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Complaint Review: Jessica dunagan (other twins real name unknown)

  • Submitted: Wed, March 30, 2016
  • Updated: Wed, March 30, 2016
  • Reported By: Ohsoannonymous — NY USA
  • Jessica dunagan (other twins real name unknown)


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I am writing this is raise awareness of these people who claim to be psychics who will prey on people going through difficult times of their lives when they are vulnerable. One of my worst experiences was with these twins who claim to be psychic, it is not just the money, it is the psychological impact it has had on my life and the relationship aspects of my life. This happened last year and I was only 21 years old and come out of an on and off relationship and was utterly heartbroken, this was my first love and so on ect ect. So I needed some hope and guidance, I was still in love with my ex and he was with someone else and I just wanted answers, this is where they reaped the situation for what is it worth (a lot of money for them!). I started off with these short readings on purple ocean, these only cost around $8 but as you could imagine, I became addicted to this and the many positive things and predictions they made so it all added up. I was severely depressed and even suicidal and these readings were my only hope, I would get a buzz every time I heard these things. I initially read with Avalon star about my current situation about my ex and she claimed I would meet someone new in a few months and it would lead to marriage and told me I would end up being happier than my ex (who was with someone else) in the long run, i was trilled, as I purchased more readings she even went into specific details of my "marriage" and this new guy I would be meeting and the many stuff I would be doing with my husband and family such as "enjoying doing the mummy things and cooking for your husband" and because this is what I've dreamed of I gave good reviews. This is where you can't rely on good reviews because even psychics with many high ratings could be based on a client being told what they want to hear and gaining that buzz and false satisfaction from a reading which results in good feedback. A few months down the line I was wondering how the hell am I going to meet this guy? My social life was next to non existent and I was just focusing on my studies, plus my university is NOT the place to meet people as there are mostly mature and international students purely there for studying (not potential partners!) and that is all I was doing with my life, going to uni then going home. I could not fancy anyone on my course or possibly anywhere in my current situation but I believed the lies anyway and got my hopes up. So I inferred more and contacted Avalon star when I was suicidal and told her I planned to overdose because I was so sick of feeling alone and pained from my last relationship so she suggested online dating and this is something I would never do (when you think about this, this could be applied to anyone) and "putting myself out there" this is where my love life went pear shaped. Every person I spoke to online I kept thinking "is he the one she was telling me about" and every time I spoke to someone new at university despite my social life not being great I thought "what if I meet this guy through this person", it was so mentally draining. Finally I started online dating and started speaking to this guy called D (pseudonym) and we got on really well and he discussed that he went through a bad relationship and wanted to find a nice girl to settle with, everything was going well and we spoke for hours until D kept making sexual remarks and asking for pictures, despite this we met up as I really liked him and I kept thinking "this could be the one" due to my readings and things just got worse, he got really nasty and abusive towards me because I would not sleep with him and finally claimed that he did not want a relationship after all those weeks of talking to him. All the signs were there but I ignored it because of her readings, it was her readings which lead me to that situation! If I never read with her I would never have spoken to him or even tried online dating which is something I'd never do as I know how dangerous it is. My hopes were crushed so badly, meeting this guy made up hopes drop of ever being happy even more. It was like the "icing on the cake" after my bad relationship with my ex. Even now I am scared to get my hopes up on moving on and finding a good relationship because of what happened. Bottom line is I ended up online dating and getting my hopes up over a online predator who just wanted sex (which is easy to find with online dating) hoping it would turn into marriage. People, always trust your gut instinct and do not go to these sharks when you are vulnerable. When you feel like a prediction they tell you is not true do NOT ignore that feeling or go in denial about your current situation and mask it with false hope. You honestly don't need these people to tell you about good events and predictions in your future because good things WILL happen in your future and they will be even more amazing when they are unexpected. For now I am just focusing on being my own guide and building my life and if I meet anyone I hope it will not be forced or unexpected like this situation. I messaged Avalon and said I am really disappointed that you told me this and it lead me to the wrong people and a potentially dangerous situation and I would like some explanation and for this to be sorted out please. And she completely ignored my message. You CANNOT mess with people like this! Especially vulnerable people that need hope when they feel suicidal. I also read with her sister Raven star who told me lies about my ex coming back (which he can't as he is blocked through all social media and forms of contact plus he was with someone else) and luckily I clocked on and stopped reading with her immediately. And guess what? He never came back, imagine if I got my hopes up on that too? Plus she used the reading to persuade me into buying her book and spending more money. False hopes are seriously psychologically damaging. All I can say is that karma is a b***h and at least I will have the opportunity to help psychologically vulnerable people as opposed to make them worse (I'm studying to be a psychologist). I hope this helps you guys and there are some legit psychics but do not look for them online, and focus on finding your own happiness and being your own guide as opposed to relying on a psychic and have faith that good things WILL happen. You are close to contacting a psychic, that is as worse as it gets, it cannot get any worse than that in my opinion, it can only go up from here. I am just lucky that Avalons reading did not lead to me to a situation where I could've been hurt or raped. And a year on, no I didn't not meet anyone and I am not married at home cooking for my husband and children, I am still studying and getting on with my life. I just feel so stupid for believing it! Oh and I found one of them making false accounts to advertise themselves

