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26, Report #481752
Aug 18 2009
11:25 AM
Homesure Services - HMS Home Warranty HMS Home Warranty This company is using stall tactics and wants a second opinion when the first company tells them they won't put a bandaid fix solution. , Nebraska
I contacted these jerks starting June 1, 2009 when my AC started to not cool my home.  Its an older system and the house sat there for awhile before I purchased it.  After talking with the service company which is local, we thought, this should be a easy fix, more than likely a coil has a leak or similar...but HMS wanted itemized listings as they won't pay for anything over.  That company stated they never had so many issues as they had with them in the claims department.  It took them a month respond to say the part was expensive and had to be ordered by them.  They stated that coil was around 800 bucks.  What I said really, that's a lot.  But hey I just wanted to get it fixed.  After that first month, it took them three times to ship it out to the contractor who was hired to fix said part.Finally the part arrived somewhere around July 28, 2009.  Yep two months later, I thought, wow, it will be fixed finally.  Well of course since they ordered it we was not sure it would fit.  But I stayed positive in the heat.  Lets not forget I have a Ruud Heat Pump system as well...so that adds a few $$ to it.  Well the initial contractor started to work on the system and the compressor would not start or and when he attempted to start the system it seemed way too hot.  So he contacted HMS again and what we thought was easy fix turned out to be something bigger perhaps and he let them know to get authorization.  Keep in mind this whole time, the initial contractor does not get one cent for any work.  And what he reports is all he gets paid for.  Any overages he eats or I do.  So after weeks of work, HMS stated they would put in a Goodman and I would have to pay for some of the things that was not covered.  A joke of course, but I just wanted cool air.  So now its August 18, 2009.  They asked the initial contractor to put a hard start system which is reserved usually for commercial 24/7 outfits.  After he stated it would be a bandaid and would fail next year or two....HMS stated they would just find a second opinion.  Now I've not heard from the second opinion company to set up appointment and for me I'm going find someone who can get me my AC.
Entity: Wilber, Nebraska
27, Report #1323964
Aug 22 2016
07:48 PM
Wilber&associates.p.c I been receiving mail after mails from afni then now wilber & associate , p.c. about an auto claim that involve in 10/01/2015 in which i have no clue how they accusing me for this. Normal Illinois
I've been receiving letter mails from afni some sort a collection debt or something. Stating that I was involved in an accident on October 1, 2015 that my 2007 rav 4 was involve in. which I have no clue what are they talking about and my wife drive that car everyday and i dont even drive it. Afni accuse me of some amount of $4950 for some repair damage and if I don't pay them they will suspend my license. So I asked them to see if they can provide me a police report or any kind of document stating that I was the person who caused the accident. So the representative lady from afni says that they don't have that information and that they can not provide any other information other then collect a dept from me. So I was like, why are you guys are accusing me and trying to collect something from me with no proof of whatsoever and just pinpointing me for this. So I call my auto insurance and tell them everything what happened and they say they contact afni and for me not to worry about it. On till now I still receiving letters from afni and a new one from Wilbers & associates attorney at law.
Entity: Normal, Illinois
28, Report #1287247
Feb 12 2016
12:52 PM
Goldstein and Associates
 Goldstein and Associates called and left the same recorded message twice. According to the message they are a litigation firm and they needed to hear from me or my attorney today. I happened to be in my attorney's office and when we did call back the woman who answered was incapable of answering any questions rationally or in fact with appropriate clarity so we could understand her. She claimed that the firm had sent a letter and my attorney said they would need to resend it registered mail and this made her exceptionally confused and she said they only send one letter. This is a scam. I got another robo call today and when I called back again, I asked for a physical address which does not match up with any firm in Iowa City Iowa. I am inclined to notify the Iowa City BBB.
