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Complaint Review: Tim Stassi of Dwell One Realty

  • Submitted: Fri, May 11, 2012
  • Updated: Thu, December 27, 2012
  • Reported By: JS — NYC New York United States of America
  • Tim Stassi of Dwell One Realty
    1137 W. Taylor Street
    Chicago, Illinois
    United States of America

Tim Stassi of Dwell One Realty Timothy Michael Stassi Outrageously vile, nasty behaviour of Tim Stassi of Dwell one Realty from Chicago with my sister!!! Chicago, Illinois

*REBUTTAL Individual responds: Legal action will be taken against these slanderous lies

*REBUTTAL Individual responds: My Unfortunate Meeting with Rami Singh

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Timothy Michael Stassi
Owner of Dwell One Realty
1137 W. Taylor Street
Chicago, IL, 60607
United States of America
Phone: 773-572-7002

Residence: 1036 N Wolcott Ave
Chicago, IL 60622, USA


4537 S. Indiana Avenue 
Chicago-Bronzeville, IL, 60653, USA

Cell Phone: 312-371-1070
Home phone: 773-966-7247, 773-966-7249

I have been forced to write this because of shockingly vile, nasty, despicable behaviour of Tim Stassi with my sister!!! And to prevent this happening again. Tim Stassi made false promises, gave her hope, misled my sister and then abandoned her and ran away after getting her pregnant to deal with extremely difficult life threatening pregnancy on her own. She is carrying his son and is due in sept. And he has not shown any concern, responsibility, support, basic human decency and compassion. [continued below]....
..... He has shown no conscience and proven to be a liar. She has been through a very traumatic ordeal, filled with misdiagnosis, surgery and ALL the trauma it brings.

Everything written here is backed by emails, texts, skype conversations, recorded phone calls exchanged between Tim Stassi and my sister, hospital records from Surgeons and Doctors and website records from online dating site they met from.

Tim Stassi has seriously put my sisters life at risk with his lies, false promises and deceit. We have lodged a complaint and case against him. It has gone on Police record and case number is  EL/12/2215 which is being investigated by team under DC Hudson of CID in Scotland Yard. Police have taken my sisters computer and cell phones and sent it to
forensics to collect all the info there of the communication between the two of them.

This is the history of their relationship and her condition which has been sent to a legal team and police.

For the first time my sister joined an online dating site / after recommendations of friends who met and married through it. She joined the site on 21th Nov 2011. Tim Stassi approached her in chat room of that site on Nov 27 2011 which chat records indicate.

My sister had specifically written in her profile that she was ONLY looking for someone who is on her wavelength and is 100% ready to settle down in a marriage and have a family. He told her that he was looking for same, someone to get married to and have kids with as well. He is 53 and she is in her 30's. He had stated that he is 47 in his online profile, so it came as a disappointment when he told her later that he was infact 53.

He is based in Chicago, USA and my sister had been spending her time between North America and Europe all her life. She mentioned her apprehensions about long distance relationships and he assured her that distance doesn't matter to him and he had flown in past over the years to visit different women he met online in different countries, in
Russia, Europe, etc. He even sent few pictures of a Russian girl he flew over to see over 10 years ago to state a point that she looked different in pictures and real life. Records of all his emails have been forwarded to police and a legal team.

They exchanged contact details and he called and emailed her daily. He was being charming and showing extreme interest in her. He insisted daily in emails and phone calls that he wanted to meet her as soon as possible. She suggested that he can come and visit her in the city she was living, to which he said he won't be able to for a while and it is
better if she met him by flying over to see him in Mexico where he had a prebooked holiday after christmas, over the new year. They corresponded over a month and she said she 
would visit him if he promised that "he will be a perfect gentleman when they meet." He assured her of it and his emails from december prove these conversations. She met him on 29 Dec 2011. They spent almost a week together till Jan 4 2012 where they both claimed to feel a connection.

Tim Stassi had assured her that he will be a perfect gentleman and much to her disappointment, when she met him he started seducing her from the time he picked her from the airport. When she asked him why would he persist in seducing her, his reply was "you should be worried if I didn't come on to you. That means I didn't fancy you." That is a man
who was not showing her respect and insisted on pushing his agenda. She told him she doesn't like men who want physical intimacy as quickly as he did. She felt pushed physically and emotionally by him. Despite that, they spent time together. He said to her "I would like to spend the rest of my life with you."

She told him, that to be intimate physically would not be safe. He replied "let fate decide." She repeatedly asked him if should she take the morning after pill, so she would not conceive. His answer always was "let fate decide." He repeatedly assured her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and to "tell other suitors you are taken."
After her trip, they continued communicating everyday, by numerous calls, texts, emails and he was eager for her to visit him again.

