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Complaint Review: Resort members Association

  • Submitted: Sat, December 22, 2012
  • Updated: Tue, May 20, 2014
  • Reported By: John schneider — raytown Missouri United States of America
  • Resort members Association
    810 Brickell Ave Suite 900
    Miami, Florida
    United States of America
  • Phone: 888-632-6217
  • Web:
  • Category: Resorts

Resort members Association The company has offices in Orlando, Florida and Torrance, California at 2239 West 190 Street, and according to one BBB complainant, allegedly is an unregistered fictitious name for the real company, T according to one BBB complainant, allegedly is an unregistered fictitious name for the real company, Time Share Relief, Inc. whose owners are Paco Gray and Nicholas Worlds, both of Tampa, Fl. Miami, Florida

*Consumer Comment: The Truth

Show customers why they should trust your business over your competitors...

This stuff is happening year after year & I would like to know why class action lawsuits are not out against these individuals. Look at these complaints for this last year:

This is a typical mailing, usually trying to get you to come to a local hotel for a high pressure sales presentation where in the end, you will be writing a check for fees to allow the company to either buy or market your time share resort condo.

They will not give you any information over the phone, but pressure callers to come in person to their hotel presentation. A clue to a possible probom is the letter is unsigned. There is no record of the company being registered at the Secretary of State's office in California or Florida, where we received the letter. Another clue is they claim the offer is "For a limited time," and give a cut off date to call their phone number (888) 242-8706.
The phone number apparently changes depending on when you receive the letter. A second letter received showed (888) 453-9461 and included an "account number" of 9109206 under the heading of "Annual Association Notice" and again with a date to call them by.

The Central Florida Better Business Bureau and Southern California BBB says the company, is not accredited
and has had 10 complaints about sales and advertising tactics since May 2012. According to BBB records Resort Members Association began business in March 2012. The operations manager is listed as Robert Podlesni and the company is listed as a title company.

Many people report getting mailings and phone calls from the company even though they don't own a time share and there is an allegation that it's website may contain malicious code.

Time Share Relief, Inc. - How They Operate

This company has had government sanctions against them for deceptive practices. According to filings by the state of Vermont, on eight occasions between 2007 and 2010, representatives of Timeshare Relief came to Burlington to solicit consumers to transfer ownership of their unused timeshares and thus relieve the owners of
timeshare maintenance fees, taxes and other costs.

A number of consumers who met with the company understood the invitation to mean that the company
would offer to pay them for their timeshares; in fact, they had to pay several hundred to several thousand dollars to transfer ownership of their timeshares. The Attorney General considered this to be a deceptive trade

Many less than honest companies are trying to take advantage of timeshare owners, asking large fees from those who have been unable to sell their units due to the very large inventory of units that are now on the market
for sale or being unused.

Not said in the original letter is that you will be charged thousands of dollars for "transfer fees" to give away your time share apartment or condo to the company. These types of companies may in turn attempt to re-sell to someone else, and often won't record the transfer, so the original owner is still on the hook legally.

Recommendation: Legitimate timeshare owner groups say not to pay anyone fees to sell or dispose of a
timeshare, instead advise to literally give away for free any unwanted condo and pay an attorney a hundred dollars or so to do the paperwork. The owner's groups say it is unnecessary to ever pay anyone thousands of dollars to dispose of a timeshare or to pay a "listing fee" to place it on the market.

posted by KQ4YM | 11:08 AM 


Anonymous said...

My son had this problem a few years ago with a time share in Ga. When the real estate bust hit he just walked away from it and never looked back. Never paid anyone anything anymore. No repercussions either.

7:04 PM  

Anonymous said...

Thats weird. RMA helped us get rid of out Timeshare. They were a Godsend. We never ever used the Timeshare. Resort Members Association has an A on the BBB also. Why do think they are a scam?

9:41 PM  

Sandy Logan said...

Maybe because you are "anonymous" and probably one of their salesmen? What a joke that presentation was. Wanted over $6,000 to 'relieve' us of our timeshare in 9 months. ha ha ha.

6:20 AM  

Anonymous said...

I just got a letter and I am pretty sure I do not own a timeshare. I would really like to know how they got my name and can I report them?

