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Complaint Review: Shannon McDowell: SLMbodybuilding-FITHOUSE. - Vancouver British Columbia

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  • Reported By: Homeless In San Diego — San Diego California United States
  • Shannon McDowell: SLMbodybuilding-FITHOUSE. Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

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Rip-off Report:  

Shannon McDowell, aka SlimMcD, SLMbodybuilding-FITHOUSE.

-Inconsistent Performance of Life Coaching Services & Periodic Unprofessional Behavior, due to Health Issues; unorthodox approach.

-Questionable Background & Credentials.

Legal Disclaimer & Notes: ALL statements & quotes either encased in [brackets], or following IMO= “In my opinion”, or IPO= “In Person’s Opinion” are CONCLUSIONARY under U.S. & Canadian Law (“Damnum Absque Injuria”), some underlined for emphasis &/or proactively censored, & identities initialed for privacy. All uploaded photos & videos of Shannon presented here are public content under Facebook’s “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities”, & are numbered corresponding to the details mentioned in this report.


This comprehensive, in-depth Rip-Off report is unusual, because it’s not about payments, or the performed services per se, but mainly about the inconsistency of the services rendered (specific to Life Coaching), & why.


I’m a 58 year old disabled adult (due to a stroke) in San Diego, the last-of-my-family-line, losing a near decade legal battle with a lender after the late Trustee stole all the equity from the 51 year old family home I lived in put under Trust for my benefit, to get loans for herself (“self-dealing”). She died in late 2008, one day before we were to take her to court, & left nothing but debts, including the defaulted loans. Result: I am currently homeless & living out a remaining family car under the trust.

Though I fought the foreclosure tenaciously, after being locked out of home I’d known since age 5, then the trust losing the home in court, losing many corresponding lifelong family possessions in-the-process late 2016 (many of my own), I was a broken man those first few months of 2017, floundering with no self-esteem or desire to do anything, having applied to 4 San Diego senior housing lists for a room with an average 2-year wait. Other losses included my Nutritionist/Life Coach of 2 years at the worst, possible time. So there was no question I had issues when I turned to longtime Facebook (“FB”) friend Shannon McDowell of West Vancouver, BC, founder & CEO of SLM Bodybuilding-FITHOUSE (http://www.shannonmcdowell.net) aka, “SlimMcD”, who did mostly positive social media posts about giving, integrity, & doing the right thing. When I shared my story with her, Shannon kindly offered her WHC (“Wellness Health Coaching”) Life Coaching services for a steep discount befitting my limited monthly disability income to help me re-ignite my doused inner-fire towards rebuilding my life, something my Trust’s Trustee described as a “labor-of love”. In exchange, I offered Shannon online promotion, using extensive online research skills I developed while fighting the lenders to promote women’s bodybuilding/physique competitors on social media pro gratis. Blessed with an incredible beauty & compact physique developed from years of DIY nutrition & coaching as a National Canadian Women’s Bodybuilding turned Women’s Physique competitor (WPD), via Holistic practices to combat allergies & chronic illnesses like the Epstein-Barr Virus based Mono she claims made her bedridden for nearly a decade, Shannon (who once lived in Hollywood, CA for 5 years ), is also a gifted intellectual (mostly self-taught), her educational background including Pre-Med at Calgary University, & Media Arts at Alberta College of Art and Design (aka ACAD), the latter of where she informed me she’d gotten her B.A.. With all Shannon knew & was, I wondered why this caring, & fully self-employed 45 year old woman hadn’t gone on to become “Dr. Shannon McDowell” &/or married with children, some years ago (1. Shannon’s FB Angel Pic/Offered Services Collage, & 2.Shannon’s Competitive History & 2014 Wins Pics Collage).        

Using my online research skills contributed to the loss of my 1st coach when I accidentally learned a guarded secret about him I impulsively brought up with him, 100% contrary to the perfect “drama-free “lifestyle image he promoted online, & a subsequent FB unfriending & silent treatment towards me followed after I trusted someone online with his secret, who talked at his personal expense, the latter of which Shannon explained was abuse:

Shannon 5-1-17: D, Giving the silent treatment is a form of emotional abuse and is very mean, manipulative and immature.” It turned out that assignments to research terms (like “the silent treatment” & “self-sabotage”) were to be a HUGE part of Shannon’s coaching style, terms more familiar to her than I was aware of at the time.

So to avoid rocking the boat, based on my 1st impression of Shannon, & going by what she told to me via Messenger & Bio info on her 2 FB profiles & website, I chose not to do my usual online background research on Shannon, nor do any informative research on Life-Coaching’s generally established “do’s & don’ts” in a still, largely un-regulated profession, signing a 12-month contract with Shannon on good faith May 3rd, 2017, three, key decisions I would soon come to regret.

Though initially apprehensive, the first 2 & a half of months under Shannon’s outside-the-box, tough-love Life Coaching seemed Heaven-sent, with Shannon’s uncanny ability to tap into parts of me only my late Mother knew of towards guiding me to take care of myself, with her STRONG emphasis on integrity, accountability, & philanthropy, of which the last line in the “Bio” section of her 2 FB profiles & her FB page reads, Consider my word Gold.I couldn’t help but become school-boy bitten HARD by this woman with her combination of looks, husky, authoritative Lauren Bacall-like voice, intellect, mantra (“Trust your purpose”) & instinctive gifts, that seemed like a timely Angel-from-God blessing to a man living out a car at rock-bottom, when needed most.


It was during July that minor red-flags began to appear, when Shannon started postponing our bi-weekly phone chats as her various allergies & “ailments” (starting from what she called the 100-Day Flu in late winter 2016) affected her, taking their toll. I never had a reason not to take Shannon’s self-described “ailments” seriously (a “pulled neck-muscle, anAmoeba”, “Candida”, “possible re-occurrence of the Mono”), since she indicated having enough sense to visit a Doctor when needed, particularly at one point when she ended up in the ER on a morphine-drip after a bad reaction to the Flagyl prescribed for a bacterial infection, & had visibly lost most of her 8 years of built muscle. But as I got to know her, Shannon slowly revealed the pattern of her Holistic Medicinal practices of self Rx-ing, waking up feeling miserable, promising to see a doctor, then changing her mind after sleeping in, saying she felt a lot better (if not 100%), turning to a homeopathic remedy she felt would do. She also made it clear, that it was a bad idea to try talking to her when she was ailing:

Shannon 7-6-17: “D, I'm not going to be able to have our chat until my pain is under control at a reasonable level.  Please understand that… I was on a lot of morphine and they gave me nothing afterwards for it…  It wasn't a nosebleed.  I'll talk to you when I can… I don’t want want to talk until pain dies down......I’m very agitated from it it’s too much”.

She revealed even more when missing a key PR moment by not attending the 2017 Vancouver Pro/AM, something I’d arranged via a free pass from an IFBB Pro competitor friend:

Shannon 7 -8-17: “D, I've had a bad infection since April, right after a bad Flu since December combined with THE worst yearlong dating relationship of my life, immediately after an 8 year similar one (both chronic emotional toll examples on health) right after the next, right after the next, right after the next....plus a recent extreme drug reaction. You don’t just get over all that in a day or two....”

Shannon 7 24-17: D, I had some kind of breakdown yesterday and I'm trying recover from it.  I understand your frustration and I'm doing the best I can to be here for you...”

Shannon 7-25-17:I've been working and connecting with my coach right now too-I'm here, D.

D  7-26-17: “I thought you coached yourself...”

Shannon 7-26-17:Not for my head I don’t.

Ignoring the red-flag “breakdown” and “coach” comments, not only was I sympathetic, my admiration for Coach Shannon grew, for what I felt was her best quality, “being real”, unlike the usual “Life can be a day at the beach” Life Coach rhetoric, & since her methods were working for me, I tried to be as flexible as Shannon was with me. However, being homeless for the very first time had likely created some latent emotional issues of resentment in me, & since I didn’t want to create any conflict, my buried frustrations due to her increasing absences may have seeped-out in the form of some “Passive-Aggressive” (“P/A”) jabs in my texts to her, a term I’d never even heard of before she’d explained it to me, but something that with her strong, perceptive-reading skills (she claims to have tested in the top 10 %) Shannon felt she spotted immediately, when I asked if she’d read something I sent her:

Shannon 7-26-17: “I'll read it when I can.  I don’t have internet”

D: “Sorry your internet is still acting up.

Shannon: D!!!  I haven’t had Internet or Wi-Fi at my place for a month now. Some of your things come across as passive aggressive and I don’t like thatYou have a tendency to express frustration through little jabs and I am asking you to stop. I catch myself doing it too at times.  Everyone does it from time to time. But it is not a healthy way to communicate or express thingsIt puts space and tension between people... There is only one person on this planet who can be there for you and help you 24/7 and who can do it best and that's YOU!! If you are questioning that I ‘m not doing the best I possibly can then this isn't going to work. I'm not perfect or have the capacity to be there EVERY time you want me to or need me to, and if you cant have faith that I will do as much as I can, than this is going to fall apart.”

Though I’d felt sincere in my well-wishes to her, Shannon clearly interpreted my comments as, “Hurry-up & take care of your issues so we can continue with our sessions”, & I couldn’t deny being frustrated with the delays, so I took her word they were P/A. Shocked if I’d been subconsciously doing this with my great respect for women, something I could only recall having done once before with my late Mother (the reason for my great respect) as a teen, whenever I depended on her, until confronted & encouraged to be honest about whatever bothered me, I promised Shannon to clamp-down on this bad habit now directed at her for good, with her promise we would have a detailed future session with her pin-pointing the comments she felt were P/A, along with & advice on how to control it, when she had time. One comment she mentioned as an example was my stating “I’m sorry you’re dealing with “stuff’, the last word I actually put in quotes. It didn’t help that my homeless situation had created a dependence on Shannon, one that grew along with her growing absences, & should have been an early red-flag to her as a Life Coach to quickly discourage.

I tried to pull back on the reins & watch my P’s & Q’s with more realistic expectations as we moved forward, but Shannon’s continual ailments, delays, & mixed messages made it difficult:

Shannon 7-30-17: “D, I think lost about 15lbs ....eek!” (3.Shannon-6 Days Post 100-Day Flu Symptoms- Same captioned pic).

Shannon 8-2-17: “I woke up with very swollen tonsils and glands with white spots.  Since I am already on two antibiotics its likely not bacterial.  If its mono that came back I may be up for the fight of my life, as I was bed ridden almost 10 years with it in the past. Consider this a heads up that I may not be able to be there for you on a consistent basis.”

D  8-3-17: “I'm sorry; I hope at least you’ll get a definitive answer from your doctor.”

Shannon: “Doctors don’t know s**t about chronic stuff, so maybe hope for something different, D.”

In addition, Shannon’s unorthodox approach, along with making some allowances for my situation, led to her laxing of establishing essential laid-down Life Coaching guidelines/boundaries before we began together, making it equally confusing & upsetting to me when 4 months in, she complained about my outside-the-contract & requests, ones she’d happily welcomed at first with no objections, 99% involving the fitness industry:

Shannon 8-27-17:They (Life Coaches) guide and support you dealing with upsetting stuff in the most efficient and healthiest way.  They teach you to take care of things yourself and show you how well you really can.…you keep trying to take my helping out from being in a coaching context into something else, which I don't feel comfortable with, and do not see any long term benefit in doing.” This is a boundary I am setting. These tasks are inappropriateRespect my boundaries or this can't work. You are grown, D.  You can do this yourself.  I'm here to help you with YOU deciding the right direction and your CHOICES, not mine... I don't expect you or anyone to be perfect, but I DO expect you to be quickly accountable and correct things when you aren't, as I will also be.”

Early on, Shannon herself stated that in Life Coaching in particular, one couldn’t help but become more personally involved as the coach-client relationship progressed, the reason my 1st coach had slipped with the revealing comment that ultimately ruined our professional relationship, which was happening here, too; so despite Shannon’s belated boundary-setting, the mixed messages continued starting later that same day, which didn’t help:

Shannon’s comment on my FB post about a Figure competitor who blocked me after I called her out on her questionable fundraising link I initially shared. Shannon had advised me to call her out, but this was the very matter that compelled Shannon to complain & set a boundary to not to get involved any further; so the most supportive comment she ever made for me was happily surprising, if added to my confusion:

Shannon’s Comment On My FB 8-27-17:You are keeping it real D and speaking your truth. I understand it's frustrating when people can't see your positive intent and sincerity… I'm sorry you had to have something unpleasant like this directed at you when you are working so hard through so much already. I'm proud of you and support you 100%.”

After my close friend had friended Shannon on FB & complimented her for the outstanding work with me:

Shannon 8-29-17: I'm glad a third party is observing and giving feedback. I don’t have the strict guidelines and studied techniques, psychologists, etc. use, so a lot comes from "the trenches" and my gut instinct, sprinkled with a LOT of my personality, ha-ha.


These mixed messages & gaps in performance didn’t lessen the Life Coaching-magic Shannon performed whenever she could, & I sang her praises to everyone, feeling the old fire in me re-ignited & stoked as my confidence grew, more anxious for whatever Shannon had planned for me next. The highlight was her Mobile Business Plan, where she had me get an iPad5 to use towards getting back into the business I’d tried to get going for years with my close friend/business partner, until the legal-issues consumed me. That she dabbled in, & knew a bit about my specialty, advising me on the iPad specs I should look for, was simply another admirable quality of Shannon’s. And as she wisely predicted, using the iPad was just the extra big spark I needed. Towards this end, Shannon temporarily waived 3 months of payments to ease my budget to buy the iPad. So, having fully woken up to the fact she couldn’t be there for me 24/7, making no further off-coaching requests, & also keeping the waiver & her higher paying clients in mind, I again tried to retain myself & remain as flexible as possible for whenever we could hook-up for phone-chat sessions, even ones past midnight (Vancouver & San Diego, share the same time).

But the elements of Shannon’s increasing absences, her becoming less and less available as she tried to make up for lost work with higher priority paying clients (her lost Wi-Fi-period hadn’t help), combined with lousy timing of an owner’s decision to reconvert the Duplex rental Shannon shared to sell, forcing her to find another rental within 60 days before her lease ran, & added to her stress & lack of time for me, made biting my tongue with patience increasingly difficult. When I was unable to just leave a late-night voicemail with Shannon with bad news of a received rejection-letter of my state public assistance request over the lost home (one Shannon had encouraged me to finish), the s****.>

D 9-4-17: “Hey, you never answered the question, and we need to get on that subject in the near future… Still analyzing? I just thought it came down to a simple yes or no...”

Shannon: That was absolutely passive aggressive, and the other 100% passive aggressive... And so was the last, bordering on rude… That’s the worst you've been yet.  Any particular reason you are trying to turn me off, push me away and eventually leave you D?

D: “I just wanted to know the answer to the first question so I could try to get a handle on it before we touched on the issue in depth.”

Shannon: … I think me insisting I be treated with respect and you to be understanding that for another human being to be at your disposal 100% of the time whenever you need support is simply not feasible. Why is this developing resentfulness in you D? 

D “there is no developing resentment...”

Shannon: Passive aggressiveness is an act of resentment, actually...This is not "vulnerable client reaching out" behaviour.  This is toxic behaviour that pushes people away... shooting passive aggressive comments is not normal or healthy in any type of relationship with anybody... The more you do it, the less I want to continue coaching you, as would anyone else. Period.”

Though she gave me a P/A assignment based on her basic advice for me to do before we hooked up again (4.P-A Control-Sheet by Shannon McDowell (9-4-17), the tense back and forth continued until we managed a shaky peace by the 3rd  day:

Shannon 9- 5-17: This has nothing to do with me; this passive aggressive behaviour is YOUR behaviour, not mine.  IT IS OUT OF LINE… This is becoming outside my scope of coaching.” She then referred me to online therapy site, BetterHelp (www.betterhelp.com).

D  9-6-17: “Coach, give me 2 days on this, the space should help us both.

Shannon: I think you should look at that website, because I don't think I'm in a position to really help you anymore, D. I'm just not feeling the reciprocating respect from you that is necessary for I. I also think a break is a good idea.  I'm going to be busy moving anyway so maybe we can check in after the first week of October. Let me know what you think.”

 D  9- 7-17: “I apologize for hurting and disrespecting you... I hope you know I meant that….”

Shannon: “Ok.  Thanks D… I do understand the velocity behind the frustration reaching out when so much is emotionally going onBut what you must understand is that only YOU can be there for YOU 100% of the timeThe reason this happens when things are going on with me is because that's when I'm MOST busy trying to get my OWN s*** in order, and I can't be there for you while having my own crisis that takes everything I have to deal with. I think when you do the assignment you will understand more. There is good reason why I'm putting my foot down HARD and fast now, ok?”


Though as an intellectual she expressed a dislike for certain used terms at times, like ‘taking one to the carpet’ (“Keep the wrestling in the sport of wrestling D, its not as healthy using those moves when relating to people…”),  other than the somewhat mixed P/A issue, NOTHING Shannon stated at this point seemed “off” or unreasonable for a Life Coach who simply wanted her personal wishes respected; Recommending a Therapist when feeling issues are outside-of-scope, or sticking with a ‘problem client’ if one thinks they can change & grow, are both part of the professional Life Coaching “do’s & don’ts”; I certainly didn’t want to lose Shannon at such a crucial point; & my close friend, who had maintained his support throughout the legal matter, agreed with Shannon’s opinion when I shared all that happened. But most importantly, having learned of Shannon’s usual “one & done”practice with people she’d mentioned who had let her down, I was keenly aware this was a rare, 2nd chance from her. So while Shannon made it clear she would now not be helping me to pin-point my P/A comments as she’d earlier promised (“Going over what you said is your work D, not mine.”), though she sent me 2 helpful links at the last minute, I eagerly agreed to the assignment towards the 2nd week of October hook-up, working on it diligently through September, while Shannon worked towards finding a new place before the deadline (which she did), with us both keeping in touch along the way, re-establishing our early-good rapport. I felt like a kid anxious for Christmas Day, when she would give me a passing grade, then “gift” me with resuming our sessions (something I’d ALWAYS looked forward to).

However, in looking over at my various strings of texts & messages to Shannon to see exactly what comments she felt were P/A without her help, along with the few I knew of, [seemed to reveal that what Shannon considered P/A was more exclusive to her, adding to the “mixed” feelings of if I had this habit]. It was a clear, P/A remark I made to my close friend the very first time on the day Shannon moved, that compelled me to ignore this red-flag, & strengthened my resolve to nip whatever P/A habit I had in-the-bud. I also made it a point during the timeout to promote Shannon more as per our contract, though with her admitted solitary lifestyle (I never go out, EVER), there was only so much I could work with from her many unsmiling selfies (she once replied to a FB friend, “Smiling is overrated”). Still, despite Shannon’s lost muscle-tone & not having competed for the 1st time in 8 years, her incredible looks were THE saving grace for my doing some online PR (5(b).PR For Shannon-‘Our Greatest Fear’ (10-5-17). That only her “Eye Candy” FB friends commented or liked her posts on the 2 FB profiles & FB page, RARELY her FB family members or any her fitness industry connections on FB, was another red-flag I chose to ignore.

In looking for some possible work that disability benefit guidelines allowed, I checked out the “Indeed” site, where I happened to find Shannon’s uploaded public resume (5. Shannon McDowell’s Indeed Resume (Last Updated 4-24-15), where the accurate facts of her background, something she knew better than to fudge, particularly stand-out; the gaps in her college years attending Calgary University (91-93) & ACAD (04-06), with no mention of her B.A. in Media Arts from the latter. But the most surprising was Shannon’s employment at Whole Foods Cambie (“CMB”) West Vancouver, B.C. from “2013 to the present”, a detail Shannon conveniently omits from her social media pages & website’s “Bio” (www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/cambie). For one wanting to rebuild an inner-fire from the ashes, next to her “being real, Shannon’s current self-employed status with SLM Bodybuilding was the most impressive thing to me, something she mentioned in early August, when I informed her of me & my close friend/ business partner’s earlier failed efforts to get our business going that my legal matters sidetracked even more, for years:

Shannon8-7-17: "It sounds to me you and E were getting close to that critical mass where one job leads right to the next.  It took me 6-7 years  for that."

Though disappointed she bent the truth, & “hearing crickets” when I mentioned finding this info, in advocating competitors, I could excuse a bit of “PR puffery” on her part; & that Shannon was currently self-employed was still quite impressive. So on good faith alone, I used my Wiki account to add her name as a notable ACAD alumnus. Her pet peeve for lazy terms, & the P/A issue aside, no minor red-flags could remove the stars this “Angel Shannon” had put in my eyes, it would have to take much more for that to happen.


As I’d hoped, when finishing then sending her the 1st P/A pdf assignment, Shannon happily approved, & after a few supplemental requests, felt we were ready to re-boot our sessions, though the moving process had exhausted Shannon more than she had anticipated, pushing the initial planned re-boot session to the 3rd week of October; I had described how my Trustee preferred I not call myself a “Transient” based on my progress, as he did not see me that way & Shannon agreed, choosing the term “Forward moving” for me, which I still use:

Shannon 10-10-17: “Getting there, D… I just slept 12 hours, and feeling a little less transient and more forward moving, myself.  **Please note the wording there and how I used it to describe my state and reflect that on your own, D.  Let's set a day and time. Tonight may work if my energy levels stay up.  But let's have a back up.”

