “Residence’ weeks plus 4 weeks exchanged through San Francisco exchange.  Other bits and pieces were tossed in as well.  This took Ruben, our sales rep 3 hours to explain with incredibly complicated notes, figures, etc.  Final price: $17 K.  We declined, Ruben became belligerent (“you were not paying attention”)  then we were introduced to ‘Natalia’ who presented an alternate deal where we could ‘keep’ our Grand Mayan weeks and avoid the anniversary payments.  The elimination of our ‘Registered’ weeks (except the 10-yr room) was still part of this which is important since we have ‘A Status’ which means we can book 12 months in advance (vs. the normal 6 months) but this only applies to Registered weeks.  We confirmed with Natalia three times that our ‘A’ status would now apply to the new ‘Residence’ weeks and she replied “yes”.  Final price: $10K.  We agreed to the deal but waited and waited for contract corrections/omissions to be printed, signed ,etc.  Finally, at 5.30 pm during the “verification” process with Paula we were told flat out that we would not have 12-month advance reservations except the one ‘Registered’ week for 10 years.  A few other lesser details were also clarified such as Vidanta Dollars are capped at 2 weeks’ maintenance fees and can only be applied to as little as 20% of the value of your purchase  - all these ‘clarifications’ contradicted and/or reduced the value of the deal for us.  We were very upset having spent EIGHT hours in the gauntlet (not counting breakfast).  Over the next three days, Vidanta tried to sweeten the offer but could not deliver the 12-month reservation benefit we currently have.  They promised us compensation for the wasted day/misrepresentation of the presentation but so far, nothing.  Do not engage in discussions with this organization. See my article in Trip Advisor “Top 10 Timeshare Tips…” for more suggestions.
14, Report #1397531
Sep 02 2017
07:45 PM
Vida Vacations My Experiences With Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta Nayarit
Vidanta Resorts (Vida Vacations) operates the following resort brands (in descending order): Grand Luxxe, Grand Bliss, the Bliss, Grand Mayan, Mayan Palace, and Sea Garden.  The company operates resorts in Acapulco, Los Cabos, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Playa del Carmen, and Puerto Penesco.  The company has been operating for more than 40 years. In 2007 I purchased a foreclosed timeshare at the Mayan Palace.  I don't know why, but I assumed it was a 3 star resort and not in the best of repair.  Thus, I never vacationed at the Mayan Palace, but used my membership for exchanges.  I owned several other timeshares.  In February 2010 I traveled to Nuevo Vallarta and stayed at Rancho Banderas.  During that week I attended a timeshare presentation at Vida Vacations (which is the timeshare sales subsidiary of Vidanta).  Carlos, my salesman was a delightful man, and his Son also works in the same office.  I never told Carlos during that visit that I was already an owner at Mayan Palace, and apparently their computer system did not match my sales interest with my ownership.  After several hours, I agreed to purchase a Grand Mayan foreclosed studio, increasing my timeshare portfolio. Six weeks later I vacationed at the Grand Mayan in Puerto Penasco, and was encouraged to attend a member update.  I wondered what could be new in 6 weeks?  Eventually, to depart from the presentation, I agreed to consolidate my Mayan Palace and the Grand Mayan membership to a Grand Bliss membership (Vidanta does not have a Grand Bliss in Puerto Penasco, but I remembered seeing the model in Nuevo Vallarta.  I immediately had buyer's remorse.  I departed the resort about 6:30 AM on the 5th day, so I could return to the United States to mail my letter to cancel the purchased Grand Bliss membership.  I arrived in Needles California about 3:15 PM, and mailed the letter to Vidanta in Puerto Vallarta.   About 2 years later, I again attended an upgrade presentation and this time did consolidate the Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace into a Grand Bliss membership.  During that visit I saw Carlos and told him about my consolidation and upgrade.  He said maybe someday I could further consolidate my memberships.   About 3 years later, I returned to Vidanta in Nuevo Vallarta and attended another timeshare upgrade presentation, this time to the Grand Luxxe.  This purchase involved trading-in 3 timeshares: Condominio Solamar Inn (Mazatlan), Westgate Towers (Kissimmee), and Bel Air Collection (Mexico).  Later, I bought-back the Solamar Inn, as it would have been too costly to transfer ownership.   Finally, just 10 months after the Grand Luxxe upgrade I was in Playa del Carmen and attended another upgrade presentation. Max sold me another Grand Luxxe membership, and I had remorse even during the sale.  As soon as I returned home I prepared the letter to cancel the transaction.  This occurred only 10 months after the first Grand Luxxe purchase.  Then, believe it or not, I was back at Vidanta in Nuevo Vallarta 3 weeks after the Playa del Carmen encounter, and the Concierge again wanted me to attend an upgrade presentation -- I declined.  The Front Desk clerk first told me my unit was not yet cleaned.  Then about 3 hours later he said they had over-booked, so I was upgraded to the Grand Luxxe from the Grand Bliss. Vidanta has beautiful resorts, and I spend months planning each visit.  The maintenance fees are too high in my opinion.  I believe the maintenance fees should be slashed by about 1/3 AND Vidanta should impose a Resort Fee of about $175 per week per person over 14 and $75 per week per person under 14.  I think this would be a more equitable solution.  I also believe Vidanta Resorts should establish a Members Advisory Council and all resort policies should be reviewed by this group. You get what you pay for.  So don't expect Motel 6 prices at a 5 star resort.  The food is delicious and reasonably priced.  The drinks are the best I have ever had in Mexico.  I just believe Blackberry Mojitos and other drinks should be available at all Vidanta Resorts.  The entertainment is unmatched anywhere in Mexico.  Each visit is truly a delight. Owners should not always be asked to attend an upgrade presentation.  Invitations should not occur more than once every 18 months.  I also do not believe the Grand Bliss was not available during my January 2017 visit to Nuevo Vallarta. How can reservations confirm a reservation if no units are available?  I think the non-availability was a lie, as the Desk Clerk and the Concierge wanted me to attend another upgrade presentation (which I declined).    
