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51, Report #922559
Jan 14 2016
06:07 PM
vivint  Never Showed, Took Money, No Refund Spearman, Texas
I called Vivint and set up an appt for a Saturday between 2-4 for install.  I had to pay the first month of service in advance before the tech would come to instal. I took off that Saturday and waited...and waited.  The tech did not show at four.  I called Vivint and they told me my salesman would call me back shortly to reschedule. Two hours go by no call.  I call back and same story, he would call me back.  I asked to speak to someone else and they said there was no one and just wait for the call back. I never heard back from anyone they just keep telling me the same thing.  They charged my card for the first month and I never got that money back.  They are a warned.  I am just glad it happened now before I got jipped into a three and half year contract.  Time to call ADT.
Entity: Spearman, Texas
52, Report #927790
Jan 14 2016
04:21 PM
Vivint  Poor customer service/follow up worse ever Provo, Utah
Vivint Sercurity services is a total rip off. Their cusomer service is horrible!  Sales representative did not want to come do a face to face meeting. A trusted family member had nothing but good things to say about the service they received. My system was installed 1 week and I received a bill for the next month, and had just paid for the first month with installation.  We installed the security cameras also and one has been dead since 8 Aug 2012. I called Vivint about the problem the soonest they claimed they could get someone out was 21 Aug 2012. I told them that was unacceptable to have to wait two weeks. The customer service rep talked to a tech scheduled an appointment for Wednesday 15 Aug between 9-11 am. Guess what no one shows or calls. When I call the customer service number  at 11:15 am, their excuse was oh we don't show an appointment for the 15 of Aug. This is totally unacceptable! They just cost me a day of work!!!!!! The representative promised someone would call me back today 15 August. It is now 5:32 EST and you guessed they have not called me back yet!!!!! I will not recommend Vivint services to anyone. One of the worse mistakes I have ever made.
Entity: Provo, Utah
53, Report #977955
Jan 12 2016
06:20 PM
Vivint APX Deceptive Practices and refusal to cancel contract Provo, Utah
In July of 2012 I called Vivint/APX corporate offices in an attempt to cancel my contract. I was advised to submit this request in writing and to include my account number and security password to verify legitimacy of the request. No cancellation. In August 2012 I called to verify receipt of my request and was told it had not been received but an alternative method of e-mailing the request was a legitimate and acceptable alternative. No cancellation. In October and November of this year I made phone calls to again request cancellation and was told that my contract had been automatically renewed and that the window for affecting a cancellation had expired and ther was nothing I could do but payoff the balance of the contract or transfer to an unsuspecting friend, neighbor or relative. In other words, unscrupulous and deceptive practices. To further complicate matters, the financial institution to which I have entrusted my financial stability for 52 years has refused to cooperate with me and has chosen to refuse any request for stopping automatic withdrawals. But that's another pending ripoff report complaint.
Entity: Provo, Utah
54, Report #965344
Jan 13 2016
12:24 PM
Vivint APX alarm Unable to cancel Provo, Utah
I called and advised them I wanted to cancel the motnh my contract ended, the auto renewed it inspite of this information and multiple calls and discussions with reps and supervisors have been unaffective.  They continue to bill me, now up to $200+ dollars after thier own notes say I did not want the service and my contract ended.