OR - does someone own a timeshare in my name and I don't know about it?

3:20 PM  

Anonymous said...


6:34 AM  

Anonymous said...

10.10.12 - received one of those letter and I do not own any property in FL. Letter received this time was from Aventura, FL. Other letters rec'd with same name came from Orlando, FL. As matter of fact, I sent letter back to them asking for more info -- Guess what, it was returned to me by USPS saying "unknown" and they could not forward. Apparently, these folks are a scam !!!!!

12:06 PM  

Anonymous said...

I just got the letter. It was addressed to my step dad who passed away about 10 years ago. I'm sure he didn't own a timeshare. The ph.# on my letter was (888)881-9755. They must change the number quite frequently.

2:38 PM  

Phil Leman said...

I received a letter today - Oct. 20th. - also from Aventura, FL The phone number now is 888-453-8493. We do own a timeshare. The last scammer said they could sell my timeshare for what I had invested. Then they wanted fees up front.

After I told them I would only pay fees out of the money I received from the buyer, I never heard from them again. :)

8:10 PM  

Anonymous said...

I think it is phony because we have received countless letters regarding "our timeshare" from them and yet we do not have and never have had a timeshare.

9:38 AM  

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the article. Latest address is in Aventura, FL with a phone number of 888-891-9755. This is the fourth letter I've received.
4:47 PM  

Phoenixbird said...

I just received a letter addressed to my parents who do not own a timeshare. They passed it on to me as we do. I called and made an appointment but will be calling back to cancell after reading these notes. The number for October 1-31, 2012 is 888-453-8494.

Thanks for the info.

11:53 AM  

Anonymous said...

I just recieved a letter with return address in AVentura, FL. Interestingly the phone number is 888-453-8492. Clearly that have a BANK of telephone numbers 888-453-849_.

Excellent article...don't bother with them.

10:40 PM  

Richard said...

Recieved letter yesterday...Aventura,Fl. #888-453-9460. These dirtbags should put effort into working an honest job...Never-Never pay anything upfront..give it to a church or a friend. The resorts are great but getting to costly to keep high paid staff around.. To many scammers around, if the fast talkers sound to good they are not..

9:52 AM  

Anonymous said...

My mom just got one of these in the mail. She does own a timeshare which she's been trying to sell a few yrs ago and got scammed twice out of lots. of $$$. We still get many phone calls saying from ppl saying they can sell it right away or they have a buyer interestested in it but need to act now for a fee up front of course. I tell them to go f#ck themselves and hang up. My mom is 81 and I will never allow her to be scammed again! This ppl are going to hell. I hate them!!!

7:08 AM  

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article. I dont have timeshare but these fools thought they could scam me. I got them back - I've sent 8100 flyers requesting their presence in Hell, to their newest office address of 20801 Biscayne Blvd, Ste 403,
Aventura FL, 33180

And it IS signed - El Diablo:)

10:52 AM  

Anonymous said...

Received the letter this week. Aventura, FL address and 888-453-9461. Two presentations in my area. Thinking of going to one and being the unruly attendee that is asked to leave. The very worst, I could get the opportunity to kick someones @&&.

12:37 PM  

Anonymous said...

Just got my letter today, 11/2/12, from Venture Fl. 888-747-3572. 747 sounds like the plane this fly-by-night group will use to hit the road.

11:49 AM  

Anonymous said...

I just got my letter 11/1/2012 from Adventura, FL. We are all getting different phone numbers. I called my time share and they agreed with my suspicions that this is a scam. If it sounds too good to be true you can bet for
sure that it is.

2:43 PM  

Anonymous said...

I just recieved the same letter today 11/3/12 from Aventura Fl with an account number that says 12716406 with a totally new phone number... (888) 686-9953. I know that I don't own any timeshare so for me, I kwno that this is a scam!!!


9:34 PM  

Anonymous said...

Just got my letter today and of course I called my timeshare, which said this is a SCAM. So BEWARE...

2:53 PM  

Anonymous said...

I received the same unsigned letter from the Aventura, FL. address with a different phone number ...888-747-3696. I have a timeshare and I know that NOBODY is going to completely and permanently eliminate my maintenance fees. IT HAS TO BE A SCAM

10:09 PM  

Anonymous said...