15, Report #1337873
Nov 12 2016
09:27 PM
Vidanta Mayan Nuevo Vallarta Destinos Unlimited, Vida Vacations Lied Cheated Scam Nuevo Vallarta internet
We were shopping at a grocery store in Puerta Vallarta Mexico near our hotel, The Crown Paradise Golden. We needed help with our purchase and a man approached us called Javier Batrista who was able to answer our questions in English. He noticed we were wearing wrist bands indicating we were timeshare holders of The Crown Paradise Golden. Trying to promote his timeshare at Vida Vacations, he offer us discounted rates for numerous tours and shows in Puerta Vallarta. All we had to do was go to the presentation with their free breakfast for 1 1/2 hours and not ask any questions. This actually took us 6 hours at this resort. Jorge tried to get us to buy into what they said was not a timeshare, but ownership in the resort. To do this, they wanted to purchase our Crown Paradise Timeshare. Of course we constantly said NO to all of their offers. Since we said NO to all their offers. For the exit interview they took us to their basement where Rick said he works for the owner of the company and offered us a plan for $3000.00 that they claim belonged to someone else that could not make their payments, like a foreclosure. This had no ownership to the property, but the right to use for a small fee. He claimed that we could use it in 3 year increments, with 1 week for each year. It was possible to use all 3 weeks in 1 year, but then you would have to wait until then next set of 3 years to get 3 more weeks. We asked about the time limit on the contract and he told us it was for a lifetime and could be passed on to any family members or children. The fact is this was a trial contract and was not explained like that to us. They did give us a voucher for $3000.00 to up grade at the end of 3 years as stated in the “Additional Membership Benefits”, but the voucher says good for 2 years and not sure the reason for the upgrade. They just told us here is a vouch to use at the resort. It was never explained the relationship of Destinos Unlimited and Vida Vacations. We thought we were dealing with Vidanta Vacations, a large resort in Mexico but it is with Destinos Unlimited in Arizona. We were offered a free week to be used during off season for a 2 Bedroom unit. There is also a $99 fee We were so worn down during the 6 hours, we did not ask. We were in such a remote area that I am not sure how we would have found our way to catch a taxi back to our resort had we not made the purchase. We have been scammed and lied to throughout this entire presentation and they know how to play mind games. We are both highly educated adults and we want our $3000 refunded. Cancellation Period There exists a five (5) day period of cancellation ( I believe this is 5 Mexico business days), during which the contract does not become perfected, for sales that are described as at domicile, mediate or indirect. This indicates those sales that are proposed or carried out, outside the local or establishment of the provider, including the rental of chattels and the rendering of services. This also applies to the selling of timeshare rights. This 5 day right of cancellation is not waivable (the buyer cannot give it up) and even if the buyer is convinced to sign a document to give it up (waive the right) that waiver is not valid and the buyer still have the 5 day right. Federal Consumer Protection Law of Mexico If you contacted the merchant, What was merchant’s response. We contacted the Vidanta Vacations on November 5th at 5:02Pm central time once we arrived back in the States requesting to cancel the contract and a full refund. Talked to Iliana at 1-800-292-9466 requesting a refund which was within the 5 day cancellation of a contract for Mexico and 3day for USA. She was going to have someone call us within 48 hours. She gave us a task # . Received a call back Wednesday November 9th at 3PM from Luke Benton we assume from Vidanta Vacations in Mexico 322-226-9490. Again, he could not process a refund and would have to refer me to someone else. As of today, we have not heard from anyone else from this resort. We want a refund of $3000 because we did not get what we purchased. It is a total scam!!!!
