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  • Reported By: Pamela — Cleveland Texas
  • Timekeepers Security, Inc
    41109 IH-10 WEST SUITE C, BOERNE, TX 78006
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Timekeepers Security, Inc Time Keepers Security Beware of Time Keepers Security, Inc Boerne, Texas (Lie, do not provide essentials to do your job) Internet

*Author of original report: TIMEKEEPERS WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND

*Author of original report: TIMEKEEPERS WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND

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There are a lot of BAD reviews, that come up when you Google or Bing Timekeepers. I am hoping
you read this, and really think hard before you consider working for Timekeepers Security out of Boerne, Texas.  We spent a week in Hell because of them, and had NO support from them.

It all started when I spoke with Lara.  Originally, they did not have any gates, and also did not have a waiting list, so she encouraged me to get on their waiting list.  Right after I received the email asking for us to sign up with Timekeepers to get on the waiting list. I called her first thing after receiving the email, and she informed me she had a gate, and she needed us to leave as soon as possible to get to their office in Boerne, Texas seven (7) hours away.  She said she would put us up in an RV park for the night and we could do all the paperwork in the morning, and then head
to the gate that wasnt far from Boerne. 

We managed to get to the RV park at about 1:30am due to horrible weather conditions and a flat tire on our RV. We got a few hours of sleep and headed to the office about 8:10am once Lara was there.  We did all the paperwork to get signed up with Timekeepers.  Once all the paperwork
was done at approximately 9:15am, Lara gave us 3 SMALL vest (my husband and I are NOT small) an ID holder and 30 or so blank log sheets.  She informed us the other gate guards were waiting
for us to get there.  They were expecting to leave DAYS before and due to a misunderstanding, whereas Lara thought they were wanting to leave that day at 11:00am. She gave us directions to the site which is over 3 HOURS from Boerne in Asherton!

Once again, we were driving in horrible weather conditions that included heavy rains, winds and hail. There was no way we would be able to get to a site that is 3 hours away for the other guards to leave at 11:00am. Lara got a temp to fill in until we could safely get there.  We finally arrived about 1:15pm on Wednesday (could have been Thursday).

Upon arriving before having the opportunity to put the RV in place and park, a man drove up and yelled from his pickup to me the passenger in the truck, who is your supervisor, seeing the temp, he proceeded over to him, and began yelling at him at the top of his lungs. This man was mad!  There was NO representative from Timekeepers there to set us up other than this other Gate Guard from a gate down the street.  No ONE!

After parking and my husband and son, beginning to set up the RV, we spoke with the Temp who told us the mans name, Sammy DeSpain.  Mr. DeSpain was mad because Timekeepers did NOT inform him they were switching out Gate Guards.  From this point forward, Sammy made our week

When setting up the RV, we found Timekeepers had NOT provided septic tanks, nor did we have a bell. They did provide sensors with a transmitter and receiver, the problem - the batteries were dead, and we did not have any C batteries with us.  Therefore, we knew we would have to be outside the ENIRE time to log the traffic in and out.

Within the first two hours, we ran out of log sheets, and were scrambling to make some copies.  We
had approximately, 15 well pads, a Compressor Station, Cental Tank Battery Station, a pipeline, flowback, and fracking sites that we were logging in traffic for.  We were going to need a lot of copies.  I immediately contacted Timekeepers and began trying to get 2 X Large Vests, Log Sheets, Septic Tanks, and batteries for the transmitters and receivers for the gate.  It took 5 days for someone with Timekeepers to get out to us to get us the things, (vests, log sheets, batteries) required to do our job. 

After setting up the RV we met with the Production Supervisor, Lucus with New Field Oil Company, and he told us, you are to log in everyone that comes through the gates.  If they are a passenger in the vehicle, you are to get their names.  Everyones names, first and last, and know exactly where they are going.  We were given a set of New Fields rules to go by, and were told we are not out their to make friends, we are the police on the property.  So we followed his advice to a T.

At some point, the Property Owner stopped by and talked with us.  One of the things he mentioned was that he wanted everyone coming in to follow all the rules of his property, and he wanted to know that whoever came into the property belonged.  He also did NOT want Border Patrol on his
property without his knowledge or consent. We were to give Border Patrol his number and have them call him before we allowed them access!

During the course of the next 3 days, Sammy was on us like Bees on Honey.  First, he yelled at my
husband because a set of constructions lights, the ones with the generator built-in, had been taken away from the site by the COMPANY that OWNS them!  Sammy told my husband that he pays rent for those lights for us, and that my husband should NOT have allowed the company to take them away.  My husband explained that NO ONE had informed any of us that the lights there were for us.  Sammy told my husband that he is the one paying us, and that my husband better track down the lights and have them returned or else!  In addition to logging the traffic, my husband managed to find a set of lights, and have them returned to where they were taken from. 

