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San Francisco Psychic Kim Lei

  • Submitted: Thu, December 20, 2012
  • Updated: Thu, December 20, 2012

  • Reported By: Lyssah — Denver Colorado United States of America
San Francisco Psychic Kim Lei
4450 Geary Blvd. San Francisco, California United States of America

San Francisco Psychic Kim Lei Functions under the organization TEMPLE OF LIGHT. Faux cleansing rituals, money scam, tabernacle, black water, fake San Francisco, California

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I had an extremely scary, life changing experience on a trip to San Francisco recently.

I arrived in San Francisco on a friday and planned to stay there until the following friday. I had two friends that were coming into town for the weekend to see me. I was staying on Fisherman's Wharf.

My friends got into town also on Friday and we had fun hanging out. Looking for things to do, my random friend suggested we see a psychic. I love all things like this, and find them very entertaining, so I thought it was a wonderful idea. We forgot about booking with anyone until the following night, after an 8 hour tour of wine country.

I looked in the google places app and found a couple of psychics who seemed to have good ratings. I called all of them to see if they had any openings.

All were busy except for one, who called me back and said she could get us in that night for hour long readings.

We drove from our hotel about 4 miles to Kim's office on Geary street. She buzzed us in and met us at the door. Initially, I thought we were meeting at her apartment. It was laid out and decorated as such. Her baby daughter was also present, around 1 year old. Watching movies on an Ipad. A little strange, but the place was immaculate and the baby was comforting so we proceeded with our readings.

I said I would go first. Upon entering, I sat with Kim while my friends waited in the hall. Immediately upon sitting down, Kim told me that my aura was sick. It was gray with brown spots. It was "dying". She also told me that she sensed a lot of negative energy around me. This wasn't too hard to perceive, I have always been meloncholy and depressed and have had lots of bad things happen to me in my life. Of course I did not mention any of this at all to Kim, but I'm sure she picked up on my "downness" and preyed upon it. She asked me why I thought I couldn't have children. I'm 32 and have been divorced twice. I was taken aback by this, since it had been a very real concern in my last marriage and it had come out of the blue from Kim. I hadn't told her that I didn't have children or that there were any problems or that I was even divorced. I explained that my husband and I had tried for a while and nothing had happened. She reassured me that it was because the situation wasn't right. So she went on and on. I will absolutely admit, she said very personal things to me that she could not have known about, things I had not told anyone except my mother. It was startling. I was more and more drawn in. She said she was very concerned about my negative energy and sick aura. She said she wanted to help me. I am a very logical person and didn't know what to think. It was a perfect storm. I had indeed been depressed for as long as I could remember with things always going wrong for me, particularly in my love life, and I was in a very vulnerable place, going through a period of self discovery and grief from the ending of my previous marriage. I didn't know what to think, so I tentatively said ok. She told me that she wanted to analyze my dreams, and was delighted to learn I would be in town for a week.

I asked how we were going to accomplish this, and she said that her organization (her church as she called it) would create some dream charts for me that I would use over a three night period. They would cost 50 dollars a piece. The initial consulatation was 50 dollars, totaling 200 dollars that I paid to Kim. She sent me home and told me to come back the next night, Sunday to collect the dream charts.

I went home and was seriously disturbed by everything that she had told me. I was at a point of desperation anyway, not knowing why I make mistakes in life, seeing a psychologist, etc. Like I said, perfect storm. I had trouble sleeping, constantly ruminating over her words and their implications.

The next day I made it through to the night and went over to her office to pick up the charts.
Kim can be very short, but appears to genuinely care about you. She is affable and willing to discuss what she is telling you at length and with detail. When I got there, she gave the charts to me, which were on thick paper and comprised of thick black ink in various astrological symbols. While I was sitting there, she had me fill out the first chart. There were spaces on the bottom for my birthdate, full name, time of birth, location of birth, and astrological sign. I filled these in. In the center, there were three large circles. In the center circle she had me write the word "past", in addition to the day's time and date. I was to take all three charts home, sit on my bed with the chart on my chest and try to get a feeling or vibration from it. Then I was to sleep with it under my pillow. If i happened to wake up in the night, or in the morning, I was to write down the number of dreams I had in the next outer circle, and then in the outermost circle, I was to write what feelings the dreams gave me. On the back, I was to write the dreams out in detail. If i could not remember the dreams, I was to write any impressions or colors left with me. So I went home and did this, very mystified. Again, logical person. I have and have not been a spiritual person. I've been a very confused person as to what I believed, but my inclination is always towards science over mysticism. I put the paper on my chest and concentrated on my feelings and my body. Nothing. I put the papers under my pillow and slept badly. I didn't end up dreaming about  much except someone sawing logs with a hand and table saw.