I was excited, but knew the phone chat appointment was tentative based on how Shannon felt, which worsened as the days passed, & slowly soured the mutual good will we’d rebuilt during the time-out in the process, as she continually postponed:

Shannon 10-11-17: I had to push my phone call to my folks for tomorrow night, so let's tentatively shoot for then, unless I get booked. Confirm 2morr.

Shannon 10-12-17: Sorry D, gotta push the call back another night. Woke up with migraine coming on and had to go back to bed.....ugh.

Shannon 10-13-17: “Still in bed, D. Been sleeping since I messaged last night. Hope it's not some weird flu.

Despite the delays, I put the lessons learned during the P/A assignment to good use, & with the help & advice of my close friend, remained patient, calm, & polite, though Shannon didn’t. [IMO, it seemed that the increasing time spent in her bed sick-bed & more lost work, had Shannon re-evaluating whether or not I was still worth her continual philanthropic efforts, at a time she needed to focus on current & new clients who could help her pay the rent.] It was 99% texting between us, so I was thrown by the email she sent with a particular assignment request to sub for payments, especially when the 3-month payment waiver based on the iPad buy was ending a couple of weeks, with monthly payments to be reinstated November 1st:

Shannon 10-14-17: ...I think to make this work I am going to have to reinstate payments.  Instead of asking for cash, however, I would like you to start researching who has come across your radar over the years in the bb… Please deliver this in the manner you have done so far with all your reports. I was improved today but going back to bed again.” (And a session-date?) Hopefully tomorrow, as I am missing a lot of work.

I told her that I would have to put her new assignment for me on the back-burner, due to doing iPad work on a project (as she’d encouraged) to get my business going again, actually a surprise 45th Birthday “Thank You” gift for Shannon, which at that point was already going to be a belated one. She seemed to understand:

Let me know when you do have the time then D.  I can wait.”

What she hadn’t clarified, was that she had decided there would be no sessions until I did the assignment for her:

D 10-15-17: “It’s just a light dinner and more composing time, so please give me a holler if you have a slot open Tonite.”

Shannon:No, I don't. In any type of relationship, professional or personal, both parties give and take.  That is how they work. No pay, no service. I explained what I as willing to accept as "payment". It's a little horrific you are expecting something for nothing.”

Shaken by her response & change of attitude, but hoping it was due to her ailing & how that could affect her, not an indication Shannon had not really put all that had come before behind her, I calmly replied, sending her one month’s PayPal payment to keep the peace, though I couldn’t afford it:

D: “I misunderstood, I thought you meant starting next month, you had been trying to set a date for the past week, didn't know you had changed your mind. The question is, why?” Check your PayPal.”

[IMO, she may not have done so before her next reply]:

Shannon:You need to re-read the email I sent you about what is acceptable as payment. I'm going to recommend this site again (BetterHelp), as I don't think anything is goin to come of this.

A few minutes later: “You know what, probably best to deal with this when I'm not sick with this nasty whatever.....I'm not at my best when my immune system is activated .(at my worst, actually....Ugh!) "I HATE VIRUSES!!! I WANT TO KILL ALL OF THEM!!!" That's me emotiinally right now.....Forget dealing with anything else in any other way.....”

D: “Okay, Coach, rest up, we can catch up when YOU'RE ready ❤”

So a bullet was dodged temporarily, as I carefully watched my P’s & Q’s, anxious for whenever she could follow through on rebooting our phone chat-sessions, while frustrated with Shannon’s continual self Rx-ing over seeing a doctor. Unaware of just how close-to-home I got with her at the time, I felt compelled to give her my honest opinion, but did so with my acquired non-P/A tools to avoid something coming out the wrong way (I NEVER outwardly complained to her). The one caveat in avoiding P/A Shannon hadn’t mentioned was that one’s honesty wouldn’t always be appreciated, since she gave me a clearly tense, but polite reply:

Shannon 10-16-17: “Ummm.....I have been to the hospital twice already this year, but thanks.” (6.Shannon’s FB Selfie- 2nd Time in the ER on Morphine Drip (7-4-17).

At least sensing the cut-it-with-a-knife air, I gave her space over the next few days before what was to be Shannon’s 45th birthday on the 19th, only checking any rare FB posts she made, one in particular, that stood out: Shannon McDowell FB 10-17-17:Anyone in Vancouver recently come down with a bug that gives you the worst headache ever and makes you sick to your stomach for a few days? Is some nasty Nora virus going around? Let me know if you experienced this the last couple weeks, thanks:)... I’m at 7 days tomorr and it hasn’t gotten better at all yet. I can’t eat.....And that NEVER EVER happens.....Wtf?!?..

What I didn’t sense was Shannon’s above feeler for a self-diagnostic confirmation of what she had last texted me Sunday as being “this nasty whatever,  particularly when the only FB friend who replied to her post stated, “went for tests today- waiting to see”, so hadn’t even gotten a diagnosis yet. I would learn the HARD WAY 2 days later, a day before her Oct. 19th Birthday with 2 words, ones that would spell the beginning of the EXTENDED-END, of our Coaching-Client relationship.


Despite a stressful homeless situation & a daily dosage of Adderall generic I take as an adult with ADD (carefully monitored), I normally sleep very well; but during this period I was dealing with a rare spell of insomnia & was having another fitful night in the car, wary of using the powerful Seroquel prescription just given me. Though with my ADD “impulsivity” trait, it was never a good idea for me to impulsively do anything online when tired & in-between my extended Adderall doses, I booted my cell to see that Shannon was also awake & active on Messenger, & chose to do a short text for some advice on a natural alternative before trying to get back to sleep:

Shannon 10-18-17: “Do sublingual, under the tongue...”

D: “Okay, have to do something, hope you solve your mystery illness that’s keeping you awake, was upset to read you couldn't eat anything. Will try to get at least a few hours sleep now before the gym.

I managed to fall back asleep; unaware there would be a real wake-up call in the form of Shannon’s subsequent Messenger replies I saw, when rebooting my cell a few hours later:

Shannon:Mystery illness?!? What kind of comment is that?!?!? How about more like throwing up all night, sleeping for days and feeling like I'd rather be dead......it's called Norovirus.......nothing mysterious about it. What a weird backhanded comment, D. Not impressed at all…..  I’m sending your payment back and ending this coaching relationship. Go to the website I recommended (BetterHelp), and let them know about your current situation. They offer over 50% off the therapy rate. There’s some deep issues going on there that I am in no place to ever help you with D, Sorry. All I’m going to say is this, and I’m calling a rest of 2017 time out afterwards until you start working through what’s going on with you. You will need a psychologist to talk to, which the website will give you, and a good friend which I know you have.... because you are trying to play too many opposing dynamics into a coaching relationship which will NEVER mesh together and work out. It’s nothing personal, I’m not rejecting you or turning my back, I’m doing damage control for both parties here and things need to be cut off and cut off now. I’m unplugging now before things get worse. Please respect that. Take care. 

Well so much for her being “proud of” me, and “supporting me 100%!

I was numb; what on earth just happened?? One day before her birthday, on the verge of hooking back up after all of my efforts & it ends over a well-meaning, 2 worded comment made out of concern?? With this abrupt cutting-off, my dependence on Shannon, one that had grown with the time-out, hit me square-in-the-face. In utter shock, I quickly made follow up Messenger & SMS replies to Shannon to no avail; & for only the 2nd time in my life since learning the Trust had lost the legal battle for the home in court, I wanted to reach for the Tanto Knife a former neighbor had given me for protection when I was locked-out, & join my family with a slit of my wrists. I posted a clear threat on FB with my intentions beforehand, & it was a combination of a call with my close friend, a call & prayer from a fellow Christian FB friend, & a posted comment from a FB friend & former Marine DI who point-blank called me a “Buffoon” for making such a threat, that angrily snapped me out of it. I am still unaware if Shannon saw my earlier posted threat.

A few hours later, I edited my FB post to state I’d experienced a “low moment”, & later that day, saw that Shannon had not blocked me on either of her 2 FB profiles, nor did I get a PayPal refund notice. So despite how far she went towards ending things this time around, there seemed to be hope. I had my close friend, who liked seeing the changes in me via Shannon’s Life Coaching but was frustrated in the pace, message Shannon as a go-between, & on the day of her Birthday she replied to him, where I learned Shannon had “unplugged” by temporarily blocking me on both her FB profile Messengers, & told him she was too sick to help anyone at that point; but she left things in limbo, giving nothing away to indicate either moving forward with me, or ending things. While he doesn’t share his private messages as a rule, he shared the harsh excerpt of Shannon’s reply that in essence, he agreed with:

From Shannon To D’s Close Friend E 10-19-17:

"He needs to get off his a**, let go of whatever he wants to call this pity-party attitude he has going on and decide to live life and take all its punches and keep going anyway.  He needs to decide deep down that its time to live life on his own terms and accept his responsibility for choices (or lack of) that got him where he is and he is THE ONLY ONE who can do that and get out of it."


[IMO,initially, Shannon’s abrupt/intense response seemed more like another frustrated overreaction based on the festering of all that came before, something that in her defense, would be the BEST-CASE ASSUMPTION to ANYONE]. And that with Shannon’s STRONG emphasis on integrity & accountability, she would turn it around within a few days as she had the 1st time, within minutes. But as the days slowly passed with no response & the emotional dust settled, I slowly dwelled on the minor red-flags I’d initially ignored, but I started with Shannon’s intense response:

Her reply to my close friend was in sharp contrast to the “normal”, supportive, protective, & professional behavior Shannon had previously displayed as my Life Coach, either online or by phone, even when she was clearly upset with me, revealing impatience with my slow-but-steady progress. Because of the “wonderful things” she did, I tried to ignore this “woman behind the curtain” just revealed to me; still, in going over her abrupt/intense response, I couldn’t ignore what were not minor red-flags, but IMO, GAPING HOLES:

Despite being tired & in-between my meds dosage, the “mystery illness” comment was made out of sincere concern for Shannon’s well-being, was in NO WAY P/A, or anything that could be normally construed as insulting or disrespectful. If I had more “deep issues” than the P/A she was in “no place to help me with in any way, or opposing dynamics that will NEVER mesh together and work out”,WHY had she been planning to move forward with me, anyway?? How would I’d known of Shannon’s Norovirus self-diagnosis, an infection the Mayo clinic site states lasts no more than 72 hours (http://mayocl.in/2FoBUMd   ), NOT the 9 days & counting of Shannon’s prior nasty whatevercomment that I went by in writing “Mystery illness”??? And what sense did it make that Shannon was ending things & refunding my payment, but then also taking a time-out, checking back in the next year?? Overreaction aside, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this time something was seriously “off”, the WORST-CASE ASSUMPTION.

Confused, hurt & disheartened, but in WAY too deep to let go, in addition to my closest friend, I got my Attorney, & Trust’s Trustee, both who had seen the steady, positive changes in me via Shannon, to send her un-whitewashed emails of support on my behalf, though I sensed skepticism of a positive outcome from all 3. But the rules of integrity & accountability Shannon had presented to me & others held her to a higher standard, creating the pedestal I put her up on, & I felt that if ANYONE could/would turn things around where the average person couldn’t/wouldn’t, it was my “Angel Coach”, Shannon. However [IMO, whether by manipulative design, being conflicted, or defective mental reasoning], the “will she, or won’t she?” Limbo Shannon created made each passing day stomach-churning, deepening my dependence even more than the 1st time-out had, with my constant email checking for a possible PayPal refund to end things. Until I saw something via PayPal, our contract remained active, forcing me to continue the reinstated monthly payments as per our contractual/verbal agreements, Shannon maintaining her Limbo by holding them in her PayPal account reserve, without cashing-out to her bank account. 

In what seemed another timely blessing when most needed, I reconnected with a young business professional I’d befriended earlier that year, who went abroad just as I contracted with Shannon; he had offered me support upon learning I lost my 1st coach, but also forced me to admit my foot-in-mouth error in bringing up his secret to him. After bringing him up to date with my situation & current estrangement with Shannon,  absolute professional that he was, he tried to shake me awake with reality-checks of just how unprofessional Shannon’s behavior was, the inconsistency created by her personal issues & ailments used as an extended excuse not to connect with clients (a couple of days fine, NOT weeks!); but was particularly galled at her “unplugging”, which to him, was just another form of the same, abusive silent treatment that Shannon herself had accused my 1st coach of. But in skimming over my extensive SMS conversations with Shannon, he once again insisted I accept liability on my-end, for expecting too much from Shannon, & how lop-sided the “give & take” (as Shannon stated) had been in my favor.

With this, came the realization that despite having been Caregiver to both my parents the last years of their lives 24/7, my current homeless situation had turned me from a selfless giver & scrapper to a self-serving “victim” at times, a bitter pill to swallow. So I chose to do Shannon’s last PR assignment request, of which I also arranged 2 comp photo shoots for Shannon with major fitness photographers in Canada, & the U.S. respectively, after whatever 2018 Bodybuilding contest Shannon chose to enter. I combined this with a sincere, written apology & owning-up for errors on my-end, sending a copy of the pdf to Shannon via my close friend, who I had read first so he could ensure Shannon it was not manipulative; below is an excerpt of my apology:

Shannon 7-30-17: “D, I think lost about 15lbs ....eek!” (3.Shannon-6 Days Post 100-Day Flu Symptoms- Same captioned pic).

Shannon 7-30-17: “D, I think lost about 15lbs ....eek!” (3.Shannon-6 Days Post 100-Day Flu Symptoms- Same captioned pic).

From D’s 2nd Assignment Pdf Sent To Shannon:

In looking over the texts again in general, I realized that the ratio of Give and Take was incredibly lop-sided in my favor… and that … wallowing in my situation had turned me into a self-pitying succubus, and I couldn’t be more sorry....This is why I felt it was important for you to know that I “get this” before you made your final decision…I’M the one who blew things with my actions, accept full liability, and cannot blame you for wanting out… I would only want you to move forward with me, NOT because you feel obligated to do so… but because YOU WANT TO. I thank you and bless you for all you have done Coach... and I pray that I will be able to continue calling you Coach.  –D

My close friend approved of, & sent the attached 2nd pdf to Shannon via email, & to my happy surprise, Shannon replied to him immediately:

From Shannon To D’s Close Friend E 11-5-17:

Hi E,

Hope you are doing well.  I’m on round 3 with this flu, possibly caught something else at the tail end. Thank you for being such a good friend to D. –Shannon

Except for Shannon change of diagnosis from Norovirus to just the flu, she maintained her “limbo stick dance” of giving nothing away in her reply; still, it was a sign of the caring Shannon I knew & wanted back, strongly hinting of a reaching-out to me by her soon, when she felt better. The next morning Shannon posted a selfie on FB, the very first pic of her that I could honestly say she looked really bad, something she herself saw, since she removed it a few minutes later right as I had shared it with my close friend via SMS, uploading a quick IOS iMovie selfie slide-show in its place. The iMovie postings continued through late December, as her appearance improved (7. Shannon- ‘I’m on round 3 with this flu…’ (11-6-17), & (8.Shannon McDowell FB & Online Video Montage-https://youtu.be/edOON-AmBSs).

But with Shannon’s strong hint, came a burst of renewed hope, along with a 2-week burst of energy that I used to do things everyone (including Shannon) felt I’d procrastinated on towards fixing my situation, like tracking down an available room, & also continued work on Shannon’s belated birthday gift-project. When seeing Shannon active on FB again (she does several posts once or twice-a-week, as a rule), visiting her folks in Calgary, & doing PR on her 2 FB profiles, expressing exhaustion of “putting herself out there” for make-up work, I willingly shared her posts as per the promised PR services, the best being a post where she tried to downplay complaints that she did mostly “Selfies”, though she never acknowledged anything I posted or shared for her via “likes”, & hid the “mentions “off her timeline (9 (a.) Shannon FB 'We do Selfies… (10-31-17).

Unfortunately, she had a “relapse” at the same time she posted a hint of dealing with [IMO, ending an off-on personal relationship], which meant more delays in hearing from her just when it seemed as she was close to responding. I then lost my momentum, fearing too much time had pass for even Shannon to comfortably respond. It also gave me more time to focus on what I HADN’T wanted to, the “off” aspect of Shannon’s abrupt/intense response based on my “mystery illness” comment, the Messenger-strings that I shared with my close friend & young business friend who both agreed with my opinion, that it was an overreaction on Shannon’s part.

So with no desire to ruin the “mystique” of “Angel Coach Shannon” as I had with my 1st coach, BUT with those GAPING HOLES back in-my-face, I felt it necessary to bend my “no-research” rule on Shannon, initially to answer ONE, gnawing question regarding Shannon’s inconsistency due to her ailments, & Holistic Self-Rxing that her abrupt/intense response made belatedly clear, was a sore-point. It came down to this; WHY WAS SHANNON SO AVERSE TO SEEING A DOCTOR?? Canada’s stringent privacy laws & Shannon’s own online privacy-guarding diligence meant an outside-the-box approach with my research skills, to find an answer. Earlier, I’d wondered if Canada’s “Free Health Coverage” excluded specialists; but a Canadian IFBB Pro WPD competitor FB friend who lived in B.C., quickly straightened me out on that: From A Canadian WPD IFBB Pro 10-20-17:

B.C. medical covers all doctors, hospital stays etc. … [IPO Sounds to me there may be some cognitive stuff going on as well.] You can’t help someone who’s not willing to help themselves, unfortunately…

In telling her how my legal battle & subsequent homelessness had cost me relationships with those who couldn’t relate, Shannon indicated to me that her ailments over the years, had compelled her to cut friends loose:

Shannon 10-10-17: I have a bunch of chronic health issues that have been around since 1994.  Some people will try to be understanding and some people just don’t get it. If you explain your situation to them and they are not receptive to it, kick them to the curb. And give them your two cents too, don’t hold back, their purposeful ignorance earned it.”

Though a bit squirrely being in stalker-mode, with this in mind, I painstakingly went through Shannon’s list of FB friends in the fitness industry for any tagged pics or online videos with Shannon to find anyone who once looked to be close but not currently friended, tagged, or mentioned by her, willing to risk Shannon’s fierce wrath if she possibly learned they shared info on her, & after a few weeks of brick-wall responses, I messaged a former friend of Shannon’s who had known her intimately for years, who replied Monday of Thanksgiving week with THE ANSWER I needed, but in trying to maintain Shannon’s mystique, one that I’d also tried to avoid:

From Shannon’s Former Friend 11-20-17:

Hi D,

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation and dealings with Shannon. I will let you know that after years of friendship we are no longer friends... She cut me off as she did you. Life Coach? Monthly discount? I know all too well about her “illnesses” her self-diagnosis and her self-medication practices.

I don’t want to talk bad or put down anyone, therefore all I can tell you is that Shannon is [IPO, “more likely to be dealing with MENTAL ILLNESS], which contributes to other issues. Any help I or others have tried or try to give her are unwelcome and met with anger and resistanceShe doesn’t like to be questioned, she wants sympathy. Find another Life Coach. One that has a degree, an office, and a life that mimics what a Life Coach coaches. Sorry, that is all I am able to share. All the best to you!

And so, it was the WORST-CASE ASSUMPTION.

IMO,with every “get well soon” wish, questions to Shannon on if she would, or had seen a doctor, expressing my honest opinion about her self-Rxing, culminating with the “mystery illness” comment with her eruption & “unplugging”, I had unknowingly inched my way towards crossing THE BOUNDARY in Shannon’s eyes. She had hidden the full extent of her Holistic fervor, self-aware enough to know how it would look to people who didn’t know her well enough like me, particularly when I earlier informed her that my late ex (a female bodybuilding legend) with untreated mental issues from childhood to her untimely death, was a hard-boiled Egghead similar to Shannon, who defiantly did the very same thing with her self-Holistic-Rxing over seeing a doctor. [So part of the “mystery illness” was solved]; but as credible, gracious, & as cautious the former friend’s info seemed in nature, I remained in denial, blind to just how unhealthy things had become, defending Shannon to myself & others (occasionally at the top of my voice), with my simple Shaker outlook that “things could come round right”. & I recalled Shannon’s own advice on taking only one person’s word about another in the fitness industry:

Shannon 7-26-17: Look up what flying monkeys are in the slang dictionary.  Use discernment when it comes to these things.  Based on all of the good about Shannon & the good done for me, I would need a 2ND PERSON’S INPUT FOR A CONFIRMATION, & more than just one, direct “off-response” from Shannon; besides, [IMO, this could have been a rare slip from the otherwise “normal” Shannon] (who had ALWAYS sounded like the Shannon seen in the video montage intro, during our phone chat sessions), of which she could regain control. There were also contrasting takes on Shannon from those who interacted with her during competitions backstage, who I messaged: From a Canadian IFBB Figure Pro on Shannon, when learning she had to miss the 2017 Vancouver Pro/Am:

Isn’t she volunteering??   She usually does…  She’s always back stage, she’s been there helping us ladies.. She’s a great gal…”

From a Canadian WPD competitor who competed against Shannon at the 2014 Krack Klassic, Shannon’s very first win:

I don’t know much about her, just never got that right vibe with herWhen I competed with her she wasn’t friendly and didn’t talk to anyone. When I congratulated her, she just nodded her head.

Still, as much as I didn’t like it, her former friend’s suggestionfind another Life Coach...  with a degree...” raised more questions than the 1st one I’d restricted myself to asking, & took me back to Shannon’s educational background & her fitness credentials. I messaged the former friend of Shannon’s claim she got her B.A. in Media Arts from ACAD in Calgary (https://www.acad.ca). From Shannon’s Former Friend 11-20-2017:

For the record, she may very well have a degree-I just don’t recall ever in the years of friendship, her discussing having oneI don’t want to insinuate anything.” And so, it was back to stalker-mode.

