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51, Report #84094
Mar 16 2004
01:21 PM
Wells Fargo Home Mtg ripoff! Nationwide
in 2000 we financed our second home loan through wells fargo home mtg. at closing we were informed that we needed to payoff our discover card to close. we borrowed money from our parents to do this. we had used this card to move across country. all payments were made and current when we sold this property in 2000. we closed in september of 2000 and as of october 2000, we were reported late to the credit agencies. wfhm has yet to fix this. in october of 2000 we were told by wfhm that we were approved to by our third house, all that was needed was tax returns and bank stmts. we provide this and was informed that we needed a cosigner three days before closing. our parents signed for us. we have had nothing but problems with our mtg. payments sitting in limbo, payments made at the bank are not applied until they mail them to the processing ctr, rtnd pmts that were sent back because they were made for more than the amt, wired certified pmts that just don't get credited. as of today they are telling me that they are going to foreclose. i have made pmts and they keep giving me the run around. no one has an extension and you never can talk to the same person twice. everyone wants to help but no one does. and don't even think about getting information from them, they all say they will send it and no one does. getting a new mtg company to take over just about wont happen because of your credit reprot. some one should go and biff these people in the head. i am at the end of my rope. i am willing to go to another mtg co for 4% higher in mtg rate just to get away from these people. my marriage and health cannot take this anymore. Paula Frazee, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Nationwide
52, Report #28367
Aug 29 2002
07:01 AM
Wells Fargo ripoff Las Cruces New Mexico
Just a warning to everyone. Do not use autodraft with Wells Fargo. They are incredibly good at using it to milk you for late fees. WE had a line of credit with 1st Security bank. 1st security was bought out by Wells Fargo. WElls Fargo changed our line of credit into a credit card without our knowledge our consent. They also jacked up the interest as well. When we found out we were of course p***ed to say the least. WE set auto draft to pay the balance off. It took Wells Fargo 5 times to get it right. When they did get it right. They started posting it 7 to 10 days late everytime, just so they could zap me for the late fee. They insisted that my payment was not pulled from my account when it had been. i sent them the proof but they did not want to deal with the truth. I finally had to get a lawyer and the New Mexico Attorney General's office involved to get the record straight. So a word of advice do not deal with Wells Fargo in the 1st place and if have problems, do not advise WF that you are going to get a lawyer. Go straight to your state Attorney General's office. Steve Las Cruces, New Mexico
Entity: Las Cruces, New Mexico
53, Report #381739
Oct 16 2008
02:51 AM
Entity: Colorado
54, Report #2565
Jun 30 2000
12:00 AM
Wells Fargo ..Free Checking ..well, thats a joke!
I opened my account with Wells Fargo by wiring money to my new account from my old bank. There was no charge. Recently I wired money to Wells Fargo from my old bank to close my account. Wells Fargo charged me $10.00 to deposit money in the bank. I can understand a charge from the bank that starts the wire.....they have to perform a task, the recieving bank does not. Wire charges are the most profitable service for a bank their actual cost is under a dollar and that is only when they are sending a wire out. Well the charges dont stop there......Wells Fargo charged $17.50 (actual cost is under $10.00 from Deluxe) for checks......then they charge $2.00 EVERY MONTH to get the checks back. I paid for the checks, they are my checks.......but you hold them hostage? I have direct deposit but they still charge a monthly service charge of $8.00---Where is the FREE checking? Overdraft protection...........I keep money in savings just in case I make a math boo-boo when they transferred money from savings to checking (all at Wells Fargo) they charged $7.50 for the service......it is my money and it is in your bank. ATM charges.......they charge when you dont use one of their ATM machines. If I dont use one of yours I am not using your service, not wear and tear on the machine but you still charge me $2.00 to not use your service. So it seems to me that if you use the service or not only one think is constant NEEDLESS FEES. Just so you get the picture in 6 weeks free checking cost over $60.00
Entity: Orange County, California
55, Report #1002
Dec 15 1999
12:00 AM
Wells Fargo Rip Off
For several years Wells Fargo Bankcard had a program where they would give a cash amount, to be used for morgage/refi's, based on a percent of the amount you charged on their card. Many people, like myself, had hundreds and even thousands on dollars saved in this program. But, before we could use the money to help with home buying, Wells Fargo quit the program and converted the MONEY into POINTS. The POINTS were for their new program, a airline ticket program. The RIP OFF is when they converted the MONEY into POINTS a dollar was worth a few cents. People who saved hundreds for the chance to buy a home where left with a few dollars worth of airline ticket POINTS. I spoke with several consumer groups who reviewed the conversion and said Wells Fargo made millions on the conversion. I want to start a class action lawsuit. Lets get started!