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16, Report #1331388
Oct 03 2016
02:08 PM
Vidanta Vida Vacations; Grand Mayan; Jungle Bliss; Mayan Palace; Grand Bliss; Grand Luxxe Right out of the n**i playbook! Internet
 Mr. Chavez Moran and the Vidanta team are masters of psychology and sleight-of-hand. By luring guests into, admittedly, gorgeous, immaculate albeit oversized resorts, they cunningly dupe them into submission of their time, money, and sometimes even self-dignity and respect, in pursuit of a life lived among these confines. You wait in line at a central receiving station (aka lobby) where you are given a bracelet to match your class/payment status and given a set of rules. You are then led to a separate desk where an official reviews your papers and advises you what privileges you are allowed. You are also given a room assignment and keys and encouraged to attend a meeting where you will be given further instructions how to gain favor and thrive in the system. If you attend said meeting, you will be broken down into submitting your time and money for the privilege of spending time in the nicer areas where the bracelets/lobby/pools are different, and everyone can see it by looking at your wrist. The meeting/deprogramming process can take several hours to a whole day to complete, faster if you agree to the terms--much slower if you don't wish to comply. You are shown to your space, which may be lacking in decor, furnishings/appliances, convenience of location, physical comfort, or all the above, which may last until you either give in to their demands or the length of your stay, whichever comes first. Because the complex is so vast, you must take the tram, sometimes waiting several minutes in the elements, for recreation and mealtimes. When those from the nicer areas see you, they can tell instantly if they should associate with you or not, based on your assigned color tag. They are told that they are better than you and you are treated accordingly when the tram comes to take you to eat or to your assigned recreation zone. They use friendly staff and nice surroundings to dull your sense of loss and general disrespect; and to make you think the meetings are for your good, even though your time has no value to the organization. After all you must depend on them to get around the complex. Once you submit to their demands and surrender your money, you soon learn that the prize has no real value, but not before you signed yourself into paying them for several years. All you have is a valueless piece of paper. Any future stays on the complex will still require more money than to stay somewhere else on the outside, like a real all-inclusive. In the meantime, you've been had. The best that you can do is stay away, pay your debt and walk away to cut your losses. You are never supposed to gain in the Vidanta system.
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17, Report #1403226
Sep 29 2017
06:50 PM
  We have been owners of Mayan Palace since 1996. We upgraded to the Grand Luxe 2 years ago. We have used it once. We found a purchaser for this time share through a copany that deals with timeshare sales. We had used them once before when we sold a Marriott time share in Aruba and all went well.First, Mayan, now Vida or Vidanta, (it's confusing) would not send the purchasers ANY paperwork. Then, when we got involved with Vidanta ourselves, they said they wouldn't deal with an outside vendor. Later they said we weren't dealing with a reputable company. As I said we had dealt with them before. We had them send us the paperwork which we were to forward to the agent selling the property. It took weeks and many phone calls to get that paperwork. Once we got that, they are now saying that we cannot sell the timeshare to a second party unless they are an heir or a relative. That leaves us nowhere. We have a copy of the contract but cannot find that clause anywhere. At this point all we can do is give the thing away. At this time we have $38,000 plus invested in this 99 year timeshare that we can do nothing with because it is Mexico.
