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C&R Boger Construction

21414 68th Ave S Ste 105, Kent, Washington 98032

Phone: (866) 344-6363

We all get complaints. How businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from the rest...

When a company or individual joins the Ripoff Report Verified™ Program or the Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program ("Corporate Advocacy Program"), they must make a commitment to us – in writing – to 'doing whatever it takes to make things right with their customers.' What does that mean? It means that Ripoff Report expects that members of our programs will review and respond to ALL customer complaints promptly. It means that every complaint will be taken seriously and every customer will be treated fairly and with respect. It means if a customer did not receive what they expected, the company will work with that customer to fix the err (within reason) on the side of the customer. It means that if a customer requests a refund and if there is any reasonable basis for that request, we expect the customer will be given a prompt refund (some refund requests may not be reasonable, so this does not mean a refund is guaranteed in every case). "Making things right" can mean lots of different things to different people, but our point is this—by working closely with the company or individual to resolve any disputes, Ripoff Report can track the footprints of customer service to ensure that our Program members are doing everything they can to treat customers fairly and to increase their customer satisfaction.

Business Details

C & R Boger Construction is a local Seattle based company serving all of Western Washington from Tacoma to Everett and beyond. We specialize in providing our customers with the highest quality in residential windows replacement, door installation, seamless gutter installation and roof replacement & repair. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and our attention to detail. Our products meet energy star standards and qualify for local and federal tax incentives. Our goal is to provide you the customized product and/or service you are looking for.

Our products come with some of the best warranties on the market today. We also offer a low price guarantee. We will beat any competitors price on a comparable product by 10% guaranteed! We have installed over 2100 Jobs in the last thirty-six months!!!

We do not use subcontractors. All of our installations are done in house by our certified installers. C & R Boger Construction would love the opportunity to earn your business!

C&R Boger providing residential window, roofing, and gutter replacements in the Pacific Northwest for the past 14 years. C&R is proud that all installation crews certified by the manufactures and are all W-2 employees. No sub-contractors. C&R Boger Construction is a Habitat for Humanity Community Contractor. C&R Boger is fully licensed & insured. They offer residential and commercial remodeling with quality workmanship and construction materials. Over 140 employees, each had a criminal background checked, are EPA tested, safety screened, and expected to perform on a daily basis. C&R Boger employs the highest caliber employee to ensure the customer the best final result, 110% effort 100% of the time.

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