Subsequent Googling showed the only publicly available educational info on Shannon, as an alumnus of Lord Beaverbrook High School in Calgary, Class of 1991 (https://old-friends.co/school.php?s=16356#1991). And as expected, the ACAD Alumni Department rep I emailed couldn’t verify any educational info on Shannon’s without her written consent. It was the very next day, when revisiting one of Shannon’s 2 Linked-in profiles I’d previously viewed just before her birthday, that I got a SHOCK: Under “Education”, I saw she had gifted herself by listing a “Bachelor’s Degree, Arts Entertainment, and Media Management”from ACAD in 2017!!! (9 (c). Shannon McDowell's Linked-in Educational Background Screencap (ACAD)) To me, this was the moment that Shannon’s “Wings” slowly began to tarnish. 

ACAD offers a “Media Arts” program which Shannon had listed as majoring in her bio everywhere else; but NOT one in “Arts Entertainment, and Media Management”. NOR could I find an ACAD satellite course Shannon could have taken from her place in Vancouver, in which to complete such an ACAD degree program in 2017. And most college students know, that Arts programs (along with Pre-Med that Shannon tried earlier), are among some of the most intensive majors, NOT for the faint-of-heart. So how could Shannon have juggled college with all else she claimed to have dealt with in 2017?? With no clear answer, I chose to put a different question to ACAD via their social media page about Shannon’s “B.A. Degree” & mentioned major before I let it go; & now questioning Shannon’s exact length of employment with Whole Foods CMB, as possibly opposed to the “6-7 years” she told me it took to become self-employed from her founding year of 2007 for SLM Bodybuilding FITHOUSE, I asked a current Whole Foods CMB associate on their social media page, if they could make a basic inquiry without breaking the rules.            

I knew that Shannon simply followed the Holistic WHC concept without any kind of certification, but she lists herself as a “certified CanFitPro Trainer, Personal Training Specialist (PTS) & Personal Nutrition Candidate (PN). CanfitPro is a very popular Canadian Fitness Certification program owned by the controversial GoodLife Fitness clubs that dominates Canada’s health scene similar to Wal-Mart, because their certification-process is simple (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GoodLife_Fitness, & http://www.starting-a-personal-training-business.com/can-fit-pro-review.html). It is unknown if Shannon has renewed her required, annual CanFitPro certifications for 2018.         


As Thanksgiving passed like a blur into early December, I feared Shannon would follow through on her unplugging plan by responding after the New Year, which would’ve simply crushed me if she cut me loose then, particularly when my 1st coach blind-sided me by doing the same thing right after New Year’s Day 2017. By this time, ALL who had supported me before had ZERO expectations of a positive outcome including my close friend, who had responded when I shared Shannon’s former friend’s response about her with, From E To D 11-20-17:

D, this does make a lot of sense to me.(I didn’t get what this meant at the time).It is best if you move on”. Despite this, I asked him to act as go-between a 3rd & final time by emailing Shannon a plea to respond to me before the 31st, which he did do, though afterwards he admitted feeling wary in sending it, aware of Shannon’s former friend’s response to me of her [unbalanced nature], only doing it as a favor to a friend he knew was dealing with a lot of pain. With this last email, ALL that could have been done by myself & my supporters to persuade Shannon HAD been (9(b). 3 ‘Emails of Support Sent To Shannon’); IT ALL CAME DOWN TO SHANNON.

For a short time, my focus shifted to an offline problem when the car I called “home” started breaking down on the road, & after barely making it into an auto shop, I got the bad news diagnosis the Transmission was shot & needed rebuilding. This happened just days before the Trust got an expected lump-sum check from the state, based on unclaimed funds of the late Trustee’s estate as a form of recovery being enough to settle some accounts, including Shannon’s remaining waived payments; but forced to pay-out over $1000 for a rebuild less than a week before Christmas, brought me no holiday cheer. I temporarily posted of my trouble on FB before removing it, sensing a falling back into the “pity-party” mode Shannon had accused me of.          

Despite her unplugging, I had continued to cc Shannon as with the others with email updates & SMS messages, including news of the Transmission-issue, IMO, assuming she was reading them, if not responding. Then, to my absolute shock, I got a PayPal notification that Shannon sent a payment equaling 2 of the 3 months of payments I’d made to her, but with no corresponding note. Had this happened in October immediately after Shannon’s abrupt cutting-off, I would’ve taken this as the refund to end things, but it had dragged out so long I was now unsure, unless she made some kind of statement; [IMO,she may have kept one payment as a hint she would start working with me again in January]. So I texted Shannon with a direct plea not to leave me with a question-mark until the New Year as my 1st coach had, & to please reach-out to me with a final word on things with either a gracious “Yes” or “No” that me & my supporters could live with. Later that day, I got & opened what I thought would be an early “Stocking-Stuffer” in the form of an email response from Shannon, the one I had been praying for since mid-October:

From Shannon 12-16-17:

It is time to stop blaming your 1st coach for for leaving, D. After what I have witnessed working with you, you need to start asking yourself why you choose to behave in difficult ways to others that make them not want to be around you.  Read up on secure and insecure attachment styles, and BOUNDARIES!! I asked you to stop contacting me until 2018, like I explained in the last email to you. You have A LOT of thinking and figuring out to do about yourself on your own.   Respect people’s boundaries, including mine!! Especially if you want something from them. I’m extending the “no contact” to the end of January now.  Stop whining like a child to everyone about how horrible things are and instead act like the decent man you are by owning the effects your own behaviour brings in your life. Seriously. You are a smart person so I don’t buy for a second you don’t know anything about it. No more contacting me!! PERIOD!!

WOW!! I had been prepared for either a “Yes” or “No”, but NOT a lump-of-coal like THIS. IMO a pure, out-of-left-field attack, with Shannon simply picking up where she last left off with her mindset that I was playing “the victim” she wouldn’t be “the enabler” for, ending with a blind accusation I was somehow involved in violating her boundaries as ammo, without elaborating. And despite writing everything short of “No”, she left things in limbo by extending the “no contact” (“unplugging”). A “Fallen Angel”, perhaps?         

[IMO,this seemed like a by design cop-out from one who felt too embarrassed to turn things around after having stated too much & letting it go on for much too long, with NO WAY to address it in manner to keep the Angelic image Shannon had created for herself intact, despite earlier stating she would hold herself “accountable”as she would with me & everyone else.] So it came to NO surprise when going to her FB profiles, to see I’d been blocked on both.

This time I wasn’t sad, I was LIVID, feeling duped. And what of my 2nd pdf to her with the apology & acceptance of liability?? After giving my close friend & the other supporters the news (who weren’t at all surprised), knowing she’d probably blocked me on every other means of communication with her, I used my iPad Messages where Shannon was not used to hearing from me, emailing a counter-attack I knew would take HER by surprise, stating I would file “an official complaint” (intended for CanFitPro); regretfully, I ended the email with the B-word. I asked one of my mutual FB friends of Shannon’s to share anything she posted that seemed like a reference to me, which she does as a rule when dealing with personal issues. She did 3 such FB posts over the next 2 days, leaving out the fact she had blocked me before I’d sent her the iMessage (10. Collage of “Shannon's FB Posts Based On D's Angry Reply -Dec.18th & 17th 2017).

After sending the iMessage, I went on FB Messenger to inform one of the few FB friends I had entrusted with the estrangement with the bad news-update, a well-known U.S. Fitness Industry Coach of FBB & WPD competitors. When she made comments that indicated knowing more about Shannon then she previously stated for not personally knowing her, I asked for a “fessing-up”, & learned she had made inquiries out of concern for me I knew nothing of, until that moment. When asking for more info, she gave me an assessment of Shannon, similar to Shannon’s former friend who the U.S. Coach didn’t know, or what had been revealed to me, but unlike the diplomatic former friend, she was blunt & to the point:

From U.S. Coach 12-15-17:

In re Shannon. Unless you are a Professional Life Coach with a strong background as such, your ability to properly help someone else is often impaired when you yourself are effed up. [IPO “I believe she is majorly effed up] Oh well.   She is not well respected as being able to positively affect her own life and career. She is also not particularly well respected as a trainer. This is from two Canadian sources….

So out-of-left field, a 2ND PERSON’S INPUT FOR A CONFIRMATION.

IMO, FINALLY it became clear, that “Angel Coach Shannon” had left the SLM Bodybuilding- FITHOUSE building WITHOUT having taken flight, leaving in her place “The Portrait of Dorian Gray”, [slowly revealingALL of the things that those from her former friend, to my close friend & supporters could see before that I couldn’t], my vision blinded by the pristine image Shannon had presented to me & I’d blinded myself to see, & it was NOT a pretty sight.

Finally fully awake, “un-bitten”, & resigned to the [realities about Shannon] & the unhealthy situation, I simply wanted closure for peace of mind, & move on. Once the state lump-sum check from the late Trustee’s estate unclaimed funds arrived & the Transmission job was covered, the Trustee kindly allotted some funds for me to refund Shannon via PayPal for the 2 monthly payments temporarily waived for the iPad purchase, except for the October payment I’d already made that she had not refunded me despite having performed no coaching services that month (I’d considered the September P/A assignment part of her active services).  For all he’d done for me before our falling-out, I ended things in good-standing publicly with my 1st Coach, enabling him to maintain the illusion of his life for sake of his business. And though I didn’t believe Shannon could’ve possibly gotten wind of any inquiries made by me or on my behalf, & felt CanFitPro should know the truth towards take actions against Shannon to protect unsuspecting clients even more emotionally vulnerable than I, wanted to do the same with Shannon for what she had done for me during the short period of time she was of [sound mind & body] to do. So I used the PayPal refund note as an Olive Branch extension towards closure to quietly end things on my-end to leave things in good standing with no animosity or bitterness, apologizing for the un-Christian name I had called her out of anger, & waiving any need for her to refund the October payment.

What I got from Shannon instead without even a thank you for the payments (using an email she hadn’t yet blocked me from), was IMO, an overblown sequel to Shannon’s initial shocking attack entitled, “The Long Good-Bye”, a complete deconstruction of anything she could do for me as a Life Coach= BUPKIS, exaggerating ALL I had done to make her miserable. This was Shannon’s final unhealthy holiday feast of drama for us BOTH to feed off, which I regret having joined her in the partaking of, if only for a short while:

From Shannon 12/20/17: D, this has nothing to do with you "owning up" for anything. It goes much deeper than that. This is about having empathy and respect that I am.. doing this mostly out of “paying it forward” and sincerely helping.  You are acting as if the world owes you something and that I owe you something, which I DO NOT. (Actually, we had a 12 month contract).It is absolutely out of line that you are trying to put all this responsibility of your wellness on ME! It’s YOUR responsibility and yours alone. I have given you way more than what was outlined in the original contract, and you just want more and more….On top of that, you act like a spoiled child with these depreciating "digs" when you don’t get your way, and it’s become too much. You are expecting me to save you when I cantOnly YOU can save you. You're expecting me to fill many roles in your life that I am not made to fill. Have you ever thought for one second how your actions and bad attitude have affected me?  You had a shifty deal in life, but you know what, join the clubRise above it, the alternative is a painful unmanageable existence, and people will walk away or else you will drag them down too. I can’t deal with this attitude of entitlement. What you are getting is usually $500 a month instead of $xxx, so you need really to correct how you are perceiving things because you are waaaay out of line

One big low-light was her response to the BEST-CASE ASSUMPTION that she had over-reacted, proof she had read the 2nd pdf…and these things I make a "big deal" about is unacceptable - what it is really, is you showing me disrespect.”

So Shannon had truly been insulted over my “mystery illness” comment, unknowingly questioning her self-diagnosis, further confirmation of the WORST-CASE ASSUMPTION.

PLEASE google and read up on:


•Insecure vs secure attachment


•Toxic ways to communicate



Because if you dont, and dont identify how your communication methods are causing negative outcomes, I cant help you.

As with the P/A, Shannon’s suggestion I research terms to figure things out on my own as an assignment, but leaving me without going into detail on how, what, when, & why, was inappropriate & had the potential of messing with my head if I hadn’t wised-up after the P/A assignment. This implied specific things I’d messaged or had done for Shannon to reach such conclusions, things she would have included in her notes on me; so why not just elaborate instead of making broad allegations for me figure out myself?? This falls under 2 of THE BIGGEST Life Coaching don’ts:

1. Suggesting to a client that they have particular issues without having the proper background or credentials in which to do so.

2. Forcing clients to do assignments they don’t care to do under threat of ending the coaching relationship.


The back & forth volleying continued, with these low-light excerpts:

Me:12-20-17 “How many times did I tell you I accept full liability in having dropped the ball, and how many times have I and the others sang your praises for what you were doing for me. I told you most of what you just told me in the 2nd PDF, that I realized I had become a self-pitying succubus in my situation and apologized for it. And what about, R’s, E's and J’s emails, did you read those?”

Shannon: Just read up on those things I mentioned. You have to earn this, not saying that I'm some "big to do", I'm not saying that at all...” But wasn’t she??

[IMO, “You have to kiss-up], she meant. Naturally I refused, this was simply a rehash of her P/A assignment request in lieu of us hooking-up in mid-October, & look what happened there?!! It had already been too hard to turn things around where they stood before she responded with her attack & subsequent FB blocking, distancing herself even further. I’d done ALL I could to get back into her good-graces, just short of kissing-up. If I had made her SO miserable I replied, then why not just pull the trigger & end it?

D: “...as you've admitted how this has affected you as well, it's clear this is making us both miserable. You had everyone's blessing to say yes or no with no in-between some time ago, and I know you're conflicted so you doing that is hard for you, but in doing so it's making things worse. No more back and forth, life's, too short.”

Again, I brought up the sent emails of support, my PR Assignment/Apology 2nd pdf, & the 2018 comp shoots I’d arranged for her:

Shannon:Sorry you aren't making any sense. If you are taking that medication you may want to talk to that doctor about it..

A reference to my Adderall use, something Shannon knew of from the first, based on my Assessment done for her & had never complained about until now, revealing her Holistic Anti-Adderall sentiment. She was also cc emailed info of the ADD Doctor’s planned, tapered dosage from 30mg to 20mg, more out of concern for my suicide threat.

You are extremely defensive and insulting for no reason. This isn't like youYou are asking me to basically work for free, but you aren't willing to put any work into your coaching. That makes absolutely no sense. You are not acting like yourself, unless previously that was just an actYou are being mean and disrespectful. I dont think you deserve a response anymore. I'm very disappointed in this bizarre angry behavior.  Get off those meds if you are on them.”2, straight hits about my Adderall usage, & she grouses about “digs??

I had held onto my “Pollyanna hope” because up to this email exchange, I’d only had ONE example of the [IMO,“other Shannon” that her former friend & the U.S. coach had messaged me of before she cut me off, thankful that both had spared me the details on exactly what they knew or had learned about Shannon’s possible mental illness]; even her initial attacking response didn’t sound “off”, only the blind accusation she used as a means to block me on her FBs (she NEVER ELABORATED), leading me to believe it was just a convenient excuse. But NOW… I simply couldn’t believe this: [IMO, a mixture of vindictively “playing me”, a still-caring Life Coach, & being “NON COMPOS MENTIS!”]. How could I play the 3-Monkey No Evil” Card with THIS?

[IMO,based on her ranting of all that came before, Shannon was making clear to me that after our initial fall-out back in September, there had NEVER really been a rare, 2nd chance given me for redemption, she HAD been “one & done” with me then. Not having forgiven or forgotten, Shannon had merely put her own frustrations on the back-burner with an interim promise to hook-up with me if I did the assignment after 3 days of back-and-forth, getting rid of me to focus on finding a place to re-locate to in time. Once she finished her move & saw I’d actually completed the assignment, I feel Shannon was sincere in her professional willingness to move forward as promised, in keeping with the noble intent that put her on a higher plain than everyone else. But once she started feeling ill, lying in bed with hours to think, along with the other reasons I’ve already speculated on, Shannon’s buried anger for what had come before, slowly festered to the surface, the “mystery illness” comment perceived as a “jab”= disrespect=the last straw.         

IMO, Shannon’s personal intent to stick to her unplugging until 2018 OVERRODE her noble intent with me, feigning an eventual reaching-out with my close friend simply to run the clock, perceiving all pleas & messages sent to her, NOT based on a client needing his Life Coach back, but a “victim” who had insulted her with “little jabs” (most that only SHE could see), personally disrespecting her wishes NOT to contact her. Even the PR Assignment/Apology 2nd pdf, came-off as a form of manipulation to Shannon, beyond my close friend’s insight, one she ignored to excuse & justify her rant; to feel “the reciprocating respect from me that was necessary for her at this point (You have to earn this...), only groveling would do.

IMO, Shannon’s “positive” social media posts about giving, integrity, & doing the right thing, are NOT a part of Shannon “being real” (though it may be her “intent” to be), just an image she promotes, a variation of the same, “unreal” “Life can be a day at the beach” rhetoric that other Life Coaches use. But even Cary Grant wished he were Cary Grant, never forgetting that his big screen image was just that, an image; IMO Shannon seems to have a problem remembering this about hers. But she wasn’t conflicted now, she didn’t want closure, only more of the same, toxic drama she created & fed off on to exist with others before me, with me now serving as her dependent whipping boy-of-the-moment that she could suck, then leave high & dry, “Vengeance be thy name”.

IMO, the BITTER TRUTH: Shannon not only knew all the negative terms she had me researching & accused me of, she LIVED THEM!!]

D: “So, now you’re indicating you made the assignment request as an active coach after- the- fact?...”

Shannon: I’m taking a time out, like I told you.  The future depended on you and how you behaved towards me and whether you would start being more respectful and act APPROPRIATELY FOR A COACHING DYNAMIC….., but from what I have witnessed so far…....ummmm.. .

How could she have witnessed ANYTHING to gauge towards making a final decision, with no allowed interaction??

Do you think you are acting appropriate for a COACHING DYNAMIC, or are you somehow getting confused that this is dating or something OTHER THAN A COACHING RELATIONSHIP!!?

Shannon’s Life Coaching was the ONLY thing I had realistically wanted & expected of her, being practical & old enough to know that wishful-thinking for more than (if not “OTHER THAN), was just that. Having fallen deep under Shannon’s beautifully magic-spell only served to frustrate me more than make me feel good, since it was a reminder I had nothing to offer ANY woman in my life as it was. Besides, the spell had been broken, so I certainly wasn’t going to fan her narcissism by bringing up the subject at such a moment:

All I see from you now, is a bitter person who is addicted to the victim role and is unable to take responsibilities for his actions and emotions... Consider this the last contact because I cant get through to you, and its just too frustrating hearing you go on and on contorting everything so you are the one hard done by. 

It’s really sad, and from now on I've learned to be very VERY cautious helping people in a bad place. The only person you have to be angry at is yourself. And I would recommend refraining from trying to defame me, as these emails are more than enough evidence for litigation if you commit such acts.          

IMO, NO sweet tastes from her Life Coaching; NOT my growth, NO funny moments, NO respect, eggshell-walking, NOR any kudos given her, could provide Shannon with the satiation that her HUGE toxic holiday feast prepared for us both, could. I’d reached out to make peace with [one already at war with herself], & the last thing I wanted was to end things by hurting someone I had thought so highly of. But Shannon was hurting ME as she had in mid-October when I demeaned myself with the public suicide threat, & she now expected me to demean myself again in order to make HER feel respected & superior, a last-laugh before she “unplugged” for good. But [IMO, her defective mental reasoning] made Shannon miss three things:

1. The staying-power of my inner fire, re-ignited with HER help;

2. That I could proactively get info on her which of course, I did;

3. The “Confidentiality-Clause” in our contract (10(a). Confidentiality-Clause in D's Contract With Shannon (5-2-17).

The final course of Shannon’s replies, starting with the outrageous dangling of her Life Coaching-plum in my face, was all I could stomach; for ME, the feast was OVER.

She had done & written all she could short of closing-the-door, leaving it to ME to do; so for what was the ONLY time that she could rightly accuse me of being “mean and disrespectful”, I pulled-out my knife & fork, sticking them into Shannon with a very brutal assessment of her life & inconsistent coaching, based on what I’d learned from the inquiries, online research (including info unrelated to this Rip-Off Report), & from my own interaction with her, with a reminder of the clause, ending it with this statement:

D: “Just keep in mind Shannon, that you had a merde-load of opportunity to make this continue or end pleasantly, and have brought what is coming on yourself.”

Clearly un-prepared for the taste of the after-feast mint I offered her, Shannon dished-out her final reply:

Shannon: “I’m human. You're belligerently out of line. STOP CONTACTING ME!

Thus, the final revelation of Shannon’s Angel-Status: She was of this earth, AFTER-ALL.

From what my mutual FB friends shared IMO, I knew my final reply had hit her HARD, since as usual, Shannon immediately referenced her exchange with me the next day with posts on her 2nd FB profile, the first so brutal, even Shannon realized it needed to be removed:

Shannon on FB 12-21-17:….. I am also 100% supportive for every one of my FB friends to block (monkey brained) trolls who have zero control over their emotions, deny any accountability for their butt hurt delusions and think it’s everyone else’s responsibility to fix them while they get their victim poor me fix. Ummm…. yah WTH, SMH, GAGME

IMO, This followed with 2 posted FB video clip references to her suggestion my kindness was “just an act”, about “letting go” based on her “Consider this the last contact” to me, & one after New Year’s,  a semi-self-admission suggesting an understanding for those who have “hidden issues” (11. Shannon's 'Post-Feast' FB Posts Screencap Collage 12-21-17 Thru 1-16-18). But surely, I’d buried my head in my hands & cried just as much as she; how then, could she forget that I was human, too?