Entity: San Fransico, California
56, Report #1003
Dec 15 1999
12:00 AM
Wells Fargo Rip Off
For several years Wells Fargo Bankcard had a program where they would give a cash amount, to be used for morgage/refi's, based on a percent of the amount you charged on their card. Many people, like myself, had hundreds and even thousands on dollars saved in this program. But, before we could use the money to help with home buying, Wells Fargo quit the program and converted the MONEY into POINTS. The POINTS were for their new program, a airline ticket program. The RIP OFF is when they converted the MONEY into POINTS a dollar was worth a few cents. People who saved hundreds for the chance to buy a home where left with a few dollars worth of airline ticket POINTS. I spoke with several consumer groups who reviewed the conversion and said Wells Fargo made millions on the conversion. I want to start a class action lawsuit. Lets get started! $100=100 POINTS 800 POINTS NEEDED FOR $100 TICKET ?
Entity: San Fransico, California
57, Report #2156
Apr 26 2000
12:00 AM
Norwest/Wells Fargo Fraud Rip Off Liars
Let me start by saying that I am a single 22 yr old mother of a 3 1/2 year old, and I had my car reposessed by Norwest Auto Finance Dept on April 26, 2000 at 6am. I walked out to my car this morning to find a very rude tow truck guy. he asked if I was Renee and I said yes. He said, and I quote Get the f*@k out of the car, I am taking it. I was flabergasted. I work so hard for the things that I have and to walk out to my caar that I pay for every month, and fing someone towing it away, is a little disturbing!! The course of events that have happened are so puzzling, let me know if you can make any sense of it. March 29, 2000 Recieved a letter from Norwest Finance telling me that I was late on some payments (I was). I contacted the collection dept (800)241-0026. I was informed that I needed to make a payment by April 10, 2000 to avoid reposession. April 10, 2000 Contacted Casidy (800)241-1014) in the repossesion dept and informed her that I was in reciept of my tax return, and that I would be in the branch that day to make the strict compliance payment, in the amount of $1060. Casidy said that she would waive my late fees if I made the payment. I asked if it was okay if I brought in my tax return CASHIERS CHECK and make the payment and get the rest of the CASHIERS CHECK back in cash. I was assured that that was fine. I reconfirmed that I DID NOT have a bank account with Wells Fargo and I was reassured that it wasn't a problem. I left work a little early so that I could get to the bank in time to make the payment and go get my son from school. I was told by Casidy in the repossesion dept that I could make the payment in any location (Branch or Grocery Store location). I arrived at the grocery location of Dobson and Main in Mesa AZ at about 4:30 pm. I was told that I was NOT going to be able to make the payment because that COULD NOT cash the CASHIERS CHECK. Have you ever heard of a BANK not being able to cash a cashiers check? I was there for over two hours and I left there with out having gotten anything resolved. April 11, 2000 Went into a branch location to make the payment. Paid $1060 incash and recieved a reciept, with my account number CLEARLY stated on it. No problem, situation taken care of, right? WRONG! After returning from the bank, I called the repo dept, and wanted to verify that the late fees on my account, as promised by Casidy yesterday. I was transfered to Allen Hancock, who waived the $120 in late fees. Allen also verified that the loan was now up to date and that there would be no repossesion order put out for my car. April 18, 2000 Recieve a message from Norwest on my voice mail. April 20, 2000 Called Norwest repossesion dept (why am I calling the repo dept?) Spoke with Karen and I was informed that I had not made the payment and that I needed to surrender the unit, because it was under restriction. (Whats restriction?) I asked what had happened to the money that I paid on the 11th, her response was there was no payment recieved for that amount, in this account. I disaggreed. I made that payment!!! She told me that we just can't believe everyone who says that they made a payment. We need proof, Fax the reciept to me and we will get it taken care of it i reinformed her that I was at work and that I wouldn't be able to fax it today, but I could do it tomorrow. She was very adimit that I fax it today. I repeated my situation, that I was at work. She continued to tell me that I was in the wrong and that she was trying to help me, and that I needed to get the reciept to her ASAP. I am confused at this point, because I have paid the amount that they wanted. the bank accepted payment, and now I am wrong? How does that work? She was so rude that I asked to speak with her supervisor, and she refused me, and hung up on me! April 21, 2000 Went into the office, for the sole purpose of faxing the reciept to the repossesiom dept (Fax 515-222-8385). Went home and enjoyed my Easter weekend. Everything should be taken care of, right? WRONG AGAIN!! April 25, 2000 I called to verify that they had recieved the fax that I sent on Fri. Nope, so I faxed it again (515)222-8385. And then went back to work. April 26, 2000 Went to go get in the car, 6am, to go to work, and I see a guy taking my car. This was when the tow truck driver said Get the f*@k out of the car, I am taking it. I called the finance company and they said that the loan had gone into Charge off and that I would not beable to get the car back unless I either refinance the loan, or i would have to come up $10780.00, which was remainder of the balance. I don't have $10,000. I really want people to know how things are done at Norwest/Wells Fargo. All I want is my car, that I pay for. I work so hard for the things that I have, and for them to think that they have the right to make a mistake and then not take responsibilty for the mistake, is absurd!!