Entity: Provo, Utah
55, Report #932768
Jan 14 2016
03:24 PM
Vivint  - Difficulty Cancelling Within Trial Period, Provo, Utah
After having Vivint's residential security system installed, we decided that it wasn't for us.  We were told that we had 3 business days (trial period) after the initial installation to cancel, after which we would receive a full refund.  After reading reviews on this site about difficulty in cancelling, I decided to take extra care to make sure that the cancellation process went smoothly.  It didn't. Day 1: System installed Day 2: I called Vivint to cancel.  They said that they needed a signed letter requesting cancellation.  I needed to either scan and email them a copy or fax it to them. Day 3: I scanned and emailed them a signed letter.  I called them later that day to see if they received it.  They notified me that it usually takes them a couple of weeks to cancel after which they would refund me.  They said they would make a note in the system that I had emailed them a signed letter. Day 25: Still no word from Vivint.  I called and they told me they never received my email and that I was under contract for 2.5 years.  I explained the process I went through to cancel, but the representative on the phone only reiterated that I was now under contract.  After 10 minutes of this, I asked to speak to a manager.  Luckily, I had my date-stamped email which I provided to him.  I'm guessing that I'd be out of luck if I had originally faxed the cancellation to them.  This wasn't enough proof for him so I also had to send them a screenshot which showed that I had emailed the correct email address (if I had spelled the email address wrong or sent it to the wrong place, I'd be locked in to a contract) and before the 3 trial days were up.  He said that he would process the cancellation because I had provided proof.  Close call. Day 35: Still no refund. Words of advice:  Be VERY careful.  Document EVERYTHING.  They make it very difficult to cancel.  They will claim that they never got the cancellation despite solid evidence that they did.  The next thing you know, you'll be locked in to a 2.5 year contract that you are unable to get out of.
Entity: Provo, Utah
56, Report #923407
Jan 14 2016
05:22 PM
Vivint  Breach of Contract - Failure to Respond Provo, Utah
We were contacted by a Vivint door-2-door home security representative upon the completion of our home remodeling. After a very lengthy presentatation, their representative assured myself and my family that services provided by Vivint would prove to be invaluable as a precaution against home burglary as well as a quick response measure providing for the well-being of two indviduals living in the home that would need a fast response by medical emergency personnel should the need arise. Ever since the initial equipment install, we have had nothing but problems with both the equipment installed by Vivint technicians, and by the lack of concern shown to us by the Vivint personnel in their support department. Have tried repeatedly to get Vivint to honor their own contract by either repairing or replacing the faulty equipment only to have them say the problem is not the equipment itself but is indeed caused by our living on the fringe of their coverage area. If that is the case, then why was this not identified by their representative when he sold us the system? Another problem is with the lack of their call center to respond during a recent situation where the call center DID NOT respond for 40 minutes after the alarm on our home was activated. Thank goodness it did not require medical emergency response. After REPEATED calls to Vivint over the past three months, and their continued lack of concern to deal with these issues, we have decided to take legal matters to remedy this situation and terminate all future contact with Vivint with the exception of will be required under California law to get our initial deposit and all additional funds that have been paid to Vivint in the form of monthy maintenance payments.
Entity: Provo, Utah
57, Report #924811
Jan 11 2016
07:11 PM
Vivint Home Security APX High Pressure Sales Job Madison, Mississippi 
I got the high pressured sales pitch last night.  My next door neighbors fell for the pitch and referred Vivent to me.  I am a single Mom and it makes sense that I would be interested in security services.   The equipment sounded cool and looked high-tech but I was leary of the fact that I had never heard of Vivent and they wanted me to ink a 42  month contract that moment.  The pressure was that if I didn't sign NOW...then if I decided I wanted their service later I would have to pay for the $2,000 worth of equipment.  I told the sales rep that I just didn't make decisions without researching and shopping around.  I passed on the offer and I am glad  I did after reading other comments... 
Entity: Madison, Mississippi
58, Report #936762
Jan 11 2016
04:35 PM
Vivint alarm systems  System does not work, Internet
The system was installed and worked for about a month. We have placed 4 service calls, firs the thermostat stopped working then the camera for the alarm system stopped working. The thermostate was replaced but camera still doesnt work. It has been over 6 months and still no camera. Thermostat doesnt appear to work as the air system is always on and has to manually be adjusted.
