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26, Report #407392
Jan 02 2009
08:23 PM
CashNet USA ripoff/bully Chicago Illinois
I borrowed money and was not clearly directed on how it would be paid back. They demanded I pay half then finally I could break my payments down to four payments. I did that and now I have one more payment of nearly $500. That makes my payments more than what I borrowed period. I said I wanted to check out my statements and I was bullied into setting up the extra payment. I will never do business with them and I will let everyone I know about this sham. This company should be shut down. Suzanne Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois, Nationwide
27, Report #48831
Mar 11 2003
07:20 PM
Robinsons May ripoff Montclair California
Ok i just got back from RObinsons May where i purchased a pair of L.E.I jeans on Sunday when i get home i come to notice they're torn from the i go back to the store to try and exchange them for another pair... they tell me i have to pay a difference cause when i bought them they were on sale and now they aren't so it ticks me off a bit but thats not even the problem. So i say ok and thought im gonna buy something else so i will keep looking around. Finally i go back and go to a different cashier cause the other wasnt there anymore... She says she can't exchange them because apparently they aren't on the receipt.. and I thought they have to be i only have one receipt...and she says yea they wont even scan and so she says whoever rang you up must have made a mistake we can't exchage them. So im like but it was your mistake i want my money back or to exchange she says oh i dont know what to tell u sorry. SO she calls up some guy in a suit and all he does is stand and smile he says yea i cant do anything for u, gets a phone call and says excuse me i'll be right back NEVER came back again. So ive been there for about 30 minutes arguing with the cashier for my money.... they bring another cashier... again NOTHING. So im holding about 100 dollars worth of clothes im about to buy and they're pissing me off. Yet at no moment i lost my temper but inside i was dying. SO robinsoms may made me take home a torn pair of jeans i paid for with proof of a receipt.... (apparently they punched the wrong numbers in) but according to them its my fault i dont know why so they did nothing for me so i lost my money and made me take home a pair of torn jeans. No one offered me anything no help nothing. So if anyone out there has a number i can call I NEED IT BADLY. oh wait almost forgot the guy in the suit says to me so u dont have another receipt i say no he says oh ARE US URE U BOUGHT THESE???? WAS HE TRYING TO SAY I STOLE THEM???????? Adriana California, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Montclair, California
28, Report #731051
May 19 2011
10:29 AM
C.T.I.S. Scammed and Rammed Madison, Tennessee
Do Not Work for this company. Don't even think about it.  The management could not be more dishonest or misleading. Its all in the paperwork which is pages upon pages of confusing bullsh*t. One of the biggest rip-offs is the ability of the company to take money out of your paycheck for the smallest mistake during cable install. Even a loose nut or bolt can result in a charge-back The minimum charge is $35 and the person doing the inspections gets that money. So in reality they can write there own paycheck. So if you don't get along with this person for any reason don't plan on working there long unless getting money taken out of your paycheck is something you like. The pay structure is a total scam. Its based on a per job basis and time per day. Take your total jobs per day and type of each job; this results in a quota system which is almost impossible to obtain as a new employee. Half of your paycheck is based on this. If you don't get enough jobs done fast enough you don't get your Bonus or whatever they called it.  As a new employee you will be put on a team   what a crock of ****. What this means is if you get your jobs done early you have to go help anyone that is falling behind. Remember your pay is based on jobs completed and the time it took. You DON'T get paid for helping a slower worker but the time is added to your total hours. Which forced people to clock out to protect the possibility of getting your bonus. Which means your working for FREE. Pay is based on jobs and if your employee number isn't on that job, no money and the company doesn't split jobs. Management FORCES you to do this with the explanation that what goes around comes around. Well if your good, hard working employee every day your helping out the slower people. SO if you have experience installing STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. These things are not talked about in training and other workers won't talk about it. Management doesn't even explain it at the beginning to get you thru training and then your hooked. The job is 6 days/ 60+ hours a week with a paycheck of about $400. Yes some people do make good money but thats after years of kissing ***. Just stand around in the morning before the day starts and listen to everyone complain. Times are tough and getting a job is even tougher. Sorry if your needing a job but PLEASE use the time and effort finding something else. Just ask yourself WHY do they need new employees in such a tough job market. By the way I worked for this company for 6 months before quitting. I was sucked in by lies and promises. In that time I saw more than 30 people give it a try. The reason I lasted so long is that I had 5yrs experience and was a fast worker. GOOD LUCK! CTIS hope you read this. Shame on you for being so dishonest.
