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51, Report #639416
Sep 10 2010
10:37 AM
Walmart Online bait and switch Internet
I was shopping online for the best deal on a Nintendo DSi, and Walmart had the best deal with the bundle package. The online advertisment was only good on and not at the actual store. The bundle package came with the DSi, 18 in 1 accessory kit, along with THREE games. Meanwhile TOYs R US had the same deal in the store except with one less game. As such I went and bought on for the first time ever, in order to get the extra game. The deal on their webpage at that time said that it came with two games that you don't get to choose (zhu Zhu Pets and something else), plus another game of your choosing. My daughter picked out her game and I processed the order. However, when my reciept with the confirmation number was printed out, it said nothing about the two game that comes with it. Being as I don't own or have played a DSi before I assumed that maybe the games are pre-loaded, and that is why it didn't show up on my receipt.  After waiting about 3 weeks, I finally got around to calling them and asking about my two missing games. After being put on hold forever, they told me that that online special never came with THREE games. My reciept does not reference the three games and as such as far as Walmart was concerned, they owed me nothing, as they were also looking at my reciept. I argued and said that was not what they advertised online when I ordered my purchase. I asked if there was anyway they could pull up the online advertisement for the day I ordered it to confirm that it came with THREE games. However I was told that they couldn't do it, but let me check what todays online special was. She looked it up and now it only comes with one game. In hindsight I wish that I would have printed out the online advertisement before I ordered the bundle package, which clearly STATED it came with 3 games. Obviously in their eyes, I have no recourse as the reciept said something different to the online ad. In my eyes it is a classic bait and switch move by Walmart. Are their any other customers out there who have ordered online based on that days advertisement only to get a reciept that is different than what you actually ordered (in my case no mention of the two other games that came with the DSi package)?.  I will never buy from ever again. I spent almost $7000 dollars at Walmart last year with groceries and other stuff, and I am now inclined to take my buisiness elsewhere. My warning to anyone who orders online from is to PRINT THE AD before you go ahead and buy. If only I had a copy of the advertisement, I would have contacted the AG of New York to complain, as I have a sneaky feeling that it's not an isolated incident. Walmart = Slim Shady practices.
Entity: , Internet
52, Report #996153
Jan 13 2013
02:10 PM
I am angry about the store.  It is very apparent that they do not want or even need truck driver money.  They are cowards that hide behine tow trucks instead being consider of a truck driver thatg spend money in the store andtake a quick nap for a few seconds to avoid hurting himself and others on the road.  I call them cowards because when they have a tow truck to come and tow a 18 wheeler  while the driver was in the truck to get money (to take away from his child mouth) even the police agreed.  THis shows that Walmart in Westchester, Ohio does not help the community.
53, Report #977499
Dec 03 2012
04:43 PM
walmart rip off Oklahoma city, Oklahoma
11/18/11. i went to Walmart on the above date. my total was 142.53.i told the cashier i wanted 50$ of the  balance on my wlamart credit card. then i want to pay rest of the balance with my debit card. no that did not happen, the *IDIOT*cashier put the whole balance on my Walmart credit card. i told her that is not what i wanted to do. so after a small wait some CSM manager comes over and voids the entire transaction. now she has to rering up  every thing in my basket. and even the CSM manager could not understand it was a Walmart credit card she kept trying to run it as a *GIFT CARD* both me and my wife told her it was a CREDIT CARD FROM WALMART finally she got it right.  here is  bad part. the credit card company had taken the 142.53$ but the Original Transaction was Canceled. i asked for a copy of the  receipt she said she could not give it to me. now today is 12/03/12  15 days later no refund of 142.53 back on my card. and only way to dispute a charge is to mail a forum in or fax it. you can not call them. the store manger was no help. he gave me a story about how it takes 7 to 10 days for the charge to reverse payment back to my card. yea right, they are saying i have to pay the 142.5 back to the credit company. so i paid for my grocery's twice.    REAL CUTE WALMART.I HAD THEM RERING IT UP SO I CAN PAY with my walmart CC and the rest on my debit card.   so walmart made 142.53 for doing nothing. if the  ignorant cashier would have followed my   instructions i wold not be posting this.