Belatedly, the answers on Shannon based on my last two inquiries trickled in after the New Year: From ACAD Social Media Page Rep.on Shannon’s ACAD B.A. Degree1-8-18:

Currently, we do not offer a Bachelor's Degree in Arts, Entertainment + Media Management…. it's ALL puffery.” Thankfully, ACAD removed my Wiki entry for Shannon.

From Whole Foods CMB Social Media Page Rep. on Shannon’s last date of employment there 1-10-18:

She has not worked at Whole Foods since 2016.”

IMO, the 2nd answer meant it took Shannon about 9 years, not the “6-7 years” she had texted me to become fully self-employed from her SLM Bodybuilding-FITHOUSE founding year of 2007. And it was clear she was having a very difficult time being her own boss for the very first time, going into her businesses’ 10-year anniversary. I could accept her embellishing the exact period it took her to succeed on her own by 2 years, but a blatant lie about her educational background, in addition to conjuring up a phony online degree for a non-existent major?? NO “integrity” there.


Though I’ve already shared what are gross understatements on why Shannon McDowell aka “SlimMcD” of SLMbodybuilding FITHOUSE should NOTBE CURRENTLY RELIEDUPON for her Life Coaching Services, for the Rip-Off Report record:


Love it or not, a Big Mac tastes the same way each time for one reason: CONSISTENCY. It’s one of THE KEYS to a successful business that McDonald’s learned early on, something that Shannon, despite her 4-year QA stint at Whole Foods, has yet to learn as a Life Coach, along with something an IFBB Pro WPD Competitor who is a full-time Realtor, stated on her FB profile recently: “The performed services are remembered LONG after the discount”.

SHANNON’SINCONSISTENCY was the catalyst for the conflict between Shannon & myself, & EVERYTHING that followed up to our falling out & estrangement, hindering my progress right at the moment I was turning the corner. While I had snapped out of, &  stopped asking more from her, in the end, SHANNON WAS INCONSISTENT in performing just the basic services she had offered, as to where even the nicest, most understanding of Shannon’s clients (including client-friends she mentioned to me), would have lost patience with her at some point. Until such time that Shannon can perform her services in a CONSISTENT manner, NOT only for benefit of her clients, but for her OWN benefit 1st & foremost as a shining-example her clients can believe in & follow, her amazing gifts are simply being wasted, along with any client’s payments to her.


Shannon’s unorthodox approach as a Life Coach, combined with my particular situation, should NOT have compelled her to neglect establishing guidelines & BOUNDARIES crucial for successful Life Coaching relationships, before working with me; on the contrary, it was even more essential Shannon do so in my case, since she had no prior experience or knowledge in dealing with a Homeless client, with the physical & emotional variables that would be involved. It certainly would have avoided some of the problems that developed, later on.

But, THE MOST important BOUNDARY Shannon should have established & maintained was the BOUNDARY WITH HERSELF, to properly separate the personal from the professional as a Life Coach at ALL times, despite the need to create a comfort-level of trust with a client. NO Life Coaches’ life is perfect, & they have their own issues, but the most successful ones balance their personal lives so they do not intrude on a professional coaching relationship with a client, negatively affecting their judgment & in turn, negatively affecting their clients. Shannon states on one of her FB profiles, “Don’t define me by my circumstances, define me by my intent”. With her philanthropic intent, Shannon agreed to the discounted monthly payments for a one year period as per our contract, & I was entitled to the same, professional services & courtesy as any other client of Shannon’s. It was through no fault of mine that her fortunes changed (along with her attitude) as she developed “ailments” & started losing work, I was only one client of what was supposed have been enough clients to sustain her business, & I had been understanding & flexible during the 3-month waiver period Shannon had initially allowed to lessen my financial burden when making the iPad purchase.

There is simply NO EXCUSE for Shannon’s UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR intimating that a client has particular issues they need to research on their own, but without being direct or specifying details that led them to believe a client has “issues” ; claim to end the coaching relationship with a corresponding refund, manipulate the client by not following through, but snubbing & keeping things up in-the-air via a time-out with no resolution, forcing the unsure client to continue making payments “in the hopes of”. In addition, if Shannon in fact, had seen me make the FB posted threat of suicide with the coaching relationship still active (as per the contract’s Confidentiality-Clause), she had a professional obligation to either reach out to me, or immediately contact the proper authorities to ensure my safety & well-being, over assuming it was a manipulative act on my-part. I meant it at the time, & one must ALWAYS TAKE A CLIENT’S THREAT OF SUICIDE SERIOUSLY, most particularly when it is BASED ON THEIR ACTIONS.

Where Shannon’s INCONSISTENCY was the catalyst, “HEALTH ISSUES” was the “Elephant-in-the-room”, Shannon’s increasing priority over my progress & welfare as a client along with her other clients, since she mentioned “losing work”. Shannon has periods of clarity & enough self-awareness of an [existing problem] she insists on Holistically Rx-ing herself, the only Life Coaching advice in “taking care of oneself” she uses consistently, but to the extreme. Whatever type of “Head Coach” Shannon mentioned she was seeing [IMO is/was? probably a Therapist, of whom I can easily picture Shannon angrily storming-out on if she being advised to seek a more proper & definitive diagnosis, equal to telling her what to do, something Shannon would NEVER tolerate from anyone. But Short of being legally ruled “incompetent”] in a Canadian Provincial Court, Shannon cannot be forced to submit to ANY medical treatment without her consent. [What was, or wasn’t done during her 2 ER stays, would also have been dependent on her signed-consent].

There is nothing wrong in using Holistic medicine & homeopathic remedies as part of a natural & healthy lifestyle (the latter still legal in Canada http://bit.ly/2DZzm2t), since most practitioners are usually of enough sound mind & body to know when modern medicine is a necessary evil (as Shannon had pretended to be with me). IMO, it is when those with defective mental reasoning believe it is the end-all, be-all, of which they have superior knowledge to heal themselves of every ailment, even over Holistic Doctors advice, where it becomes DANGEROUS. If Shannon was contained in her own little world as to where her self-Rx-ing did not affect others, then it would be her business & her right as a 45 year old adult. However IMO, when her beliefs & practices negatively affects others, in this case clients of her professional business who have contracted & relied on her services, then she has an absolute obligation & responsibility to have whatever issue she has treated properly by a professional.  The “blind can’t lead the blind”, & if someone like me, who as Shannon described being “in a bad place” hooks up with her, unaware of what Shannon is capable of, unlike me, the end result could be tragic. It was the shock of her cutting me off & unplugging that led to my public threat suicide, when it was only a thought the 1st time right after the trust lost the home in court.


Despite ignoring my countless memos that she had mine in CAPS, Shannon is big on “RESPECT”, & reading the U.S. Coach’s comments in this report that Shannon is not respected in general, or for her training services, will probably hit her the hardest. Next to her cutting me off, Shannon’s continual claim that I was being dis-respectful to her, was the most hurtful thing, due to what I’ve already stated is my great respect & support for women, & messed with my head in trying to figure out what I was doing wrong before Shannon’s former friend’s reply to me. I drove people crazy in singing Shannon’s praises in every other sentence, told her as such, & this, along with the fact that I had stopped doing the things she complained of once I worked on them, was immediately overlooked the moment she miss-read my words or actions as being disrespectful, showing her need for constant reassurance. But IMO, if Shannon wants respect, she needs to respect herself first to gain respect from others, & lying about one’s background & credentials, doesn’t help; she loses credibility, no matter how sound her advice may be. With what she knows, she could finish her studies for a valid degree & then some [if she takes responsibility to get the help she needs]. In fact, IMO her coming-out with the particular issue she has as it’s being treated, could serve as an example to others dealing with the same, earning her the respect & admiration she so desires. As stated earlier, I had planned to file a complaint against Shannon with CanFitPro (though not affiliated with Shannon’s Life Coaching services), based on her [IMO unstable health & well-being]; however, upon looking at their “Certified Fitness Professional Code of Ethics” pdf, (https://canfitpro.com/download_file/view/209), they frankly seemed somewhat skimpy to ensure they could be entrusted to seriously investigate, then hold Shannon accountable by taking any appropriate actions, the reason I ultimately chose to file this Rip-Off Report then share it with CanFitPro representatives; we’ll see what they have to say or do about the matter.        


Drained after nearly a decade of drama with the legal fight for the home under trust in May of 2017, Shannon Lone McDowell was supposed to help me eliminate my issues as a Life Coach towards a rebuilding of my life, NOT add to them, nearly undoing all of her own good work in-the-process.

I dropped the ball by intentionally not researching Shannon, & unlike what both Shannon & I envisioned her to be, I was NO Angel in the matter initially, giving her some rough moments, leaned on her a bit too much without a real understanding of what Life Coaches do; & I mistakenly developed a dependence on her that grew, something Shannon recognized, but with her own issues [IMO, she partlyfed off at the same time that it overwhelmed her]. Despite some minor red-flags about Shannon, gaps in her performance, & tensions leading to our 1st time-out, Shannon’s great advice was working for me as I started turning the corner in my life, with changes clear to everyone. Just prior to hooking back up with Shannon, I was SO pumped & ready to follow her agenda, I would’ve climb the Himalayas in 2 weeks’ time HAD she asked me to; such was Shannon’s power & influence over me at that point, the reason me & my supporters pleaded for her to continue working with me. Unfortunately IMO, my obvious progress & kudos given her weren’t enough for Shannon, whose mindset bitterly zeroed-in on all that came before after my “mystery illness” comment, where it went from being about my needs, to Shannon’s. The irony here, is that her “unplugging” created the very damage she had meant to control, to the point of being irrevocable.

Wanting to avoid filing this report like the plague, I did all I could to make overtures of peace with Shannon into early January of the New Year, even using my “in pro per” legal experience to create & send her a “Mutual Rescission, Release & Covenant Not To Sue Agreement” pdf for us both to sign, that would also protect her private interests, but to no avail. In her final messages IMO, she literally thumbed her nose at me to file a complaint which is mindboggling, considering Shannon had ALL the leeway in the world to end this matter privately & professionally. Based on Rip-Off Report’s FAQ advice to be objective, I waited until my raw emotions had subsided before filing this report against Shannon, who IMO now sees me as not only someone playing the victim but as a “fake person; but a little over 3 months later, it’s STILL BEEN HARD for me avoid the personal aspects that are somewhat intertwined with Life Coaching. I was also concerned of the effect this might have on Shannon, since I learned my final comments hit her much HARDER than I’d ever expected. Despite everything, I still care about this woman very much, so I recently emailed Shannon with an apology for hurting her so badly, & revealed my now healed “love-bite”, so she would learn of it before everyone else did, here. Recent pics reveal Shannon to be even smaller than last year as compared to her peaked WPD look in 2016, with more of a Bikini body than that of a WPD competitor, which is what she had planned on going back to later this year; still, Shannon looks as beautiful & ageless as ever, you can’t take THAT away from her (12. Shannon-FB-7-15-16-As-Compared-To-Shannon-FB-3-1-18, 13. Shannon FB Cover & Most Recent Uploads (3-17th & 24th 2018), & 14. Shannon Volunteering). But as I’ve stated, IMO Shannon has enough self-awareness to make the proper choices towards taking care of her issues. 

Just last weekend, after recently finding & liking some PR posts I did for her on my Instagram late last year before the fall-out that I will not remove (as they are a "thank you" for what she HAD done for me), an unblocking of me on her 2 FB profiles followed. This said, since I waived the October payment towards making peace, peace is the only request I am making from Shannon to resolve the matter specific to this report of her coaching contract with me, of which she can reach out to me for at any time.     

As of this date of filing, I remain homeless, & though Shannon almost doused it soon-after she helped re-ignite it, my inner-fire still burns, growing stronger with hope & determination for my future. With no offense to the ones who conduct themselves professionally, after being 0 for 2 with those who I learned do not follow their own advice, I’m done with Life Coaches, & will try to iron-out the remaining issues myself. But if I DO see a Therapist in the near future as per Shannon’s advice, it WON’T be because of my homelessness.

This is SAD ALL-AROUND, & I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Shannon for what could be. That Shannon is an incredibly gifted and highly intelligent person who has a lot to offer, there’s no question, I would be the 1st-in-line to state that, & at age 45, it’s not too late for her [IMO toget the help she needs to be the best she can be, then can help others do the same]. But her gifts are [IMO “skewed” by her defective mental reasoning], complicated by the mix of Shannon being an “Egghead” who at times, can be right, half-right, or not right at all, but thinks she’s right ALL of the time. And as anyone who grew up in school & was friends with an Egghead knows, you can’t tell them anything, they tell YOU! I would love to see a positive update about Shannon here, & will post one myself should if I learn of it, because I’m disabled myself & NO ONE should be discriminated against for having a disability if they acknowledge it, are being successfully treated for it, & it doesn’t “impair” their performance of services in running a business. That Shannon has shown she is capable of working at all means the potential is there, though I can’t see if/how she has been able to currently sustain her business [IMO under the circumstances].

Like myself before it was too late, most people who hire Life Coaches don’t have a clue as to what they are, the “do’s & don’ts”, or what is expected from the clients themselves towards changing their lives; problem is, there are a ton of links that could bend one’s mind in trying to make the right choice. So of the 25-30 online links I Googled on Life Coaching, I’ve shared the 7 links below, that helped me the most during my after-the-fact research; But PLEASE do your research BEFOREHAND. I can confirm Shannon’s quote of $500 monthly is generally accepted, or a flat $5000 package with lifetime follow-up support. And though I requested a one year contract for insurance, the average period for effectively Life Coaching a client to achieve their particular goal, is considered to be between 4-6 months, which makes it all the more frustrating to me that I was turning the corner at the 4-month mark before things started to fall-apart; at the time, Shannon had just started a “cottage visualization assignment” with me (cottages being my dream home), for wherever I wanted to relocate in California.

As stated at the beginning, this is an unusual Rip-Off Report that is not about lost payments or performed services per se, with 99% of Rip-Off Reports being about either one or the other. And because of the inevitable degree of personal investment necessary on both-ends, it makes Life Coaching tricky to gauge from a business/consumer standpoint, unlike Plumbing or Attorney services. But for what is most relevant to this Rip-off Report, it was my young business friend who early on, gave me the bottom-line that, regardless of the “inter-personal variable” involved, the 1st thing that both Shannon & I should have remembered (Shannon much more than I) but the 1st thing we both forgot: LIFE COACHING IS A BUSINESS, PERIOD.

Since I waived the October payment towards making peace, peace is still the only thing that I am requesting from Shannon here, to resolve the matter, of which she can reach out to me at any time to do. And to make this as fair possible,I hereby authorize Shannon to share in her Rebuttal, each, & every messaged comment of mine dated in order (along with its context), that she felt was P/A. In the future, she needs to show proof she has sufficiently pulled herself together enough to offer the services as specified in this Rip-Off report. But for the time-being:


I’ll leave the final words to her former friend with her follow-up response to me, when I admitted my neediness for Shannon: From Shannon’s Former Friend 11-26-17:

I am sorry for your hardship.  I don’t wish hardship upon anyone.  However, the person you are seeking coaching from is the LAST person I would be clinging to. [IPO “If a person is fighting demons in their own life, how are they going to direct you in YOUR life?...  Move on and start over withsomeone new.  She won’t change without proper professional help, just keep that in mind.]


Shannon’s Social Media Links

1. Main Website http://www.shannonmcdowell.net/

2. 1st FB profile (Friend Limit Reached)- https://www.facebook.com/slimmcd

3. 2nd FB profile: https://www.facebook.com/SlimmcdPhysique

4. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SLMbodybuilding

5. 1st Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shannon.mcdowell.fithouse

6. 2nd Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/slmbodybuilding

7. 1st Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannon-mcdowell-8644972a

8. 2nd Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/slimmcd-physique-competitor-9ba7819b

9. Twitter: https://twitter.com/SLMbodybuilding?lang=en

10. YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/slimmcd

11. Indeed Resume Link: https://www.indeed.com/r/0aaefc44e4c36886?sp=0


My Life Coaching Research Links

1. What Is A Life Coach? : http://www.lifecoach.com/what-is-a-life-coach

2. Setting Boundaries: https://coachfederation.org/hard-line-setting-boundaries-coaches

3. Rights of Clients: http://lifecoachfaq.com/rights-of-clients/

4. Why I’ve Lost Faith in Tony Robbins & Most Life Coaches: http://jasonconnell.co/tony/

5. 10 Questions for Picking Your Perfect Life Coach: www.inc.com/jessica-zemple/10-questions-for-picking-your-perfect-life-coach.html

6. The Problem with Life Coaches: https://medium.com/personal-growth/the-problem-with-life-coaches-1117afa7ea08

7. How To Find A Life Coach: http://www.lifecoachspotter.com/how-to-find-life-coach-guide/




This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 03/22/2018 02:41 PM and is a permanent record located here: https://www.ripoffreport.com/report/shannon-mcdowell/vancouver-british-columbia-1435558. The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. READ: Foreign websites steal our content

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#7 Author of original report

SlimMcD Shannon McDowell: SLMbodybuilding FITHOUSE Update (6-24-19): VESTIGES OF SHANNON & "YOU CAN GO HOME AGAIN”

AUTHOR: Homeless In San Diego - (United States)

POSTED: Monday, June 24, 2019


Something quite unexpected has occurred in his matter; I promise to keep this as short & sweet as possible, here.


I would not have been emotionally prepared for the unexpected, had I not first completely let-go of Shannon, heeding the U.S. Coach’s final piece of advice to “move forward!” (“CODA), though it took 2, subsequent IG posts by Shannon after the October 16th 2018 Rip-Off Report update, to do so.

Shortly after seeing the October 2018 update, Shannon temporarily de-activated all of her FB profiles/pages & privatized her 2 Twitter & IG profiles, but [IMO not able to go long without attention], made them all public again on October 26th (except for Twitter), where she made the following IG post, [IMO indicating that her anti-cyber-stalking/bullying campaigning efforts against me after the West Vancouver Police refused to even take a report based on the info she presented them, had fallen-through]:

Shannon on IG-Caption Only (10-26-18): “I thought I had something to offer the world. I thought actually caring and having a well-meaning attitude would really make a difference. I thought with good intentions I could make the people I met feel a bit better and have a little more comfort.

I wanted to inspire people like the ones who inspired me -being inspired was the best gift ever given to me. The cards I was dealt in my life certainly didn’t make going from day to day very easy, but I was willing to go the distance anyways.

Unfortunately, it seems, I was met with a lot of contempt, anger and spite. If I was lucky, I was met with indifference. Today was the day something changed inside. I will never be the same.” #truth #bodybuilding #cyberbullying#cyberstalker #groupthink #gossip#harassment #neveragain #niceneverwins#nomoreharassment #stopthehate#stopthebullying #misogyny#stopthepredjudice.

The next day, Shannon did a photo captioned IG story post of a portion our final email-exchange that didn’t really reveal more than what I have already shared here, the exceptions being an accidental revealing of my first name she had whited-out elsewhere in the exchange, & the exact, discounted amount I had been paying her monthly for services, further violations of our contracted confidentiality. She had been reposting this IG Story daily before I caught it on October 30th using a public IG Story viewing app:

Shannon on IG Story- Embedded Caption Only (10-30-18): “Due to being forced into this unimaginable situation being both professionally and personally defamed, as a last resort I am posting this and you can make up your own mind about it. I apologize if this individual harasses you here. I am diligently working on having him banned.

I never messaged anyone else who liked Shannon’s campaign posts on IG about the Rip-Off Report, other than the 4 people I impulsively DM’d (“SHANNON’S “ANTI-CYBER-STALKING-BULLYING” CAMPAIGN/HOW TO “LET GO”?”), & rarely post on IG in general. So while I subsequently noticed a temporary inability to follow people on IG, a practice IG Admin uses to monitor users who have been accused of abusing the social media platform, whatever Shannon’s “diligent” efforts were on a platform where the current “Help Section” for users consists of a series of automated multiple choice suggested problems & resolutions with no means of “live assistance”, I have NOT been banned from IG.

Despite [IMO the defect in her perceptive reasoning, Shannon is far from dumb, & the fact is, no one else on this planet knows me better than she; so she knows how to push all of my buttons for better (while an active life-coach), or worse. In addition to Shannon’s needy desire to broaden an otherwise “eye candy” fan-base of those not in-the-know by making her main social media profiles public again, Shannon’s intent that I see these 2 IG posts, the 1st that would warrant empathy & the 2nd, which would otherwise set me off had I let it, did not escape me.

But this was the final wake-up call I needed to see, that the cycle of Shannon’s toxic-gaming social media posts, including the one’s directed at me, would never end, as long as I continued to participate by reading them, reacting to any buttons on me she knew to push]. The day of her 2nd post, October 31st, 2018, I made the conscious decision to stop looking at anything Shannon Lone McDowell online cold-turkey, & start looking at my life as the glass being half-full, & I’ve happily never looked back.