Entity: Madison, Tennessee
29, Report #714113
Apr 05 2011
12:19 PM
PMAB Deceit to Employee Charlotte, North Carolina
I was employed at this company for over a year and was told i had to be laid off due to lack of work, in the process I would receive a letter of recognition for my services and character.  I tried to follow up with a call and was told to email them and I would get it.  It has been over a year and the principle of the matter is this was an outright lie. I know other people have been hired since I left. But, my concern is the companies ethics for their employees.  I just wanted a letter to carry with me but since I was lied to I believe others need to know that before they except a job with this company they had better know who they are working for.  Liars & Thieves.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
30, Report #868054
Apr 13 2012
08:58 AM
Covenant Transport Discrimination/harassment issues Chattanooga, Tennessee
I worked for Covenant in 1997, under a different name than I currently have. I graduated second in my class from a reputable truck driving school, was pre-hired from school. At orientation, we were ran like cattle through the process, not given time to read the mountains of paperwork given and were put on a truck. My Trainer at first seemed like a good guy, then he began borrowing money from me, wanting to party while on layovers at Chattanooga, and this began to lead to conflicts between us. I covered his behind on s few issues, but got backstabbed in return. Men and women who cannot control their sexual urges and think they can take advantage over trainees who need a job, or they would not be there to begin with, need to not be trainers. Period. I complained to management and was placed with a new trainer, after threatening harassment charges and discrimination. The new trainer was great. My situation is this, I quit the company due to the lack of enforcement of discrimination and harassment policies at the company. After completing my training, I was placed with incompetent people, who did not know how to adjust or slide a trailer for the scales, could not read a road atlas, would not listen to common sense, and tried to create problems at truck stops, showers, checking the truck for safety issues, etc. I have worked non-traditional jobs all of my life, so I'm well versed on what the job was about. I am currently obtaining a Master's degree in Criminal Justice and my current course regards discrimination, harassment in the workplace and the policies regarding such actions or inactions by places I have previously worked. What is the standing policy at Covenant (now) and are they enforced or blown off like they were in 97? Manythanks for responses. (I need this information for a paper I'm writing concerning companies who do not uphold the rights of workers). 
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
31, Report #898285
Jun 15 2012
08:39 PM
Amazon Fulfillment Center Selling Defected Items. Internet
I BOUGHT AN ORIS WATCH AND A WATCH CASE ON AMAZON.COM 6 MONTH AGO. THE WATCH WAS EXPENSIVE, $1000. i spent a Grand and got a Weird Wicked Watch!!!!!!! I NOTICED THE DAY DATE CALENDER WAS SCRATCHED AND THE SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL WAS SCRATCHED TOO. IT WAS TOO SLIGHT TO BE SHOWN TO A NAKED EYE. BUT I CAUGHT THE ACT. MAYBE IM BEING TOO ALERT. THE WATCH CASE CLEARANCE WAS ALSO SCRATCHED. I THINK IM BEING BULLIED BY SOMEONE. i dont like being bullied.  I DIDN'T RETURN THEM BECAUSE IT WAS TOO LATE. EVER SINCE THAT SCRATCHED ITEMS I DID NOT RETURN. IM IN BAD LUCK. NOTHING goes smoothy N E MO. What a JackA**! Who does that SH*T and u kno what???? I won an another item on ebay because the past bidder didn't after me. so I won an another WATCH!!! IT WAS HORRIBLE. SO F*CKING HEAVY and totally NOT TRUE. Any ways Expensive item seekers! beware buying stuff ONLINE. I'm a Seller @ too, maybe that's why It felt like this. SO LONG~~~~~~~~~ From: J.KSTARTING QUOTE: *We cannot conceive of matter being formed of nothing, since things require a seed to start from... Therefore there is not anything which returns to nothing, but all things return dissolved into their elements*   -William. S-
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #556353