Entity: Oklahoma city, Oklahoma
54, Report #429330
Feb 28 2009
02:33 AM
Walmart Race Discrimination Kodiak Alaska
I had priviously reported a rebuttal, pretty much in favor of Walmart to another person. Personally, I enjoy working for the company. It is a hit or miss with the stores on how your work experiance goes. However, the store in my local town, we have a saying, You can't work at walmart if your not brown. If you go into our local Walmart, Asians everywhere. In a small island town where the majority of the population is english speaking whites, it is doubtful that a small majority of them apply at the store. There are some reason why Walmart won't hire me back, and if I were the managers, I may or may not agree, however, When I did work there, I had many, many people walk to the back of the store to my department because I spoke english. They claimed most of the asian accoicates said they didn't not speak english, they didn't understand, they didn't know where anything was and I got many, many reports the customers were ignored. I actually had people ask me for my work schedule so they can shop when I'm there in the event they needed help. That was a shocker. Of course becuase I had to help so many customers and could not do my work, other associates, (asians) complained I didn't do my work. Instead of doing their own work, they butted into mine. I got introuble and I told the manager that if the customers were being helped like they should be, I wouldn't be out of my department so much. I didn't get written up because I had a true case and the managers saw that I was telling the truth. And where did it get me? No where with the company! I will still defend Walmart on many cases. But when I have to do the work of others and then get in trouble for it, that's where I draw the line! Zax50 Kodiak, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Kodiak, Alaska
55, Report #1034990
Mar 15 2013
08:44 AM
Walmart has been hacked Internet
I recently got a confirmation for an order from that I never placed. The order was for a Birthday Cake Walmart eGift Card for $100. I do not understand how it went through unless they do not look for the CCV or if they kept that on file. I went online to to look for a telephone number to report the fraud, but none to be found. Their instruction was to call my credit card company, to change my password, and to e-mail them. I did all three and had to call my bank to re-issue a new credit card which will take 7 to 10 days. The response from Walmart after 3 days of emails is they would credit my account $60 (so I am out $40) and this had never happened before. Now looking on the internet it sounds like this has been happening for quite a while. I saw the $100 charge show up on my credit card so I have contacted my bank to dispute the charge. All I know is I am not going to do business with any more unless they at least be honest about being hacked.
Entity: , Internet
56, Report #1115647
Jan 15 2014
07:20 AM
Walmart worst customer service Internet
Ordered 3 tv's from  I chose and paid for recorded delivery since I needed the tv's by certain date.  Got an email confirming the items we shipped and would arrive by January 11, 2014.  They didn't.  On Monday, January 13th, I emailed walmart to let them know the items that were supposed to be delivered on January 11th were not delivered.  All I got back from them is an email about their 1 hour in store pick up guarantee.  I received one of the items yesterday, 3 days after it was supposed to be delivered.  The other 2 are still in transit and have no estimated delivery date and no explanation from walmart.  
Entity: Internet
57, Report #1155069
Jun 16 2014
06:21 AM
walmart dead cow livonia Michigan
I purchase 4 t-bone steaks from my local walmart due to their commercial stating the sell usda prime cuts of beef for farthers day. I marinated and tenderized steaks the same way as i have for years and years. Grilled steaks and look delishous until we tasted them. Very tough and flavorless. I feel i was mislead with false advertising and would never purchase meat at their store ever again. They ruined my fathers day dinner for my dad.
Entity: livonis, Michigan
58, Report #1156181
Jun 20 2014
06:11 AM
Walmart Failure to honor warranty Bentonville Nationwide
On May 28, 2012, I purchased a screen arbor online with an additional Care Plan“warranty.” I received the product, and at set-up, the zipper and several anchor points tore. This was not an effect of misuse or neglect. When I attempted to return the product for an exchange through Wal-Mart, I was informed that “luckily” for me my warranty did not go into effect until after manufacturer’s guarantees expired a year from purchase. This actually would warranty” the product for two years. I was told to contact the manufacturer to exchange the product; contact that Wal-Mart representatives did not aid in.  After a considerable amount of research, I was able to speak with the importer of the product “Tex-Sport” who was not at all conducive to replacement. With the headache I had been through to contact them, and the time wasted, I decided to again attempt to redeem my warranty that was purchased through Wal-Mart in the hopes that the agreement purchase I had was kept in better faith. It apparently was not. On April 15, 2014, my final contact with Wal-Mart Product Care Plan representatives, I was told by first level and supervisory customer service that the product could not be returned for a “pre-existing condition.” The representatives were condescending and unhelpful. The supervisor, “Matt” would not give his last name for this letter, but did give the ID 505971. So far as it stands now, the added premium I paid for the warranty only made this productnon-returnable. Walmart has not responded to written inquiry.