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
58, Report #762195
Aug 07 2011
04:34 PM
Wells Fargo wellsfargo.com Incompetant Liars Internet, Internet
On Thursday the 8/4/2011 i viewed my account online and it had  check go thru for 99.00I immediately called customer service and they froze the account.  AN dopeend an new one and I was told it wold be transparent.  I called to more time and was assure dmy paycheck going it at midnight would not be a problem funds would be available after 3pm Friday the 5th.  I went to a branch and was assured the same thing.  On Saturday I called again and no funds availalbe and so I went to a branch in Pueblo and watched one personal banker texting on his phone and another walked by me as if I did not exist.  I said excuse me I would like to talk to a manger and he said I can help he also was a personal banker named Anthony Caliglari.  He di nothing and told me my money would not be availalbe until Tuesday .  My paycheck was a direct deposit and I had no access to any money at all and feel they owe me for all the lies and hassle but more than anything I just want my paycheck. I made a totasl pf 12 phone calls..After I left the Pueblo branch I called back for teh manager and an ADonna finally came I said I want to complainabout Anthonys attitude as well as this whole issue and she took my number and said she would call back and of course did not.
Entity: Internet, Internet
59, Report #754590
Jul 18 2011
03:32 PM
Wells Fargo WELLSTRADE Account Clossing Fee Internet
I am a very small investor. I opened an account to enable me to buy some junk stocks. Because they charged me upwards of $45.00 per transaction I moved my account to Scottrade. Well the leaches at Wellsfargo charged me $95.00 to close my account. I never saw it anywhere on their literature about this charge which they passed along with my assets to Scottrade. So I Am out of $95.00 plus the very high fees they charged me for the trades.Do Not do bussiness with these people as their aren't very honest on telling you what fees you will face when doing bussines with them.
Entity: , Internet
60, Report #843606
Feb 23 2012
03:24 PM
Wells Fargo Wachovia UN HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! Internet, Internet
This stupid a** bank took excessive fees from my account ONLY when i deposited money. Then they have a nerve to say they can't reverse the fees because it's BULLS**T, they change the posting dates so that it looks as if their right. I spoke to TONY and supervisor JEN-didnt make matters any better. Don't leave money in your account or make card purcases-RIPOFFS just taking money from their customers!
Entity: Internet, Internet
61, Report #851115
Mar 09 2012
08:05 AM
A treasured stock was sold by our inept adviser..and not an authorized sale..NO PERMISSION WAS GIVEN..Our fault we never questioned it..for there was no reason to ask..we had it for years and years .. no one touched till this adviser..She cleaned out our account and put it ALL into another..Now Julie Lambert 901 East Byrd Street,Richmond Virginia 23219 said she could help..BE FAIR...she did nothing for us..just believed our adviser..100% no proof at all..NOTHING...we were ripped off..we pulled everything from them..  Our papers are now it the states attorney's office..we are seniors and we were ripped off...by our adviser Muneera Dawood...by Julie Lambert..and Wells Fargo..BIG TIME RIP OFF!!!
