they will sell one junk truck telling you is in perfect condition, Annie the safety manager is full of lies, she say you will have one month of warranty, no hidden fees etc anythink to sell they trucks
They will take $100.00 a week for scrow with out cap for the time of the lease, if you walk away they will not return the money, they will take $125.00 every week for documents processing, they pay only the 25% of the fuel surcharge, if use the fuel card they will charge you with an 4% and not will pass the fleet discount to you, you can use the fuel card at pilots and fliying j only, they will give you $100.00 a week of advance and after that charge $25.00 for any advace needed no matter if for flat tires or break down, They will pay you the shorts miles even if implied unpaved road(average of 30 to 40 miles each trip) Ray the Operations manager steal money fron the company in parts and repairs made in they shop, I know most will say move away but i haveso much money paid allready in the truck to loose and in miami is really hard to get one job
Looking to get OOIDA to sue the company for violations in the 49 c.f.r part 376.12 law