Jan 18 2010
04:55 PM
Sam's Liquors A SHAM, Chicago, Illinois
I have patronized this store for several years now, and there has always been dope dealers, user, gangs and very violent shootings in this store, and around this store.  Just recently I visited this store and I purchased and alcoholic beverage, and a snicker and pack of Big Red.  Now when I got home which is over four very long blocks away, I realized that this cashier didn't put any of my other items in the bag, only the beverage.  I didn't get a receipt, this store has never given receipt's and I was cool with that because I never spend over ten dollars in there anyway, but this day I felt bad cause I knew how petty these people were and that they weren't going to make it right you.I went back to the store and talked to the very gentleman that forgot my purchases, and he swore on his mom's that it wasn't him, and I was taken back because this wasn't even $2.00 worth of stuff that he forgot to put in my bag, but he was like I can't give you your stuff and I am not the manager, so I asked to speak to the manager and he wasn't there of course, but then I ask for his number and I was given a number and a name of a guy named Z.  I called and left a message for Z to call me, I even left my job number, do you think that I have gotten a call yet?  So now I have to take different measures, because I feel no one should be cheated, even if the product costs 1 cent or 1 million!!!!!     
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
33, Report #703175
Mar 05 2011
07:50 PM
davisrefrigeration patrick davis abuser of seniors wayne, Pennsylvania
Charged $500 for 20 mins. labor and a $90 part labor. Would not talk to me, but insulted, threatened and called me on my answering service numerous times. He lists names of towns and phone numbers,but no street numbers or names. He must not be very busy in his refrigeration repair business when he can call all day long. He has a BBB rating of F. He talks as though he is mentally ill.                
Entity: wayne,, Pennsylvania
34, Report #661801
Nov 14 2010
10:35 AM
Goodwill Sexua\l harassment, retaliation and termination Internet
What happened to me is so wrong. I lost my job due to cutbacks. I accepted a lesser paying job at Goodwill to avoid drawing unemployment even though I was approved. I was so excited to start my new job. My new boss was a man and it started fairly quick. He would tell me I had a sexy body ask me out for a drink even though he was a married man. He started making comments he liked the size of my breasts. I needed my job, I was scared and didn't know how to handle the situation.  I asked my district manager for a transfer not saying why.  I finally received a transfer, 40 mile commute no additional pay but I took it. I was only at my new job about two weeks when a former employee called and said my old boss was now having sex with an underprivileged  female employee. I was sick to my stomach because this girl was on many medications for depression and easily manipulated. After a night of restless non sleep, I called my district manager and told him the entire situation.  I was sent to HR department to file a report. The events that followed are a nightmare. The man I filed charges against started calling my new boss. I was watched on camera constantly. They allowed this man to do my six month evaluation after I reported him. The evaluation was so bad I was denied my raise. I was written up repeatly and terminated within three weeks after my HR report. I have been denied unemployment. My credit cards have gone into collections.  Ive sold all my jewelry and personal possessions. I have been fighting for my unemployment for months. The treatment I'm receiving from the Board of Appeals is worst than the sexual harassment. I called last week and they hung up on me. The way these situations are handled is wrong. Women who stand up and speak are abused by the system. I have filed with EEOC but am told that could take months. I need my unemployment to get back on my feet and try to recover from a situation that is not my fault. If laws are passed against sexual harassment in the workplace but the system is not capable of giving a victim support or understanding the law. What good is the law?