In mid january, she had bleeding which lasted for same duration as period and happened at same time, so she assumed she was not pregnant. Medical community still has no answer as to why she had bleeding which had exact symptoms of a period. They first speculated implantation bleeding and then ruled it out as it is unheard of in ecotopic

She collapsed on the floor with severe abdominal pain unable to get up the whole day on 31st Jan. She called Tim Stassi and he called her back few times showing concern to say she should go to hospital. She had to be rushed to hospital where she was told she was pregnant. She had signs of hypovolaemic shock and was given devastating news that it was an ectopic pregnancy which was rupturing blood vessels and was life threatening. She needed surgery immediately and one tube and ovary will have to be removed. She was also informed that it seemed like a rare case of hetrotopic pregnancy, where there is intrauterine gestation as well, as scan showed gestational sac wasn't empty and possibly has a fetus at 6 weeks plus HCG, pregnancy hormones were very high. She doesn't have any children and all this was new to her.

She called Tim Stassi from hospital in shock and he spoke to the nurse who was admitting her and doing tests on her at the time. She was admitted to hospital for 8 days till 7 Feb. She had laparoscopy and right Salpingo-oophorectomy, which removed her right tube and ovary. She had two litres of blood loss. Her condition after surgery was very poor for many reasons. Doctors and nurses were not willing to discharge her from the hospital as she was very very weak with severe pains, severe bleeding unable to hold down food or water for two weeks without anti sickness shots daily. Before she left the hospital she was told to come to hospital every week to monitor intrauterine pregnancy.

All this was extremely traumatic for her to say the least. Ectopic pregnancies occur in 1% of cases and heterotropic pregnancies are even rarer - 1 in 20,000 or more. Doctors have been concerned at how her body would cope as she had lost over 2 litres of blood because of internal bleeding by ectopic pregnancy and scar tissue from surgery
wasn't healing quickly. She became severely anaemic after surgery and still is. She showed very low neutrophils (white blood cells) as she was fighting one infection after another after surgery. She has been confined to bed as she is too weak to move and is told to rest only.

When she asked Tim Stassi what he felt about pregnancy, he said he was "excited and scared at the same time." He said and wrote that he "knew her feelings were pure for him."

Tim Stassi called intermittently when she was in hospital. After she came out of hospital it was her who was having to call him daily in her condition and inform him of what was going on. He told her "I will support you in whatever decision you make." Then he continously started giving her mixed messages, showing concern, but calling her infrequently. Eventually he disappeared and was impossible to get through to and didn't return her calls, texts or emails!!!

It is shocking that 4 days after she came out of hospital after life threatening surgery, losing one of his babies, she had suspicion and went online and saw him chatting to other women on dating site He was trying to chat up other women to date, while showing zero support and concern for my sister and his child. Yet just a day before he called her on Skype on Feb 11 2012 when he was visiting his parents for the weekend. He introduced her to his father and said he wanted to introduce her to his brother Terry who was with him till he called her. When she asked him if he told any friend or family member that she was pregnant, his reply was no, he is quite private about his personal life and doesn't share personal details even with long term best friends or family.

Why would Tim Stassi lie to my sister, mislead her all the while giving her hope and mixed messages and lie to all the other women he was contacting?! He proved he is not a honest, loyal, reliable man. She has been in shock understandably! It has been severely traumatic for my sister who is pregnant with his child to find out that he has been
lying to her and cheating on her and seeing several other women. He was chatting women up and trying to set dates, while neglecting his responsibility towards her and his child. He was putting effort in finding women, not being an honorable man. His priorities show how selfish and self absorbed he is!

When she confronted him and expressed her shock, couple of days later she found that he blocked her from skype. He gave her the reason that "people I have hired in India who do programming for my website go in my computer and I only want business contacts on skype." That is a lie.

He blocked her on facebook. When she asked the reason, he lied that he "will delete the account in couple of weeks" which is incorrect as he accepted many friend requests from other people after that and had no intention of deleting his fb account. He just did not want his friends and family to know about her incase she exposes him.

He could have admitted to truth and one may think he is capable of sometimes telling the truth perhaps. Yet, he chose the cowardly way of beating about the bush and lying every time he was caught. He wasn't honest on many things, Skype, facebook were very petty lies, but show his cowardly character.

Tim Stassi had asked my sister to come see him in Jan to stay with him again for "extended holiday for few months" Had she gone at that time for long visit to stay with him, they would have found out about her hetrotopic pregnancy, gone through surgery for ectopic together. Would he have abandoned his responsibilities towards her as easily as he has
done now?

She has repeatedly informed him as the father and presented him with many opportunities to accept his responsibility. She has repeatedly asked him to talk civilly as two people  who made a joint decision to get pregnant. He has not responded and ran away from his responsibilities. Tim Stassi is a very vile, nasty, cold man who never called once to see how she or the baby were doing. He said he would support, but never returned calls, texts, emails. She exhausted all ways of getting through to him to see if he will do the right thing for
her and baby which he is responsible for.

