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Complaint Review: Legal Consulting Inc. - Cincinnati Ohio

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  • Legal Consulting Inc. 6700 Greenfield Drive Cincinnati, Ohio United States

Legal Consulting Inc. Hugh Joseph O'Hara, Joe O'Hara, H Joseph O'Hara, Tour Masters LLC I got beat by this guy and company but many others have got it worst then me! Cincinnati Ohio

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I strongly recommend that no one enters into an agreement with this person or this so called company. The person that runs this deal is Hugh Joseph O'Hara he is a con artist. This is not a company, it is a one man operation that does not have an office anywhere. This guy is a gypsy.

He has his address registered at (((REDACTED))) in Cincinnati, Ohio. Well folks this address is an ex-girlfriends home address that Mr. O'hara has not spoken with in all most 2 years. It is a residence, not an office. Mr. O'Hara's last known address was (((REDACTED))) a house he had leased in Florence, Kentucky (((REDACTED))) The property is owned by JNK Properties in Florence, Ky (((REDACTED))) Mr. Joe O'Hara had rented this home and brought in tenants that he rented rooms to.

He had the larger bedroom he called his office with only a desk top computer and a printer. Mr. O'hara collected rent from 3 tenants without paying the rent on the home for the most part of 2018 and he was evicted September 28, 2018. JNK Properties had filed for eviction in July of this year (2018) and when it came time for the eviction to go through, Mr O'Hara called someone he knew to bail him out of the situation.

Mr O'Hara knew this persons Father had recently passed away and had inherited some money. Joe begged and pleaded with this person who was in another state at the time to wire the money to JNK Properties within hours or the sheriff was coming to put him and his tenants out on the street. Mr. O'Hara told this person that his sister was getting some insurance money very soon and she would pay the monies back.

He also swore that he would collect the rent money each week from his tenants and was bringing in two more tenants for more rent to collect each week to pay all the bills. And yes he brought two more renters into the house. Well Mr. O'Hara collected the rent from all his tenants each week and still did not pay the lease payment, electric bills ,water bills or cable company and did not pay the person who helped him in his time of need.

This person is my very good friend. I was there while all this stuff was going on. I have known Mr O'Hara for many years and watch everything you are reading unfold and so much more over the years with many things I am writing was told to me by not only my friend but Mr. O'Hara himself. My friend called Mr. O'Hara every week to see how much he had put aside for the lease payment and he lied every week.

Mr. O'hara received another eviction notice in September with no response and then Mr. O'Hara received a notice to vacate the promises in eight days. Mr. O'Hara at that time contacted my good friend and begged and begged again for another bailout. My friend has helped this guy so many times in the past and after all of this he refuses to deal with Mr O'Hara anymore.

The property owners at JNK Properties had contacted my good friend and asked if he wanted to protect his investment by taking procession of the house and property. They allowed him to use all the monies he invested in July that was used to stop the eviction for Mr O'Hara that used it all as part of his down payment to purchase the home and property with the stipulation that my friend would catch up all the back payments that Mr. O'Hara missed since July 16 2018.

That unpaid payments consisted of July, August, September and he had to Pay October also. My friend agreed only if Mr O'Hara was evicted by the courts so Mr O'Hara could not return to the home and have any claims to the property. Mr. O'hara was evicted on September 28, 2018 and he did not show up for court.

He refused to leave the property until he sold a motorcycle he had there at the home because he said he did not have the money to get to Florida and pay the first months rent at the resort he was going to unless he sold the bike. Plus I believe he know the sheriff was not scheduled to physically remove him until the first week of October He left the home October the first after selling the motorcycle the night before.

He now is residing in Destin, Florida in a resort called The Sand Piper Resort of Destin Florida. A gentleman that owns a few units in the resort agreed to rent him a studio unit during the off season for $800.00 per month. (This gentleman has a rude awaking renting to Mr.O'Hara) He left the house such a wreck with dog pee all over all carpets and so much junk throughout the house.

He is now collecting new prospect information around the area in Destin FL. to scam and con them out of their money as he has done all over the US. He will tell his prospects that it takes 365 days to get them released from their timeshare but most likely he can get them released in 210 days. Mr O'Hara will be in the area for only a certain amount of time then he will head to the next area with a name change to the business.