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
62, Report #817172
Jan 03 2012
09:17 AM
Wells Fargo Horable Customer Service Internet
Worst Customer Service Experience with a BankOn December, 27 2011 I John Black opened up two accounts at my local Wells Fargo branch located at, Camp CreekMarketplace. I opened up the account with a check which happens to be a student refund check from American Public University Systems. I am attending school there majoring in Psychology and minoring in Special Education. On the 27th when I opened up the account by depositing my check I was informed that the funds would be available on the 30th of December. On the 29thI contacted the bank because I reviewed my account on line and it had a negative balance. Over the pone the representative informed me that my account was negative because the check was returned not payable. I was then advised to come into the bank. Once I arrived at the Wells Fargo branch I was informed that my account was scheduled to close because I did not meet the minimum requirements for an account. I was then informed that it will take 10 Business Days for the account to be closed and for them to issue me a cashiers check that I would receive in the mail. I asked if there was anything that I could do to make the process go faster.I was informed that I could get a letter from the bank that the check is drawn on stating the date that the check was paid, the amount of the check, the check number, person verifying and phone number of the verifier. I then contacted that bank and that bank informed me that they do not deal in third parties so they would not be able to generate that letter for me.However they would generate the letter if the letter was requested from Wells Fargo. I then contacted Wells Fargo and spoke to a representative from the Executive Office, the officer that I spoke to stated, It is not the responsibility of Wells Fargo to request the letter and that they would not do so.(Agent id 8992).  I then contacted American Public University and they informed me that they could fax over a copy of the check front and back as well as the rest of the information that WellsFargo was requesting. Next I contacted Wells Fargos Executive Office again and informed them of what my school stated to me.The agent with whom I spoke with informed me that that would not be sufficient because it will not be on the bank letter head.Now that this situation has occurred I am now at risk of being trapped in what is known as the snow ball affect. Starting with being dropped from my classes at American Public University. Next not being able to receive financial aid again because I didnot meet the minimum requirements. Eventually causing me to default on a loan because Wells Fargo has policies in place to hold funds for the maximum amount of time which they informed me would be 10 business days not including holidays.                              
Entity: , Internet
63, Report #919126
Jul 29 2012
06:24 AM
Wells Fargo Wachovia- World Savings Predatory Lending Internet
Wells Fargo Formally admit No wrong doings in connection with their Pick-A-Payment loan affiliations and practices Im shocked and appalled at the millions of lives that have been destroyed by the loan practices of Wells Fargo AKA Wachovia AKA World Savings by using its position of influence, power and cloak of operating under the US regulatory acts, to deceive, misinform and mislead decent hard working Americans in believing that their Pick-A-Pay equity building loan was far superior to all other traditional loan options. Therefore an admittance of guilt would allow for fair and reasonable compensation to all main street Pick-A-Payment victims. I've been personally victimized by Wells Fargo-Wachovia who is now in default of my civil suit Case No 11-CA-014613 filed within Floridas Brevard County, Wachovia truly believes they are above the law and untouchable Your attention and support is desperately needed. Further details: I have a mortgage loan from world savings (now wells Fargo) that was sold to me back in 2005 as the best mortgage loan on the market due to its various modification and conversion options and flexible payment selections. The loan was even sold as an equity builder, but was really designed to self-destruct leaving the mortgage holder in ruins. I say this with conviction due to the fact of the loan, previously known as Pick-a-Payment has been removed as a loan option, the owner of World Savings bank and inventor of this loan option quickly selling out to Wachovia prior to the collapse in the housing market and the victims, due to the millions who were effected, received pennies on the dollar under of class action suit designed to exonerate Wells Fargo from any wrong doings, even though their bank acquisitions by law requires Well Fargo to be responsible for all loan products that were sold under both World Savings and Wachovia. What is even more shameful than the tactics used in selling these loans, such as: inflated income, inflated and inappropriate appraisals and deceptive loan selling practices that hide the facts that made this type of loan a self-destructing loan that leaves very few survivors, is the fact that Wells Fargo reacted expeditiously when given the opportunity to dole out a measly $700 to $2,000 per victim in exchange for a no wrongful ruling and terms that stated that no additional law suits could be filed against them regarding this matter, but for people who were fortunate enough to have opted out of the class action suit in time, Wells Fargo has elected to utilize the maximum  five year statute of limitations to hide behind, while further inflicting pain and suffering to the remaining distraught and financially devastated Pick-A-Payment victims If Wells Fargo has no concern or care for the lives that were destroyed,then maybe Rip-off report does, if not Rip-off then who?