18, Report #1404286
Oct 04 2017
10:03 PM
Vida Vacations/Private Reserve Vacation Collection Vidanta, Grand Mayan, Mayan Palace, any resorts owned Vidanta/Vida Vacations Vidanta/Vida Vacations/Private Reserve Vacation Collection are a complete scam and ripoff Cancun Mexico
Do not attend any timeshare presentations at any Grand Mayan, Mayan Palace, or any resort assocaited with Vidanta/Vida Vacations. I was in Cancun staying at The Westin Lagunamar. My daughter and I went acroos the street to the shopping mall there and made a big mistake. We were stopped by some women asking us if we were timeshare owners. They were very excited when we told them we were. They asked us to attend a presentation for Vidanta and they would give us very discounted tickets to Cirque du Soleil. They were going to provide transportation and we would get breakfast. So, fools that we were, we agreed and arranged for a pickup the following morning. So, we get to the resort and had a great breakfast with a very charming and accomadating young man. Then he took up our entire day trying to talk us into letting him buy our timeshares to get out of any more maintenance fees and I would only have to pay $40,000 for him to do that and I would own at their resort. When I told him I rented my timeshare in the Bahamas and that the money I got from that pretty much covered all my maintenance fees, he told me I could still reserve that same week through Vidanta. He asked what week I had and several minutes later brought me a piece of paper showing that he was able to find the same week at my resort.  Well, I read the description, and there was no way that was a description of my property. I rent through red week and you have to have ownership of a week to rent on that site and I told him that, but he said I was wrong. No, I have checked again and I am right, I can not rent a week that I don't actually own. So, after many hours of talking and touring the property, I declined  the invitation to make the biggest mistake I could have made. That incorrect property description was a big red flag. Well, then we wanted to get our tickets to Cirque du Soleil and leave, but they had otherplans for us. Now they wanted us to buy into something called Private Reserve Vacation Collection. We were told we could get these outrageously low prices on hotel rooms with a week going for $299.00. They also quoted me prices for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days and so on. By the way, they told us they were not related to any of the people trying to sell us Vidanta, and even said desparaging remarks about the sales team. Well, $299.00 for a week sounded great to me so I took the bait and charged way too much money to the new credit card they were happy to help me apply for. I was very tired from a long day with the timeshare salesman and really wanted to be done. So, just in case I wasn't thinking straight, I asked if I had any time period to cancel my transaction. There reply was NO. Well, I have learned since, that yes, there is even a bigger window than we have in the US 5 days instead of 3. The next day we are leaving Lagunamar and a employee stops us as we are walking and tells us that he is there to warn us not to attend a Vida Vactions presentation. Too late! Where was he the day before? So, I am home now and I don't get the cuise certificates I was promised, but I do get a unsealed large envelope with a book of hotels and resorts. I am interested to see the places I can book for $299.00. So, I go to the Private Reserve Vacation Collections  website, and boy am I shocked and dismayed. I only see availability for a weeks stay and none of  them are for $299. I see a picture of Kierland Villas in Scottsdale, Arizona on the website and I search every month for an entire year and never find that resort having any availability. These weeks are for obscure hotels I have never heard of and their prices are more than I can get as a Get A Way in Interval. Example: I can get Desert Vacation Villas for $547/week through Interval or pay $840.00 with Private Reserve. Notice that the price with Private Reserve is no where near $299.00 which was certianly what they kept telling me I could rent for. I pay Interval less a year than the $99.00 I will have to pay yearly with Private Reserve. So, I feel I have been scamed into purchasing something that should only be $99.00 a year, if that. I will never be able to recoup my initial investment as I can not afford mutiple weeks at $800 a pop. Look up Private Reserve Travel Collection on the internet and see if there are any reviews. Well, trust me, you will find no reviews but you will see lots of scam reports about Vida Vacations. I am a retired senior citizen and the man who sold me this useless vacation package was also a senior citizen. I wonder how he sleeps at night knowing he has ripped off another senior on a fixed budget. I want to travel in my old age but those $299.00 weekly hotel rates are only in my dreams and now I am saddled with a credit card bill for a vacation package that is virtually useless to me. DON'T BE SCAMMED. STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THESE RIPOFFS AS YOU CAN. 
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19, Report #1295734
Mar 24 2016
06:16 PM
Vidanta Vida Vacations Misrepresented and provided fraudulent documents for me to sign and then did not turn up to the meeting after I provided a deposit PuertoVallarta Jalisco
On 22 December 2015 I was approached at Puerto Vallarta by a gentlement from Vidanta resort asking me if I was interested in a time share. I said no. Then he asked was I interested in cruises to which I said no. Eventually I agreed to go to Vidanta to take a look at the resort and have abreakfast and a free bus trip around the area. I weas driven there by taxi and was handed over to Hector Hernadez who proceded to exp[lain the deal. He asked me how much I spent on vacations annually and I conveyed $3-4000.  Over several hours Hector (Jorge?) Hernadez conveyed that they have a special deal which is not a timeshare but would allow me to make some money too. I was told I just needed to sell some promotional vouchers for $600 each (10 x $600) and for each one I would receive a similar amount which would be credited to an account which would be rendered to me on a cash credit card. I asked how this could be and what type of card it was and he said a VISA card. The cash could be obtained anywhere in the US or Mexico except for the first year for which I would need to return to one of the reports to obtain the card. From that point on, I could receive one trip annually to one of their resports for $600 and one internationally to one of 142000 resorts or 90,000 hotels for the same amount. Before we could do the deposit they wanted to check my credit on my credit card....It was then I learned they already made a charge to my card and completed a bunch of documents to $6,750 with an immediate deposit of 2250.  At that point they requested I sign a document of good faith which I did to elarn it waqs a document stating I would not tell anyone about the deal. At that point three people including Josh Garcia escorted me to a small room where another man, Jorge Cardona, said he was recording the conversation and did I mind. I said no but soon realizeed that it was impossible to read the masses of documents within the minute or two allowed. I had many questions unanswered and they said Hector Hernadez would meet me at my hotel the next day to explain all the details. I got back to my hotel and read the documents including a benefit gift card which were all invalid and outdated. I called repetedly both Hector and Jorge and my calls were not returned and I even realized they lied to me when one person said Jorge had just stepped out while another on the other line said it was his day off. I returned to the US and was alarmed to find out quite accidentally that another $9000 was pending on my credit card. I called Vidanta and they said this was an error. My credit card company canceled the charge and my card (thanks goodness) but the other $2250 had already been collected.   I called again repetedly from the US and again they told a pile of lies. None of the things they initally told me were correct. For example, they told me I would receive a catalogue within 30 days of my return which would list of the hotels and resorts but nothing came except another bill. I ahve requested my deposit back but have been ignored. These people are crrok and I believe it is a sophiticated ponzi scheme.  