Forgetting I’d signed-out of my browser in early 2019, an accidental query of the Rip-Off Report for any possible rebuttal-update, revealed a cyber-stalking victims forum site that (according to their “FAQs”) [IMO supposedly screened], & allowed Shannon to post a thread as a “cyber-stalking victim”, where she actually shared the link to the Rip-off Report on her, using my final ill-fated FB message to her that the U.S Coach had rightly stated I should not under any circumstances have made” (“CODA”), as a twisted means to claim I had contradicted myself by admitting I had become a cyber-stalker, though anyone reading the entire SHANNON’S “ANTI-CYBER-STALKING-BULLYING” CAMPAIGN/HOW TO “LET GO”?  section of this report, will understand the exact context of my message to her. [IMO Clearly no longer caring about continual violations of our contracted-confidentiality & how it would look professionally], she once again she shared the FB profile pic of me from the screen-cap with said message for all to see, & nearly spelled-out my entire name, using my first 2 initials & full last name. In looking at this thread a 2nd time only in light of making this 6-24-19 update, nothing has been masked or removed.

And in a slip of a promise to never mention anything about her to me again as per my request, upon giving me a Birthday Gift-Card my close friend E informed me he had been quite shocked & upset to have gotten another email from Shannon shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend on November 26th, 2018, where in essence she accused me of ruining her life; This, after E had already let Shannon know he was no longer acting as a go-between, & knew nothing of my filed Rip-Off Report. I asked E to refrain from forwarding the email to me.

However, these 2 early 2019 incidents were a confirmation that I had made the right choice [IMO, if Shannon is happy in her little world, even without having gotten the “proper medical treatment” as her former friend stated was needed for her to change], I sincerely wish her the peace & wellness she clearly seeks most for herself (27. Shannon on FB Final Saved Pic (10-22-18).


Having freed myself out from under Shannon’s online Aegis with a new positive outlook, I had resigned myself to life out of the car in San Diego for another few years, until a Section 8 Voucher due in 2020, gave me the golden ticket needed to afford a place. On April 1st, 2019, I got a FB message from a concerned friend who had kept in touch with me from when I was still in the family home under trust in 2016 before I was locked out, with a dream-offer to rent a small condo that he owned not far from where I once lived, well within my monthly disability budget. As of June 1st 2019, I became “Formerly Homeless In San Diego”! 

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#6 Author of original report


AUTHOR: Homeless in San Diego - (United States)

POSTED: Tuesday, October 16, 2018

ALL corresponding attachments.

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#5 Author of original report


AUTHOR: Homeless in San Diego - (United States)

POSTED: Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Legal Disclaimer & Notes (Updated 10-16-18): ALL statements & quotes either encased in [brackets], or following IMO= “In My Opinion”, or IPO= “In Person’s Opinion” are CONCLUSIONARY under U.S. & Canadian Law (“Damnum Absque Injuria”), some underlined for emphasis &/or proactively censored, & identities initialed, & certain details hidden for privacy. All uploaded photos, edited videos, & copied posts of Shannon presented here are publicly shared content under Facebook’s “Terms of Service" (formerly "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities"), & are numbered corresponding to the details mentioned in this report. Use of Shannon McDowell’s direct, public Instagram posted captions (no #hash tags), & any corresponding comments under said captions in quotes presented here defined as U.S. Copyright protected “Intellectual Property” under Instagram’s “Terms and Data Policy” (formerly “Terms of Service”), are allowed here for “criticism”, “comment”, or “news reporting” for non-profit as Fair Use exceptions under 17 U.S.C. § 107 - U.S. Code - Unannotated Title 17. Copyrights § 107. Limitations on exclusive rights; And as “4. Criticism” or “5. News Reporting” for non-profit as Fair Dealing exceptions under sections 29, 29.1 or 29.2 of the Copyright Act of Canada, and are NOT an infringement of copyright.


Not being excusable or defensive but fact of the matter IS for the big-hearted, particularly if they have Adult ADD, saying “letting go” & doing it are 2, entirely different things. Despite my previous promise not to update this already lengthy report based on [IMO Shannon's drama I would NOT fall into the same trap of wasting my time partaking in], I am now forced to do so because I failed miserably implementing my “No-Shannon Drama” vow. But [IMO as usual, Shannon Lone McDowell managed to top herself & my faux pas by committing THE MOST EGREGIOUS Life Coaching “don’t” she could a business coup de grâce for all of her own words & actions as reported here]. And though I choose to retain right of anonymity (such as that is, now), I am still quite embarrassed to reveal my own huge shortcomings, but must continue to accept liability on my-end to remain as fair as possible, & to enlighten.


As detailed through-out this Rip-Of Report, Shannon had several chances & ample room to end or resolve the Coaching relationship long before I filed the Report, the 1st & best during Shannon’s “un-plugging-period” between Oct.18th-Dec. 16th 2017, when me & my closest supporters had reached-out (‘HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL’ & QUESTIONS ANSWERED) . ANY overtures made towards Shannon either moving forward or ending things peacefully were ALL that either I, or anyone else in my place could’ve normally or reasonably done, coming close to the edge of my being demeaning, an emotionally exhaustive effort to win someone back-over who was supposed to help with MY well-being by massaging HERS. [IMO, her false, & never-explained accusation of violating her boundaries were a way to justify weaseling-out on me (& blocking me) to come-out smelling like a personal &/or professional rose, something she had ALWAYS managed to get away with others before she met her match with ME. Only her huge demanding ego, combined with her mentally-defective/physical issues, prevented this from occurring].

My corresponding PayPal payment note sent to comp Shannon when the trust funds were available prior to her “ranting-sequel” (SHANNON’S “HOLIDAY FEAST), was one such overture made to Shannon that [IMO ANY other Professional Life Coach of sound mind would have accepted to make a “Yes or No” decision].

Corresponding PayPal Note to Sl McDowell (12-20-17): “1st, I wanted to offer my apologies for my last emailed comment to you; it was a very dis-respectful and un-christian comment, sent in a moment of frustration.

2nd, this is the back-payment owed to you for Aug-Sept from the Trust funds with (J’s blessing), to settle accounts as per our iPad purchase verbal agreement for those active months of service. 3rd, for the record, I will waive the remaining difference owed from your $XX US converted paypal payment made earlier this week, so as to officially end the coach-client relationship on MY-End. 4th, during our estrangement, as with my 1st coach, my emotions were all over the map & at certain moments when I simply couldn't handle the pain, I proactively sought some answers as I had done with the coach when he un-friended me, but only to learn what unknown boundaries NOT to cross with you, should you have chosen to move forward with me. If this is somehow possibly related to what you were referring to at the end of your email to me, please specify via Gmail & I will verify & "own-up" IF needed, which I have always done with you when I've erred. I will wait until after Christmas to hear from you before proceeding with any planned actions, as I truly want for us to end things in good-standing & eliminate any anger or bitterness on both-ends (I was informed about a couple of your particular FB posts) to remember only the good that was done, & remain thankful- it is not too late. Sincerely, -D” (16.Corresponding Paypal Note to Sl McDowell (12-20-17).

Shannon’s unblocking me on her 2 public FB profiles when belatedly learning of my promotional efforts on IG was a nice gesture, but for me, it wasn’t enough; I felt her contacting me for peace & closure was the professional & decent thing for her to do. I had blocked Shannon on her 2 FB profiles prior to having the Rip-Off Report on her published, knowing that with her [IMO with her “toxic-gamer mind-set advanced FB settings skills (some that she taught me early on), she could absolutely do a mutual FB profiles blocking of ME; doing this would be a satisfaction-must]. However, defying all common-sense, Shannon didn’t block me on any other of her social media (including her FB Business Pages), something one would think she would do immediately in one fell-swoop, since ALL of her social media sites I knew of at the time were listed in this Report, & it was Linked-In where I found out about her “degree”. Did she honestly forget, or was this another one of her toxic-gaming tactics?


Upon completing the filed Report, after sharing the link with my most trusted FB & friends outside social media, including some in Europe prior to GDPR kicking- in (http://bit.ly/2zWMab4), I shared the link with 2 of her immediate family members in Calgary, A.B. via FB messenger, & one with her cousin (?) in Red Deer A.B. with a short intro in May (this was when Shannon finally learned of the Rip-Off Report). These messages were sincere ones voicing concern, along with an understanding  I expected no response & a request not to reveal any more info on Shannon because I already knew enough, ending the message with a promise to ALL that I would never contact them again, which I have kept. Other than the mentioned email I sent to Shannon ahead of filing the Report, & 3 texts to her by cell (unsure if Shannon has blocked me from her cell contacts), including a pic of a Native American with peace-pipe but no text, & a recent threat to file a Canadian BBB complaint if she did not reach-out for a resolution, I had NEVER contacted what looked to be any of Shannon’s other personal FB friends or direct contacts with the Rip-Off Report link unless they were mutual FB friends in the Canadian or U.S. Fitness industry, very well-known pros who ALL ignore her posts.

Just one day after my 5-25-18 Rip-off  Report update, in [IMO an attempt to prevent me from reaching out to her other FB friends/contacts to obtain more info (despite my not having done so since before filing the Report)], Shannon did a disclaimer post across all of her FB & IG social media pages, with the most incredibly false allegation, that I was a cyber-stalker (without mentioning the Rip-off Report), but of course, the Rip-off Report is what she was referring to:

Shannon McDowell aka- SlimMcD Physique Competitor FB Page Post (5-26-18) 7:30am: "Dear friends (written as “Facebook friends” on her 2 FB profiles)I have been dealing with a cyber-stalker who is escalating cyber-bullying and harassment. If ANY individual contacts you inquiring about me in any way, DO NOT ENGAGE HIM. These types ofindividuals feed off of attention both positive and negative to where they can become dangerous to others and themselves. These types of individuals will latch onto you if you give them attention.Please read the links on cyber-stalking and remember, these people can NOT be reasoned with."

1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberstalking 

2. https://archive.attn.com/stories/8800/the-difference-between-internet-creeping-and-stalking

3. https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

But after a next-day “cyber-stalker’ explanation post on 5-28-18, Shannon did a FB post sharing of a link to 7 Cups Therapy, indicating [IMO that she realized she had an issue she couldn't remedy herself] -https://www.7cups.com/ .

In early May, I posted a share of the Rip-Off Report link with a brief introduction on several Bodybuilding forums, including one that features some pics of Shannon. 2 weeks later on the same day as my update, someone who [IMO seemed suspiciously like Shannon with the user name of “Libra”] (Shannon’s sign),who joined the forum that very day, posted the below reply:

Forum Reply by “Libra” 5-25, 2018: “If you read that report carefully you will realize it is of a stalker trying to engage her attention and any kind of relationship and interaction with her, be it positive or negative. He had obviously posed himself as a potential client as a means to initiate any kind of relationship with her. All contact was terminated by her with him. Likely after her realizing what he was doing. None of his claims can be backed up and none of it is factual. Seems like this supposed “friend” of hers he talked to had been diiscommunicated by her as well and from what this friend supposedly said, it’s easy to see why. Not really worth a look. Bunch of bunk.” (17. Forum Reply by “Libra” 5-25-18).

[IMO, Shannon has been long used to doing this toxic-gaming with other people in her life, like her 2 mentioned ex’s, & former friend, moving on EACH TIME without fear of reprisal by those willing to remain quiet about the otherwise “beautiful, kind, & gifted Shannon McDowell” known to the public] particularly in the fitness world, where people live by a “Hush-Rule” not to reveal issues of others who “pick things up & put them down”, lest they be revealed for having their own issues, ones Shannon could be aware of to reveal as retribution. Only Forum-Trolls with alias ID’s, name names. I had broken this rule with my anonymously filed Report, feeling it necessary, & safe in having the confidentiality-clause in our Coaching contract; I was the very first person in Shannon’s life to have ever called-her out publicly, something she was not at all ready for & naturally she went ballistic.

But brilliant person she is, after an initial panicking, [IMO the 1st “Cyber-stalker” story done without elaborating on the source would have to suffice, her loyal family & friends would remain silent as per her wishes, & her core-base of “Eye Candy” fans not in-the-know, would continue singing her beautiful praises across her social media with “likes” for every posted selfie, while anything she else posted=”meh”]. I got some positive feedback from some of those I shared the Rip-Off Report link with & they also shared it, while others remained silent, in keeping with the “Hush- Rule.” Shannon has a BIG legal-edge in Canada, where she can sue former clients who file online complaints &/or share links to them about Shannon or her services without a “Burden of Proof” on Shannon’s part to show the defamatory info on her was indeed, false. See this 2017 feature on lack of consumer online review legal protection for Canadian citizens-http://bit.ly/2Qv4jC6.

Three, significant changes Shannon made early in the year, & one after learning of the Rip-Off Report:

1. 95% of her selfie-posts are now done via her main IG, where all content is legally protected & normally cannot be shared without a user’s consent, posting there with more frequency than she ever had previously, perhaps [IMO initially in an effort to make-up for lost time due to her ailments as she slowly rebuilt her lost muscle towards a competitive comeback. She actually used my “Eye Candy” comment in this Report & the “Pollyanna Glasses” comment I made to her in an assignment for her as an IG tag & caption, respectively;

2. Her changing physical looks aside from rebuilding muscle; cosmetically enhanced lips (thankfully not overdone), a deep tan, & a very silver mane of hair, both which made her look more like Donatella Versace in early shots, until she toned them down. The one constant are her iPhone selfies (with occasional “timer-selfies” as per my early PR suggestion), sometimes enhanced with short iMovie &/or Videoshop Video Editor Mp4 clips;

3. [IMO Once she learned of it, her post-Rip-Off Report IG selfie-posts were done additionally as a damage control tactic to “suppress the negative online content” of  more positive content https://brandyourself.com/blog/brand-yourselfcom/emergency-tactics-for-fixing-a-negative-search-result/]. However, she defeats the purpose of this protection by cross-sharing much of her posted IG content on her little-known but public FB “Slmbodybuilding in the fithouse” page named after her main website-https://www.facebook.com/shannonmcdowell.net/, which is why I can share most of her IG content here. (18. Shannon's slmbodybuilding in the fithouse 2018 ‘Changing Looks’ Collage/ Shannon McDowell FB & Online Changing Looks Montage- https://youtu.be/hlcG4rMvieo).

In my particular situation it remained HARD- I still yearned for the Shannon I had believed in & thought I’d known, who strongly emphasized accountability & integrity & [IMO would eventually reach-out for a resolution for professional reasons, or out of guilt & remorse.] After-all, she cut me off without a “professional dis-engagement” email/letter, despite stating that she was “ending this coaching relationship” after my “mystery illness” comment, about-faced with a “no-contact” edict for the remainder of the year (THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL), cruelly dragging things out nearly 2 months before refunding most of my payments along with an B.S. accusatory email after blocking me on her FB profiles with an extended “no-contact” through the end of January 2018 (see SHANNON’S “HOLIDAY FEAST”), ignoring pleas from me & my supporters; continued to either to play me or intended to teach me a lesson with her blatantly attacking emails from a distance, implying an assignment request as if she were still acting as an active Life Coach, leaving me to end the relationship (THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON’T THEY?). I DID look up those particular terms she wrote for my own education, but only SHE could say how they relate to ME.

Except for the U.S. Coach & an IFBB Pro Canadian FBB friend, I could no longer reach out to my other staunchest online supporters online, who had assumed I let it go months ago when I should have, or my offline supporters who had known nothing of the filed Report except my close friend E in light of Shannon’s desperate email to him (See Shannon's Two Responses To The Filed Rip-Off Report On Her, 5-25-18; 1. Email From S.L. McDowell to D's Close friend "E" (5-22-18)). Later I confessed to my young business friend when HE brought-up Shannon, who had earlier forewarned me that any online filed complaint would end up being a “he said/she said” mess, & based on his “succeed-on-your-own-without-complaint” Korean-American upbringing, felt it would also make me look wimpy. After telling E to simply let Shannon know he was unaware of anything, I’ve maintained my promise NOT to mention her to him again (the pending project originally intended as Shannon’s B-Day gift has been renamed). But I wasn’t completely blind to the underlying fact that continuing to follow Shannon’s online postings was NOT healthy towards my letting go, that I needed some guidance. Based on a recent merger, I started re-attending the church my family had gone to for the 1st time since in my teens before my parents’ divorce, & they have been quite supportive. So I first looked to my church pastor for guidance, whose spouse just happens to be a former bodybuilder. The pastor’s suggestions of “self-forgiveness & “finding peace with one-self without the other’s input” were a good start, but away from church-support most of the week, it was all too easy for me to eventually slip back into the same, bad habit.

Now at this point, readers would scratch their heads at BOTH Shannon AND me. As for myself, try to understand the mind-set of a still-broken homeless 58 year old man on a fixed, disability income with issues who had approached Shannon for help; going back to a car each evening that he called-home, struggling to find shelter in an expensive city like San Diego he’d known most of his life, along with other local homeless who far outnumber the available resources; one who had been under the daily aegis of someone so stunning & intensely influential like Shannon Lone McDowell, who had promoted valuable ideals & provided useful tools he still uses daily towards rebuilding his life, but actually added to his issues in-the-end at the point of a break-through. With my life pretty much unchanged with no working-compass, the cathartic effect the filed Rip-Off Report had on me quickly wore-off, & I found myself slowly but surely following Shannon’s posts on her other social media again on a regular basis instead of moving on.

But Shannon's subsequent posts (see 2 below), [IMO created the false impression that she was slowly but surely making an effort to address her issue & was getting better, giving me hope she would eventually reach out to me to professionally to strike a peace to resolve the matter]. These posts included her usual philosophical/philanthropic ones, shares, & photo/video selfie-posts that even revealed an occasional smile, making her seem otherwise [IMO "normal"], & there were no further posts that referenced me. Towards this end, I chose not to continue sharing the filed Report to anyone, with an intention to just follow Shannon occasionally to see how things went, as I still DID care about this woman & her well-being, hoping for the best.

1. Shannon on FB (6-7-18):I evolved into a better version of myself realizing during the very moment I need to voice my concerns and feel scared, I will instead ask questions to understand the situation as best I can.  With the answers given I can then effectively communicate my intent of harmony and how a clarified situation can be met and what I need. “To be understood, first seek to understand.”

2. Shannon on FB (6-16-18):  “I can seriously root all my struggles back and be explained by the wisdom in this book ('The Power of The Other' by Henry Cloud). It also gave me the clear cut solutions to them. This is a MUST READ if you are the type of person who learned a little too much to only rely on yourself.Once again, I ignored a red flag that this was still a "self-help book", though it encourages one to reach out to others for help. (19. Shannon on FB Page 'I Evolved Into A Better Version of Myself…’/’I can seriously root’ Collage 6-18).

The only other red-flag that appeared, was while Shannon had changed her main Linked-In info to show the correct years she attended College post- Rip-Off Report, her profile pic now revealed a MADT BFA at Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management obtained in only 2 years (2004-2006) !!! The FB ACAD rep I had messaged in late 2017 directed me to their newly designed site (https://www.acad.ca/degrees-programs/bachelors-degrees/bfa/media-arts), & not only is the BFA degree program for “Media Artsonly, based on the structure alone, there is simply NO PRACTICAL WAY for any student there to obtain a BFA in 2 years, not even for a “genius-level” student that Shannon [IMO indicated she was to be able to accomplish such a thing]. (20. Shannon McDowell's Updated Linked-in Educational Background Excerpt (6-26-18).

With things seemingly status-quo with Shannon, I temporarily re-focused my efforts to transferring my professional work from the iPad5 Shannon had me buy, to a re-furbed bare Dell Laptop my young business friend had found for me on eBay so I could install my Win. 7 discs, more options for low-income housing, & finally selling the expensive classic car I lived in under the trust for a used, more reliable one.

Though I assumed Shannon not blocking me on other social media was a quiet gesture towards striking a peace between us down-the-line, I didn’t dare risk “liking” any of her social media posts. The first sign I had possibly made the wrong assumption followed my discovery that Shannon had maintained the mutual FB blocking when I chose to unblock her on one of her FB profiles in early August as a goodwill gesture, despite her fairly positive posts indicating she may be ready to slowly heal things with me. And when I looked at one of her 2 “IG profile stories” where one can see who is following them, something I was not aware of at the time, shortly afterwards she blocked me from both her IG accounts. I was equal parts shocked, livid, & dumbfounded, [IMO either Shannon was so dead-set on mutually blocking me on her 2 FB profiles, she’d simply forgotten to follow through with blocking me on all her other social media, or again, this was part of her toxic-gaming plan to mess with my head & set me off more each time with her incremental blocking, which seems to make better sense, at least in her world].

Either way, there had been no gesture towards an eventual peace as I’d assumed. What I never revealed here, is that I have a 2nd non-fitness FB profile Shannon simply forgot about my writing to her of (she also has a 3rd private non-fitness profile), anyone can follow a public IG profile without having an account or logging in via a browser (except for IG profile stories) something I learned only recently. & I could still follow posts via her combined social media updates on her Twitter, somewhat ignoring the memo Shannon did not want me following her on social media, even though all of my accounts were legit.

But these events were an initial real kick-in-the-head for me to put away my defensive-excuses & finally start shaking Shannon loose & I really tried, particularly when Shannon did a post [IMO revealing in that she had not really been changing, NOevolving into a better version of herself, or a “rooting” of her “struggles, things were same-o same-o]. In my 2nd pdf assignment to Shannon, I’d suggested she do a Video-Blogging comeback while she rebuilt her physique towards a return to the competitive stage for PR; But [IMO, along with her own emailed/texted words, it has been Shannon’s emotionally-charged publicly posted rants (many that are subsequently removed) that reveal her true-self & have gotten her into trouble], something she is keenly aware of:

Shannon on IG-Caption Only (8-6-18): “Yes, blogging has crossed my mind, but wondering if that would actually be a good idea for a rant-predisposed person like me.” These rants began to rear their ugly head again starting with this post, the first of 3 disturbing ones done across her social media accounts indicating [IMO she had dealt with friends who had seemingly betrayed her by conferring with each other about her after she had been conferring with them.]

