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Samuel Gregory Kirwin

  • Submitted: Thu, March 13, 2014
  • Updated: Mon, March 17, 2014

  • Reported By: sickofhisinsanemessages — Abbeville Alabama
Samuel Gregory Kirwin

Samuel Gregory Kirwin Pocket Ace, Gregory Kayson, Judge Judy, Sharon Foxir Dadd, Congnito In, Patriot Act, Brenda BarnesInfo, Judge Dredd, Nelly Ked, Peace O'mee, Hand OfJustice, Mak Aveli, elvishairguy84, Spyder Fan, 78976 - Samuel,106810 - S Gregory Stalker, Harasser, Slanderer, Racist, Sexist, Cyber Stalking, Bully, Police Record WHITE OAK Texas

*REBUTTAL Individual responds: Fourth Ripoff Report yet filed by this same stalker


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I am only here to WARN others about Samuel Gregory Kirwin! He is very dangerous when you cross him, or even just don't agree with him. He will look you up and any piece of information that he finds on you, he will attempt to use it against you in any possible way that he can. I have PROOF that he has emailed people's friends and families, asking them to call the authorities on their friend or family member over his wild accusations. He's even asked them to call Mental Hospitals, to have them committed, and their local CPS, to report false claims and have their children taken away from them! All over FORUM ARGUMENTS. Yes, this was all started from an online forum. Samuel use to contract with a company called LiveOps as an Independent Contractor. LiveOps has an online forum, called The Water Cooler, where Independent Contractors can post about anything they like. Samuel use to post there a lot and would often get into arguments with many people there over the calls they take, education, politics, and much more. During most of these arguments, there would be a lot of name calling, cussing, and finger pointing. This would happen on both sides of the argument, both parties were guilty of this-including Samuel. Bu then Samuel crossed the line, he used information that he found in the forums to look up other Agent's emails and social media accounts. He started sending Facebook messages to the friends and families in the contacts list of LiveOps Agents that he argued with. These messages would include long rants of what the Agent said to him, what mental illnesses he believed the Agent had, lies and speculations of what he believed the Agent did outside of work. And he would then send them the contact information of their local CPS, Police Department, Mental Hospitals, etc. and ask them to send them false reports of that Agent.. [continued below]....


Once that didn't work, he would then send more emails, facebook messages, and even called some people, and accused Agents of: prostitution, cheating on spouses, drug use, molesting their grandchildren, making child pornography, engaging in bestiality and incest, committing acts of terrorism, etc. The list goes on. And more people are added to this “List”, along with more insane accusations!

Like I said, Samuel is a very dangerous person. He is trying his best to get people fired from their jobs, having their kids taken away, get arrested or committed, get divorce, etc. There is no end to what he will try to do to ruin the lives of these people that he once argued with on a work forum. This have been going on for over 2 years. He has been report to the police for stalking and harassment, he was even brought to the police department to be questioned and was told by the police to stop contacting all of these people. But that only seemed to make him worse, it has been nonstop since then. We have tried to ignore him, asked him to stop, told him that we will contact the police again, but he will not stop. And the police can only do so much, since he is harassing well over 20 people (and also contacting their friends and families) that all live in different cities and states, and the harassment is done mostly online, there is not much than can be done since the internet laws are different in every state. So it falls on us to protect ourselves and warn others!

So beware of him! He changes his email and Facebook name constantly. He also creates new Facebook accounts and emails. He has even been known to go to other websites and post about you there. I have a screen shot of post he made about an Agent, claiming she was his ex girlfriend and he caught her “******* some n****** c*ck” (his exact words) and he put her full name, physical address, phone number, email, and a picture of her (that he took from her Facebook page) and told the members of the website (4chan) to “ask her out /b/ style”. That post resulted in her getting many creepy phone calls from men, some telling her that they “would be right over”. She finally received a call from a good person, telling her about the post and where to find it. She contacted the moderators of the site and had the post removed. Samuel then sent a letter to her apartment complex manager, telling them that SHE was harassing and stalking HIM and that she was also doing illegal things (that were not true) and that she should be evicted. The Manager let her know about the letter and they contacted the police and reported the harassment.