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #508447
Oct 13 2009
07:33 AM
Amerifirst Direct unafraid of NCDOL Internet
I worked briefly for Amerifirst Direct and can support Tommy of Atlanta's contention that Bob Neely and Jordan Cain, the owners are completely unscrupulous. I read another report, later retracted, that spoke to the bait-and-switch tactics of advertising.  I'm glad that situation was resolved once the report was filed, but feel certain, from what I learned while their employee, that for this one resoved case, there are many who have not filed a report. I was cheated out of wages.  I took my complaint to the NC Department of Labor and following an investigation, NCDOL issued a citation against Amerifirst Direct.  It specifically stated that Amerifirst Direct was guilty of failure to pay all wages, failure to pay former employee and unauthorized withholdment of wages.  Bob and Jordan said I would have to take them to court before they would pay a dime, regardless of what the NC DOL said.  I figure if these guys were so stingy as to refuse to pay what they had been told clearly they owed, even though they knew my husband had just been diagnosed with cancer and would not be able to work at all for several months, -- well, they could keep the little bit of money they owed me.  Maybe that's how they afford their multiple homes, luxurious vacations, fast cars and South American wives.  I just didn't want to have to be around such human garbage any more and dropped it. Now, I still don't want a dime of what they still owe me, but I would like to see more runtled clients and former employees who got cheated file reports like this.
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #480906
Aug 17 2009
06:10 AM
COVENANT TRANSPORT Life After Covenant Crestview, Florida
It's been nearly 9 months since being layed off from Covenant Transport. They layed me off because they said I quit. The Unemployment Court didn't buy their story and I won weekly payments. After a break I found another job and am really over the experience. The administration as a whole are a terrible group of individuals. To sum up my time there: My first trainer was a pervert who tried to convince me that he was a former homicide investigator. He was demoted from Master Trainer, but that was back in the days where some of the administration still had a bit of decency (2001). The second trainer was great. After leaving for a few years I returned. My first trainer was a pervert who claimed to have gang raped women over seas during his Navy career. He owned a big home near Florida beaches and was very popular with dispatch. When I got off the guys truck they stranded me in Iowa and cut off my Comdata Card. After spending two weeks up there I spent my own funds to get to a new trainer in TX. This lady ate veggie hotdogs out of a can and multitasked by talking on one phone; texting on another and working a laptop at the same time she drove. Drive it like you stole it was her motto. Shortly after leaving her truck I heard she rolled it. Then I had to drive with a whiney lady that had no mental stability. Later I ended up on a truck with a prostitute codriver; a former butcher who refused to drive and hit a driver in a parking lot; a guy who fought with dispatch over every little thing; then a few other short timers. I've got better stories about driving than most people I know. Training was a trip too. I had one perfect student who was born to drive; two who were never meant to drive; and two that took alot of work, but learned how to drive quite well. Tommy Whitecotton is the biggest jerk in dispatch and if you ever learn how to piss him back off the veins stick out in his neck. Jimmy Shields and Paul Allen are incompetent, spineless idots. And Jessie Goodman was spawned straight from hell. Anyone stupid enough to stay past getting their basic experience are either a bit off themselves or will end up with equally interesting stories. Our government is broken for resolving such issues or they would have shut that place down long ago. Their drivers kill people and the company gets away with it by firing the surviving driver. Their training program is a joke for both students and trainers. If a student is not able to test out legitimately the trainer finds a Master Trainer to pass the student. If they don't wreck during the test, all is well. I've done plenty of complaints and finally realized that if I'd listened to others I'd have seen the pattern sooner. Nobody is special there and as long as drivers believe the lies that it is always the other person, they will thrive. It's a major head game they are professionals at playing.  The best I can say is that they taught me to stand up for myself and to recognize bulls**t when I see it. If you don't like it there move on, your sure to find something better, anything better. Don't worry, they will find more where they got you! 