Slmbodybuilding in the fithouse FB 8-30-18”: “I had paper doll friends when I fell into a lake” She continued with the 2nd & most disturbing poem-post below, along with an equally disturbing mp4 collage of her face the next day, the poem she later edited out after the word, “truth amplified”:

Slmbodybuilding in the fithouse FB 8-31-18ENCORE!! Fear removed, truth amplified-“It’s all a pretty lie, Until it’s time to die; The habit of alive, tears shed, without the cry; Words worn amongst a bib, all lack replies to give;Eyes erase the fib, force fed through a goodbye; The paper doll friends are forever at my wake; It wasn’t a mistake I fell into the lake. I swim myself to sleep each night, Give or take." A few days of social media silence was broken with her 3rd rant, a FB posting of a video clip of a snake, with Shannon’s caption “AKA ex-friendssssssss”. The Video caption quote: “Be careful who you vent to. A listening ear can also be a running mouth” (21. Shannon Slmbodybuilding in the fithouse & FB 'paper doll Friends-Friendsss' Collage).

[IMO it seems that these “paper doll friends/friendsss” were simply concerned for Shannon’s well-being, either in light of the effect of the Rip-Off Report or her issues that they knew of, & were more comfortable taking the risk to let her know their concerns & also discuss it among themselves, despite facing Shannon’s explosive wrath when she learned of it; Shannon had tightened her already stringent privacy even more upon reading the Rip-Off Report & had angrily bitten the heads off the institutions I had contacted with inquiries, sources I could not protect. This was the reason the ACAD rep I contacted again would only refer me to the BFA programs link instead of making another official” statement” about the existence of Shannon’s so-called, “MADT BFA degree in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management”].


I continued following Shannon’s updates, still more in denial than not. But when she blocked me on Twitter a few weeks later after updating her profile there, this was when I snapped. I recalled the one FB friend of Shannon’s from Calgary who had commented on her FB post about her [IMO bogus claim of suffering from her “invisible illness” (See Shannon's Two Responses To The Filed Rip-Off Report On Her, 5-25-18 -2. Original FB "Disclaimer" Post by Shannon McDowell (5-24-18)]. In my frustration I impulsively messaged this friend, along with a share of the filed Rip-Off Report, ignoring my common-sense that ANY close friend of Shannon’s who didn’t know ME would immediately let HER know. I did this just one day prior to an online counseling session I’d requested with the U.S. Coach who had made inquiries about Shannon in late 2017 confirming Shannon’s former friends’ info to me; with her frank nature & equal loyalty to the many female competitors she personally knew of, she had also felt my filed Report on Shannon was more useful for MY own cathartic benefit than necessary, despite my suicide threat. With her own Life coaching & mediation experience, I wanted her advice on how to “let go” in regards to Shannon, increasingly aware at this point what I was doing was unhealthy & inappropriate in light of Shannon’s continual blocking of me. When the friend let Shannon know of my message later that day, this set Shannon off on an 6-day false “Anti Cyber-Stalking\Bullying” campaign blitzkrieg rage against me across all of her social media, an extension of her earlier accusation. She even changed the name of her FB page (Shannon McDowell - National level WPD-Certified PTS), so people would be drawn to the profile pic embedded with her slogan, “NO MORE CYBERBULLING- CYBER BULLIES TRY TO SHAME YOU INTO SILENCE. DO NOT TOLERATE THIS. TAKE ACTION AND PROTECT WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU, YOU!!

This initial PR engagement tactic worked, with Shannon getting over 367 likes & 80 shares (though no one of note in the fitness industry). Her campaign began with a short post about my message to her friend on 9-17-18, removed the next day, with a longer version posted the day after (shared across her various social media) including my message to her friend, using my initials, & for the 1st time, Shannon alluded to the filed Rip-Off Report (without naming the site), in a strong attempt to blow me, the link to the Report, & the site itself OFF, going as far as to imply that the link was also a key-logging/virus!! She even created a Gmail for people to message her directly with info,  (STOPTHISCYBERABUSE@GMAIL.COM). Shannon subsequently refined these Cyber-Stalker/Bully posts, but neglected to go back to edit or remove the earlier ones to match-up, which [IMO not only reveals her pattern of deception, but also her defective mental reasoning (clear to most after the initial post), as NO Canadian or U.S. fitness industry people liked or shared these posts except maybe 2 on IG, along with a couple of loyal friends , mostly her “Eye Candy” fans, who of course commented on Shannon’s pics, NOT on her cause”. Despite her extensive online graphic-editing skills, this task also HAD to be emotionally & physically taxing for Shannon to even do, quickly depleting her “Toxic-Gaming” feedbag].


Shannon on FB-Extended Re-Post (9-19-18): "Any kind of stalking and harassment to attempt to control, harm, or intimidate another person is a menacing form of potentially dangerous aggression. It is in no way an expression of love or caring. I refuse to enable or buy into a “confused” person’s reasoning to behave in such a way that is destructive to both themselves and all other parties involved. I hope you will refuse also.

The following is an example of abnormal stalking and harassment behaviour I have been dealing with for almost a year now.  It doesn’t stop. If you have received ANY similar contacts by this person with the initials D. ( ), please forward them to me so I can file additional criminal reports on him. Cyber harassment and cyber-bullying is a criminal offence in most regions of Canada and the USA.  I have spoken to the police in the area this individual lives and they will happily take action as more reports are made. This will also protect any future “targets” from being harmed and harassed from this person as well. 

I AM NOT THE FIRST, and this person gets more out of control and destructive each time. He is a master at making you feel sorry for him and feigning innocence. I fell for all this as well!!  Do NOT let him try to turn you against people and cause unwarranted, manufactured drama. Think carefully about his intentions and what his actions are saying, not his “words”. This kind of unhealthy, obsessive stalking behaviour usually only worsens over time without external help:

RECENT EXAMPLE within THE LAST FEW DAYS Less than 24 hours after I BLOCKED another of his accounts AGAIN on SOCIAL MEDIA. : KEY POINT:  THIS IS ABNORMAL, UNHEALTHY OBSESSIVE BEHAVIOUR. (Think about it. Would you ever do something like this????) (I’ve restored a couple of things in the message that Shannon edited out):

‘ “Dear J,  I am the so-called "cyber-stalker" that your friend Shannon McDowell referred to few months ago on all of her social media to downplay things; but I assure you I am NO stalker, just a former client who filed a legit complaint against her in March.

After so many months with no resolution & based on what I was told she posted that specific people such as yourself commented on, (she has blocked me on all her social media), I just felt you should know the truth that she and her immediate family members living in Calgary have been trying to cover up for years, & I never made any more inquiries than was done before I filed the Report online, requesting to those I contacted not to reveal any more than was necessary based on my one question. The Report is quite lengthy but if you take some time to read through it, you will see that I presented things in as fair & un-whitewashed a manner as possible-I was devastated by how things turned out because I only saw the kind, professional & caring side of Shannon before she turned & cut me off, was like dealing with 2 different people. I have been informed that since the Report was posted, there have been longtime friends of Shannon's aware of it that have been more willing to discuss the matter directly with her & others at the risk of her wrath, despite only having her best interests at heart. I have only shared this privately with select people in the Canadian fitness industry, but clearly word has gotten around. –D.” ‘

“ PS- (This individual sent the above bizarre smear campaign to a friend I have had since I was 9. He has also sent many of these to a lot of my contacts. In this instance, my life-long friend and I have no idea what “family secret  (I wrote “truth”) he is even talking about, what “friends” he is talking about (I was informed by reading of the “paper doll/ex-friendsss”) and the 80 PAGE Report (who even has time to do this?) (Answer: A Homeless person with way too much time on his hands! And it’s was only about a 40 page Report prior to this update) was a bunch of obsessive disjointed thoughts posted on an obscure, shady website that defames people for profit by charging them to remove it.” (This cyber-stalker/harasser never had any real intention on becoming a client.  It was just a rouse, just like his heart breaking stories—— to gain sympathy and attention”, and to “establish contact” without merit - and was immediately cut off when he acted inappropriate and abusive.)

Thank you for your time reading this and if you can assist in any way to stop this toxicity, I appreciate it."

Finally I woke-up to the fact that I was in a gray-area where I could be construed as being on-the-verge of Cyber-Bullying, regardless that my accounts following her were legit, because I knew at that point Shannon didn’t really want me to [IMO, providing her otherwise bogus campaign with its only grain of truth]. With the message angrily sent to her friend, I had lost focus on the objective of striking a peace with Shannon by trying to force it. So the next day I was ready to completely submit to the U.S. Coach when we had our online session, & while she was much more brutal & blunt than usual, she HAD to be:

Excerpts From U.S. Coach’s Session With D on Shannon 9-18-18D, [IPO your rip-off report was accurate but also seems slyly vindictive & vengeful at times, & IMO not necessary for anyone’s well-being but yours]. It is her issue not yours. Your advances and feelings are unwanted and unrequited…You are bordering on being an obsessive cyber stalker…. [IPO She was a bad life coach because of her issues], but she actually owes you nothing or am I missing something?”

As stated in the Report, Shannon “technically” shortchanged me one month’s payment I waived towards making peace with her as a means of a resolution, & the coaching relationship ended prematurely long before the one-year mark as contracted. But there’s no question Shannon went way outside the contract to help me when an active life-coach. So I would have to agree with the U.S. Coach she would really owe me nothing based on the extra services provided, & [IMO any small claims court here, or in Canada, would probably concur].

D: “I was caregiver to my mom the last 8 years of her life 24/7, and my Dad for his final years with dementia, caring for and about others is what brings me the most happiness, that's just me. If I had been up in Vancouver, I would have been making soup for Shannon, lol! I can be like a picky mother hen, but I do it because I care, & like to "fix things".

U.S. Coach: “Yes, not her… Even though your intentions may be honorable it is no longer your circus, no longer your monkey… You are broken.  You must fix you first. You are attempting to help the world from an actual and perceived position of personal weakness-You have too much time outside of the real world on your hands.

Leave her alone. Her problems are none of your concern nor are her illnesses, or how she makes a living… You developed a crush, then an obsession on your life coach…  You don't need a life coach nor resolution. She fulfilled her contract to you and [IPO when you became too much for her she tried to back away, “citing ailments”.]

I don't mean to be difficult with you… but you need purpose. Pursue your church pastor and the congregation for salvation in the real world, not for help understanding Shannon.

SO HOW DO YOU LET GO? ...You need stability and something to occupy your time and give you a purpose.  Anything would be better than nothing, even volunteer work. That is the extent of what I can offer as advice... I wish you all the luck in the world. One more piece of advice: don’t ever mention Shannon’s name as encouragement or excuse again.”

I really wanted to follow the U.S Coach’s advice to a tee; but the DNA of my care-giving big heart got in the way of my common-sense again, as I felt Shannon was at least entitled to a closing message for comfort in that I would no longer be pursuing the matter or following her online; so that same evening after the session I unwisely tweaked some of the advice a bit by sending Shannon a sincere message before planning on following through on the rest, the 2nd such message that came back to BITE ME HARD:

D’s Message to Shannon on her FB Page (9-18-18): Dear Shannon, I won't file a complaint with the BBB, or share the Rip-Off Report with anyone else. After yesterday, I realized things had reached an unjustifiable unhealthy point, and I was becoming exactly what you accused me of and I was ashamed. You won't have to block me anywhere else, I absolutely promise to let it all go, leave it and you alone, and move on, take care.


This message was un-read for a couple of days, & worried I chose to tell the U.S. Coach what I had done; needless to say, SHE WAS LIVID:

From U.S. Coach on Messenger (9-20-18):“My advice was to leave her alone and never contact her, speak of her, or look at her social media again. You blatantly ignored that advice. Even for supposedly good intentions. You are entitled to live your life anyway you see fit and solicit advice and then disregard it. I am entitled to extend my counsel to those most inclined to benefit from it.”                                       

While I had blown things with the U.S Coach, I saw Shannon had read the FB page message later that evening of the 20th; so I felt at least Shannon might quietly accept this as I hoped, & things would be resolved for us both to move on. However, based Shannon’s shocking FB profile posted rant the next day, I could NOT have been MORE WRONG:

From Shannon on FB-Rant w/ Screen-cap of D in Reference Message on Her FB Page (9-21-18): "Oh h*ll no, you are not getting off THAT easy after all this unfounded abuse, defaming and slander. What makes you think your behaviour is any less wrong than physically assaulting someone? You premeditated for months this whole thing in an attempt to cause as much damage as possible on something based on a demented obsession that has nothing to do with reality or real events. A PUBLIC APOLOGY - 100% ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ALL OF THIS INCLUDING OFFICIAL APOLOGIES TO THE INSTITUTIONS YOU CONTACTED. AS WELL AS CALLING OUT THE FEW FRENEMIES INVOLVED AND THEIR CONTRIBUTING DIRTY WORK ON WHAT THIS REALLY WAS ABOUT.....THEIR CHANCE TO EXONERATE THEMSELVES HAS LAPSED. NONE OF THIS WITCH HUNT WAS EVER ABOUT ME IN THE FIRST PLACE. YOU FIX ALL OF THIS!! That is the ONLY thing that will stop me from filing all these criminal reports and there will be more than enough for serious consequences. Police officers are targeted for abuse and harassment as well, and they are very empathetic about situations like this, especially the ones I talked to in San Diego."  YIKES!!!

[IMO Finally realizing this was another over-the-top-rant on her part, one of her worst] after 2 days, she re-edited the post:

From Shannon on FB-Re-edited Post w/ Screen-cap of D in Reference His Message on Her FB Page D now removed  (9-22-18):I changed this post to say what I realized since first posting it: Abuse shouldn’t be taken lightly. Especially if you are the one experiencing it. Neither should serious attacks aimed at you outside of normal emotional reactions. Someone who is capable of hideous pre-meditated assaults with the aim to harm you as much as possible is not likely going to have integrity. Don’t expect it. Protect yourself.  Know your rights. Know their weaknesses. Do what you gotta do.”

However, having removed any sign of my messaged promise to let go, Shannon ramped-up her campaign, refining it even more along the way:

Shannon on Slmbodybuilding in the fithouse (9-22-18): “I have a cyber-stalker harassing me trying to defame me because I blocked him. He initially posed as an online client but became inappropriate and abusive, ending contact. If you were contacted and sent anything please forward it to me so I can file a police report on it. The more I get, the faster proper legal action is going to be taken. I’d appreciate any help. Thank you. If you can share this post, please do.”

3 Posts Under The Same photos- Shannon on Slmbodybuilding in the fithouse (9-22-18): 1. “I’m sure there are others targeted before me. No one is going to bully me and neither should they bully you!!” 2. “Anti bullying 100%”. 3.”Third time is a charm when grammar is concerned. Zero tolerance to online bullying.”

Shannon on Slmbodybuilding in the fithouse - Anti-Cyber-Stalker-Bully Instructions & Comments (9-23-18) :

Shannon Mcdowell “Send screenshots of anything he sent as DM to this page, or to the email address above. No attachments please, and DONT CLICK on any links in his message. If you already have,

1. change your password

2. log out of all your devices

3. go do a security check on your account using fb prompts”

Shannon McDowell - National level WPD-Certified PTS on FB- Anti-Cyber-Stalker-Bully Instructions & Comments (9-23-18):

Shannon Mcdowell “ Please send screen shots of what he has sent you to either my fb DM or to this email address:


no attachments please.

If you clicked on his message link reset your fb password just in case.

1. Reset password

2. Do security check with fb prompts

3. Log out of all devices

4. Log back in with new password


Eye Candy” Fans Comments:

(9-27-18) “I Love You

(9-27-18) “You're so very sexy”.

(9-27-18) “Sweet.”

(9-28-18) “I would like u for lunch.”

Note: Shannon “liked” the first 3 comments, & didn’t block the dis-respectful “hungry” FB friend!

Shannon scaring people into an unnecessary FB security check & password reset, is particularly OUTRAGREOUS.

Shannon’s reply to a posted comment on slmbodybuilding IG (9-23-18): “thank you for your comment and I tried not reacting for over a year and he kept getting worse. These kinds of things don’t come with manuals but after you are constantly attacked every day you get to the point. He isn’t thinking properly he is acting on an obsessive compulsion to get me to talk to him. It’s bullying. It’s beyond bullying. No one should have to up with it. It isn’t moral. It isn’t healthy. It isn’t right. He shouldn’t be able to get away with it and as soon as he published his Report that is OVER 100 PAGES LONG, he broke the law. … And him sending links to said Report is breaking the law again. If I get enough reports filed (with photo evidence) the police will give him one cease and desist and then arrest him."

Naturally quite upset & feeling a right to break my promise,I sent a short message with a link to the Report to 4 of the most popular IG profile followers of Shannon’s who liked one of her “Anti Cyber-Stalker/Bully posts, where only one quickly replied that people like me “Disgusts” him, & that he would be sending Shannon the requested screen-shot before he blocked me & privatized his profile; clearly, this “AskHugeJuiceHead” (not his real profile name) didn’t even click on the link, otherwise [IMO he would’ve remained as silent as Shannon’s family & close friends have]. As of this update, the following is Shannon’s last Anti-Cyber-Stalker-Bully post story directly referencing ME, refined from all the previous posts to cover any holes. I can only share the caption, since she posted exclusively on IG:

Shannon on IG-Caption Only (9-26-18): shannon.mcdowell.fithouse: Be ready to meet my cyberbully/stalker. He enjoys screening my accounts throughout the day every day to contact anyone who likes or comments on my photos. He is blocked so he likely has alias accounts but his initials are D.    ( ).He contacted me initially for wellness coaching and explained his very dire life circumstances which I felt sorry for. He is very good at getting people’s sympathy. After a couple assignments he refused to participate in any more while demanding more contact. He became hostile and abusive with unrealistic expectations of me so I rightfully cut contact. It escalated to where I blocked him, which enraged him. He does not respect or acknowledge social boundaries.

What he is doing if he contacts you, is illegal and it is feeding his stalking/harassing obsession more. He has written a defaming Report of over 100 pages and published it online which he is using now to harass my friends and family with. This is also a criminal offence. If you get a defaming message from him, please take a screen shot and send it to me via DM or at STOPTHISCYBERABUSE@GMAIL.COM. I’m filing police reports for each instance to stop this guy for good. His previous coach also terminated contact with him over anger and boundary issues. He is likely doing this to other women as well. He is getting worse, and it’s a year later. He will not stop. If you can help me with this I would appreciate it. Thank you.” (22.Shannon Cyber-Bullying Banners & FB Comments (9-23-18).


In-between her campaigning posts, she did a short un-related post on her FB, but [IMO staying in top “Shannon-form”]:

Shannon McDowell - National level WPD-Certified PTS on FB-(9-28-18) 1:26 AM: I had an odd discussion with someone today, on whether or not the whole concept of CPR is a form of co-dependency...[IMO No need to wonder just WHO brought up this discussion...].


At THIS point, I must accept FULL LIABILITY on my-end for having kicked what had otherwise been a dormant Hornet’s nest with Shannon & would have simply moved on without doing another update. I must also admit she had effectively shaken-me-up. But along with her posted rant, toxic-gamer Shannon fumbled away her “Home Field Advantage” by committing THE BIGGEST BREACH (“don’t”) she ever could have as a Coach, & the reason I felt thisRip-Off Report update was warranted: Shannon posted a screen-shot of my message, along with my FB profile photo & name, a blatant VIOLATION OF THE “CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE” IN OUR CONTRACT!! This was quite the additional shock to me, considering the fact that I had strongly emphasized to Shannon that “confidentiality” was crucial before she made up our contract:

From Shannon on FB Messenger to D (4-27-17): … “I take my clients privacy very seriously, so neither you nor those involved in your life need ever be concerned of anything said beyond the given conversation.” [IMO “Very seriously”, unless a former client p*sses her off!!]

She left the screen-shot up on her FB profile along with the rant for 2 full days for all to see before she finally removed both & re-edited her post; but whether one, a few, or all of her FB profile friends saw my pic & name during this time, the damage was done, though this helped me regain my composure to fight-back. Still, I was leery of doing an update with this that would provide Shannon with one more burst of Drama-fuel, so I chose to wait a week to see if she would stop & if not I would block her on her 2 FB pages, stop viewing her IG profile via my browser, & just move on as promised; but that was before Shannon crossed-the-line with her 9-26-18 Anti-Cyber-Stalker/Bully IG post directed at ME, sealing her own fate. (23. THE BREACH).

[IMO Having sensed a dry-milking of her drama using me, as of this update Shannon now alternates between regular selfie-posts with posts on the same subject with sub-topics indirectly referencing me across her social media, such as the below posts, cross-shared with her FB pages:

Shannon on Slmbodybuilding in the fithouse-“Toxicity” (10-5-18): ‘“She was more invested in plumbing the extremes than warning how to avoid them. That animal part of us, it’s the most interesting part,”’ the author, Leïla Slimani, told The New Yorker in a recent interview. ‘“It’s everything that has to do with drives, with things we can’t stop ourselves from doing, with all the spaces where we’re unable to reason with ourselves. It has its dark side, but there’s a luminous side, too….”’ “Why are people so hard? Our modern day high standard living has left us all open to be preyed on more by each other. IDLENESS IS EVIL. That is the real danger these days, the real threat to our health and well-being. If you think toxic people and toxic environments are not taking plenty from you, think again. Just because you can’t literally see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.......take care of yourself and minimize ANY kind of toxicity around you as much as possible.” She actually changed her IG profile name to “sendscreenshothere”!! (24a. Shannon on IG & Slmbodybuilding in the fithouse Screen-Shot ‘Toxicity’).

