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Complaint Review: Melissa Bryan - Arroyo Seco New Mexico

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  • Reported By: One from Senora — Arizona
  • Melissa Bryan
    Box 566,
    Arroyo Seco, New Mexico
    United States of America

Melissa Bryan Medium, Outlaw Life Enterprises LLC, Senora C Christmas Character Paranormal show used to vent spleen about things best left unsaid. Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

*General Comment: I have..

*Consumer Comment: Ran into her once on vacation

*Consumer Comment: The truth and the law

*Consumer Comment: HUGE Fraudulent Behavior

*Consumer Comment: She is scamming again.....

*Consumer Comment: Loyalty blocks -- we call BS

*Consumer Comment: Melissa's Fan Club

*General Comment: Melissa is now ENEMY to all Natives.

*Consumer Comment: BEWARE She has a new scamming website

*Consumer Comment: We call BS

*Consumer Comment: Celebrity

*Consumer Comment: Paranormal Awards

*Consumer Comment: Agent

*Consumer Comment: Melissa's Book

*Consumer Comment: It has to be said...

*Consumer Comment: Psychics Gone Wild is more like Psychics going down the drain

*Consumer Comment: Real Psychics To Take Over Her Show!!!

*Consumer Comment: More lies

*Consumer Comment: Her Lies Continue To Drop Like Rain

*Consumer Comment: Legally Fraudulent

*Consumer Comment: Disagree

*Consumer Comment: Finally She Is Being Seen As She Is

*Consumer Comment: Christmas Radio Show = Epic FAIL

*Consumer Comment: And her lies continue

*Consumer Comment: Oh grow up

*Consumer Comment: The Real Truth

*Consumer Comment: The Real Truth

*Consumer Comment: New level of crazy

*Consumer Comment: how dumb can she get?....cool it already

*Consumer Comment: LEAVE ME OUT OF IT

*General Comment: Who's The Grinch?

*Consumer Comment: And Missy's Scams Continue

*Consumer Comment: Your Answer

*Consumer Comment: Please Stop

*Consumer Comment: Prove it

*Consumer Comment: Fan Club

*Consumer Comment: Happy Thanksgiving

*Consumer Comment: Native American

*Consumer Suggestion: I feel sorry for her

*General Comment: the coward of taos county


*General Comment: 20 truths overriding 20 of melissa's DELUSIONS

*General Comment: blaming and quitting

*Consumer Comment: It's funny...

*General Comment: this is what she wants lol

*General Comment: Dear GymRat

*General Comment: hey abrana im in denver too

*Consumer Comment: Fraud!

*General Comment: hahahaha this is fun!!!

*General Comment: what? did she respond?

*General Comment: she may call herself a medium

*Consumer Comment: She is the one who is owned

*General Comment: bats*** crazy

*Consumer Comment: More real truths

*Consumer Comment: She is fake!

*Consumer Comment: More laugh worthy missy drama

*Consumer Comment: Another hissy fit?


*General Comment: youtube is the only way

*General Comment: Early Xmas Pressie

*Consumer Comment: Naughty Melissa

*General Comment: missy always gets what she really wants even if she doesnt deserve it

*Consumer Comment: Funny

*Consumer Comment: Question

*General Comment: fake accusations?

*General Comment: more lies and fraud

*Consumer Comment: You win

*Consumer Comment: My word has been spoketh.

*General Comment: investigator!

*General Comment: missy gets caught in another lie about how she funds her business

*Consumer Comment: Birds of a Feather

*Consumer Comment: Joe Guinan Scam

*Consumer Comment: Hey Michelle

*Consumer Comment: WOW

*Consumer Comment: It is a never ending circle

*Consumer Comment: Hey Missy

*General Comment: missys insane responds to my last post

*General Comment: more of the same lol!

*Consumer Comment: Please Help

*Consumer Comment: She Gives Us Whiplash



*Consumer Comment: Wow

*Consumer Comment: Real Medium

*Consumer Comment: How can you claim...

*Consumer Comment: More for Missy

*Consumer Comment: Can't make a living?

*Consumer Comment: LEAVE MY WIFE ALONE!

*Consumer Comment: Please don't cook this cat

*Consumer Comment: More and more laughter at Melissa

*General Comment: Blah blah the witch aint dead

*Consumer Comment: Emilio Estevez

*Consumer Suggestion: Hello

*Author of original report: You have to stop

*General Comment: that explains a lot

*Consumer Comment: I am a real Medium

*General Comment: hey retired and psychic people

*Consumer Comment: Calling Retired in Seco

*General Comment: I can't stop laughing

*Consumer Suggestion: Counting Coup

*General Comment: Melissa Bryan hates the people of Taos, New Mexico?

*General Comment: THIS IS WIERD

*General Comment: Melissa's reply to a request for her to respect Wiccans

*Consumer Comment: It has to be said

*General Comment: change in plans

*Consumer Comment: More Laughs Everyday... thanks Missy!

*Consumer Comment: What's so bad about this?

*General Comment: I can't believe she eats

*General Comment: I did not ruin nothing lol

*Consumer Comment: Aww you went and ruined it....

*General Comment: I thought it was over but then this happened lol

*General Comment: Yaaay! It's over!

*Consumer Comment: AND we are still waiting....

*General Comment: She couldnt be more a fraud if she tried

*Author of original report: Before Its too late!

*General Comment: Delusion, thy name is Missy

*Consumer Comment: Theft

*Consumer Comment: Still Waiting.....

*General Comment: She will be back

*Consumer Comment: She never learns

*General Comment: Mount Messyuvius Eruption

*Consumer Comment: Put up or Shut Up Missy

*General Comment: Keeping it up

*Consumer Comment: Poor Snaggletooth

*General Comment: I didn't expect Melissa to notice

*General Comment: No wonder Melissa is such a pathetic failure

*Consumer Comment: I call BS on her radio show

*General Comment: Hooray for perseverance!

*Consumer Comment: If at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again.

*Consumer Comment: No Worries

*General Comment: Does she not realize

*Consumer Comment: The latest from the Seco Psycho

*General Comment: Lolcano Erupteth

*General Comment: Hot Air for Albuquerque

*General Comment: Call the police

*General Comment: that is unreal.

*Consumer Comment: Leave Our Balloon Fiesta ALONE!!

*General Comment: WWMD?

*Consumer Comment: It's Time

*General Comment: Melissa Bryan has turned on her community!

*General Comment: HOLY COW!

*General Comment: Your suggestion has been tried before

*Consumer Comment: A Proposal/Experiment

*General Comment: failure is as failure does.

*General Comment: Results are In!

*General Comment: Can't wait.

*General Comment: The real truth

*General Comment: Clarity Please

*General Comment: Now you see how much crazy has been unleashed?!?

*General Comment: Please be careful.

*Consumer Suggestion: This is true

*General Comment: LOLcast Supreme

*General Comment: It has gone too far

*General Comment: Well, This is interesting

*General Comment: More truthing above, beyond, past, in excess of, more than, and definitely much better than Melissa Bryan's failed attempt to truth

*Consumer Comment: The (not so) Sunny Side

*General Comment: pastvictim

*Author of original report: It's so simple!

*General Comment: the crazy one has it all figured out.

*Consumer Comment: Truth Overiding Missy's Lies

*General Comment: Miss Priss & everyone else

*General Comment: My My My!

*General Comment: Is this a joke or something?

*General Comment: Melissa Bryan is illogical and unprofessional

*General Comment: I see how this game is played!

*General Comment: Revelations

*Consumer Comment: Translating Missy's words into truth

*General Comment: Clarification

*Consumer Comment: "Suffer the Little Children"

*General Comment: Sick and Perverted

*Consumer Comment: A few things to address....

*General Comment: Really?

*General Comment: I don't understand

*Consumer Comment: KAAA BOOOM!!!

*Consumer Comment: Praises Be!!

*Consumer Comment: Same Crap Different Radio Show

*Consumer Comment: Here we go again folks....

*Consumer Comment: Sad Truth

*Consumer Comment: A Plethora of Perjoratives

*Consumer Comment: It is Shameful

*Consumer Comment: Message for my Best Friend Missy

*General Comment: It's all YOUR fault!

*Consumer Comment: Praises Be!!

*General Comment: Married at a reenactment?

*Consumer Comment: Inconvenient Truths

*Consumer Comment: Even More Truth

*Consumer Comment: More "Truths"

*General Comment: Narcissism does not negate idiocy or fraud

*Consumer Comment: More on Narissium.

*Consumer Comment: Seco Native Speaks The Truth

*Consumer Comment: narrssistic personality? I think so.

*General Comment: Kill Murder Death Stupid Fraud Lies LOL

*Consumer Comment: The question is begging to be asked....

*Consumer Comment: I call BS

*General Comment: narcissism

*General Comment: Overly dramatic non-psychic attention starved fraud

*Consumer Comment: Psychic FRAUD

*Consumer Comment: Missy's In Person Client...

*General Comment: Recent examples of Melissa's temper and tantrums

*General Comment: Here we go again.

*Consumer Comment: Missy wonders how to make $1500

*Consumer Comment: And the laughter keeps on coming!!

*General Comment: Facebook Terms Of Service

*Consumer Comment: What does she expect?

*General Comment: Ask, and ye shall receive

*General Comment: The Perpetual Lazy Drama Queen

*General Comment: Total drama creator

*General Comment: Chapter Two or is it Two Hundred and Two?

*Consumer Comment: Awfull is as Awfull does

*General Comment: Calling all available units!

*General Comment: Updates to the ED article!

*General Comment: Poor cat

*Consumer Comment: Her whole life is a joke

*General Comment: Bear in mind...

*Consumer Comment: The Line Starts Here

*Consumer Comment: Wait Wait Wait...

*General Comment: With every word you post lol

*General Comment: Have to die to prove you're... ...WHAT?!?!

*General Comment: Tsk tsk.

*General Comment: You might be a fraud.

*Consumer Comment: Missy Is A Bad Example

*General Comment: Restored Faith In Humanity

*Consumer Comment: Kathy Kinney meets Johnny Depp i.e. Marilyn Manson

*Consumer Suggestion: Some good advice

*General Comment: I'm not going to be her friend anymore EITHER. (tongue)

*General Comment: Live? On TV?

*General Comment: My Goodness!

*General Comment: Win.

*General Comment: Rererereleasing a "new" rerelease?

*Consumer Suggestion: Here is Relivent Data

*General Comment: I understand...

*Consumer Suggestion: I'M sorry to say this too.

*General Comment: Im sorry to say this...

*General Comment: Typical finger pointing by Melissa

*General Comment: Oh, Melissa....

*General Comment: Watch out, Trank!

*General Comment: To the parents

*Consumer Comment: What a load of crap

*REBUTTAL Individual responds: RE: I Wonder

*General Comment: God Mother to be

*General Comment: Save your money. Don't buy this fraud's books.

*Consumer Comment: I knew this woman was sketchy

*General Comment: I wonder...

*General Comment: An exquisite demonstration of the psychic abilities of a FRAUD

*General Comment: The only person at risk because of Melissa's book is Melissa

*General Comment: I believe

*General Comment: you're wrong about her

*Consumer Comment: Her Book Is A Danger

*General Comment: Thank you Ripoff Report!

*General Comment: Melissa Bryan's aspergers syndrome is out of control!

*Consumer Comment: Tonight on the Missy show!

*General Comment: FRAUD ALERT!

*Consumer Comment: This woman has quite the nerve!

*Consumer Comment: I'm looking forward to this book.

*General Comment: WOW Bz!

*General Comment: MY new tell-all book...

*Consumer Comment: Highly unprofessional

*Consumer Comment: I cant believe it

*General Comment: St. James, She Did You Wrong!

*Consumer Comment: A big disappointment

*Consumer Comment: Ready Set Go!

*Author of original report: Another book tra-la!

*Consumer Comment: A show or not a show

*Consumer Comment: Huuuuge Disappoint!

*Consumer Comment: We tuned in

*Consumer Comment: Her Show This Evening

*General Comment: Threats

*Consumer Comment: A Frightening Development

*Consumer Comment: The things we find out

*Consumer Comment: Bond is right

*Consumer Comment: Ah I get it now

*Author of original report: What Would Missy Do? ,WWMD?

*General Comment: no U grow up

*Consumer Comment: Grow up, all of you.

*Author of original report: maybe safe

*Consumer Comment: Breaking News: The public is safe

*Consumer Comment: You have to admit, it is funny.

*General Comment: STOP TROLLING HER!

*Consumer Comment: Typical

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..... The she said youre going to be dead you SOB. Presumably she was talking about this person from Canada. This went on for the entire 45 minute program. She was literally foaming at the mouth and banging her fists on a table. She also said that since she was angry, everybody would feel her anger and she would never apologize. Well I for one think she should apologize for the false pretences of her show. This was supposed to be a paranormal chat show, not 45 minutes of a mentally disturbed person screaming into a microphone and spewing obscenities. My advice to this woman is to stop making a shrieking spectacle of yourself. Go find a good counselor or friend or minister that you trust and listen to them. But if you plan to do an entire segment based on how much you hate somebody, you should do that elsewhere, preferably in private and not submit strangers to this gratuitous indulgence to your baser nature. Nobody really cares if you are angry or not, most people want you to be happy but if you cant be happy, screaming how you hate the world wont make you happy. Its going to attract the kind of people claim are already bothering you. If you want people to leave the past in the past as you kept saying, it has to start with you leaving the past behind, not bringing it up again like you did on your program. " target="_blank">Liveparanormal- http://liveparanormal.com from time to time. I enjoy some of the good paranormal chat and advice I get from the wonderful mediums and paranormal folks there.

On Friday, the 29th of March  I happened upon Melissa Bryan who claims to be a medium and spiritualist from New Mexico. I expected a nice relaxing show. What I got instead was very disturbed sounding woman screeching into a microphone for 45 minutes.

I didnt get what she was yelling about. First she claimed people are harassing her, and then she started spewing the vilest obscenities. Then she started threatening people. The she asked people to go put them through whatever shes gone through. In other words, she was soliciting people to harass for her.  

Then she started say in no more over and over again. Then she mentioned someone in Canada and began screeching come get me you little f*&8n moron!. The she said youre going to be dead you SOB. Presumably she was talking about this person from Canada.
This went on for the entire 45 minute program. She was literally foaming at the mouth and banging her fists on a table. She also said that since she was angry, everybody would feel her anger and she would never apologize.

Well I for one think she should apologize for the false pretences of her show. This was supposed to be a paranormal chat show, not 45 minutes of a mentally disturbed person screaming into a microphone and spewing obscenities.
My advice to this woman is to stop making a shrieking spectacle of yourself. Go find a good counselor or friend or minister that you trust and listen to them. But if you plan to do an entire segment based on how much you hate somebody, you should do that elsewhere, preferably in private and not submit strangers to this gratuitous indulgence to your baser nature.

Nobody really cares if you are angry or not, most people want you to be happy but if you cant be happy, screaming how you hate the world wont make you happy. Its going to attract the kind of people claim are already bothering you. If you want people to leave the past in the past as you kept saying, it has to start with you leaving the past behind, not bringing it up again like you did on your program. 

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#1 General Comment

I have..

AUTHOR: Tyg - ()

POSTED: Friday, August 15, 2014

 I have watched this crazy ladies story with interest. I even attempted to try and help. I STILL feel she needs REAL help. But there is only one thing I can really say that would be constructive. A "hunting" accident would solve ALL of her problems. But as I understand the Law, its illegal to hunt down fat and lazy slobs who have obvious mental issues.

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#2 Consumer Comment

Ran into her once on vacation

AUTHOR: Jenn S - ()

POSTED: Friday, June 06, 2014

and she both scarred and scared me! I thought she was homeless as she waddled up to me and began to entreat me to purchase her obviously shoddy wares; when I politely declined, she began a frothy tirade the likes of which I'd never seen/heard before. I thought she kept screaming about Frank, but now I see from these reports that she may have been mentioning this fictional person Trank.

At some point her mouse of a husband tried to insert himself and diffuse the situation only to be screamed into submission. I took the opportunity to turn and flee, not only her presence but the town of Arroyo Seco entirely. I know I should have contacted the authorities, but I just wanted to get back on the road and on my way.

I have a feeling drugs played a part in the incident (further evidenced by the rotting teeth) on top of what clearly was a mental condition or two. I would advise staying far away from this lunatic!

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#3 Consumer Comment

The truth and the law

AUTHOR: The True Truth - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Can Chaser Kate said in her latest screachfest:

"Under New Mexico state law, no person can force me into anything, psychiatric or otherwise, against my will."

Here are a number of laws that refute what she's saying:

N.M. STAT. ANN. § 43-1-11(C). Upon completion of the hearing, the court may order a commitment for evaluation and treatment not to exceed thirty days if the court finds by clear and convincing evidence that: 

(1) as a result of a mental disorder, the client presents a likelihood of serious harm to himself or others; 

(2) the client needs and is likely to benefit from the proposed treatment; and 

(3) the proposed commitment is consistent with the treatment needs of the client and with the least drastic means principle.

N.M. STAT. ANN. § 43-1-3(M). "likelihood of serious harm to oneself" means that it is more likely than not that in the near future the person will attempt to commit suicide or will cause serious bodily harm to himself by violent or other self-destructive means, including but not limited to grave passive neglect;

N.M. STAT. ANN. § 43-1-3(N). "likelihood of serious harm to others" means that it is more likely than not that in the near future the person will inflict serious, unjustified bodily harm on another person or commit a criminal sexual offense, as evidenced by behavior causing, attempting or threatening such harm, which behavior gives rise to a reasonable fear of such harm from the person;

 She's threatened to kill herself, she's threatened to kill "Trank" and others, she's threatened to eat herself to death (grave passive neglect). Hay Snaggletooth, please try to have your "truth" match reality!

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#4 Consumer Comment

HUGE Fraudulent Behavior

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Friday, April 25, 2014

 First she was copying Theresa Caputo and trying to gain clarity with that, then she ordered all the Sylvia Browne books she could read and was copying her style and the most recent scam is she is trying to be Allison Dubois by claiming she works with all the law enforcement agencies in New Mexico.  A close friend in the media made some calls and each place she claims to be affiliated with and is welcomed in with open arms for her help in all of their cases claimed not only that they do not use pyshics or mediums but that they had never heard of this woman.

Please Melissa, get some help for your delusions.  Have your parents come and place you in a live-in rehabilitation facility so you can become the useful person of society and not what you are now.  Your fans care about you and want to see you succeed and find a normal happy life to live.

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#5 Consumer Comment

She is scamming again.....

AUTHOR: Paulita - ()

POSTED: Monday, April 07, 2014

This time she lowered herself to scam a bereaved young mother who lost her infant.  Missy had the gall to charge this woman a huge exhorbitant amount and fill this woman full of lies.  All she wanted was comfort and knowing her child was okay in the afterlife.  What she got was a big shock when she searched Missy online so she could thank her for the reading she had and to ask her another question.

She found not the caring and concerned person who pretended to be a medium when she visited her home.  But rather she found a foul mouthed person talking about killing people and posting photos of herself with firearms she claims are real.  This poor bereaved young mother was shown a stark reality and realized she had been bilked out of $1200 and Missy will not give her any refunds.  Her response is "No F-ing refunds for no f-ing reason".

Please do not be scammed by this woman.  She has a very misleading ad in the local Taos newspaper and she is also trying to scam people into buying her "new" and improved books when in reality she bought up some old editions of Sylvia Browne books and is plagarizing Sylvia's words for her own use in her future books and of course the 1000th edition of her first book.

She rants and raves all day long about people attacking her and yet she has no proof of it.  She uses this for sympathy and to get attention for herself so she can sell things to unsuspecting victims so she can raise money to run to California and have a "family reunion" with Emilio Estevez.

When in reality if she really were related to the Estevez family she would not have to raise money they would pay her way without a problem to come visit them and put her up in a very nice guest room.

But she is not related to them and the person who she thinks is Emilio and who she thinks is really from Casa Dumetz are really scamming HER.  We really need to congratulate those folks for scamming the scam master!!  HAHAHAHAHAH Missy is such a clown.

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#6 Consumer Comment

Loyalty blocks -- we call BS

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Sunday, February 02, 2014


This goes out to ANY business entity that may be approached by this woman or her husband Dan.  Do NOT join her loyalty block on her website.  She is not seeking to advertise your business what she is seeking is to use your legitimate and real business to scam people into thinking that her business is legitimate when all it is really is a way to scam people out of their money and offering nothing in return for the money she steals.

BEWARE the website justmemedium.com (just me medium dot com) and do not be fooled into joining her loyalty block.  Just being friendly with this woman brings you nothing but bad luck and you will be closing the doors of your business by associating with her because people will boycott your business as soon as they realize you are linked to hers.  Too many people have been scammed out of their hard earned money by this woman and had their lives turned upside down just by being her "friend" or by being taught mediumship by her.  One poor lady has lost her home, her husband and had her children taken from her because of her association with Melissa.

Please do everyone a favor and do not encourage this woman by even entertaining the idea of joining forces with her.  You can end up losing everything too.

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#7 Consumer Comment

Melissa's Fan Club

AUTHOR: Patricia Adams - ()

POSTED: Monday, January 27, 2014

Hi my name is  Patricia Adams and I am starting the Melissa Bryan Fan Club with five others. The Melbrans is our fan nick names for Melissa Bryan fans! We respectfully request that the attacks against her stop as we will NOT tolerate it any longer. I am a HUGE fan of hers and cant wait to see her movies she has coming out that will no doubt cement her as being a legit actress along the lines of Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep. I am excited for her movie promotion and book tours as well. The Melbrans will gladly support her when she finds a Publisher and we are 500,000 members strong and growing!!! We are building our first website soon. We will also have a legal fund to help aid her in the search to bring those who attack her to justice.. We also have a fan club for kids that is apart of hers called the Dukettes! The membership fee to join both is 300 a month and we already have 300,000 paid members!!!! We hope to have 500,000 by the end of the month and beyond that as we grow with her. We hope to get her to provide us with signed headshots and special readings for members and we have members that have TV Contacts and are petitioning them to see if we can get her a Paranormal Show!!! Since she is nominated for 4 awards we are hoping to film that as well! We would like to film her preparing for the awards show and as she travels there and we hope when she wins! So far the TV Studios are very receptive and open to the idea of having her host her own show!!! Its going to be an amazing year!!

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#8 General Comment

Melissa is now ENEMY to all Natives.

AUTHOR: Dave Associan - ()

POSTED: Monday, January 27, 2014

 She sent a letter threatening the Native elders. Then claimed that New Mexico AIM "had her back" which proven to be false. So now she lost any potential friends to con into legitimizing any endeavors as an American Indian. Not only that she pissed off all AIM chapters by basically thinking she can do as she pleases with their logo like attaching it to the fraudulent S.A.I.M. shirts and bootlegging Idle No More merchandise. She claims that proceeds were going to be donated to INM but she doesn't even have a contact for them. As far as S.A.I.M. goes that's a scam anyways as its just a few Mexicans in CA posing as Natives and an Ethiopian in Denver who she attached herself to and claims is her husband's cousin as proof that her husband is somehow Lakota. As a Lakota I can assure you that he is NOT and neither is her Ethiopian bestiality performing friend. All of them are nothing but wannabes.

 I think XGymratX also posted her Tumblr post on that New Age Fraud site where Melissa claims that she was "asked to enroll tribally for my lineage." Not a single tribe will ask anyone to enroll (except maybe fake tribes that are little more than wannabe "heritage groups"). We all know she is NOT Native, and for her to falsely claim that any legit tribe will actively seek out a white woman with mental problems and embellished identity and beg them to enroll is absurd.

 To actually lie about who she is and her background just devalues her book into unreliability. Ruined it. What else did she lie about? I have not even read that POS but i will review it on Amazon or wherever else may sell it anyways and demand it gets sold as FICTION.

 My girlfriend Susan happened to end up on her Facebook for a while. She actually tried to help Melissa out. Melissa flipped out on her, called her the "mole" on her page and deleted her after verbally abusing her. But looks like she was unable to plug the leak so again Melissa was wrong about who she thought it was. Melissa I know you read this religiously and thought you should know that you chased away the one person who was trying to make peace. Maybe you really don't want peace but thrive on internet turmoil?

  i wish you luck doing whatever it is you want to do Melissa, and I hope you find both inner peace and/or psychiatric help that you desperately need. But please leave all references of you Native fantasies out of your bulls***.



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#9 Consumer Comment

BEWARE She has a new scamming website

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Friday, January 24, 2014

Here we go again folks.  Melissa Bryan has restarted her business name and website under a new disguise so she can run from her past website failure and scams and hope that people she has scammed out of their hard earned money won't find this one. The problem is, she will just continue to promote the heck out of her "new" website (i.e. the same old website with a new web address) and then those who don't read these reports will know that she is scamming people again.

That is why she switches websites and business names like normal people shed socks.  To escape all of the people who she has scammed out of their money, who she has made horribly ill by her baked items and who she has sold sub par plastic junk to under the guise of real products.  The T-shirts she sells you can see through, the pens she sells won't write or break soon after using them for the first time and all the rest of the crap is useless because it has her face on it.

Beware of her new websited justmemedium.com (just me medium dot com) because not not only is she trying to sell people crappy plastic gear and bad food she is trying to scam people who are vulnerable over their loved one's passing away out of their money. Heartless, uncaring and "all about the money" just as she said in one of her many facebook rants.  BEWARE AND AVOID this woman and any products she tries to sell you!

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#10 Consumer Comment

We call BS

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Thursday, January 16, 2014

 Dear Mr. Agent Dempsey (j/k we know it is really Melissa or possibly Danny boy who wrote the post from Agent Dempsey)

We don't believe a word you say because if you truly were a talent agent you would not be lowering youself to defend a lying, scamming, scheming, foul mouthed gold digger who will do anything to make a buck.

You see, we stand by the statement that a person has to have an actual TALENT to hire a talent agent.  We are sorry that scamming innocent people out of their hard earned money, scamming people into doing manual labor for you with no intention of paying them, and lying about psychic abilities to try and scam more people are not talents.

Not only that the REAL Mr. Jim Dempsey, who represents Mr. Estevez, would never jeopardize his position in the big fish's pond by trying to help the pond scum of the Bryans.

Sorry Missy and/or Danny boy your attempt to scam us into being scared of a fake post from a real person who would never have a thing to do with you or your "family" didn't work so back to the drawing board for you!

OH and enjoy your staycation at home when they are having the paranormal awards in NH.

We also hope you do write to Mr. Putin so he can also enjoy the laugh fest that comes with reading your hilarious things.

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#11 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Ivan Jerkinhoff - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Melissa posted this..

I am going to make this Crystal Clear: I AM NOT A CELEBRITY!

You are known only as a scam artist so there you have it no one thinks you are a celebrity.

You are broke as you constantly cry about it.. Soooo you obviously dont work your a*s off because you have nothing. Hmm makes sense to me that you are not working your a*s off unless crying your broke is all apart of you scamming folks out there money.


Ohhh I researched this Jim Dempsey guy who claims he is Emilios agent.. You said you talked to Emilio and it was not true he is not a lawyer.

Well according to my research he in fact does represent Emilio as his Agent like he clearly said and works at Paradigm as he stated. I am scratching my head on this one because his info checked out and what you said was obviously a lie.


OHHH you keep posting you are being attacked and stuff but we have no proof as we have seen none of it.. So we think you are lying as usual to create fake drama so these idiots will pretend they care about you and listen to you cry. Good luck with Putin..

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#12 Consumer Comment

Paranormal Awards

AUTHOR: I.P Freely - ()

POSTED: Monday, January 13, 2014

Can anyone kindly explain what her books or internet laughfest radio show has to do with the Paranormal?? Her radio show is an hour of talking about her or those against her and nothing paranormal..


Please someone explain.

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#13 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Jim Dempsey - ()

POSTED: Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello my name is Jim Dempsey with Paradigm and I am Emilio Estevez's Talent Agent and I was asked to follow along at Emilio's request. Back off of Mrs Bryan immediately or myself and my agency and our legal team will gladly jump in and force you too.

Have a great day Bullies because your days bullying Mrs Bryan are coming to an end. Get off the computer and go live your life and allow her to do the same.

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#14 Consumer Comment

Melissa's Book

AUTHOR: Jeeves - ()

POSTED: Sunday, January 12, 2014

Okay so she took her book off of Amazon the biggest book seller on the planet... Another brilliant business decision from Melissa Trump.. I mean Melissa Chump. She left because she thinks Amazon was screwing with her.. Createspace uploading system is completely automated and involves no humans.. Sooo no one was messing with her and NO PUBLISHER on the planet would deal with her and make constant updates to her babbling crazyness.

Also she is getting an Agent..lol For what an Agent gets a percentage of there clients income and she has none other then what her folks send her to keep her away. She needs a Publicist who will handle all her press and communications but a publicist you have to pay monthly and a decent ones starts at 5K a month. I seriously doubt any Publicist would work for this mental case.

The problem is she keeps updating her books which makes no sense what so ever.. Then again she is a brilliant businesswoman. No one buys them so why does she bother?? No one cares about anything she has to say so just keep flipping out and going mental so we can keep laughing at you.

Ohh go back to spreaker that was hilarious!!!!!! Ohhh and more Youtube videos.. PLEASE!!!!!!! You should start a youtube show and sign up for youtube partners and I assure you with your crazyness you will make a ton of money with your videos.. Hint Hint.

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#15 Consumer Comment

It has to be said...

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Friday, January 10, 2014

Have you ever wondered why Melissa continually changes her website addresses, her business names and radio show names and stations? 