20, Report #1312676
Jun 21 2016
03:25 PM
Vida Vacations Grupo Vidanta; Vidanta; Vidanta Group; Vida Vacations; Mayan Palace; Private Reserve Travel Collection; Vacation Privileges; The Grand Mayan Riviera Maya; The Grand Luxxe; The Grand Bliss SCAM ALERT: DO NOT ATTEND ANY PRESENTATIONS AT THE GRAND MAYAN, MAYAN PALACE OR ANY RESORTS OWNED BY VIDANTA/VIDA VACATIONS Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo
DO NOT ATTEND ANY PRESENTATIONS AT THE GRAND MAYAN, MAYAN PALACE OR ANY RESORTS OWNED BY VIDANTA/VIDA VACATIONS. THEIR SOLE PURPOSE IS TO RUN TIMESHARE/VACATION PACKAGE SCAMS!!! In May of 2016, my husband and I were on vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and stayed at both The Grand Mayan and the Mayan Palace in the Vidanta Resort. When we checked in, the hotel representative told us we could receive a 10% discount off of all services and restaurants at the resort during our stay, a free breakfast and $200.00 cash. This was in exchange for attending a 90 minute presentation to inform timeshare owners of mandatory disclosures about the timeshare industry. NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU, DO NOT ATTEND ANY PRESENTATIONS! We were suckered into it and it turned into a 7 HOUR barrage involving 5 sales agents trying to get my husband and I to purchase a vacation membership at the Vida resorts. After refusing all offers, Victor Romero was supposed to sign us out and give us the cash as promised. Instead, he offered us yet another vacation package. I explained to him that we did not want to purchase any vacation packages and that, if anything, we wanted to sell the timeshare we already own. With that information, he offered a vacation membership worth $68,800.  With the trade-in value of our timeshare at $66,300, we would pay $2,600 and also get a vacation membership. In addition, we would have to pay the transfer fees and Vida would purchase our timeshare. With this information, we agreed on the purchase in order to get rid of our timeshare, which is extremely difficult to do on the open market. Mr. Romero then had Tania Ivan, who claimed to be an attorney, prepare and sign the paperwork with us. I asked her again if this transaction 100% guaranteed that the timeshare we were “trading-in” would be purchased by Vida and we would no longer be responsible for the maintenance fees.  She assured us that once the title transfer company, Equity Acquisition Services (“EAS”), received the deed and other necessary documentation, the sale was guaranteed.  On a side note, after reviewing the paperwork when I returned home, it seems as though Ms. Ivan is not an attorney and is in fact just another sales representative. We returned from vacation 2 weeks later, which is why it took so long to figure out that we had been scammed. In hindsight, I should have researched the companies as soon as I left the presentation but because we stayed at the resort that would be handling the transaction and we had no problems while on vacation, we assumed it was legitimate transaction. However, I still felt I should check out the title transfer company before sending my timeshare documentation.  I was horrified to find HUNDREDS of complaints, scam alerts and fraudulent activity associated with Equity Acquisition Service and the vacation packages being sold at the same resort where we had stayed.  The complaints all had the same issue; EAS gives the impression that once they have your documentation and you pay the closing fees, the timeshare is no longer your responsibility. In all of the research online, I found that EAS was demanding additional sums of money to complete the transaction. They would then hold the deeds for a year, not completing any sales of the owners’ timeshares, while forcing owners to continue to pay the maintenance fees. If anyone complained, EAS then offered to sell the timeshare back to the owner at a “discount”. When people complained to Vida Vacations, they did not want to refund the purchase of the vacation membership. After reading this, I promptly emailed Ivy Palmer, the EAS rep that had contacted me and informed her that I was not going to continue with the fraudulent transaction.  Ms. Palmer did not respond to my email. Another representative called me later on that day from EAS and offered to SELL me back my own timeshare for $3,500.00!  I told her absolutely not.  Somehow the EAS rep was trying to make me believe that even though they do not possess my deed and even though no transfer proceedings had begun, that I would have to “buy back” my timeshare if I didn’t choose to proceed.  The contract was signed under false pretenses, with a company that has numerous complaints and cases of fraud against them! There was no way I would send them money and “hope” that my case will be different.  Another questionable fact is that Equity Acquisition Services’ board of directors is just one person - Neil E. Paulsen as president, treasurer, secretary and vice president. I immediately called Vida Vacations to cancel the Private Reserve Travel Collection vacation package attached to this transaction and request a full refund. I have attempted numerous times to cancel this transaction with no resolve.  