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
37, Report #729926
May 16 2011
02:41 PM
jb hunt control freaks lowell, Arkansas
I dont understand jb hunt,you are a billion dollar company with 19 thousand trucks,you spend a lot of money on recruiting,orientation, are told what a great company jb hunt is,you will make 60 thousand a year,youre told there are no quarterly safety meetings because they cause anxiety and accidents. Everything is a lie,they think truck drivers are basically stupid. i spent 5 thousand dollars on trucking school,passed state road and written test,i have 2 million miles,last accident in 1996. and im being lectured on a daily basis by dispatchers with 0 driving experiance on how to drive a truck.its mandatory that you send a daily safety tip on the qualcomm . They dont trust you,absolutely O trust. Then when you compain about it,they say/ why dont you believe in driving a truck safely. They are super strict on logging,you move the truck 10 feet and dont log it,its 5 points. They wait until 2 months go by until they tell you about log book problems,by then its too late/you will recieve 2 written warnings,one more- you are fired. They go out of their way to violate and fire you. I quit after 3 months,because i think thyre disgusting pigs. At oak creek,wi on 94 north , in the work zone,a large piece of plastic smashed my windshield,spraying me with glass.I called safety, i wanted to take the truck 2 miles to a truck stop,they said no. these idiots called out a wrecker to tow the truck 35 miles north at a cost of 650 dollars/the reason because they had a video camera there ,so they could video the damage,look for signs that i might be at fault,then they could violate and fire me. Im sure it must of been disappointing that they found nothing. You live in the truck for 2 weeks,shut it off when it isnt needed.,its 90 degrees out and they complain about your engine idle time.They send you daily messages about the/ deadly days of summer/ dazed and deadly/toll plaza red zones. You feel like youre tiny tim working for scrooge.. these guys are total idiots-morons. STAY AWAY.
Entity: lowell, Arkansas
38, Report #794652
Nov 03 2011
06:51 AM
Traderbaker Flea Market stalkers Anderson, Indiana
Traderbaker flea market in Anderson Indiana is the worst place to shop in the world. They will follow you around like you are a harden criminal. I went to traderbakers flea market for the first time on Oct. 23 and spent over hundred dollars. The following weekend my husband and I took my son and mother-in law to the flea market. I was being followed as soon as I entered there door. To my suprise my son, husband, and mother-in law were also being followed around the store like we were going to pack them out. My husband was so agravated he finally asked the woman if she had a key to get into a case. She told him that she didn't have the keys. So she was just following us around she wasn't trying to help anyone out. I noticed we weren't the only ones being followed around the elderly lady was following everyone around the store. I go shopping all the time and have never been followed around. It was embarrassing and it pissed me off. I've never taken anything without paying for it. Plus I had my shopping cart full of merchandise if I wanted to steal would I be pushing a cart around that was full of stuff? I just wanted to tell anyone I can about this terrible shopping experience and warn others from going there. I don't know if there employees are high on drugs or delusional but don't waste your time going there usless you want to be followed around like you a criminal.
Entity: Anderson, Indiana
39, Report #789640
Oct 17 2011
07:41 AM
Paul Cahalane Insurance Express Degrating Internet
Paul Cahalane is an acting manager at Insurance Express, this company has been in business for about a year. This company consist of a dark boiler room filled with personal computers serving as a call center. Paul Cahalane who's managment skills consist of degrating and demoralizing staff, mostly women who earn a lousy $9.00 an hour generating bogus internet list  of potential Insurance clients ranging from 11 year olds to disabled,vision impaired individuals who can't drive! Paul Cahalane is mentally and verbally abusive to his staff ! He leans over your shoulder as your working to watch what you are doing (or looking down all the womens shirts to see cleavage, because he never had a girlfriend) and making you feel imcompitient and belittle you when you don't hit the goal that day even when you tried and worked your hardest! (not all customers want to be bothered by us) it's not our fault if they don't want this! Paul Cahalane makes up the rules as he goes along, as soon as we follow he says we as employees are stupid for not following rules when he just changes them abruptly. Paul Cahalane thinks its funny and jokes about degrating comments in regards to women and says He can hire any loser off the street or a random person in Walmart to do our jobs! All of the employees are working and are serious about their job and this Loser Paul Cahalane has the nerve to speak to his employees in such a discusting manner! He should not be an acting manager at Insurance Express or any other company!
Entity: Internet, Internet
40, Report #768987
Aug 24 2011
07:02 AM
florilli BAD LAIRS CHEATERS west liberty, Iowa
The worst company on earth out of west liberty,Lowa they pull reefer trailors they are liars cheaters decievers first kurt is the biggest liar ever........they fired you for no reason they want you to drive around scales used us highways steal money from you.......i got fired because i was tried i didnt want to pick up a load and deliever......they put on my dac and said i drop a trailor..........i got that took off but after when i try to do employment vercation they say i hit or lie about something....beware i would like all drivers to ever ever in jesus name please dont go here......