Entity: , Internet
59, Report #945348
Jan 13 2016
02:18 PM
Vivint  APX Shady Business Practices and Deceptive Ploys Provo, Utah
On April 27, 2007 a APX salesman showed up at our door selling alarm systems. We liked what he was offering, so we agreed. We thought it strange that he was admaant that we get the system installed that day. When the installer arrived he was really rushed, and the installation was not the best. 2 years into the contract we realized that we weren;t even using the sytem and tried to cancel. We were then told that we had signed a 5 year contract. February 13, 2012, we called to inquire about cancelling. At first they tried to tell us that our contract was for 5 years, but we informed them that the contract would be up that year and needed to know the date. They told us to call back in MArch to cancel. March 24, 2012, we called to cancel, and were told that we needed to submit the cancellation in writing (we were not told this initially) April 20,2012, submitted the letter in writing, and noted that the phone call on March 24, 2012 would serve as our initial request for cancellation We considered the matter closed, until September 11, 2012 we received a letter saying that payment was rejected due to account being closed. (They had continued to debit our account) We called immediately just to be told that we had not submitted our cancellation in enough time, and our contract was automatically renewed for 1 year
Entity: Provo, Utah
60, Report #961483
Jan 13 2016
12:57 PM
Vivint  Billing Errors - always customer's fault, Internet 
Vivint has made numerous billing errors. This is our most recent... Tech came to work on alarm.  I paid in full with check.  (Check was perfectly good).  Vivint decides the tech is taking too long so they bill my credit card -- oh, yea, when they do this they label it a delinquent account. The equipment is not up to par either.  We have had close to 10 equipment malfunctions resulting in notices from the city and fines.  We never had this problem with our other company.  I so regret going with Vivint. 
Entity: , Internet
61, Report #942435
Jan 13 2016
03:10 PM
Vivint  Poor Customer service - lack of integrity Provo, Utah
Vivint lacks integrity as a company.  Expect them to not address technical issues nor adhere to their contract.  They will not monitor services that they are contractually obligated to.  They will not support their system once it is installed.  They will erroneously dispatch police and make no apologies for it. Calls to customer service resulted in little more than long wait times.  You will be on hold for 30+ minutes.  If you ask for a manager you will be told one will call you back and you will never hear from them again. When I cancelled my contract recently I brought up all the issues I had with them and they very simply said no we didn't.  I explained to them that they didn't send a technician when I called and asked for them and they actually told me I shouldn't have expected one because they never sent one.  I tried to explain that you can't use my complaint as an excuse for your error but they just didn't get it.  If you're in a contract right now you would be wise to cancel it and get out at your next opportunity.  I don't know if any other company is any better but they rely on their long hold times and run arounds to keep you locked in. Truly no integrity.
Entity: Provo, Utah
62, Report #1291540
Mar 03 2016
10:43 PM
Vivint Keep charging after contract terminated provo Utah
My contract was up December 2015.  I jumped through all the hoops and sent all the necessary paperwork.  I even had PROOF that everything was done.  I had fulfilled original contract and did not want to extend.  Come Jan 2016 they charged me.  I called and spent HOURS on the phone for them to realize the mistake was theirs and they refunded.    BUT WAIT, they charged AGAIN  Feb 2016.  Called AGAIN, and again several hours on the phone.  Was told I had to speak the original person that cancelled account, and they would have to send email.    NEVER heard from him.  SO called AGAIN and HOURS later, supposedly have it resolved.    First I am not sure why I have to cancel services once a contract has ended.  If I fulfill the contract I should no longer be charged unless I am in a new contract.   Second, customer service is a joke.  Almost every phone call gets disconnected.  You are transferred to so many different people.  No one has direct extensions and no one ever returns phone call.   I see on their facebook page that this is NORMAL for them.  I really feel ANOTHER class action lawsuit needs to happen with this company.