Entity: , Internet
64, Report #461346
Jun 13 2009
08:24 AM
Wells Fargo Remodification Creats Bad Credit score Seattle washington
After recieving a delinquent notice 30 days after iniciating a remodification, I called to find out what is going on. Learned that someone had removed my phone nunber from my file and Wells could not get a hold of me. Though I was requested to make 3 monthly payments at a reduced amount and pay them on time my loan which untill now had never been late would now be considered delinquent and if I pay the amount shown as late, to bring my status currant I would no longer be considered for the remodification. Catch 22, was not explained at the onset and I am now 30 days into the prossess and would have to wait another 90 days to be considered manualy as they put it, in order to save my good credit standing. This company has found a way to profit from the Obama plan to help the citizens and ruin our credit at the same time. After 30 minutes of conversation with by the way a very nice consultant these were the only two opptions available to me. Moral of the story, there is none, I only know now that my so calleld late payment that Wells Fargo set up, will now be reported to the credit bureau untill the remodification is finalized. It almost seems to me that they have made it go out 90 days so they can forclose if they choose at that point. As of this time there are no promiss that I will be given new payments or lower intrest just three months of reduced payments that puts me deaper and deaper into arrearage. How is that working for the consumer, Mr. President? Is the government keeping tabs on how these institutions are conduction business? If not perhaps they need enlightenment. Please forgive the miss-spellings. Terry Seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
65, Report #680518
Jan 09 2011
08:49 AM
Wells Fargo Bank Direct Deposit Advance Internet
I've used Wells Fargo Direct Deposit in the past and never had a problem until now. It states it is a direct deposit advance, so I expect them to take the monies back when a direct deposit goes in and not a transfer from one bank to their bank. I needed to pay some bills so I did a direct deposit advance and then I went into another account I have with a different bank and made a transfer not knowing that they would take it from that money and use it towards the direct deposit advance I had did. When I call the bank I asked this was not a direct deposit it was a transfer from one bank to another one. I was told no, to them it is a direct deposit and therefore they took the money, if I wanted I can make another request for a direct deposit and would be charged for it again. That made no sense to me and I did asked as a long time customer can they make a onetime courtesy and reverse it because now when my payment goes thru it is going to cause me to over draft. I was told they couldn't do it. I think it could have been done as a onetime and especially because I have bank with them for over 22 years and have never asked for a one-time exception. This has made me very upset and stressful so now once my direct deposit clears at the end of the week I'm making sure to go to Wells Fargo and ending my relationship with them. They should call it Direct Deposit/Transfer Advance and this would make it more clear to people who use this service.
Entity: , Internet
66, Report #610684
Jun 05 2010
12:47 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Incompetent service Carmichael, California
Service at this branch is incompetent.  These people just don't understand that incompetent service -- even with a smile -- is still incompetent service.  If I want to chat with someone I'll go to a bar.  When I want banking service my bank better provide it -- or I'm going elsewhere.The head banker [some category of employee above teller] would not release $3,300 in funds that, according to a manager from Wells Fargo's main customer service line, told me should be released.  The manager told me that while I was standing in the bank waiting for the banker to find someone to authorize the release of the money.  The banker's branch manager would not release the funds either [he was available to the banker by phone -- but not to me] and his boss was not available to anyone.  Two hours later, and in response to a call from a Wells Fargo main customer service line manager that was initiated by me, whoever finally authorized the release had no more information than did the folks at the branch office.  AND only after the release was authorized did the branch office folks admit they had only $1,500 in travelers checks available [not the $3,000 I needed].  The banker refused to send a courier to a nearby branch to get the other $1,500 in travelers checks -- and looked at me like I was an alien when I asked.The air of self-importance of everyone in the branch was palpable and repugnant. FYI --- The fella in line next to me wanted to withdraw $10K but the branch did not have the money to give him -- and nearby branches refused to assist. Unbelievable. My Saturday plans were shot due to Wells Fargo stupidity -- and their fundamentally flawed system for releasing funds.  Obviously, from now on we're going to do our banking elsewhere.