Shannon on IG-Caption Only-“Gossip” (10-7-18): sendscreenshothere.Gossip has its place as an evolutionary benefit to society, but you are conducting yourself in a sociopathic manner if you are using it as a vehicle to promote yourself at the undue expense of another. Don’t kid yourself. The rules of the playground you learned as a kid still applies to you as an adult online. In fact, even more so!!

Hard-Boiled Egghead that Shannon is, I had hoped there might be an effort by her immediate family to use my public Report as encouragement to Shannon to seek proper treatment based on my concerned-message with the Rip-off Report link share, particularly her Mother. But I should have known I was up against a thick, impenetrable wall of quiet protective-support; During my research towards creating the now renamed tribute for Shannon, I learned of Calgary’s (aka “Cowtown”) strong Scottish roots & the corresponding clannish nature of the families there who emphasize protecting one’s own more than the norm, even when one breaks from the immediate-clan as Shannon has by living in Vancouver, which made the 1st part of following post by Shannon, ironic & intriguing to me:

Slmbodybuilding in the fithouse FB- 'Resolution' (10-7-18): "People project emotional issues onto others in a subconscious attempt to work through them. This is destructive. The resolution happens when we can “hold space” for each other instead". Shannon McDowell - National level WPD-Certified PTS on FB-“Gossip” (10-7-18)- Borrowed Eusophi.com Excerpts Embedded in photo: ‘”Groups help us survive. Early humans who stuck together had the best chance of living long and raising offspring. Being expelled from a group and its protection was a death sentence. well-functioning groups helps us survive, and we are wired to protect them from deviants. Gossip is a highly efficient control mechanism for that purpose. The Darker side of gossip shows when people use it to enhance their own status in a group at the expense of others.”’ “If people use gossip for their own selfish benefit at the expense of another, IT IS SOCIOPATHIC BEHAVIOUR. PERIOD!! From an evolutionary perspective, it’s beneficial use is to deter people from being antisocial in a group. used in a way to bolster oneself or harm another without just cause that effects the group is antisocial and abuse of its power. http://www.eusophi.com/the-functions-of-gossip/(24b. Shannon McDowell- National level WPD-Certified PTS on FB-'Gossip-Resolution' (10-7-18)).

Shannon can rightly attribute my messaging & sharing the Rip-Off Report to her childhood friend as a form-of-gossip, unnecessary & done out of anger, & that resolution should NOT be forced, & as applied, my act was NOT an expression of love or caring.  But she has NO right to bastardize that one act to create a disingenuous anti-Cyber-Stalker-Bully campaign against me as a consumer based on a Report on her she knows is 100% accurate, of which the majority of gossip is inaccurate-http://goingbyfaith.com/types-of-gossip/ . Gossip is another form of defamation being among the campaign allegations that Shannon has accused me of, something that for those who don’t really understand the meaning of these loosely used terms, would simply take them on the face-value Shannon is counting on, the reason I felt compelled to focus on them in detail, below.


Remember that this Rip-Off Report is a filed consumer complaint about the bad practices of a business, namely that of SLMBODYBUILDING-FITHOUSE & said business owner, Shannon McDowell, aka SlimMcD. OVERALL, Shannon (to put it as politely as possible), is simply talking through her glutes with her misuse of the legal terms, & [IMO either did not do her legal homework, or is simply distorting things to suit her typical need for sympathy.] If I developed “unrealistic expectations” of her services, that was due in-part, to my situation; but look at how she promotes herself to people!!


I WAS a client of Shannon’s with a signed, one-year contract  I did 5 assignments, the last one done after she cut me off (HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL’ & QUESTIONS ANSWERED). Based on Life Coaching “don’t” no. 2 as stated in SHANNON’S “HOLIDAY FEAST”, I was free to accept or decline anything that was offered from her, with no stipulation for her to cut me off or end the coaching relationship prematurely, all stated in the contract. (25. Coaching Agreement Between Client D & Shannon-Redacted (5-3-17). 


Early on in our coaching relationship, Shannon complimented me on my eloquent writing skills, neither of us aware at the time I would be forced to use them against her later on. My church pastor paid me the very same compliment after reading through the Report over a few weeks period, saying he became “engrossed while reading it”, & invited me to contribute to the weekly church bulletin. Due to what I knew would be its extended length, I combined all of my research & creative-writing skills to create a chronological & accurate, but also “good read” Report with chapters to maintain reader’s interest, which I feel I accomplished to Shannon’s detriment, the reason why she doesn’t want people to read this Report & is trying to turn people off by exaggerating its length & “obsessive disjointed thoughts”. [IMO Whether in a couple of hours or over a period of time, ANY ONE who reads this Report in its entirety & attachments will get the gist of both Shannon & myself enough to make a fair decision, even Shannon’s supporters, who will of course remain silent to her about having done so. And in case she leans on the length again, Shannon’s own statements & actions take-up over 80% of the additional pages of this latest Report update, which will now end up being around a total of 55 pages, though there are actually unnumbered as seen online.

While the very well-known Rip-Off Report site cannot be all things to everyone, they have very stringent guidelines on what content can & cannot be posted, & if I had filed anything inappropriate it would NOT have been approved or worse been redacted, of which there are many examples of such reports here (https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/dr-james-m-sambs/san-diego-california-92103/dr-james-m-sambs-ripoff-report-warns-of-perceived-questionable-content-kicked-out-of-the-1076304). And like other U.S. websites, Rip-Off Report is protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_230_of_the_Communications_Decency_Act. They DO NOT charge people to have negative content removed; removal could only be done in correspondence with a successful court-action against the claimant who filed a Report after proving the content was false.


Criminal Harassment (Canada).  (Legal equivalent of Stalking under Canadian Law, which is not specified by name) Canadian Criminal Code 264 (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46.).

264 (1) No person shall, without lawful authority and knowing that another person is harassed or recklessly as to whether the other person is harassed, engage in conduct referred to in subsection (2) that causes that other person reasonably, in all the circumstances, to fear for their safety or the safety of anyone known to them.

Marginal note: Prohibited conduct

(2) The conduct mentioned in subsection (1) consists of

(a) repeatedly following from place to place the other person or anyone known to them;

(b) repeatedly communicating with, either directly or indirectly, the other person or anyone known to them;

(c) besetting or watching the dwelling-house, or place where the other person, or anyone known to them, resides, works, carries on business or happens to be; or

(d) engaging in threatening conduct directed at the other person or any member of their family.

See Criminal Harassment under the Canadian Criminal Code: http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-46/section-264.html 


“New Age of Cyber Bullying”-http://www.mondaq.com/canada/x/727084/Social+Media/The+New+Age+Of+Cyberbullying

Civil Harassment (California).

-Unlawful violence, like assault or battery or stalking, OR

-A credible threat of violence, AND

-The violence or threats seriously scare, annoy, or harass someone and there is no valid reason for it.

Stalking (California). California Criminal Penal Code § 646.9. Stalking.

(2008). (a) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or willfully and maliciously harasses another person and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family is guilty of the crime of stalking, punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year, or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment, or by imprisonment in the state prison.

See the SHouse Law Group Site’s best explanation of California Stalking Laws- https://www.shouselaw.com/stalking.html

Making say, 100 phones calls a day, 100 messages or texts per day, or one very-long message to the same person or persons is the legal standard that the above “repeatedly” refers to here. My sent messages with the shared Rip-off Report link, & shares on various social media & forums are the only things I’ve done that could possibly be applicable; but even if combined, my messages to Shannon, her family, friends, & separate contacts with the shared Rip-off Report link, wouldn’t even begin to come close to said required legal-standard, not to mention compelling any extradition efforts requested by Shannon to get me to Canada to face criminal charges.


As stated earlier, Business owner Shannon has a great deal of leeway to sue any fellow Canadian consumer who files online social media complaints about her & her business, even if the allegations cannot be proven by Shannon as “false”.

However, Shannon would face many hurdles by the below rights I have as a U.S. Citizen. I left out CANADIAN “DEFAMATION” LAWS here, because Shannon would have to file litigation against me in the area that I live in San Diego, CA U.S.A. Here is a 2018 Canadian internet libel case ruling that favors jurisdiction for foreign defendants in “cross-border” litigation- http://bit.ly/2yhVBiW

As for my filed online Rip-Off Report & my sharing it across social media in general:

The U.S. Consumer Review Fairness Act (CRFA) protects people’s ability to share their honest opinions about a business’s products, services, or conduct, in any forum, including social media.


Three U.S. AVVO Attorney Answers on The Merits of a Filed Defamation Suit based on negative social media comments on someone:

a). “With respect to a defamation lawsuit, most defamation lawyers want a $5,000.00 retain fee just to begin work, and without a significant monetary loss, the costs would likely far exceed any recovery.”

b). “The cost of a defamation suit would greatly exceed any recovery.”

c). “Your damages, or lack thereof, don't justify bringing a claim.”


Defamatory Libel (Canada). Canadian Criminal Codes 297-301.


298 (1) A defamatory libel is matter published, without lawful justification or excuse, that is likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or that is designed to insult the person of or concerning whom it is published. See Defamatory Libel Laws under the Canadian Criminal Codes 297-301: (http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-46/page-70.html#docCont)

Defamation: Libel, & Slander (California). Cal. Civ. Code §45 and Cal. Civ. Code §46


Defamation is an invasion of the interest in reputation. Under California law, it's a broad term for false statements made that cause damage to someone's reputation.

California Civil Code (Cal. Civ. Code) states that defamation is effected by either libel or slander.

1). If a statement is made verbally, it is slander.

2). If made in writing, it is libel.

To prove defamation in California, you must establish four elements:

-That someone made a FALSE statement of purported “fact” about you:

-That the statement was made (“published”) to a third party;

-That the person who made the statement did so negligently, recklessly or intentionally; and,

-That as a result of the statement, your reputation was damaged.

Libel is a false and unprivileged publication by writing, printing, picture, effigy, or other fixed representation to the eye, which exposes any person to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or obloquy, or which causes him to be shunned or avoided, or which tends to injure him in his occupation. See the SHouse Law Group Site’s best explanation of California Defamation Laws: https://www.shouselaw.com/personal-injury/defamation.html

The term, “Smear campaign”, based on Shannon’s allegation of my sending her childhood friend a “smear campaign” with my message & Rip-off Report link, also falls under the legal defamation category, a mixture of distortions, half-truths, & outright lies, & again, EVERY single statement I wrote, including the Rip-off Report’s link content, would have to be proven by Shannon as being “False” -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smear_campaign.

In explaining why she had me looking up the term “Flying Monkeys” (‘HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL’ & QUESTIONS ANSWERED), Shannon mentioned having dealt with a so-called Smear Campaign in the past:

Shannon’s "Explanation of Flying Monkeys" SMS to D 7-17-17 ": "I'm not sure you were understanding why I was trying to recommend that. It’s basically that I don’t want to see you caught up in anyone's misguided funk.  You are better than that, obviously. I have personally have had people who I worked for try to create a nasty smear campaign over me and to this day don’t understand why. I was completely blindsided by it and it made no sense whatsoever." [IMO Could it be, that Shannon’s Whole Foods Cambie co-workers tried to complain about her “far left-of-center” behavior in the workplace, & she was let go in light of it?]

Though the very LAST thing I wanted to do was to waste my energy & time doing another update here, at the end-of-the-day, my trusty research skills provided me with the means needed to fight back against business owner Shannon’s attempt to extort a former client from exercising U.S. consumer rights. Shannon’s campaign allegations are entirely based on this filed Rip-Off Report, that everything stated in it is FALSE when in fact, MY REPORTED ALLEGATIONS HERE ARE 100% ACCURATE & TRUE, with ALL OPINIONS & CONCLUSIONARY statements legally stated as such (“see Legal Disclaimers), giving any person or institutional rep. who made statements used in the Report (including myself), full protection as witnesses in any defamation suit Shannon filed against me; [IMO her above rant is clear proof she would be a danger to anyone whose identity would be exposed to her!!] Unlike the antiquated Canadian law for online consumer protection, in a U.S. court Shannon would be required to show “Burden of Proof” of the Report’s statements being FALSE, & “Actual Damages” (loss of any business, reputation, emotional pain & suffering, etc.). In addition to my rights as a defendant to obtain medical records on Shannon mentioned in Update: Shannon's Two Responses To The Filed Rip-Off Report On Her, 5-25-18 , I could also issue subpoenas for her Mother, Brother, Niece, Cousin, Childhood friend, & Shannon’s ex of 8 years who I reached-out to in January, a former videographer for Canadian Bodybuilding competitions (who by the way, was quite gracious & understanding without revealing anything, as per my usual request), ALL for written or taped witness depositions; I have retained records of ALL of my extensive time-stamped text & email conversations with Shannon that I’ve used excepts of throughout this Report to present to any court; copies of my cell phone records of international calls to Shannon for sessions; & PayPal receipts of ALL payments to her.

Finally, I could actually counter-sue Shannon for “Breach of Contract” (Confidentiality), despite it being equally un-feasible for ME, & I HAVE PROOF!! [IMO her enabling & supportive family (Shannon’s Mother liked one of the early posts), & close friends of Shannon’s such as her Childhood friend, either know her well enough not to push the wrong buttons on her & accept her for what/who she really is, or her issues have gotten progressively gotten worse in her isolated Vancouver lifestyle since she left her childhood home in Cowtown & they haven’t inter-acted with her enough recently to learn the “Truth”. If they DO KNOW, as many Canadian fitness industry people do, I think there have been a river of “99 tears” that have streamed down the Cowtown streets over the 45-going-on-46 (October 19th) Shannon’s wasted gifts & potential.] I know how one’s precious years of life can be forever lost by years of legal-battles & have no desire to go back; but will stand for my rights if I must. So, does Shannon really want to put herself, friends, loved ones & her former client she knows full-well sheunprofessionally cut-loose, through ALL of the legal proceedings that in-the-end, [IMO will yield NOTHING??]

[IMO, Shannon is keenly aware of her slim prospects with litigation, which is why she is leaning towards the criminal-side with prospective Cyber-Stalking & harassment charges]. However, Shannon's claim of having filed ANY criminal cyber-stalking reports with authorities AT ALL at THIS time, are 100% Bogus!

Based on Shannon’s initial campaign posts, I spoke with the West Vancouver police by phone, whose dispatcher informed me that I would have been contacted immediately had just ONE cyber-stalking criminal complaint had been filed, as they are thorough & wouldn't waste their time & resources "collecting a series of reports beforehand"; & I actually went into the local San Diego Eastern Division, who's desk officer informed me of the same thing, a corresponding search in my name revealed nothing, Shannon has NOT spoken with Law Enforcement reps in San Diego. [IMO Even if she does file anything with the authorities, it would be equal to the eccentric, elderly lady one sees in classic movies, who goes into the police station every day to report having seen a murder, filed & investigated as is required, but rarely taken seriously.].

Answer from Los Angeles Attorney P.K. on the Law Forum AVVO-https://www.avvo.com (9-27-18):

Anyone can file anything, criminal or civil, they want. That doesn't mean a DA (if a criminal report is made to the police) would file criminal charges… Likewise, anyone can file a civil complaint...”

Also, authorities do NOT issue Cease & Desist orders themselves, they are only asked to serve them by the court. These short explanations of “Cease & Desist” orders & letters from upcounsel.com, cover both U.S. & Canadian procedures, which are basically the same:

1. A cease and desist letter does not automatically signify a lawsuit. It is simply a warning about illegal behavior that lets you know that further penalties could follow if the behavior, such as patent infringement, doesn't stop.

2. A cease and desist order is granted by a court. It serves as a temporary injunction. The party that receives the order must stop what they're doing until a trial can be held. After the trial, a permanent injunction may be ordered. (https://www.upcounsel.com/cease-and-desist)

However,the San Diego desk officer DID echo the U.S. Coach’s concerns & what I myself had sensed, that I was in a gray-area regarding further messages to Shannon’s family & close friends with the Rip-Off Report link, & that I needed to STOP NOW before I “crossed-over”. The church pastor concurred when I later spoke of this latest drama with Shannon. Despite her bogus claims, if Shannon wanted to scare me into using my common-sense, she at least gets points for THAT. But I’ve done NOTHING ILLEGAL yet, will KEEP it that way, & NEVER attacked her every day; if she feels “constantly attacked every day” it’s either via her conscience, people mentioning the Report to her, or by losses she’s incurred in light of it, NOT by ME directly. The bottom-line as stated by Both Authority reps to me is that if ANYTHING, Shannon’s allegations would onlywarrant litigation claims.


Shannon’s claim about boundaries is merely another holistic-slap at my Adult ADD, though by NO means do I put ALL of my ill decisions entirely on that affliction as an excuse. Outside of what I belatedly learned (“Mystery illness”) & researched for this Report, I NEVER violated Shannon’s boundaries as such, at least until I messaged her childhood friend. It’s easier to respect boundaries of those who are “honest”; those with [IMO Shannon’s mixed “Integrity” on the-other-hand (i.e., her “Degree”), the TERM MOST LOOSELY used by her, NOT so easy]. I already mentioned why my 1st coach & I fell-out at the start of this Report (SHE LOOKED LIKE AN ANGEL), & the next chapter’s information in particular makes her hypocritical allegation of my 1st coaching relationship stick-out like a sore-thumb, no IMO needed! During my 1st year as an online advocate for FBB & WPD competitors in 2012, I learned of the “Hush-Rule” the HARD WAY when I started an online fundraiser campaign for my late ex, a legendary FBB whose “medical ailment” turned-out to be self-diagnosed, leaving me with the egg-on-the-face task of disavowing her cause & corresponding fundraiser after she cut me off & replaced me with another campaign manager. This was the ONLY other time I had to post of another female competitor’s issues online unless I shared someone else’s post after a confirmation, but something Shannon knew of & is now using to falsely imply I’m “most likely doing it to other women as well” in her disingenuous Anti-Smear Smear Campaign against me. With what I’ve previously stated as being my great respect for women of ALL her allegations, Shannon’s particular exploiting of her being a “harassed woman” here, is THE MOST hurtful & insulting to me, equally insulting to female competitors I know of who are truly dealing with Cyber-Stalking/Bullying on a regular basis. There are MANY women in the fitness industry that would vouch for my respectful treatment of them, my honesty, & of my integrity, if needed. I’ve put my imperfect self out here as much as possible with WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION short of revealing my face or name (Shannon tried to take care of THAT!); but in exposing Shannon, too much is better than not enough.


To better understand how/why Shannon’s “post-mystery Illness” comment behavior towards me as stated in this Report has had such a traumatic effect on me towards shaking her loose, I felt it important to share excerpts from Shannon’s own texted opinions of the 1st coach’s treatment of me & Shannon’s “toxic-gamer” social media advice” given me.

In going back to these texts for excerpts, even I couldn’t believe how mind-bogglingly ironic they come-off now in light of Shannon’s own subsequent actions towards me; [IMO If she ever reads the Report & this update, I just don’t see how her childhood friend could even quietly deny my “2 different people comment” of Shannon in my message to her]:

I described the basic reason of why my 1st Coach & I fell out in (SHE LOOKED LIKE AN ANGEL”), an accidental overstepping of boundaries based on the 1st Coach’s own slip-of-the-tongue to me, combined with a FB tagging by one of his friends he’d forgotten about, thus revealing his “secret”. As a verbal part of our coaching agreement, the 1st 50% of it was for Shannon to help me distance my mind away from the 1st coach I’d retained for both nutritional & later life coaching, who had otherwise performed HIS services consistently, prior to the revealed “secret”. With the 1st coach’s FB unfriending & subsequent silent treatment, this is where Shannon’s toxic-gaming” primer (I’ve coined this term) came into play: “Absence make the heart grow fonder”, meaning someone who is snubbing you that you resist contacting first, & they see less about you online until they can see nothing of you at all, they will start to wonder about you, miss you, then ultimately reach-out to YOU FIRST-so YOU WIN. Naturally when we first started, I thought any other toxic behavior Shannon mentioned was just part of her learned life coaching lessons she herself had long transcended beyond using as part of her own healthy life-style, [IMO NOT something she was still utilizing herself to manipulate people as she’s doing NOW with her current campaign against me. Clearly to Shannon, she’s beaten me a few times, now].

Shannon on using FB settings control 5-3-17:If he can see your posts or anything you do, change your settings so that he can't. Appear to have dropped off the face of the earth. People forget negative memories way before they forget positive memories about others. You are going to use that to your advantage in this case.” ...”When you post, there is an option to have only friends see it in the right corner of the post. If he continues with his disrespectful behavior, you’re going to have to stand up to it at some point. Would you ever treat someone the way he recently treated you?”  …” You can make a list of certain people that will not be able to see your posts…”

5-4-17: Blocking is a statement, so hold off for now.....”

5-6-17: How is unfriending helping anyone? How is stone walling helping anyone?”

5-6-17: “From how you have explained things here, please look up "covert narcissism". And "trauma bonding" when you get the chance, let me know what you think after reading up on it.” (1.http://infoselfdevelopment.com/covert-narcissism-know-your-emotional-abuser/2.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traumatic_bonding.)

