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51, Report #190657
May 09 2006
10:05 AM
Vonage ripoff Internet
Vonage does everything it can NOT to be fair with credit. I had switched back to AT&T on Jan 12, 2006 and kept my phone number since the high speed service was not good enough to use Vonage in our office. I even called them and told them even though they had to release the number. Like who wants to call them anyway and wait 45 min to tell them you are canceling! If you have switched to another phone company and taken your number they should know this. Funny when I went from AT&T to them, I didn't do anything. I switched my number to Vonage and AT&T prorated my bill the day of the switch, I did not even call anyone. AT&T new the number was no longer theirs since they released it!. On March 28th we were still getting billed. How can they bill for a phone number that was switched back, they had to release it? After hours of waiting and speaking with someone in India, I was told to call another number,after another hour I was told I would be credited. Totally aggravated I accepted it. Well on May 6th I called to say nothing had happened. Again another couple of call each 45 minutes waits to get through. First the woman who answered the phone said I made a call in April! But then she found the ticket from March 28 and said she would credit me from March 28. I said I had not had the number even with them since Jan 26. She was an idiot and said there was nothing she could do since she had not record I had ever cancelled it until today. I said How can you bill for a phone number that AT&T is billing me for. She just kept saying sorry. So I demanded to speak to a supervisor. Then I get some woman who would only say her name was T.C. would not give me her name. She had strong ebonics and sound poorly educated who said she would send me back to the first woman and OK it. Then I am on the phone for another 15 minutes while the woman tried write up a ticket that will be reviewed and I should get an answer in about 3-5 days. Of course I will probably end up having to call again and suspect no one will have a record of this. I did get a generic follow up email that had no specifics, just that they were charging me 39.95 for early termination. John Waterford, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
52, Report #190578
May 08 2006
08:32 PM
Vonage ripoff,dishonest, fraud billing Internet
I entered the trial period after calling the customer service number and finding out all these great things that they do. Now that the service is working, those features dont even work. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!! I had the service 2 days and hated it. When I signed up they told me that my phone service would never go down. It was down for about 48 hours. Had to call and call to get it to work. The customer service dept must be in India, everytime you call you always get someone that you can understand. Now after its working, its horrible, the sound quality is horrible, they say that they can hear me fine, as Im sure they can, like they are really going to say your right its bad. Everyone that I am on the phone with someone they can never hear me, I end up having to call them back on my cell phone to have a conversation. I have called now 3 times to cancel the service while in the grace period, every time I do they either put me on hold till my phone goes dead or they will just hang up on me. My trial is ending soon and I can never get ahold of anyone. Now that my number has been transfered I really am upset because according to the original carrier they say that Vonage takes forever to transfer the number back or they just wont do it. If there is anyone out there that has contacted the attoney general or the FCC and is looking to for people to join a class action please let me know, oklahomasoonersnorman@yahoo.com. BUYER BEWARE...............DONT SIGN UP FOR IT, ITS A SCAM!! Please listen to the rest of these reports and pass it to your friends and family....... Lets put them out of service!! Josh Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
53, Report #213101
Sep 27 2006
07:36 PM
Vonage ripoff and changing rate without notification Internet
I signed with vonage for long distance call, so to be able to call a family member abroad after the gave a deal to pay 23 cents/min.I had to switch my home phone to them, and I had to sign 1 year contract, I asked the customerservice lier if this rate will change, he mentioned it will change only to lower rate?!.Since they debit your bank directly 2 month later I found out that they charge my acount $189.00.I called them, they said to me that what you used?!I went back to the web site and I found out that they change the rate to 79 cents/min witout informing me.I called customerservice and emailed them, but all I got from them sorry but we do not have to inform you, I cancelled the account and I had to pay early termination fee I did not mind that I just wanted them to get off my face.Now I switch to sunrocket, it is much better, but Vonage still blocking my phone so no one can call my phone although I am not with them any more.I told all my freinds to avoid Vonage, and you guys do the same. OSAMA flint, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