The company has a A rating with no complaints with the BBB in Cincinnati only because he files for a business license waits over a year to contact the BBB without having the company name accredited. This is called a shelve company where he would get a business license under a certain name and leave it sit until he can't use what ever name he has already destroyed.

This is how he keeps moving around the country and no one see's any bad doings from the past company names he has used. He also uses the name Tour Masters LLC That had sat idle for over 4 years. He tells his clients that it is his sister company and it's a travel agency he owns. There is no such agency out there!

Right now he is using Legal Consulting Inc. or he also uses the name Tour Masters LLC. If he decides to process a clients deal to get the client released from their timeshare this will depend on weather he is broke financially. He spends every penny that comes his way on liquor and recreational use.

That being said if you come across this guy and he has gotten a few deals this will mean he has some money in his pocket and he may process your deal. He charges anywhere from $1995.00 to 8995.00 depending on what position your timeshare is in.

He will tell you there are 3 positions. 1) Position one is a timeshare that is paid in full and current on all fee's 2) Position two is a timeshare that is not paid off and is current on all fee's 3) Position three is a timeshare that is paid in full and delinquent on maintenance fee's Mr. O'Hara will charge more for position number two and position number three.

However Position number 1 is a straight transfer which depending on how he works it, it may not cost him any more then the transfer cost from your timeshare resort. In most cases it will only cost between 150.00 to 350.00 to have the deed transferred back to the developer. You can call the resort yourself to let the resort know you will no longer be using the the timeshare and ask the resort to take it back into inventory.

In some cases they will charge you the transfer fee and you are done with the timeshare. The resort will then go to the court house in the cunty the timeshare is registered and do a quick claim deed to transfer the deed back to the resort. Why would you pay Mr O'hara between $4000.00 to $5000.00 when you may be able to get the developer to take it back for less then $400.00 If for some reason the developer does not agree to take it back, because some developers will agree and some will not.

Mr O'Hara will then send a copy of the one page contract to a company called Switch It Title Exchange LLC. located in Sevierville Tennessee. Switch It Title Exchange will handle everything from that point and Mr O'Hara's job is done. It's that simple for Mr. O'Hara. For position number one contracts Switch it Title Exchange LLC will charge Mr O'Hara $700.00 However if you call Switch It Title Exchange yourself they will handle the process for under $1000.00 for position number 1.

If your timeshare is in position number two or position number three Mr O'Hara will charge much much more. His cost through Switch It Title Exchange is $1500.00 for this process. However He will charge as much as $8000.00 and will come down on the price if the client does not bite. The only work he does is scan the one page contract to Switch It Title Exchange and Switch It Title exchange will immediately contact the customer the same day or the next day depending the time of day and Mr. Joe O'Hara is out from there Switch It Title Exchange takes total control of the deal process from that point.

One big thing to take in consideration is if you still owe money and are still making payments on your timeshare, Mr O'Hara will tell his clients that they do not have to pay another penny in payments or fee's if they sign the contract right there and then. Beware if you do not make your payments the developers will and do report to all three credit boroughs.

I have seen it many times where the customer ends up with a foreclosure on their credit report do to how long it took Switch It Title Exchange and any other timeshare relief company to get the developer to take the deed back. If you do not make your payments at the same time Switch It Title Exchange is working on getting you released, it will show on your credit report as if you have stopped paying.

No different than if you stopped making payments on your car loan or your house payment. Until you have a copy of the release of obligation to the deed of property with the deeded unit fixed week or the amount of points that is attached to the deeded unit you own. You must pay the payments you have agreed upon in your timeshare contract.

it is reported as a mortgage in all three credit boroughs and if the credit boroughs charge off the account it will be reported as a foreclosure. On your credit report it shows as just like a home has been foreclosed on. I have seen it to many times! This will hurt your credit. I am writing this review because I think it's about time someone does something to stop this guy.

This person is not a person anyone should do business with. He has been scamming people out of their hard earned money for many years and getting away with it. This is not a person I would want to do business with and I think it's about time someone puts the word out there for the public to see how terrible it is that people like Mr. O'Hara is giving the industry a bad name.