This pregnancy has been full of difficulties for her. If she didn't have surgery which was done at 6 weeks in pregnancy, her tube would have ruptured. Right ovary and tube was removed, reducing her chance of future fertility, which was very traumatic for her. The scan in 11th week in March showed no heartbeat. Next scan before the intended surgery to abort showed a heart beat. Tim Stassi was informed of it. Two of my sisters friends also spoke to him to tell him about her condition when she was at hospital.

It takes two to make a baby. In this instance, my sister wouldn't be pregnant if Tim Stassi hadn't told her he wanted children with her and to "let fate decide." She ONLY took the risk of getting pregnant, because he wanted her to and assured her that he wanted to spend his life with her. She put her trusted in him implicitly. Fate decided and what did Tim Stassi do?! He abandoned her and left her to deal with the emotional, physical, mental, trauma of life threatening surgery and a pregnancy full of complications for her.

Tim Stassi has not taken responsibility for something he encouraged my sister to do. 

She has gone through enough trauma of loosing one baby, having painful life threatening surgery, carrying a baby in an extremely delicate condition, which has made her incredibly weak and worst than everything is trauma being let down by Tim Stassi's behaviour - infidelity and deceit.

His behaviour shows he has no realization of traumas she has been through because of him. She was in love with him. He has shown himself to be a dishonest, cheat, extremely unreliable, changeable, cowardly, weak and extremely selfish man. He led her to believe in his words, none of which he has kept so far. He failed to come through on anything
he said and proved completely unreliable. He took advantage of her, her vulnerability and her trust. He abandoned her and ran away from his responsibilities only couple of days after telling her that he had deep feelings for her. 

Tim Stassi He is 53, never been married or lived with anyone in a committed relationship. He is a classic "commitment phobe." He professed to fall for my sister and wanted to be with her and have children with her, then backed off when he got frightened of responsibility of relationship and children.

Lies he told her have been about his age, his financial status on his profile on site and then during their relationship, his intentions to be with my sister, promises to her.and his feelings for her, which have been very unpredicatable.

Tim Stassi has been full of contradictions. He claimed to want marriage. But he behaved like a coward and ran away from their relationship and from his responsibilities, even after claiming couple of days days before that he had deep feelings for my sister and loved her.

Tim Stassi claimed to want children, but abandoned her completely and let her deal with the trauma of a very difficult pregnancy on her own! Feelings don't disappear overnight if you are not false. He led my sister to believe in his words. None of which he has kept so far!

Tim stassi told my sister to "let fate decide" and take a chance of getting pregnant with his child, which I did. How dishonourable of him to abandon her now! Real men stand by the woman and support them when they are pregnant with their child. He has not done that at all! He has shown no sign of any concern, involvement, responsibility or support towards my sister or his child! His lack of concern is shocking and unacceptable!

Tim Stassi claimed to be a wealthy, then he claimed poverty and stated he was in debt and "could not financially support her and child." Yet he has money to go on dates, fly over to meet women, and not to support my sister and step up to his responsibility as a father!! Shocking that he doesn't want to do the right thing!!

Tim Stassi used the excuse of distance in their relationship. Most women he is meeting from online dating sites are in different parts of US or world. He is chasing one woman after another yet don't know how to have a decent relationship.

Tim Stassi claimed many things, which he is not. He is not what he claims or pretends to be. He went back on everything he ever said to my sister. He is a salesman, so is very good at selling himself.

Tim Stassi's profile name on is "Maxmichaels". He has been on that site for years and he is on the chat room of that site daily. We have
been informed of his communication history by the site owner as his activity is being monitored. It is very creepy and horrifying that Tim Stassi is daily on dating sites like and he is always on chat rooms of these dating sites hours every day chatting to women. Many women have come forward from dating sites to tell us that Tim Stassi approached all of them in Chat room and sent countless winks and emails for months, sometimes few emails to same person like he did with my sister. They have shown chat records and emails which prove that he was contacting them daily in Dec and Jan when he was professing many things to my sister giving her hopes of marriage and misleading her. He has met several women, while she has been in this condition! How shocking!  It is shocking that he can mislead my sister and other women at the same time!! He may change the profile name on millionaore or other dating sites.

It is shocking that he didn't call once to step up to his responsibility, to ask about her or the baby at any time, but called and left many angry voice messages and texts trying to intimidate her, immediately within hours when she told people on millionaire match what he had done.

Any contact Tim Stassi makes to intimidate my sister again or harass her as he has done in past, will be reported immediately to police and serious legal action taken against him.

We don't trust Tim Stassi at all as he has proved to be completely untrustworthy. He tried to intimidate my sister and was vindictive when exposed, but he cant fight the truth.

