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Complaint Review: Window World MARK COLLINS Lakeland Florida

  • Submitted: Fri, March 29, 2013
  • Updated: Thu, April 18, 2013
  • Reported By: Pamela — Auburndale Florida
  • Window World MARK COLLINS Lakeland Florida
    2222 S. Combee Road Suite #7 Lakeland Florida
    Lakeland, Florida
    United States of America

Window World MARK COLLINS Lakeland Florida Mark Collins License #CBC-1257854 Horrific, deplorable, unprofessional, uncaring experience, with Window World.Owner Mark Collins has avoided contact with customer hoping our problem will go away. Broken glass windows, rails, cracked Lakeland, Florida

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Horrific, Deplorable, on-going, defective broken window,Contaminated mold spreading in A/C Ducts Experience NOT solved YET one year later to DATE March 29, 2013. 

Owner Mark Collins will not Accept responsibility & just wants us to GO AWAY!!!
Polk County Building permit # issued Febr 27, 2012 & inspected by #5891

One year ago FEBR 6, 2013 we signed a contract to purchase 2 new arched top energy efficient siding windows recommended by WINDOW WORLD owned by MARK COLLINS Lakeland Florida & Sales Rep Kevin Keegan.  We assumed our window purchase with WINDOW WORLD/Mark Collins would be a pleasant experience & our promise by Kevin Keegan was that our windows would be wonderfully installed quickly, efficiently, professionally, error free, carefree in a timely fashion & that we had chosen the right WINDOW WORLD company for our home.

Our Experience began on the day of installation!! A exciting beautiful day turned into a YEAR Long
NITE Mare, which to date Owner MARK COLLINS upon our prodding multiple times has NEVER ATTEMPTED to visit our home to assess the problems with our 2 cracked, broken, defective arched top windows causing complications due to Leaking windows creating Contamination ,BLACK FUZZY MOLD spreading from 2 rooms into A/C Ducts to other areas of our home, creating & worsening respiratory chest pain / coughing for home owner & daughter.  Mark Collins after Homeowner had to call his company repeatedly to get Owner to return homeowners phone call to him Personally, Mr. Collins originally told homeowner that Mr. Collins did not need to come out to our home to assess the problems as Collins had all the information Collins needed from his subcontractors.  Office manager Carol Kim 863 665 7164.  told homeowner that she could not give us Mr. Collins personal cell number to us and that Carol Kim would give Mr. Collins our messages again.