More on the “Silent treatment” 5-13-17: “Yes, it is very abusive as its intent typically is to manipulate and punish someone while withholding any humanizing behaviour. And has NO place in a trainer/client relationship unless it is in response to abuse coming from the other person.” (Note: Shannon’s decision to “unplug“=the silent treatment began with my “Mystery Illness” comment; but HOW would I (or anyone else in my shoes) have known, that comment was “abusive” in Shannon’s mind, unless I knew her as well as her family, or someone like her childhood friend does??).

D: “Does the coach feel I abused him by messaging someone who may have exposed his secret?”

Shannon: “No, he's just handling his upset-ness in a very unhealthy, unproductive way that can come back to him and hurt his business and reputation. This is a guess on my part, but I think he's assuming you will be "too nice" to hold him accountable for his unsavoury and unprofessional behaviour and he can get away with it.....” [IMO,Shannon later wrongly assumed the same thing herself.]

5-18-17: Well, he's an adult and needs to be accountable. If he had dealt with you with more respect and communication you would have never talked to the other person. Think about it...... He brought it on himself. Karma. You did nothing intentional. If he had done the professional thing and address it to say he would like that issue left alone, THERE WOULD BE NONE OF THIS. Don't try to own something that isn't yours. I know it's easier to blame yourself than feel the full sting of his betrayal and disrespect.....but you will stay in the hell you are and bring more of it if you don't deal with it as it is. Don't hate me too long after that, you need to hear it.”

5-21-17: I am upset this coach acted in this way towards you. You deserve better than that, … just nasty, unacceptable behaviour on his part… I don't really judge people on stupid decisions as I've made a lot of my own. But what would bother me is the incongruence of a person’s words, appearance, and actions. It would be hard to trust someone like that, and any type of coaching requires a lot of trust. Let's say for whatever reason I really felt in my values that it was the worst of the worst things to do and could barely look him in the eye because of it.... he would have opened up and own that s**t, admit it's wrong, tell his side and be forthcoming about the whole thing......I would be able to let it go and that would earn my respect. I do NOT respect how he handled this AT ALL. I'm angry for you.....but that's me with my “Shannon Hat on. People are always going to do stupid stuff and make mistakes.....that's just what we do. Proactively addressing your mistakes, being accountable for its effects on others, then learning from it, hopefully, is the responsible way to handle it.....or you are contributing to a more negative, destructive environment. ..what I am seeing IS NOT OK. MENTALLY HEALTHY PEOPLE WHO CARE DO NOT TREAT PEOPLE IN THEIR LIFE LIKE THAT. That is just as bad, IMO arguably worse, as calling someone names, or literally punching them in the face. INEXCUSABLE!!

Keep in mind that unlike Shannon, despite the 1st coach’s personal behavior, he still had the professional wherewithal to end things appropriately, hence NO filed Rip-Off Report on HIM. [IMO the above is probably the BEST example yet of how Shannon’s own statements & actions as reported here, have been the most revealing & damaging to HER,  NO “smear campaign” necessary!!] Shannon is an experienced professional toxic-gamer, having posted about “toxicity” in her life as far back as 2012 across her social media; so if she wants to ”minimize the toxicity” in her life as she posted, she’ll 1st have to deal with “the most Toxic person of them all”, [IMO a question I’m sure Shannon’s mirror has answered MANY TIMES.]


For the Rip-Off Report record, here are the two, additional allegations against Business Owner Shannon McDowell of SLMBODYBUILDING-FITHOUSE:


Based on her previous deep influence & where I still was in my life, moving beyond Shannon was a difficult process for me, & continuing to follow Shannon on her social media was certainly of NO help. While it WAS inappropriate & foolhardy of me to send a message with a link to this Rip-Off Report to Shannon’s childhood friend, it was the epiphanic-moment needed to realize (with a little help), I needed to stop were I was going before becoming exactly what Shannon accused me of. It was equally inappropriate of Business Owner Shannon McDowell to exploit sent message to her friend by starting a massive anti-Cyber-Stalker-Bully Campaign against me with false accusations of harassment & defamation, an inverse manner of bullying ME from sharing my consumer complaint filed as a former client against her, one I have every right to reasonably share as a U.S. citizen. Revoking part of my messaged promise to Shannon in light of her subsequent actions, I will occasionally pick my spots to share this Report when & where I feel it’s needed, & I hope that others who have [IMO been through-the-gauntlet with Shannon], will have the courage to follow my lead, Canadian consumer protection laws will catch-up to the U.S. someday. To use one of SLMBODYBUILDING-FITHOUSE owner Shannon McDowell’s own campaign slogans here, as a U.S. consumer: “No Business Owner is going to bully me, and neither should they bully you!!”  

Shannon has NEVER filed a DIRECT rebuttal to this report, & [IMO NEVER WILL, because she’s a dedicated toxic-gamer who feels doing THAT would be a concession to me of sorts, & of course doesn’t want to lead people to read this potentially ruinous Report]. But it’s very easy for her to attack me, the report, & site within the controlled confines of her social media with her distorted posted facts, without providing people with a link to the report to read so they can form their own opinions. So as promised, I WILL leave Shannon alone. But this filed Report is NOT going away, & Shannon may be able to avoid it by “holding her own space” for now, as she suggests people do for “resolution” as her new FB page mantra, but she will NOT be able hold her conscience back forever; she knows what she did to me was both WRONG & HURTFUL, & it will gnaw away at her until she resolves it in some way, even Shannon will not be able to ignore her own above comments about the 1st coach without cringing.

In the end, ALL of Shannon’s out-of-the-way energy & efforts to stubbornly deny & avoid accountability could have been avoided back on 10-18-17 with her professionally disengagement of the coaching relationship when she texted me she would. To apply Shannon’s own statements about the 1st coach to HER: “MENTALLY HEALTHY PEOPLE WHO CARE DO NOT TREAT PEOPLE IN THEIR LIFE LIKETHIS; & I did nothing intentional. If Shannon had done the professional thing and address it to say she would like that issue (“Ailments”) left alone, THERE WOULD BE NONE OF THIS.


The MOST INAPPROPRIATE act on Shannon’s part during the early part of her bogus campaign was breaching confidentiality  in our signed contract by showing a screen-shot of my message to her with my FB profile photo & name for a period of 2 days, along with her posted rant. This, along with Shannon’s own commentary about my 1st Coach’s actions echoing hers, underscores the latter part of my 2nd allegation (2. PERIODIC UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR, DUE TO “HEALTH ISSUES). Certainly an act done during the emotion-of-the-moment, but an irrevocable & potentially damaging one for me as a former client.

I reiterate, ALL OF MY REPORTED ALLEGATIONS HERE ARE 100% ACCURATE & TRUE that I stand by, with one variation: Due to Shannon’s egregious BREACH of the Confidentiality Clause” In Our Contract, arguably the worst breach that ANY coach could commit against ANY client [IMO at this time,



I had made my point back in late March (& then some!!), my biggest mistake was in trying push it by forcing resolution with Shannon, lacking the patience & faith that what I first presented here would be proven over the natural course-of-time, Shannon possibly reaching-out someday of her own accord. But I created the mess with the message to Shannon’s childhood friend (though Shannon created her own in-the-process); making clean-up on my end via this update, necessary.

ALL this said, with Shannon’s vast knowledge, commanding voice & looks, [IMO she could actually make for an excellent speaker at seminars, etc., as well as be an excellent example of health at middle age as a fitness model, IF she submits [IMO to the “proper professional help” as her former-friend stated, or find some other method to learn to maintain her professional composure at ALL TIMES; seguing into this might be more suited to her than 1-on1 coaching services]. But clearly Shannon’s Self-Doctoring will continue for now, & her Cowtown family & close friends will maintain their blind-loyalty & protection, with either no means or courage to help her; even Shannon’s ex of 8 years requested I remove a jabbing new year’s day FB meme I did of her, to which I complied. And occasional retreats for when she empties her toxic-gaming feedbag like her recent one at Barrier Lake, B.C., are insufficient unless they include professional therapy. So for the time being, if someone meets a buff, beautiful blonde doing selfies at a West Vancouver, B.C. GoodLife Fitness owned Fit4Less late at night who offers direct-advice, don’t jog, RUN!!]

I MUST LET-GO, but will ALWAYS have a flame in the back-burner of my heart for Shannon, because it’s sad to know that an extraordinarily gifted person like her cannot apply her gifts for her own benefit, & will be out there spinning her wheels to nowhere as she nears the half-century mark; [IMO there’s a genuinely good person inside that troubled soul with good intentions who can come-out 100%]. I also offer an OFFICIAL, OPEN-APOLOGY here to Shannon & her childhood friend for sending the message with the Report link, though Shannon has shown [IMO she doesn’t really accept apologies or any overtures of peace; she either pretends to, ignores them, or exploits them for drama].Earlier proof of this was Shannon sending my close friend E a forwarded copy of my personal apology & confession of my true feelings for her as part of Shannon’s desperate email to him when learning of the Report; what she didn’t know, was that I had confessed my true feelings to E & my young business friend LONG before I did to HER. Otherwise, I cannot “FIX THIS” as per Shannon’s demand, with that of what I’ve posted here being the TRUTH, particularly as I need fixing MYSELF, [IMO only Shannon’s prospective psychiatrist can “FIX ALL OF THIS” for HER.]

Seeing this update should provide Toxic-Gamer Shannon Lone McDowell with another BIG burst of drama-fuel before her campaign-well finally runs dry, though based on her recent retreat, doing this drains more than strengthens her; but I won’t be around to provide her with any more drama myself, or add to her stress, I NEED my own “ retreat”. Short of my posting of an offered olive-branch from Shannon, at least for the sake of closing-out this filed pubic Report, I intend this to be my FINAL UPDATE (I can hear readers cheers already!!). Though shifting out the valid from the invalid taught to me by Shannon to continue using will be my HARDEST TASK (next to avoiding her social media), I must follow the pastor’s advice to find peace from within & purpose, as advised by the U.S. Coach. (26. Shannon on FB 'Make Peace...’ (6-30-16).

Speaking of which, I will leave the final words to the U.S. Coach, who has been THE voice of reason throughout these Report updates, & was kind enough to advise me for a final time on Shannon a day after Shannon’s posted rant of my FB message to her, though I certainly did NOT deserve it:

From U.S. Coach on Messenger to D re Shannon’s FB-Post w/ Screen-cap of D in Reference His Message on Her FB Page (9-21-18): "She is ranting and raving and yes, reposted your FB message that you should not under any circumstances have made. I don’t suppose you would take my advice of leaving it be; she will do nothing further, and no one who knows you believes her side, and no one who believes her [IPO if any], will believe your side. There is no up-side for you, only a waste of energy. Be the better person…. [IPO SHE IS SICK AND MENTALLY DISTURBED.] You don’t need any more negative energy. You NEED TO MOVE FORWARD!!”


Respond to this report!

#4 Author of original report

Update: Shannon's Two Responses To The Filed Rip-Off Report On Her ,5-25-18

AUTHOR: Homeless In San Diego - (United States)

POSTED: Friday, May 25, 2018

Shannon recently learned of the filed Rip-Off Report; however, instead of posting a direct rebuttal here ( [IMO unless she's simply taking her time]), she 1st chose to email my close friend E about it, who like my Attorney, Trust's Trustee, & Young Business Friend, was unaware of the report, since I promised all 4 not to mention anything about Shannon to them again the day she angrily emailed me after "unplugging" & blocked me on both of her FB profiles on 12-16-17 (see SHANNON'S "HOLIDAY FEAST"). Since my close friend had long grown tired of acting as a go-between in this matter & assumed it was over & done with, he was not happy getting this email from her. 

Two days later, Shannon posted a public FB "Disclaimer" only explaining her "ailment", similar to her angry "it's called Norovirus" explanation to me (see THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL) that she also shared on her 2nd FB profile & FB page, a clear reference to the report & the opinions of her made in it by me, her former friend, & the U.S. Coach. [IMO Her "ailment" as described is somewhat "convenient", in that it cannot be easily diagnosed (if at all) or cured, a defense for Shannon not to seek any traditional medical treatment for it]. She was wise enough to edit the post by removing the last paragraph, so [IMO as not to draw attention to the fact that something negative about her had been publicly posted]. As usual, none of her FB family members on FB, or known fitness-industry FB friends, responded to this post.

But [IMO that she did this as an FB disclaimer post but NOT as a rebuttal in the Rip-Off Report itself speaks volumes, & as written only serves to underscore what was stated in the report's SUMMARYCONCLUSION, & 4-20-18 Update sections respectively, that with her defective mental reasoning she cannot separate the personal from the professional, that it's about HER, etc., has nothing to do with nor explains her unprofessional actions towards me as Life Coach-to-Client, further confirmation why at this timeSHANNON MCDOWELL SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON AS A LIFE COACH.]

That Shannon would not be happy about this filed report & could suffer losses in light of it, are both common-sense givens; but despite her continual threats of possible litigation, as indicated in the report's Legal Disclaimer & Notes, any losses would legally fall under the category of "Damnum Absque Injuria" ("damage without wrongful act"), & in addition, any medical records of Shannon's subpoenaed by a defendent in a defamation suit that could possibly be filed by her, would NOT help Shannon's case.

All of this said, though I felt it important to update Shannon's initial (though indirect) responses to this report, I will not fall into the same trap of wasting my time by partaking in anything Shannon continues to dish-up in the from of unhealthy toxic drama; so other than some signifcant related event, I will spare readers any "he said, she said" updates here, for what is already a VERY LONG report. Finally, my offer of a "shared peace-pipe" with Shannon remains open, & she has my current contact info for direct-communication

1. Email From S.L. McDowell to D's Close friend "E" (5-22-18) "E, this man was horribly verbally abusive to me, and is now trying to defame me both personally and professionally after I blocked him and told him to stop contacting me (a Fido App screencap of the Rip-Off Report on her was included). Please get him to stop and just leave me alone before this turns into a litigation."

2. Original FB "Disclaimer" Post by Shannon McDowell (5-24-18) "It’s called ME/CFS. It’s an invisible PHYSICAL chronic illness that seriously physically disables a person from having a normal, pain free, and regularly healthy life. ME/CFS heavily compromises an individuals immune system and general health. There is no known cure for ME/CFS as of this date of posting and symptoms can be only medically managed marginally, at best. The only known long term semi effective treatment in managing ME/CFS symptoms is called “pacing”, where your TOTAL energy and stress levels are constantly micromanaged to an extreme degree on an hourly and daily basis.Things like a car accident, stressful life event or a bad viral/bacterial infection can trigger a relapse spanning from 2 days to 5 YEARS of being mostly bedridden for 16-20 hours each day. It is not a contagious disease. Causes of ME/CFS include the Epstein Barr Virus (causes mononucleosisis) which is also linked to many autoimmune diseases like Lupus, MS and certain types of cancer. One thing it is NOT is a mental illness nor is it a character flaw, nor is it an act of wanting pity.

If I have cut you out of my life, it is because you let me down by refusing to change and/or acknowledge a behaviour towards me that caused enough discomfort, hurt, alienation, and general unwellness to make it absolutely necessary.

For those who “don’t want to speak poorly of anyone” yet freely publish their ill will in the same sentence, and for those affiliated with them sharing the same kind of integrity:

Thank you for re-affirming for me that you are NOT looking out for my best interests, health, well-being or even staying neutral on these matters.

It should be obvious to you and everyone with unquestionable logic, your disrespect and insensitivity YOU displayed WHEN I cut ties and now is why I am UNABLE and UNWILLING to compromise my well-being having you in my life.

If you want people like me to engage with you and develop and maintain any kind of relationship with you be it business, personal or romantic, TREAT such people with a higher regard and the respect you would ask and expect to be treated with."

(Subsequently removed final paragraph):
"Also, Thank you for advertising to everyone including myself, your capacity to act out in this manner so we can all clearly witness you are more than capable doing more of the same . Your actions prove to everyone it’s just a matter of time, as I was unfortunate to learn."

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#3 Author of original report

SlimMcD Shannon McDowell: SLMbodybuilding-FITHOUSE; Missing Text Under "TURNING THE CORNER"

AUTHOR: Homeless In San Diego - (United States)

POSTED: Monday, April 30, 2018

Here is the missing text that is cut-off at the s****.  under "TURNING THE CORNER": "the s****.>




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#2 Author of original report

SlimMcD Shannon McDowell: SLMbodybuilding-FITHOUSE Update (4-20-18)

AUTHOR: Homeless In San Diego - (United States)

POSTED: Friday, April 20, 2018

SlimMcD Shannon McDowell: SLMbodybuilding-FITHOUSE Update (4-20-18): Missing text under TURNING THE CORNER; Last 3 Captioned Photos Under CONCLUSION; CanFitPro Response; The U.S. Coach’s Final Opinion; & Captioned Photo of Shannon (4-19-18).

Here is the missing text that is cut-off at "the s****.>” under TURNING THE CORNER: "the s****.>

From CanFitPro Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice Complaints Rep. 4-20-18: "Hello D, Your email was forwarded to me as I handle the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Complaints for CanFitPro. I am sorry to hear of the struggles you have faced in life, and compacted by your relationship with Shannon. I would like to inform you that we do have a formal complaint process regarding both Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice violations. Our certified members are held to the expectations set forth in both documents and failure to comply with any of the items included in either document can lead to consequences up to and including removal of their membership and/or certification. I know from your posting that you did make yourself familiar with our Code of Ethics document, however it is not stand-alone. Because we offer more than one certification discipline, each individual certification also maintains its own Standards of Practice that relate directly to that discipline. The Personal Training Specialist (PTS) version can be seen here:https://www.canfitpro.com/en/certification/certifications/pts.

As per your request in your email to verify Shannon’s certification status, the only verification that I can provide is confirming whether or not she is presently certified. Due to privacy policy, we are unable to provide any details regarding and individuals certification or membership details without their expressed consent. Shannon is presently a certified member with CanFitPro....As the services that you purchased from Shannon were outside of the scope of her PTS Certification and were not directly purchased as "personal training sessions” it is likely that we would be unable to pursue any action against her. I would be happy to discuss any points or concerns regarding this situation further with you and do anything I can to assist you. You can continue to communicate directly with me throughout the process for anything in relation to CanFitPro. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or concerns. Yours in health and fitness, M." Certification Administrator CanFitPro/ CANADIAN FITNESS PROFESSIONALS.

After reading the Rip-Off Report on Shannon, with her past Life Coaching experience the U.S. Coach gave me her honest opinion on the matter when I asked:

From U.S. Coach To D, 4-13-18: [IPO"I believe you were in greater need than she was able to provide and she realized this immediately. I believe she used up her tool bag early in the relationship, and then acted unprofessionally in trying to extricate herself. Her personal situation was irrelevant; your payment discount agreed upon was also irrelevant. She was totally contractually at fault. That is the Good news. Ready for the Bad news?”

D: "Yes.”

U.S. Coach: "Your coaching relationship was doomed to fail for two reasons:

1). When payment for subjective result contracts like mentoring, coaching includes a barter-component like the PR work, it cannot succeed. Why? Life coaching is a one-way street. Her life is not relevant, only her success with you. You pulled aside the "curtain from the wizard”, & justified it first by thinking you were helping her, and then again by thinking you were trying to find out why she was failing you as a coach. Once you did that, it ceased to be about you and you were doomed.

2). You became infatuated with her; Angelic? Gorgeous? Muscle size? Competition? Holistic this, homeopathic that? What the h*ll did that have to do with helping you?? You lost your objectivity regarding the purpose and began to judge and objectify the coach…the relationship should have been terminated for lack of performance in September. It was because you became emotionally dependent upon her, and in part because she was of some help in spite of everything, that you wouldn’t/couldn’t let go. It is in this last area that some therapy or self evaluation may be helpful going forward. You had no business caring why she couldn't fulfill the contract, only that she couldn't.”

D: "I would agree with you in that we both lost our compasses for our own reasons. But she made it clear that she could not maintain her professional composure that it was about "The Personal", her ailments, crisis about moving, etc.”

U.S. Coach: "That should have terminated the contract and the relationship.”

D: "Who should have realized that first, the coach or client?”

U.S. Coach: "Good question. You were both impaired in your judgment, and that is what caused "The Long Good-Bye"”.]

Also, I have already uploaded the 3 remaining captioned photos of Shannon that were not previously uploaded due to Rip-Off Report’s per-submission limit of 14 uploads corresponding to the statement under CONCLUSION: "Shannon looks as beautiful & ageless as ever, you can’t take THAT away from her (12. Shannon-FB-7-15-16-As-Compared-To-Shannon-FB-3-1-18, 13. Shannon FB Cover & Most Recent Uploads (3-17th & 24th 2018), & 14. Shannon Volunteering). Based on her 4-19-18 FB posted selfie, annevn smaller-looking Shannon claims to be continuing her extended battle with the flu, but with no info on if she has seen a doctor about it; most online info states that even the most severe cases this year, have lasted no more than about 7-10 days (https://globalnews.ca/news/4056046/contagious-flu-germs ,15. Shannon FB-'Having the flu means lots of time to visualize what’s next' (4-19-18)). This said, along with Adderall usage, flu-shots are also something on Shannon's Holistic "Verboten-List."

On a Final note: The belated, "Thank You” Birthday-gift iPad project I was working on for Shannon, will be completed in the near future & uploaded on YouTube, but only as part of D & E’s updated business résumé.

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SlimMcD Shannon McDowell: SLMbodybuilding-FITHOUSE Update (4-10-18): Missing text under TURNING THE CORNER, & Last 3 Captioned Photos Under CONCLUSION.

AUTHOR: Homeless In San Diego - (United States)

POSTED: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Here is the missing text that is cut-off at “the s****.” under TURNING THE CORNER: “the s****.>

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