These dating sites have an obligation and responsibility to their members and their welfare and deceitful behaviour like Tim Stassi's should not be tolerated. It is disgraceful that they allow people like him to carry on meeting women under false pretexts and nobody knows of what he has done.

One would think that a man who has two sisters would know how to treat a woman who is carrying his child. He may be a good brother, son, uncle, friend, but has proven to be a very deceitful, cowardly, changeable, selfish man.

We are a very traditional family. My sister has good values and morals, is very eligible, extremely selective young woman who has always had cream of crop suitors. She did not need to pick Tim Stassi, if her heart wasn't swayed by his words. She has only recently told family what he has done. She waited for Tim Stassi to show responsibility
towards her and his baby. She trusted him implicitly. She made decision for her body ONLY based on his promises.

As serious a commitment as marriage is, having a child is a much bigger one and something that no one should enter into - or expect to get out of - lightly. Tim Stassi told my sister he loved her, wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, but abandoned her once pregnancy resulted. And she is the one that had an extremely difficult time grappling with the decision to abort or to carry their child to term and raise him. She has the option of carrying it to term and having the court enforce mandatory child support on him.

Legally in US, father of the child is accountable and one can force the financial support of the pregnancy and his child. If Tim Stassi was an ethical man, he would have done more than that on his own during this pregnancy. Tim Stassi has shown no sign of involvement, responsibility or  support towards her or his child.

Going through pregnancy on your own is not easy, specially so if you have a difficult pregnancy as she has been having. It is "abandonment" for him to not offer any sort of help. My sister has been paying for all of the expenses of pregnancy, of multiple visits to Doctors while recovering from surgery and in critical state and dealing with issues related to pregnancy. There haver been many misdiagnosis and complications in pregnancy.

My sister was lied to and deceived by Tim Stassi and has every right to be outraged that she was used in such a way. This is "breach of promise", even if there was no pregnancy involved, since the courts in state of Illinois hold that the promises made between a couple in the privacy of their relationship are subject to litigation if the man didn't keep that promise.

My sister is not on her own, her family are behind her 100% with the law by our side. She has decided to stay in US till next year and in foreseeable future for medical and legal reasons and  have support of family.

Tim Stassi has put my sister through the worst indescribable trauma and pain on all levels - emotionally, psychologically and physically. Her health and well being is very much at risk. We want her to recover from traumas he has caused. He has to be made accountable for his actions and the trauma he is putting her through. We are going to take serious legal action against him and go to court with it, let the law handle it, so that this does not happen to any girl again.
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#1 REBUTTAL Individual responds

Legal action will be taken against these slanderous lies

AUTHOR: R S - (United States of America)

These are slanderous lies and if there are any more I will be taking legal advice and action against Tim Stassi.

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#2 REBUTTAL Individual responds

My Unfortunate Meeting with Rami Singh

AUTHOR: JL - (United States of America)

I sincerely apologize to my family, friends, acquaintances and professional colleagues who might stumble across the public and false accusations that are purportedly made by Rami Singhs brother.  Actually, I suspect that Rami herself wrote this post under the guise of her brother, as the writers style and use of both language and rhetoric seems identical to the way Rami herself communicates.

I could write a long, systematic and point by point response to her false claims.  I could even cite irrational behavior on her part which maps with her bombastic and false claims about me personally.  I prefer to maintain a strong moral compass so I will keep my response brief, factual and appropriate.

As I reside in Chicago and she resides in the UK, our actual in-person time together was limited to only one time.  Our central forms of communication were phone calls, emails, and text messages. 

After spending a short period of time with her in person, however, it quickly became clear to me that Rami is a troubled person.  Out of respect for her, I prefer not to mention the details of her aberrant behavior on a public forum, but I drew these conclusions quickly.

After realizing this, I calmly, quietly, and peacefully ended the relationship.  Or so I thought.  

The moment I put an end to our friendship, her extreme behavior took a turn for the worse.  Almost immediately her behavior towards me became erratic, contentious and even pathological.   I should have seen this coming as I was receiving 20-30 unexplainable phone calls from her daily.  While
her public accusations of me are patently false in all respects, they do not even compare to the wildly irrational behavior that I witnessed from her during and after our time together. 

It is sad and unfortunate that someone could experience such emotional bitterness over a short-term friendship that lasted no more than a few days.  How can an individual use a public forum such as the internet to vent emotional pain in hopes of slandering another?  It is my hope that she refrain from destructive behavior that hurts both her and others.  And please believe me, her statements are false, inappropriate, and are seemingly written from a place of deep bitterness, versus sound reasoning and rational thought.

I have struggled with the decision to post Ramis photo.  I believe it to be an invasion of ones personal privacy but feel it is necessary should this happen to anyone in the future. 

Again, my apologies to my family, friends, acquaintances and professional colleagues who might stumble across this post.  Thank you to those who know me, support me and who can discern falsities from truth.                 
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