54, Report #215086
Oct 10 2006
03:03 PM
Vonage ripoff Internet
I transferred my phone number from Vonage to Verizon because the Vonage service was terrible. I just discovered that Vonage continued to bill me even after my number was transfered to Verizon. When I contacted Vonage they told me that my account was still active because I had never called to cancel. It didn't matter that I no longer was using their service and that my number had been transfered over 2 months ago. They refused to give a refund and charged an additional $39 termination fee, which I had never been informed of when signing up for the account. P Bala Cynwyd, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
55, Report #214172
Oct 04 2006
11:36 AM
Vonage ripoff, dishonest, fraudulent billing, unethical Internet
I signed up for Vonage VOIP phone service by calling a representative. The Rep assigned me what he called a temporary number which was not a local number for me, and assured me that Vonage was very aggressive in aquiring numbers for transfer, and that if my number could not be transfered, I could cancel service within 30 days, and all charges would be refunded. I recieved the router device promptly, and set up service with no problems. I made 2 or 3 test calls, then waited for the number transfer to take effect before I began using the service. There was no contact from Vonage for several weeks, so I called to check on the transfer. I was told that my number could not be transfered, and that they could not provide me with a local number, so I requested that my service be cancelled. This was well within the 30 day time frame, 21 days to be exact. 10 days later I was billed for monthly service, when I saw the charge I called Vonage again to inquire as to the status of my cancellation. They said the account was still active, though they did show a record of the call I placed to cancel the account, and they again said they would cancel the account and send a return authorization for the router. I did recieve the R/A and mailed their device back. Two months later, and two more calls with several hours on hold in total, account still active at each call, and two more charges to my credit card, and no refund. Now they are claiming I did not cancel within the 30 days. A Google search shows numerous people in the exact same situation with Vonage, this appears to be part of Vonage's business model, ripping off customers by promising service they cannot ptrovide, then making it nearly impossible to get the refund they promise. James Circleville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
56, Report #216865
Oct 20 2006
02:47 PM
Vonage ripoff, did not disclose, cancelations Internet
This company will try everything in its power to keep you under contract. You are suppose to have a 30 day trial period before you are charged an early termination fee of 40.00. The Vonage representative made up everything in the book to keep my 160.00 because I have 4 lines with them. You have to keep the originally packaging and ship it back with the equipment was one excuses. Who keeps boxes that are ripped or torn open. 30 day trial period or 250 minutes was another excuse. Their customer service suck and their connection is bad. I could go on but I am so pi**ed right now. Conviently none of these issues were disclosed on our original recorded conversation. They talked about everything else but that. VONAGE VOIP IS A SCAM. I will do whatever it takes to get the FCC involved. Frank wilmington, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
57, Report #158884
Sep 29 2005
04:04 PM
Vonage ripoff Edison New Jersey
When I recieved my vonage package ,the ethernet device would not install.I returned the device via registered mail,and ask for a refund. They never refunded my money and they continue to take money from my account.there are also no ways to contact an actuall person to dispute the matter. Melissa northvernon, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Edison, New Jersey
58, Report #141084
Apr 30 2005
10:38 PM
Vonage ripoff Edison New Jersey
Im dealing with Bank of America right now concerning this. I disputed the charges because Vonage never transered my number I was paying for 2 phone services my current one and vonage the purpose was to get rid of Qwest and have only one to save money. Vonage credited my account twice but they never responded to when my number would transfer. So in order not to get dinged with the $40.00 dollar cancelation I canceled my automatic withdrawal with BofA. They waved the $30.00 fee for canceling my Vonage withdrawal and then credit the last 2 months. I then had to send in paperwork to them telling them why I didn't owe the money. I sent that in. About a month later I get a letter from them BofA saying that they were taking the money back out of my account because Vonage fullfilled their obligation even though I sent them the web page showing that as of August 4 2004 my number still had not been transfered. Vonage sent them a detailed billing and their comment was that I used the service alot. I went to the Vonage website and my account was still on there it showed that I used about 11 minutes in Feb but the statment they sent BofA show 424 minutes what a crock I will take your advice and take it to the media if I have to I will fight this to the end. Carl Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Edison, New Jersey