This is just one example of the crazy things he has done! He no longer has a contract with LiveOps and has been banned from their Forums. He was first banned from the work forum because he threatened to shoot another Agent. Then this year he got another contract with LiveOps and posted back in the forum under another Agent number and the name “S Gregory”, and he made sure we knew that it was him and he was only back in the forums to “see our reactions”. Once LiveOps knew this was the same agent, they banned him and removed his contract again. He also got an Agent, Joy Field (LO Agent number 27144 - Joy), to start posting for him. She admitted to it a few times and he also let it be known, by using calling her Joy in the posts that she would post for him. That went on for around a year, until finally LiveOps banned and removed her contract also. So now he is creating Rip-Off-Reports about several agents, claiming they are the stalkers and using a long list of quotes that he gathered from the forums against them. The quotes are from random Agents and he doesn't even say which quote is from which Agent. He also uses the same exact quotes and messages in each email and facebook message, saying they are from that particular Agent, for multiple Agents!

I cannot stress this enough, beware of him! He is a stalker, racist, sexist, and more! I have screen shots of him calling women s****, c****, w*****, etc. He even told one Agent that she is a terrorist and should be wearing a burqa. He is OBSESSED with incest, bestiality, rape, Hitler, serial killers, molestation, gun violence, and violence in general. He talks about his family as if they were a cult and uses that as an excuse for his bad behavior. He even admitted to bullying his younger brother and other children when he was in school. He has a police record of drunk driving, and has stated that he drinks heavily when he is feeling troubled. This doesn't excuse his behavior though!

This is a list of all contact information and names/alias's he has used:

Samuel Gregory Kirwin

Samuel G Kirwin

Sam, Sammy


100 Owens Rd #97

White Oak, TX 75693


302 Sunset Dr

Round Rock, TX 78664-4352


503 Silver Falls Rd

Longview, TX 75604-3708





Pocket Ace

Gregory Kayson

Judge Judy

Sharon Foxir Dadd

Congnito In

Patriot Act

Brenda BarnesInfo

Judge Dredd

Nelly Ked

Peace O'mee

Hand OfJustice

Mak Aveli


Spyder Fan





His LiveOps Agent Numbers are:

78976 – Samuel

106810 - S Gregory


All screenshots and messages are 100% real. The only editing to them are pictures of the victims and their sensitive information like full names, addresses, LiveOps Agent Numbers, etc.


This is a message by a LiveOps Agent, saying she received a message from Sam (apparently from his “sister's” facebook page, but he later change the name of the Facebook page to “Brenda BarnesInfo”) and a copy of the message he sent her. All messages from Samuel that I have posted in text here are in BOLD and the only editing I have done is change names to **** to protect the victims privacy. Any other editing was done by Samuel himself.


A***** S*****

BWAHAHAHAHA! So I just noticed I have 13 messages in MY "other" folder. Apparently, Sammy sent me a message around that same time. And when I didn't respond by the next day, he sent me FIVE MORE MESSAGES. It must have driven him crazy that neither one of us acknowledged him at all.

Like · · March 24, 2012 at 2:31pm


January 12 Brenda BarnesInfo

(Hey this is Sam from LO - using my sis's account again since my old one's out of use right now)
lol well about the B****** thing you're half-right, that was a little mean, but I did that because B****** searched out my full name address and posted it in a public forum. She also took my pics and posted them on another forum without my permission (I know she didn't tell you that). That's what's ironic - she gets really upset and plays the victim when someone makes cracks about her or her husband's pics, but prior to now she had created a bunch of threads making fun of other agents' pics and stalking them online - then when someone does the same thing to her, she gets hurt and plays the victim. But yeah I'll quit now that I've pretty much owned her, lol. But hey she has my address and I don't so I guess that means she "owned me" even if all it really means is she was bored enough to stalk me on the internet unprovoked (she did this way before any of the "hubbie pics" stuff - for the record).
You should be less gullible and actually take the time to learn the facts - I mean according to you you don't even work here anymore, but you waltz on into the forums acting like you actually know anything that's going on there, or just listen to whatever an immature girl like B****** tells you and take it as truth without even knowing the real story.
Not trying to be rude but you should stick to parenting kids because you have no clue how to act toward other adults - you talk to them like kids but just make yourself look ignorant and out of touch in the process - that's why immature whiners like B****** are the people you attract on the forum, and trust me you don't want people like that on your side - if you were bored enough to sift through all the stuff that went on and learn the facts then you wouldn't want them on your side.
And yeah for the record I did know that was her husband in that pic - but Joy didn't - I didn't tell Joy who the pic was of, just that it was a "funny pic". So Joy unfortunately received a lot of flak for something that should have been directed at me - just tossing that out there. lol
January 13 Brenda BarnesInfo