Entity: Nationwide
59, Report #1199442
Jan 05 2015
11:03 AM
Walmart Overcharged and not reimbursed Internet
I was overcharged by Walmart. I made several purchases online for Christmas presents in early November 2014. I realzed by the end of November that they had overbilled me and have been getting a run-around from one customer service agent to another. I was then told to contact their billing department who has not bothered to respond. I sent my billing statement from Walmart and my Bank statement showing the problem as requested and still nothing. I will never shop at walmart again. 
Entity: Internet
60, Report #1226427
May 02 2015
03:40 PM
Walmart Bad news Batavia New York
Walmart made a fool of me costing my job. Yes I had level 3 coaching , I chose to relocate do to personal reasons and they will not hire me at new location. This resulted in lost wages.
Entity: Batavia, New York
61, Report #1293160
Mar 11 2016
08:06 PM
Walmart Fraud, Theft Lansing MI
On 3/09/2016 I purchased a laptop on and used Paypal as my method of payment. When I got to the store I noticed they picked the wrong laptop and quickly went to customer service to return the laptop. They told me that since I used Paypal as my payment method that the only way to refund my money was by swiping my debit/credit card. Keep in mind that when I used Paypal, I used my bank account to fund it. I did as the CSR said and swiped my credit card, was then advised it would take 3-5 business days to process. The following day I received a call from the card issuer (Chase), and was advised that they were rejecting the credit(refund) because the card was not used initially to make the purchase. I immediately went to the store and spoke to the Store Manager, and she told me that at the Store Level, they cannot refund to Paypal and I would need to contact When I called they told me that in order to refund to Paypal, I would need to ship the laptop to them, completely disregarding the fact that I no longer have the laptop in my possession. At this point I am going in circles, going to the store and then back to the phone to call Where it stands right now, the local store has the laptop, my refund is being sent back to the store from my credit card company, and nobody knows how or when I will get a refund. A refund mind you, in the amount of $338.14. 
Entity: Nationwide
62, Report #1242069
Jul 15 2015
12:50 PM
Walmart Port Arthur Texas
This my second time buying a new phone from Wal-Mart and it has numbers and pics with people personal information
Entity: Port Arthur, Texas
63, Report #1262614
Oct 20 2015
06:32 PM
Walmart. Com Walmart.com8009666546APUS. Nationwide
They took money off my card an say they don't have recorded of it but it's on my bank statement  They took my money but saying they have no record but my bank statement say they received my money
Entity: Nationwide
64, Report #1257997
Sep 29 2015
03:41 PM
WalMart Familymobile tmobile ScamMobile!! nationwide
 WalMart mobile is scamming consumers.I used them about 3 mo.I had a no contract billing.I called June 28,2015 to cancel with them.I was due to renew June 26 and they left the service on wout my permission.Even after I called phone was left on a whole month receiving texts. I had already cancelled.Now saying I owe them 2 mo service.Scam!!
65, Report #1302873
Apr 30 2016
09:08 PM
Walmart Serial Number Rip-off Philadelphia Pennsylvania
 Bought a Vizio 39 TV, brought it home and the screen is smashed. Tried to return it the following day and was told that the serial numbers don't match. The customer service rep was very rude and even insinuated that I must have broken the original TV and swapped it out. I have NEVER or will I EVER do such a thing! Called Vizio to see what they could do and they informed me that they do not replace broken television sets -- it is the seller's (Walmart) responsibility to refund the customer. I'm stuck with a broken TV and I'm out $275! Absolutely obsurd. Walmart just lost a loyal customer!