59, Report #138741
Apr 13 2005
07:51 PM
Vonage ripoff miserable service Melbourne Florida
I signed-up with this miserable service over 6 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for my service to start! I just can't wait to see what happens if I need any customer support when (if?) this service ever starts! It's obvious this outfit cannot handle the customers they currently have. If I was you, I would avoid this place until they hire people that actually know what they are doing! We all heard you get what you pay for. Now that would apply in this case if this service cost less than 50 cents per month! John Melbourne, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Melbourne, Florida
60, Report #274275
Sep 12 2007
01:28 PM
Vonage Total Rip Off to Cancel! Nationwide
I signed up for Vonage in 2004. Up until a few months ago I loved it. When it dawned on me that I was wasting $35 a month for a phone I have only used 3 times in 2 years, I tried to cancel. This started 5 months ago. You call, you sit on hold for obscene amounts of time. I called this company 18 times, 80% of the calls I sat on hold for over 30 minutes (one call logged 43 minutes hold time before I had to finally hang up!). Because I could never get anyone on the phone, I sent an email to cancel, explaining that they were only open during my work hours (9am to 8pm EST) and I can not make calls from work (especially when you sit on hold that long). They emailed me back saying I had to call to cancel. I understand it is to protect my account, but when I call EIGHTEEN TIMES and can not get someone on the phone, my email request should have been honored! After the second email request to cancel and my explaining that no one was picking up the phone, they stopped even reading my emails and simply sent the same reply over and over. I finally was able to get on the phone while no one was around at my job and again sat on hold (for 27 minutes) before someone picked up. The rep barely spoke English and I couldn't understand him at all. I asked to cancel, explained that their customer service is absolutely horrible, he then had to go into making his 200 sales pitches for free months and discounted rates. Every time I said NO! Just CANCEL he offered me another pitch. I demanded my 5 months worth of charges that occured since the first day of trying to cancel. Of course I will never see that money again. I was ripped off for at least $150. Basically they won't let you cancel your service by making it absolutely impossible to do so. Martin west chester, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
61, Report #305409
Feb 01 2008
11:10 PM
Vonage charges AFTER cancelling my account Nationwide
I signed up with Vonage a year ago. After a few months, I moved and had no high speed internet connection and no need for the service. On November 8 of last year, I called to cancel the account. The person I spoke with was told all of the information provided above as to why I was cancelling. She did her usual sales pitches, but I refused them all. She told me that I owed nothing on the account, as it was paid in full to date, and it would be cancelled. Plain as day...there would be no new charges, and I was done. That's it. January 9 this year (2008) I received an e-mail stating that a transaction from Vonage couldn't go through. 2 days later I got another one. I e-mailed them back (to save on my cell phone charges) and told them I had cancelled, what the lady had told me, and asked why I was still being charged. I got a response shortly after stating that I had agreed to a free month of service, so the account didn't get cancelled because I didn't call and close it before the free month was over. I never agreed to this, and had been assured it was going to be closed. I am currently disputing this with the company, but I feel that any business that uses these practices to get money needs to be thouroughly investigated. These charges are completely false and I will NOT pay them. Thankfully, the bank account they are trying to charge is an account I closed in December. One thing that may help fix these situations is getting customer service people who KNOW ENGLISH!!!!!!!! Brandi Prescott, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
62, Report #306179
Feb 04 2008
08:14 PM
Vonage No One Answers: No Refund Medford Oregon
Vonage said free 30 trial. On the first day I tried to cancel because my local service ended up being being long distance to incoming calls. Plus sounded like air in the lines. It took me many attempted contacts to Vonage; a letter to the B.B.B. and Attorney General to get things settled. It made it even more frustrating to read their dishonest letter which stated I had not tried to work with them. Eventually they did correct the problem, but only after being turned in to B.B.B. and Attorney General. Lsm Medford, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Medford, Oregon