P.S. I mean seriously - don't you feel a just a little embarrassed?
You don't even work at LO, and you show up there just to harass a veteran and elite agent of 6 years who probably makes more per week than you do in a month thru hard work (not something like a*s wiping which any monkey could do if you pay them) - that's almost like being the anti-war idiot who shows up just to diss the troops even though he's too lazy to do what he does.
Heck I make more working here in less than a year than you do wiping the butts of failed abortions (I mean I am pro-life, but you're not so you probably think the handicapped people who's butts you wipe would be better off murdered in the womb, but that's another story).
It's pure disrespect toward your superiors and does makes you look stupid - regardless of how many fellow morons you have just to hear your idiotic words echo off of - it does for a fact, make you look incredibly stupid -I'm just letting you know this for future reference.
I mean I guess you do feel less stupid when you're in a group of other stupid or oblivious people, so feel free by all means. But heck I know you'd never have the courage to go out on the line for someone else - especially at the expense of yourself - and still pretty much come out on top (like I did), that right there reminds me that I'm superior to you. Heheh
And please girl, don't try to tell a classly lady like her (or a guy like me) about relationships - you're probably just jealous because at your age, she is still 10X more attractive (in personality if nothing else).
I know you know next to nothing about relationships so again, please stop talking down to your superiors and making yourself look stupid (regardless of how blissfully unaware of it you are). I mean you call you hubbie "Mr. S****" so that says it all right there - no one expect 60+ year old Baptist women calls their husband "Mr S*****", well unless the guy's a dweeb who's had more experience changing diapers than he has rubbers. If that's the kind of guy you've got = well good for you if you're just looking for someone to raise your illegit kid with, but you know nothing about real relationships - just putting this in perspective here.
As far as B***** goes, lol I didn't lie on purpose - it was just a hunch seeing how easily I got another loser removed for similar stuff (and how do you know she's not lying to you? She was gone for a few weeks immediately after, so maybe she was temp banned).
B***** did harass me out of thin air on FB and threatened to take a photo of another agent's daughter, Photoshop it into porn, and post it in the forums. I reported her for this and she disappeared for awhile, so I just put two and two together. I bet she didn't tell you what she did either, just like your fellow ditz B****** - stalking me and showing up to my FB page just to post my address, then playing victim when I mess with her back.
Bottom line is - seriously save yourself the embarrassment here - the people who you're siding with are:
-Whiny immature girls who make fun of other people and their families' pics like a 13 year old Valley girl, but cry and act like a victim when someone does it back to them.
-Weird guys who insult you when you tell them you didn't like the music they post on FB - and make 17,000 posts in 2 years. half of which are stalker posts directed at 2-3 specific women on the forums - including badgering and making fun of a woman about her dog needing medical care due to illness - and doing this all on an obsessive, daily basis just for kicks.
-Psychotic middle aged crones who stalk people on FB and threaten violence against them, and threaten to stalk other people's daughters and photoshop their pics into porn.
Or in general:
-Unemployed immoral losers who spend all their free time harassing specific people on the forums just for kicks, almost like HS bullies, and spreading "rumors" about them to make it seem like their behavior is justified - to the point that idiots like yourself who don't even work here and have nothing to do with any of these situations believe it without question.
And I can tell you this much - LO is cracking down on this behavior because I went out of my way to make them aware of it, and the individuals who are involved in it. LO has names and agent numbers and the senior management has been contacted directly - I went well out of my way (even at the risk of looking like a "tattle tale" and losing my job) to make sure this behavior towards her stops, and so far I have had 1 person has (by their own admission) removed for it. And it's not going to stop with them either.
January 13 Brenda BarnesInfo

Bet you never saw this one from your "good friend B****" either. What a bunch of wonderful, moral individuals you attract as friends:
--- How do you think Joy would feel if someone doctored up a photo of her daughter and posted it on a porn site? Because there are already pics of her daughter in the public view.
I am sure it would upset her
Yes, it certainly will. - B*****. ---
Wonder if you'd feel the same way if it was B**** or her predecessor M6 doing that to your daughter on your profile?
January 13 Brenda BarnesInfo

BTW, why were you and J**** searching for 20-something year old guys on PlentyOfFish anyway? Aren't you like in your 40s and married? Kinda kreepy
January 14 Brenda BarnesInfo

PPS Again - lol Joy never tells me what to say - she couldn't stop me even if she wanted to - heheh. I'm pretty much the one using her if anything - if she had her way I'd just shut up, but I'm not going to, because it's very personal to me.