Entity: Nationwide
66, Report #1303767
May 05 2016
07:54 AM
Walmart Bait and switch tactics Nationwide
I purchased a computer, cord and monitor online from Walmart and received a confirmation on the order. When I recieved the shipping confirmation, they had canceled the monitor stating, The item listed below was canceled due to a system error that kept us from processing the the order.  We have just fixed the issue, so please feel free to place your order again. When I went back to the Walmart site to reorder the same monitor, the price had been raised from the original $89.99 that was confirmed to $110.00.  This is not the first time Walmart has done this to my family.  The first time, we reordered the item.  This time I refuse to deal with them.  Have others had this problem with Walmart?       
Entity: Nationwide
67, Report #1320114
Aug 01 2016
04:31 PM
Walmart Money Card Nationwide
 I have proof that 947.10 was sent back to the Walmart card. Yet, they have no clue where it went. This is like the 5th time this card has stole money. If you have this card be very careful with your money and watch them.
Entity: Nationwide
68, Report #1312964
Jun 22 2016
07:02 PM
Walmart can you say FRUSTRATING Internet
I live in Canada and am on the email list for Walmart.  I have tried 3 times to order merchandise on line from the Walmart web site. Only to run into the 'you have to order from, this is we only deliver to the United States.  I called head office here in Canada only to be told there is no difference between Ok I try (just for fun right!!!).  Guess what.  Only available in USA.  Say What. Please tell me I am not the only person to run into this joke for a website.
Entity: Internet
69, Report #1321137
Aug 07 2016
10:04 AM
Walmart Tire Warranty Dishonored Harrison Arkansas
Walmart will use any technicality to avoid performing warranty work. I recommend NOT paying for anything extra if you do use Walmart auto services. Example: Yesterday, August 6, my disabled neighbor paid one of my farm employees to take her car to Walmart for warranteed tire rotation and repair of a flat tire. The service manager refused to honor the warranty even after being shown the appropriate documents, claiming that the individual who purchased the tires must be physically present for warranty work. They spoke to her on the telephone and still refused to honor their warranty, claiming the tire had to be replaced at her cost (over $100) and that they would not do tire rotation unless she paid an additional $9 per tire. After four hours of waiting the work was finally done. Since my neighbor is ill and disabled, I ended up paying for all of this, including my employee's wages and time. My neighbor attempts to live on a miniscule Social Security check and cannot afford unexpected expenses of this nature, which is why she purchased the road hazard warranty. It is a well-established legal principle that one has the right to assign an agent to take care of this sort of thing. We won't talk about common decency, because it is clear that the service manager was getting his orders from somewhere higher on the chain where decency is not held in high regard. He was apologetic, but stated that he would lose his job if he honored the warranty. I recommend avoiding Walmart auto service centers, and ALL extended warranty offers. Once they have your money their main concern is avoiding performing the services supposedly guaranteed by the warranty. In other words, you become the enemy, and how far do you really think you will get trying to fight Walmart?  
Entity: Harrison, Arkansas
70, Report #1310745
Jun 10 2016
03:10 PM
Walmart Gouged Mountain Home Arkansas
I purchased two boxes of TrueTest Diabetic test strips today.  One box was a 50 count box for $34.98 and the other box was a 100 count box for $99.34.  The total cost of these two items should not have exceeded $70.  When I talked with the store assistant manager I was told that Walmart did not set the prices on the test strips, the manufactures set the price and Walmart can not change the price.   Walmart refused to correct this issue and refused to take the product back.
Entity: Mountain Home, Arkansas
71, Report #1317110
Jul 15 2016
02:43 PM
Walmart Fayetteville North Carolina
 On June 13 2016 I slipped and fell at Wal-Mart store number 3595. My injures all as followed sprained knee and leftfoot also fracture shoulder and headaches. Walmart gave my case to CMI Ms.Pollard she has been rude to me and is blaming be saying I should seen the liquid and the floor even though supposedly walmart didn't had enough time to clean it up. CMI won't release the video to me so I can properly be treated for all my injures since I dont remember the fall and my husband helped me up off the floor don't even know if I hit my head or blackouts I am extremely upset with the way Walmart and CMI is treating me all my medical bills are coverd by my insurance.