29, Report #1409511
Oct 30 2017
02:04 PM
Wilbert and associates
 I have a question. I was involved in a car accident I was cited for no insurance. Wilbert and associates reached out. I was at fault. I agreed to pay 500 a month and have been for 3 years now. I still owe 4300 so I can't make the payment this month. I see it's a scam but they threaten me with they will suspend my license. How long does that take? Has anyone gone through the same thing? What do you recommend?
Entity: Nationwide
30, Report #1346398
Dec 29 2016
09:48 AM
JEM Baldspot Zyalix - High priced nothing product Tampa Florida
Sent for a free sample bottle of 60 tablets of Zyalix (male enhancement) for $4.95 S&H I believe, for a credit card number. Didn't know they would automatically ship another bottle the next month for $89.92, then another one the next month for $89.92. Called to have it stopped. It better be stopped now. Maybe a bottle that's worth $20 at most, which doesn't do anything, and they HONK, HONK, HONK ya. Wish I had the guts to run a scam like this, but I have morals, unfortunately.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
31, Report #1164106
Jul 22 2014
01:28 PM
Morgan and associates cash advances Internet
Being harassed for payday loan that I didn't make.  Harassed by phone and emails.  Being threatened
Entity: Internet
32, Report #451461
May 13 2009
10:52 AM
Jts And Associates - Easybirthcertificate.com BEWARE OF EASYBIRTHCERTIFICATES.COM - JTS AND ASSOCIATES Internet
I wanted to buy a replacement birth certificate.The sites I searched the cost was listed around thirty dollars. This web-site advertised for 19.99. They said pay up front and after your payment is processed you will be given a link, click on the link and place your order. I later found out the 19.99 charge was just for the link, I still had to pay the nearly 30.00 also to get the birth certificate. The link they gave, I had already visited that website, jts and associates are not helping you at all. This is a total SCAM!!!!!!! The scary thing is I paid through Pay Pal: here is the information listed on my receipt. As you see from my receipt it says contact Pay Pal with any questions. May 12, 2009 13:36:06 PDT Receipt No: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx You sent a payment of $19.99 USD to jts and associates using PayPal. This charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to PAYPAL *JTSASSOCIAT. Payment details Description: Birth - Online Service, Unit price: $19.99 USD Quantity: 1 Amount: $19.99 USD Subtotal: $19.99 USD Total: $19.99 USD Merchant information Name: jts and associates Website: http://www.easybirthcertificate.com Email: paypal@easybirthcertificate.com Shipping method: Not specified Instructions from buyer: Not specified Receipt Number: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Please keep this receipt number for future reference. You'll need it if you contact customer service at jts and associates or PayPal. **Questions? Visit the Help Center at: www.paypal.com/help. **Thanks for using PayPal the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. PayPal Email ID PP1469 ******************Use PayPal next time!********************** When you shop online, it's faster and easier to check out with PayPal. Your financial information is securely stored and never shared with merchants when you pay. Kim harrison, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
33, Report #216650
Oct 19 2006
01:07 PM
Phillips And Associates ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I owed on some credit cards and one was sending me letters stating they were going to take me to court. I had tried to settle with them previously by sending in a check by Express mail, but they claimed they never got it (the USPS site showed it was signed for). So I decided to see about filing for bankruptcy since it didn't seem like I could resolve things with my creditors. First I went to Phillips & Associates--to their Mesa, Arizona office--and spoke with a paralegal. I had filled out a long packet of questions about my financial situation and even brought in my paycheck stubs and all my bills. When I sat down with the paralegal from Phillips & Associates, he just took the questionarie--didn't even want to look at the other things I brought with me (this was the free consultation). He calculated that I could file for a Chapter 7--I asked him what about the bonuses I receive at work, would that count against me?. The paralegal stated no, don't worry about those. Also he advised me that they could include as part of my monthly expenses my student loan payments. In the end it looked pretty good what Phillips & Associates could do for me--file a Chapter 7. Well, they lied. When I had my meeting in the beginning of September with the attorney handling my case, Robert Teague, I AGAIN brought in all my paystubs and bills. After an hour of waiting in a room by myself while Mr. Teague did his calculations, he finally came back and told me that they had to include the bonuses I received from work and that they could NOT include my