Chain of Events On-Going since Date of Contract signed & Deposit paid
1.  Arched top never templated by Sales rep Kevin Keegan (WINDOW WORLD)
2. Kevin Keegan called homeowner to take additional measurement for Sales Rep.
3. Day of 1st installation, Dining room window DID NOT FIT -Mismeasured
4.   Gym window installed but not caulked, Dining room templated and Reordered 
5.  April 26, 2012 2nd day of installation, Dining Rm --Arched top WINDOW has huge jagged   
    protruding cracked glass exposed to the ext. elements, allowing terrestial rain to come in
    & soak new carpet out 18-20 inches to sqush between homeowners toes.
    Both of my windows were left uncaulked at the bottom of the window sills allowing rain,
    lizards, and Bugs to freely crawl in & out of my Dining rm window.
   FINAL PAYMENT was demanded by Subcontractor Kurt and was instructed not to leave until
    Kurt had final payment.  Homeowner called Window World asking to talk to the owner not
    knowing Who the owner was at the time.  Office Manager Carol said she could not give me Mr. 
    Collins cell phone no. & He was available out of the office now.  Homeowner left message for
    Collins to call me asap.  When Mr. Collins called he also demanded full payment over & over
    again knowing that the window was installed broken and work was NOT complete in either
    room.  After my husband convinced me that Mark Collins give him a chance to get it done next
    installation I reluctant paid all but $500.00 & Told Mr. Collins who became very irate, defensive
    & threatening that he would only complete the job when the job was paid in full.  I told him I
   would pay him all but $500.00 and when the job was completed.  Mr. Collins extremelly upset
   hung up on me.
6. 3rd installation--Subcontractor Kurt pulled jagged cracked window from Dining Rm opening 
    To find the New Replacement arched top was in fact broken again.  Reluctantly the installer
    had no choice but installed the new cracked window again or leave my opening exposed to the elements creating even bigger interior water & mold problem.
    WINDOW WORLD reordered without  expediting our order or any sense of urgency.  My carpets
    in both rooms were getting more & more Damaged, more Black mold growing.
    Both Windows still uncaulked by Installers, as they were waiting for both windows to be
    completed when they would caulk both at the same time. Still letting lizards, Bugs, and Rain
    come in through uncaulked area.  Carpets are ruined, Black Fuzzy mold growing with rain
    causing respiratory chest/coughing problems with homeowner & Daughter. 
    Still no concern from Window World Owner Mark Collins or Sales Rep Carol Kim. 
    homeowner asked Office Manager if they could rush our reordered broken replacement arched
    windows as we were having a Wedding in July & would not like our guests to see our home
   with rain stained carpet, mold, contaminated mold air for our 3 grandchildren who were staying in
   our home, and our guests who wanted to use our gym during stay in our home, or any guests
   In home Wedding, reception and next day family reunion in our home with the mold odor present
   to breathe.  Window World Declined to expedite our replacement order.  The replacement window for the 4th attempt was when homeowner had a scheduled trips out of town and then
  Window World called wanting to schedule when we had out of town guests staying with us for 2
  weeks.   We all had plans to be coming & going entertaining our guests while they were staying
  in our home.  We gave Window World when we were home & available for installation.  Window
  World now have had our deposit plus additional payments for job incomplete, expecting us to
  cancel our plans to have their installers come out the next day or the following day.  We declined
  our plans were made months ahead.  Installation was scheduled again 2 weeks before our
  wedding guests were to arrive from out of state.
7.4th installation- subcontractor prepping window to remove was told by his helper this window
   was in fact this arched window was cracked again.  This time the window never came off the
   truck.  Subcontractor Kurt asked Owner Mark Collins to call customer.  Mark refused and did not
   ever call us.  Homeowner made copy of Polk County Permit signed off by Inspector #3891 & my
   husband called Head inspector to find out why the window was signed off & job completed on
   April 27, 2012 by Steve Leatherwood Inspector #3891.  Lead Inspector said to my husband that
   his inspectors would not have signed if there was obvious problems with the window & in fact
   Our permit was signed and closed as complete 04-27-2013.  My pictures show all the  jagged       
   cracked windows were open to the terrestial rains allowing our Black mold & soaked carpeting
   get worse.  Now customer upset, calls Window World Office Manager Carol Kim demanding
   Owner Collins  business License Number, Insurance companies for both subcontractor & Window
   World insurance names & phone number.  Reluctantly, Office Man. Carol said she needed to check
   With Collins.  Again, another phone call from homeowner got a email from Carol with Insurance
   & ph. number for subcontractor.   Again a phone call asking for Mark Collins insurance comp.
   Mr. Collins told my husband he did not feel it was Window World's problem, he was did not feel
   his insurance should cover it but his subcontractors insurance should.  I told him I called Service
   Masters to come to our home & assess the mold issues & leaking windows, moisture in walls.
   Service master after using their moisture meters determined drywall was in fact wet due to
   defective windows, carpeting not saveable, drywall in both rooms needed to be cut to stud to
   determine where the windows were leaking, installing plastic to prevent any more mold spores
   traveling to other areas of our home.  Mr. Collins promptly told Carol to tell us He did not respect
   Servicemasters opinion because of a previous run in with ServiceMasters & Collins recommended
   us to call FloodMasters who he had used in the past for a 2nd opinion.  Flood masters confirmed
   Servicemasters findings but demanded a large fee to document his findings in writing but after
   prodding homeowner got Floodmasters to write a letter acknowledge his findings.  