The answer is simple.  She rides one business model or radio show to the ground scamming people and selling fraudulent information and products and then when the angry people who lost money to her are catching up to her or angry Indians are angry because she is macking on being an Indian when she is white as the snow outside her door she has to cut her losses, change everything and hope they don't find her under her new business name and all.

Over and over she tries to say that others push her off or shove her off her own websites when it is actually her own actions that do it.

She is right now saying how nice and quiet it is to not have any communication.  But in reality it is really starting to bug her that nobody is paying any attention to her inane updates about washing dishes and taking her weekly bath.

Good luck with the next incarnation of the same old business model and radio show and when all the information comes out we can begin showing all of those who want retributions from her where she has landed again so they can again seek to have their money returned and help others to NOT fall for her scams.


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#16 Consumer Comment

Psychics Gone Wild is more like Psychics going down the drain

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, December 31, 2013

 Maybe Psychics Gone Wild with Jethro Smith and Dena Flanagan of denaflanaganpsychicmedium.com/ who appear to be genuinely caring and real psychics need to have a Ripoff Report made about them if they are going to willingly associate with a known fraudulent person like Melissa Bryan.  I mean if they don't care that they are promoting someone who has lied, scammed and cheated people out of their money by telling them things that were not true and then created terrible emotional pain and financial hardship on those people then they are not truly psychics or light workers are they?

It is a pity though.  They both seem to have real and genuine careers and websites built through years of honest work.  Now it will all be tainted and brought down among them like ashes because they chose to associate with the wrong person.

Perhaps they don't know about how she hired people promising legitimate pay for them and then when payday showed up she and her hubby ran off with the money and left the people who did all the work with nothing.  They had to file bankruptcy just to pay the people they owed and then they skipped town in the middle of the night so they did not have to make restitution.

Perhaps they are unaware of the fact she wanted to and still wants to charge CHILDREN to trick or treat at her home and when her hubby told her to let the kids trick or treat for free she threw a giant fit and ran inside and broke her iphone and laptop.

Perhaps they don't know that she has scammed people out of money, promising them to find their loved ones and when they did not show up in the impossibly long time frame they gave them she no longer had time of day for them.

Or perhaps they should hear about how she tried to "help" a cousin plan her wedding, the wedding fell through and then her cousin got married anyway and now when her marriage is falling apart because her husband is a wife beater Melissa said right out in public she has no time for that.

Missy is a great friend to have when everything is great and you have money to throw at her, but when there is no money involved she wants nothing to do with it.

Mark my words if these psychics continue to associate with her or her so called radio shows they will not only end up on ripoff report but they will soon be scammed by Missy when she starts charging for readings using their names as references and even claiming to BE them.

OH and fyi Missy, to have a booksigning you would have to have actual books at the event to sign and people would actually want to BUY the books to have them signed.  So with your hefty price tag on a very thin and very limited book you will be sitting there twiddling your thumbs while people are buying real books from real authors and the book store who was stupid enough to let you do a signing will be making note not to have you around again and spreading the word to other bookstores in the area not to do it as well.

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#17 Consumer Comment

Real Psychics To Take Over Her Show!!!

AUTHOR: Paulita - ()

POSTED: Sunday, December 29, 2013

I have no idea why these people from Psychics Gone Wild would want to associate with her or tie their name to anything she does less they become tainted by her fraudulent behavior but hey it's their funerals!

Sorry to say though that most REAL people will be having New Year parties to attend and won't be stuck at home like recluses to listen to a stupid podcast at midnight. 

On Thursdays now she will be joined by two REAL psychics on her show.  Hopefully they will figure out a way to turn off her microphone and cut her out of the show completely so that people will actually listen and enjoy the show!  It will be a blessing when they push her out of her own show and make it such a much better success!!

Just watch out she may begin to offer email readings posing as Jethro and charging big bucks like she has done before in the past and then will get the real Jethro in trouble.   You would think being a psychic he would see it coming....

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#18 Consumer Comment

More lies

AUTHOR: Marvin the Martian - ()

POSTED: Saturday, December 28, 2013

According to her latest podcast, she's still claiming to be native American, and is willing to prove it! For just $25.00 if you ask her nicely, or $250.00 if you don't. I'm sorry to tell you this, lumpy, but the burdon of proof is on the person making the claim. In other words, if you claim to be able to tell the future, you have to produce the proof, not the person that calls "bull sh*t" on you. What's next? Are you going to claim that you have Moses' birth certificate, and demand that we pay you $1m to see it? Or try to claim a farm subsidy because you planted some watermelon seeds in a plant pot? I'm sorry, but if you're a native American, I'm a citizen of the planet Mars! I can prove it too... Just send me $250,00 and I'll get it right out to you. Looking at pictures of your legs should provide enough proof! After I was through vomiting, I noticed that either you were wearing paterned stockings or your skin is so white that we can see your veins. All the proof anyone needs that you're just another valley girl poser! Try telling the truth for once in your life and see where that gets you!

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#19 Consumer Comment

Her Lies Continue To Drop Like Rain

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Friday, December 27, 2013


She said she was no longer doing any geneology because she was "chased out" of it and yet there it is in black and white that she was "casually" looking into her hubby's heritage blah blah big fat made up story about their families knowing each other for centuries blah blah they were rich silversmiths blah blah.

OH and did you notice?  She no longer is talking about the DNA Test from geneology.com.  So either she is afraid to find out she is just another white kid from the valley and of others finding that out OR she didn't have the money to pay for it. Being that it is just under $100 I am betting that she just plain doesn't want to face the truth that she has no exciting heritage at all.

Can't wait for tonight's radio show when her guest stands her up and she gets a boring fill in so she can throw a fit and whine about nobody listening when they aren't listening in the first place!

OH and BTW Missy, nice cover picture.  Too bad that nice lady who did that for you couldn't photoshop the ugly out of the picture nor make you look like the poor person you try to say you were in a former life.

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#20 Consumer Comment

Legally Fraudulent

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Thursday, December 26, 2013


Just Me Medium is registered as a legal business.  Doesn't matter if it is registered all legal like or not when the person who owns it is a fraud and a scammer and does everything illegally not to mention defrauds clients with lies.

She has her radio show booked clear through February.  Booked through February so all her guests can stand her up and make her radio show suck like it always does.

FYI Missy, when taking a picture of your cat you should crop out the cute animal and not put a picture on facebook of whoever was sitting on the couch naked with ugly hairy legs and broke a*s toes GROSS!  Poor cat has been traumatized enough someone needs to save poor Duke.

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#21 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Devon - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, December 24, 2013

There are those who see spirits and even help to find victims. Unless you know of all aspects, you can never understand the capabilities of the spirit world. I cannot comment on the knowledge of this individual but I cannot disbelieve either. Excusing this away as a falsehood is mere speculation on anyone's part. We cannot deny what we do not fully understanwd. I will close with the fact that there are instances which are unexplained but are indeed very real and in fact true when experienced firsthand.

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#22 Consumer Comment

Finally She Is Being Seen As She Is

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Monday, December 23, 2013

Missy has spent a lot of time making up her geneology stuff to get herself aligned with all the exciting people because her life is just plain boring vanilla.  But finally her claims of shamanism and being invited to the pueblo (pronounced PWEB LOW Not PWAY BLOW) and being truely Native American have gotten the attention of REAL Native Americans and they do not take kindly to white people like Missy from the valley trying to claim Native blood in order to get on the rolls and get free money for nothing.

We all know Missy is really good at trying to make money for doing nothing and now she is trying to claim government money falsely.

She also sent out super cheap pumpkin bread from a mix to people and I have seen them thank her for it, now I am waiting for those thanking her to come back a couple days later and talk about how horribly sick they are.  She even sent the sugar filled bread to her poor mother who has diabetes.  Either Missy was lying about her mother's health issues or she wants to get to her inheritance quickly.

She put up pictures of her one room hovel of a home with her crooked christmas tree, her crooked entertainment center with a television that has a smaller screen than my computer monitor and showed off that she may just be a hoarder!

Currently she is unthawing the Christmas supper that she froze over two weeks ago and the frozen treats and then when they taste like freezer burn and none of them can eat it she can blame someone else for her mess as usual. 

Good job spendint over $200 on a cat stroller and other treats for the poor cat but sending your mom a bread loaf of death that cost you like $2 to make and $2 to send in the mail.  I hope both your parents notice how unimportant they are to you. Shame on you for glorifying a cat over own family.   Now I supposed you are going to complain that you have no money for anything but yet it is just grand to buy a $200 cat stroller and pay for apps on your phone and yet you want people to donate money for some scheme you cooked up involving some poor Indian folk in South Dakota. 

Believe me folks no Native Americans are suffering or needing donations for propane.  The government is taking good care of them and Missy just saw a good way to scam some cash off of people.

Last issue to address:  Missy if you are going to try and make a spell you still have a lot to learn.  If you are sending out bad energy to people it is going to come back on you and won't do a thing to them.  FYI  First harm ye none.

Merry Christmas Missy and Dan and poor little Duke. 

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#23 Consumer Comment

Christmas Radio Show = Epic FAIL

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Friday, December 20, 2013

She says 9 days without someone bugging her.  That is because we all have real loving families to spend our time with and real holiday time to plan for and shop for.  We don't waste time baking things just to freeze them and then thaw them to eat at Christmas.  No wonder her poor hubby is so skinny... all he ever gets is frost bit food.  What is so hard about cooking a fresh hot meal on Christmas Day for the ones you love?

Her radio show this evening is pathetic too.   She has some guy on who is supposed to be playing Santa and he has not said one thing that is santa like.  She is using this to get poor people like that special needs person Kyle to call in and fool them that she is legitimate when she is no where close to it.   She also said Senora C was making an appearance and yet all we hear is the same Okayyyyy and the interrupting MMMHMMMMM that is louder than the poor santa guy who is on the show.  Also not forgetting the chewing of her cud (gummy cola bottles) that is loud and disgusting and drowns out what anyone says.

At least normal people are not being fooled to call in to her fraud of a radio show!!

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#24 Consumer Comment

And her lies continue

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Sunday, December 08, 2013

She swore she was never leaving her bed again was never going to try for any psychic awards and voila there she was this morning out of bed sending in for four awards.  So there she is lying about eating herself to death, lying about not being in the paranormal community anymore and all of it.  LIES LIES LIES.

And the poor woman from Paranorman NM.  Marlane Gabel Barton is the nicest lady you could ever know and Missy is attacking her simply because she did not want a foul mouthed person screaming obscenities on her group's wall?  You say it all the time Missy it is your wall and you will say what you want on it.  Well that is HER group's wall and she didn't want YOU and your filth mucking it up.

Then she puts up some picture of her favorite laundry mat with her standing in the sunlight and blocking out the sun so that there is a dark shadow in the picture and tries to claim it is paranormal.  Sorry Missy we can see you standing there on the right creating the affect for the photo.  LIES.

And finally you may or may not have been in rodeo before and you may or may not have broken Charmayne Jame's time in barrel racing but right now you would not be getting on ANY horse's back without disabling the horse and forcing the owner to shoot it.  Face it the only job in rodeo you would be suited for at this point would be pooper scooper.  And we all know you are well qualified for that job as you can sling the crap with the best of them.

Besides that no person with half a mind would sell you a horse because they could see you would only harm the poor animal by trying to ride it and on the other side of it you would never have enough money to actually BUY a horse that could win in a rodeo much less the trailer in which to safely haul the animal or the food and care that is needed to own such a beautiful animal.  So stop blubbering around about how the rodeo is the only place you could be happy when we all know you wouldn't be happy anywhere unless you were scamming someone out of their money some how.

Thank goodness she said she didn't go to the lighting of Ledoux Street.  At least we were able to enjoy a real peaceful and joy filled time without worrying a psychopath was going to run out of the crowd claiming her apple cider and cookies were better. 

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#25 Consumer Comment

Oh grow up

AUTHOR: Stacey - ()

POSTED: Sunday, December 08, 2013

 This thread is just stupid!!! There is no such thing as a "psychic" period.  Get a life

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#26 Consumer Comment

The Real Truth

AUTHOR: The Real Truth - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, December 03, 2013

From Melissa







From The Real Truth


Hmmmmmm okay you love him like a family member and your heart aches and what not YET you havent seen him in 3 years?? Your terrible at the name of someone you love?? SEEEEEE this is what gets people saying crapabout you.. is your bullcrap lies are pathetic and lame.. NO ONE believes you because this makes no sense whatsoever. I'm sorry it just doesent.. Everyone knows you are seeking sympathy hoping people will buy your crap. Our truth has won again.


From Melissa




From The Real Truth


Okay... This shows just how dumb you are.. To get back at the real truth speakers you raise the prices of your book?? That NO ONE BUYS ANYWAY! So who is suffering the retaliation here? Umm no one but YOU! You are actually protecting an innocent person who may stumble across your book from buying it because its too expensive!! So YOU are losing book sales! See this is the reason your business fails.. You have no buisness sense whatsoever you have to be competive price wise in the market place. d**n I shouldnt have told you that because.. Ahhh no worries your to dumb to understand anyway and destined to keep failing.


From Melissa


According to the Rules for one of these Paranormal
Awards is to have Testimonials of my Abilities given and Contact Info for that.
Please PM me for that.


From The Real Truth


They dont exist but if you need testimonials for your ability to lie and that you have no ability other then lying lets us know you will get hundreds of testimonials.


From Melissa




From The Real Truth


You have high blood pressure because your obese. There is no fight for the truth we ARE the truth. EVERYBODY knows this and please keep updating your book I have a bet that it will be 30K pages by Feb.

Goodnight Princess and the fellow truthers of justice keep up the fight to protect people from certain doom.

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#27 Consumer Comment

The Real Truth

AUTHOR: The Real Truth - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, December 03, 2013

We have decided to truth all her obvious lies to protect the innocent and we have hired a real medium to help us with this fraud.


From Melissa

It turns out that the man that was killed this past Saturday at Allsup's, I knew him casually through local happenings and through one of my Pueblo Neighbors who is a Musician.
No wonder I felt the death so incredibly strongly.
I felt like a strange Heaviness, like someone in my Family had passed.
Indeed. I felt like the dead individual was like Family to me, in my heart.
To the Deceased; Via Con Dios.
You will be missed and Forever in my heart.


The Real Truth.


Stop using other people's tragedys as a way to lie to your dumb Facebook friends to make you feel special. Our Medium say's you felt nothing you knew him casually as you admit and if you two were closer like family you wouldnt have to say you knew him casually. Our Medium say's you are a sad pathetic person to do this to his family.

OH SHE ALSO SAYS I felt like the dead individual was like Family to me, in my heart. AND To the Deceased; Via Con Dios.

You lying turd... You don't even know his NAME!!! How sad and Pathetic you truly are and honestly this takes your lies to a differnt level of pathetic. If you have spirit guides and the "DEAD INDIVIDUAL." was like family too you.. YOU WOULD KNOW HIS NAME.





From Melissa


The next time that I see one of my Pueblo friends in town, I am going to hug them and hold them tight.
To me, they are my Family, as close to me and my heart as any Blood Family.


The Real Truth

You have already been exposed and are currently under investigation as mentioned by another truther here.


From Melissa


Well, wouldn't you just know it, I am in the Application Process for the IPAA Awards in Internet Radio Show of the Year, Suzie Boucher Mediumship Award and Nonfiction Literary Award.
Got to get on my Writing for my Bio and Info.


The Real Truth


Well wouldnt you just know it, she is in the application process because she is the one doing it all.. Do you truly think anyone believes that anyone takes you or your mental case babbling and tao daily news... As a Paranormal/Medium show?? All you do is scream and cuss you old hag.


Our medium advises she will send them your show to protect any integrity Suzie's award may have.


From Melissa




From.. Ummm Common Sense.



From our Medium... If you lower the price and DONT LIE and say Amazon or Create Space wont allow it because the other 9 million kindle books can up and lower prices at will. IF you lower your price to 99 cents your book will sell over 23 million copies in a month.


See ya next time folks where our common sense and truth will prevail over her lies. Even if she thinks she can out truth anything which is what honestly lets her new and naive Facebook friends know she is crazy.



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#28 Consumer Comment

New level of crazy

AUTHOR: TrueNewMexican - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I've been reading this thread for a while and let me tell you, I have never heard of anyone so far gone in my life!!! Now she's Indian and Spanish wth?!?! I happen to be Spanish and could you please stop killin my language! You can't even spell anything right and that's sad because there's spell check everywhere, yes even in Spanish. Why do you threaten everyone, one of these days your going to do that to the wrong person! You act like your so big and bad ( you got the big part down). people here in New Mexico are not people to mess with, me included!! Why don't you leave these good people alone and gone on your way far away from here! 

To the rest of you good people, do you know when the Christmas parade is in her town because I sure want to see this in person, Señora C LOL. I think we could sell tickets, Step right up and see the spooky señora c. Just don't look to much she may turn you to stone!! 

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#29 Consumer Comment

how dumb can she get?....cool it already

AUTHOR: xgymratx - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, December 03, 2013

you aint impressing no one

someone sent some stuff to my inbox on newagfrauds.org

i) i have no idea who calvin is

2) i dont care which bounty hunters you know

3) i been sober my whole adult life....and never done meth

4) when i showed family and friends about the LIES you said...you know...about being greeted by whole tribe and how they awaited you and considered you an elder......they were shocked, saddened and pissed all at once.....the younger folks got a laugh out of it....al of them believe you are "touched" (as we call the unhealthy)

NOBODY knows you there, and the ones i let read the printout said you were just another in the long list of crazies that come to our pueblo....which i figured they were gonna say, i send everything to the tribal offices....its out of my hands now....so yes....your story is a FRAUD...and there is a team of fraudbusters at newagefraud.org digging into your claims as we speak....and every single one of them will be taken to every tribe mentioned and im willing to bet every single one will be denounced by said tribe....you can come on by and see for yourself what we do there....actually  welcome ALL of you readers

5) trust me, there ARE laws....alot of things fall under AICA umbrella, including FALSE charity, and attempting to capitalize on "native ancestory".....i found a few places where you said you unproven native ancestory was the source behind you so-called ability to talk to spirits, not to mention its in your book right? i wouldnt know.....i wouldnt read that trash.so keep lying to yourself that the law will not pertain to you.....i would get a lawyer quick if i were you.

i wish i had a facebook so i can see your rants

by the way my roomates girlfriend actually tried to help you and keep the peace from her facebook.......nice job flipping out on her and blocking her and verbally abusing her....do you do that to anyone who tries to lend you a helping hand? and guess what....after all that your "mole" is still there huh......i bet you feel really stupid now for attacking the wrong person...........and quit making youtube videos full of cursing....its not ladylike at all and no one wants to hear your filthy mouth

give up please melissa, no one wants to see you fail at anything, they just want the lies and the craziness and the threats to stop........maybe you can get a job to occupy your time in a more productive fashion and start over. i bet your husband would be happy and i bet even BTK would be happy you arent making him spin in his grave everytime you open your mouth

happy trails melissa

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#30 Consumer Comment



POSTED: Tuesday, December 03, 2013




- H.I.T.

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#31 General Comment

Who's The Grinch?

AUTHOR: Morgana - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Grinch has surfaced as Missy B! To quote her "I DEFINGMAND TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS WITH MY COMMUNITY HERE OR I PROMISE TO WRECK IT FOR EVERYONE!!!"How much of a Grinch can a person be?  Iffen she's not happy, happy, happy, then NO ONE should be happy.  Again, no thought for others, only herself.  The  Christmas Spirit  is not in her heart, but the spirit of envy and grinchyness is.  Why are we not surprised?  She has been spewing her malificence  toward the world for a long time.  So, same song, 100th verse, a  whole lot louder and a whole lot worse.  Please get some perspective Melissa, and be thankful that you have a  husband who loves and indulges you, a kitty who loves you and depends on you, a roof over your head and many other things that others lack or will never have. 

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#32 Consumer Comment

And Missy's Scams Continue

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, December 03, 2013

She is up to her old tricks again.  Pushing her stupid book that is full of spelling and grammar errors.  You would think that Create Space would proof read so they don't end up looking as stupid as she is but no. The only bright side to it is that she won't sell any of her books no matter how many editions she makes to them because 1. people don't want to buy her crap and 2. she prices her books so far out of reality that nobody will pay that much unless it is her own mother.


Secondly she is going to drag old Senora C out of mothballs so she can go on her annual terrorize and scar the children of the Taos area trip.  Supposedly just to view the street lighting.  But really to try and scam people using the most special of holidays to do it.  The bright side to this is we can go and hang out and watch for the terrifying gothic elf from hell to come down the street and herd any poor children far from her while reporting to the police she is concealed carrying a weapon in her stupid s****.>


Poor old Dan lost his job thanks to her again.  She made too many demands that he take days off to ferry her around to her scamming things that the place who hired him didn't want to put up with that anymore.  So once again she cost Danny boy his job and once again she will complain he isn't pulling his own weight around the house.  Good thing her mommy continues to send her money to stay away from California.


Funny thing she is doing is using her iphone as a ghost gadget.  Trouble is those apps for phones are for FUN and entertainment only.  Everyone with half a brain knows that phones are not equipped with any heat sensors or emf detecting ability and the apps that give words to the person and claim it is ghost communication are just randomly selecting words from a dictionary built in to the phone.  So that just goes to show how fraudulent her ghost investigating is.  She is so dense that she does not even use common sense to know you cannot use an iphone for ghost investigations unless you just use the simple recording device to capture an EVP or possibly the camera to catch a picture of a ghost.   I hope someone apprises that struggling Bed and Breakfast that she is only using them for a stepping stone and as soon as a better place comes along she will be jumping ship to that new place and bad mouthing the B&B.


She should also be ashamed of building up the hopes of the mentally challenged Kyle Lundmark and having him believe that anyone would call in to her show to wish him a happy birthday. NOBODY listens to her show and she had him believing that Bon Jovi and all sorts of other celebrities were listening and might call in.  Shame Shame on you Missy.


Lastly, what is her obsession with freezing everything?  How much trouble can it be to bake things fresh the night before the big day and then cook the dinner ON the day so the food is fresh?  No she is going to cook up a storm and then freeze everything and when it comes time to eat reheat it all and then she will have a big mess.  It will add that special freezer burn taste to the cat hair and cat feces in the food. That is also why she cannot sell her baked goods.  They are covered in cat hair and taste of freezer burn and smell like her house! 

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#33 Consumer Comment

Your Answer

AUTHOR: Jason Hawes - ()

POSTED: Sunday, December 01, 2013

If this is True, then tell me again how I am Allegedly a Fraud?! How could I be a Fraud if I knew before anyone said anything?! 

Well here is your answer.. Lucky guess or your lying as usual. You had a 50/50 shot at guessing the Royal babies sex... A 50/50 shot and you got it wrong.

I used the Ghost Detector Pro App with outstanding Results. This is one App that remains on board my Tool Kit for good! I told April that the Spirits are there Protecting the property and the House, before I ever went there.
The Ghost Detector Pro App Confirmed it and I didn't know any of the Facts behind the Info until I was told.

Here is answer #2 there is no accurate app on a phone they all say for entertainment purposes only phones dont have the proper equipment necessary. You saying you used it and what not just cements what everyone already knows your a mental case fraud. 

So your question how you are a fraud has just been answered have a good night.

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#34 Consumer Comment

Please Stop

AUTHOR: Poopers - ()

POSTED: Saturday, November 30, 2013

..Melissa no one gives a s**t that your dishes are soaking. Please stop telling people everything you are doing it is moronic. No one cares what your watching on tv or taking your every two week bath. Do you truly think people care?? You should know the answer.. No one buys anything you sell.


Stop embarrising yourself and that guy Kyle  who seems obsessed with the Police is scary and thinking Kobe Bryant and Lebron are listening is sad.

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#35 Consumer Comment

Prove it

AUTHOR: Truth Treadmill - ()

POSTED: Friday, November 29, 2013

You state the following.




No one believes you and unless you can prove that EVERYONE believes you and not us then you are admitting fraud and lies. So prove it have EVERYONE admit they believe you or admit your a liar. If you fail to prove it and comeback with more lies and excuses our truth has won over your lies for all eternity.


Good luck.

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#36 Consumer Comment

Fan Club

AUTHOR: Becca Bryfan - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 28, 2013

Howdy ya'll my name is Becca and I am the President of the Melissa Bryan fan club and we just want you to know that you all are just jealous of her and you all can say what you want and the Bryfan's will always love her. She is our leader of truth and will be our spiritual leader for all eternity.



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#37 Consumer Comment

Happy Thanksgiving

AUTHOR: Truth Treadmill - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 28, 2013

I would like to wish everyone here a happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for everyone here who is doing there best to protect the public from frauds like Melissa.

I raise my glass to you all and look forward to continuing the fight to protect people with our real treadmill of truth. The real truth will alway's override her lies.


I have a question for my fellow protectors of truth. Does she really think just because she say's she truths and overides stuff that anyone believes her???

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#38 Consumer Comment

Native American

AUTHOR: Chief Mansee Bearpaw. - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I was referred here as her attempted fraud of my people is becoming recognized by all the elders and we want it stopped. Having an 18th generation or whatever of native american bloodline according to our history and elders does not count unless documentation is presented by dna the persons blood is whole. Alot of the mixed bloodlines as she is claiming came from the rape of my people by white settlers and soldiers and is not counted as pure native blood.

The reason for her failures according to medicine men and elders is she has upset the spirit of my ancestors and will only be broken by her apoligies to the great spirit who is in the wind.



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#39 Consumer Suggestion

I feel sorry for her

AUTHOR: Jeff - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I actually feel sorry for her. In the past, I had tried to help her, only to be accused of being one of her "stalkers". In my opinion, if she just got some psych help, she might be able to run a successful business. Melissa, there's no shame in seeing a professional. I've seen one myself, and am willing to bet that a lot of other people that you know have as well. If nothing else, a good therapist might be able to integrate your "truth" with the everyone else’s truth. A psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist might also help insulate you from pending lawsuits.

If someone does prosecute you, if you can show that you're already seeking help, it will show the judge that you're sorry for any wrongs that you may have done and that you want to change. The alternative could be that the judge will send you for MANDITORY inpatient testing, to be sure that you're able to stand trial. Remember this: if you voluntarily seek help, it will probably be on an outpatient basis, but if you wait for a judge to order something, you'll stay inpatient until THEY decide to let you out. The choice is still yours, I hope that you make the right one.

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#40 General Comment

the coward of taos county

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Looks like its all true she deleted her just me medium facebook page . No doubt she will blame bullys and haters lol she never takes blame for nothing she just turns into a coward blaming everone else while she tries to cover her tracks even tho she said aint nobody never gonna ever get her to shut it all down then she shuts it down destroying evidence of her fraud and attacks on indians when she gets called out for lying about being related to famous indians just like all her other claims and her psycic super powers no wait I mean extra-extra-extra large and soiled lol serves her right for what she done to people karma folks karma

but why would a woman so trying to convince the world that she is some how native american go say something so over and against the aica maybe thats why she deleted her page lol like she is ashamed to disgrace them all so badly by taking such a stand over against beyond and on top of the aica I would be ashamed of her too if I didnt see this coming all of her fraud and lies are catching up to her

I screen capped her attack on the aica it is ok with facebook because their tos doesnt say I cant screen cap it because it is a public page but missys new rules say I cant but she doesnt run the internet she just posts this stuff all over it then gets all upset and dramatic when people laugh at her over it all lol im laufhing too lol

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#41 REBUTTAL Owner of company


AUTHOR: Melissa Bryan - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 25, 2013










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#42 General Comment

20 truths overriding 20 of melissa's DELUSIONS

AUTHOR: xgymratx - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, November 26, 2013

trank: i wasnt "in competition" with you i just said that as comic relief.....but wow....thanks...she is crazier than i thought....and to think she thought i was you

pastvictim: haha and she thought my roommate dave's girlfriend was the "mole" haha keep it up you are doing the best job of all exposing her.........i bet she is saying im wrong and she knows more about my own people than i do huh? what a tard

yo....but i really dont care about her....and i dont have time to go look for her.....and funny thing is my friends girl said she kept insisting i knew all about her and was behind ruining her for years...thats batshyit crazy i knew NOTHING about her before a few weeks ago....but she might as well shut her life down because im gonna tell you whats gonna happen....which proves i knew nothing about her or i would have set this in motion long ago

ok....first of all under the AIAC she violates it by 1) claiming indian ancestory to market her medium business 2) false charity on behalf of indians...she even was screenshotted saying she will make MORE shirts to piss whoever of 3) stolen copyrighted material sisnce she had her stupid SAIM shirts in her cart AIM has now been alerted....same with IDLE NO MORE 4) using her false american indian heritage to sell her books....i seen her claim she was a "shaman witch" which is gonna piss off every ndn in the country....then her false "experiences" will not only make her very unpopular amongst indians BUT since she attempted to sell it in a form of a book and didnt title it FICTION she will get in alot of trouble.............her team of imaginary lawyers better start working on what they are gonna do to keep her fat buns out of jail than go ater anybody including my new best buddy trank

she doesnt see the shitstorm that may be slow to start but is surely coming....like i said...my family is a respecte taos family, my stepdads family is a respected ohkay owingeh (san juan) family.....all tribes will stick together when i hand over police depts to their PD's

what does that mean for melissa? first of all it means unless she can produce a CDIB card or tribal enrollment card then the Dept of Interior will force her to cease and desist and possibly FINE her already broke azz. and she WILL pay those fines one way or the other even if it leaves her homless because uncle sam dont screw around.....it also means that she will be BANNED from any property belonging to the tribes...that means no more casinos....EVER and if someone sees he or reports her in one tribal cops wil arrest her and turn her over to feds. THEN i will use my contacts in indian country today, indianz.com, tribal tribuine, last real indians and all the other indian news outlets and this will spread like wildfire throughout indian country when you get busted. you will then be the laughing stock (which im sure you are used to) to all ndnz. they will point and laugh when they see you, they will hide their kids, they will roll their eyes when you approach them with your lies about being related to pocahantas. taos pueblo will probably serve you with a restraining order, im sure of it. and everyone on newagefraud will laugh at you some more. yes melissa...the process started..IM THE ONE WHO RUINED YOU and it hasnt even hit you yet. you dont believe me? ask your imaginary team of lawyers....i hope they are brushed up on AICA laws and other laws regarding indian protection.

this is the same same tactic we are using on her friend eliase who i have screenshots of trolling for bestiality with his wife. dogsex boy eliase is another trollers dream because he lies more than todd margaret.

i wish i had a facebook...i would love to see melissa's reaction. i have contacts that have facebook that run our native page im gonna have them look in on her. but regardles i know enbough people with facebook that will let me drop in and take a look at her insanity....either way she called me out when i had no idea who she was. probably when i was exposing her friend in fakery eliase graywolf, who also has a ripoff report i seen and commented on. she has no idea of the shyetstorm she opened herself up to....haha is she still ranting that she is going to stop me from going to see my relatives in taos? my own tribal homelands?

and i dont even have to troll her any longer to do it and im not going to. i dont need to nor do i have the time. i just turn everything in to ken vanwey of the department of interior as well as alert tribal PD and governers.....and the crumbling of her life before her very eyes begins....you brought it on yourself melessa

i told you on youtube melissa....cast aside the phantoms of your lunacy..you now have a REAL enemy, the us govt....have fun fighting them....i hope you shed the crazy and stay sane just enough to see and recognize that this fight is going to be REAL...not against imaginary haters or other figments of your delusion. i gave you what you want...you wanted an enemy so bad? YOU GOT ONE. you're welcome! :)

ps* billy the kid was gay......like i said i used to poke him in the coolo and make him pay rent. everyone in the cellblock broke off a piece of that sweet white azz. i remember in my past life i knocked his teeth out and made him gum my c**k. your husband dan is a puddy tat too if he stands by and lets you fantasize and "communicate" with a dead guy. have a good turkey day melissa! :)

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#43 General Comment

blaming and quitting

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, November 26, 2013

take a lookie at the screenshot lol folks you will see missy blame the comments here for her future loss of black friday sales in thousands of dollars even though if she had anything set up for sales she would be trying to sell the same crap books of lies and stolen recipies and stolen indian artwork that nobody has ever purchased from her then like trank said she cowers and declares that she quits everything lol just wait because she will be quiet for a few days then she will pop back up claiming that she has won because she didnt actually quit but she will still fail at her scams and blame trank lol trank trank trank 

missy needs to get counseling or maybe a labotomy so she quits trying to destroy other people because she refuses to take any blame for failing all the time lol

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#44 Consumer Comment

It's funny...