 And here is a message from the same Agent, posting a copy of a facebook message that Samuel sent to her husband:

 A**** S*****

Sammy sent a message to ***** saying that I'm cheating on him with Gregward and using him to babysit "my kids."

I about fell over laughing.

Like · · March 24, 2012 at 9:35am

 Hey buddy - I just need to tip you off about A**** S***** and the stuff she's saying on the LiveOps forum. If I were you I'd get out of that relationship ASAP before she cheats on you. For one the fact that she calls you "Mr. S*****" says a lot - no one other than 60 year old Baptist women call their husband that unless they think he's a girly man. You're in your 30s right? You seriously letting her use you like this? The only interest she has in you is because she thinks you're a wuss who won't stand up for himself, and therefore thinks that you'd be good for taking care of her kids, but I doubt she has any real romantic interest in you - regardless of what she tells you, she's just using you and has other interests.

 It's apparent to me that she thinks poor of you - she thinks your "nice" and easy to manipulate, and reliable enough to take care of her kids (one of whom isn't even yours), but that's where it ends, and she likely has "other interests" on the LiveOps forum, that's why she spends so much time there chatting with another guy I won't name here even though she admits she doesn't work there.

 March 24, 2012 at 10:07am

If I were you I'd seriously examine yourself and her, and what she values you for before you get cheated on for the 2nd time. Because you do seem way too much of a "nice guy" and based on the way I see her talk about you, and the way she talks to that other guy, I have strong suspicions that something's going. Just tipping you off, sorry if it offends but it needs to be said.”

 And here is a message from another Agent, posting a copy of a message sent to her mother by Facebook. This is the type of message that Samual usually sends out about multiple Agents. He sends them to anyone on their Facebook Friends List. It's usually the same, long rant with the same exact quotes at the end. The only thing he changes is the Agents name, address, and personal jabs at the specific agent.

 Conversation started Monday

Ked Nelly

12/16, 4:46am

Ked Nelly

Hey this is concerning E**** ***** M***** of {City}, MI. Just so you know E**** is endangering her daughter online


Long story short, some of us had encountered her online via L---Ops website (a place where she works or worked). E****  is pretty much insane, and was involved in some pretty sick stalking and death threats, targeting other individuals and their families - she was even reported to law enforcement over one her death threat she made).

(FBI case report ID: I120912103008****)

An excerpt of some of the creepy behavior is listed at the bottom, it includes anything from mocking their disability or alleged disability, to sexual/racist harassment, to threats against peoples' children and their families (in one instance and individual was threatened to have pictures of their daughter taken from Facebook, photoshopped into pornography, and uploaded to a porn site).

E**** was involved in this along with few creepy strangers she met online, one of them in fact is an literal paranoid schizophrenic on disability for severe mental illness (this individual also had to be reproted to police told to cut it out) - and yeah, these are the kind of individuals who to your kids information via FB



Bottom line is E****  she's a psychopath with a personality disorder, who may be violent, and is endangering her child by giving her children' personal information access to who she participates in the stalking with. If I were you or anyone who knows her (and I'm glad I'm not, lol) - I'd get in contact with {City} CPS and have them investigate her to make sure her child's safe from danger. Enjoy.


==Additional info==

A few other involved individuals who have access to her daughter's personal information through E****  FB:

-Some of the other individuals' profiles involved in the stalking-



Some of the cyberstalker profiles which currently have access to your information thru her FB friend list:






---------Some of the harassing messages sent----

How do you think (her name removed) would feel if someone doctored up a photo of her daughter and posted it on a porn site? Because there are already pics of her daughter in the public view.

I am sure it would upset her

Yes, it certainly will.


Poor [name removed] doesn't get sarcasm.