student loans as a monthly expense (well I wish the loan companies looked at it that way). So suddenly, I couldn't file a Chapter 7--this was after I paid their flat fee of $1800.00. If Phillips & Associates had a honest or maybe competent paralegal working for them, in the beginning I would have never forked over all my money--I would have just gone into round 2 with the creditor and trying to settle. Mr Teague advised me that I could file a Chapter 13. So like an idiot, I did and gave them another $299.00 to proceed with this filing. That day again I reiterated myself, stating I need to do this as quickly as possible because my creditors would be filing a judgement against me and I did not want to go through that or be completely humiliated at work and end up on the rumor mill. So I waited another hour for them to get together my paperwork for the Chapter 13. Of course, like most people I had to get back home to get ready for work and return the car I borrowed since I don't have one, so finally I left the room to find someone--that was a mistake. Some large burly man started yelling at me in the hall way and wanted to know what I was doing--creepy. Then another lawyer/paralegal/man in suite came out and told me where to find the front desk. So I went there and told them I had to leave--but not before they dialed for paralegal Toby to come running back out to drag me back in. After this ordeal no one contacted me or sent me anything for about 3 weeks. I called one day and tried several extenstions but got all voicemails. Then I got another nasty letter from my creditor, so I called again. I called 5 times, tried a different extension everytime and just got voicemails--I didn't leave a message because the only times Phillips & Associates would call me back (in the past) were too early in the morning (I work nights--which I told them) or in the late afternoon when I had already left for work. Finally, in desperation I got the receptionist's desk and asked her who can I talk to to cancel my case and get my money back?. She then transferred me to a paralegal who tried to appease me by saying they were working very hard on my case--ok if so why leave me hanging? Finally, he transferred me to Robert Teague again--who was very curt with me, after I explained the stress that I was under and that no one had contacted me to do anything about the chapter 13. But, I got results my new attorney Andrew Nemeth called me the next day. He explained this takes a very long time to file--and I again reiterated I did not have a lot of time. I asked him a couple of questions, because paralegal Toby told me that a Chapter 13 would stop interest from accruing on my past due unsecured loans (credit cards). Mr. Nemeth told me no. He advised me this would take 3-5 years (well at a 25% interest rate, I wasn't quite sure how I'd ever pay anything off). I stated to him I didn't understand how this would get me out of debt, because the whole charade seemed to be costing me more and more money. When I said, I could just settle with my creditors for less than paying all the interest over the next 3-5 years, he got mad and advised me that it would be pointless to settle. I asked him what would happen if I changed jobs and my new job was lower paying--he said I couldn't do that, however at my previous meeting Mr Teague suggested that. He told me his paralegal Chris Stewart would call me tomorrow. A week went by before Chris called me for another financial interview over the phone. Phillips & Associates doesn't believe in accuracy--they prefer to do everything over the phone where sometimes mistakes are made because the paralegal doesn't hear you correctly. Finally, I had enough of the run around and vastly different answers to my questions. I called up the creditor that wanted to sue and arranged a settlement--I borrowed some money from my boyfriend and expressed a check which they received and cashed. My next paycheck I paid back my boyfriend. Settled. It took less than 3 days. So I called Phillips and Associates today and very nicely and calmly stated to a Ted (the receptionist transferred me to him cause once again all I got were voicemails) that I wanted to cancel everything--I haven't filed yet so I would like to get back part of my money. I told him how I solved my problem in 3 days and that before I had advised my attorneys that I needed to resolve things quickly. Ted tried to do the soothing voice and tell me that yes these things take time, but they're trying to help me. I replied with how I was given 2 completely different answers to every question I asked, and how things were screwed up from the beginning even though I was honest and brought in all my records. This arguing went on for several minutes. Ted told me to just stop by the office (either Mesa or Phoenix) and the lawyer would figure out if I had a refund coming--mind you I've spent $2099.99 and nothings been filed. He got very nasty with me suddenly and stated that they help people get out of debt and they have many letters to prove it. Yes Phillips & Associates have lots of letters in their offices--but really, how can they prove that these are real? My parents filed for bankruptcy 3 years ago and their lawyer rushed the paperwork through because they were about to lose their home. Also when they went in for their first consultation their lawyer looked over all the paperwork they brought with them. I'd just like to know if anyone else has been mislead by Phillips & Associates and paid an outrageous amount of money for no work to help them? And also how do I get back some of it so I can continue settling my debts instead of forking out more money over the next 3-5 years? Jeannie Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Attorneys and Lawyers