No one has called me back and the few people I have spoken to all pass me on to someone else. To this day, no one has returned my calls or answered my email.  This is the typical behavior of an unscrupulous company.  Once they have your money, they don’t care what happens.  The Riviera Mayan sales office claims that Melina Alarcon has the authority to cancel my service and provide a refund. The number I was given by customer service to reach her directly was a nonworking telephone number. I suspect after numerous complaints, the vacation package company, currently known as Private Reserve Travel Collection (“PRTC”), changed their name in 2015.  PRTC filed a fictitious name registration with the Arizona Dept. of State on Sept. 30th, 2015.  PRTC now only has a Facebook page and their own website online. I cannot find any information online about anyone who has booked any vacations through them. I went to the PRTC Reservation website to check if what is actually offered matches the information we were presented by Victor Romero.  I did numerous searches for 2016 and 2017.  The deep discounts, nor the availability of 4 and 5 star locations in major cities were shown.  There were 2 and 3 star locations, at best, and in outer towns.  The information he presented to us was fabricated. Mr. Romero did not show us any of these rates on the actually booking website. We were shown pictures and quoted prices verbally so he could have made up anything and we had no way of confirming it to be true until after our purchase. Grupo Vidanta is developer of the properties where this vacation membership scheme takes place. The following names of resorts and services are the under their umbrella: Vidanta Group; Vida Vacations; Mayan Palace; Private Reserve Travel Collection; Vacation Privileges; Grand Mayan Riviera Maya; The Grand Luxxe; The Grand Bliss; Sea Garden Hotels; and  Ocean Breeze Hotels. They are operating out of numerous locations in Mexico which makes it difficult to pin point who to contact in this ring of deception. When staying there, their sales people rope guests into fraudulent transactions, which is what happened to me and my husband. I have found nothing but complaints of fraud online involving Equity Acquisition Services and all resorts that are a part of the Vidanta/Vida Vacations membership.  They are selling vacation memberships under the disguise of freeing timeshare owners of their monthly fees by offering to buy or “trade-in” one’s timeshare with the bonus of getting a discount on vacation packages. These deceptive practices are  unacceptable and the only way to get Vidanta to stop this scam is to let as many people as possible know about our experience.
Entity: Playa del Carmen, Internet
21, Report #1405541
Oct 11 2017
08:43 AM
Vidanta/Destinos Unlimited Vida vacations, Nuevo Vallarta, Grand Mayan, Mayan Palace, Sea Gardens, The Bliss Resorts Vidanta, Destinos Unlimited, Vida Vacations misled us - we were scammed! Nuevo Vallarta & Scottsdale Mexico & Arizona
My husband and I went to a timeshare presentation at the Vidanta Grand Mayan Resorts in Nuevo Vallarta in Feb. 2017. We were convinced by the timeshare salesman that hangs out in the Mega store Mark that this was a beautiful place and that information would be presented in an honest manner. We attended the presentation and were shown around, and a number of representatives tried very hard to sell us a timeshare, but we declined. However, we were interested in the prospect of buying in the near future, so after they kept us there for 5 hours hammering away at us, we finally caved and bought a trial package. The package was for 3 years and included 1 free week at the Mayan Resort in Nuevo Vallarta, plus 3 Destinos weeks for current usage fees, plus some diamond and adventure weeks, and we paid $2,000 USD. We made it clear that we were looking at booking our free week and 1 destinos week either the very beginning of January 2018, or Feb or March 2018. We expressed concern of availability because this is high season, but the salemans assurred us - not twice, but 4 times, if not more, that availability would not be a problem because they have access to a large inventory and that we would not have any problem booking in to the Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta during Jan, Feb, March of 2018. Our salesman and the lady that brought us the contracts, assurred us that our free week and 1 destinos week would be no problem to use to book in Jan - March 2018. Since the contract states we cannot book greater than 5 months out from the date we wish to us our free week, and destinos week, I called early October 2017 to book for Feb/March 2018. I was told there was absolutely no availability for the free or destinos week, and that to use my free week, I should call beginning of November 2017 to try and book for April. She also stated that I could only use my free week in the off season - April - October. I explained to her that this is not what we were told, that we explicitely asked about using our free week in Jan-March, and she said