Entity: Fayetteville , North Carolina
72, Report #1333346
Oct 15 2016
08:17 PM
WalMart Selling Bad Tires Hammond Louisiana
In April of 2016 I purchased a set of Douglas Tires from Walmart. I was on a budget and choose the Douglas tire because I read they were made by GoodYear. I commute back and forth to work 35 miles each way most of which is interstate. Upon my first commute to work I felt my car vibrating at speeds exceeding 60 mph getting progressively worse as speed increase. Upon my first chance I return to the same Walmart to have tires rebalanced. I have lifetime balance so no charge. Thinking this cured my problem I returned to work q few days later. Again I experienced vibrating from what seemed unbalanced tires. In addition the tires began to hum at lower speeds sounding as if I were on truck mud tires. The noise became more noticable and pronounced as I continued. I once again returned to the same walmart to again complain about the inablity to properly balance my tires after 3 attempts. I asked about a refund or swapping to different tires but management refused to acknowledge any problems with the tires and laid blame on different components of my car. I asked them to take the tires back based on the fact they seemed defective. Again management denied the tires are defective and further stated they have never received complaints on any Douglas tire. I pointed out that WalMart's own website had several complaints and negative reviews of Douglas with simular issues such as mine along with numerious other complaints. I think Walmart knows these tires are inferior but choose to continue to sell these tearable tires. I also feel the tires can become dangerious and provide a hazzard to motorest.
Entity: Hammond, Louisiana
73, Report #1337668
Nov 11 2016
11:46 AM
Walmart Savings Catcher account hacked Nationwide
On September 27, 2016, my Walmart Savings Catcher account was hacked.  How do I know this?  I received an order confirmation from Walmart to the e-mail address I use for Savings Catcher.  I knew there was something wrong because I didn't place an order.  When I looked at the order details and the method of payment, I knew something was very wrong.  I signed into my Savings Catcher account and saw $0.00 available.  I had $104 in my account before this happened.  Someone hacked my account, redeemed the money, and then made a $95.93 purchase through a Walmart marketplace store. I filed a fraud report with the Savings Catcher Fraud Investigation Team and was told how I could re-send the remaining $13.85 to an e-card and then go to my local Walmart and have them issue a gift card.  I did this before the hacker spent the rest of my money. I still have not received any information back from Walmart about when I would receive my money back.  I have sent a lot of information including a copy of the order, the shipment confirmation, the UPS delivery confirmation showing who signed for the package, a screenshot of the foreign website associated with the phone number given for the order, and the requested TC#s for some of the purchases along with my name that is on the account. It is not my problem that there is a lack of security with Savings Catcher; it is Walmart's problem.  I want my money back and I would love to sue Walmart for the emotional stress that has been caused by me not knowing what else may be done with my information that the hacker now has and the fact that I had saved all year to buy groceries for my holiday baking and meals.  Now what I had is gone and Walmart won't take responsibility. When is Walmart going to be made responsible for their lack of online security?
Entity: Nationwide
74, Report #1325549
Aug 30 2016
08:39 PM
walmart inc. bentonville Arkansas
 Almost fell for this. Wanted me to activate a check and then go to different stores, like The Gap, Pizza Hut, Wal-Mart and basically be a secret shopper.
Entity: bentonville, Arkansas
75, Report #1356525
Feb 16 2017
01:50 PM
WalMart,  Hickory Hills Illinois
 I order a simple ottlite replacement bulb through Walmart that used this company and Walmart has free shipping . Waited two weeks for this and when it arrives it's too big for my readers lights. It came with no invoice, no phone number, or no instructions of how to send back if not please. Looked the phone number up on the Internet. The woman was very rude telling me it was my fault for ordering the wrong thing. She gave no name but wanted me to know it was my fault and that she had a college degree and was part ownership. She told me that there was a 15% Restocking fee. I asked what that was for as I have not even open the package? I must return this item on my expense accept the restocking fee and the lost of my money and get nothing in return. This company is desperate for money and know nothing of customers appreciation. This was not enclosed in the Walmart ordering form if it were- I clearly would not have ordered from them. I have never know this to be Walmart way of doing business which is way I trusted this company because they covered behind Walmart name.
Entity: Hickory Hills, Illinois

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