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
34, Report #354252
Jul 22 2008
12:34 PM
Allan And Associates Complete Jerks! Jacksonville Florida
I was contacted about one month ago by a Mr. Roebuc. He stated that I owed for a trumpet that I had gotten for my son and that there was a warrant out for my arrest. Well after the scare tactic I gave over my bank account information and just was rattled because the account was almost 5 years old!! So I allowed the first $155 to come out of my account and call to get something in writing because I work hard for my $ and not to have something in writing was pretty dumb. Well I called the office and low and behold I got some not so friendly guy telling me that they would not give me anything in writing and why couldn't I just go by my bank statement. I told him that I wanted something in writing and if not I am/will contact a lawyer and hung up. I am currently going to call back but it is obvious that they violated the Fair Debt Collection Act and they will know about it! BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY! YOU WILL NOT GET ARRESTED BELIEVE ME! Kinmaryland Fruitland, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
35, Report #100895
Jul 27 2004
08:10 PM
Sr and associates ripoff Miami Internet
I was sent by e-mail information from this company to mail letters from home for $10 each. sounded to good to be true but I thought I would try. Contacted them and paid $65.00 thru my checking account and was told products would be out to me within 14 days of receipt of money. My bank paid them on July 7, according to copy of debit check, and I contacted them on July 22 to say I had not received my merchandise. Received an e-mail reply the next day saying merchandise would be sent 14 days after payment cleared. 14 days have come and gone. I have tried to contact them many times since then but get no reply to my e-mails. I want my money back and this company Stopped. They bank with Beach Bank out of Miami Beach according to my check. Their account #s are on my printed copy of check which I have . If this would be useful, I will send a copy to you. Please advise. Thanks for helping all us stupid people who are looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and as usual it is not there. Patty Greenville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Internet
36, Report #92722
May 24 2004
11:16 AM
Made ad sound so honest Sent a check to them for 65.00 to get started. They are taking money from honest people who may have fallin on hard times. We should not let these people get away with this. PLEASE REMEBER WHAT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE ISNT. Arleen milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #110762
Sep 29 2004
02:31 PM
I subscribed to SR and Assoc. work from home program, in order to make some extra money. I paid in to their scam and i havent recieve a dime from them. I put in alot of money for this home business and I want my money back plus shipping and handling as well as the postage used to send out the rip off letters. The total amout I put out for this scam was $670.00 and that money could of went to helping me keep my home up. My husband has abandoned my son and myself and I was a stay home mom for the past few years, I thought a stay home job would help with being able to be home with my son at this awful time of our lives, but I never thought I would fall for a scam. People like this should be stoppes. Tracy MESA, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: WESTON, Florida
38, Report #110765
Sep 29 2004
02:45 PM
I subscribed to SR and Assoc. work from home program, in order to make some extra money. I paid in to their scam and i havent recieve a dime from them. I put in alot of money for this home business and I want my money back plus shipping and handling as well as the postage used to send out the rip off letters. The total amout I put out for this scam was $670.00 and that money could of went to helping me keep my home up. My husband has abandoned my son and myself and I was a stay home mom for the past few years, I thought a stay home job would help with being able to be home with my son at this awful time of our lives, but I never thought I would fall for a scam. People like this should be stoppes. Tracy MESA, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: WESTON, Florida
39, Report #88129
Apr 18 2004