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 25, 2013

 Now that there is someone who has a REAL connection to the rich Native American pueblos and they are calling Missy's bluff it is refreshing to know that  if she challenges this person they will show up and be there in he yard and she will be cowering behind her curtains with her cat.

The closest thing she has had to an invitation to any pueblo has been junk mail sent to her from when she signed up as a member to one of the many Indian Casinos that she and her hubby frequent all the time.

Sad but true but she once stated on her facebook that going to the casinos and gambling the money she made on the t-shirts she was selling was donating to Indian charities.  And that covered her claim that she was donating money to them.

She is one sick cookie.   I am glad she finally got noticed by somoene who is not afaid of her antics and will actually call her on her false claims and not only that they are able to talk to the pueblos and Native Americans and shine a light on the fraud she continues to try and push on them.

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#45 General Comment

this is what she wants lol

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 25, 2013

missy loves the drama this is exacly what she wants lol now that trank showed shes goin to pop a fuse watch her pages she does this all the time she needs help baaaad!!!!

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#46 General Comment

Dear GymRat

AUTHOR: Some ATON user Jay - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 25, 2013


I walked away from Melissa's incessant death threats about a year and a half ago. I have watched her posts and the rebuttals here on RipoffReport. At first, it bothered me when she would post my name, address, and contact information and beg people to harass and attack me.  But after the last couple years of her blowing up at me for every person's comments, the worst I have faced is a few Facebook messages from Confederate Civil War re-enactors who send me messages saying that they are going to come to New York to kill me for what she has convinced them that I supposedly done to her.  I printed all of their messages and added them to the file of emailed death threats from her and the email messages and phone notes from all of the times that Melissa and her husband have contacted my family, employer, landlord, and even other businesses in my neighborhood trying to get me fired, disowned, evicted, or just plain killed.

Amazingly, all of this started when she contacted me and said she was going to kill me if I didn't shut down a website that I didn't own.  I didn't need the hassle, but as an administrator I had a line of communication with the site owner.  I discussed it with him, and he decided to shut the site down.  Both he and I have since been the subject of her legal and death threats, and she has even threatened to kill me over websites like ED (click the link) where I am not even a registered member and Ripoff Report where I am NOT responsible for EVERYONE'S opinions.  But she just plain doesn't care.  She needs that ONE person on whom to focus her agression.

It is good to know that you too are well known and liked in your community, because if she ever does manage to get it through her head that I haven't cared at all about anything that she says or does, she will turn her sights to you, insisting that YOU are somehow responsible for 12+ years of whatever she claims, resulting in the blatant failure of her professional development, home life, and marriage.

I pray that you have the blessings of the Native American Community to stand up to her, as she has proven to be relentless, insensitive, and reckless when she lashes out at whoever she is blaming for her problems and failures.  There is absolutely no relief when dealing with this woman, even if you speak directly with her or her husband and think that you have an understanding and deal if future problems arise.  The moment that she convinces herself that someone is responsible for her problems, she unleashes a steady stream of legal threats (claiming she has a team of OJ Simpson trial attorneys who have decided to take on her case pro bono), death threats, challenges to duels and gunfights, and all manner of blame and suicide threats.

I will claim no glory when she finally goes down.  I have left her alone for a year and a half, but I am still the focus of all of her blame and threats.  Her own County Sheriff has assured me that I have absolutely nothing to fear from her, as she is in New Mexico, broke, and unmotivated, and especially because she cowers whenever she is confronted (or feels that she is about to be).

I don't have anything else to add to any of this.  I only felt the need to say something because my name is appearing more and more frequently in her Facebook posts.  I reported a few of her posts today and have contacted Facebook's administrative staff, and they are looking into it, and if she has been posting my name again, she will be receiving yet another extended Facebook suspension or account deletion for continuing to harass me and my family.

I wish you the best, and hope that you have fun with her as you deal with her Native American relation claims and merchandising.  If you ever need to reach me, just use the contact information that Melissa has posted as many of my customers have for the last 5 years.


God bless, and take care!


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#47 General Comment

hey abrana im in denver too

AUTHOR: xgymratx - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 25, 2013

maybe we can meet up so i can how you what its like to get banged by a REAL man unlikd that homo billy

by the way someone sent me her "checklist" style response to facebook so let me now respond in kind by answering each number of your response

1) yes you are bats****

2) eliase is to a fraud, hes an ethiopian posing as a lakota, no indian blood at all, i exposed him everywhere as wel as exposed his petlove...so if your husband is related to him he aint any more lakota than elias is, im guessing your husband is part ethiopian dog humper?

3) yes you are a fraud..any time you try capitalizing on fake ndn ancestory and telling whoppers you are a FAKE....and thats the truth...why dont you just respond to me where i started? newagefraud.org.....we can use the entertainment

4) you are NOT ndn...you will NEVER be ndn....and i found screenshots of you claiming to be a "shaman witch" and claiming you inherited talents due to being ndn....NOBODY inherits talents and calling youself an ndn shaman with offends me to the very soul.....you are a fat WHITE pece of crap exploiter......yeah.....saying my people the taos have been waiting for you.....stfu....dumb bytch

5) as i told you....you should not have mentioned me and named me as an enemy without even checking first....u have it on your youtube discussion page, look how old my screen name is....if i had anythng to do with anything against you i would have done it long ago....i wasnt even aware of your existence....you should be more careful about calling out total strangers.....like i said all i see out of you is insanity and imaginary enemies....now you have a REAL enemy that happens to be in your area about 5-6 times a year 

6) dont know who trank is, im from D-TOWN bytch.....the mile high

7) i will not scream tos? wtf does that mean?......loser

8) i spelled what wrong? tuah-tah is spelled correctly, means people of the place of red willows.....and tewa is a language not a tribe and my people do not speak tewa they speak nothern tiwa.....i didnt mispell Dine' (navajo) because i didnt even mention them.....do NOT try schooling me on my own people

9) im callin you a pedo.....yes i am.....maybe you havent acted on it but i see on the messageboards everyone calls you out on it.....you are a pedo by way of having fantasy of sexing a young billy the kid.....im sure he even found you disgusting even then

10) LOL

11) no one said the tshirts were bad..they were very good BOOTLEGS..they were just illegit, you didnt create the logo, you didnt create the movement......please please please put them back on for sale now that INM has a copyright

12) yes you are a FRAUD everything

13) im an athiest? you know nothing about me....you better look harder....my screename is  xgymratx or milehighsalute....check newagefraud, powwows.com, indianz.com, youtube ect

14) whatever.....i am taos and ute...everyone in denver knows me.....and my family......and im the one leading the charge to rid denver of your ethiopian fat dogsexer friend

15) have you looked in the mirror?

16) i believe that you dont believe you are lying...you are bats**** crazy and delusional....seek help

17) i dont know trank...yeah but i believe you refuse jobs....because you are lazy and unproductive

18) than die then, no one is stopping you...again i dont know trank but i bet he aint in jail and he is laughing his a** off

19) i have no idea what youre talking about? and i dont think anyone believes you anyways unless they are batshit crazy themselves

20) hahaha i finally figured out what ahsfb means...and whoever trank is i feel sorry for him, but i wont let him take the credit when you pound the keyboard, foam at the mouth, punch holes in your wall, protest by kicking your cat and finally blow your lid.....f**** you trank if you are out there.....that honor is going to be MINE

21) i AM a real native with ties in the native communities in NM and here in denver...dont try to quiz me on my my own people

a) many natives celebrate thanksgiving....or should i say we celebrate time off work like everyone else....we choose to call it YOUR WELCOME DAY

b) its a 7hr drive....as soon as i get off work tommorrow i will be there til sunday....maybe i will drive by your house and look at your famous tent with no tresspassing scribbled on it......i had been thinking of using cat skin to make a tobacco pouch....know where i can find a cat?

c) didnt claim to be a pueblo resident....i like phones and computers and stuff, i will only be in the pueblo thursday and on friday......i will be staying in town with family because every motel is booked solid....just like for powwow or san g, not enough motels in that little town...and yes ill be by allsups for a hatch chili chimi and i will be by lota-burger like i do every trip there.....on saturday i will stay in questa with a friend and will drive to visit another friend in san luis before heading home.........dont think i dont know about where i spent every summer of childhood.........cant wait to show everyone in taos your story about how the whole pueblo knew you arrived and people saying they awaited your arrival....you will be banned from ever going there again guaranteed......tribal cops dont mess around with people like you....using our name to do some fake ghosthunting

by the way i took the liberty to send the rivers inn in antonito screenshots, saved videos and links to this page and others so they may read it before making final decision of having you there....my girlfriend is from antonito...she is making calls as i type..YOURE WELCOME!!!!

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#48 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Abrana Garcia - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 25, 2013

To the fat gringo that claims to have been Abrana Garcia in a past life: You're a fake! I was and always will be Abrana Garcia! Your just a fat lazy gringo trying to get money without working for it! You're also lying when you claim that you speak to the spirit of my husband Billy. I'll have you know that my current husband was Billy the Kid and I can assure you that he's definitely NOT in the spirit world! We've been married here in Denver since 2004 so unless you can prove that you're me, please stop lying about me and my husband! STOP LYING, LOSE WEIGHT, AND GET A JOB! 

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#49 General Comment

hahahaha this is fun!!!

AUTHOR: xgymratx - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 25, 2013

one of my fb contacts made friends with this cow and told me that she said that im gonna die because billy the kids ghost or something is gonna get me and im gonna die. ahahaha......please someone post the whole thing because i cant find her fb

but melissa if you are reading im gonna give you some truth......in my past life i shared a cell with billy the kid and made him my b****. i used to poke him in the c*** and make him cry. you think he was good looking but he looks like a downs syndrome kid.....actually he looked like sloth from the goonies. he used to give a horrible b* but hey making him toss my salad was the price he had to pay for rent feel me?

oh yeah....he begged them to execute him because he said his babys mama was a fat ugly h*o....what you gotta say about that???? what you onna do? threaten suicide? threaten to eat yourself to death? dont let me stop you!!!

how can your husband stand you? he aint no man he is a b**** too to defend you while you fantasize about some dead ugly duckling with a loose b*******? i bet your husbant takes it in the c*** too huh? hahaha i hope im locked up with him someday too :)

i aint who you think i am....im new to your little world but now i see why no one likes you or believes you.....count me right in with whoever you say it is that you think that i am because im gonna be worse....thats a promise. you wanna challenge me fist to fist and gun to gun? be careful what you wish for!

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#50 General Comment

what? did she respond?

AUTHOR: xgymratx - ()

POSTED: Sunday, November 24, 2013

i cant see it.........you must be the guy she thinks i am

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#51 General Comment

she may call herself a medium

AUTHOR: xgymratx - ()

POSTED: Sunday, November 24, 2013

but i am guessing she is a 5xl

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#52 Consumer Comment

She is the one who is owned

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Sunday, November 24, 2013

 Missy before you try to fake a spanish saying to validate your very fraudulent claims of native american and spanish heritage you may want to research more and find that it is PINCHE and not PINCHI    AHahahahahahahah we are all laughing

Oh and btw it is pronounced PWEBLO not PWAYBLO.


Yes we are aware you are trying to scam people into buying that piece of crap again.  We will warn against it yet again.

Now that you failed to put anyone in their place why don't you go eat all the gross cupcakes and such that you cooked up today to spare other humans from trying to consume such garbage.

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#53 General Comment

bats*** crazy

AUTHOR: xgymratx - ()

POSTED: Sunday, November 24, 2013

i searched my own screen name on youtube.....and saw that this nutcase broad accused me of being some other people i never heard of so i went to comment to ask why and i was blocked...and her comments on videos were disabled

so luckily during the youtube overhaul it opened back up until people reset their privacy settings.....i basically told this crazy trash that if she wanted an enemy so bad she has one now......sheeeeeit.....i never even heard of her before she was mistaken in naming me in her moment of lunacy

i dug a little and saw these ripoff reports, that encyclopedia dramatica thing, and interviews...messageboards ect and also saw she is associated with the fraudulent dogsex boy eliase graywolf...one thing i know about frauds is that they stick together...i see he is mentioned on ror too and i will post some very interesting screenshots of him soliciting bestiality....but for now i will stick to topic

i know nothing about medium work....but i DO know liars and crazies.....so being that she is both that makes her a fraud and a rip-off in that sense

1) she is NOT ndn....in my experience anyone who proclaims it, and has to throw in famous indians are liars......and she dared use the name of MY people, the taos pueblo (tuah-tah) to legitimize her claims of being indian, and that she is an "old soul" and she claims to be one of our neighbors, the navajo in a past life married to billie the kid and having his children when he was 12.....thats just creepy pedophilia......i saw pics where she put herself side by side with a "abrama garcia"....maybe billy the kids wife....and asked people to point out the resemblence...i almost died laughing

2) when i read about her selling the idle no more shirts....and seen screenshots of them in her store it made me SICK that she would take advantage of a movement with roots in peace....and i know firsthand that she had no permission, INM didnt even have knowledge....and she was way overcharging too....that makes her DISGUSTING

3) her website showed support/membership in fraudulent group called SAIM......nuff said

4) the spirits told me...in fact they told me to come on here and tel melissa to stop the lying and get a real job at subway or something.....make yourself useful

5) the taos pd are only familiar with melissa as a potential "customer" and think she is nuts....they never did or never will have plans to use her to solve cases

i bet you never guessed anyone that actually has roots in taos to come by here did you? anyways im going to taos this week for thanksgiving..........im gonna definately ask around some more.......im guessing everyone will say the same thing though......BATS*** CRAZY FRAUD

you can all see my entry at newagefraud.org in forums my screen name there is milehighsalute

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#54 Consumer Comment

More real truths

AUTHOR: Retired in Seco - ()

POSTED: Saturday, November 23, 2013

Poor Missy, she can’t tell the difference between the truth and a fraud. She considers James Randi a fraud, even though he’s made his money legally, but she likes Sylvia Browne, even though she was a convicted felon.




I guess birds of a feather… That’s why she won’t accept any challenges; she knows that she’ll fail, just like everything else she’s tried to do. What could be easier than a “medium” (or extra large in her case) than to predict a simple lottery number? She claims that would be a “fraud”. Just to make sure, I called the New York State Lottery Commission and asked them if it was against the rules for someone to ask a “medium” to predict the winning lottery numbers for them. Once they stopped laughing, they told me that it was well within the rules to have the help of a “medium”, and suggested that I make a large bet on that day. So you see, Princess, it’s not illegal or otherwise against the rules for you to predict the winning numbers. If you continue to refuse to participate in a test of your abilities, you’ll be forever branded as a yellow bellied coward and a confirmed fraud. She can’t even get an original name for her business. The name “Just Me Medium” was used publically by Rene Rabbit on 27 September 2012. That would make any of your trademark claims invalid. Better luck next time…


On a different note, it seems as if a UFO has been seen around Seco lately. Take a look at the attached picture, and let everyone know if you’ve seen it.

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#55 Consumer Comment

She is fake!

AUTHOR: Walter - ()

POSTED: Saturday, November 23, 2013

She refused to prove her abilities! WE WON FOR NOW AND ALL ETERNITY! We demand she stop scamming people now or we will continue to SIT IN! SIT IN! PROTEST PROTEST! We are the truth treadmill! We truthed it for eternity.

Okay.. We decided to give you one last chance to prove your abilities. Ask your spirit guides to ask Jimmy Hoffa where his body is buried. Other Mediums can do this I have seen it.

Ohh the drama queen as a new victim in Vanessa who is being supportive and Melissa playing the victim for sympathy. And you said this.. I honestly wish I could. They will harm me physically if I Do Not. I have that in writing!

We are saying what you always say.. Prove it you have it in writing.. or you are lying. You have an easy test and a writing to prove.. Get on it or stop scamming people.

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#56 Consumer Comment

More laugh worthy missy drama

AUTHOR: Paulita - ()

POSTED: Friday, November 22, 2013


The saddest part of all of this is she said she would never do another holiday and never play the scary horrifying Senora C again and yet here she is putting on some fake a*s radio show as senora c and having some poor Santa Dan Gregory star as Santa on it. 

Next thing you know she is going to be hopping right into her red truck's bed and cavorting down the street in the Christmas Parade with her crappy poster board signs that no one can read her kindergarten scrawl on, terrifying a whole new generation of children and making them not want to celebrate Christmas all because she is a selfish scamming fraud who hates children and could care less about them or their parents just about the money she can make off the backs of unsuspecting people.

She is proud as pie of dragging the good name of Santa Dan Gregory down and through the pig wallow mud that she lives in all in the name of the almighty dollar!

She keeps asking to be left alone.  She would be left alone if she would stop trying to scam anyone she could think of out of their last dime and if she would just get a real job and stop scheming to make money for doing absolutely nothing.

Today she didn't want to leave the house because she couldn't find an earring.  The real truth is she is afraid to go to Antonito, CO to do her investigation because she knows that she has no real abilities and that the fake a*s apps on her iphone are not really genuine ghost finding gadgets.  Think about it Missy:  Does your iphone have any sort of heat sensors or any eletromagnetic sensors built in to assist in these things?  UM NO.  No phone does.  So your cheap a*s getting free apps on your iphone and believing they work and then charging some poor B&B for using the stupid cheap apps IS a scam and a fraud.

Finally, she keeps screaming to the high heavens she is going to file a federal law suit and has been saying that for years and years.  The truth of the matter is she has no high powered attorneys investigating anything because no real high powered attorney would do this for the psycho from seco pro bono.  So either put up or shut up Missy.  You keep talking but we don't see any results.

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#57 Consumer Comment

Another hissy fit?

AUTHOR: Retired in Seco - ()

POSTED: Friday, November 22, 2013

Now she claims that her life is going to shut down because her cat took one of her earrings! You'd think that she'd have plenty of money, since that unnamed "businessman" was giving her $113k for her old business name. That wasn't another lie, was it, Missie? I sure hope that it was true, since I saved you the trouble of declaring it to the IRS. Now you're claiming that your life is on hold because of an earring! Sounds as if someone is being a drama queen! 

I also like how you demand that we recognize your abilities. The only abilities that you've shown is that you can throw a tantrum over the smallest problem, that you can lie without remorse, and that you have the same idea of ambushing your enemies as your supposed dead "husband", Billy the Weasel. 

I'll offer you a choice of two tests for your "abilities": 

1) Accept and pass the James Randi challenge. If you're successful, he'll give you one million dollars! If you can't pass his challenge, or refuse to even try, you'll be labled a yellow (big) bellied liar and a fraud.


2) Post the winning numbers for the New York State Lottery for 7 December 2013. Your prediction must be posted no later than 5 December 2013 to be valid. If you can't do this, or refuse to even try, you'll be admitting that you're the fraud that we all know that you are. 

There's your chances. Since your "spirit guides" can't tell you where earrings are, I don't expect that you'll take the chance of failing either of these challenges. The ball is in your court, Princess, put up or shut up!

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#58 REBUTTAL Owner of company


AUTHOR: Melissa Bryan - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 21, 2013


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#59 General Comment

youtube is the only way

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 21, 2013

The only way that missy will be able to get her thruth across over and above all the untruths is to do a youtube video and spell it all out because it is hard to tell how she really feels by reading her posts all caps can mean yelling happily or in a funny voice lol thats why I cant stop laughing I imagine her voice as miss piggy and it makes me laugh lol

hop on that red thing that was growing on your lip invite the teeth and fire up them coke bottle bottom satellite dishes you call glasses and explain to everyone in detail who you are going to kill if he doesnt do in detail what you want in detail tell the world who ahsfb is and make his scared to leave his house for everything he did in detail to you in detail get it all done and over with tell the world everything

or stfu

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#60 General Comment

Early Xmas Pressie

AUTHOR: Morgana - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 21, 2013

The hole she digs for herself with her foul mouth gets bigger  and deeper.  Now she threatens to post personal info about a person who has no interest in her, or her "bizmesses", does not know any of us who post here and lives a productive, fulfilling life.  She has just posted this on her Failbook page: "IN FULL RETALIATION FOR THE BLACKMAIL THREAT AGAINST MY RADIO SHOW FOR CHRISTMAS - I WILL RE POST A******** PERSONAL INFO FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE!"  

Doing that would leave her open to all kinds of a $hit storm from the person who tried to help her (which we all know is a sure ticket to Hell with Missy as the conductor) and now could not care any less about her or her so-called biz.  Getcher popcorn and soft drinks ready.  This is gonna be Epic Fail in Wiiiide (to accomodate her self) Screen !  Oh, here comes Santa with his big bag of Whoop A**!



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#61 Consumer Comment

Naughty Melissa

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 21, 2013

 I read on her "biz" page that she plans to have some poor Santa be on her radio show on the 20th of December.  I wonder if Santa Dan Gregory would be appearing on her show if he knew about the youtube videos where she says she hates children and hates the whole globe using every foul language word in the book?  Isn't Santa suppoed to be for CHILDREN?  But let's be realistic here this is Missy who still makes cookies and leaves them out for Santa and then gets butthurt when he doesn't come to her house anymore. 

Someone should point poor Santa Dan Gregory to her youtube channel so he can make a quiet exit from the psycho from seco's radio show so she does not damage his image like she has her own and her family's.

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#62 General Comment

missy always gets what she really wants even if she doesnt deserve it

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sometimes its because she badgers and harasses people until they cave in and do her bidding.  Sometimes its because she is not the shiniest apple in the orchard when it comes to expressing her true intentions and she posts something that if you do what she orders you to do than she will just be crazy mad anyways because her ability to express her feelings is faker than her being a medium lol

Just Me Medium

Nov 6

Copyright Notice



um ok lol last I could tell her page was exacly as she posted it complete with her ALL CAP TANTRUMS and orders for ppl to f the fing f off lol well missy facebook's terms of service that you agreed to says differently so if you have a proplem with us sharing discussing and laughing at your crap than ur gonna half to take it up with them lol we'll be laughing at everything else you do until and probably after then lol look nothing gone from your pages if your missing stuff you should look at the only person with the password maybe your deleting stuff in your sleep lol I hope this helps lol I just want to help and dont forget you have trimmings that you have been fixing to start planning getting started with the preliminary preparations for putting together a shopping list so that should you decide to plan to get ready to go shopping you might happen to get the ingredients to get started fixin up the trimmings for thanksgiving well it seems like you have quite the exausting week and a head of you lol dont let me distract you lol you go girl haha you fix them trimmings beforevthe holiday gets away from you lol

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#63 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Team Bryan - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The lady that posted earlier with great advice and honestly..Truth! I had no clue either until you posted about this site!







This was her response! I dont think she gets it.. So I will try as well. MISSY NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS SITE UNTIL YOU START RESPONDING TO STUFF ON YOUR FACEBOOK!

In fact I was one of those who felt really bad for you until I came here after learning about this site from YOU! I cam here to defend you and the people here make more sense then you do and I have seen you attack those trying to help you and give advice.



Ohhh and ghost hunting apps are for fun and entertainment I dont want you to embarrass yourself any furthur.

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#64 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Sharon - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I never knew this website existed until she said something about it. I am a new Facebook friend well I was I deleted her. I dont think she realizes that she is promoting it and if she didnt respond to the things here know one would have a clue about it. Melissa if you stop responding to these things know one would know about it and you can start building a customer base for your talents. You are just scarying away people who seeked you out for help like I did. You could and should be more successful. Please ignore these people and get back to helping people.

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#65 General Comment

fake accusations?

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I didnt see anywhere anyone telling missy to get out of her home lol is this just another lie that she made up to make her life sound more dramatic and get people to feel sorry? Hahaha shes never going to be successful at anything if she keeps making lies like this up lol look at the screen shot at the end of this entry for her newest lie lol shes a real peice of work I think I will pay a visit when I go to albeqerke this weekend lol 

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#66 General Comment

more lies and fraud

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I didnt steal nothing from anyone. I just looked at the just me xxxxxxxxxxxfl facebook page and the post I quoted was still there. Thats stupid like calling the cops to report your car is stolen when it is still sitting in your driveway where you parked it the night before lol then again she doesnt have a car because shes broke becsuse she refuses to get a job and none of her scams ever pay off lol. And why would I want to go all the way to wacky land to fight to the death over this crap lol when I can stay safe a couple hundred miles away and just discuss missys public whining and crying on a public facebook page really now come on lol missy should be thanking me for helping to make her still public tantrums even more public lol I mean if she didnt want people to read it why would she post it all for the public to see? I agree she has no talent except when it comes to blowing a gasket swearing saying she wants to kill people and typing in all caps.

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#67 Consumer Comment

You win

AUTHOR: Missy Wins - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 18, 2013

You win Missy.




We Honor none of your talents.. You have none.


Unless being a fake medium is a talent.. Then you are the most talented person that has ever lived.

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#68 Consumer Comment

My word has been spoketh.

AUTHOR: Royal Prince Edward IV - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 18, 2013

Melissa hasnt been a Medium since first grade. Her new company name is Just Me XXXXXXXXXXXXL.


I declare this the truth and nothing but the truth and anyone who tries to truth it is a scammer fake Medium. Especially in all CAPS. My word is beyond contestion due to the fact that I am a Royal Prince. DONT try me or I will tell my Grandma the Queen of Ireland and she will dispell the guilty party to Austraila to work grooming Chipmunks.



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#69 General Comment


AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 18, 2013

Just Me Medium

2 hours ago

Headed to Colorado to investigate a Haunted B&B on Saturday..It is only a day trip.Not going overnight.Want to get this done before the week is out.Cleat it from my Schedule, so I can concentrate on making Thanksgiving Trimmings.Hopefully, this will look good on my Resume and the Review will look good on my Website.

1 Like


haha shes going to investigate a haunted b&b really? That would b e paranormal investigating I would know lol. But shes a medium but dont ever call her a psycic lol but now shes a paranormal investigator I cant stop laffing next week she will a hindu munk or a swaheelee medicine women lol.

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#70 General Comment

missy gets caught in another lie about how she funds her business

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hahahahahaha! Missy just posted this pathetic lie:

 Just Me Medium

1 hour ago

The Real Proof that I am NOT a Fraud, No matter how much anyone Demands that I Admit to being one, is that I use MY Own Personal Money to Finance MY Dreams!

hahahaha see folks what we have here is another lie from her disgusting mouth lol I was reading through her old posts where she siad that she couldnt get any banks to loan her start up money because ahsfb had paid the bank off to deny her business when every person in the world know that she cant borrow any money because shebhas no income because she refuses to get a real job and her credit is destroyed because of that cactus flats scam that her and dan got sued over and ended up filing for bankrupsy rather than pay their employees landlord and the loans that they had on that scam lol shes caught in yet another lie maybe she should take a hint from ahsfb who based on a simple google has real jobs runs businesses and is respected everywhere he goes unlike her who lies to cover up scams but it doesnt matter because nobody would ever give her a dime for another scam not even hubby lol maybe he is getting smarter

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#71 Consumer Comment

Birds of a Feather

AUTHOR: Morgana - ()

POSTED: Saturday, November 16, 2013

Re Joe Guinan, he has a history of scams relating the movie industry for years back in California and now in New Mexico. He has a ROR on him as well.  So is it any wonder that  Missy-Medium would find him and flock to him as a bird of the same feather?  Let's all sit back in our front row seats, with our popcorn  and wait for the fireworks.  The release date for the proposed film is 2014, so Joe and Missy have lots of time to get to know each other's tricks.  We'll see who has more tricks up their sleeves. "Missy and Joe meet Karma"...that would be a good film to watch! Happy watching and munching dearies!