I got an unsigned letter today (11/6/2012) dated October 2012 from Aventura, FL 33180 with an expiration date of Nov 15, 2012. My supposed account number is 14349456. Their new phone number is 888-747-3696. FOLKS: I have never owned, nor will I ever own, a "time-share". THIS IS A CERTAINLY SCAM!!! I wonder if the bar
code on the bottom of the letter contains useful information?

2:12 PM  

cd said...

Same story here... I got my second letter today from Aventura, FL with the number 888-936-8970. They have made it to the 8970's with their phone numbers. I do own a timeshare... anyone know how I can legitimately sell it?

7:14 PM  

Anonymous said...

Just received a second letter from them. Its from Aventura, FL, Nov 2012, 888-747-3738. must call before Nov 21 to qualify. I was thinking of calling, but now I'm not thanks to your comments. There has got to be a way to shut these places down and for the one who lost money should be able to sue them.

2:58 PM  

Pappy said...

Received multiple letters in the past and ignored them. A new one was delivered yesterday from Aventura Fl, 888-686-9953. Just want to let you know that timeshares are like herpes. Once you get it, you can't get rid of

7:46 AM  

D DANIELS said...


12:26 PM  

Anonymous said...

Newest number 888.233.8947 20801 Biscayne blvd, suite403 aventura, Fl 33180.

Total scam, I hate for anyone to get pulled in by these awful people.

2:08 PM  

Anonymous said...

Another Anonymous person:

Today got my letter "Resort Members Association -- 20801 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 403 -- Aventura, FL 33180 -- Phone (888) 233-8944 --

Account # 8786578." stating exactly what the above article says. Also have had my share of Phone calls. The last call I go I told the person I would be glad to sale the timeshare.. but please tell me where it is beings I
never knew I owned a timeshare. They hung up on me and I've never heard from them again. Now it is mail, but the PO needs the business so let the pay the postage and keeps his job and my paper shredder gets the mail.

2:00 PM  

Anonymous said...

Thanks, all, shredding letter - I don't even own a timeshare. I checked my credit report to make sure I wasn't a victim of ID theft, which I'm not, but worth keeping an eye on credit report in the future. Incredibly stupid
advertisement. They even gave me a fake "account number".

4:31 PM  

Anonymous said...

I got a letter today, and I also have no timeshare.



Members Association
20801 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 403
Aventura, FL 33180
(888)233-8993 call between Nov. 1st and Nov. 28th

Hundreds of people need to show up at these presentations and protest these scumbags! Get +them on the news.

4:29 PM  

Anonymous said...

Also received a letter from this place that identifies must call from November 1 through November 28 and with the phone number 888-233-8944. My parents received this letter and they do not own a timeshare (we do). Had a fake account number and the letter was not signed.

8:55 AM  

Anonymous said...

These company. Rooted with evil intentions to lure people to pay them to give away their timeshares. One day they are going to scam the wrong person. Someone who is just trying o get things back in line for their family. Then these scum of the earth waste of life energy takes away money from them. I wouldn't be surprised if that person ran into the head office with an assault rifle. Scary thought huh. Tension is high. All I'm saying is to this company, be VERY Careful where you tread and step on, cause that next step could be a land mine. Reaps
what you sow 5:07 PM  

Anonymous said...

received my letter this week dated Nov 2012. Same address as others in Aventura, FL. Phone # 888-233-8993. I called and the "consultation" is to be with Sam friedberg at a local hotel. Should I report this to the attorney
general? Would it be helpful?

11:18 AM  

Anonymous said...

Got a letter 11/27/2012 from Resort Members Association address: 801 Brickell Avenue Suite 900 Miami FL phone number 888-433-3810. I do not own a timeshare or ever owned one. Did a reverse phone number search and the number can not be found...this is a scam.

2:52 PM  

Anonymous said...

A scam. Received letter 11/27/12, this time had address 801 Brickell Av. suite 900, Miami. Have received letters and phone calls in the past from Resort Members Asso. Tried before to get my name off of list to no avail. A fraud,
don't fall for it.

7:33 PM  

Anonymous said...