11:29 PM
SR And Associates ripoff Weston Florida
Last March 13, 2004 I received from my email that they need home workers. Because of my husband lost his job for some months I thought this is a timely response for our need. I printed the application and filled up. March 22, 2004 I sent a money order of $65.00 for my registration for that Income group. this is my last money that I can use for my capital. Until now I've been waiting for the materials as they promised to send 10-14 days. Since it is almost a month I'm was curious to look for their websites to find if they any email address so I can inquire regading to my order. It so happened I found a rip-off report regarding SR and Associates. I was so devastated to read that I was fooled and hoping for nothing. I hope they will receive the rightful punishment for fooling people. What you sow, you will reap Teresita fullerton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Weston, Florida
40, Report #88155
Apr 19 2004
08:33 AM
SR And Associates ripoff Weston Florida
I mailed off a money order for 65.oo to jion the 550.00 a week income group on the 26th of April of this year and now it is the 19th of April and I still have not seen my package yet. I figured I should have it by the 26th of April. I'm really unsure and getting worried. They said the packages will be shipped within 14 business days. Valerie Fayetteville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Weston, Florida
41, Report #290464
Dec 10 2007
10:01 PM
Hargrave And Associates Manipulated & Hoodwinked! Jacksonville Florida
Here is the truth folks: Kevin Hargrave is a conartist. He has been lying and manipulating people for years. Anyone who knows him will tell you the same thing. In fact, Kevin Hargrave is one of the best conartists around. He is smooth and like many of the greatest conartists in American history if you just listen to him he will surely take your money. He preys on the poor and destitute. Unfortunately, I was one of his first credit repair victims. He had just started his business and conned me out of $250.00. Empty promises and lies, lies, lies were all I received from Kevin Hargrave. To this day I have not received anything for my $250.00. It is a shame to see hard working people putting their hard earned dollars into something that will not benefit them at all. We must stop this nonsense and put dishonest business owners out of business! We must stop patronizing these sort of conartists! Tell everyone you know Hargrave & Associates is a FRAUD! Rippedoff! Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
42, Report #295687
Dec 30 2007
02:33 PM
Hargrave And Associates Liars! Jacksonville Florida
I have been in the program since June 2007. I was assured by a woman by the name of Vanessa that they would DELETE all negative information on my credit reporst--all 3! Today is December 30, 2007, and NOTHING has been deleted. When I called back to try and get a refund, I was told that they do NOT refund their customers!! I was like, What? I have received at least 7 Equifax and Transunion credit reports. I was told that upon receipt, that I should send them to Hargrave and Associates. Fortunately for myself, I have retained copies of ALL of them. Unfortunately, I have seen absolutely NO results. If anything, my score has declined. Do not give in to the radio advertisements. They are not true! They cannot do anything for you. If I had known this, I would never have sent them $250. To put icing on the cake, I was told 2 months after being in the program, that they cannot delete charge offs. This was my ONLY issue with my credit. They gave me the phone # to another agency called the SCI group, who stated that they could get rid of the charge off...for a fee of $95. Needless to say, I could have paid off my debts for the amount that I have invested in this rip off credit repair agency. Pat Trenton, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
43, Report #198922
Jun 30 2006
10:30 AM
Culligan And Associates Loan Scam Chigago Illinois
We were told that we could get a loan for 5000 dollars, so we could pay off bills. They told us to send them 685 dollars for the set up fee and we would be reimbersed that back. We never got the check. Now we are in a worst position. I have tried to contact lawyers in my area, and none of them will help me. Thay say that they are too busy or they don't deal with that kind of stuff. Next time we do this we will investigate the company alot more. Robert Bolivar, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Chigago, Illinois
44, Report #152036
Aug 01 2005
01:50 PM
Allen and Associates Ripoff Maitland Florida