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#1 Author of original report

Trouble uploading evidence, here are links. Last am final post, I rest my case!

AUTHOR: - ()

I know I have gone through tremendous efforts to write against the lies they have made but this is the last out of many posts as I have finally been able to post proof of videos and pictures to prove I did not threaten them for reading and against everything they denied. I also know these readings were a while ago but it's the principle I don't want anyone going through the same (particularly heartbroken young women in teens/twenties). On psychic websites you cannot expose people or edit reviews es explained hence the MANY rebuttals I've written back with to warn and expose these people. Here is my video evidence as they didn't show on previous rebuttals and had to attach links instead: Avalon Star (Christina Manning) giving false hopes when I was very vulnerable and heart broken, this is a typical example of giving fairy tales and false hopes, nothing came to pass! Second video is when I asked about meeting "my future husband", I know this sounds beyond ridiculous but I actually trusted this person and believed it as an escape to my pain I was enduring at the time. This goes against her denying the online dating and her lies, the proof is there - I asked about the exact same situation with her twin sister Jessica Dunagan (Raven Star) after I was ignored when I asked politely for an explanation or for the issue to be looked into when false readings lead me to a horrible situation. But after her reading, it was completely off and different to readings from her sister and I realised they were fake and stopped reading immediately (ex didn't come back and luckily I didn't get my hopes up over this reading and moved on from a toxic relationship!) - Pictures are included of the women themselves and evidence against me threatening them and the fact that comments are disabled after certain amount of time therefore making threats by me impossible, it also shows that I tried to confront them politely for an explanation and they refused to write back which is high suspicious. This goes against all of the lies they writ about me for their reputation and the lies about them refusing to read with me (in fact it was the opposite as they were making money from my situation - in total I wasted $130 (and I was a student not earning any wages) on these two and this is not a lot compared to what other people lose due to false psychics! So I count my blessings). I broke down to my mum over this addiction (I also contacted other psychics) and luckily she was understanding. I realised now that ANY decent person wouldn't even recommend something dangerous and encourage rebounds by finding random people on the internet OR tell them their ex is their true love they are coming back (despite the ex being with someone else!) when someone is broken and vulnerable; I just wished I listened to my mother and friends and I would've healed quicker that way. False hope can be extremely damaging and I feel sorry for people who have been scammed going through worse problems such as death, illness, bancruptcy and divorce. The fact people like this are making money on people's weaknesses is sickening. On the other hand if I come across clients going through break ups and wanting to find answers I will explain and use my situation to help them, especially in my career. So everything does happen for a reason in a weird way. This experience will be so beneficial in me helping other people.

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#2 Author of original report

Video evidence

AUTHOR: - ()

 Turns out I did not have to write the specific lengthy details and relive that horrible experience, I know this happened almost two years ago but this could help other helpless heartbroken people and I can have (some) sense of justice! I REST MY CASE.