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#72 Consumer Comment

Joe Guinan Scam

AUTHOR: Bradley - ()

POSTED: Friday, November 15, 2013

Melissa check out the following on Joe Guinan just trying to help.







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#73 Consumer Comment

Hey Michelle

AUTHOR: Richard - ()

POSTED: Friday, November 15, 2013

Michelle, welcome to the club of people who tried to help her only to get abused for trying. I thought what wrote was very nice and generous! She asks for help and when people offer to help she turns on them just because we posted here does not mean we are against her we are just showing those that are that she has people who do support her... Here is what she posted and how mental she is! She missed in your first post that you were on her side!!

I am guessing her mean reply to that caused your second post. Soo can you get me Zak's autograph? LOL! I AM BACK AND NOW THE WAR FIGHT AND TRUTH FOR MY FREEDOM AGAINST HARASSMENT STALKING AND ABUSE IS REALLY ON! You dont know what the truth is Melissa you keep posting to get people to feel sorry for you.. When they do your try to scam them to buy your crappy t shirts and what not. Wow I should have got one to wear for Halloween your picture would have terrified people!

Why does your crappy stuff your trying to sell has you on them?? Your only famous for meltdowns and being mean why would anyone buy something with you on them.. STOP BEING MEAN TO THOSE WHO WANT TO HELP AND SUPPORT YOU!! even your comments to people's comments on your Facebooks meltdowns trying to cheer you up or support you all you do is reply to them being ignorant.

Serious question and answer this in your next Facebook post rant of these ror attacks which are not even attacks just people on your side speaking out to these jerks on ror to leave you the hell alone. Okay the truth.. Do you think just because you post on Facebook responding to this crap as void and not valid because you truthed it?? The truth is you have no truth and what is written hear is truth... for all the people of the world to see for eternity! 



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#74 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Michelle - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 14, 2013

You know... I am one of her Facebook friends that actually felt sorry for her. I posted here honestly trying to help her and she says all that??

I was getting ready to share her book she has on Amazon to over 5 million paranormal readers and 3 big time radio shows on the Paranormal. I also am friends with the Ghost Adventure guys I work on the show with the Production Company and was going to get them to help as well... Alot of people in the Parnormal community are attacked for there believes and that is what I thought was happening to her. Guess not! I guess she is just a woman with mental problems.

I assure you.. You just lost the biggest opportunity in your life.

I am glad I found this out early instead of looking like an idiot!


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#75 Consumer Comment

It is a never ending circle

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 14, 2013

Past victim, that is what I have been trying to get across.  She doesn't like that we all shine light on her schemes and scams and she has a gut jerk reaction to shut everything down and "suicide out" and cries and whines until she gets some unsuspecting tender hearted person to say Oh Nooooo don't do that we ALL care, and then she gets angry and says OH I changed my mind I am keeping my buisness.  She repeats this cycle over and over and over and over.  It is how she gains attention.

Just like today how she was whining and crying that her business account was overdrawn $300.  She demanded help and that people buy her crappy items from her website so she could fix it and then when nobody jumped to buy her crap (nobody ever buys her crap) she magically said the bank was going to work with her to fix the problem (this means her mommy wired her money into that account so Missy wouldn't come and visit her in California).

She will use any and all misfortunes to try and scam people into buying her crappy china made plastic things with her face on them.

For those coming late to the story Missy never intended to "suicide out" she never was down and depressed and she never attempts to eat herself to death like she claims.  She is not Native American, she is not related to all of the outlaws from western history and she is not a medium.  She is a short, round, white girl from the valley in California who is living such a boring life that she has to make up exciting things to talk about. She is also a lazy person who refused to actually work for her money and who makes wonderful delicious foods and then does not allow her hubby nor her cat to actually eat any of it. She would rather sit at home, keep her hubby and cat out of any food consumption, type on the internet all day long about when she takes a bath, when she is doing dishes, when her cat takes a dump and when she makes the bed and/or cleans the tub after her baths.  And last but not least she is scamming fraud of a person who has tried and failed to make a living out of scamming people out of their money for no actual product.  It started with Cactus Flats and it continues today in her medium business and her hubby's scam of the Enchanted Circle Fair.  She might as well buy a gypsy wagon and start touring the country because people in her local area are all too aware of the scamming fraud she and her hubby are.

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#76 Consumer Comment

Hey Missy

AUTHOR: Michelle - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 14, 2013

Melissa I am a friend but I am terrified you will turn on me and think I am against you and I am not I have your back 100%

Your knowledge of the Paranormal and things of that nature.. Is amazing.

Since everything you do you get attacked this would have to be kept secret. My uncle is a handiman and he writes ebooks on Kindle and everywhere on how to fix things yourself.

Have you considered quietly and not telling anyone what you are doing aand start writing ebooks on the Parnormal and other things? I bet you you would do great!

Please dont get upset and say it wont work because of these assholes here on this website would destroy it.. Which they probably would.. Just keep quiet and write them under a pen name and like my uncle does make $$$.

I pray that you try because you would be amazing at it.

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#77 General Comment

missys insane responds to my last post

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 14, 2013

See folks how missy keeps blaming the same person and reverts back to death threats and fing this and fing that shes a real professional lol read the picture it is a screen shot of her actual response she will deny that she posted that she is going to kill but that is what a liar does you see. Be careful around her she will think you are her haters in disguise and she will try to kill you

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#78 General Comment

more of the same lol!

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 14, 2013

See what's going on here Missy says shes done and never doing what she is still doing lol does she have any idea how stupid that looks?  And she threatens to publish personal information on people who are leaving her alone because they won't Lane her alone duhhhhh I can't wait til when they find out she's doing it again and call the police and get her banned from Facebook again lol she's so crazy it's funny

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#79 Consumer Comment

Please Help

AUTHOR: Ellie Crystal - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I cant believe how attention starved this woman is.. it is embarrissing to people with real abilities. I am a real Psychic and can see her future repeating this over and over and never being successful... Always blaming others.

I do see her becoming very successful helping others with problems with the paranormal if she just stops acting crazy on social media and focusing her energy on learning and helping others. She needs to stop blaming others for her failures and start accepting responsability. Alot of people truly want her help but they are afraid she will turn on them because they see her mood swings on Facebook. They can tell she is smart and very talented but the mood swings and constant suicide threats are turning them away..

Some guy told her the samething on her Facebook today and she didnt care she just acted like a spoiled little kid.

Melissa, I am not trying to be mean by posting here I just dont know how else to get your attention. You have alot to give to people you are extremely talented and intellegent. People truly want your help and very deperately need it but they are afraid of you. Sit back calmly and look at your posts and ask yourself would you come to this person if you were in trouble?

As for people posting here.. They do it to get get a cheap laugh at how you react and the second you ignore them I promise they will go away.. I see you having peace in your life if you can do that.. If you stop coming here and looking and responding to it they will lose power and go away.

Then you will be a powerful person in the paranormal field.

Ohhh and btw all people in our field get this kind off abuse from non believers that just means your doing it right! But how you are handling it just makes us all look bad.

I believe in you sister and cant wait to see you start helping people in need.. They are waiting.

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#80 Consumer Comment

She Gives Us Whiplash

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Okay just a little bit of an idea of Missy's back and forth movements.  She stated that her creditors messed up her bank account and so her business was dead dead dead and she was closing the door and she was a fraud.  She said these things about herself.  Then, and I kid you not, less than an hour later she states she is going to rename her business and start again.  Which is it Missy?  Are you quitting for good or starting over or are you going to start over and quit again so you can get more attention by claiming you will "suicide" out so everyone will pity you and beg you not to do it and then start over again. 

Seriously folks, she has claimed she is going to "suicide out" over 400 times in the last year.  Oh by the way her new name for her business is Rogue Outlaw Medium.  Oh and Missy, it isn't the NAME of your business that is the problem it is the PERSON behind the business who is only in it to scam any and every person she can out of their hard earned cash.  It is the FRAUDULENT actions of a pretend psychic who preys on innocent family members of missing children or people.  In short it isn't the name of the business that will make the business successful. What will make it successful is if YOU are not involved or touching any part of it.

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#81 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Taos Business Owners Association - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 11, 2013


Finally!! She admitted to being a phony.

The public is finally safe!! The truth has won and Melissa has admitted to being a phony!!! Share the news!!!

Just in case you need more proof!


Taos and Arroyo Seco New Mexico ressidents you are again safe you can come out from your homes and rejoice in the streets! I look forward to the party tomorrow night for all of Taos and Arroyo Seco New Mexico reputable business owners. We will have a reputable Medium there for your enjoyment.

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#82 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Melissa's Shrink. - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 11, 2013

 The real truth is this she suffers with Bi Polar and Multiple Personalities. The only thing Medium about her is NOTHING..  THIS IS THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH FOR ALL OF ETERNITY AND ALL FINGERS OF BLAME BACK AT HER!!!  YOU HAVE JUST BEEN TRUTHED FOR ETERNITY!!

Get a real job and a dentist.


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#83 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 11, 2013

 True lightworkers would never post such violent and foul language filled rants and raves for the world to see.

She is no medium and she is a fraud.  One look at the sort of people she aligns herself with and you can see she is faking any sort of light work.  Her "hellbilly" supposed cousin posted a really ignorant post and she of course loved it.  Look at the picture and see what sort of racist jerks she calls her relatives. To quote the guy she coincidently claimed had passed over and she felt it with her super psychic powers "yuns better watch out".

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#84 Consumer Comment

Real Medium

AUTHOR: Real Medium - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 11, 2013

 I am also a real medium and your failures both in business and in life is a curse put on you by Native American Spirits that you have upsetted claiming to be one. That's what my Spirit guides tell me. They also want you to know.

You are not a medium you are bi polar or your spirit guides is a multiple personality condition.  You couldnt even guess the sex of the royal baby that you said your spirit guides told you. I mean you had a 50/50 shot and still got it wrong. You are NEVER right.. NEVER!!!!! Not wrong 10% anything.. 100% wrong ALWAYS AND ETERNITY!! PROTEST PROTEST PROTEST!!!

You cant post on Facebook that you truth anything.. Truth treadmill or anything. Because EVERYONE knows that is ridiculous! It does not work they way. The fingers of blame will always point at you until you stop lying. 

Just Me Medium.. Is PERFECT! Because you are the only one that thinks your a medium. Gotta go my spirit guide wants to watch the Dead Files to see what a REAL medium looks like. You should do the same.



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#85 Consumer Comment

How can you claim...

AUTHOR: Real Psychic - ()

POSTED: Monday, November 11, 2013

How can you claim to be always right when you're usually wrong? I've listened to a number of your archived webcasts, and most of your predictions never came true. You're such a great extra large, I mean "medium", that you can't even figure out who's talking about you. You either blams someone you call "AHSFB" or some poor man from New York. That's why you keep trying to get people to come to you for a fight, your "guides" can't tell you where your enemies are so you can go to them. That's just another reason why your business will never be successful, people are afraid to order anything from you. They worry that if you get their information, you'll verbally attack them too, or maybe try to get some of your psychotic friends to attack them for you (since you have neither the courage nor the money to do it yourself). Melissa, please, for the sake of all of us reputable psychics, get yourself some professional help.

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#86 Consumer Comment

More for Missy

AUTHOR: Real Psychic - ()

POSTED: Sunday, November 10, 2013

Now her majesty claims to be a medium, not a psychic. She sure looks more like an extra large to me! I’m so glad that you told me the gold was fake. I’ll run right out to the jewelry store that bought them and tell them that the psycho from Seco knows more about gold than someone who’s been in business for 50 years! You were right though (for once in your life), the jeweler also said that they were Proofs. Below is the definition of Proof from the American Numismatic Association:




The term Proof (always capitalized in numismatic usage) refers to a manufacturing process which results in a special surface or finish on coins made for collectors. Most familiar are modern brilliant Proofs. These coins are struck at the Mint by a special process. Carefully prepared dies, sharp in all features, are made. Then the flat surfaces of the dies are given a high mirrorlike polish. Specially prepared planchets are fed into low-speed coining presses. Each Proof coin is slowly and carefully struck more than once to accentuate details. When striking is completed the coin is taken from the dies with care and not allowed to come into contact with other pieces. The result is a coin with mirrorlike surface. The piece is then grouped together with other denominations in a set and offered for sale to collectors.



Now on to some of her other claims… She recently had a caller that asked about her housing situation. Melissa’s “guides” told her that she’d get “something within 6 months to a year”. Strange, it’s always “6 months to a year”, long enough for people to forget the prediction, but recent enough so she can crow about it if she ever gets one right. (Even a broken clock is right twice a day.) But back to the caller… Why didn’t your “ancestors” know that she was being evicted in 2 weeks? I thought that would have affected the “prediction”.


You’ve been scamming people for so long, you think that the entire world is out to get you. Maybe, if you went legit for the first time in your life, you might make something of yourself. Maybe you should try getting a job at the local Quick-E-Mart. (Hint: they have food there!)

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#87 Consumer Comment

Can't make a living?

AUTHOR: Real Psychic - ()

POSTED: Saturday, November 09, 2013

Melissa, I just read your post on your Just Me Medium Facebook page, where you claim that you have to get a credit card to run your psychic business. I've been psychic all of my life and have never had trouble getting whatever I've needed. Just this month, one of my clients gave me a "tip" of five gold pieces. If my spirit guides are willing to help me make a living as a medium, why can't yours? While you complain about not having any money, my family will be having a great holiday season. Maybe you should try a career that you're actually able to do.

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#88 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Dan Bryan - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 07, 2013

 Please leave my wife alone she will keep me up all night screaming and yelling at me because of you people. It's hard enough to sleep as it is she farts in her sleep and blames it on the cat. I placed one of these complaints before Halloween because when she started yelling I stuck the inflatable Halloween decorations in her mouth and in 3 minutes she had them all inflated. I am scared of her she locks me in the closet and forces me to eat her cupcakes. I am forced to watch her and the ghost of Billy The Kid do bad bad things all over the house and in the tent.


I want to live in the tent but there is ectoplasm all over the place trust me he is a bad aim.


I am the real victim here.




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#89 Consumer Comment

Please don't cook this cat

AUTHOR: The Watcher - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 07, 2013

Producers or creators of parodies of a copyrighted work have been sued for infringement by the targets of their ridicule, even though such use may be protected as fair use. These fair use cases distinguish between parodies (using a work in order to poke fun at or comment on the work itself) and satires (using a work to poke fun at or comment on something else). Courts have been more willing to grant fair use protections to parodies than to satires, but the ultimate outcome in either circumstance will turn on the application of the four fair use factors.

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#90 Consumer Comment

More and more laughter at Melissa

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 07, 2013

Very intelligent observations!  But she has made yet one more change to the name of her "business" to Just Me Medium now because she shot her mouth off one time too many to a real local of the area who was trying to make a historical post about a very old local building and made a total fool of herself in front of all of Taos.  Then she was thrown off a gun buying group from Taos as well and ended up cussing Taos out and saying she hates the whole town and the horse it rode in on.  And now after her name change she is trying to sweet talk her way right back on the boards she was kicked off from so she can start all over again and claim some more drama to feed her addiction to attention, and of course scam unsuspecting Taosenos out of their hard earned money because after all that is what she said, it is ONLY about money for her.

She also insists because of some guy named Ben Benson that she will be evicted and her hubby will lose his mediocre job and they will be forced into homelessness and the minute hubby gets home he will fight with her.  Well how would you like to come home after a long long day of work and have your giant wife hop on you and tell you that you are going to lose your job and home because she can't shut her big loud and lewd mouth? 

This new venture of Just Me Medium will be shot all to heck when she showcases her non-abilities, predicts something will come true within a year or two and then the opposite happens in a week.  I am sure we will be treated to her complaints and rants and raving on her radio show tomorrow after her scheduled guest does not show because they know her show is crap and she has to beg for anyone at all to call her so she can talk to more than her poor cat and then that entices people who want sex talk and then she gets offended.

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#91 General Comment

Blah blah the witch aint dead

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Thursday, November 07, 2013

I laughed when I read the photo at the end of this post because she aint leaving anything lol she is just renaming it taos county spirit research lol its funny because she dont do no research she just makes things up and calls them psycic super powers lol

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#92 Consumer Comment

Emilio Estevez

AUTHOR: EmilioEstevez - ()

POSTED: Saturday, November 02, 2013

 I just want to set the record straight I am NOT related to this person maybe 80 different generations of  whatever.. I do however wish you people would leave her alone to get on with her life.

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#93 Consumer Suggestion


AUTHOR: EmilioEstevez - ()

POSTED: Friday, November 01, 2013

 We are NOT related in anyway please stop. Maybe thru some 78 generation bullcrap which would make you also related to these jerks on this site and in that case your being hurtful to your family members.

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#94 Author of original report

You have to stop

AUTHOR: Seco Native - ()

POSTED: Saturday, November 02, 2013

Missy; nobody is pounding you and if you bother to read what Truther had to say you might understand more about the religion you are planning to adopt. You can't adopt a system like Wicca by buying into it. Scott Cunningham wrote and excellent primer called A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner your local library probably has a copy. If not; Amazon always has it in stock. The Spiral Dance is also a good one and has a lot of good information.

Truther is also right about another thing, When you said things like this I cringed inside!

"The ONLY time I will cast Evil upon anyone is when they hate on and against me or one of my Family. I will put it directly back on them and bid it stay there. 
I get a threat, I will return the energy back in kind.
I get harmed, I will harm back.
Anything done to me or mine will be Returned in equal measure as it was given!
And that is called FAMILY TRADITION!"

No; this is dangerous. You can never cast evil at someone. You should understand that any negative energy you throw at people will come back to you. If the recipient is incorrect or innocent the energy will return to you multiplied many times. When you curse another, all you are doing is cursing yourself and that is the best you can hope for. Evil begets more evil. Hate begets more hate. This is not the Wiccan way. It is an abomination of the faith and the belief. There is no dark art about it. I'm so afraid for you Missy if you should go down that path. You could hurt yourself and not only that, you shall harm the people around you too.

I mean, if you want I could meet with you and go over some of my experiences. But you would have to stop talking about killing people because that just makes me upset and scares me. I think you have a good soul Missy, but you need to let go your hate and get away from the things that are hurting you. If you do that I promise you will feel better about yourself and you will find your dreams are not out of reach. You have to try Missy; for your sake and for the sake of the people around you.

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#95 General Comment

that explains a lot

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Saturday, November 02, 2013

Shes related to emilio estevez? Lol that means shes related to charlie Sheen too lol winning

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#96 Consumer Comment

I am a real Medium

AUTHOR: MediumShiela - ()

POSTED: Friday, November 01, 2013

 My name is Shiela and I am a true Native American Medium and work for Mr Estevez I have questions and thoughts.

Melissa, please stop claiming to be Native American.. When your not.. Please. A REAL Native American would NEVER display a Confederate Flag and proud to be a southerner and other Confederate crap. Under that flag they slaughtered my people. This is so offensive.

If you were a true Medium and can talk to your spirit guides... You would know who these people are because your spirit guides would tell you who they are. They would also be able to tell you the Dan has been visiting a prostitute in town. Also if you were a Medium you would't post that your scared about some paranormal event in your home.. You would be able to talk to them and not be scared.

Stop blaming folks on this site for ruining your life... Yes they poke you to get a rize out of you so they can laugh.. But if you just ignore them and take away there power they will go away. You hold the keys to your happiness. It's funny you posted that you cussed people out and fought with your hubby..then you wonder why people in Taos thinks your crazy.

I showed Mr Estevez your youtube videos and this site.. He was appalled that you would lie about that.. After studying up on you he came to the conclussion and I have to say he called that one.. You claim he is your cousin because you are a huge Billy The Kid fan so it makes sense since he played that character that you would lie about relations.

My spirit guide wanted me to tell you this.. You are really upsetting the Native American spirits and they want you to stop lying and just be Melissa and they will let you be successful in your business.

I look forward to seeing the real Melissa and supporting her endevours.

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#97 General Comment

hey retired and psychic people

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Friday, November 01, 2013

You better be careful talking about missy like this because she gets all upset and then suggests that people commit suicide I aint lieing see the screen shot from herbfacebook at the end of this message if she dont convince people to kill themselves then she threatens to have them taken out. She's pathetic I cant believe that facebook actually lets her keep her account after suggesting to people that they commit suicide I mean come on its 2013 and that is bullying. She should be arrested and go to jail for being a bully

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#98 Consumer Comment

Calling Retired in Seco

AUTHOR: Psychic Anon - ()

POSTED: Friday, November 01, 2013

Headquarters has been trying to reach you. Did you get the implants in place? Please respond. 

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#99 General Comment

I can't stop laughing

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Thursday, October 31, 2013

The only way that tonight could be better would be for Missy to record a spreaker podcast or better yet a youtube video in her costume and tell everyone in detail about how bad her hauntbwas and how nobody would pay and how somebody broke in and stole her hair so soon before her annual scalp cleaning lol

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#100 Consumer Suggestion

Counting Coup

AUTHOR: Retired in Seco - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I read one of her latest rants on her Facebook page, about her hair being cut while she slept. I took it as one of her usual cries for attention, until I saw one of her neighbors, and they mentioned that they had seen some people hanging around her house lately. Then it started to make sense! With all of her hate, hate, hate messages, and calling people cowards, someone finally decided to prove their bravery and counted coup on her. They even posted pictures of the hair cutting on their web page, to prove that it wasn't just some of her imaginary "spirit friends" this time. It looks like Missie's enemies aren't as afraid of her as she thought. Good luck, I wouldn't want to tangle with these people!

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#101 General Comment

Melissa Bryan hates the people of Taos, New Mexico?

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You see folks what we have here is a woman with a case of the crazies I mean why would someone post such a nasty message to the people of Taos unless she wants to make sure that people there hate her back just as much lol I dont know but I am posting a screenshot of her post so that people know to stay away from her walmart tent blow up dates I mean decorations lol and weeks old left over cat hair cupcakes lol

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#102 General Comment


AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I justvread this entry on her facebook and it made me laugh because I did not see any threats on rip off reports and I especialy didnt see any threats to her neighbors lol but why does she say in the beginning of the post that she is almost ready but by the end she says she hates everything and is quitting lol thats crazy as saying that she always wins while she has never won and still and forever remains a loser lol

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#103 General Comment

Melissa's reply to a request for her to respect Wiccans

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Monday, October 28, 2013

I read Melissa's response on her facebook bizniss page to the previous post and it was so disrespectful and disgustingvthat I decided to share it here so that all Wiccans would forever be able to read her pathetic reply. 

Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC wrote a new note:


5 hours ago


SUBMITTED: Monday, October 28, 2013

POSTED: Monday, October 28, 2013


I can't wait until REAL Wiccans get even with her for disrespecting them lol

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#104 Consumer Comment

It has to be said

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Monday, October 28, 2013

I have been trying to ignore her self centered rants but after her ignorant claims about going "full Wicca" and it costing her $1400 I have to step in.

Missy, Wicca is not something you just pull out of the air and decide you will take it on.  It is a real religion.  It deals with nature and love, and care and peacefulness.   My suggestion to you is to actually read books about Wicca and research it more deeply than your wikipedia information.

If her $1400 includes buying black clothing and jewelry and accutraments to go with them then she needs to really take a step back.  Wiccans are not "goth".  She calls it going over to the "Dark Arts". Wiccans do not all dress in black and we are not all evil spell casting crones.  She has a very skewed idea of what it is to be Wiccan and she will only end up giving Wiccans a bad name.

She says she is never going to celebrate another holiday again and that all of the light and joy in her life will turn to dark things.  Wiccans celebrate many holidays and many of them are filled with love, joy and light.  Again she needs to research her decisions before using her mouth to say stupid things.

If Missy chooses to go to Wicca then she is very welcome.  But if she chooses to "claim" she is Wiccan without ever really researching what it truly means then she will not only raise the wrath of REAL Wiccan practitioners she will ostracize herself from yet one more community.  Wicca is a peaceful, nature loving, full of light religion.

Furthermore she tries to tell people who are missing loved ones that their loved one is in a certain place, or that they have a "death pale" that means they are dead.  She has no right telling people of these things when she is not truly seeing this.  She makes things up in her head and thinks that it is true.  She needs to take a step back and stop affecting families who are grieving and worrying over their missing loved ones just to try and "prove" she is right. 

She is constantly saying that crimes will be solved or people will be found within 60 to 90 days.  That isn't being psychic that is being hopeful that your predictions happen in a very large timeframe.  Give up the fake psychic act, give up the fake mediumship and stop trying to pick things out of the air and deciding you are going to be that when you don't even know what that is!

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#105 General Comment

change in plans

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why is she asking for people to cover fill in time on a radio show? I thought she was booked through the end of the year lol.was that all a lie?I know a lot of other shows that do a lot better and have listeners and gueststhat don't cancel and the shows don't suck because of a hostwho spends her airtime swearing and threatening to kill people lol.


so what you saying once again is that her show sucks which contradicts her previous statements making her a big huge fraud and liar lol.


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#106 Consumer Comment

More Laughs Everyday... thanks Missy!

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, October 22, 2013

 First to the makeup artist...  No that isn't latex that is her real face.  As we have all been saying she doesn't need any of that fancy make up to scare people on Halloween she just needs to show up as herself.  Talk about a waste of money she could have saved to spend on Halloweeen and/or Christmas stuff she didn't need that costuming.

She said on her facebook she is going to just warn her neighbors.  Well the thing is Missy, all any one of us need to do is show them the youtube videos you made saying you hate children and plan to charge all these fees to the children and parents alike and that you hate the whole globe and you want to kill everyone to your neighbors and they will close and lock their doors to you and probably get up a real petition to your landlady to have you move. 

Also, those vidoes are preserved forever on flashdrives across the nation so she needn't worry that her videos will go missing we have about 7 copies of them safeguarded so she cannot claim they don't exist.   Several of us locals carry the videos downloaded on our smart phones so it is just a matter of catching a neighbor or two and showing him or her the videos and voila they will all escape ship and not help with her scheming scams.

She put the nail in the Haunted Hacienda's coffin herself with all her foul language and psycho ramblings.  She will be lucky if she gets one trick or treater this year.

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#107 Consumer Comment

What's so bad about this?

AUTHOR: Makeup Artist - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's so bad about her costume? The makeup is especially good. As you can see in the pictures, the latex is feathered almost perfectly. While there are a few minor mistakes, she can correct them on the 31st. She should do something about the underlying skin tone though, the yellow latex color seems to be showing through. Maybe she should try "basing up" before putting on the outer coat. She should also decide if she wants to go for the "old hag" or "zombie" look. From the pictures, it looks as if she could go either way. Take a look at some of the halloween pages, there have been a lot of other suggestions. One question... Was the latex appliance custom or off the shelf? 

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#108 General Comment

I can't believe she eats

AUTHOR: MissPriss - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, October 22, 2013

with that mouth! It's filthy..By the way, You really are in bad need of a good dentist...

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#109 General Comment

I did not ruin nothing lol

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Monday, October 21, 2013

I read her tantrum on Facebook it made me laugh lol. All I did was post a link to her youtube video because it made me laugh because she looked so scary and swore so much lol I didn't attack nobody lol.

Speaking of laughing did you see her latest photos on Facebook? I did and they scared the hell out of me lol she keeps complaning that people are stealing her photos but they are still there lol. I will leave the ones I downloaded here just to make sure she gets them back if they are missing.

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#110 Consumer Comment

Aww you went and ruined it....

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Monday, October 21, 2013


Why did you go off and break the radio silence?  We were all being quiet leaving ol' Missy alone and letting her fail on her own so she couldn't have anyone but herself to blame for the failure of her bake sale disaster.  It was quiet, no one called in for her radio show, the guest stood her up again and she had to whine to someone for a quick replacement who was super boring too.

Her haunt is going to be unattended by anyone who has to pay to trick or treat there.  She is going to get some trick or treaters who are totally unaware that her place is to pay for and so she will allow them in just to save face and say she got some trick or treaters. 

I  wonder if her wonderful and helpful neighbors who are allowing her to use a trail through the development and to their doors and who are spending money on extra candy and dressing up themselves are going to get a cut of any money that Missy makes on this haunt.  Or is she just using these poor people, most of whom are retired and on a fixed income, as free labor?  Maybe one or more of us locals need to speak to the neighbors when they are out of the house and let them know she is charging for things on their backs.

Also, because she says we are not allowed to post pictures I wanted to share her latest Halloween Outfit that includes panty hose you can't see (thank GOD) because the skirt is too long and perfume which I am so sure is so important to a costume (rolls eyes).   

You know I wonder what danny boy thinks of Missy spending all this money to make food she throws in the trash (j/k we know she eats all the food she doesn't sell) and money on expensive costuming and perfume all for no money in return.  It must really bug him how much money she wastes over and over and over again.

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#111 General Comment

I thought it was over but then this happened lol

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Sunday, October 20, 2013

I cant stop laughing she actually posted this video does she think things like this help her lol


What is that thing in her mouth and why is her lip bleeding so gross!

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#112 General Comment

Yaaay! It's over!