our contract only allowed us to use our free week in the off season. I then called back later in the day, and spoke to another agent and tried to book, and she told me there was no availability in Nuevo Vallarta, but that I could book in Sea Garden in Mazatlan, or Grand Mayan in Puerto Penasco in the months of January and February 2018. Since this was a surprise, I told her I would get back to her. I called the next day, and was told by another agent that my free week could only be used in May - October and there were no other options. I tried explaining to her that our goal was to try out the Grand Mayan in Nuevo Vallarta with the original thought to purchase if we liked it, but she just kept repeating that we could not use our free week. I then called customer service and explained that we were told we could use our free week to experience the resort we were interested in buying in, but the lady just kept saying there was no availability and we could not use our free week in the winter months. That was the extent of their customer service. We were lied to during the sales, and what we bought was clearly mis-represented to us since we very clearly asked if we could use our free week during the winter months - and were assured there would be no problem! We were scammed - shame on Vidanta, Destinos Unlimited, and Vida Vacations as we were a potential customers - but certainly would not deal with companies that scam people as their business. All we want is to use our free week and 1 destinos week in Feb/March in Nuevo Vallarta to see if we would like to own in that location - during the time we would use the timeshare if we actually bought. We would like our $2,000 back or get to use our 2 weeks in Feb/March 2018.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
22, Report #1374993
May 23 2017
07:33 PM
Vidanta Lifestyle Vidanta Vidanta Timeshares Vidanta Resorts BULLYING TACTICS Mexico Nationwide
 My girlfriend and I went to Mazatlan for a holiday at the beginning of May. We got a getaway from II and stayed at the Sea Garden. We were offered some very low end incentives (brunch, 10% off hotel purchases, 500 peso room credit and city tour) in exchange for going to an Update. We spoke with one of the sales reps Trevor who was informative and respectful. We advised him of our previous experience dealing with Vidanta and that what was presented verbally always sounded like such a good deal but we could never get it in writing. His words of advice were if they will not give you what they are offering in writing then do not sign anything. He proceeded to explain the benefits of the Vida Lifestyle Program. Everything which Trevor presented seemed reasonable and good and something that would fit into our lifestyle. I then asked him to see the contracts. He brought me the contract for the one month timeshare usage purchase and for the Vida Lifestyle Program. We took a quick review of the few pages of the two contracts and did not see anything that was represented to us verbally written in the contracts. Trevor stated that there was a more detailed contract and held his fingers up showing that it was about an inch thick worth of paperwork. I told him fine, I'm ready to buy as soon as I can read your contracts. Since we are staying here for the week if you can give it to me I'll read it with in the next day or two and let you know if we have a deal. He stated that he did not know if that would be possible he then got up from the table. A few moments later a 35 year old man named DUCOTE ROBERT DONELY came to the table and said that my request to see the contract was only a tactic not to do the deal. I told him he was entirely wrong that I wished to read what I would be signing before I signed. He became very rude, belligerent, loud, uncooperative, contradictory and dismissive about my request and said the only way that I could see a contract is if I did the deal and paid the money. I told him that that was ridiculous at which point he immediately stood up towering over me trying to be overbearing and overpowering. He was an absolute jerk and bully threatening me with Open your mouth again and I will have security go to your room, pack your bags and physically remove you from the property immediately. At this point my girlfriend and I stood up and I said I have never heard of such a thing and like a little child DUCOTE DONLEY said go ahead go ahead say another word. I would enjoy nothing better than having you thrown off of the property. We turned around and left the presentation room. The first representative Trevor stated that the programs that were being offered were different because they were now doing business in America. I'm not sure yet of this statement but I'm going to enquire further to see what remedies civil and criminal can be levied against this bully DUCOTE DONLEY. WARNING TO ALL. Stay away from VIDANTA and this very immature and unprofessional little boy. They represent they are not like other timeshares but in reality they are worse. Heed the advice their representative gave to us. IF THEY WILL NOT PUT IT IN WRITING DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1217967