   Prior to his Day of installation it had rained all week delaying Kurt's installation worried that it
   would rain day of scheduled installation.  
   The day of installation homeowner pointed out to husband & installer Kurt & his helper that the
   wood window sill along with the carpeting on right side of gym window was soaked and drywall
   damp to the touch.  Kurt insisted there was not a thing wrong with the gym window he installed
   originally, reluctantly he put a hose on the exterior of both windows and obviously the cracked
   window leaked water and Also the gym window he denied was leaking did in fact leaked enough
   to have water come in and drizzle down the side of the drywall and soak the carpeting below.
   After peeling back the carpeting we saw the black fuzzy mold was growing actively and odor was
   strong.  Kurt went out to his truck for a long time telling Window World the 2nd room window in 
   our gym was leaking obviously too.  Minutes later, Kurt came back to tell my husband & myself
   that Window World would reordered the Gym window now too.   Kurt apologized over & over
   & said that the owner would be calling us.  Window world Owner never did.
   Reluctantly, Kurt & his helper put a garden hose on both windows to find
   Water was leaking through the top of the gym window and cracked arch top dining room window.
   Our respiratory issues are getting worse being in that room with the mold showing our claim 
   adjusters what our issues are.

   Homeowner accused of not allowing schedule to happen 2 days after Window World called to
   schedule When we had prearranged guests staying with us.  Keep in mind homeowner asked
  to have urgency placed on replacement, never happened and it had already been 4 mistakes caused by negligence of Window World defective products From their Manufacture Alside Windows.
  who did not ever respond to any of my emails directed to Alside for assistance either.

   8.  Both Insurance claim inspectors from subcontractor & Window World assess the problems as   true but blatantly tell us over & over  Mold is not covered by any of their policies
         and they  could not help us with any mold issues that occured because of the defective
       Insurance company,  along with Service Masters, flood masters verbally told us not install 
       replacement window until mold issues are resolved with all parties involved including Mark
       Collins,  service & warranty issues resolved before any more work is completed on our home.
       Mark Collins still has not Accepted responsibility with his defective windows or mold issue
       Caused by new windows ordered By Window World one year ago.
       Homeowner called Window world to get his insurance name & number to get his insurance
      company to send a claim adjuster Al Korohan to file a claim & after repeated calling, emailing
      Mr Korohamn in Jan. 21 2013 responding to me in a email that "I will check the status and 
      get back to you. Thanks".   Still no response.  

      January 22, 2013 Homeowner very frustrated & filed a Complaint with BBB.  Agent Sabrina  
      February 05 2013 Homeowner checked to check BBB status
      and found that Without confirming
      or calling homeowner if our issues have been resolved, it was assumed because Window World
      Mark Collins confirmed it was our complaint was closed on above date.
      Homeowner notified BBB that we had just suffered losses of family members & friend ,along 
      with my husband's daughter (out of state) was suffering severe health issues & that my   
      personal family issues were a priority &  I have no choice and needed to
      deal with family issues first & would contact her asap in a short period of time by email.
      No response from BBB or Sabrina Washington.   I researched & discovered my complaint was
     closed without any resolve.   I still have a house with defective windows, moldy rain stained
     carpets in 2 rooms, Mold & odor issues in our gym that have now contaminated our A/C ducts 
     spreading into our other rooms, Mold growing behind our electrical outlets. caulking that is
     all cracked, shrivelled from base of window, cracked, damaged and unpainted trim, window sills
     arches.   I am unable to use our gym for over a year due to odor makes us cough hurting our
    chest.   I just listened to my daughter hacking across the house in her bedroom & spitting up
     yellow thick mucous daily when she is home breathing this air.