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Saturday, October 12, 2013

I just listened to the first twenty minutes of the MB Fake Psychic Show on BlogTV. I was very happy to hear her inform her listener that all of those crazy attacks were finally over. What a relief! Now she won't be recording all of those crazy "FING" addresses and screaming so much, making such a belligerent and obnoxious fool of herself and jeopardizing her public image. Finally, she can move on and pursue her dreams of running a successful inflatable Halloween haunt on her rented home's lawn out of her Walmart tent. You go, girl!

Speaking of which, Melissa always rebuts "Walmart tent" comments correcting people with statements that the tent is not manufactured by Walmart.  OK. It is manufactured under the brand name of Ozark Trail, a brand wholly owned by, manufactured by, and exclusively sold at Walmart. Sometimes she is so silly when she tries to hold up her side of a debate, you just have to laugh. Hysterically. 

The Melissa Bryan Mystical Magickal Psychic Supersleuth show droned on for the first 20 minutes, and thanks to Melissa's frequent strategic use of the word "and" she was able to complete the first 20 minutes with only 6 sentences. She plugged her haunted house scam and told people about how she can't afford the hat for her costume because she had to buy the perfume for her costume (LoL) and that is was time for people to call in and how Dan was so busy getting the pumpkin (one? really?) and how all the attacks had finally stopped and why isn't anybody calling and and and and...

I am just happy that the attacks are finally over. She says she is going to get pictures and publish them as soon as her costume is complete. This should be interesting. I will look for them here. And I will lol.

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#113 Consumer Comment

AND we are still waiting....

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, October 09, 2013

 I guess since Missy doesn't know our real names and cannot post it then she can't put up so she MUST shut up! 

But while we are waiting for her to actually post a relevant name we can laugh at what she is saying today on face book including saying that she doesn't allow anyone to laugh at her.  Well too late we have been laughing for what seems like forever so HA HA HA HA HA HA there is more laughing for you.

She also continues to insist she will kill any and everyone who opposes her icky bake sale items.  But I am worried that she has decided to hate everyone so much that she is actually going to poison her baked goods so she can get revenge on the human race (or at least the poor people in Espanola and surrounding areas).  Not to worry though people will like I said before take one look at who is sitting by the baked goods and run away and not even bother to buy something.  So she will be trucking all that fancy cat feces and hair infested baked stuff in her bumpy truck and then have to truck it all back home.

Don't let her fool you though, she may say she throws it in the garbage but instead she feeds that to her hubby and her poor cat.  That is why her hubby is so skinny and sickly looking and that is why she will be on to a third cat soon.

OH and let's not forget to address that she is now begging people to write her letters of recommendaiton so she can be allowed into the groups of revered psychics.  She is such a fraud that she won't ever get the number of letters that she needs unless she fakes those too.

She sure backed off of the names she did post when she discovered it was going to get her kicked off of facebook for posting them.  I am very sure that she won't be posting people's names or addresses anytime soon because without her facebook she wouldn't have anywhere to post when she takes a bath, when she does the dishes and when she eats lunch at 4 in the afternoon LOL  (uh oh more laughing).

She said somewhere earlier that she couldn't wait for her lease to be up so she could move somewhere else?  No, the neighbors and the people of Arroyo Seco can't wait so we can run her out of town on a rail.  She really ruined her reputation around here as well as her poor hubby's.  There is going to be a town wide celebration once she is out of here and maybe we can call it the Farewell to the Seco Psycho Festival and have it every year after too!!

OH and she also demanded no more ROR reports soooooo here ya go Missy....  HA HA HA HA HA


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#114 General Comment

She couldnt be more a fraud if she tried

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, October 09, 2013

 Why would somebody post on their facebook that their going to open multiple accounts in case they get banned? See folks thats just how stupid she is lol facebook doesnt allow multiple accounts and it is against their terms of service so I reported it lol no sense in letting somebody trample the rules now lol. And what about her note about new Mexico gun laws does that make her look retarded or what lol nothing in that law says that people cant talk about her publicle so I guess this is all free speech lol those gun laws don't protect her if she leaves the state of New Mexico lol she would have to know where I live to get me any ways so I think she's just trying to look like she knows what she is talking about and we know she just copied and posted it and never read it and has no clue what it means lol. Melissa I'm still laughing at you and nothing you say can make me stop no matter who you threaten to kill lol because you can't kill me when you do not even know where I live lol even another petition but post it anyways because I cannt wait to sign it lol.

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#115 Author of original report

Before Its too late!

AUTHOR: Seco Native - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Missy, you need to listen to your husband. He speaks the truth. There’s only one of you and there are dozens of people commenting here. More every day. Do you know why? Because YOU can’t leave the past behind and YOU can’t leave it alone and YOU keep egging people on. People have asked you again and again to atop messing with them, stop publishing their personal information and then threatening to kill them. They will not go away! Don’t you know how vulnerable that makes you? Not just you but your husband too.  If something bad happens you will BOTH go to prison. Is that what you and your husband want? Going to a clinic better than that. Getting help is VITAL to your future. Let him help you before its too late.

And I’m jealous of all the things YOU HAVE? What do you have? No skills, no prospects, no desire to learn, no desire to work, no income, no hope, a man who beats you or so you claim, a completely negative and hateful attitude toward nearly everyone and an almost certain future of incarceration. This isn’t really my opinion; it’s the opinion of law enforcement. It’s the opinion of your neighbors. They know you and they keep an eye on you. They worry about you. They know you have guns in your house. They know you are unstable and prone to violence. One of us is going to drop the dime on you again. When they come this time they will be in full riot gear and break down your door. Do you want that? It’s going to happen just from all the screaming we can hear from your house. Let alone the stuff you keep publishing on Spreaker.
While we are on the subject.

New Mexico civil involuntary treatment laws.
For inpatient*:
N.M. STAT. ANN. § 43-1-11(C). Upon completion of the hearing, the court may order a commitment for evaluation and treatment not to exceed thirty days if the court finds by clear and convincing evidence that:
(1) as a result of a mental disorder, the client presents a likelihood of serious harm to himself or others;
(2) the client needs and is likely to benefit from the proposed treatment; and
(3) the proposed commitment is consistent with the treatment needs of the client and with the least drastic means principle.
N.M. STAT. ANN. § 43-1-3(M). "likelihood of serious harm to oneself" means that it is more likely than not that in the near future the person will attempt to commit suicide or will cause serious bodily harm to himself by violent or other self-destructive means, including but not limited to grave passive neglect;
N.M. STAT. ANN. § 43-1-3(N). "likelihood of serious harm to others" means that it is more likely than not that in the near future the person will inflict serious, unjustified bodily harm on another person or commit a criminal sexual offense, as evidenced by behavior causing, attempting or threatening such harm, which behavior gives rise to a reasonable fear of such harm from the person;
* New Mexico does not have an assisted outpatient treatment law.

In the past week you have claimed that you will commit suicide more than once. In the past few hours you promised to do bodily harm to another person. Either of these are more than enough to have you evaluated. This is the best you can hope for IF you continue putting personal information out there and messing with people. People will mess with you back, depend on it.  

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#116 General Comment

Delusion, thy name is Missy

AUTHOR: Morgana - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, October 08, 2013

After listening to her latest boredcast, it  sounds to me like Dan is close to having her committed. He, at least  sounds rational. I think I will send her audio and videos to my Psychiatrist friend.  He may confirm the possibility of commitment.  As for any of us being jealous of her or what she has, that is soooo delusional, it is commital evidence alone.  As for her yelling and screaming, her voice sounds so hoarse she may lose it  Add that to the loss of her sanity and she is the complete package. Delusions of grandeur, violence directed at "The Globe" and especially her favorite villian "Trank", how much more evidence do you need Dan to have her committed to a facility. Your life would be so much better and she would get the help she so desparately needs.  Good Luck Dan, you're in need of it!

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#117 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: The Watcher - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I noticed all the new images on her "biz" page. She's really very talented. She did create them herself, right? Otherwise, according to her logic, she "stole" them from their respective web pages. And such a good, law abiding citizen would never steal. Right?

 I noticed that she put her degrading and abusive letter to the president back up again. Has everyone taken the time to report it? I did. If enough people report this, they might shut her down for more than twelve hours this time. 

 Now, about that page that has all of her docs and videos. I would suggest that you put an adult block on there. Those videos are truely disgusting! I do have a question about her ping pong ball video... How does a person with so much fat, have that level of muscle control? It must be practice...

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#118 Consumer Comment

Still Waiting.....

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Missy said she would put our names up for all the world to see.  So far I have only seen her put up two people's names and addresses who we have no idea who they are but I sure hope they TOS her for putting out their contact info for all the psychos on Missy's list to see.  I mean who does that?  Rants and raves about killing someone then puts their address and phone numbers out for any psycho who might think Missy is their god and who could actually be crazy enough to carry out the things she is ordering.  She is beginning to look like a cult leader or a mind controller like Manson.  Is that it Missy?  You want to lead a whole cult of little Missies out there to carry out your dirty work so you can sit at home and moan about the president?  You are too lazy to even carry out your threats of violence so you are convincing mentally weak people to do it for you?  You are a sick sick person to prey on feeble minded individuals to further your evil endeavors.

Let's spread out folks, go to the Espanola flea market, and not to mention let's make sure she doesn't interfere in Red River's Oktoberfest festivities.  Lord knows we don't need her making all the tourist that come up for that fun event sick with her feces and hair filled cupcakes.  

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#119 General Comment

She will be back

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 10 hours ago  Point Blank Period - LET THE PAST GO!I have MOVED ON!I suggest everyone else does the same!I WILL NOT say this again! Yes she will folks their is no way she will be able to stay away for more than a day lol because she loves the attention your going to love her tantrums lol.

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#120 Consumer Comment

She never learns

AUTHOR: The Watcher - ()

POSTED: Sunday, October 06, 2013

Poor Snaggletooth, she never learns. Whenever she puts up something offensive on Facebook, we report it, and they take it down. And on, and on, and on... Now she claims that she intends to put it right back up again. Be my guest, we'll just report it again, and they'll take it down again. Hasn't anyone ever told her that her "business" page should be used for her business, not for ranting about AHSFB? Maybe she just likes to scream. Her last Spreaker post could be heard all the way in Idaho, without using a computer! Yell away, Snaggletooth. And please, try not to eat the cat.


We're still waiting for her to start publishing our names. While waiting, we've been busy, harvesting all of the names and contact information of anyone who has ever "friended" her or "liked" her pages. You do it to us, we'll do it to you! You do it to us, we'll do it to you! You do it to us, we'll do it to you! Sound familiar? Please, do everyone a favor, take a Haldol and sleep it off! Your screaching replies to these posts aren't doing your fake a-fib any good. By the way, why did you set up that donation page if you don't really have the condition? Collecting bitcoins for an imaginary condition is really bad form! 

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#121 General Comment

Mount Messyuvius Eruption

AUTHOR: Morgana - ()

POSTED: Sunday, October 06, 2013

Wowser!!! The latest blow-up of Mount Messy has erupted all over the place on Spreaker.  I could actually feel the heat and the spit through my speakers.  She has threatened to kill all of us, again.  Oooh, scarey stuff. I'm guessing that someone had her letter  to the President taken off her Facebook page.  Not soon enough in my opinion.  It was insultingly racist and ignorant, as well as life threatening.  Putting out that garbage for alllll the world to see does her no good, but she is now insiting that it will go up again. She might get arrested for that.  I wonder if the Feds will allow her to boredcast from prison.

That would be interesting and educational as she could tell us, as law-abiding citizens how it is in custody.  We would never know otherwise, being the  non-law breaking people we are. The upside of her maybe going to an institution would be that she gets help for her 70/30 chance of  the Artial Fibrilation she is going on about.  Also some help for her state of mind and control of her emtions would be good for her. Oh, here's another thought - On Hallowe'en night I could broadcast (minus the F-word, etc.) this latest scream-fest to add to the "scarey" for the trickytreaters.

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#122 Consumer Comment

Put up or Shut Up Missy

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Sunday, October 06, 2013


Oh Noesssss

Missy claims to know who we all are and is going to post our names and addresses and phone numbers!!!

It is okay because she doesn't know who we are lol  We dare you to post it Missy because once names and addresses are posted then Facebook can cancel your account and throw you off for breaking the TOS.  So post away Missy we can't wait.

We don't believe your ploy for sympathy about your fake heart issues and we don't believe you will post names (at least not the real names).  So the gauntlet is thrown down.  Put up or shut up Missy.

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#123 General Comment

Keeping it up

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Sunday, October 06, 2013

 Why does Melissa keep rebutting every single post here (except the kind and polite ones) and why does she scream and yell and swear when she does it lol she acts like her screaming is going to stop people from talking about her screaming lol. And l laughed at that photo of her holding her cat up by its neck and the caption that she was going to eat it lol. I would never treat my cat like that. She is FING HILARIOUS.

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#124 Consumer Comment

Poor Snaggletooth

AUTHOR: Tired of her ranting - ()

POSTED: Saturday, October 05, 2013

Now she has a congenital heart problem? How can someone like have a heart problem, when she probally doesn't even have a heart? I'd like to know how she intends to "get tested" without insurance. Does she have any idea how much an EKG costs? The price of an echo cardiogram? She's going to EARN all of that money by sitting on her fat behind, complaining about AHSFB! And what if they found out that she has a-fib? Are her "spirit friends" going to bring her Cardizem and Warfarin? Those cost money too, as does the regularly scheduled blood tests. Maybe she's going to "earn" the money by robbing and murdering LEOs, just like Billy the Kid. No, she wouldn't be able to do that, people would hear her coming from miles away by the sound of her sucking and chomping on that cola candy. It would be much easier for her to just stop shoveling food into her face, and get some exercise. Have you seen her picture lately? More chins than a Chinese phone book! There is one thing that she should get teated for... I'll give you a hint... Have you ever heard of a product called "Summer's Eve"? Stand up, get a job, earn your own way in life, and get the insurance! Or are you going to run up a lot of hospiral/doctor's bills and skip out, just like you did in Cactus Flats?

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#125 General Comment

I didn't expect Melissa to notice

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Saturday, October 05, 2013

I don't think that Melissa is capable of taking a compliment or a well wishing. She is so focused on having someone to blame that she is blind to anything nice. She doesn't even notice goodness any more. After all of the mean and despicable things that she has done over the last couple years to people it is like karma keeps handing her failure after failure. If she was a real psychic she would see this lol.

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#126 General Comment

No wonder Melissa is such a pathetic failure

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Saturday, October 05, 2013

Yesterday I read a comment from one of the regular contributors on this page which offered a prayer and wished success to her in her bake sales and holiday events. Since then she has released two obscene podcasts that insist that everyone is trying to destroy and kill her, insists that everyone is trying to destroy her business, claiming that she has a congenital heart condition and that if she died of a heart attack it is somehow the fault of people here, then she denies that she said she has a heart problem...


There is absolutely no mention (much less thank you) for any good wishes or support she receives.  Melissa is only about negativity. She thrives on negative attention because it let's her get angry and dramatic. And she lives only for the opportunity to overreact and get really dramatic. She will ignore all good in the world and dive straight to calling everyone a liar and insisting that she has every right to kill people for refusing to believe in her or compliment her. 

That is reason numerous uno why NOBODY believes in her or trusts hert. Not her family. Not anyone in her home town.  And certainly nobody on the internet where she demonstrates all of her deranged behavior the most. 

I just wanted to point this out because I think she is really pathetic for ignoring compliments.  I hope her sales fail miserably and that she snaps, does something stupid, gets arrested and charged for all of her threats, is forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, and that they give her a labotomy to neutralize her as a threat and put her back on medications forever. I think it could all be possible too, since she doesn't contribute anything at all to society.  Maybe the courts would even consider the same for her delusional husband too. 

P. S.  In response to Melissa's accusations that people here are illegally distributing her contact information to harass her, that is a lie. Melissa is responsible for distributing her own contact information on her own. It is publicly available on her own Facebook pages and wherever else she has posted the attached graphic. If she didn't want all of this negative attention, why would she keep saying she's going to kill so many people on the same page where she spreads her contact info?


That's just plain stupid. 

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#127 Consumer Comment

I call BS on her radio show

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Friday, October 04, 2013

 Missy started her show off whining about a heart problem her mother may or may not have and then in turn trying to claim she could have it too and that the people here posting are only going to kill her.

I call BS on this.  Whenever she hears of something that sounds unique or interesting she decides that is what she will have.  Be it American Indian Heritage, outlaws in her family or now this latest thing with her mother she will use it to her advantage.

I am so sorry Missy that your mother is ill.  But in no way does that excuse you from trying to scam children at Halloween, Christmas or any other time of the year.

I also hope she does send her racist and violence filled letter to the president so finally the authorities will have a real reason to come in and take her firearms and put her in jail for her terrorism.

So go sell your cat feces and hair infested baked goods on unsuspecting customers.  We can rest assured if she is sitting anywhere near the items for sale that no one will be buying just because of the sight they see next to the food.  So again she won't be able to afford to scam more children simply because she will scare away any potential customers when they see who may have actually had a hand in the baking.

SO good luck at the Las Vegas Flea Market Missy maybe we can see you there!


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#128 General Comment

Hooray for perseverance!

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Friday, October 04, 2013

 Missy says she is going to give the bake sale one last try again. I wish her all the best, and I hope that her sales volume exceeds her expectations enough to add a thanksgiving event in addition to Halloween and Christmas.

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#129 Consumer Comment

If at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again.

AUTHOR: Agent T - ()

POSTED: Friday, October 04, 2013


I am going to try one last time next weekend to sell what I make.
I will try one final time to update my Haunt and to make something happen.
I wonder if she means that she'll harvest more cat hair and feces to make something new, or if she intends to sell the stale garbage that she couldn't get rid of last weekend. Since she's probably out of food stamps, she'll probably try to sell the stale stuff and claim it's fresh. 
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#130 Consumer Comment

No Worries

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Thursday, October 03, 2013

 Firstly she isn't afraid of what she wrote because she has no intention of actually mailing it to the white house simply because she knows the inarticulate, poorly spelled and bad grammar featured in that letter would only get her laughed at in the mailroom and have her letter tacked up among the other redneck letters that are more laughable than anything else.

 She posted that on facebook to make her look special to her redneck racist confederate army comrades and to win kudos from the head guy on the talk about the confederacy page.  So no worries the psycho from seco will continue to go unnoticed by the good people of Washington D.C.

 As a side note though when the news broke in about the shooting in Washington, D.C. and that it was a woman I wondered if Missy had time to get there but then I remembered she doesn't have the money or the means to get there.  Point point point, protest, protest protest, sit in, sit in, sit in,  picket, picket, picket.

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#131 General Comment

Does she not realize

AUTHOR: MissPriss - ()

POSTED: Thursday, October 03, 2013

that she threatend the President of the United States? Is she so stupid that she thinks she can send that and get away with it? Threatening Obama is not in your best interests Melissa and Dan...

And for the last time...You, Melissa nor Dan are rebels..You both were born in CA. You were not born in the south and claiming to be southern and a rebel makes you sound and look stupid! 

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#132 Consumer Comment

The latest from the Seco Psycho

AUTHOR: The Watcher - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Letter I Wrote to Ovomit

October 2, 2013 at 9:38pm

Dear Ovomit, We fully REFUSE your health care crap. You are a lying, cheating, swindling, scamming, abusive, yellow bellied, cowardly, threatening, demanding, demeaning, degrading. fraudulent, liar, egomaniacal, loud mouthed, psychopathic, narcissistic muslim rag head!... We will never, ever comply with your Garbage Laws! You can go to Hell, Hell, Hell and kiss our big, red rebel asses! You are a horrible Fascist, Marxist, n**i, Communist Dictator and we Hate and despise you! You will never, ever get away with any of this! You Must realize that by Christmas, because of your Garbage Laws, my family and I will be Homeless (x3), Broke, Starving (x2) and in bankruptcy (x2) because we cannot afford your Garbage Laws - regardless of whether they be Premiums or Penalties! We would have to choose between paying our Rent and buying Groceries - or both! We again fully REFUSE to pay for any of this! Consider us Opted Out! We Do Not want your Governmental Subsidies either! If we cannot buy it ourselves - we Do Not want it! Jail us if you wish! We would rather be Jailed than pay your Merciless, Illegal, Immoral, Unconstitutional Garbage Law! You are a Dictator and you WILL be Deposed - this we can guarantee! You will not shove this Garbage Law down our Throats! We won’t swallow! We also do not give a crap about your Stupid, Ugly, Stinking “Legacy!”We REFUSE your Garbage Law in full! What you are doing turns us Deadly Angry! Do not push us like you did with the Stalker a*s Holes you sent after us these last 12 years! You have some Nerve! Either way, we will see you thrown out of the White House like the Garbage that you are! Yours Always, The Bryans Arroyo Seco, NM

She doesn't want health care? When she chokes on her cola candy, the hospital should turn her away until she can afford to pay for her care. Maybe she should consider getting off of her "truth treadmill" and getting on a real one. She could lose a few hundred pounds, get a job, and pay her bills. She rants "If we cannot buy it ourselves - we Do Not want it!" then mentions bankruptcy. What about your creditors when you declare bankruptcy? She will have received rent and goods, then refuse to pay for them and try to get away with it by declaring bankruptcy! It's Cactus Flats all over again. Just a warning to anyone who does business with her, make her pay cash for everything. Otherwise, you stand a real risk of losing everything she owes to you! She has warned you herself of her intentions!

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#133 General Comment

Lolcano Erupteth

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Melissa, I know that you will read this.  PLEASE read this CAREFULLY, and do not take this message out of context.

You have spent a lot of time cataloguing every little finite detail about every single little thing that anybody anywhere has ever EVER said, posted, emailed, blogged, and discussed about you.  Your attention to detail is AMAZING.  I do not know anyone who could ever spend that much time dedicating it to such a numbing torture as having people talk about you.  But I am getting off the point of my address.

Please take a few minutes over the next couple of days to listen to the podcasts from the last two days on your spreaker account.  Please make a list of the things you say before, during, and after the explosions where you scream and swear into your poor microphone.

If your list is complete, and if you made that list chronologically according to the dates of your addresses, you should see something like this:

1. You are going to kill a.h.s.f.b.

2. Everybody lies about you and you never threaten to kill anyone ever.

3. Explosive obscene screaming.

4. Gonna kill a.h.s.f.b.

5. a.h.s.f.b. lied when he said that you said you were going to kill him.


7. Missy teh gun totin' yee haw rebornd injun genral gonna pop a cap in a.h.s.f.b.

8. a.h.s.f.b. and his minions of artificial identification avatars are being meanies and making things up about you and you gonna sue deys butts 'cause dey LIE.  You love EVERYBODY.


10. a.h.s.f.b. must come to you so you can kill him.

While you may not recognize a pattern here, the rest of us here do.  This is why people keep doing this.  They are making you make a fool out of yourself over and over and over and over again.

On one hand I truly do hope that you wise up someday and recognize that this is a neverending cycle.  And as today's a.h.s.f.b. gets tired and moves on, three more a.h.s.f.b.'s climb on board to keep you going, knowing full well that you love the attention. 

Please do not kill anybody.  You MUST understand what the WORLD would say about you if they saw you in the news and heard those podcasts with you screaming and swearing that you are going to kill somebody who is thousands of miles away and doesn't even care enough about how much you blame him to even respond.  Suck it up. 

Worse yet is that every time you release one of your podcasts, your podcast is described here in excruciating detail.  The only way you can truly justify your statements is to leave your podcasts up forever and pray that nobody notices how many times you say that you are going to kill someone, how many times you beg and order people to come have a showdown to the death with you, and how many times you insist that the people who talk about you doing these things are lying about you doing these things because truth everything, your previous words nothing.  Good luck with that.

All I'm saying is that you are acting a fool.  And that is just your fault.  You should walk away.  But if you don't, that's ok.  Because this is entertaining.  Sue away.  Do whatever makes you happy.  But be sure to do another podcast about it. 

Your audience is getting used to this.

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#134 General Comment

Hot Air for Albuquerque

AUTHOR: Morgana - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, October 02, 2013

There is a way that Missy could attend the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque.  She has an interest in Blowup characters, so, how about someone makes a hot air balloon of her Outlaw Darlin' persona.  Picture a slightly bigger than life-size (very large) replica of Missy in full regalia/costume.  She could stand beside it, and then climb in the basket with her borked goods and stale jellycokebottles and throw them out at the crowd while the balloon takes off,- hot air supplied by her as she yells and tantrums at the people below.  I believe it would be the best howlfest that the Querk has ever seen.  Can you picture the amaze that people would have as they realize what they are in for?  Oh, how I want that to happen and that I could be there for it!

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#135 General Comment

Call the police

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, October 01, 2013

At two minutes and forty seconds into Melissa's latest podcast, she states clearly that she is going to be armed when she travels to that festival.  Even worse is that she then goes into an hysterical screaming tantrum about how she is going to kill somebody while she is there, while that somebody is thousands of miles away and doesn't even respond to anything she screams or posts in all caps on her Facebook biz page. That is SICK behavior. Is she delusional enough to open fire on someone when she mistakes their identity?  

Also, when I listened to that podcast, Melissa sounded really drunk or something. Does she have a drinking problem or does she use any drugs?  That could really complicate things if she is carrying firearms into a crowded public event. 

Somebody in northern New Mexico really should speak up before she hurts somebody. 

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#136 General Comment

that is unreal.

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Truther, you are saying that Melissa is planning to go into public, to a specific festival, for whatever reason, after begging, pleading, demanding, and ordering people to show up for a showdown to the death and bragging about her pistols and her disregard for the law and public safety?!?  Does she plan to take her firearms with her to this public festival? That would be absolutely insane if somebody like Melissa took a loaded firearm to a public event after all of the times she says in her podcasts that she is going to kill people. Somebody should call the Albuquerque police and play her podcasts to them so they know to arrest her onsite because she is an unstable potential mass murderer. 

Plus we would all get some peace of mind knowing that she is finally stopped once and for all, disarmed, and committed for a psychiatric evaluation.  We wouldn't have to deal with her murder that's any more. 

Seriously. Somebody should warn someone before that crazy fraud mows a bunch of people down because they looked at her wrong. 

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#137 Consumer Comment

Leave Our Balloon Fiesta ALONE!!

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I read with horror that Missy wants to go to the glorious Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque and stalk our beloved weatherman who is famous for being at the fiesta and being so very nice to everyone.

I won't say his name in this report because I don't want his good name linked with her messes, but she is threatening to seek him out and stand behind him until he notices her garish outfit and asks her about it so she can promote her yard haunt.  It is sad but true that whenever there is a media happening the weirdest and stupidest and ugliest people show up in the background and get interviewed and give our area a bad name.   If she manages to get on television you can be guaranteed all the tourists will want to escape never to return to our wonderful fiesta.

We all know the real reason she is going there.  It isn't to promote her haunt that no one in Albuquerque is going to drive all the way up to Taos to see nor will those in the area be swayed into paying $10 for something they can do all around town for free and with nicer people at the door.

No, she isn't going to promote her haunt she is going shopping for the materials for her underwear again.  Yes sadly, she has to shop for the material there because nobody else carries that many yards of material.  Maybe this year she can get something in a smokey the bear pattern or perhaps a panda bear to make her undies from.

Her only fear is that she will be gain mistaken for one of the balloons and she will be laid down and have a hot air fan blown up her dress to fill her up.

Don't worry beloved weatherman, I doubt security will let her in because of how psychotic she acts and beside that fact she won't have enough gas money to make it to Albuquerque because she doesn't have time enough to throw money down the drain into another failure of a bake sale fundraiser.

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#138 General Comment


AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Monday, September 30, 2013

What would Melissa do?

She demands a showdown with someone who obviously couldn't care less, since he hasn't been around. So what would she do if everybody who actually IS contributing to these articles about her unprofessional and fraud showed up armed and ready for a showdown?

First off, Melissa has inundated the poor hallmark holiday mascot market with her name, addresses, photos of herself, her home, her husband's vehicle, and absolutely anything you might need to track her down, surveille her, and easily and quietly put an end to all of her threats to kill, and twisted accusations (now including pedophilia) that only the mind of a sick person would make up.

Melissa had best stop threatening to kill people who aren't responding to her as she leads so many to her own home.  It's 2013.  Those are sick threats that could easily be countered with vigilante action.  Missy had best hide REAL good.  Keep those drapes closed. 

I can not believe the unnecessary risks that people like Melissa create for themselves. 

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#139 Consumer Comment

It's Time

AUTHOR: Morgana - ()

POSTED: Monday, September 30, 2013

It's time to call out the blatant, hideus name-calling waste of space for what she is.  She is now infering that anyone who has a concern for the safety of children is a Pedophile!!! She talks about the slander she percieves we do to her, and now she slanders all who care about children.  How blessed Arroyo Seco is  that she is now stating she rarely leaves her home.  Who would WANT to be around this waste of humanity, who threatens to kill everybody, who disagrees with her.   She has now gotten to the point of Growling and Drooling on her boredcasts. I am seriously considering going on Spreaker myself to shout her down!  Protest! Protest! Protest! Sit in! Sit In! Treadmill! Treadmill! Treadmill! against the lying, slandering, wasteland of intelligence that she is.

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#140 General Comment

Melissa Bryan has turned on her community!

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Monday, September 30, 2013

Can you believe this?  The same weirdo who hates children and has threatened to kill anyone who laughs at her that's and blaming has declared "screw" hee hometown and county all because nobody would buy her cupcakes from her Walmart tent on her front yard!

Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC

Yesterday at 5:37pm

Screw Taos and Arroyo Seco!I am going to go to an out of town Flea Market and sell what I need to make my Haunt a Reality!Go all 3 days and come back with enough to Update my Haunt!This time - it HAS to work!