Received similar letter from Aventura , Florida but with a phone no. 888 233-9086, too bad if people respond to such mail.the best is to let them pay for the postage and go under. Supporting US mail is an honourable deed :)

3:35 PM  

Anonymous said...

I received this letter as well--888-433-3810, Resort Members Association. This is just one of many scams out there. I was contacted by American Consumer Services in October. They are gathering information about these scammers in order to file a class action lawsuit for those who have paid money to them. They also have a "do not call" registry to keep them from calling you. Call them at 386-265-5925 to register on the do not call list. Give them any information you have about these deceitful companies.

5:56 PM  

Anonymous said...

Received several of these same scam letters -- Resort Members Association, 888-747-3738. I have never owned a timeshare. Envelope indicates a 33310 bulk-mail mailed from account. Total scam.

2:11 PM  

Anonymous said...

I just got one from Resort Notification Department of Miami, FL, Same 888 433 3810 phone number...looks like they are changing addresses again!
1:50 PM  

Anonymous said...

Will give Resort Members Association of Miami, FL offer all the consideration it merits.

10:46 PM  

Anonymous said...

Got a letter today. We do not have a timeshare. 1621 west 25th street,suite 157 san pedro california. 888-522-2358 It says you must call before December 18 to qualify. SCAM 1:34 PM  

Anonymous said...

We received a letter today, 12/3/12, from San Pedro, Ca. We do NOT own a Timeshare, never have! The phone number for this one is: 888-522-2358, with a fake account number, saying we must call before Dec 18th to qualify. I hope everyone checks this out before thay lose their hard earned money!

5:49 PM  

Anonymous said...

Received a letter on 12/3/12 from San Pedro CA. I will call them tomorrow and tell them what I have told others like them before. "I will send you some money but you have to send me some first so that I know you are honest and legitimate!"

12:59 AM  

Anonymous said...

I am glad that i have read these comments, I received my lettr from RMA today and set up for a appoinrment with them on Dec. 22. I will call them back now and tell them to stick it where the sun does not shine. I am so glad that I found these comments. SCAM, SCAM,SCAM!!!!!

4:22 PM  

Anonymous said...

Got a letter just today. And that was my question, since no one here owns a timeshare, does someone in our name. Or why would they bother?

5:40 PM  

Anonymous said...

Received the letter today, 12/5/12, from Aventura, FL. What kind of information is the American Consumers Service gathering for the lawsuit and how much? By just reading the above posts, I'm sure a "sting" or two could be set up :) What goes around...

11:16 PM  


Lopez said...

You are obviously all a bunch of idiots. Did it ever cross your mind that if you have a "reward membership" with a hotel chain who also sells timeshares I.E. Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton... that your name might be put on a marketing list as a potential timeshare owner??? Just because you don't own a timeshare but receive a letter from this company doesn't mean they're a scam you moron. This company is legit, I checked them out myself. After paying listing fees to several "resale" companies these guys were the only ones who could actually offer me a solution. Guess what? They don't sell your timeshare because there aren't any buyers out there. Wake up and smell the coffee. These guys do "completely and permanently eliminate your maintenance fees by terminating your ownership. They
provide a title transfer service plain and simple. They re convey the title out of your name to another party who is willing to accept the ownership. They do charge a fee to cover the title work that is necessary to do so. You tell me what's worse, keep a timeshare you're not using and wasting thousands of dollars on each year, or pay a company to eliminate your ownership and stop the bleeding? I'll take the lesser of two evils. My problem has been solved. I no longer have my timeshare and I no longer pay maintenance fees.

3:03 AM  

KQ4YM said...

"Richard Lopez" appears to be a made up name with no information available on his profile. He is wrong in saying recipients of the sales letters have "reward memberships" with a hotel chain. That is false, as those who have received the letters can attest.


7:04 AM  

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I researched this company. I did go to a presentation in a hotel, and it they sounded convincing showing you articles from USA Today on Stuck with Timeshares; and showing you the cost to keep your timeshare and what your annual and cumulative costs woule be. They called me several times but I did not answer. Many of us would like to sell our timeshare and relieve that annual maintance fee. I am so thankful for all your comments and I believe all these mailings are a big scam, and will be going in the trash.It looks like getting a lawyer is the best route, and safest. It is so upsetting to see people loose $$$ to these scams.Always do your homework and research like I did before you give anyone any money.