    March 29 2013  Frustrated homeowner called Polk County inspector Mr. Harold Bergen & Ste
    to confirm our permit # was signed off and closed out as complete on 04-27-2012
    by Steve Leatherwood Inspector #3891 on above date claiming Steve did not see our jagged
    Broken glass or he would not have signed off.   I told him it was installed on April 26, 2013, the
    same day Subcontractor Kurt & Mark Collins demanded full payment for completed job according
    to the copy of my check I wrote for partial payment against my better judgement convinced by
    my husband  that Mr. Collins would complete our job asap as promised by Sales Rep Kevin Keegan who we have not heard or seen from since I gave him my deposit to order.
    March 29 2013
Today homeowner was accused of waiting a year to complain to Polk county  permit Department Harold Bergen & Steve Leatherwood claiming he did nothing wrong, saw no damage to our windows or he would not have signed off.  Although both Mr. Bergen lead inspector & Steve Leatherwood Told me that they are instructed if there are a couple of windows uninstalled on any job site , that it was ok to sign off assuming the other windows will be installed correctly.  
   That is their policy and what they are told to do
. When asked how these permit inspectors Beran & Leatherwood  would feel or react if their wife or their home was going through the  same turmoil left incomplete & your homes left disarray
   like ours is for over a year,  both men claimed they would not like it and told me I should not have paid Window World anything more before the job was completed.
   Inspector Bergan also asked me why we waited a year to call, I replied that My husband did call
   & on speaker phone I heard the response from Bergan shortly after the 3rd broken window was installed  that the inspector did nothing wrong,  our permit number
   closed & signed off complete 04-27-2012 By Steve Leatherwood # 3891 just like today & advise me to file a civil suit.
   Today Mr. Bergan advised me to come in Tuesday & file a complaint with Contractors Licensing
   inspector Paul Ochman at 534-6492.  And I will.
   Why did I not file complaints earlier because I was patient, way to patient waiting for Window World & owner Mark Collins resolve our home between Window World and Us without broadcasting to other customers and harming his business.  But Today My patience is gone , I feel I have been more than fair,but when I read last night that BBB closed our account because issues were resolved without verifying with me the VICTIM that pushed me over the edge.  

I want EVERYONE, The whole world to know what pain, grief, turmoil, discussions,
spoiled family gatherings and Feeling like a prisoner in our own home not able to use our gym etc, etc, etc.  I have given up so much time wasted on unheard phone calls, emails, lack of sleep worrying about when these issues will be resolved and Why I chose Window World in the beginning.   Something so simple has turned into a year long battle trying to get my home back !!!

So Would I??? recommend WINDOW WORLD  or Owner Mark Collins to do any more of my rental properties or any of my neighbors, relatives or friends, THE ANSWER is NO, NO, NO!!!
I think not!!!    Recommended by Russ Sebring Ask the Experts At the Lakeland Ledger.
My answer is No !!!
Mark Collins the owner of Window World could have resolved our issues 8 months ago if After we
Asked him to come & assess the Window & mold issues, but Collins told us He did not Need To,
because he knew about everything from his subcontractor Kurt!!!!
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#1 Consumer Comment

review them on BBB

AUTHOR: Mike - (USA)

Review them on BBB....I can't believe they have a A+ rating on there...but then again no one is reviewing them



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#2 REBUTTAL Owner of company


AUTHOR: Mark Collins - ()

This case was settled by my insurance company.  The customer has accepted the settlement and released my company from any further liability.  If anyone has any questions about this complaint or desires to hear the other side of the story, please feel free to call my office at 863-665-7164.  Sincerely, Mark Collins

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#3 REBUTTAL Owner of company


AUTHOR: Mark Collins - ()

We are currently working with this customer and using all resources available to bring a satisfactory conclusion to this complaint. If anyone has any questions regarding this complaint, they may feel free to contact me at my office at 863-665-7164. Sincerely, Mark Collins
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