What kind of deranged sociopath would post something like this? What kind of irresponsible citizen would put her cupcake sale above and beyond her own community and their children?  Melissa Bryan. That's who. She only cares about herself, and she will kill anyone who doesn't put her above their own life. She is pathetic. I hope that everybody in Taos county reads about her in her own words and listens to her disgusting podcasts. She is such a fraud and egocentric sicko that sooner or later her neighbors will see her for what she is and have her committed before she kills people. Out herself. Maybe. 

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#141 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Sunday, September 29, 2013

 I just listened to Melissa Bryan's podcast titled "am anti bullying message" and the flow up"another ring address.". I was appalled to hear Melissa repeatedly state that she is going to kill. She compares herself to Columbine and Virginia tech. She is a time bomb. She is not stable, same, reasonable, or sane. She seriously needs help. The state of new Mexico needs to step up. This woman is clearly threatening to kill people over comments on the internet. She cannot differentiate between internet jabber and real life. She blames her real life failures on faceless internet users and threatens to kill uninvolved parties because she is mentally unstable. This is your Halloween maven with the bake sale in the Walmart tent. Keep your kids as far away as possible.

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#142 General Comment

Your suggestion has been tried before

AUTHOR: MissPriss - ()

POSTED: Sunday, September 29, 2013

Morgana....Didn't work...She's been left alone for long periods of time. When that happens she starts in again blasting away at the Trank dude or whomever has crossed her path and then she posts post after post talking about who she's going to kill hurling fingers of blame at them swearing up and down that everybody and his uncle is going down as soon as she get's to the sheriff's office or the FBI....I've said it before and I'll say it again...She thrives on drama...What blows me away is there are those on her friends list that apparently don't have enough sense to check out what is said about her and believe everything that comes out of her mouth..SMH!

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#143 Consumer Comment

A Proposal/Experiment

AUTHOR: Morgana - ()

POSTED: Sunday, September 29, 2013

So, she is still blaming all and sundry for her inability to be successful at her "Biz".  What if, and this is not proposed out of any "fear of retaliation" from her or even a minimum of belief that she would actually 'kill' to protect herself from the 'Stalkinator/Bullys, what if we all left her alone and didn't post here, or watch her pages,  or not listen to her Boredcasts, for, oh, say a month. Like, check back on Nov 1.  We would then see if she is still blaming others for her non-success at her Biznezzez.  She could rant and rave and Protest! Protest! Protest! Sit in! Sit in!, ect. ect, ad infinitum and no one would be listening.  If Missy screams in boredcastwasteland, would she make a noise if no one is listening? I know it's a sacrifice, but, people we need to see if it can be done.  Look at it as an experiment in behavioral modification, like training a recalcitrant wild or domestic animal.  If no one listens or cares, will she change?  The reward at the end of it would be that we would have proven, or disproven the paramenters of her behavior and mental attitudes.  C'mon, we can do eeeeet!!!!! Who's with me in this? 

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#144 General Comment

failure is as failure does.

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Sunday, September 29, 2013

 I don't think that anyone is surprised that Melissa's bake sale failed so amazingly miserably. The only surprise to me it's that she released that YouTube video with the excessive close up detailing the strange rock formations in her mouth and the dark badge under her sunken diabetes eyes. The epitome of pathetic manifests in its entirety as she actually blames this website and "@$$#013" for being the cause of, well, nobody showing up to by her baked stuff or support her double dipping scam intended to take money from the children of Arroyo seco TWICE. Melissa says clearly that she is going to kill anyone who laughs at her. Well missy, I'm laughing hysterically. Not just at your failures, but at your that's and blame. You failed miserably on your own 100%. You can blame other people all you want. We didn't cause you're failure. You did. The only thing we are guilty of is laughing hysterically at your whining and wailing over all off this. We did not win. There is no winning when a nobody thousands of miles away simply fails at everything as usual. But no matter how anyone looks at it, Melissa Bryan failed. SHE failed on her own. The only thing we won is the entertainment of watching and listening as Melissa tries to whine and blame her way out of her epic failure. As much as it must suck to be that much of a failure, there is a lot of satisfaction in watching, reading, and listening to her blame and curse and BAWWWWWWW. Watch that video if you get a chance. I dare you. That woman doesn't need any make up for her Halloween scare. TRUST ME.

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#145 General Comment

Results are In!

AUTHOR: Morgana - ()

POSTED: Saturday, September 28, 2013

Well, folks, as expected she is blaming the world of Stalkinators for her failed (half) Baked Sale.  Did she do any presale investigation to see if anyone would be interested in her goods?  Did she check to see if there was a need for her goods?  I doubt it.  Her business plan is no plan at all; she believes, truly believes  that all she has to do is "Shove it down their throats!" and people will HAVE to buy her goods.  Well planned, well financed businesses in the area and all over the world are having a downer in business.  But, wait, She will have none of that!  Who would she blame if there were no interwebs, no Failbook, no Screamer boredcasts? Oh, maybe Dan? Or maybe her 'guides/ancestors/voices in her head?  Point, point, point! Protest, protest, protest! Sit in! Sit in! Sit in! Treadmill, treadmill, treadmill!  It is always someone else's fault, someone else's devious machinations that do her in.  The latest blame-fest on youtube is a prime example of the blame game/poor me/how could the world do me like that, Pity Party!  Quick, call the Waaaahbulance, because she needs some Shock Therapy to wake up her misguided  (non) thinking process.  My life has been a plethora of bad things happening, and I never blamed, just picked up my broken carcass and got on with my life.  I've reinvented myself many times and learned from each experience.  All she does is repeat, repeat, repeat the same litany  of bad choices and blaming everyone else.  The definition of insanity is Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.  We have no sympathy for you Missy, you have burned too many people and too many bridges!

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#146 General Comment

Can't wait.

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Saturday, September 28, 2013

 I can't wait to hear the results of the bake sale. I know she will be blaming the people who post here for her utter failure. Seriously. Who plans a fundraiser, hosted in a Wal-Mart tent, selling homemade baked goods from recipes that were plagiarized from other cooks, on the front lawn of their rented home, in very rural New Mexico, and actually expects to make anything near her intended goal of nearly six thousand dollars? I know who. Melissa Bryan. Hey, retired person. What's this about 30 day insanity lockup records? Please scan and post. Melissa's audience would surely appreciate the update!

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#147 General Comment

The real truth

AUTHOR: Retired in Seco - ()

POSTED: Friday, September 27, 2013

I retired to Seco a few years ago and the first I saw of this person was when I went to the post office. I saw what I thought was a dummy in the window of a neighorboring house. It looked like the kind that they put in the windows of the ghost town tourist traps. When she saw that I was looking at her, she started moving and scared the hell out of me. I asked the clerk at the post office and they said to keep away from her, she's crazy!

The second time I saw her, she was yelling at a merchant about some kind of trinkets. I quickly left the store! The third time was when she putting papers on cars. When I saw her near my truck, I quickly got in and drove away. Then I started reading all of these posts on Rip Off Reports... I asked some of my friends to get her records... This week I recieved a big package of papers from them... As long as she stays away from me, I promise not to post any scans, but you might want to ask her some questions about her past.

It has come to my attention that she started her acting/performing career when she was in California. There are photos of her performing in TJ. My biggest question is, what happened to Dodino, the donkey?

Ask her why she's legally prohibited from driving a car. Ask her why they call her Cactus Fats, and why the judge found her "Not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect." Ask her about her thirty day civil commitment to the Arizona State Hospital.

Ask her about her civil commitment in the New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute, and why she stopped taking her medication.  Melissa, please stay away from me and my family. You're not worth the effort!

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#148 General Comment

Clarity Please

AUTHOR: Morgana - ()

POSTED: Friday, September 27, 2013

I would appreciate some clarity from Melissa.  One day she broadcasts and posts that she will not do anything  but eat herself to oblivion, and do nothing for her 'Haunt'.  Next thing she says is that she is baking and putting out flyers to raise money for the event that she said before she is not dong.  Whaaat?  I am confooosed.  Will she or won't she, does she or doesn't she want to do the HH?  How will we know when to show up and partake of her Borked Goods and Hated Hacienda?  Please, please Melissa, don't leave us hanging, we neeeed to know what to do and when to do it. Oh, and we already know about the physically impossible sexual act, so you can leave that out!

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#149 General Comment

Now you see how much crazy has been unleashed?!?

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oh, my.  She has lost it.  Screaming obscenities.  SCREAMING!  Where are these lies she keeps SCREAMING about?  Maybe THIS WILL HELP:  http://www.spreaker.com/user/outlawdarlin


PLEASE.  If you are from Arroyo Seco, if you are from Taos County, if you are a past victim of Melissa's from Arizona or California or anywhere else in this country, if you feel that people who cannot control their temper on the internet should be BANNED FOREVER so that they don't teach YOUR KIDS to conduct themselves like that, or if you are BORED and want to LAUGH like CRAZY, then click thw link above and listen to Melissa Bryan in ALL OF HER GLORY as she swears up a storm, declaring that ONE PERSON is responsible for making her an ABSOLUTE FAILURE.


All I wanted to do was laugh a little.


Melissa Bryan insists that all of the talk on Ripoff Report is going to ruin her reputation.  Um, no.  Melissa makes her own reputation every time she records one of those silly rebuttals on Spreaker.  All that we are doing is discussing it and calling attention to it.  The fact that no self respecting parent, consumer, or other spender would ever go near her or any of her wacky schemes is not at all the fault of anyone discussing her recorded and publicly released tantrums that are full of threats and hatred toward the people in her own community including and especially children and stated intention to just get everybody's money regardless of how terrible it makes the lives of the children.  And I am being absolutely serious.  Just listen to her podcasts.  SHE HATES CHILDREN AND WANTS TO TAKE THEIR MONEY. 


If you check out her "Outlaw Life Enterprises LLC" Facebook page, you will see more of her temper tantrums, narcissistic egomaniacal statements, and plenty of self deprication.  It is all really pathetic.  Yet at the same time, because she flips out so many times a day, it is VERY ENTERTAINING.


Your audience is listening carefully, Melissa.  Your community.  Your haters.  Your kinfolk.  Choose your statements wisely, as you will be judged by those statements.  And there is NOBODY you can blame except for yourself for what people think of you.  Because YOU made the statements.  You released them to the world via the internet.  And now it is ALL out there, and since you released them publicly, there is NOTHING you can EVER do to stop people from talking about the things you said, the people you threatened, the children you demeaned, or how hard they LAUGHED AT YOU when they listened to your little temper tantrum.  You fail miserably, and screaming swear words into a microphone for the whole world to listen to isn't going to convince anyone of anything except that you are a very sick person and that you should not be selling baked goods or throwing parties for other people's children.  You fail because you do not understand REALITY.  And no matter how upset you get about it, there is not a darn thing you can do to stop other internet users from discussing your crazy stuff.


By the way, I keep hearing you mention all of these books you spend so much time writing.  Have you ever sold one?  Or is this just another crock of your crazy schemes to try to get rich by ripping people off?  I bet you haven't sold anything that would make the time invested in writing worthwhile.  But what do you care.  You just cherish it because it is another way for you to try to spread your drama, which nobody would ever pay you for, because your free podcasts ("Fing addresses") are plenty entertainment enough.  The idea of selling them on CD is a good idea.  Thankfully, I have downloaded every single episode too.  Spreaker says that once you record it on their site, that THEY own it, and that you have NO rights to the material.  This means that you will have to go after them to try to make any money off of anything.  But, then again, since you signed off your rights when you signed up for their site, you kinda seem a bit out of luck.


Podcast away.  We will be waiting.

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#150 General Comment

Please be careful.

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Thursday, September 26, 2013

 I just listened to Melissa's latest podcast, and just before she crumbled and self destructed into what sounded like a severe case of Tourette's syndrome, I swear that she said that suicide was her only solution to escape some attack from people who apparently broke into her home and stole all of her business supplies and posted things that they made up about her to make her look bad, except that in absolute reality land, all that people did was talk about her obscene threats that she keeps recording to her spreaker podcasting account that she releases publicly, and the people don't attack Melissa, they meekly discuss her crazy rants, and how those rants and the threats they contain are disgusting, just like the woman who keeps recording them. Greetings from sunny reality, Melissa. Perhaps it is time for you to say goodnight to the internet and go eat a muffin or something. Podcast wisely. Your audience is listening.

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#151 Consumer Suggestion

This is true

AUTHOR: Psychic Anon - ()

POSTED: Thursday, September 26, 2013

Melissa Bryan, this is Anonymous.
We have been watching you . We have kept track on your movements. We have noted all of your threats.  And now, we find that you are planning to host a pay as you go Halloween spook fest. This will not be happening.

 You continue to bring attention to yourself by making numerous threats and accusations on Spreaker and other places.  You have falsely accused people of harming you when you know they are not responsible. You know that Kyle is innocent and yet you claimed he was harrying you on a recent podcast. This activity will cease. Already the word is going out to Anonymous cells in your area. People are being warned of your activity, your need for conflict and your desire for violence.  None of these things are unnoticed and now, the people in your town have knowledge of your activities. Your false accusations, your threats and your lies. Your neighbors know you, because many of them are with us.
Remember Melissa, you are a celebrity. You are a public figure and the more you try to claim that you are not. We shall ensure that you are wrong. Fight us and lose Melissa. You lose because you cannot fight us. You lose because the only way to fight Anonymous is not to fight at all. But you are unable to do that.

So fight us and lose.
We have plans; we will be close on Halloween.
We will see for ourselves what you really are.
We know who we are.
We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
You cannot stop us.
You cannot fight us.
You cannot harm us.
Wed do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!

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#152 General Comment

LOLcast Supreme

AUTHOR: Morgana - ()

POSTED: Thursday, September 26, 2013

For posterity, I have just downloaded all her  Screamfest Boredcasts  to a master CD, which I will be updating as necessary.  In time I will be advertising the sale of copies when I get my LLC  going on Facebook.  There will be more updates as things progress. Oh, and I will send one to Arroyo Seco's most infamous LOLcaster with no expectation of remuneration or thanks.

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#153 General Comment

It has gone too far

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Thursday, September 26, 2013

 Things have gone so far that Melissa says that she's a-canceling every thing and shutting her life down. And that makes no sense whatsoever. Going to shut down what? Going to stop going to work? Wait. No. She refuses to get a job or work. Going to stop going out? Wait. No. She doesn't go out. Going to stop helping the people in her community and the children? No. According to her failcasts, she hates children and everyone in her community that doesn't pander to her demands and events. What is she shutting down? Nothing. She's just declaring that it is all going to be business as usual.

She's going to sit around, stuff her face, be lazy, and whine and complain that it is everybody else's fault. This is not an attack. It is an observation. An ACCURATE observation. Missy, nobody takes you seriously. You have threatened too many people for anyone to respect you. Be sad. Cry in your bowl of candy that you should be saving for trick or treaters. And be sure to post a good obscene address on speaker. We love hearing your meltdowns as you blame others for your own waste of a life. Have you ever considered drinking instead of just stuffing your face?

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#154 General Comment

Well, This is interesting

AUTHOR: MissPriss - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I got an email from a friend of mine who doesn't post about missy (she just reads the stuff and laughs herself silly)Anyway, she told me about some so called kinfolk southern of course that Missy has given that Trank dudes name to and the so called kin folk has been harrasing the Trank dude via messages...She said she advised the Trank dude to make screen shot's of all the harrasing messages, send them off to someone,she wouldn't mention any names but it has to do with sending harrasing threats or what can be precieved as theats via the internet...My advise to you Melissa is to grow up...You know as well as I do this Trank person is not a stalker nor has he ever been...The fact of the matter is simple..You are the Stalker of that there is no doubt...Stop your scamming, straighten up and maybe then you're business will eventually take off..Til then you're doomed...Oh! One more thing...Kudu's to Dan! How he puts up with you is beyond me...And again what has been said so many times...No one want's your business No one wants anything you have and no one wants your life...Get that through you're head..The couple of people that do get a kick out of poking you once in while wander off to other things but then here you come screaming and cussing about imaginary threats and start it all over again. You, Melissa, thrive on the drama you create...

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#155 General Comment

More truthing above, beyond, past, in excess of, more than, and definitely much better than Melissa Bryan's failed attempt to truth

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

 She goes nuts every single time anyone posts here. I have never heard anyone that immature record and publicly release such asinine, pointless, unprofessional, and childish tantrums. Does she think that swearing at people will get them to stop expressing their opinions? Why does she keep insisting that every time anyone talks about her threats, it is some kind of attack that warrants a vulgar rebuttal? I guess I will never understand that crazy woman. Oh well. I guess that there's no harm in sitting back and watching a woman like that self destruct. She says she's dad now. I can only imagine how terrible she will feel someday when she realizes how many opportunities she has missed because of her ridiculous behavior. Go record a rebuttal, Melissa. Make sure you sweat a lot.

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#156 Consumer Comment

The (not so) Sunny Side

AUTHOR: Morgana - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Parody of an old tune  -  Sunny Side of the Street

"Grab your coat;  Don't forget your hat, and leave your morals on the doorstep! Lies can be so sweet, on Melissa's side of the street.  Can't you hear the pitter-pat of yourr hurried steps toward the Showdown, Missy's got her "gun" and she'll shoot you on the run." We could all sing this as we walk down the road past her "Hater-no-money-Maker Hacienda  as the sound truck follows blasting out her Boredcasts for all to hear.  Talk about yer scarey nights! 

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#157 General Comment


AUTHOR: Moon Flower - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gee! Youd think if she was psychic she wouldve known she was still on Encylopedia Dramatica! LOL! And that it is still online .

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#158 Author of original report

It's so simple!

AUTHOR: Seco Native - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

No, Missy is not a southerner. She’s not a psychic or a medium either. She’s a poor little California girl. Everyone around here knows that.


I don’t think anyone around town wants to deal with you Missy. You get agitated over the smallest things and people don’t like that. The flu; that’s a laugh. They don’t want to talk to you, I mean who would? Most people in town have heard you bellowing on that Spreaker web page which is at http://www.spreaker.com/user/outlawdarlin on case anyone is interested. Some people have heard you screaming in your house too. Your voice carries! I’m glad you are not downtown because you would frighten away the tourists. As it is people visiting the town post office ask the staff what all the shouting is about. I’ve been in there when you and Dan are going at it.

There is talk of a committee to put up warning signs this Halloween and I think I’m going to talk to the Sherriff’s office about having someone watch your place Missy. You mentioned that you expected a big gunfight on Halloween. I am scared that some child or their parents is going to send you over the edge and you start shooting. That would really hurt business! I talked to one person who was planning to sit near your home playing some of your rants on his radio. I tried to talk him out of it. I don’t think it would do any good. I’m thinking of putting up a few signs but the Sheriff’s department needs to know about your plans.  How could you do this Missy! You live across the street from a school! Think of the children!

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#159 General Comment

the crazy one has it all figured out.

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

 Wait. No she doesn't. Encyclopedia dramatica isn't dead at all. They just moved. Looking for ED's new home? Try https://encyclopediadramatica.es/Missy Silly thing is that she will over react and issue a new disgusting podcast. At least the folks around Arroyo seco will have one central place online where they can read all about Melissa's past and all the people she keeps going crazy about. Long live anonymous!

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#160 Consumer Comment

Truth Overiding Missy's Lies

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Okay truth over riding her lies this morning. 

Bling and Dreams is PERSONAL not a need for a business it is a WANT for Missy.

And she lives ACROSS THE STREET from the post office.  One only has to go to google maps and put in Arroyo Seco Post Office and you can see the lovely big post office complex and then you can see across the street the brown buildings.   THEN look at Missy's haunt pictures and video and you can see that the house across the street from the post office IS Missy's house as it is featured prominently on her video and pictures.  Here is a link for the satellite view of the post office complex.  Notice it is white and note the small white trailer on the post office grounds.  She does not live in a camper trailer.  She lives ACROSS THE STREET in one of the homes in the grouping of red roofed buildings and if you look closely you can see her lovely red truck parked in that yard.  If you take the little street view man down to street level you can then see the house with the porch in all it's glory and exactly as it appears in her own videos.

Point point point point point out her lies.  Here is the link to the google map:



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#161 General Comment

Miss Priss & everyone else

AUTHOR: Moon Flower - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If Melissa were really psychic (and that's a laugh) she would know who is doing all this. But she has no idea. Because psychics are fake,.  Sotherrn?? LOL!! Last i read she said she was from california. South NM maybe. Now she's from the south?! LOL She just keeps reinventing IDs for herself. She can only wish to be southern. I dont know why she posts all those rants. Im thinking noone gives a flying f**k but her about her business and how it is so threatened (it's not- she is just being delusional) .  She reminds me of a little dog barking at it's shadow. I mean, who gives a s**t?

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#162 General Comment

My My My!

AUTHOR: MissPriss - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Melissa does not live next door to the post office..It's across the street from her. She is not related to Donald Rumsfeld No way is the National Guard going to break out and run to her haunt nor are her neighbors gonna be out with guns protecting what is theirs and they certainly wouldn't be doing something like that on Halloween night with little ones in the area...Her husband knows nothing about zoning laws and the rest of the crap she claims he does and what he may know he had to google it...Again, she is living in her own world. I believe it's called La La Land...Get a grip Melissa...And for pete sakes get off The Trank fella's back..He's had nothing to do with you in over 2 years. You seem to forget he's the only one who tried to help you when he got that one board shut down for you  you've changed your so called stalkers so many times that I've lost count and the only reason and I do mean the only reason you keep bringing Tranks name up is simply because his name and info is the only one you haveYou're an idiot...And above all else....Stop the fake southern accent you sound stupid. I'm southern to the bone and southern you aren't..You're nothing more than an embrassment to those of us down south and a wanna be...You're sick period..You have mental issues you really should deal with...

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#163 General Comment

Is this a joke or something?

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What kind of idiot posts an itemized budgetary breakdown of their bogus scam child rip off fund raiser like this?!?!:

Expected Fund Raiser Income: $5,660.00

Spent on Haunt Updates: $2,000.00

Spent on Christmas Event Updates: $1,500.00

Spent on Business Updates: $1,023.00

Spent on Bling and Dreams: $1,100.00

Spent on Banners and Signage: $37.00

Nothing left over.

Nothing spent on myself or for my Personal


Really?!?  Bling and dreams?!?!  This is supposed to be a FUND RAISER for a CHILDREN'S HOLIDAY EVENT!  Not DRESS THE FATTY IN JEWELRY AT THE CHILDREN'S EXPENSE!



p.s.  The above referenced budget itemization is from the Outlaw Life Enterprises Facebook Page in a note titled "The Real Truth - Over, Above and Against the Lies and Threats against my Yard Haunt!"  If you read this note, you will see once and for all just how stupid and ignorantly unreasonable Melissa Bryan actually is.

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#164 General Comment

Melissa Bryan is illogical and unprofessional

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, September 24, 2013

 Simply contradicting somebody else's statements do not make a statement truth. I keep reading other people's statements about Melissa Bryan which are pretty consistently backed up with references and links to Melissa Bryan's own statements and claims. Melissa's responses consist of swearing, her contradicting the cited and baked up statements of others, and that's to kill. I look forward to her stupid winning and crying every day. She is pathetic. Does she actually believe that repeating over and over again that somebody lied does not make that person a liar. Especially when the people she's rebutting are linking to pages where Melissa made the statements in the first place. All she is doin is winning and crying like a stupid baby. It is quite entertaining. And who threatened attacks? Lol. The worst I heard was that people were going to set up a sound system and play her filthy temper tantrums. Lol. She thinks she's above the law at her rented home while she builds kids out of their money and tries to sell stale baked items but that people in the neighborhood playing her public demonstrations of her retardedness and vulgarity aren't? Lol. That wacko weirdo needs serious help!

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#165 General Comment

I see how this game is played!

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Monday, September 23, 2013

 This is funny. I get it now. People post here, and Melissa Bryan reads it, posts to her Facebook, screams swears and cries like an immature baby on some podcast, repeat. Rally? I know it's NOT right to make fun of the mentally challenged, but I can't stop laughing at this one. She's CRAZY. How is she allowed to walk around in public without supervision? THIS IS ENTERTAINING.

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#166 General Comment


AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

POSTED: Monday, September 23, 2013

It is now time for me to inform to all of the world know that I am a Medium and Empath.  That ability brought me pain and I chose for a long time to bury it, but now I choose to embrace it and the pain.  It does not matter if none believe me, it is a fact of my life.  It has been revealed to me that I have not been  educating Melissa, as I thought.   I will be  sending good thoughts enveloped in the Clear White Light of Truth. She will choose not to believe this, I know.  However, as a Seeker/Medium I am bound to send healing to those with whom I have contact, either in person or knowledge of them.  Melissa, please let go of your anger and truly embrace the True Light of Self Knowledge and be One with Spirit.  I truly am extending my Healing Hand of Spirit to you Melissa and will continue. As a sign of my commitement to you, you will see a falling white feather at your feet very soon. I  also will not be posting or reading here anymore as my Guide has communicated that I must only send Healing Spirit to you.  May we meet in the Blessed Hereafter, having let all darkeness fall away. 

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#167 Consumer Comment

Translating Missy's words into truth

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Sunday, September 22, 2013

The self admitted child hater and newly crowned bah humbug has posted a purely bogus list of where the money she hopes to make (Don't worry she won't make any) will go when she is done with the fundraising and ripoff Haunt.  But we thought we should make a list of where it really IS going to be going:


Expected Fund Raiser Income: $5,660.00

Spent on Haribo Happy Cola: $2,000.00
Spent on Chocolate Covered Cherries: $1,500.00
Spent on Butterfinger Candy Bars: $1,023.00
Spent on Plastic Surgery and Make up: $1,100.00
Spent on ensure for hubby: $37.00

Nothing left over.
Everything spent on myself or for my Personal Desires.


P.S.  How can someone who is trying to market herself as a wholesome Spanish version of Mrs. Claus possibly expect to make money and have people buy her products if she hates children and has said so over 10 times on her radio shows?  I would hope her facebook santa friends would take note of this and defriend her and that no one would be hiring such a hateful and spiteful person to be around children at a time of the year that is specifically for them.  Not to mention that we should put an ad in the paper declaring her Haunt unsafe because she hates children so she wouldn't blink an eye at scaring the heck out of poor innocent trick or treaters or possibly harming them physically because of her hate for them.

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#168 General Comment


AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

POSTED: Sunday, September 22, 2013

Some clarification:  The phrase "Suffer the little children" is meant to convey "Allow the little children" as it is taken from the King James translation of the bible and at that time, 400 hundred years ago, 'Suffer' meant allow or allowances.  Even in the early 20th century the 'Suffragettes" took this meaning as to be allowed to vote.  Women had very little freedom and could not vote in North America, so they took to the streets and fought for their rights as free people of North America.  Being free means we all can express our opinions and live or die for, or on,  them.  Missy wishes death on everyone she disagrees with and most especially wishes harm for the most vulnerable members of our society - Children.  She blasphemes and curses them, wants nothing to do with them or their parents, yet she would gladly take the money they work so hard and long for to fill her coffers and fatten her bank book.  Missy, you are free to express yourself, and we are free to diagree with you, and so far, no one here has cursed you out, called you unspeakable (in well-mannered society) names, wished you to die in the most horrible manner or otherwise done anything but tell you the truth.  We have also given some very valuable advice on how to conduct yourself in civilised society.  We are not savages, we do not want to kill you or take anything of yours and make it ours.  Bless your heart, you will someday have a Come to Jesus Moment and it can't be soon enough for your neighbours. Go in Peace and have a good day.

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#169 Consumer Comment

"Suffer the Little Children"

AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

POSTED: Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last night's boredcast started off on a good note, as her music overrode her voice for the first 5 minuties.  Later in the show she claimed (again) herself to be a descendent of Our Lord Jesus.  Well, I know He would be sorely disappointed in her tirade this morning against children, as He regarded children as the purest beings on earth and said that we should be like as children to be admitted to Heaven. Guess she is going to the other place, where she will find her 'Treadmill from Hell'. She goes on and on about it, so  I think someone should jump on this and market this type of treadmill with a cariciture of Missy, growing horns outta her hat, as the logo.  "Getcher Truthmill  right here folks!  Everyone needs a TruthMill and this is it! Straight and fresh from  Hell!".   I would buy one just for the logo.  Oh and if she does her Haunted Hacienda, as a Scare Feature someone could download all her rants and play it loudly in front of her house.  That would scare the pants offa anyone!

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#170 General Comment

Sick and Perverted

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Saturday, September 21, 2013

 That woman is clearly not sane. I listened to both of her recordings this morning and it made me sick. How can somebody say that she HATES children do much? I hope the people in her community listen to these recordings before they let their children any where near her. She made it perfectly clear that her ONLY concern is to make money, and that she HATES children. She is SICK and disgusting and I hope that Trank shows up and ruins her sick money scam.

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#171 Consumer Comment

A few things to address....

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Friday, September 20, 2013

 YES we want to shout down her Halloween Haunt.  Why?  Because she wants to charge CHILDREN $10 to trick or treat at her home.  There are several very nice Halloween decorated homes that do  not charge the children to come to their door and collect Halloween Candy.  These people are hard working people who spend money that they make at their REAL JOBS to pay for the decorations that they place outside.  They do not beg for money they do not restrict small children from enjoying an innocent holiday activity they make a welcoming and warm display for ALL people to enjoy free of charge because they actually like their community and their children and they want to show their community care and spirit during what should be a FUN holiday for children.

If Missy had her way she would be charging for anyone to do ANYTHING and nobody would be able to have fun doing anything anymore.