When you are need help the most that is when you are most vulnerable. Allen and Associates' claims sound legitimate and you want to believe them. The price seems high but when your job search has been floundering you'll believe that with the help of these experts you will be surpassing your previous income in no time. It is true that the contract explains exactly what you will get. The problem is that their explanation of what they do makes these minimal services sound far more valuable than they are. For $1500 you get a researched list of likely employers, resume rewrite, cover letter, and introduction letter sent to 150 possible employers. Their whole operation is geared to upsell you. You can enlarge the list and send to more people for more money. They will set up an 800 phone line for you for more money. There are other services for more money. The pressure is really on to purchase expanded services up front. This is probably because once you see the work they do you will have no interest in further services. I could have produced the same list of companies and their chief executives for $49.95 from hoovers.com. Their 20-something resume writer had no concept of my industry and the resume she put together was so bad we went back and forth on rewrites for a week until eventually I wrote the entire thing into their boilerplate. Ditto the cover letter. They were 2 weeks late in delivering the letters and lists after all drafts were approved. The only advice I got from my local advisor was to call all the CEOs on the list and make sure I didn't mention a salary to anyone. Every executive I contacted from their list referred me to HR who told me to submit an online application and if they have a match for me the'll contact me. This advisor indicated he could only take on 2 people per week. I think that is his quota. He hasn't bothered to check on me in 2 months. If I had to place a value on the services they provided it would be around $200. Glenn Eagan, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Maitland, Florida
45, Report #148004
Jun 29 2005
08:39 PM
Allen And Associates ripoff Orlando Florida
I contacted this compnay for theri services. They promise me to deliver what I ask for in the begging. After paying over $1200 to them, they were supposed to sent a coverup letter with the copy of my resume to over 200 list of companies from the list that they provided to me. This company also makes you responsible to call each and every single of the client that they have sent the package. After three weeks when I recived the listing from them, I contacted over %80 of the companies and NO ONE had my package. There is no way to prove that Allen & assocites has sent these letters including my resume. You just have to trust what they say. Companies like them, are taking advantage of the job market and cashing out on people like me where my market ( Information Technology) is really had to find a job. Alex wellington, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
46, Report #85325
Mar 25 2004
09:29 AM
Kosta And Associates ripoff Florida florida
I started my adventure on Nov 2003, they stated you would receive your package within 2 weeks. I waited almost 4 weeks before contacting them because of the holidays a gave them a little extra time. When it still had not arrived I sent ab e-mail asking where is my order(no response) tried several more time(after 5 E-Mails) then informed that they have been busy. within three days I got it. To say the least it was not as they said, so I sent it back the first week of Jan. Since then I have sent repeated e-mails, only after getting a little testsy did I get a response. There first answer was we are busy right now and we check it out. Right now I send an e-mail at least once a day. finally got a responce saying that they respond right away when they receive a package back with your account number on it. I sent it back in the orginal wrap(cost 1.95)(they charge 18.95).Today is march 25th. Home workers beware the are theives Donald manheim, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #87250
Apr 09 2004
08:51 PM
SR And Associates ripoff Weston Florida
I did not know until some informed to check it out and I had already sent the money via email. Christy Bangor, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Weston, Florida
48, Report #364136
Aug 18 2008
12:49 PM
Wiloth And Associates Employment Scam Houston Texas
I had just moved to Houston and was looking for a job, when Wiloth and Associates contacted me. I went to an interview and they hired me as an agent and I was under the assumption that the job was as a small business consultant. Only after I paid $295 for a background search did I find out that everything they told me in the interview was a lie, and that I would be an insurance agent and in charge of all my own expenses. I also had to sign up to take a broker test and study session that cost $160. Overall they scamed me out of $500 and I didnt even make a cent with the company. I later found out that most of the people they hired at the same time had a similar experience. M Spring, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
49, Report #7521
Nov 30 2001
12:00 AM
Saved From Bernard Haldane and Associates