Entity: Carmichael, California
67, Report #419289
Feb 02 2009
04:59 PM
Wells Fargo Disappearing Transactions Wenatchee Washington
Below is a copy of the letter I faxed to the District Manager which explains my situation fully. After dealing with both the Assistant Branch Manager and the Branch Manager. I want to add that they both offered to refund any NSF fees but at this point the NSF fees are not what I am worried about. To Whom It May Concern, I placed a call to your toll-free number on January 20th to complain regarding a charge to my account for $19.99 that was unauthorized. I have had several problems with companies accessing my account without authorization including a fraudulent purchase from someone that gained access to my PayPal account. All monies to date have been investigated and successfully retrieved. The phone rep advised that I should cancel access to my account and go into a branch to get a new debit card. On Sunday, January 25th, I noticed a pending withdrawal of $300.00 that indicated a Teller Cashed Check. I had no clue what that meant so I immediately called the toll free number and was told they could not get any information. I knew that I had not gone inside the branch and that it was not a transaction authorized by me but with the transaction still pending It was explained that I would be unable to receive any information. I was also told that only my debit card was cancelled from my phone call a week prior but that my account was not restricted. Since I could not remember if I specifically stated this in my phone conversation which resulted in only my debit card being cancelled, I asked at that time, that aside from checks and automatic debits for bill pay that no other transactions be allowed on that account. I provided the representative with the checks that were still outstanding. At that time I was given a reference code for access to the account that I asked to be frozen. On Monday January 26th, I went into your bank to open my new accounts and was told that the transaction for the $300.00 was not accessible as it was still pending. I had an idea that my ex-boyfriend had accessed the account which I understood I would have no recourse since he was legitimately on my account even though he was not authorized by me to withdraw any money. On Tuesday I accessed my banking account to see if I could tell what went on with the $300.00 and to my surprise the $300.00 transaction had disappeared. So I went to your bank and had the assistant manager access my account, the same person that assisted me in opening the new ones, to see if she could help. She saw as well that the transaction for the $300.00 was not there. At that point we assumed it was just a teller error. I specifically asked if this transaction would show up again and was told no. So I went on with business as usual assuming I had the $300.00 and that it was just an error. I usually check my accounts once a week, usually on Sunday or Monday. I checked my account today and the $300.00 withdrawal is back and was posted on Tuesday the same day it mysteriously disappeared. At this point I have no idea when it actually showed up. At this time I am requesting the return of the $300.00 to my account. How am I supposed to maintain my accounts if transactions temporarily disappear and then re-appear? During the course of last week and over the weekend I spent money and paid bills that I would never have had I known what was truly going on with my accounts. I kept trying to investigate the $300.00 transaction however could not investigate the transaction with it completely disappearing. A situation that was already bad was made significantly worse due to this fiasco. This is my life hanging in the balance. I am begging that you please make this right for myself and my family. I will have no way to recover from this financially. I forgot to add my original argument. I believe this co-owner on my account was allowed to access money that wasn't there. When I checked my account on Saturday morning, my direct deposit was not showing at all. It wasn't even showing pending status. My paycheck usually doesn't show up as pending status until Sunday. So if by looking online my paycheck is not physically there how was a teller able to give someone $300.00 out of my account when it did not show actually having $300.00 in it? The assistant manager was not able to confirm for me when actually my direct deposit was put into my checking account. Since both my direct deposit and the teller cashed check were both in pending status all weekend until Tuesday which one actually occurred first? Once the $300.00 transaction disappeared we were not able to investigate the matter. I printed bank statements showing the pending transactions and the mysterious disappearance of the teller cashed check for one day. Can you please provide me with written information as to when my direct deposit was physically available and when the teller cashed the check for $300.00? I would like this information for my records. Angie Wenatchee, WashingtonU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Wells Fargo Bank
Entity: Wenatchee, Washington
68, Report #444266
Apr 16 2009
06:55 PM
Wells Fargo deceptive practices San Francisco California
I had refinanced my house with Wells Fargo about 4 years ago. There were red flags that I should have seen when I went through their loan center in Nashville. A loan officer there was always pushing us to go with a 30 year mortgage when we wanted a 15. My husband and I went with them anyway and signed the paperwork for a 15. When interest rates went down, we asked the same loan center about getting a better rate than 8% and that Bank of America could give us 7%. The loan officer said he could do better than that but said he couldn't discuss details over the phone and to come to Nashville. We live about 60 miles away and had to leave work early to make the trip. After a lot of beating around the bush, the loan officer (some young guy fresh out of college) said the best they could do was 10%. Our jaws dropped and we left out of there in quite a huff. Unfortunately, we had credit cards with them, which they decided to raise the interest rate from 12% to 17 %. Late last year we finally refinanced our house with Bank of America at a rate of 5.5% and they gave us a 12% non-collateralized loan of nearly $50,000 to pay down some other debts. When we asked Wells Fargo for a non-collateralized loan, they pretty much laughed at us and said we'd never get even $20,000 from anyone unless we put up our house as collateral. Wells Fargo is full of it and I will never ever use any of their products again. Scoopydoo Clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: San Francisco, California