Entity: provo, Utah
63, Report #1359347
Mar 02 2017
02:36 PM
Vivint Solar solar cooked. by poor suport Oregon
I first had my solar system install to cut down my electric bill. I remember the sale's person asking me if I could get cheaper electric bill, would I use my A/C more, I said sure. Few months later system installed. Not to the original drawings I agreed on.. The system was underrated and I was still hitting tear 3. Not as I was told how things would be. I was told I shouldn't see anything out of trar 1, maybe on hot months I may get tear 2.  I complaned to the company, only to get the same stander responce. We are sorry, nothing we can do, and the big responce You signed a contract.  A year goes by and my neighbor remeber me complaning about my solar system and said a sales person came by to drum up more installs. My neighbor told him about my story. The sales person comes over and says he can help me, that he's sorry about what happen, that sales person is no longer working for them. he was willing to install more panels at no cost to me... Had to have a second credit check, witch doesn't make sence because if it doen't cost me anything, why have to run credit check? after all I should only be paying for the watts they produces.  I had to have a new 200 amp main circuitbreaker panel installed.  I really didn't want anything more to do with the company, I mean I really dislike the company, after a few hours and two days of saying no, i finally gave in. Had to sign a second contract for the second set of panels. Keep in mind each time they are the ones that get reiburst each time by the goverment. You have to sign that right away. I think thats how they are double dipping from the goverment. Same house, but they claim it as a second system.   Day of install. Again panels are not as I aproved and not matching the first set of panels. Ask agent why am getting an different layout and different set of panels compaired to the ones I just had installed a little over a year ago.  said someone changed the plans that this layout is better for my house. I can't help but wonder what hads changed on my roof from when the first so called engineer called for the layout I aproved. I had to fight to get the work done as I was told. after the repairs was completed when the rains came it flooded there box with the sending units, each month i was getting a gustamet bill. It took about a year of me calling and trying to get someone to repair te system. I told them I wanted the panels off my roof because they broke the contract by not providing a fully operational system as designed. from this company I got no suport from billing, maintence people was quitting and repair request falling between cracks. Finally system working, the electric bill was more then I can pay. I asked if I can make payments, they said they can split the bill into two payments. I said no way I can afford that. I asked to have panels temporarily turn off until i can pay off my bill. They said that i signed a contract. I told them according to my understanding I am a utility company. I sould have to flowing the same set of rules as any other person that can't pay the bill. power gets cut off until paid in full.  custmer service is unwilling to work with you. only thing they care about is money. It feels like they are extorting me
Entity: Oregon
64, Report #1368727
Apr 20 2017
12:15 PM
Vivint Lied about a trial period Utah
 There was a salesman that came door to door. He told us that we could try it for 30 days and if we don't like the service, we can call and they will come and get their stuff. When we called, they tried to say that it was only a trial period of 3 to 5 days. I have text saying the guy lied but they wouldn't do anything. I also called the BBB and they said that i didn't have enough information for them to take care of it. It has caused me so much pain dealing with all of this. The guy lied to us. Now it is on my credit report. My credit report was good until this. We are trying to buy a home but these people did this. I want this resolved asap.
Entity: Nationwide
65, Report #890176
Jan 18 2016
03:44 PM
VIVINT APX home security systems Military Beware of VIVINT! Locks you in 4 year contract  Killeen, Texas     
If you are military beware of Vivint home security, they will thank you for your service but kick you in the**** if you need to cancel. The contract only mentions cancellation procedures initiated by VIVINT. They do NOT have a military clause!!!!       After over 2 years of service with VIVINT (formerly known as APX alarms) we received military orders to relocate, so we called  customer service to request cancellation of services. We were informed that we needed to submit a copy of our military orders and a written and signed request for cancellation, and services would be cancelled as of the date on the orders. We submitted the information via e-mail but when we followed up 5 days later they claimed they had not received any of the documentation. We sent the information a second time to 2 different e-mails and were told we had to wait atleast 2 days for the information to post to our account. On the third day we called back to verify that the documents were received and that the cancellation was in progress only to be told that they only received 1 of the documents. At that time we submitted the missing document to the customer service representative that was with us on the phone so that she could confirm receipt of the document and she did.        After 2 weeks of going back and forth with customer service and the account resolution department we believed services would be cancelled as of the date on the military orders, instead later that day  we received a voice mail from someone named Andrew stating that in order for us to cancel our services now we had to provide something stating that we were living in housing or an apartment that did not allow the installation of security services. The problem is that we are currently living in a hotel until further notice and can NOT provide that. When we tried to call Andrew back to the number and extension he provided on the voicemail,within 30 minutes of his message, he had left for the holiday weekend so we had to wait until the following Tuesday. We were informed over the phone that that their were no managers in the office and no one other than Andrew could help us.       On Tuesday when we spoke to Andrew and inquired about their military clause Andrew told us that they do not have a military clause and that this request for us to provide additional documentation was simply a courtesy to us.          We had VIVINT for a bit over 2 years, never had a late or missed payment, and had no problems with them until this. It is truly a dissappointment that this is how they choose to treat the military. We have never had a business NOT honor military orders for relocation.                              This is how they truly thank us for our service!!!