This web-site just saved me 140 mile trip to Austin Texas and a half-day of vacation. I, like everyone else who as delt with Bernard Haldane and Associates, received the initial email, Our analysis of your resume has qualified you for a free career assessment... When I received my initial call from Darby (last name withheld) I was immediately suspicous. As a seasoned Project Manger, I insist on walking into any meeting understanding the purpose, length and participants. I asked these questions of Darby and did not receive a straight answer. Darby continued to give me accolades on my experiences and, I admit, I was sold on making an appointment. Prior to driving 70 miles to Austin, I decided that I needed to learn more about this company and read about their success. I found none. Nor, could I even find information on their Austin Texas office. I only have the address and phone number because I insisted on it from Darby. After reading their bleak financials and all the experiences I read on this OUTSTANDING web-site, I decided to cancel. When I called to cancel it was prior to their operating hours. The recording gives Darby (Binder's) extension as 9, however, the voice mail recording was for Pauline Perezwicz (sp). If these folks cannot coordinate their voicemail system and ensure their local office has a presence on the web or the yellow pages I'm even more suspicous. If this organization truly wants to get people in the front door and provide a valued service to their clients, they need to state the facts up front, establish a truly professional web-site and, at the very least, become listed in the on-line yellow pages! I do not wish any ill-will against Bernard Haldane and Associates and their clients. Best of luck to all who are looking for the best career! Sincerely, Brian Parks PS, for completely free career services in Texas go to: http://www.twc.state.tx.us/ The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is the state government agency charged with overseeing and providing workforce development services to employers and job seekers of Texas. For employers, TWC offers recruiting, retention, training and retraining, and outplacement services as well as valuable information on labor law and labor market statistics. For job seekers, TWC offers career development information, job search resources, training programs, and, as appropriate, unemployment benefits. While targeted populations receive intensive assistance to overcome barriers to employment all Texans can benefit from the services offered by TWC and our network of workforce partners.
Entity: Austin, Texas
50, Report #470899
Jul 17 2009
05:00 PM
Delkash And Associates My Experiance Irvine California
I found a complaint on the Website Complaints Board on July 10th, 2 days after I gave Delkash & Assoc. a check for $1, 000 and committed to $3, 000 more in 45 days. I called that day to cancel. I wanted to look into the company a little more. I had previously requested some more recent testimonial letters than the ones they had in their office notebook, and they hadn't showed them to me. I stopped payment on the check I'd given them as well. The people I spoke to tried to talk me out of it, but were very nice about it. I really just wanted a little more time to investigate the company, and didn't want to rush into anything. A few days later I got a call from Omid Ed Delkash himself. He was annoyed with me and accused me of posting the complaint about the company myself. He said I most have posted it because I was asking him the same questions that were talked about in compaint. He accused me of defamation of character, etc. and threatened to sue. He admitted to the incorporation date (not that it's a crime) but it annoyed him that I asked. He told me he'd gone all out on spending for his new office, only the best - and I was really missing out on a good thing by cancelling my contract. He told me as much time as he and his staff had spent on me thus far, he should charge me $1, 000. He promised to return all my paperwork, he said he would even pay for the postage. Gee thanks - I guess. He left a bad taste in my mouth and I was glad I'd cancelled after I talked to him. He's not an attorney, but I guess the attorney who just arrived from Ill.; and who just passed the Ca bar, makes it a Law Office with her presence. The other people I talked to seemed very nice. I believe Nancy and Rob whould have done a good job if given the chance. They probably should keep Delkash out of the public eye and maybe consider a DBA. Delkash doesn't seem to have the best reputation. Since I started looking I've found posts from people he screwed while working for Liberty Mutual, as well as posts from people who knew his exwife well enough to say some pretty nasty personal things. Maybe it's not a scam. It doesn't look like the company has even been in business long enough to prove itself. Maybe it's just a new company. Maybe use the name of a real lawyer and keep Delkash's name out of it. He's got to expect people to run a search on it. There isn't one Delkash on the California state bar. Unfortunately Delkash does not bring an unblemished name to the company name and people are bound to find that out as well. Skeptical sydney Fullerton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California

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