69, Report #724136
Apr 30 2011
07:40 PM
Wells Fargo Reopening an account to charge fees , Internet
When trying to close my bank account with Wells Fargo I was told the bank had to verify my funds were in my account, funds that had cleared my account three-four days before according to my internet banking statement.  While waiting for nearly 3 hours I decided to call the customer service hotline to get some answers, because the banker and two managers were doing their best to avoid me. The hotline said there should be no problem and the banker would surely get back to me shortly.  About an hour later (2 hours 35 minutes in at this point) I rang customer service again.  This time i asked for a manager and was quickly transfered to one.  The manager said she did not understand why I was waiting for so long but it was possibly because I had pending transactions, but the hotline manager said that they were not an issue. She asked to speak directly with the bank manager over my cell phone.  However since they were blatantly ignoring me, she had to phone the bank herself.  Once she rang them I was addressed within 5 minutes, told all was well, my card was deactivated, account closed, and I could receive the funds. I asked for the $3000 of funds to be in the form of travelers checks.  They told me they didn't have that much but that they could phone a nearby bank and find out if they had some.  I refused to deal with the lady banker any longer and asked for the money in cash.  They determined the exact amount I had in my account and issued me the funds. I left the country the next day to live in New Zealand.  I was told by family that I got a letter from Wells Fargo about a month later that said I owed them $79.61 for two transactions and two overdraft fees.  The same two transactions that kept me in the bank waiting for 3 hours.  They had reopened my account to charge me overdraft fees. Being away I could not reach the bank myself to handle the matter, so I had family phone them and sort it out.  Apparently, it didn't get sorted out, and I don't know first hand why not, but I have now received a settlement offer from a collection agency on Wells Fargo's behalf.  Unable to find an email address anywhere on their site to reach Wells Fargo Customer Service, and since I refuse to pay international calling rates to call their hotline, I am unable to sort it out with the company.
Entity: Internet, Internet
70, Report #765606
Aug 15 2011
09:18 PM
Wells Fargo Financial Data security, Online banking Internet
Wells Fargo recently acquired Wachovia. During the acquisition, all users were required to convert their online banking accounts to the new Wells Fargo system. I have both personal and corporate (C corporation) accounts. When performing the conversion to Wells Fargo, I was informed that when I access my personal accounts online, my Corporate accounts will also be accessible.  As a Class-C Corporation, I am just an employee of my business although I have majority voting rights on its' board. I receive a paycheck just like any other employee would.  Previously, I had separate logins/passwords for personal and corporate accounts, as is standard data security practice. I was informed by Wells Fargo that they do not support this and my UNRELATED business accounts will also show up in my personal account login. I explained to them that this is potentially a huge data security issue and they stated that there is nothing that could be done. A few months ago, my PERSONAL online account was hacked and accessed from Mexico--Wachovia (before the acquisition) stopped the hack, and my business accounts were never in danger as they were separate from my personal account. Under this new better system, ALL of my accounts would have been breached. I am appalled that a company who should be as concerned about data security as Wells Fargo would conceive such an insecure system. I intend to close all of my accounts at Wells Fargo and transfer them to a bank that actually cares about data security. 
Entity: , Internet
71, Report #773003
Sep 04 2011
01:25 PM
Wells Fargo Comptroller of the Currency fradulent representation, unethical practices, Internet
Here is how my investments were handled with Wells Fargo, and then followed up on with the Comptroller of the Currency - Administrator of National BanksIt started in 2009 in a meeting with my IRA advisor Khankeo Campbell:In my meeting Ms. Campbell noted that she wanted to move my accounts to different investments. Her reasoning was that this would make it easier for her to track all of the accounts she handled, as she wanted all her clients invested in the same funds. This was regardless of how the funds were performing.  My accounts were doing very well at the time and I specifically told her that my account was doing fine and I did not want them moved.        She moved my accounts anyway (PRIOR TO THE QUARTERLY REPORT) not even knowing how they were performing        She moved them against my explicit instructions not toI went to my branch and talked to another investor Bryan White.        I requested that he move my accounts away from Ms. Campbell        I gave Mr. White my card and requested that he contact meMr. White never bothered to move my accounts or to get back in touch with me.I pulled all my accounts with Wells Fargo and filed a complaint with the Comptroller of the Currency Administrator of National Banks.The complaint only showed being processed.I received a call from Wells Fargo verifying my complaint.  The answer from the Wells Fargo representative was that K Campbell really had no controll over my account and that her representing Wells Fargo was just a nicety.  This answer was a moot point as Ms. Campbell did not present her this way nor do any of their investment bankers.Early 2010 I found out that my complaint at the Comptroller was closed without any notification or reason.  I wrote a letter wondering what had happened and received a letter on August 29th from D. Chandler which stated,  In additional correspondence from the bank to us, their previous response remained unchangedThis was a surprise as I never received a response!Then it goes on to say, We cannot engage in extensive correspondence after we have made a final determination in a particular caseWell some correspondence would have been nice to start with... now it seems as if I am told not to bother them!This is how your IRA will be treated by Wells Fargo an the Comptroller of the US!Beware.
