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1955 Vaughn Rd., #209, Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

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We all get complaints. How businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from the rest...

When a company or individual joins the Ripoff Report Verified™ Program or the Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program ("Corporate Advocacy Program"), they must make a commitment to us – in writing – to 'doing whatever it takes to make things right with their customers.' What does that mean? It means that Ripoff Report expects that members of our programs will review and respond to ALL customer complaints promptly. It means that every complaint will be taken seriously and every customer will be treated fairly and with respect. It means if a customer did not receive what they expected, the company will work with that customer to fix the err (within reason) on the side of the customer. It means that if a customer requests a refund and if there is any reasonable basis for that request, we expect the customer will be given a prompt refund (some refund requests may not be reasonable, so this does not mean a refund is guaranteed in every case). "Making things right" can mean lots of different things to different people, but our point is this—by working closely with the company or individual to resolve any disputes, Ripoff Report can track the footprints of customer service to ensure that our Program members are doing everything they can to treat customers fairly and to increase their customer satisfaction.

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Jasper Contractors, a national roofing contracting company, has been offering exceptional roofing services since 2004. Jasper Contractors has offices located in Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City. With years of experience and quality service, Jasper Contractors has earned an excellent reputation in the roofing industry. Our goal is to be the “go-to” roof replacement specialists in every community we serve. All our contractors at Jasper Contractors are certified, licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. We offer a no-cost roof inspection, help navigating your insurance claim, superb customer service and highly-trained, highly-skilled roof installers.

Jasper Contractors are experienced roofers who serve both residential & commercial clients roofing needs. All Jasper locations are fully-staffed and fully-equipped to handle any size roof replacement or new roofing project. In every Jasper Contractors location, our customer satisfaction teams are here to serve you, our valued customer, to provide what we feel is the most affordable, well-installed and stress-free re-roofing, roof replacement or new roof construction service available.

Our customer service representatives and roofing contractors are available and knowledgeable for everything from the free inspection of your roof to how roofing insurance claims work, follow-up, and more.

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