63, Report #312237
Feb 26 2008
01:51 PM
Vonage lied miss lead people
vonage is not what it cracks up to be.all they want is someone to sign up with them.so they can take your money.i signed up with them in dec..i called in jan9 to have services cancaled was told yes.and that i will have money refunded.in feb i called vonage back cuz they took yet again another payment out.they said i never called and if i still wanted to cancel they will charge me 40.00 to do so.i told them i was not paying to have services canceled.then she said well here is an address i can write to.to fight this i still have not heard anything.it is now march and they took another 35.00 out of my acct.what can i do about this? Tonya winchester, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
64, Report #348230
Jul 07 2008
10:49 AM
Vonage Steals from the poor Internet
I started with Vonage, just like anyone, with the excitement of a new age phone company that treats their customers very well, and doesn't rip them off. skip forward in time to present day... I just got told by Vonage customer service that I couldn't get 13 months of back billing from them that they charged me for a phone I hadn't been using since may of 2007. I lived in Seattle at the time with my wife who was in the military, she was moved to Louisiana due to a change of station, so I cancelled my account prior to leaving... being that we knew we were going to move around a lot we didn't start online service so seeing any charges to our account was difficult, being that we moved we didn't receive our account info until November of 2007 (in Bulk I might add) and still really didn't notice due to so much happening in our lives at the time, then in February/March of 08 I see charges from Vonage on our account, I call them and they told me that it's no problem sir you can get all of that money back being that we can see you didn't use your phone, BUT you will have to talk to our cancellation dept to cancel your account... needless to say, I had a horrible time working around their hours, being mine are so long, that it took me till June to call to cancel, but I wasn't worried I could get all of my money back, being that they could see that I didn't use their phone for over a year... Nope... instead I got an offer to receive 10 dollars off service for a year, ooooooo I get 120 dollars of my hard earned money back. Vonage blows and is a major rip off, and I will see to it that everyone knows about it. Will winter garden, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet
65, Report #338017
Jun 07 2008
09:30 AM
66, Report #230414
Jan 13 2007
05:49 PM
Vonage Extortion! Internet Other
Poor sound and no connections, after multiple attempts to ajust my computer I emailed the problems and got a prefomatted email, but NO solution so I emailed a cancelation, I got a preformed email, saying they would be in contact. Then I noticed It was still being deducted from my account, as I had set up an electronic funds withdrawl so they'd be paid promplty. I tried to cancel with my bank and I wrote the bank to stop the withdrawls. That still did not confirm my cancelation. my Then after I finally got someone at VONAGE that understood I was no longer going to pay for a service I was not getting,and never DID, they accepted my cancelation and then they FINALLY canceled my service, which was now convieniently past their trial date. They now want the cancelation fee. They have turned it over to a collection agency I have 780+ credit score and thus by EXTORTION I will have to pay, even though I have my cancelation emails! and the dated letter to the bank...clearly this is EXTORTION! I never had any decent sound and only could use the phone with echo and feed back for about 4 weeks. Denise Bothell, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Other
67, Report #233415
Jan 29 2007
07:24 PM
Vonage Awful customer Service!! National
UNSATISFIED VONAGE CUSTOMER I called Vonage more than 10 times in 2 days and still didn't get the basic static in my reception problem fixed. I am leaving vonage ASAP to go back to Comcast Digital Voice phone, because they are local and can come out to fix my phone when I need it fixed. I only left them because I am a cheapskate. The customer service reps at Vonage were nice, but could not understand my problem. Also, Vonage reps are based out of the Philippines and there is definitely a language barrier between them and the USA clients that they speak too. Number #1: Vonage Reps are so very poorly trained to deal with the basic issues of the clients. Hello static!!! Number #2: A good example is that Dell has customer support based out of the Philippines and India, but the reps will stay on the phone until the problem is fixed. The reps don't let the language or time barriers stop them from giving 100% to the customers problems. I would recommend Dell to anybody. I'd do a commercial free for them. The service is just that good!!! Number #3: Vonage reps give extremely simple solutions that DON'T WORK!!!. Then they get off the phone with you after just giving ONE!!! solution and tell you to call back if it does not work (even if you beg to stay