Entity: west liberty, Iowa
41, Report #769070
Aug 24 2011
11:48 AM
Jmn transportation all about money Internet
While working at JMN I was injured on the job. They wanted me back in 1 or 2 weeks. I visited hospitals and everything but I had stretched the ligaments in my knee, crushed my calf muscle and damaged my main vein in my leg. It took them a month for workmans comp to kick in, another 3 weeks to get to a doctor and somewhere in the middle a certified letter stating I was fired. Workmans comp stopped shortly after so no money for bills was coming in, no insurance ans I nearly lost everything I had worked for.Eventually I found a lawyer to take my case just to receive a thousand dollars for 9 1/2 months out work. Along with that I received nothing on the long or short term insurance I had been paying into because they had no papers where I had applied for and was paying into.My injuries have never healed properly due to lack of doctor care, still trying to work as hard as I can to get caught up on past due bills. Had to sell just about everything I owned just to make ends meet. Thank you for screwing people over. Its sad people when you work so hard for crooks like them just to get screwed over by them because they have the money to make people look the other way.
Entity: Internet, Internet
42, Report #642915
Sep 21 2010
02:48 PM
express stacy no proper warnings fishers, Indiana
Stacy wrote me up due to an injury that accured  at work,I dealt with for a week,she lied and said i didn't call her when i left her a message on her office phone,i was called everyday after the accident which i think is harassment, she didn't start with a verbal warning,she went straight to a written warning which is unfair. and now weeks later i got fired for not wearing safety glasses for a brief moment due to the activity i couldn't wear them,this should of been a written warning if anything. I feel as if Stacy was after me personally. I believe she pushed me out so express wouldn't have to pay workman's comp for my injury.
Entity: fishers, Indiana
43, Report #1032252
Oct 22 2008
06:17 PM
Caya Services faxed Hamden Connecticut
Non payment of wages to younger employees. Conartist. Me East Haven, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Hamden, Connecticut
44, Report #1033820
Nov 07 2004
07:46 PM
Midas Australia Bullying and stealing Nationwide Melbourne Australia
I had a Midas until Midas opened next door to me. I had run my shop for years and then all of a sudden Midas had a company shop sixty feet from my door. When I complained to Midas they gave me three choices, buy their shop off them for over one hundred thousand dollars(they would not tell me exactly how much), stay and compete against them, or give away my business and leave the building. They told me I had 24 hours to make up my mind. I tried to slow them down but after eight days I got a fax from them saying Vacate the Premises and we had no choice. They had already made sure no one had any money because they would not advertise and they went ballistic if you asked them where all the advertising money had gone. So we didn't have the money to fight and we didn't want to be involved with that scum any more. I was told by other franchisees that I was not the only one that got the treatment. Dandenong did and they say almost every shop in South Australia did and some of the West Australian's left because of the same thing. But even if you didn't have one of their shops next door you were not wanted. Lose money and close the doors, give away your shop for anything, let them take it off you for almost nothing. All the people that were there for years, good people that new what they were doing, all of a sudden they were in trouble. Scott AdelaideAustralia Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on MIDAS
Entity: Melbourne, Australia
45, Report #389789
Nov 10 2008
02:51 PM
Patterson Services Prospective Employees BEWARE ! Mableton Georgia
My husband took a job with this company on 11-3-08 as an experienced roll-off driver. His scheduled start time was 5am. He accepted this position from Mr.Patterson and agreed to a daily salary of $135.00 per day. On his 3rd day of working there he was informed by another employee that he was only making training pay of $50.00 a day for the first 4 days of employment and then after that he would be on his salary pay. With traffic my husband got home at 7pm the first night and 6:30pm Tues & Wed night. So for a little over 36 hours worked in 3 days he is now informed he only made $150.00. When he questioned Mr.Patterson he was told it was in the 8-10 page application he signed in small print near the end of the application. Yes, I understand my husband should've caught this but this is extremely immoral on the companys behalf and on top of the fact they aren't even paying the federal minimum