Kim had asked me to call her the next day at noon, so I did so and told her what I dreamed. She said ok, and this night to write the word "present" and "love" in the circle along with the date and time. I did so and slept with both the charts. I dreamt of a co-worker and telling him that I should have married him. Nothing out of the ordinary. No other remembered dreams. I called Kim at noon on Tuesday and told her. She said ok, write the word future in the last charts circle and sleep with it. That night i had a few disturbing dreams but didn't remember much. I also slept horribly. I called her at noon the next day and she said to bring the charts over to her office that night (wed). So I did. I also asked her a list of questions I had come up with over the course of the couple days over negativity, spirituality, past lives, etc. She answered them and we talked for a long time. I was starting to think she was geniunely helping me and pitied me. She told me she had an idea of what was wrong with me and where the negativity was coming from, but she wanted to have her church pray over my dream charts first to confirm. I was very nervous and started to feel a fear-induced hyperawareness. I started to be scared of everything. The extreme unknown of everything I was assimilating from Kim terrified me. I started to feel like I may be under spiritual attack, although I had no idea what was going on. My logical brain was resisting everything that was happening to me. I analyzed and analyzed everything that was happening to me. Thankfully, my best friend who also had a reading with Kim, a positive one, was there with me and I talked to her for hours that night telling her everything that was going on. I also did the same with my mother. I feel horrible about that because my mother was beside herself with worry the entire time and was across the country from me. 

I couldn't sleep and was up until 12am, then finally drifted off. I awoke at 3am terrified with the feeling something was in the room with me. Absolutely terrified. Kim had told me that I could call her anytime day or night. She would function as my living guardian angel temporarily. Oh yes, in the initial consulation she had told me that my angels were blocked from me and she couldn't see or sense them near me because of this negativity. How horrible is that to hear. So I called Kim at 3am looking for comfort and protection and she did not answer. I called my mom right after and she thankfully answered and we talked. I kept asking her to pray with me, so we were praying together when I got a call. 

I answered it and found it was Kim on the other line. I said I was sorry to have disturbed her so late, and she seemed confused. After some more misunderstanding she said, what are you talking about, I called you. Apparently, she said, I must have called her office number, and she was calling me from her cell number. A complete "coincidence". I still don't know if it was or not. I told her that I had just called her and to her credit, she sounded suprised. She said, my church and I have been praying over your charts and I wanted to tell you that we have found out your problem. Get on your knees right now and pray to god. I started trembling and went white with fear. Shakily, I got down on the bathroom mat and started praying to god with Kim on the phone. She said she would tell me more the next day and to call her at noon. I told her I was terrified and asked her if I would be ok and that I thought there was something in the room with me. She said her church and herself had put up a bubble of protection around me, but there were negative forces at war over me at the moment. I was fine though and should go to sleep. 

Up until this point, I had no idea she was praying through the night with her church supposedly. I thought, well, I don't know what I thought she had originally meant by "analyzing my dream charts" apparently this meant praying and meditating with the other spiritual masters at her organization. She made it seem like she had been granted horrible images relating to my life through their praying. 

That was it. I couldn't sleep for anything. I stayed up talking to my mother until 6am when I had to get up for the day's activities. I called kim at noon and she told me to come over and we would do a spiritual cleaning that night before I left town the next night. She would explain everything. I was instructed to bring a mayonnaise jar, cleaned out thoroughly, with the label removed. I was to say a prayer of forgiveness into the jar and then fill it with clean water. I was to put the lid on and wrap it in a pillow case that I had slept on the previous night. That was an important detail. I had to have slept on the pillow case. So I did all that after hanging up with her. I was still terrified and completely preoccupied with everything I had learned so far, which had rocked my world foundations. I also was in serious doubt if everything was real or not, or if I was being scammed. I couldn't relax over that. Is it real, is it not real? How could it be real? But I hadn't paid her any more money, and she didn't seem threatening so far, emotional terrorism aside. So i proceeded with the stipulation that if things started to become obviously wrong or she asked for more money, I'd write it off. I got the overwhelming sense that I was going to be asked for a large sum of money. 

I went over to her office that night, anxiety ridden and feeling spiritually attacked. I got there, and she didnt' have her daughter with her for the first time. She told me my energy had frightened her daughter and she didn't need to be here for the negativeness that was going to ensue. 
So finally, she told me what had been revealed to her the previous night during her prayers. 
Apparently, I was on my third reincarnation. The first time I was alive, I was a man. I was very sexually promiscuous and had lots of affairs. This was mideveal times. I got lots of women pregnant and ruined their lives. I wronged so many people that one woman sought me in the afterlife, by the name of Mary. Kim told me that Mary sought my soul out and attached herself to it, determined to ruin any chance I would have for love. She said her church had been trying to see what Mary looked like, but her long hair was always in front of her face. CREEPY. Terrified, I asked her to continue. She did and told me the second time I was alive, I was a woman of affluence in the victorian era, married to a doctor or someone else important. During that lifetime, I found out that my husband couldnt' have children, so I took a lover. I fell in love with my lover, and left my husband to be with him. I became pregnant by my lover. After I left my husband, he committed suicide. I found out that my lover was married and I was so upset I had killed myself and also the baby. These mortal sins along with the presence of Mary had cursed my soul. She said I was a special, unique case and that she had not run into something like this before. The first thing we had to do was draw some of the negativity out of me, resulting from Mary's presence. It was she who was blocking my guardian angels. 