on the phone with them). Very poor quality control. Number #4: I will be paying $60 to keep my number, paying an extra $8-10 dollars a month for my Comcast Digital Voice, waiting for 30 days to get my Comcast digital Voice phone BUT ITS WORTH GETTING A PHONE THAT I DON'T HAVE TO HEAR STATIC ON BECAUSE CUSTOMER SERVICE CANT TELL ME HOW TO FIX IT. Note: If I wanted to change my number, they would be out the next day. WOW!!! Number #5: I have been more than patient to even call more than 10 times in the span of 2 days (I really stopped counting after 10. The number is really much much higher.) Number #6: I only kept Vonage for a year because I never had any problems until recently. The static problem just started this month. I never wanted to call customer service. ( I just put up with the dropped calls, voice feedback and dropped faxes for the past year.) I dreaded calling customer service/ technical support and I was RIGHT!!! Number #7: WHAT WAS VONAGE TECHNICAL SUPPORT'S TOP 10 REASONS FOR WHY MY LINE HAD STATIC: 1) call Comcast Cable ( my internet provider) because your bandwidth needs to be changed ( I called comcast and they said that was ridiculous .) 2) Call comcast and have them raise or lower your high speed connection. ( I called comcast and they said that was not true) 3) Unplug the cord 4) Unplug the cord 5) Go to vonage.com and go to trouble shooting. ( Nothing on the website helped my static line. NOTHING!!!! helped.NOTHING !!!) 6) Two of your techs had me hook my home phone up to the vonage device and they could hear me more clear, but I COULD NOT HEAR THEM. The clicking remained and they said the problem was solved because they could hear me just fine. What !?!?!? 7) Go to vonage website and change the bandwidth 8) Make sure the phone cable is disconnected outside your house. Daa!! I did that when I got vonage. It said that for new installations when I purchased it. I went and checked again anyway. THAT. DID. NOT. WORK! 9) I don't know 10) Number ten of the TOP 10 was the best. I finally got a chance to speak to a supervisor in Advanced Technical Support. This is what the supervisor said after I demanded a new device after over 10 phone calls in 2 days. I'll send you a new vonage device, but I think we still need to do some problem solving. Please unplug your phone or get a new phone cord. I tried this as well and it did not work. I am infuriated. I was not mad at the long 20 minute wait times to speak with technical support, (who always transferred me to Advanced Technical Support for another 20 minute wait each phone attempt.) I was not angry at the disconnected lines on the 20 or so additional phone attempts that I am not counting. I am angry that no one was able to solve my static, clicking, and voice feedback line. And quite frankly, I plainly see that they just don't know how. And no, the new device does not make it any better and my internal home phone wiring is just fine. At this time, the person I call hears static and clicking and so do I. In conclusion, I think I'll just use my cell phone for the next month until I can get my new Comcast digital voice. A month after writing Vonage this complaint, I found out that they had charged me $75.00 for a device I did not recieve and refused to refund my money. I spoke to Kathlin # 22831. They also continued to charge me $30 for service after I had transferred my phone number to Comcast. They stated that I have to verbally close my account, even though they did not own the phone number anymore or have service with them. What a mess!!!! I explained the whole ordeal to Kathlin and another male rep and they both were ubconcerned or helpful in the matter. Augusta Ypsilanti, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Unknown, Nationwide
68, Report #252005
Jun 03 2007
11:33 AM
Vonage ripoff activation disconnect fees ripoff Internet
I have a small business with five telephone lines. I use two names for the business. One is for my wholesale customers and the other for my retail customers. This protects my wholesale accounts. As a result, I have two separate hunt groups where a person calling one number that is busy will automatically roll to another line. This has worked for years with QWest. I moved two of my lines (one of the two hunt groups) to Vonage in September of last year. I did not move all because I wanted to test their service. On Friday, May 19 I went onto their website to move the other two lines. Immediately after signing up and paying the $30 per line activation fee, I went to set up the second hunt group. I found I could not, so I called tech support. I was told that the only way to do this is to establish a second account and have the second hunt group on that new account, but that the customer service department would have to do this for me and they were closed for the weekend. I called customer service on Monday, May 22 and was put on hold for 45 minutes. I had to hang up as I had customers of my own to serve. I called again on Tuesday, May 23 and was told that the only way to establish a second hunt group was to pay a cancellation fee of $40 per line and then repay an activation fee of $30 per line again. I elected to cancel the lines without reestablishing a new account. I am reporting this company to the Washington State Attorney General and would invite any other Washington State residents who have had problems to do the same. Chris Bremerton, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