Entity: Killeen, Texas
66, Report #883851
Jan 18 2016
04:20 PM
Vivint.  Vivint Security 4931 North 300 West  BEWARE: WATCH OUT FOR YOURSELF & THE ELDERLY!!! Provo, Utah
Please be aware! In the Federal Hill area of South Baltimore a young man identified himself as Rep: Cameron Carlson to my husband yesturday and asked if we had ADT. He was according to my husband pitching his company while slamming ADT. My husband told him he would speak w/ me & get back to him. He later asked me if I had ever heard of the 2nd largest security system in the country? I told him it sounded fishy but when I got a chance I will research & let him know if we would switch as we have an outdated alarm but still decent & fully functional w/ ADT already. Today I got a knock on my door around 2pm which I opened the 2nd floor window to answer as we do live in the city & I do not as a rule allow any strangers into nor will I open a door for anyone simply because they have I.D. My husband has been a Police Officer since 1984. This can be a very violent City & I am not a volunteer victim. He told me that he would upgrade my entire existing system *free of charge & I would pay only around $49.50/month for monitoring. I explained that my husband was not home but gave his cell and asked him to call him around 6pm on his cell. I then looked at the Contract he had collected my husband's full name, address & phone number AND he had already written a contract stating the following - GO! Control & Siren 1@ $699.00 subtotal $699.00, but no charge to us, 6 door/window @ $60.00/each but again no charge, hand written Glass Break 1 @$200.00; subtotal 1@$200 & no charge for total price, as well as 1 warranty hand written again for a price & subtotal of $200 but zero total price to us. Also throw in a $198 Installation Charge, $198 subtotal & o total price. So, the total price before any monthly monitoring was $1657.00, the subtotal was $1657.00. Yet the proce is somehow zero. Per my conversation w/ him totay EVERYTHING WAS FREE BUT MONITORING... FOR A LOCKED IN, IRON CLAD & 42 MONTHS!!! NO WAY. I don't even know them nor have I ever heard of them yet I was actually going to be bullied into this? NOTHING felt right. Why a contract w/ just a conversation? Why the 4 trips in only 2 days yet no calls (althow he told my husband he was Morman & perhaps they have rules about cell phones I am not aware of?) Had this been handed to an elderly person to sighn they probably would and I have a very hard time as being in sales for 15 years myself with ANY company that slams their competitor, announces they are the 2nd largest Co in the US & goes door to door soo aggressively. He told me another story today. Absolutely zero charge for all of the above & we only pay for instullation as our alarm is so out of date. Instead of calling my husband's cellphone at 6pm he stopped by & we didn't answer the door he returned again at 8pm and again we didn't answer the door. BEWARE of ANY COMPANY THAT LOCKS YOU INTO A 42 MONTH CONTRACT! Sells by slamming a compeditor, or changes any part of any oral or written agreement on 2nd visit. The choice is yours. I DECLINE! Too Pushy & this young man talks fast & could easily get a signature from an elderly or not well educated person just by talking about things that are simply not true. Or degrade your current equiptment as opposed to telling me why theirs can help fulfill my needs better. I have a terrible feeling that there will be many homes w/ new alarm systems they My husband asked him if he worked for ADT & he hesitated bit then said no. Positive experiences equal positive companies that do not slam or claim to be an affilliate of the competition. 4 trips to my home in 2 days is DESPIRATE. Thankfully we are not. BEWARE!!! I am quite certain he will be back again tomorrow.... Don't Sighn anything ever unless your comfortable & take the time to actually read it or have it explained to you. This is a contract, not just some notes. Be aware Baltimore!
Entity: Provo, Utah
67, Report #918903
Jan 14 2016
06:08 PM
Vivint Celluar Home Security Vivint Very stressful ,misleading Provo Utah
Vivint sounds like a good product. Its sales personnel are very likable  and personable . They are very good at what they do- sell . Many things dont add up especially if you are being offered their home security for free. Free is not free and often ends up costing  the buyer in some way . Remember Buyer Beware are not just words but a warning - don' t trust or   be swayed .