Entity: , Internet
72, Report #968494
Nov 13 2012
10:21 AM
Wells Fargo Online fraud repeatedly Colorado springs, Colorado
My account was repeatedly compromised between September and October this year. I spent ten hours in the bank. They have charged me hundreds of dollars for their errors.  The banker repeatedly questioned why I am on disability This all happened after an online purchase at Dallas Cowboys.com
Entity: Colorado springs, Colorado
73, Report #437223
Mar 24 2009
03:11 PM
Wells Fargo Amount Pending increases! Upland California
Just a quick report. I have been taking screen captures of my Wells Fargo business account as I suspected that the values listed under amount pending increase after being logged as not pending. I was right. For example, we sell software and we purchase this from another company. This company takes the money directly from our Wells Fargo account and the amounts show up as amount pending. As soon as the amount pending status is cleared, the amounts increase. I called Wells Fargo and they told me that this was not their fault and that I need to contact our software providers. I am going to do this and if I find out it's Wells Fargo's fault, I already have an attorney lined up. Its bad enough that they rob us blind on the overdraft fees. Now I know why their logo is an empty stagecoach. We are the stagecoach after it has been robbed. Bryan Upland, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Upland, California
74, Report #426036
Feb 19 2009
10:15 AM
Wells Fargo Financial Harassing hang up phone calls Internet
For the past few days, my workplace has been receiving phone calls that hang up when you answer--about 5-10 a day. I finally got so fed up with it that I star-sixty-nined the number--1-877-274-5890. Andy answered at Wells Fargo Financial. I told him we'd been getting these hang up phone calls from this number; he asked the number and my name. When I told him who I was, he said, We're not looking for you. and hung up on me!! I called back and spoke to Andy again. I said You just hung up on me. He said, No, we're not looking for you. I said That's fine, but I need to speak to your supervisor. This guy literally laughed at me and said Absolutely not. I was stunned, and he started to try to hang up again and I literally yelled into the phone No no no! This is a business, and I don't know WHO you're looking for, but this is a business phone number and you are harassing us. If you continue to do this, I will call the police. GOOD BYE! Then I hung up on HIM. It is incredible to me that a business with as big a name as Wells Fargo doesn't care about the kind of reputation jerks like Andy give them. I certainly won't EVER do business with this company. And I'm not even who they were looking for! Heidi Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
75, Report #668220
Dec 04 2010
09:31 PM
Wells Fargo Financial SHORT SALE / FORECLOSURE Urbandale, Iowa
I am doing a short sale with Wells Fargo Financial and I never got so difficult people to work with. I was two days before closing and the AC units were stolen, the buyer wanted the property but without AC units he couldn't get FHA financing, he tried FHA 203K but there was not enough room with the Appraisal value to qualify for it. I got another buyer with a conventional loan and able to pay for the AC units from his pocket but Wells Fargo Financial will not extend the date of Trustee Sale two more weeks to close this transaction even they are getting the net that they want, they prefer that the property goes into foreclosure. The negotiator Alyson Flowers and her manager Luke Reimers will not cooperate at all. I understand that the banks make more money is the property goes into foreclosure instead if a Short Sale is done. The real estate agents we work hard to help the homeowners to get less impact in their credit and trying to get the neighborhoods with less bank owned properties (in this neighborhood are 410 properties with Notice of Trustee's Sale and 144 Bank Owned Properties only in a mile radius) that generally are empty for a long time and bring the prices down in the neighborhood.
Entity: Urbandale, Iowa

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