69, Report #88387
Apr 20 2004
08:44 PM
Vonage ripoff Edison New Jersey
I have three lines with Vonage, two are perfect - the number transfer was terrific. The third has been in number transfer hell for three months. The ladies at the number transfer department have stopped taking my calls and emails. I want to use this service, but the customer service is horrible. Jamy Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Edison, New Jersey
70, Report #276047
Sep 26 2007
08:04 AM
Vonage is a rippoff!! Apopka FLORIDA
I made the mistake of trying Vonage 30 day free trial on the assumption that my number could be ported over. Two months later of being enticed to allow Vonage to try and port my number the nightmare begins. Spending hours on the phone with their arrogant customer service, technicians and account management, I was told that my original number could not be ported over due to the lack of a global connect agreement. This took 2 months of frustration of failed number transfer attempts while I was still paying for my original service. Here is the kicker being that I ran over the 30 day trial due to there supposedly attempt to port my number instead of a $39 dollar disconnect fee I have a $95 disconnect fee! There solution was to stay on for a total of 6 months for free and then disconnect, can you believe this!! Just drag on the frustration further of a untrustworthy organization who flat out lied to me! The expectation is 100% misleading, the false attempt to drag the frustration over the 30 day period is a scam and the quality of service to NJ from FL is horrible. I was bounced around internally between 3rd party outsourcers like a small mom and pop company but mistakes happen. At the end of it all, I was never able to connect my service with Vonage fully. I will report to the FCC, the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General. What a horrible excuse for a company!!! Hope word gets out because businesses like this don't deserve to be in business. Javier Apopk, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Apopka, Florida
71, Report #297353
Jan 05 2008
03:57 PM
Vonage Got My Money Back Nationwide
I had problems with Vonage a little over a year ago, and they never did get my phone to work right, and they could never give me a straight answer whenever I talked to them. I tried to cancel and they kept taking money out of my account. Luckily for me, I went to my financial institution, gave a written statement of what had happened and they got me my money back. Stephanie Putnam Station, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
72, Report #302927
Jan 24 2008
07:52 AM
Vonage rippoff Holmdel New Jersey
I went to Vonage to try to save money! We wanted to try vonage, I signed us up, under my husbands name without them havings to speak to him and payments came out of my account his name is not on. It was not compatible with my online service never used there device, I sent the device back in its original box return to sender. This was received in Breinigsville PA on Dec 24, 2007 at 12.10 pm. This is Jan 24 2008 they still have not acknowledged my return, I didn't realize till after I returned it that there was a SPECIAL return address. So why hasn't Vonage in Breinigsville forwarded it to NJ. I'm sure I am not the only person to have done this. So they have $49.99 - $32.22 - and a diconnect fee of $44.47 for a service was NEVER used. To date there has been no refunds to my checking account. Someone has to stop them from taking advantage of people that are only trying to save money in these hard times. Beagle Parish, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Holmdel, New Jersey
73, Report #301553
Jan 19 2008
11:02 AM
Vonage Bogus charges on closing of account Internet
I opened a vonage account on Nov 26, 2006 from Circuit City and received a $200 gift card. I was relatively happy with the service, although the sound quality was not as good as a landline. Also, when my internet went out, you also lost your phone. After many problems with Charter, I finally canceled and got DSL and Dish. I had to move back to a landline. I called AT&T and had them port my number from vonage to AT&T. This was done on Nov 18, 2007. I did not call vonage to cancel my account. Their terms of service indicates I have to call, not another phone provider or else I would be liable for the ongoing charges. They canceled my account anyway. Apparently, there was a one year service agreement on the gift card. I was 8 days away from that one year date, and they charged me $200 for the gift card. The problem is, you pay a month in advance and I was paid up through my anniversary date. The customer service was horrible. I explained all this and pointed out their terms of service. In the end, the only thing he said was We can cancel your account at any time, and you are liable for charges. I told him I would contact my bank and they would reverse the charge