wage during this period. This is unethical and sneaky whether he signed or NOT! He was also informed that if he didn't complete the first 4 days of this training period (take in mind he has more experience than anyone there and din't need training) that he would not even receive his $50.00 per day. Well needless to say, he didn't return on Thursday. We figuered if they were this shady his first week it would only get worse. He was also informed that the employees there get treated worse than dogs and get cursed quite often by both of the owners. One of the owners, Cynthis is now calling wanting their Nextel returned. I told her it would be returned when he recieved a check from them. She therefore told me they would be charging him with theft.We are now in the process of having the Department of Labor, Minimum Wage & Overtime Division investigate this company. Yes, we could use the money they owe him but please dont consider working for these people unless you're ok with their fine print and how they treat people. 36 hours for free...must be good for payroll Patterson! Dakotarae1 Kennesaw, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Mableton, Georgia
46, Report #434788
Mar 16 2009
01:52 PM
Andrew Bjorgaard Obnoxious jerk, racist Carthage Texas
This guy is personally difficult to get along with; you tell him to quit doing stuff that bothers you and he'll just go right on doing it, with a grin on his face. He's expressed racist beliefs, including neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan sympathies, and displays Confederate flags when he thinks no one will object to it. And then he doesn't understand why people hate him and don't want to be around him. Mike Ft. Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Carthage, Texas
47, Report #426706
Feb 20 2009
05:58 PM
Combined Insurance Combined Insurance Surrey United Kingdom
Having read these reports, I can understand why people are pissed off. Unfortunately (for them), they have just ended up with bad managers...cut and dried. I'm not really into all this PMA stuff either cos i'm positive enough without having to scream it from the rafters! ;) I work part-time for Combined (20 odd hours per week, 10am-3pm) and earn no less than 800 per week. I travel 16 - 32 miles per day return, which is heaven compared to the mileage in my last job as a paralegal conveyancer. I am aware of the crooks, but isn't that the case in any environment? And to my Irish chums - these folks will get their comeuppance. Personally, I am with this company to earn good money in an easy way. I dont push, or wouldn't sell a policy to someone who couldn't afford it...or really didn't want it. I have met the managers, some of whom I have time for, others I wonder Why on hells earth are you employed as a manager by this company - are they taking in any waifs and strays?. Anyway...........enough of the small talk. I am an educated single mother who firmly believes in quality of life. My children have a great life and this 'Credit Crunch' doesn't affect us at all. This summer, we are off to Trinidad, France and Ibiza and we pick our new car up this Wednesday! Smart cookie glasgowUnited Kingdom
Entity: Surrey, United Kingdom
48, Report #615660
Jun 21 2010
05:57 AM
USPS working on lunch hour pittsburgh , Pennsylvania
Right here in Pittsburgh PA the main post office... supervisors and 204 b acting supervisors are always working on their lunch half hour!! I am a 2o4 b and have been complaining to them to allow us have lunch for 30 mins....they dont and whats even worst is that their computer automatic put in lunch where we didnt have any... if the computer dont put it in then the managers automatically put in the lunch in the system... we are not getting paid for our nonlunch time. Whos gonna listen? the usps... not.... how do we prove this? witnesses...or maybe osha can watch us all day? any advice on lawsuit for this?
Entity: pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
49, Report #975346
Nov 28 2012
11:36 PM
Siteforce Australia SH@TFORCE Construction Cairns, Mississippi
 Personally dealings with this company have been very bad and many others have a sour taste in their mouth after being employed by them. !BEWARE!  of their employment agreement, make sure you understand it in its entirety before you sign it. 
Entity: Cairns, Mississippi
50, Report #1006028
Jan 30 2013
09:58 AM
nctcs absolute joke st. louis park, Minnesota
This company is a joke and they ought to be ashamed of themselves. They sucker you in with an imaginary job, and then when you call to ask follow up questions, won't answer your call. Very fishy. The faster you can run away from these jerks, the better. I was lucky and got out fast, I hope you will be able to say the same.
Entity: st. louis park, Minnesota

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