Entity: Provo, Utah
68, Report #965685
Jan 13 2016
12:23 PM
All the reports that this company fights you canceling your contract must be true. It happened to me.  I knew I had to give written notice 30 days prior to my contract canceling.  The contract is not 3 years or 36 months it is 39 months.  I started the process in May when the contract was canceling in September.  I called to tell them that I was canceling the contract they put me through to a person that tries to get you to stay.  Finally they tell me I can email a request to when I called back to make sure they got it they said they didn't and now to send it to  I sent it again.  I know they got it because I listed to part of an VM that was trying to sell me again - they won't take no for an answer. Since I had complied according to the contract and sent written notice I didn't think about it until my credit card was charged.  I called to tell them to take it off and they said my contract had renewed and basically too bad.  This man says they never got anything in writing which I knew was a lie because of the VM left. When I asked to speak to a manager he said he was the manager.  When I asked to speak to someone higher he said they don't answer phones. I hit the ceiling!  I had done everything required.  Now they say it has to be a hand signed email.  This company is evil and I don't know how they sleep, I really don't.   This is not over.  As much as I hate class actions - I hope an attorney sues them and gets it class actioned. 
Entity: PROVO, Utah
69, Report #986843
Jan 12 2016
05:53 PM
Vivint Vivint Alarms Pressure Sales on the Elderly and False Billing Claims Calgary, AB, Manitoba Canada
Please be very cautious when dealing with these door to door pressure sales people. They will give you every story and tend to put alot of pressure to sign a contract for 3 years and lock you in. Especially the elderly and those who do not speak english very well. My mother was suckered into this service at a very costly monthly rate and we could not get out of this for 3 years. Once you try and cancell the service, be sure to notify them buy phone, e-mail, mail and also be sure to put stop payments on your account as they will continue to withdraw your cash. There are several other great alarm service companies that have just as good services for half the price. Do not get pressured into Vinint high pressure sales tactics. Never sign on any dotted lines until you have researched all your options and alternative Alarm providers.
Entity: Calgary, AB, Manitoba
70, Report #1291946
Mar 06 2016
11:12 AM
Vivint Vivint Sky System just doesn't work Salt Lake City Utah Nationwide
I've had the Vivint Sky system now for two years and have continued problems with it.  What was sold was not able to be delivered.  Problems include cameras that don't stay on-line, thermostats the go through batteries every month, door locks that go through batteriers, changing features (mostly removing features - like Weather Channel display on panel is now gone, setting to disarm system when unlocking at door is no longer available, and others), and continuous problems with the website for remote access (can't see cameras, unsupported browsers, no smartphone access).
Entity: Nationwide
71, Report #1358104
Feb 24 2017
09:41 AM
Vivint, Vivint security Worst lying, cheating company i have ever done business with! Provo, UT Nationwide
Started wth Vivint after they came to my house one evening.  Nice enough.  First clue should have been them installing immediately.   Problem after problem with equipment.  Mostly because they had to use boosters to get signal throughout my home.  Finally got it working after 2 months.   Tried to cancel after week 3 and was told we could only cancell within 3 days of install.   Told the crappy panels by doors would be upgraded in 3 weeks and they would come replace. Never happened afer repeated calls, I gave up.   These panels do not tell you if alarm is going off, or the area in which the alarm is going off.  They are useless except for arming or disarming.   Now my sensors are not working.  Sent out a really nice guy to fix this, but he cannot put a in frame sensor in my front door because it is a double door.  There is not enough room to drill for the sensor.  The only other option is two large white boxes.  One on each side of the door frame (Middle of the double doors)    I told them that would look hideous and I wouldn't let him put in my home.    We called company together (second time).  The loyalty guy told the installer to put in a glass break or motioon detector and forget putting a sensor on the door.  Problem is 1.  Glass break will not sound if door is opened and 2. Motion detector is no good on with people in the home. (ie: at night)  So neither is a good option.  The installer explained this to the guy and he told the installer, They cannot cancel a contract because one piece of equiptment is not working.   When I asked for a refund for the month because several sensors were not working, I was told I would get a partial refund only for the sensors not working.  What BS is that!  I guess we just throw the dice and hope they try to break in through the doors/windows that the sensors actually work?    Sick of this company and all the crap.  Finding a lawyer and taking them for some of the $2 Billion they are apperantly worth!