This guy Mr. O'Hara has jumped probation after spending 6 months in jail for stealing a vehicle where he was pulled over do to a the car was reported stolen and was also charged with drugs that were found in the car. He stole the vehicle from a person he worked with selling timeshare in Gatlinburg TN. Funny how Mr. O'Hara was selling timeshares and is now claiming people should get out because of the deception practices used by the timeshare sales people.

Mr. O'Hara can not go back to Tennessee because after spending 6 months in jail he decided he was not going to spend the next 5 years on probation. He left town without notifying his probation officer in 2008. He was arrested for D.U.I. in California and jumped bail. He never showed up for the court hearing. He drove to Dayton Ohio in the middle of the night where he took his room mates vehicle while this person was sleeping and was arrested for D.U.I.

His room mate was woken up around 3:30 AM by a police officer asking his room mate if Mr. O'Hara had permission to drive his car while driving drunk? The roommate had said no he didn't know Mr O'Hara took the car the police officer explained to the owner of the vehicle that the car was being impounded.

The room mate owner of the vehicle had to drive from Florence, Kentucky to Dayton, Ohio to get his car out of impound in which he had to pay for it himself due to Mr. O'Hara claiming that he had no money to pay for it. Mr. O'Hara was court ordered in Dayton to Register and pay for classes for drug and alcoholism abuse and also was ordered to report to the probation department in Dayton Ohio.

He was sentenced to probation for 2 years by the judge. He has also been pulled over in Kentucky for driving a motor vehicle on a suspended license. He was fined $250.00 and did not pay the fine in the allotted time so the police came to his house and arrested him for failure to comply with a court order. He went in front of a judge where the judge gave him another 60 days to pay the fine which he has not complied with or paid.

Also Mr O'Hara can not go back to CA, OH, TN or KY do to warrants that are waiting for his return He is now in Florida and has not fulfilled his obligation by courts once again as he has not done so many times in the past. He has conned his friends and family out money many times and has never payed one red cent back.

I could go on and on and on. But the moral of this story is please do not allow yourself to get drawn in by a man who lies at a drop of a hat and has no concern for anyone else in life but himself. Maybe you will get what you were promised, maybe you won't. I know Mr O'Hara just recently sold a motorcycle and a TV and a refrigerator that belonged to the person who lived in the down stairs apartment and sold one of his room mates hardware for his drum set to have the money needed to pay a months rent in Destin, Fl. and gas to get there.

Not only does this guy lie he is also a thief. Would you want to do business with someone who lies and steels from his family and friends? Hugh Joseph O'hara is not a person to give your money to especially if he is broke. I know for a fact Mr. O'Hara has not worked but about 8 days in the last two years.

If you receive a phone call and hear the name Legal Consulting Inc, Tour Masters LLC, Hugh O'Hara, Joe O'Hara, H Joseph O'Hara, Please Please Please Stay clear from this person. We had to learn the hard way and I hope with this review anyone considering doing business with this man will understand and to take their business elsewhere.

There are too many companies in the world that are good companies selling timeshare relief and travel club to take a chance on a person who has let so many people down for so long. Mr. O'Hara has stolen from me also in the past, but I thought everything I wrote about in this letter would be more informative.

I am listing Switch It Title Exchange LLC' s Phone number and website address because I think It will be helpful for so many people out there looking to get out of their timeshares, I would rather the public contact the source rather then take a chance on someone like Mr. Joe O'Hara who just may take you for your hard earned dollars!

By the way I do not work for Switch It Title Exchange or any other timeshare relief company! I am just a concerned citizen who have watched this guy for along time and enough is enough! Don't forget anyone can contact Switch It Title Exchange LLC located in Sevierville TN. Phone number is (877) 976-6811 below is a link to Switch It Title Exchange LLC. website.

https://www.switchittitleexchange.com/ Written By - For your ears and eyes to see... Key Words: Joe O'Hara, Hugh O'Hara, Joe Ohara, H Joseph O'Hara, Tour Masters, Tour Masters LLC, Legal Consulting Inc, Timeshare Relief, Travel Club, Vacation Club, Timeshare Properties, Vacation Ownership.

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