The next thing encountered was Sammy yelling at my 19 year old son who is also a gate guard, because my son asked him his name when Sammy came into the site the FIRST time my son saw him.  He told my son if he asked him his name again, he was fired! 

The next day, he once again yelled at my son, stating we were too slow logging in the traffic and getting people through the gate.  Once again, he let us know that he is the one paying us! I think he told us this at least 6 times over the next few days!

Therefore, my husband made it into the nearest town, almost 25 miles away, and purchased some C Batteries and some Walkie Talkies to help us communicate with each other so that someone could be outside continuously.  If the one outside needed a restroom or food break, he could use the walkie and let one of the other two know and one of us could replace him or if things got extremely busy, we could have two people working the gate since there are three of us.

The following day, a truck driver turned too short, and almost hit our RV and adjacent canopy. 
The truck driver damaged the gate when he hit it.  My husband immediately reported the incident
to Lucas (Sammy had refused to give us his number for contact), and he said he would take care of it.  The next day, Sammy came out to inspect the damage to the gate and have someone come fix it.  Upon getting out there, he gruffed at my husband that we were too slow getting everyone through the gate and wanted to know why.  My husband told him that we were logging everyone who came through the gate per Lucas instructions.  Sammy immediately called Lucas, and Lucas gave him the ok, for us to only write in the driver.  From this point forward, this is all we did. 

Sammy stated that we needed to go purchased tape recorders like the guards we replaced to log in the traffic and then record the information later.  We relayed that information to Timekeepers.  They told us they would bring us Recorders we could use, but they never did.  Sammy mentioned how if would be nice if one of us would just stand out in the middle of the 4 way traffic road and log everyone in and out while standing there.  I mention to him that this would be extremely dangerous, and was NOT an option especially since a driver had just run over the gate the day before.  Sammys response was that he was just thinking out loud and it was not really a suggestion.

The next day, after the gate was repaired, my husband noticed that someone had stolen one of the three transmitters that we had, so he called Melton at Timekeepers and let him know.

The next day, my son was once again on the afternoon shift when Sammy came in.  This time he yelled at my son that he got a report of us logging in the passengers in the vehicles, and if he got one more report about that, we were gone!  He then called Timekeepers to tell them the same and once again threatened to fire us. When I saw Sammy, I took out ALL the log sheets, and showed him that we were NOT logging in anyone except the driver.  He looked through the log sheets and saw the driver was the only one logged in.  He NEVER apologized for his error, or even admitted to making one, nor did he call Timekeepers back to let them know we were doing as he had requested.

After this, my son packed up and left for home. He had had enough of getting yelled at, and being threatened over and over by Sammy for things that had nothing to do with him, and for things we
were supposedly doing or not doing.  My son would rather take a job at $8.50 per hour, than deal with Sammy and the lack of help from Timekeepers no vests, no log sheets,  no septic tanks,  no batteries for the transmitters and receivers, no replacement transmitter / receiver, and no tape recorders all of which Time Keeper said they would be bringing and NEVER showed up with.

When Sammy was leaving the site, he and I finally made a connection.  Things were looking up!  I had my pug outside with me while I was off duty, and Sammy is an owner of Bostons!  He loved my pug and we had a few minutes to chat.  After than, Sammy gave me his contact number, and he was easier to deal with and things began to change. 

On the following Monday, 5 days after our arrival, Milton with Timekeepers finally showed up with the Vests, log sheets, C size batteries but no tape recorders, and he brought us out one transmitter on one channel and a receive on another channel.  These two units do NOT have the option of changing a channel, so there was NO way for these two to be used together.  So once again, one of us was forced to be outside the entire time. There was no way for us to be notified that someone was driving up with the sensors.  It hit a whopping 108 F so staying outside the entire time was draining to say the very least.

We spent the next two days building relationships, working with the various company men, and devising a system that would keep the traffic moving.  Sammy was happy.  For the first time, when Sammy came through the gate, he was smiling and chatting. He was teasing me about the running I was doing between vehicles and how quickly we were getting everyone logged in and out.  We had finally made it.  Things were good!

On Wednesday, about 4:00pm, someone ran through the security stop, and went and parked beside our RV.  He (Richard Trice) got out of his car and began walking around our RV.  My husband and I walked over to him to see what was going on, and what he was doing.  He informed us he was checking out the space to ensure his RV would fit and to see the layout.  We were totally confused.  He said he had contacted Timekeepers because he and his wife wanted a 24 hour gate and the additional money.  He told us that Timekeepers told him they would swap us out and put us on his site that was over 80 miles away closer to the border.  I told him that my husband nor myself had received a call from Timekeepers and he must have made a mistake!  He assured both of us that there was no mistake.