Entity: Nationwide
72, Report #1348970
Jan 10 2017
03:46 PM
Vivint smart home Vivint smart home fraud Nationwide
Company will sell service to you but does not show up for install. I have had scheduled appointments that I took off work for only to have them not show. They will have scheduling dept robo call you to put you on hold for indefinite periods I usually hang up after 20 minutes I am canceling do to fact never recieved full install and lost hundreds of dollars in lost wages for nothing avoid this company at all costs
Entity: Nationwide
73, Report #1378238
Jun 10 2017
10:01 AM
vivint vivint home security contract bait and switch tactics Provo Nationwide
DO NOT USE VIVINT THEY ARE LIARS AND CROOKS. I lost my job and called Vivint to ask when my contract was over because that would be one less bill to pay especially at 60.99 per month. The very nice man offered to lower my bill by 15.00 a month that would make my bill 45.99. He kept going on and on about that this would extend the WARRENTY 3 or 4 times that when he read a blurb about extending the contract 36 months I didn’t hear that - I heard warranty, and I did agree to the warranty being extended 36 months NOT THE CONTRACT. This is a bait and switch tactic. The system is old and not working, the alarm keeps going off for loss of power and lost sensor. I only have 1 camera on because even with the phone help we cannot get this old one on line. They sent me batteries so that I could fix it myself with telephone help, exactly what am I paying 60.99 a month for? I AM CANCELLING MY CONTRACT. I actually called to renegotiate a lower bill and stay with Vivint even with the crappy equipment but not now, not after being hung up on 3 times when being “transferred” and being lied to. So here’s the numbers: The lowered my bill by 14.99 for 12 months saving me 179.88. They added 36 months on my expired contract costing me 2195.64 Wow I saved 179.88 just to pay 2195.64??? I don’t think so, this is predatory!!! DIRTY SECRET, THEY DON’T MONITOR YOUR SYSTEM, THEY PAY ALARM.COM 4.50 A MONTH TO DO THAT AND THEY POCKET THE DIFFERENCE IN MY CASE 56.49 A MONTH FOR OLD DEFUNK SYSTEM AND EQUIPMENT THAT I HAVE TO MAINTAIN MYSELF.
Entity: Nationwide
74, Report #1393170
Aug 16 2017
11:15 AM
Vivint Vivint Home Security Worst Customer Service Ever-Can't get out of your Contract Provo Utah
Worst customer service ever?  Never deal with this company, they won't let you out of your contract.  I had to sign for 6 years and had problems from day one with faulty inept installation technicians, false alarms, faulty products and ridiculous hold times when you have to call the customer service center.  I fussed and fussed and they do not care. Tried to get out of the contract after complaining and complaining and still have over a year to pay them on my 6 year contract.  Speaking to managers and Supervisors does not help, they do not care.  They do not listen to recordings to ensure quality.  I will tell everyone about this company and would never recommend them.  They are a total scam and ripoff to not let you out of your contract when you have problem after problem because of their company and technicians.  I hate that I have over a year to keep paying these bastards!!!!  Do not deal with this expensive ripoff company, get a wireless system for less than half of what I pay now.  They are horrible.  
Entity: Provo, Utah
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Jan 11 2016
06:09 PM
Vivant APX Crooked crooks Provo , Utah
Because we were already suckered into this contract with Vivant we waited patiently for our three years to be up, meanwhile paying $40 each month for an alarm we never used. A month prior to the three years my husband called to cancel, he was told he had to call back closer to the date. On Monday when my husband called again they told him that he had missed the deadline and that our contract was automatically renewed. My husband was furious and asked to speak to the manager, he was told there was no manager that he could be refered to, my husband was told if he didn't pay this debt would affect his personal credit. Finally after threatening to call the BBB and file a lawsuit against them he was told to fax over a letter requesting the account to be closed and they would close it. Something tells me we won't be seeing the last of them. Someone tell me after so many complaints and lawsuits filed against this company how can they still be in business!!! 
Entity: Provo, Utah

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