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#3 Author of original report

Proof and evidence

AUTHOR: - ()

 I mentioned that I deleted my purple ocean account, what I did was got someone to change my password as I was getting addicted to readings but I managed to reset my password to go over past readings to see if I am at fault and wether I misread the readings and truly feel saddened and sick through them. I know this was quite a while ago and have have written way beyond enough details on this to expose them for what they are and this will be the last ever post as you cannot lie against proof and evidence. I have proof that I did NOT threaten them as comments are disable after a certain amount of time and proof that I was ignored after I made a comment politely explaining how hurt I was. I have video and picture proof against everything they denied about what they said in their readings too as well as proof as how it lead me to a horrible situation and how it was all lies. Nothing said in these videos came to pass, at all. It was all fairy tales.

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#4 Author of original report

One last thing!

AUTHOR: - ()

I hope that these accusations are them mistaking me for another client because the possible fact that they are posting lies and also accusations about me and making out I am insane is truly disturbing. I noticed this pattern when people did rarely manage leave bad reviews on bitwine/purple ocean in the short time frame given psychics post lies and make out these victims are lying or are insane. And why would I harass them for more readings after my experience? I wouldn't even recieve another reading if it was for free! If you read my post properly, I came off those psychic apps and websites immediately after things turned bad I would never put myself through that again. Plus how could I email them with threats? I was using the purple ocean app and which I delete my account. And I so badly WISH that they did recommend for me to see a professional because that would've been better for me too as opposed to the bs they caused me to go through. I wish I could re-read the readings I had but I can't since I deleted my account to make sure I am 110% not at fault and I do take responsibility for listening to such lies and stupid advice but she DID definitely suggest online dating because I mentioned my social life being non existent as I was busy with my studies from what I recall, even if she did mention other stuff like going to events and other methods of dating she still did strongly recommend and put emphasis on online dating and said I would meet the guy I would marry in a few months, she even went into details of what this guy is like and how amazing he will be and it lead me to a horrible situation and only got talking to an a*****e loser who was after sex on a dating app (sad right?) which did not guide me to healing/moving on so that completely beats the objective of contacting a psychic and shows that they are frauds, it ruined my confidence at the time and by then I definitely thought I'd never settle and so on. And I had other bad experiences related to online dating such as being harassed and stalked, bottom line if I didn't get a reading I wouldn't have dealt with so much negativity and aftermath with these dating apps and sites which made me lose hope in my love life all together for a while. I writ enough to expose these people for what they are, they can keep posting lies back for all I care but people need to know the impact of these deceptive people on the apps and websites and to protect themselves when they are vulnerable. If it was just false predictions, I would've not written this but the impact it had, I had to write this and I am glad I saw this because I realise how much I've grown since that horrible time I did rely on psychics and was mentally unstable.

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#5 Author of original report


AUTHOR: - ()