Kim had me pour water from my jar through my fingers into another empty peanut butter jar that she had brought. She put the lid on the smaller jar and put it into my pillowcase. She took the jar in the pillowcase and started rubbing it up my legs, my stomach, my arms, my head, etc. She asked during this process for my forgiveness from God. She asked God to heal me and help her rid me of the darkness inside. She had me standup and repeated the process so she could be sure she was getting every inch of me. Then we sat down and she told me she wanted me to drink the water. She pulled the jar out of the pillowcase to give to me and the water had turned pitch black. We both screamed and lept backwards. I was so shocked and terrified I couldnt' even speak. Kim seemed shaken but then recovered and told me this was a fabulous sign. The negative energy wanted to come out. I still couldnt' speak and had my eyes fixated on the jar, apparently seeing something paranormal there. I have never, ever, been so shocked. It rocked me to my toes. I had had NO experience in anything like this. Additionally, I live with an athiest. She could see how scared I was and put the jar back in the pillowcase to get it out of view. then she called someone from her church and told them to come get her because she did not want to be alone with the jar after our session ended.

I asked her choking on my words what was in the jar. She said she thought it was negativity and that it was a good thing. I even looked better already. She said she would take it to her church and they would analyze it and let me know what they thought it was. She said this was an incredible first step, but I would have to come back to San Fran at a later date so they could extract the spirit from me. This would be a very involved ritual and would have specific clothes, etc. She said to be prepared because the spirit may become violent, not wanting to leave my body, and manifest itself physically, or come out of my nose, or mouth, or other body opening. This terrified me beyond words. She also told me that if I went to the bathroom black, or threwup black, or cried black, it would be normal and good because it was more negativity coming out. She also said, now that Mary had been disturbed, she might become more present. I might SEE HER at any time. Kim said she would talk to me the next day. Weak, trembling, scared, stunned, I tottered out to my car and sat down, overwhelmed. I called my friend and my mom and told them everything. They didnt' know how to help me and were also afraid.

I didn't sleep for another night, and Kim ended up calling me at 10am the next morning. She said that the good news was her church had informed her that the blackness in the water was Mary, who had just come out during the cleansing and was trapped in the jar. So I would not have to come back to san fran for an additional spirit cleansing. But, she said, Mary would need to be contained in a special vessel for all eternity. The type of vessel would have to be determined by her church. They told her that it was to be made of bronze and had these special symbols on it. She said they could keep it or I could take it home with me, but I was to allow noone to look at it or they would want to open it. She impressed with great emphasis how important the tabernacle was to containing Mary. She said her church had told her it was to be 8000 dollars.

Dispondent, I told her that I did not have that much money. The 200 dollars I had paid her was far and away more than I had ever paid for a service like this which was initially to be for entertainment only. There simply wasn't any more money. She tried to talk me into many payment options, some now, later, deposit, and then finally said she would talk to her husband about them paying for it and I could pay her back when I could. I said I just couldn't do it. I didn't have the money. (and I really didn't. i had just bought a house) We ended the conversation with me professing over and over to her thank you for the cleansing. She asked me to call her when I got back to denver to pray with me and she would still be my guardian angel and available to me anytime. I called her when I got back and she answered, but after that, she no longer answered or kept in touch. I was feeling scared and dependent in this new world of spirituality and tried calling and leaving a few messages for more guidance but my calls were never returned.

Since then and after a month of serious reflection, I determined that Kim definitely has a psychic gift, but she is not using it for good. She is using it to attempt to solicit money from people. Large sums of money. There is no way she could have faked the information she knew about me, personal, out of the blue. But she is emotionally terrorizing people and then trying to take their money. I still don't know how much was real and how much was a hoax, but I caution you to be careful of this one. She is very cunning and seems to have your best interest at heart. I have been forever changed by the experience for good or illl, but I will let you draw your own conclusions about the experience. I got away only 200$ short, but I was seriously emotionally and mentally affected during my week of terror in san francisco. Don't let this happen to you unless you have studied spirituality and know what you are getting into, and never, ever, give thousands of dollars to someone you do not know. No matter what they say.

Afterwards, I found a similar experience on ripoffreport which inspired me to tell my own tale. Thanks for reading.


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