Halloween is a holiday for CHILDREN to go and dress up as their favorite character and fill their bags with FREE Halloween Candy, go to parties and enjoy bobbing for apples and any other party games without worrying some humbug is going to charge them for doing what innocent children have been doing forever.

Now to mention a few funny things she has said today.  She claims her hubby says that big women are beautiful women.  And while that is true there are some very beautiful big women out there he did not say ginormous women with snaggle teeth and speech impediments who cuss and yell and slam their hands down on tables while chawing on gummy candy are beautiful.

Another funny:  "I used to ride Barrel Racing in Rodeos many years ago."  Yes and sadly a few horses have suffered the consequences of her actions.  Just look at the poor soul posted on this report as only one example and why she was run out of rodeoing before more were suffering the same fate.

Lastly, we are all looking forward to her radio show tonight so she can explain again why her guest has stood her up and why it is a good thing to charge poor children to trick or treat.

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#172 General Comment


AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Friday, September 20, 2013

 That Melissa woman is crazy. I cannot believe that she would make so much noise over what I posted. There is no threat in my message at all. She thinks she's above government regulations and immune to health department inspections? We'll see about that. And what about that podcast our the even crazier one before it? That foul mouthed old fat hag wants to entertain children? No way. Steer clear of this one. She's disgusting, unreasonable, vulgar, and threatening. She is SICK.

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#173 General Comment

I don't understand

AUTHOR: pastvictim - ()

POSTED: Thursday, September 19, 2013

I was looking at the Outlaw Life Enterprises Facebook page and couldn't help but see that this Melissa person is planning a fund raiser to generate revenue for a children's event called Haunted Hacienda. My first reaction was oh how noble to host an event for the children of your community. But as I read further, I read that she plans to charge admission to this event, and that her intention is to generate a full income from projects like these. 

There is no nobility in bilking children out of money for one's own personal gain. That makes her venture nothing but a self serving business. If she's charging admission in addition to this fund raiser, she's double dipping. And that's just plain sick to do to children. 

Sites anyone know if her food prep areas and products pass health department regulations or if she carries the proper insurances to host a children's event and serve food and drink?

This all seems really scary after listening to her vile recorded tantrums. Somebody should keep an eye on her event to make sure that those children are safe. Just my opinion.

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#174 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wow!  The F-bomb has exploded!  Her latest boredcast on Screamer was an ear splitter and full of LOLs.  I don't know what she thinks she will accomplish by venting her spleen on air and using the same lame expressions over and over and over.  There may be some song/poem lyrics in all this, with possible titles reading "Fifty Shades of Nay!"  or "How Do I Hate Thee?" Well, I must get back to the Lux Life and Gorgeous Wife.  Ta, ta, (or Fa, Fa), for now.

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#175 Consumer Comment

Praises Be!!

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Monday, September 16, 2013

 Missy claims the Missouri Attorney General is investigating the prank calls and her stalking case himself!   Praises Be!!  When it comes down to it Missouri has no jurisdiction on what happens in New Mexico..... DERP.

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#176 Consumer Comment

Same Crap Different Radio Show

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Saturday, September 14, 2013

 I listened with hope that because she is trying to shed her bad language and tough gal image and put forth a real radio show that her new show would be better.  My hope was quickly dampened.  If one were to remove the words AND and OK from her vocabulary she would not say very much.  If one were having a drinking game where you had to drink a shot for every AND she says you would be passed out in 2 minutes.

Then she tried to spice things up by planting a friend from her facebook as an innocent person who stumbled upon her  show and wanted a reading.  Nice try.  I especially like how she said next year we will either be in a war or in peace.  Good way to cover your predictions Missy LOL

And then once the fake reading was over she sat and cackled around about people calling her and deluded herself thinking Emilio Estevez was listening or even Kevin Sorbo was listening.  NOBODY was listening.  So she took a few seconds to stomp off and find her happy colas to s****.>

Her guest dumped her this week and every other guest is also going to dump her so she really needs to cut down her shows to that six minute area.  That is about the time she runs out of things to talk about besides her her her and she is done reading the newspaper to people OH and she is also done reading things on her facebook and saying mmmhmmmm OH my yes mmmmm yes yes I see hmmm wow and then saying she was doing that because she was reading a photo.  Not exactly thrilling radio there.

So to sum it up her show still sux, people still are not listening and planting someone to ask for a fake reading didn't bring up any ratings and neither did still chomping on candy and making gross noises.  OH and please quit torturing your cat on air we really don't need to hear you snuggling it and then scolding it when it tries to get away and scratches you.

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#177 Consumer Comment

Here we go again folks....

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, September 10, 2013

 After our legion of truth sayers gave Missy the respect she needed because her not really related cousin died and alll has been quiet she still manages to try and blame others because she fails at baking.   She had to make three attempts to make her hubby a birthday cake and after two failures and a thrown plate she made a fake layer out of brownie mix, slapped some yucky sour milk frosting on it and voila her hubby's birthday cake of which he won't get a bite of.

NOW she is having the nerve to charge kids for Trick or Treating again.  That's right folks, she has tickets for sale to her Halloween Haunt (a bunch of dirty old inflatibles, plastic signs stuck in the ground and as a reward at the end you get to eat some sour milk cupcakes and some dried out cookies she saved from her failed trip to Georgia.  OH but for $10 you get to see her fancy new tent with all the crap shoved inside and maybe buy more of her crap while you are there.

We don't have to worry, no one is going to pay $10 to see her limited amount of decorations and eat her very gross treats at the end of the walk (you know she will have eaten all the cola bottle candy before the kids get there so they get last year's stale candy).  And then again if someone is stupid enough to buy a ticket I am sure they will have a blast getting a refund from old missy and her cigarette lighter pistolas!

We have been planning to show up at her bake sales so we can warn people away but every time she sets a date she changes it because of some failure or another.  At least her not related cousin had the sense in her head to kick Missy out of the wedding party before she totally ruined that.  And like we predicted Missy did not go to Georgia and again WE WERE RIGHT WE WILL ALWAYS BE RIGHT AND MISSY WILL LOSE AND WILL FOREVER LOSE BECAUSE SHE IS A LOSER! clap it up clap it up  US US US US NOT YOU YOU YOU YOU.

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#178 Consumer Comment

Sad Truth

AUTHOR: sad truth - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tragiically, the most egregious lie being told in this whole debacle is the lie that Missy tells herself. She is clearly and very sadly mentally ill and refuses to acknowledge it or do anything about it.

Anosognosia is the impaired awareness of illness.


It seems her family tried to get her the help/care she desperately needs and deserves and even that failed. I doubt this entry will help serve that purpose. Hopefully one day she will step off her 'truth train of fantasy' see the reality of her illness and do what it takes to heal.

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#179 Consumer Comment

A Plethora of Perjoratives

AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

POSTED: Monday, September 02, 2013

Missy is now making Spreaker, at almost 1600 visits at last count, a most popular LOLplace.  Again her latest ones are chock full of perjoratives and most are repititions of previous combinations of  the F word, or street slang for body parts and what you can do with them.  Apparently if one says the same word "over and over and over" , such as "no no no no no, back at you, back at you", MF, AH, and others too gruesome to put here, it will scare the be-jeebers outta her enema-ies! Not!  She is now gathering a Posse to hunt down the evil-doo-doo-ers. Oh, and law-yers and the FCC will be a knockin' at yer door too.  Be on guard, listen for the heavy boot steps and cocking of the pistolas.  Put on yer Depends in case you wet your pants LOLing! Yipieee-i-oh Kie-yay!

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#180 Consumer Comment

It is Shameful

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Monday, September 02, 2013

 I find it tasteless that she is using the supposed death of her friend to promote her latest fund raising bake sale.

I say supposedly because she also said that Lord Rick Rowe and her cousin Levi Dotson had crossed over and they are both alive and in good health right now.  So the death of her friend may well be just another sick sympathy ploy on her behalf in order to scam people out of their money.

Why her bake sale will not work:  When people have fund raising bake sales a group of people donate the baked goods so ther is no upfront cost and then the food is sold and the money used for the good cause.  Missy is spending out her a*s to buy expensive ingredients and then when she slaps high prices on her really gross looking cupcakes that are a week old and have languished in a freezer for a week people will turn up their noses and run away.  Not to mention the fact that people like to buy at bake sales to donate to a GOOD cause.   Helping someone raise money to attend a wedding is a PERSONAL cause and not something worth supporting.   And finally one just has to have one look at Missy sitting there with her wares and no one will even want to come with 100 yards of her sale because not only is she well known in these parts to yell at and scare away potential clients, but they will see just how unkepmt and gross she appears and not want to buy any item that person made.   So she will be spending about $90 of the money her momma sends her to stay away from her family home in California to bake disgusting cupcakes and cookies that no one will buy and she will be down $90 and no closer to coming to her friend's wedding.  Not to mention that no one is going to want to drink her sweet tea knowing that she stirred it and her hand may have been in the stuff.

Suffice to say Georgia will be safe from a visit from her as will Wyoming.

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#181 Consumer Comment

Message for my Best Friend Missy

AUTHOR: Ghost of Coleen - ()

POSTED: Sunday, September 01, 2013

Melisssssssa this is Coleeeeeeen.  You need to come cleeeeeean about your lies.  Admit you are not a medium.  Admit that you should get a real job but you are too lazzzzzzzy.   Admit that you just want to make money so you can spend it on cookies and cola bottle candieeeeeeees.

You need to admit that you cannot plan any weddinggggggs.  That you cannot even plan your next grocery shopping trip without making huge mistakeeeeeeees.  You have to admit your food sale and your raffle for your fake reading will flop and you will not be able to go to your friend's weddinggggggg.  So she can at least make other plans before her wedding day is wrecked and ruined like all of your other planning ends up.

You asked for me to come and to say good bye to you.  this is my parting message to you.  Start eating healthy salads and fruits and vegetables.  Stop eating everything t hat is fried.  Stop eating only things filled with sugars and greeases.  If you start eating healthy now you will not end up with diabetes and a heart attack like I did.

Oh and pss stop doing radio podcasts they are annoying and full of nothingggggg.  I have not crossed over, I am stuck in my home in Lander because I cannot cross to the light.  I am going to haunt my mother and beg for food forever...... 

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#182 General Comment

It's all YOUR fault!

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Friday, August 30, 2013

 Missy's latest "Truth Treadmill" recording on Spreaker is HILARIOUS. She goes off on the wrong people by name for a few minutes, then says "I haven't said anything about you or threatened you, so shut up about me." I just about spit my wine all over my den when I heard that. This has got to be the most hysterically stereotypical demonstration of a sever case of Asperger's syndrome ever. Then she points her infinite chubby greasy fingers of blame at Trank and his legion of Anonyminions for causing her fake radio show guest to cancel. Really?

Missy, are you sure it wasn't one of your 30 or so f-bomb filled recordings from any of the sits where you used to fill a time slot with rants and attacks on people you don't know? How about one of 800+ Facebook posts that curse and threaten and make you look like a paranoid fool? At least we don't have to worry about her blaming us for her missing that wedding at that "let's pretend we lost the war AGAIN" reenactment. Not only will she NOT have fare to get her enormous self to the event, but people won't want her there anyways because of how obnoxious and vulgar she gets- NOT what you want at a wedding. I am still laughing at her little podcast. Better watch out haters! If you upset her, she will record herself swearing at you and calling you out using someone else's name.

Then she will record herself and post in detail about how she's going to kill you. Then she'll call the police and scream at them to arrest you, even though she doesn't even know who you are. Then she'll threaten to eat herself to death when she doesn't get her way. Question for Dan: Why do you keep letting your wife challenge people online to come to your home, armed, with the intention of killing? Do you have any respect for your neighbors, community, or yourself? Do you understand that, as head of household, if any of your neighbors get hurt as a result of your wife's antics, and as a result of you ignoring it all, not only could you be held responsible, but we will also make fun of you online forever for enabling her by being an ignorant and terrible husband. Food for thought!

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#183 Consumer Comment

Praises Be!!

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Thursday, August 29, 2013

 She has just announced she has cancelled her bake sale!  That means the general public is safe from her cat hair and poop infested baked goods and the reading she was going to raffle!

Her radio show is also a no go because her big guest cancelled out when they saw all the foul language ridden radio broadcasts she had done before hand.   Looks like she needs to either learn to talk nicely or not talk at all.

But don't be sad. Who needs a radio broadcast when she has all of those rolling on the floor laughing podcasts for us all to listen too.

Looks like our psychic prediction that she would not raise the necessary monies to get to her cousin's wedding is coming to pass.  Hmmm we just may be a better psychic medium than Missy is.

Hopefully Freda can replace her Matron of Honor soonest so that Missy won't ruin her big racist wedding day!

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#184 General Comment

Married at a reenactment?

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

 What better way to show your honesty and sincerity towards your betrothed than to exchange those holy vows at an event WHERE YOU PRETEND. I give them 4 months. Dressler is a legal genius, and if Melissa follows his directions to a tee, we will all be doomed to an eternity of legal difficulties, our families will hate us, we will always fail, and Melissa will be awesomely successful by absorbing our fame and fortune, and we will all die penniless alone, and depressed. That being said, I can't wait to read her posts and listen to her fake radio show to see what advice of his she's following. Many many lulz will be had.

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#185 Consumer Comment

Inconvenient Truths

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Just a heads up she believes that the person doing all of this is now someone named Ed from Arizona who is hiding in Pennsylvania...  um her tracking skills leave a lot to be desired.
On an unrelated note, her bake sale is coming up and she is going to put out flyers for this.  I have not yet seen one of these flyers but when I do I plan to put a sticker across it that tells people not to visit the bake sale if they want to remain healthy.  We have to stick together in this town and make sure that no residents or even worse no tourists get ahold of anything this person bakes or we will be losing people left and right when they come down with salmonella or possibly worse.
Missy will just have to admit she doesn't have money and she cannot go to the stupid wedding in Tennessee. No one is going to buy her disgusting baked goods and no one is going to buy her ugly see through t-shirts.  I mean the racist Freda and her racist hubby to be Bubba don't need Missy's help in creating a disasterous event they are already marrying during a battle reinactment.
OH and Missy is now drinking the kool-aid of one Ronald R. Dressler II.  He has her believing he is the attorney of the internets and he knows all and sees all and she only need to follow his direction and she will be free of her problems. 
BUT no, the only way she will be free of her problems is if she gets a real job, gives up on scamming people into buying things that nobody wants to buy and quits trying to shove her crap down people's throats.
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#186 Consumer Comment

Even More Truth

AUTHOR: Seco Native - ()

POSTED: Monday, August 26, 2013

It’s funny, she attempts to “refute and truth” and shout NOOOO over and over again like that proves anything. Refuting for infinity does not negate the facts that dozens if not hundreds of people laugh at her crapfest podcasts where she says little but talks to herself because she’s not talking to anyone else. She claims that nobody can say anything bad about her. That she is going to get physical to stop it. You know what? GET PHISICAL! She’s been saying this for years, it a lie like her entire life is a lie. If she were really a celebrity she wouldn’t worry about people criticizing her. If you have to deny something, doesn’t it just stick harder? Doesn’t all this denial just add up to accepting the fact that you haven’t done anything with your life and you are rapidly running out of people to sponge off of?  What to do what to do… I KNOW! Take some responsibility for your own life for once. Get a job, I know you don’t think that you can do that, but surprise yourself. You are capable of so much more than making funny threats on your podcast and saying I’m and idiot eternally over and over again. We get it OK? You think you are an idiot!  You are consumed with self loathing and lash out at everyone for the sake of some people you don’t like and have never met? That sounds SO productive. You might even get people to feel sorry for you, for a little while.  Mostly people just pity you Missy. Yelling I win over and over again does not make you win. It makes you a loser. A loser Missy. You lie to yourself Missy. You are a loser. You are a loser who can’t function in a civil society. This is the TRUTH MISSY!  You can’t function in society, you can’t hold a job, you can’t have a stable relationship, you hate yourself and you hate everyone else. It’s the truth and you know it. You lose Missy. You lose always Missy. Your truth Missy is a lie. It’s a lie because you don’t know what the truth is Missy. Stop abusing yourself Missy, stop abusing your husband, stop abusing your pets. If you don’t like the truth Missy, don’t read this anymore. Just stop reading it! That’s all you need to do Missy. Just ignore it and it will go away! You don’t need to respond Missy, your spells won’t work Missy and they have never worked!  You sound like a lunatic Missy, stop the lies Missy. Stop the lies. You are not the truth Missy, you are a fraud Missy. Stop the lies, stop lying! It’s so simple! Stop lying and GET A LIFE MISSY!

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#187 Consumer Comment

More "Truths"

AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

POSTED: Monday, August 26, 2013

We have had the doubtful 'privilege' of listening to more (ahem!) Truths.  None of the accusations are true.  Whomever she thinks is behind these reports, it is not one person, or even his 'henchmen'. I have never met the person, don't know where he lives, works or LOLs about this. I know she won't believe it, but once again that is the Truth. Whatever written proof she has is not worth the paper it is written on.  If, indeed, she has such proofs. Oh, and in case she reads this...the word is pronounced " in- fin-eye-tum.", not 'in fin ih tum'.  Look it up in whatever passes for a dictonary and you will see that 'Truth".

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#188 General Comment

Narcissism does not negate idiocy or fraud

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Saturday, August 24, 2013

 Melissa seems to believe that one master architect controls her perceived attacks and theft. I lold at her recent F bomb filled podcast, listening to her go off on "Trank." I took the liberty of contacting him and tried to play a clip from her attacking him, but he stopped me, laughing, and said he doesn't care about Melissa (not the name or words he used to describe her) or about any of her rants against him, because they bring attention and business to him, and he makes more money every time Melissa posts a status update or audio clip that contains his name.

Personally, I believe that Melissa's narcissism level is off the charts, and she needs therapy and medication, if not to simply be put down and out of everyone else's misery. I love it how melissa throws names around of people who haven't spoken of her in so long so the rest of us remain free to discuss her violent stupidity and laziness without fear of retaliation from her pathetic existence. Melissa, we don't hope you get fired from whatever ghost hunting club you have joined. Please continue to do your show and post on your website and Facebook so we can continue to laugh at you and make fun of your temper tantrums and threats. I know it is wrong to laugh at the mentally challenged. But in Melissa's case, who can blame anybody.

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#189 Consumer Comment

More on Narissium.

AUTHOR: Seco Native - ()

POSTED: Friday, August 23, 2013

To the extent that people are pathologically narcissistic, they can be controlling, blaming, self-absorbed, intolerant of others’ views, unaware of others' needs and of the effects of their behavior on others, and insistent that others see them as they wish to be seen.
Narcissistic individuals use various strategies to protect the self at the expense of others. They tend to devalue, derogate and blame others, and they respond to threatening feedback with anger and hostility.

People who are overly narcissistic commonly feel rejected, humiliated and threatened when criticised. To protect themselves from these dangers, they often react with disdain, rage, and/or defiance to any slight criticism, real or imagined. To avoid such situations, some narcissistic people withdraw socially and may feign modesty or humility. In cases where the narcissistic personality-disordered individual feels a lack of admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation, he or she may also manifest a desire to be feared and to be notorious (narcissistic supply).

Although individuals with NPD are often ambitious and capable, the inability to tolerate setbacks, disagreements or criticism, along with lack of empathy, make it difficult for such individuals to work cooperatively with others or to maintain long-term professional achievements. With narcissistic personality disorder, the individual's self-perceived fantastic grandiosity, often coupled with a hypomanic mood, is typically not commensurate with his or her real accomplishments.


Remember, people with a few of these traits can be said to be narcissists. People with a lot of these traits have a problem.

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#190 Consumer Comment

Seco Native Speaks The Truth

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Thursday, August 22, 2013

 There was a lull in attention towards Ms. Bryan and instead of being quiet and enjoying it she has created a whole new drama to be outraged about.   She is claiming people are calling her cell phone and using up her minutes and charging her for the calls.   What sort of crappy service provider does she have that charges her per call?  Anyway I digress.  People were not paying her any attention so she had to make up a whole new drama to get attention and sympathy from. 

Coincidentally it has all happened around the time she needs to raise money to go and be a Matron of Honor at a Cousin's wedding.  A cousin of whom she has never met and who is not really her cousin.  But yeah it is important for her to raise $2000 to get there. 

Hmm let's see, how would a normal person raise this money?  OH yeah the thing she refuses to do, a real job.  But no she thinks selling crappy see through t-shirts with weird wedding pictures on it is going to get her to Tennessee.  Um no.  Nobody anywhere is going to buy her really stupid looking graphics on a t-shirt, on a hat, on a key chain or on anything else that she is going to get printed in China.

By the way you all should head on over to spreaker dot com and check out all the ranting raving and foul mouth fake "radio" podcasts she has made.  In one we counted over 33 instances of the F word and in another over 22.   You are welcome for being pointed to this site for hours of lolz.  I wonder how her fake radio podcast site she is using will like all of those foul mouthed rants.

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#191 Consumer Comment

narrssistic personality? I think so.

AUTHOR: Seco Native - ()

POSTED: Thursday, August 22, 2013

Some traits of a narrssistic personality.

Expects to be recognized as superior and special, without superior accomplishments
Expects constant attention, admiration and positive reinforcement from others
Envies others and believes others envy him/her
Is preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies of great success, enormous attractiveness, power, intelligence
Lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others
Is arrogant in attitudes and behavior
Has expectations of special treatment that are unrealistic
Believing that you're better than others
Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness
Exaggerating your achievements or talents
Expecting constant praise and admiration
Believing that you're special and acting accordingly
Failing to recognize other people's emotions and feelings
Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans
Taking advantage of others
Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior
Being jealous of others
Believing that others are jealous of you
Trouble keeping healthy relationships
Setting unrealistic goals
Being easily hurt and rejected
Having a fragile self-esteem
Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional

Does this remind you of anyone? If sombody had JUST THREE of thease traits they are said to have a narrssistic personality.

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#192 General Comment

Kill Murder Death Stupid Fraud Lies LOL

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Thursday, August 22, 2013

 I was reading Melissa's OLE Facebook page, and saw another declaration that everything will culminate in a no holds barred old fashioned loser goes home dead shootemup shootout, because the fraud thinks that she is some kind of reincarnation of some long dead old west attention w***e. So, after briefly thinking about the fraud's threats, I am hereby accepting Melissa's challenge to a shootout. Now, here is why I will win, or more laughably, why Melissa will fail, and probably end up in jail as well as an even bigger laughingstock of the internet. And by bigger, I don't mean fatter. However, taking into account all of the times she has threatened to commit suicide via utter gluttony, I suppose that fatter may indeed be a distinct possibility. But frankly I don't care about Melissa's appearance or girth. If she chooses to destroy her own health in retaliation for comments and discussions about her VERY public statements, who am I to object? Regardless, Melissa's tendency to up and quit, blame everybody else, and try to eat herself into oblivion is reason number one why she will lose any silly attempt to carry out a showdown. Then we have the old virtue of LOCATION. In order for Melissa to shoot anyone, she would have to be able to find them, and that would involve knowing who they are. She does not know who I am. She does not know where I am. She does not have adequate transportation. She does not have money for air or bus fare. I am not at all worried that Melissa will be showing up anywhere near me. At all. Then we have Melissa's "guns." Whether they are authentic or not is moot. When somebody posts publicly that they intend to kill or even harm another person, it doesn't matter if it's a .50 caliber BMG or a bent stick, if it is used in a threatening manner, Melissa will find herself in handcuffs getting very intimate with law enforcement. (Watch her spin this post into something sexual because I used the word "intimate" lol.). And what about the guns she does have? Let's see: a derringer- small caliber short barrel pocket popper that can barely shoot through a 1/4" piece of plywood. Add to that her eyesight deterioration from decades of ignored diabetes development,and I become a target who AIN'T SKEERED lol. Her BTK pistola is a Chinese replica, unfireable, and available on eBay for $17 in the EXACT same "authentic" display case that Melissa uses. Again, why would we expect different from a fraud. So, yeah, Melissa's challenge to a showdown to the death has been accepted. All she has to do is figure out who and where, get her enormous butt here, get her guns here without getting caught, and squeeze of a very VERY lucky shot before somebody else has the opportunity to disarm her, disable her, humiliate her, get it all on video, edit in a slide show of her threats and silly crazy photos from her Facebook pages. Then release the video on youtube, Facebook, MySpace, tumblr, blogtv, and send out links to every psychic, paranormal, geneological, historical, American Indian, baking, and fake santa Claus website out there. And to any cops reading this: THIS is how the internet eat reacts to people like Melissa when they continually lie and threaten to kill people. Enjoy the attention, Melissa!

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#193 Consumer Comment

The question is begging to be asked....

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Saturday, August 17, 2013

 Does Ms. Bryan ever LISTEN to her own radio recording before posting it for all to hear?  Because if she does you would think she could notice how crappy it all sounds.

From her yelling at her hubby to bring her the snacks, to the rattling of the plastic bag the cola candies are in, to the slurp of the soda to the sniff of her nose (is she doing cocaine?) the whole show was the proverbial treasure trove of disgusting noises you could possibly ever ask for.

On a sad note she calls her poor kitty in to co-host the show and then promptly yells at it for daring to try and get into her candy bag, eventually gets scatched by the poor thing and then calls it a brat for defending itself from her massive paws grabbing at him so she can kiss its paws and belly.  Someone should call the pet welfare folks and have them educate them on what to feed animals and how to treat them.

At least she had the wherewithall to post an apology radio announcement where she says she SUCKS over 22 times in the small amount of time she allots for the apology. 

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#194 Consumer Comment

I call BS

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Thursday, August 08, 2013

 She claims to be right and that she helped the police with a case of a break in that happened in April.  Firstly you would have had to talk to the police and told them what you saw and secondly you would have had to have the police actually take you seriously in order to have that happen.  And I am here to say that the Taos Police are very aware of who "the Bryans" are and they steer very far from them.  So there is no way they would have listened to her nor given her predictions any credence.  SO I call BS she did not help them.

Also on another front we are all looking forward to her radio show on Friday.  However I doubt anyone she harassed about sponsorship will give her any money so she will be having to pay for her radio trash by herself once again.  Especially if she continues to spout lies about her heritage and geneology and does not truly discuss paranormal things which is what she is supposed to be discussing on that radio channel.    I know that I have written in concern about this to the actual radio website as well has at least three of my friends and when the first show goes off with her lovely ranting and foul language I know 10 more who are prepared to complain as soon as the show airs so they will definitely be dumping her off quickly!  Get out the chewy cola candy so and the home made pop so you can chew and disgust all of your listeners Missy we can't wait!

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#195 General Comment


AUTHOR: Moon Flower - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, August 07, 2013

One word reminds me of her-  narcissism.

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#196 General Comment

Overly dramatic non-psychic attention starved fraud

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Friday, August 02, 2013

July 19th at 9:37pm



July 28th at 3:10am
I Took Back What Was Mine!

I took back what I made originally, Aggressively by Force from the A*****e Bully.
My Radio Show may be re starting next week, so I have to be ready.


Really?  Let's look at this last one a little closer:
I took back what I made originally, Aggressively by Force from the A** Hole Bully.
Um, no.  Melissa never left New Mexico, and has never met in person any of the people she keeps http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=121315naming, and to date, has failed to persuade any law enforcement or judicial forces to champion her cause.  She is talking 100% out of her enormous butt when she tells LIES to people trying to make it appear as though she has a spine, brain, or the conviction to actually carry out one of her stupid threats.  We assure everyone reading that every single person that Melissa has ever whined and complained about is still alive and well, free of legal meddling by Melissa, and that Melissa has NOT been able to assert herself in a position of actual physical threat to any of these people.  Melissa is LYING to try to convince people that she is somehow right and justified, and that she somehow bested the people who continue to ignore or laugh at her.

My Radio Show may be re starting next week, so I have to be ready.Really?  What about all of the times over the last month or two where she was going to shut down her show and her biz and her life and just sit and home and stuff her face?  Oh yeah.  That's right.  Those were all dramatic LIES  that she told to try to get people to feel sorry for her.  But it didn't work, so now she's going to start doing her fraud shows and act like nobody notices her lies.

I have to wonder how she can do a live fake radio show after publicly lying and threatening so many people without feeling like a total loser.  Oh yeah.  That's right.  It is easy to do that when you don't know the difference between the TRUTH and the LIES that you have told for so long that you start to believe them.

No wonder her husband took a third shift minimum wage job.  Until he can afford to file for divorce and kick her lazy butt out into the cold, he might as well get as far away from her during her normal "bed" time.

Ew.  Just ew.

The more that Melissa posts LIES like "I took back what I made originally, Aggressively by Force" the more that all of her "fans" will point and laugh and call her out for being a FRAUD.

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#197 Consumer Comment

Psychic FRAUD

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, July 30, 2013

 Missy was offline for 30 hours due to her internet crapping out.  What a pleasant peaceful place face book became in those 30 hours.

Trouble is, she came back spouting more crap than ever.  She claims that she knows who writes these reports and then puts out another innocent name of someone who has nothing to do with these reports.  Why?  So she can distract people from the truth of the matter and that truth is she is a FRAUD who is defrauding any client who would ask for her psychic help.  That poor Veteran she claims to have helped free of charge.  She may not have charged him now, but believe me there will be a price somewhere some how to be paid.  Missy the scammer will be SURE to get her pay from that poor man some how.

Her hubby has the right idea.  He got a REAL job and is working for the money.  But that isn't good enough for Missy.  Oh Nooooo she thinks it isn't enough. She believes his working hard on the night shift to bring home minimum wage is not enough.   Well at least he isn't lazy and the only exercise he gets is bending his arm to his face eating and drinking while sitting on an ever expanding hiney and complaining.