Hi there, I came across this old post as I was curious as to what is happening with these psychic apps after being off them for a year, it turns out more and more people (particular when it comes to affairs of the heart) are getting ripped off of $1000's, luckily for me it was just a few readings, it is the principle of it and the damaged it caused which caused me to write a report. These psychics get loads of good reviews because 1) you can only leave a review within a week after a reading which does not leave you enough time to see if the predictions are accurate and you also cannot edit reviews over time and 2) because they sell you dreams and tell you want to hear (like in my case, telling me I'd be married within a year after my breakup). Obviously after hearing that in a bad point of your life, your going to see it as an escape to your sadness, I was so depressed at the time it was my only hope and the only thing pretty much keeping me alive, when it didn't happen, it sent me into a deep depression. These two do not even know who I am because their responses do not match up to my situation with them or any of our readings. In fact, one of them encouraged me to get readings with them next time I am feeling down and none of them ever suggested to stop reading to me, this ended by me deleting my own account to stop getting readings and wasting money after that horrible situation. This shows that they are either lying or have had this issue with another client. And I feel like us clients are being talked down to by being labelled as negative and mentally ill, hello? People ARE going to be vulnerable and in a negative state because they are going to YOU for help and guidance; in fact this "guidance" lead me to an even worse situation and instead of working on myself and studies it took me a lot longer to heal and get over that break up and be happy within myself. The online dating was suggested because I would never ever do it at the time, I thought it was socially unacceptable but I did it because I really trusted that reading and was convinced I would find a partner that way and get over my ex pronto, but it's never that simple; it's a long process. I had no idea what these dating apps are like and never used them again and never looked back since, I ended up getting harassed my the same guy months/almost a year after the readings and was lead on, turns out he didn't want a relationship and turned nasty when I refused to sleep with him, now if I didn't get this reading, it would have never happened and now I'm the negative one? As for the accusation of revenge messages is a lie because I deleted my purple ocean account as soon as I realised these people are fake, I can't see how else I could contact them even if I wanted to? my only purpose is to help people going through heartbreaks not to go through what I did or worse, wasting thousands of dollars on false hope so this is not for vengeance. This is probably from another client you have lied to or a bunch of bs to cover up and to save your reputation. It's almost two years now, (I had these readings in summer 2015) when I was getting those readings I so unhappy, I put my worth on finding a partner and was applying for minimum wage jobs (by the way I didn't get the job, as promised! And I am glad I didn't) and no I am not happily married, in fact I haven't dated for well over a year but I have never been happier and gained my confidence back and moved to a beautiful house and have progressed in my career (I couldn't see this at the time and was suicidal over being single) I had to learn the hard way that you cannot force love or predict the future and that is the beauty of life, surprises and I do genuinely believe things will work out for me, I am just so happy not to be where I was, dating idiots and wasting my time of dating apps and not focusing on myself. I am close to graduating from doing a psychology degree and really do plan to help vulnerable people as I have been there and making a positive impact on people's lives as opposed to taking advantage of people at a low point. At least my conscience is clear and I am happier now, not sure if I can say the same for people like this...

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#6 REBUTTAL Individual responds

One last thing...,

AUTHOR: Love&Light - (USA)

 Also- I pondered on whether to share this but I was guided to be as truthful in this situation regardless of her reputation. I was threatened by this women also. She came to me wanting more readings after I asked her to no longer contact me. She continued to send me threatening emails that she would ruin my life and would make me suffer for ignoring her. I did block all her communication.

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#7 REBUTTAL Individual responds


AUTHOR: Love&Light - (USA)

 I am so sorry that you had this experience but like any situation, there are always two sides of a story. I did help this young lady the best that I could. She came to me in the beginning wanting a reading on her ex boyfriend. I did share with her that I did not see a future with him and I tried to show her ways to release and move on. She continued to contact me and would tell me that she was suicidal and had no hope when it came to love. I tried to have her contact a therapist for her psychology. I also tried to put her in good spirits by giving her some positive ideas on how to find new love. She said she couldn't meet a guy and would die alone. I honestly was unsure on how to help someone who was going through so many negative thoughts. I did NOT tell her to go online, I never tell my clients what to do- I merely suggested some ways that she could meet new men- online, new friendships, go to like-minded events. After a few readings, I did suggest that we should not continue communication. I was unable to help her and I did suggest that she speak with someone who was a professional with suicide thoughts and mental illness. I truly want to help my clients but there does reach a point when I also have to do what is right. In this case, I knew that my line of work was not best for her. I am sorry that my reading caused her to be this upset and I do truly wish her the best in her life journey. Thank you and bright blessings. Christina

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#8 REBUTTAL Individual responds

Jessica here

AUTHOR: Jessica - (USA)

 I have been giving readings for over 14 years. I started doing personal readings and grew into doing readings online over the Internet. The problem with that is I attracted a lot of clients I wouldn't normally give readings to. Very negative people or people with mental illness. This is my first time ever hearing such a review. I have only had positive reviews until I started giving readings on a phone app. It attracted the wrong clients for me. And I have now removed myself from that app.

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