I went into the RV and immediately contacted Lara.  First she told me that she had been very busy
and did not have a chance to call me since this decision was made just a few hours before, and that she we would mind being moved to a 12 hour gate (when means a lot less money). 

I informed her we did mind, and that we were going to stay right where we were.  That we had spent all week building relationships, and devising strategies with everyone to make this run smoothly.  I let her know that we were doing just fine on the gate and had no desire whatsoever to leave it to go somewhere else.

She and I hung up and I thought everything was worked out.  The next thing I know, she contacts me back and tells me she got another report from Sammy and he is the reason we are being moved and we were being swapped out regardless of what we wanted or whether or not we agreed to it.  We did NOT have a choice in the matter.  Due to the conversation I had with Sammy earlier that afternoon, I was VERY Puzzled.  I did NOT get that anything was wrong from him, so I called him. 

Sammy informed me that he had NOT spoken to Timekeepers at all since the day several days before, and as far as he was concerned everything seemed to be going well.  He had no complaints and if he had, he would have let us know! 

I contacted Lara back and told her about the conversation with Sammy, she then changed her story, and told me this decision was made several days before when Sammy called in.  I then asked her which time she lied, the one where she had just told me that she was sorry the replacement got there before she could call, because they decided to swap us a few hours before, or this story stating the decision was made days before.  She did NOT want to address that question, so at that point, she referred me to someone named Robert!  Supposedly, Robert had called my phone (which I was holding and it NEVER rang and he supposedly left me a voice mail that I never got).  Since I never heard from Robert, I asked Lara in a Text message for his phone number.  I had to ask over 3 times until she finally gave me his number.  During my conversation with him when asked why he was having us moved, all he answered 3 times over, was for me to listen to my voicemail.  He would NOT give me an answer while we were on the phone together.  Finally, I got mad and began to yell at him, I told him I did NOT get a voicemail, that he needed to answer my question, he then told me it was in the interest of Timekeepers relationship with New Field that we be moved. I told him that I had spoken to Sammy and there was not an issue and he refused to comment!  He once again stated it was in the best interest of New Field and Timekeepers to move us.  Neither Lara nor Robert EVER MENTIONED where they were swapping us to.  We know it was 80 miles closer to the Border on the Border side of Larado from where we were!  They were NOT going to pay our gas or expenses to pack up and move the RV nor were they going to help set everything back up.  They were forcing us to move after less than a week! 

I firmly believe the couple swapping with us requested a 24 hour gate and to get away from the Border. He told us that!  I also believe that because we were new to Timekeepers and he and his wife had been an employee for over a year, they were getting what they asked for! 

The really ironic thing is that my husband and I are relatively young compared to most Gate Guards, and if we (in our early 40s) can barely handled this gate, how on earth is someone in the 60s or 70s going to handle it.  The people swapping with us fit this description, and I do not see how they will handle it.

As a result of all of this, my husband and I packed up everything that night, and left.  We did not stay and wait for the swap on Friday.  In addition, we finally got our first paycheck, they did NOT pay anyone of the 3 of us correctly!  Now we are going to  have to fight for the money we are due!

Just some added information.  When going to get the address of the company to list this on the internet for all of you readers to know, I found a Hero of the Month news clip that has a picture of Richard Trice (the man that showed up to swap with us) stating he is a hero for following Shells procedures and reporting someone on the cell phone while signing out.  All we tried to do was follow the rules, and we were penalized for it.  Once again, this just further proves that Timekeepers wanted the swap to put their hero of the month on a site he requested.  This all had NOTHING to do with us or our performance.

The people at Timekeepers lie.  They tell lies over and over and over again.  If you work for them, you have to be one card short of playing with a full deck!

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#1 Author of original report


AUTHOR: Pamela Weisel - ()

Lara and everyone at Timekeepers, went above and beyond the call of duty to RIGHT the wrong done in our situation.

Sometimes, miscommunications causes issues, which is what happened in our case!

Timekeepers NOT only accepted responsibility for the miscommunication, they have gone above and beyond to right the wrong.

In today's society, it is a RARE quailty to find people who own up to, and accept responsibility for the things they do!  Not only did Timekeepers accept the responsibilty, the have gone out of their way to make the situation right!

My husband and I are currently on Timekeepers waiting list for a gate, and we would HAPPILY work with them anytime, anywhere!

Timekeepers is a REFRESHING moral and ethical company with high values.

I wish I would have waited before posting the "rip-off" report, because now I cannot find a way to delete it, so I want to ensure EVERYONE is aware that they MORE than made things right! 

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#2 Author of original report


AUTHOR: Pamela W - ()






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