and he told me Well if you need the money that badly, go right ahead. I hung up at that point and thought they were the ones who must need the money that badly. I presented the evidence to my bank, the customer service manager actually gave a chuckle when I presented everything (including their terms of service) and he said he'd take care of it. Two days later, I was reimbursed. They also had my debit card on file, and the manager issued me a new card so when they tried to re-run the charge, it would reject. I told vonage throughout the ordeal that I was relatively happy with their service and would likely move back if/when I return to cable internet. Over this $200, they have permanently lost a customer and I am telling as many people as I know about their shadiness. Corporation Birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
74, Report #176997
Feb 18 2006
11:23 PM
Vonage ripoff Groveport Ohio
I signed up for vonage Feb 13,2006 only to find out that with dsl internet I had to keep my current phone company/number. I wasn't too worried, because Vonage guaranteed a full refund if you cancelled within thirty days. I called several times to cancel, but kept getting cut off after waiting on the line for 20 and 30 minutes. On January 9th I finally got in touch with someone who told me that I had to wait two days for a call from the accounts/billing office before my account could be cancelled. No one ever called so I called back and was given the information needed to send back the equipment, and was guaranteed that the delay would not affect my refund. I received an email that was to be included with the retuned equipment. The email had the RA# and all the other requirements for properly returning the device. I followed the directions and had a tracking number for the delivery. Via the tracking number I saw that on Feb the package was received. So I began watching for my refund, checking my account daily, only to find that I had been drafted another $27.24 on behalf of Vonage. I called that very day, which was Feb. Again getting cut off when they placed me on hold. I called at least five times trying to get this straight. Once I got throught I was told that they had received the equipment, but my account wasn't officially cancelled. I explained that I called and cancelled several times, and why would I want to pay for a service I couldn't and never used. He put me through to accounts/billing who put me on hold and disconnected the call. I called right back and a man named Rosalio informed me that the lines were messed up but everything was taken care of. He said that I was cancelled and the $42.34 hookup and service fee, plus the $27.24 would be refunded and no more money would be drafted. I have yet to receive any money back. I contacted them via email on 2/18/2006 telling them I wanted my money refunded right away and written confirmation that no more money would be drafted. There has been no aknowledgement to my cancellation or to the promise of a refund. Vonage is a huge ripof, promising no risk, full refunds, good service, before you sign up, - and giving you none of the such after they get your money. I never even opend the box with the equipment and I fear that another draft is going to be attempted. I would not reccomend Vonage to anyone! I believe it's nothing but a big racket Ken Hemet, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Groveport, Ohio
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Apr 02 2008
10:27 AM
Vonage Refusal to cancel account Internet
I have called Vonage 3x in the last few months requesting to cancel my service because I can nolonger afford to pay for it. Previous to this I had my account lowered to 14.99 / 500min a month plan. After the 1st pain staking call, I walked away with no cancellation and a month free and an I agreed I would consider seeing if family or friends would like to take ownership of the service. The 2nd pain staking call was very much like the first and I walked away with no cancellation and with a 14.99 / unlimited plan, new equipment, and number change. The 3rd pain staking call I walked away with no cancellation and a reduced bill (I also did not hook up or use the service between the 2nd and 3rd call), a reduced plan, and a promise I would pay the reduce fee by the next billing date. The reduced plan was some 4.99 a month and I could receive incoming calls at no extra charge, but outgoing would cost me. I have no intention of using it and I will pay my reduce fee by the next billing period and trying to cancel again. I told the Rep that it is apparant that I could go on for years and not pay a dime. Her response was that this was fine and that Vonage respects their customers and value their business and are willing to assist in anyway. Except obviously letting me cancel. The only problem is having to maintain a consent scheduling of calling and saying that I can not afford the service. Please investigate. If you would like I could call with a lawyer or FOX news on the line and prove that they will keep on offering options after options. Dpm Vineland, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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