By the way after all the years of you posting your BMs' and other personal stuff, you've never mentioned your family. That's rather sad. Good think we can read all about them on the internet

Thank you for being so kind, understanding and coPETHETIC!!

Buwahahaha Buwahahaha..

I sleep very well now.

Just a hint,you look drunk in your avi.

PULEEZE pull out the Nubrillaince to help disguise yer wrinkles.

Perhaps, too many "vaccum" jobs?

MAYBE..you should try "vaccuming" your own husband?

OR [name removed].

Either way, someone would get J**ED**


hey (name removed), since you are making it obvious that you've been tapping joy, have you tapped kim yet? she is much prettier than joy is


You should be shot in the head a few times


Ahhh..........*name removed) shows MORE desperation. Just cover up those s****y legs and the B***. You'll be over the embarrassment soon enough...........maybe........~sigh~

Barfola.........we all know.............=(name removed)!!


hi looser

good to see ya and yer old crusty btch. [wink]

newayz i gotta go to capital one now. it was nice talkin to ya. [wink] [wink] [wink]


Your w****......excuse me.......h*o dunk town in (location removed), really IS NOT all that far. Perhaps I should Map Quest it for you.......sweetie pie?! My trucker son-in-law would be happy to take care of you

Do you need a map pin pointing your location? Just so you know where you're at?

Hundreds, if not thousands of us would be more than happy to show you where you live.

Forgot your address, telephone #, bank, etc.?


Quit w****** in front of everyone while your husband sits at home alone. Gross.

She's hoping that someone is married to the Orkin Man - she has a nice case of crabs. Lmao



Go take a nice Sunday drive, maybe we'll get lucky with an out of control speeding truck.


Why don't you go hang out with your old man or something?

oh yeah

He left you for a younger version.

One who has a general idea of hygiene...

Now go take another crotch shot for Craigslist.


If (name removed) is using sonicare for her horse teeth then she needs a refund. Tell you what. Next time you and her are riding your bycicle take her by the car - wash and use the BIG brush. A normal toothbrush won't do much for those cheeto teeth. As for a smell. I didn't notice as I wouldn't get close enough. Next time you go down. gag gag gag gag (shivers) check her for scabs. That sh*t in between YOUR teeth (name removed) may not be just from food.

Now if you have fetal stains in your panties (name removed) I would suggest that you not wear granny panties.


Your w****......excuse me.......H* dunk town in (location removed), really IS NOT all that far. Perhaps I should Map Quest it for you.......sweetie pie?! My 'little friend' would be happy to take care of you Do you need a map pin pointing your location? Just so you know where you're at? Hundreds, if not thousands of us would be more than happy to show you where you live. Forgot your address, telephone #, bank, etc.?

==End of quotes==

(More quotes)



 I have attached MANY screen shots of Samuel's posts on the LiveOps forums, about his obsession with Hitler, incest, rape, violence and more. I also have screen shots of his messages that are posted by Joy Field and from both of this LiveOps Accounts. I even included posts from other Agents, warning others and posting the messages they have received from Samuel as well.



This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 03/13/2014 01:39 PM and is a permanent record located here: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/samuel-gregory-kirwin/white-oak-texas-75693/samuel-gregory-kirwin-pocket-ace-gregory-kayson-judge-judy-sharon-foxir-dadd-congnito-1130515. The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year.

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Updates & Rebuttals

#1 REBUTTAL Individual responds

Fourth Ripoff Report yet filed by this same stalker

AUTHOR: anonymous - ()

There's 3 other sh**** reports with the same incoherant type of content filed on Sam Kirwin (and some on others too), the deranged lunatic who keeps writing these 

I'm pretty sure the author of these reports is Rochelle Palczynski of Gran Blanc, MI - pursuing a little vendetta likely over getting terminated for her stalking and threats (in the screenshots I'll provide), or getting evicted from her apartment for violating their lease agreement with her cyberstalkking.


Not to mention the stalker's violating their contract at LiveOps by posting unedited screenshots from the company's work forums (including full unedited agent IDs). LO should supeona their information from RR and sue them for copyright infringement, lol

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#2 REBUTTAL Owner of company


AUTHOR: anonymous - ()

This report is ridiculous.  Amost as ridiculous as the LiveOps LOSER(s?) who posted it.  The jerks get exposed and then want to trash someone about it....hence this pile of s*** "report."

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