8:38 AM  

Anonymous said...

My letter just came in with Aventura, Fl address and 888-465-3906 number. Just like the numerous other companies I have heard from over the past 20+years you, pay a big fee and maybe they sell or take over your time share. No guarantees. No refunds. Don't waste your time.

10:45 AM  

Nurdco said...

NEW letterhead is 801 Bickel Ave ste 900 Miami FL 33131 tele 888.465.3414  Line is INAUDABLE on purpose So you Can NOT RECORD the  transaction...

Boiler Operations telmarket from Miami...

11:24 PM  

David in WI said...

I got my notice a few days ago from Aventura, FL, but have received many such  in the last few years. This one has an account #11290574, and a phone #(888)522-2407. I have not owned a timeshare anywhere or at any time. Makes me start to wonder about ID theft. They need to be shut down!

9:35 PM  

Anonymous said...

Just received a notice from Resort Members Association with account number 15126711 requesting I call 888-522-0295 before Dec 26 to save those "maintenance fees." Amazing since I've never owned a timeshare. ~ Tampa FL

2:57 PM  

Anonymous said...

I recieved the letter today 12-14-12 from the Miami address with the 888 522 -0295 phone number, same as the one above about maintenavce fees with an account #12736584

I do not have any timeshare property and I am thinking of giving the letter to the State of Nevada AG, I work with the head secretarys husband from there 9:46 PM  

Anonymous said...

Got my letter today, 12-18-12, from Miami Office. Don't own a time share, never have and the phone number is now 888-632-6218. Deadline Jan.1st. 7:04 PM  

Anonymous said...

Recieved letter today requesting I call befor 1/1/13 phone# 888-632-6217 Account # 10431262...What the heck is a Timeshare??/ Never heard of it never had one!!!!

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#1 Consumer Comment

The Truth

AUTHOR: Timeshare Vigilante - ()

Resort Member's Association owned by David McMillan. He also owns TimeshareCure, TransferSmart, Right Choice Transfer, Pacific Transfer, Pacific Title, Pacific Property Transfer, Timeshare Relief and a few others.
Pacific Transfer is a DBA for Gray Wolf Transfers, Inc, which you can see here:

They are only registered as a corporation, and they have none of the required real estate licenses to render the services they claim to offer. Most of the other companies aren't registered at all, they don't exist on paper.

Also, here is a list of various lawsuits and investigations:

On page 3 under California you can see that TransferSmart has been issued a Final Order to Desist and Refrain for operating illegally in California.
On Page 4 second from the top you'll see Donate Title (Resort Member's Association) where it says, "Referral to the Connecticut Office of the Attorney General ("OAG") for purposes of 
enforcing a subpoena under CGS § 42-110k. The OAG will be seeking a court order 
requiring compliance." and there's an ongoing investigation.

These companies are all registered to an address in Torrance, CA. I know someone who visited the address, and there is NO OFFICE THERE! Mr. McMillan's address however up in Palos Verdes is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in California if not the nation (it must be nice, I wonder how he sleeps at night).

On occasion there will be a fluke and a property will actually be transferred, but keep in mine this has been done illegally and you will then be involved in an illegal operation.

You can report them to the Police Department in your area but make sure they know to forward the complaint to the Police Department in Torrance, and also to forward the investigation to your financial institution. 

You can file online FTC complaints here:

You can file FBI complaints here:

You can file Complaints with your Attorney General, the Attorney General in Florida, and file a complaint with CA Bureau of Real Estate here if you'd like:

...and don't forget to file complaints with the BBB as well, because some people still assume that a good rating on the BBB means a company is trustworthy.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney, I do not give legal advice, I'm merely a person who did the basic research for information that the average person might not know is readily available. (all information anyone can find on Google).  If you choose to file any complaints or reports based on my information it is because you have made the decision to do so.  Any decision to file these reports should be preceded by your own research.  Don't take my word for it, do the research and if you so choose to, file your respective complaints based on a well informed decision to do so.  Good luck!

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