Mar 24 2015
08:42 PM
Vidanta The Bliss, Mayan Palace, Grand Mayan, Luxxe, Vacation Class, S.A. DE C.V. Grupo VidantaVida Vacations Fraudulent Timeshare Scam, Property sold does not exist Sold in Cabo Mexico, Fake Title in Puerto Vallarta also Houston TX
I highly encourage EVERY owner of the Vidanta resorts (The Bliss, Grand Bliss, Luxxe, etc.) in Mexico to don't pay them another penny for any annual dues, and payment to outstanding principal if you were one of thousands scammed by fraudulent sales practices and bought resorts that don't even exist!We should all start a class action law suit, which may be difficult because it is in Mexico's jurisdiction.I just spent $20,000 in 4/2013 sales office San Jose Del Cabo for The Bliss one bedroom to be built in East Cape (near San Jose Del Cabo). On the contract they wrote Bliss Nuevo Vallarta and when I complained they said we own at all Vida resorts and  they had to put an existing resort that was built, but would later change the contract.  All LIES.  There is not even a Bliss in Nuevo Vallarta and East Cape Resort has not started construction. Unfortunately we paid the timeshare off within 6 months because we don't like to carry debt.  Big Mistake.I will NEVER PAY any more annual maintenance dues until East Cape is built or our money is refunded, which will probably never happen.Unfortunately we paid off the entire balance of our timeshare, but they will NEVER get a penny from us until I am satisfied. They can't even tell me what I own since there is no BLISS in Nuevo Vallarta or Cabo. East Cape resort doesn't exist.VIDANTA IS A TOTAL SCAM! ALL FRAUDS. DO NOT BUY.  DO NOT ATTEND SALES SEMINARS.  ** OWNERS - STOP PAYING ANNUAL DUES **  LET VIDA GO BANKRUPT!  Without pressure from all of us owners, they will never settle and will continue to scam millions of dollars for fake properties while the owners get rich.I encourage everyone to stop paying them a penny more. LETS SEE THEM GO BANKRUPT so they can feel what it's like to get screwed!Any real attorneys or people that want to start a class action lawsuit, feel free to contact me.On my contract the company says payments may be made to VACATION CLASS, S.A. DE C.V. Account Number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Bank: BANAMEX, S.A. Swift Code BNMXMXMM or mail to VACATION CLASS, S.A. DE C.V. P.O. Box 56369, Houston, TX, USA.  Check must be made out to VACATION CLASS, S.A. DE C.V.866-888-0587 (from US and Canada)+52 322-176-0660 (from all other countries) 
24, Report #1065398
Jul 08 2013
07:35 PM
Mayan Palace Grup/ Grupo Vidanta -Daniel Chavez Moran El Grupo Mayan Palace, Daniel Chavez Moran, bilks American citizens of hundreds of millions of dollars PUERTO PEÑASCO Mexico
 Hello my dear friends, I worked at the Mayan Palace about 6 month ago, I resigned after only two week of working as a time- share salesman, they don't pay salary only straight commission, no benefits, no sick pay, the manager Randy'', discounts about 200 hundred dollars if we get late to work from the very poor commission system that they have implemented, no overtime pay, this is worse than working in a early slave plantation. this mayan group steal money from people and employees. If we make a sale we get about  100 hundred dollars in a 30 000.00 dollars sale, that's a slap on the face and the long  list can go all day long. Shame for Mr. Daniel Chavez Moran owner of this bunch of thieves.
25, Report #1189548
Nov 17 2014
05:01 PM
Vida Vacations, Mayan Palace Resort, Cancun Fraudulent Timeshare - Vacation Benefit Sales Playa Paraiso/ Playa del Carmen Mexico
We stayed at the Mayan Palace for a week and loved the location and overall ambience of the resort. However, I wish I read about the Mexican sales tactics before going there. We just want to alert all the travelers about the fraudulent sales tactics that apparently Mayan Palace is famous for. They start to wear you down at the check-in when you are already tired and want to get some rest after a long flight. The representative that talked to us was very nice and helpful and when she mentioned that she would get credit if we sign up, we wanted to help her out and agreed to attend the “presentation”. After breakfast and visiting the sample units, the sales attempts started. The supposedly 1 hour “presentation” took 4 hours, since they passed us to another representative whenever we said that we are not interested. At the end, we were worn out and the last agent was convincing enough that we gave in. Despite paying the $75.00 resort charge as Wyndham/Worldmark owners (which was never reimbursed), we did not have Wi-Fi at our unit and had no clue about all the fraudulent sales tactics of Groupo Vidanta. After coming back to the US, we realized that the benefits of the program (VacationPriviledges) that we purchased were either grossly misrepresented to us or they were outright lies.  So far, our attempts to resolve the issues with Vida Vacations have failed. We just want to alert all the travelers to Mayan Palace that they should STAY AWAY from the sales presentations.

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