Now, there is one last laughing matter that must be addressed.  Missy is planning on buying a tent (that is right you heard correctly a TENT) to house her shop.  One room will be Halloween stuff, one room will be Christmas stuff and the  middle room that is a screened in porch will be her baked goods area..   GREAT idea except for... wait for it.... DERP nobody wants to crawl around in a dusty tent to look at crappy Halloween and Christmas stuff or buy cat hair and now dust encrusted baked goods.  GREAT idea you go with that Missy and then when nobody wants to visit your shop and you can't sell one thing you can throw a temper tantrum and curse the tent and hope it blows away in the next dust storm!

OH and P.S.  You are NOT related to Jesse James, Billy the Kid, or any OTHER famous outlaws.  You are just little (GIANT) Melissa Clark from the valley.  Now just admit that, get a REAL job and go along quietly.

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#198 Consumer Comment

Missy's In Person Client...

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Saturday, July 27, 2013

 After about an hour of listening to her cackle and laugh like an old hen and having to sit on her cat poop stinky couch the poor so called client was able to escape but not before paying her demanded feel of $80 out of fear of his own life!

She did not answer one question for him, she did not put him at ease and she left him with more questions than answers.  He will not be returning to her and this report is here to warn anyone else from going to this fraud so that she cannot bully and strong arm you into handing over cash before she lets you leave her horrid smelling hovel of a home.

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#199 General Comment

Recent examples of Melissa's temper and tantrums

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Friday, July 26, 2013

I took the liberty of reposting these here for all eternity so that the world can see that Melissa has not changed at all in the last several months, and still intends to kill people because she blames them for the failure of her EVERYTHING, even though she has never met any of these people, and she always does whatever she wants, which is why she fails at everything she ever touches, except eating.

These are directly from her publicly accessible "business page" on facebook.  I apologize to Ripoff Report, as I am going to copy and paste the entries, and they may require censorship due to their vulgarity and violent statements.


So a*s Hole thinks he will shame me out of my Radio Show?!
I am Booked up until nearly the end of September!
I will keep using the old Radio DJ Trick of Candies and Soda to keep my mouth moist!
Eat It and Suck your own Crap you Piece of s**t a*s Hole!
FINE - a*s Hole s**t for Brains - YOU GOT IT - I am Cancelled Out after Tonight's Show!
ALL GUESTS - I got SHOVED (Literally) Off LiveParanormal!
My Voice Fing SILENCED!
Sorry folks, to all Listeners and would have been Guests - the Show is Cancelled until Mid August.
I don't have the money to keep going until then.
a*s Hole s**t for Brains got what he wanted - me off the air after tonight!
Oh and I am now playing the Hate Crime and f**king Race Card against a*s Hole s**t for Brains and will Accuse him at length of causing this because of Hate!
near Arroyo Seco, NM
All Day Hate on a*s Hole s**t for Brains Trank Face for Eternity Day!
July 20 at 5:00am in MDT
Box 566, Arroyo Seco, New Mexico 87514
(Can you believe that a woman who whines and cries so much about "stalking" and "hating" actually creates "events" on Facebook specifically designed to harass people like this?!?!?)
And No - I Do Not Care!
Oh, and this page will be closed as of end of this month - I am giving up my life, my business - shutting down my website and everything else too!
I will set at home and eat until there is nothing left in the house and until my family is Starving!
(A suicide threat, even if it means starving her family.  Nice.)
(No argument there!)
Just in Retaliation for being Shoved Off the Air after tonight - I am Re Publishing my 3rd Book!
I'll Show You A** Hole!
You won't get away with this!
(This one really seals it.  She needs serious psychological help to determine if she actually does pose a threat to the people around her.)
My Radio Show is Permanent CANCELLED FOR ETERNITY!
Looks like I will be going back to Blogtalk Radio on an independent basis in a 2 hour format, until I can one day afford to do more.
There is another Station that wants my Show, but I need to find sponsors to do so.
It would cost me more than I have available.
(So after all the threats, vulgarity, and whining, she's not cancelling her "radio show."  What an attention w***e.)
This is just a sample of her tirades, temper tantrums, and melt downs.  Be sure to watch her Outlaw Life Enterprises Facebook page for more tantrums and pointless threats and blame.  If she could get her own emotions under control, she would realize that she is why she fails so much so often.  Now wonder her husband keeps telling her to STFU and get out.
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#200 General Comment

Here we go again.

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Monday, July 22, 2013


Okay, so I paraphrased just a little bit.  Now go over to YouTube and search "Outlaw Star Productions LLC."  Go ahead.  I'll wait...


...I should have warned you about "medium."  I was thinking more along the lines of "4XL."


Is this post an attack?

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#201 Consumer Comment

Missy wonders how to make $1500

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Monday, July 22, 2013

 to support her radio show while she sits on her butt and does no work....  Ummm how could one raise $1500 hmmmmm  maybe GET A REAL JOB and quit trying to scam people into buying ads on something that isn't going to bring them any repayment for their money???

She is such a good psychic that she predicted the royal baby was going to be a female child......  DERP it turned into a healthy baby boy. 

She should know by now that her radio show by any name is going to be "howled down" as she calls it no matter where it is or what she is talking about because we can't stand people being scammed out of their hard earned money so she can stay at home, eat coke bottle gummies and make gross chewing and belching sounds for unsuspecting radio listeners to hear and then lose their lunch over.

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#202 Consumer Comment

And the laughter keeps on coming!!

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Thursday, July 18, 2013

 Not only does she vow to continue eating things on air on her radio show so we can hear that cow chewing its cud disgustingly on the air she is also going to make some good old homemade soda so we can hear the methane gas escaping her lips when she gets too much of it inside her 3 stomachs!

But wait!  There is more!   The legitimate paranormal guest she had scheduled jumped ship like a rat because they knew it was going to be on a dying radio show that has the audience of 2 people and a host that chomps food and slurps drinks and makes a loud Mmmm Hmmm sound while they are trying to talk.  SO what do we get in that legitimate guest's seat.   A crack pot who believes that the South will rise again and the southern states will secede from the union and then build a utopian world while still enjoying all of the infrastructure of the US including the roads and the health care and everything else.

My only other question is why do her husband and her cat continue to be pooed out?  Like we want to know the toilet habits of the poor kitten that is doomed to live its life begging for supper because she won't feed it properly and her skinny as a rail hubby who never gets to eat anything because she hogs all the food?  Not to mention the fact that CHOCOLATE IS DEADLY FOR ANIMALS TO EAT and yet she continues to let her kitty beg for chocolate chip cookies and feeds it junk.  

I bet the poor cat and hubby are "pooed" out because they eat the stuff she cooks and they end up with the runs.

On to the poor landlady.   She works hard, keeps the places she rents out nice and tidy and decided to have a nice vacation with her family but NO.  Because she was out of town Melissa was going to order a brand new stove, have a brand new fancy toilet brought in and the floors fixed by a contractor and then bill the landlady for the work.    But when the landlady got word that she was going to do this she had to leave her vacation early to come home and lay down the law and let Missy and her hubby know they would get evicted for that.   Missy backed down right quickly when she realized she was making herself homeless like she has numerous other times and allowed the poor landlady to have a nice new stove brought in to replace the one that had broken.  But that isn't good enough for Missy, she decided to put her landlady on blast on her radio show.  Nice going trying to get yourself kicked out of a home once again!!

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#203 General Comment

Facebook Terms Of Service

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Monday, July 15, 2013

 NO THEFTS FROM THIS PAGE - PERIOD! By Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC . . Melissa apparently did not take time to read facebook's TOS, because she thinks that she can institute a policy over and above their terms of service, which is against - say it with me- facebook's terms of service. . . This is another example of how melissa makes it so easy to upset her as she gets so upset. The synergistic s****.>

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#204 Consumer Comment

What does she expect?

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Saturday, July 13, 2013

 Unfortunately I listened to her radio show last night and she spent the first 45 minutes whining that her main guest did not show up.   What do you expect when you make a post like this:

http://www.liveparanormal.com/newmexicomedium.html   Don't miss my Radio Show Live Tonight at 9 pm MT!   Recording Artist Steve Dempsey Guests!   Although I know no one listens to this Show anyway. Don't even know why I bother to care.   Just doing this through end of August when my Show Contract is finished being Fulfilled for Guests.
That the guest will be thrilled to be on a show she doesn't care about and nobody listens to?
Then some poor soul called in because he felt sorry for her and all she did was interrupt him when he was talking with her shrill mmm hmmms all the time.  There is no wonder her show is tanking and nobody listens to it.  There were even times you could literally hear her chewing on something and it was really disgusting.
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#205 General Comment

Ask, and ye shall receive

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Thursday, July 11, 2013

 Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Today at 10:56am · Here is the Low Down: I am TOO STUPID to read a Bank Statement! Yes - I AM FINANCIALLY ILLITTERATE! GO ANFINGHEAD AND ATTACK THE SH* OUT OF ME! LIE BEAT UP AND ABUSE ME! I FING DESERVE IT! Like Comment Share Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Yesterday at 9:07pm · THAT IS IT! I HAVE FINALLY HAD IT! I CAN NO LONGER KEEP CONTROL OF ANY OF THIS! THE FINANCES ARE IN SHAMBLES AND MY LIFE IS CRUMBLING! A* HOLE SH* FOR BRAINS WINS! I LOSE FOR FING ETERNITY! I AM SETTING AT HOME AND EATING MYSELF INTO OBLIVION! . . Wow. So sad. One moment she's screaming and swearing because people talk about her and she wants it to stop because it invades her personal life, then she posts her personal life's intimate problems and asks directly for people to attack and harass her for it. This is EXACTLY what people are talking about when they say that missy creates her own drama stirs it up constantly, and can't leave things alone. I hope that her new lawyer and the police read entries in her timeline like these before they act on one of her complaints and she ends up wasting even more of the police and community's resources up. Happy now, missy?

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#206 General Comment

The Perpetual Lazy Drama Queen

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, July 10, 2013

 Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Yesterday at 6:35pm · I have to raise $115.00 before Aug. 15. I will have to hold a Raffle. It is my last chance to make things happen. . How lazy and overly dramatic! She has over a month to raise a mere $115, but instead of getting a job and budgeting responsibly, Missy posts to Facebook about how she has to close up shop and move out into the blowing snow if her "raffle" doesn't pay off. Does she have any clue that the raffle prize has to actually be worth something in order to get people to buy in to it? It's just another scam! My psychic powers tell me that she is going to fail miserably and blame Trank. Lol. . And the above quote was not stolen from any of Melissa's private resources. It was quoted legally from her public Facebook timeline per face book's terms of service. : P

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#207 General Comment

Total drama creator

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, July 09, 2013

 I read the comment from her friend about how Missy always starts and eggs on the drama. Not only does Melissa adamantly deny that she starts any drama, in one of her posts she goes off on Trank for costing her the friendship of the very people who are trying to get her to calm down and quit being such a drama queen. If Trank gives a rat's behind about any of this, he's probably laughing his butt off over her meltdown. She's even blaming him because Facebook keeps suspending her. Lol

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#208 General Comment

Chapter Two or is it Two Hundred and Two?

AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, July 09, 2013

  The next chapter in the Saga. Well, it was bound to happen.  She's calling out her favourite villian!


And a comment from a Protege/Friend  "melissa you are a total drama creator"


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#209 Consumer Comment

Awfull is as Awfull does

AUTHOR: anonnagoon - ()

POSTED: Thursday, July 04, 2013





Once again we have the pot calling the kettle black. Missy creates her own black-dismal reality with each word. She calls Trank, whomever that is; disgusting, crazy and mean. Then she proves to the world who is disgusting, crazy and mean.  It’s you Missy and the people who enable you. Your radio show is nothing more than a podcast that nobody listens too. That’s the truth but you are afraid to face it.  You are nothing more than a mean, evil person with a tremendous chip on your shoulder.

On a more personal note, funny that everyone in your house suddenly came down with FOOD POISONING! Even your cat! Some award winning cakeboss you are. I think getting the litter box out of your kitchen might be a very good idea.  You’d always be sure to win Cupcake wars by poisoning your opponents, but I don’t think that’s what they have in mind.  I am reminded that it took you a whole week to clean your two room apartment. I gag at the very thought of eating there let alone cooking in your living room.  Before you yelp about how your kitchen is not in your living room, here’s a picture. You and hubby and your cat are living in little more than a dirty two room efficiency.  And stop feeding your cat table scraps! She’s a baby! It’s not good for her and you risk killing her with your filthy cooking.

And thank you whomever BZ007 is.  When I heard her screaming “YOU MADE ME HOMELESS!” on ED I I laughed so hard, I about peed myself.

Nobody made you homeless lady, you made yourself homeless by being a parasite and not paying your rent. But I suppose you will “forget” to pay your rent to another landlord and they will have to boot your sh*t out too. Have fun with that dearie and make sure you tell us how it goes!

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#210 General Comment

Calling all available units!

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Thursday, July 04, 2013

As we celebrate the birth of our great nation, we lol as Asperger's syndrome poster children like Melissa throw another temper tantrum becdause somebody took another one of her public tantrums and kept it public. 

If anyone out there is considering including Melissa Bryan for ANY public appearance, we wncourage you to check out  the encyclopedia dramatica article as well as her bipolar, narcissistic, vulgar, and threatening facebook pages.  Read her own words for yourself and judge from there.

Who in their right mind would hire such aa vulgar and disgusting person to celebrate ANYTHING?

We all know that when the tv show people get a whiff of Melissa's fraud and tantrums her tv career will be over even before they start filming.  At least it will be until they do a reality show highlighting her mental problems.

Attached is a view of her "business" facebook page. Read as she cancels her life, blaming some guy thousands of miles away who probably forgot months ago about how she used to harass him at work and his family.

And she is going to call the State police because somebody publicly posted her publicly posted picture of her strangling that kitten.  What a joke!

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#211 General Comment

Updates to the ED article!

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Sunday, June 30, 2013

 I was surfing the net today, and checked out the article about Missy on encyclopedia Dramatica. I almost spit out my tea when I heard some of the sound clips. Somebody took an archive of Missy's fake radio show and cropped out several parts of a tantrum that she had live on the air. It is unprofessional, obscene, and very perverted. If you Google "encyclopedia dramatica Missy" you will find it. Please share it so the world knows how crazy, mean, and disgusting she is!

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#212 General Comment

Poor cat

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Friday, June 14, 2013

 Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC shared a link. Yesterday at 7:26pm near Arroyo Seco, NM ·. . My kitty is extremely Sick, We need to raise funds for Vet Bills. PLEASE - for All that is good, go to my Website and buy from my On Line Store! I Hate to Beg, but the situation is dire. I wouldn't ask if I didn't feel that it was a situation that warrants it. . . . Okay, don't take me the wrong way on this. I love cats. I really do. I have a couple of my own that my kids and my husband adore. Even our dog adores them. But I recognize a crisis when I see one. . . Knowing Melissa's history, I have to shake my head that Jukebox is in peril. I have to question the dedication that Melissa has to the poor fur all, knowing that if she had just gotten a normal job, just like everybody else, even part time, that there would be adequate cash flow to get the cat to a vet. But, alas,Melissa is too good for a real job, even when her cat (one of the two living creatures she refers to when she yammers about supporting her "family") is at stake. . . As horrible as it seems to say this, I feel that now would be a good time for melissa to quit blaming everybody for destroying her life by talking about her threats, and walk away from the psychic Santa zombie baking and vistaprint reseller projects and get at least a part time job, for cash flow, until the Senora Boogety Psychic Cupcake and Cooking Book Company gets off the ground. . . I know that if even one of my cats died because I could not afford help for them because I refused to get a job, I wouldn't be able to live with myself. Then again, THAT'S WHY I WORK FOR A LIVING IN A JOB THAT ACTUALLY PAYS. . . How long before she blames Mr. creepy for making the cat sick or for killing it? I can't wait to read her tantrums and police stories when that happens. . . As an afterthought, why in God's name would somebody beg for people to buy stuff from their website to raise money for an ailing cat? It takes time for credit card purchases to transfer and money to route into accounts. Wouldn't you just ask for money asap so that you could get your beloved cat medical help before it's too late? I call b.s. on this one. Either the cat isn't sick, or she's just using the cat's illness to get sympathy sales. Either way, this is the most pathetically low thing I have ever seen Melissa post. Get a job, fatty.

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#213 Consumer Comment

Her whole life is a joke

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Thursday, June 13, 2013

 All you have to do is listen to 2 seconds of her radio show and hear her trying to eumulate the long island medium so she can buffalo people into thinking she is a real medium.  Then she is trying to teach that poor Katie from Las Cruces how to copy cat the long island medium too so she can scam people. Not to mention she has come between Katie and her husband and is causing trouble in their marriage by suggesting she become like Michelle Duggar and have as many babies as God gives her and causing a rift with her parents who suggested a tubal ligation.   Katie would do best by distancing herself from the fraud Melissa before the CYFD visit her house to make sure her daughter is not being abused being that she is associated with someone who continues to make threats to go off to New York and kill people.

This is the same woman who cussed up a storm because her poor husband needed to go to the ER.  Cussed up a storm not because she was worried or because she was scared but because she didn't want to spend money on her husband and help him get out of pain.

She is now cleaning her heart out at her hovel of a home because her parents are going to vist and maybe bestow her with some money if they like what they see.  Too bad it will all be for naught when her parents inform her there is no money in her inheritance.

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#214 General Comment

Bear in mind...

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Thursday, June 13, 2013


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#215 Consumer Comment

The Line Starts Here

AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Be sure to get in line for the latest "offer" from the 'Sigh kick' Missy. To Jump Start the Biz,  the latest is that she is offering to raffle off a reading or readings at one ticket for one reading for $1.00 or...TAAA DAAAH...Four reading/tickets for $5.00!!! Is that a bargoon or what?  I snorted my cuppa tea over that line!


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#216 Consumer Comment

Wait Wait Wait...

AUTHOR: MissPriss - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, June 11, 2013

She posted that she had called the NM state police and reported two made up by her, death threats and yet she has threatened to kill the NY guy and his family? what's wrong with this picture???

You can't make her snap...She snapped long ago when she stopped taking her meds..You know the ones that make the voices in her head go away?? Um yeah..Besides she enjoys the drama..If she didn't she wouldn't start it when everyone has gotten bored with her and gone on to something else...She'll hunt it down til she finds it...She always goes...

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#217 General Comment

With every word you post lol

AUTHOR: Tyg - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, June 11, 2013

 I was wondering if this lady, who is crazy as batshit from the sounds of all the posts, has read ANY of these posts by her "freinds & neighbors". If she has, then she is simply feeding off of everything you guys post. From everything I have read on her, it SOUNDS like she is seriously troubled. I have a lot of cats. I have to fight with cat poop. I run a local shelter that takes in ferals and cats ppl just drop off out here. Sure, Im a little crazy. You have to be to handle 20+ cats everyday and work a 60-80 hour week. But does that make me as crazy as this lady??? DEAR GOD NO!!!!!

She could be one of those ppl who feel that without drama and strife, there is no life. It kinda makes sense when you look at her actions. She writes books. She has a radio show. She shows 0 profesionalism on her show. She makes outlandish claims about being psychic. She makes claims that she is related to celbreties. She makes claims that other ppl have destroyed her businesses. This is not a rational person.

This is just my twocents. SOMEONE NEEDS TO PUSH THIS PERSON UNTIL SHE SNAPS!!!! Once she snaps and gets arrested, then she will be in the system and can get the help she needs.


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#218 General Comment

Have to die to prove you're... ...WHAT?!?!

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Monday, June 10, 2013

Only once in an over dramafied supergiant moon does anything ever this dramatic get dramafied so dramatastically by a dramatologist. 

At the end of this is a screen cap.  It is a screen cap of the publicly available facebook feed for a business in Northern New Mexico.  The business is called "Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC" and is owned, operated, funded, founded, staffed, managed, cleaned up after, planned for, dealt with, discussed by, FING truthed about, and baited by Melissa Bryan.  I would not have been able to see or access the contents of that page if Melissa Bryan hadn't created and publicly displayed the page.  I don't even have to be signed in to facebook to see that page.  I was not signed in when IO captured the screen image of the page which Melissa Bryan created, registered, entered, and shared all of her own accord.

All of that said, Melissa can shut up about stealing her content.

The screen capture is a facebook feed.  Start at the bottom and work your way up:


1.  Mad because one IP address accessed her "biz" page 32 times.  That's right folks.  Come to her site so she can hit you up for money, but don't click around.  Her server is so cheap, that there's only so much to go around.   If you click too much, BAWWWWWW!  Buck it up, Melissa.  If you don't want people clicking links on your website, then get rid of the website.  Problem solved.  Even the police have told you this.  Quit being dramatic over someone looking at your website.  BTW:  Why are you harvesting IP addresses and other user data on your website?   Isn't that like Obama listening to your phone calls?  You should be ASHAMED of yourself!

2.  That is a waste of business cards.  If you refuse to get a job, would you at least take a class on basic business management?  Please?  No wonder your "biz" always FAILS.

3.  Your 3rd book, the one where you rape other people's privacy and you lie and say that they are Muslim terrorists.  Really?  In 2013, you are seriously going to publish a book on Amazon proclaiming that all Muslims are terrorists, and that the people you name are Muslim terrorists?  Really?  Do you understand the negative attention you could be calling to yourself if the world found out that the people you name are NOT Muslim and are NOT terrorists?  You have absolutely NO credibility.  No wonder Jesse James' family says you are full of crap.  You are a liar and a loser.

4.  Jesse James' actual legitimate proven bloodline says you are full of crap because you are full of crap.  Their first clue might have been the laundry list of history's celebrities to whom you claim relation.  You see, you can't be related to that many people WHO AREN'T FING RELATED.  No.  NO.  STOP.  STOP.  SHUT UP, MISSY.  You're an idiot.

5.  You have to die to prove you are related to Jesse James.  Just shut up.  Aaaand you reported it all to the police.  Did you tell them that you have to die to prove the truth about your relations with Jesse James?  Did you tell them about your relations with Billy the Kid?  How about George Warshington?  Jesus?  What about ol' Big Chief Totally From Like The Valley?  No.  You DIDN'T.  Because you KNOW they would KNOW that you are full of CRAP.  Good thing you stuck with just the Jesse James lie for now.  It's not like your jobless over stuffed behind contributes anything to the tax burden that pays for those officers' resources so WHAT DO YOU CARE?

6.  PROMOTIONS AGENT?  WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT?  Just shut up.  Want to promote your business for free?  Try Facebook!  Wait.  Never mind.

7.  Wow.  So many emotions, so few facebook posts.  No, Melissa.  Don't throw in the towel.  You are much tougher than this.  Besides, you still have a Ripoff Report to blow up about, people to threaten to kill, a husband to argue with, and a lot of truthing.  I know that the screen cap contains a couple suicide threats, but I'll bet we can still get a few more out of you before the night is through.

Keep harvesting IP data on your site, sunshine.  Get it over to that internet lawyer general guy.  Great show by the way.  My ears finally stopped ringing today.

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#219 General Comment

Tsk tsk.

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Thursday, June 06, 2013
Yesterday at 6:18pm near Arroyo Seco, NM
It seems the Full Reading I gave Creepy last night shut him completely up! 
I just checked - No screaming over it and Not a thing said against me!
Ha Ha! I Proved I am as Real as I claim to be!
Coleen Coleman Don't speak too soon and don't be overly confident just for your own protection
Like ·Reply·Yesterday at 8:35pm
Like ·Reply·Yesterday at 8:35pm
What degree of stupid do we see here?  When fatty the psychic cat poop baker posts crap like this, it only serves to stir things up and call attention to her unprofessionalism and fraud.  Surely a psychic would know exactly who I am.  But no.  Because she is a fraud who just has to have more attention because her idiot husband stopped giving her any when he got sick of her fraud and the negative attention that she keeps attracting by continuing to post stupid pointless crap like this.
Haha, Melissa. This is YOUR mess.  YOU get to deal with it FOREVER.  Or at least for as long as you keep calling it back to you and your husband. Good job. No wonder he yells at you and keeps telling you to get out.  I would too.  At least we know he's not a TOTAL idiot.
Throw your tantrum and call out your names.  And get ready for a huge flood of hits on your website from the Buffalo area. You've got our attention, and we know who has been saying what. Keep posting.  The "Psycho from Seco" collection has its own hard drive now.  LoL.
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#220 General Comment

You might be a fraud.

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Thursday, June 06, 2013

 If you get fired from your job at the psychic hotline less than 24 hours after you started and never saw it coming, you might be a fraud. If you are suing the world for billions of dollars in losses in a business in which you have invested less than $20,000, you might be a fraud. If your website shows the phrase "over 8 billion followers can't be wrong" less than 2 inches above the counter on your front page of your website, and that counter still reads less than 350 (which includes crawler bots) after several months of your site being live, you might be a fraud. If your "professional resume" for your psychic baking business includes NOT A SINGLE ACCREDITED EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION, yet right near the listing of the years you flunked out of girl scouts it lists more than 2 educational resources containing the words "Santa Claus," you might... ...no wait... you ARE a fraud . If in one month you email somebody many many times, detailing how you are going to kidnap and kill his family, email and mail his employers, landlord, and family demanding that they fire, evict, and disown him, call at least 3 businesses in his community demanding that they fire him because he has harassed you for 9 years longer than he has been aware of your existence, then a year later you post a fake copy pasted psychic reading about the guy because your psychic super powers tell you that the hit from an ip address that your data mining code on your crappy website got from his hometown was him, you might be a fraud.

. . Melissa is paranoid and pathetic. She's too fat and lazy to get a real job, so she has a world of time to try to come up with new ways to harass people. The ironic justice in it all is that she uses her "biz" sites to post her retaliatory responses, full of unprofessional misdirected obscene fraudulent accusations. Luckily, since "trank" doesn't seem to give a rats a** about her, the rest of us are free to continue to point out the fat fraud, and we don't even HAVE to bring up the fraud from her past (that rodeo crap that she continues to deny even though her name is on every single Arizona court document regarding cactus flats lol). . . Keep posting your fraud Missy. If Trank ever does decide to come after you, you have given him plenty to use against you.

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#221 Consumer Comment

Missy Is A Bad Example

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, June 05, 2013

 If anyone has the pleasure of reading the "reading" that she supposedly gave for Mr. Creepy you can clearly see why she was fired from her job at Oranum before it even started.

It is clearly something that she cut and pasted from some computer generated website that claims to give good astrological readings. 

She claims she is a medium and yet the reading she "gave" is all numerology and astrology and had nothing to do with mediumship at all.

Sadly she is giving real psychics and light workers a bad name and anyone who tried a reading with her would go away thinking the whole community are frauds and scammers like Melissa.  She wants to make $9.99 a minute?  Not bloody likely with the crap she spews.

She needs to get a real job and stop trying to make an easy buck.

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#222 General Comment

Restored Faith In Humanity

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, June 04, 2013

 See? She doesn't need any help being an absolute failure. Even fly-by night 1-900 "psychic services" can smell an obnoxious obscene fraud when Missy is around! . . Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC Yesterday at 10:22pm · Hired and Fired with Oranum in the same FING day! So, I am going to beat them at their own Game and go for what I would have made with them anyway -$9.99/minute! NOPE - I Do Not Care! Love it or Lump it - that is how it goes! . . Good luck with the $9.99 plan, Melissa. Will you be soliciting (begging) for rodeo funding during these calls too lol?

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#223 Consumer Comment

Kathy Kinney meets Johnny Depp i.e. Marilyn Manson

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Friday, May 31, 2013

She was talking to someone on the latest casting company she is wanting to scam and they asked her a question about how she would describe herself for a role and she didn't know lol  So they offered the example of Kathy Kinney (you know Mimi from the Drew Carey Show) meets Johnny Depp.  Obviously because Kathy Kinney uses too much make up and Johnny Depp is kinda odd and dark so combine the two and get a really badly made up dark person LOL   She was of course insulted by this. But kept right on trying to scam them.  I felt that she looks more like Kathy Kinney crossed with Marilyn Manson because he favors that crazy dark goth makeup like Missy does.

Keep in mind her parents are coming in June to give her her "inheritance" which consists of a few trinkets and furniture items and Missy will be disappointed there is no lump sum of cash for her to waste on plastic things and ugly t-shirts she still won't be able to sell because no one will buy them.   Also keep in mind that once she gets her "inheritance" the family trust that she has been getting money from so she will stay in New Mexico and not bother her relatives in California will be all gone and that is why she is talking about testing her own wings.  She will be without that support and will have to get a REAL JOB.  Either that or her mother will have to take up making those payments to Missy in order to keep her far far away from her.

Also do not believe her drivel about having a fight with her hubby and begging anyone to come get her.  nobody responded because nobody wants that trouble under their own roof.  They didn't fight, he was just angry that her scamming has caused him to not have his stupid fair again for another year and it won't happen then either so Dan and Missy need to give up on trying to scam their surrounding communities and get REAL JOBS.


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#224 Consumer Suggestion

Some good advice

AUTHOR: Seco Native - ()

POSTED: Friday, May 31, 2013

Here's what Missy is saying today;

I want to make something VERY Crystal Clear: I am considering doing Internet Television at a Future time. 
When I say Considering, I mean that I have questions and concerns before I jump into something like this all the way.
I DO NOT know what the future holds.
I am going to leave this decision up to my Life Chart in Hall of Records in Spirit Realm and my Spirit Guide or Guides to make final determination of when, where, why, with whom and how this will happen. 
I don't take large decisions like this one lightly.
I have a lot to think about before doing something this ambitious.
When I do regular film work, I am non speaking backgrounds and non Union.
It is a Paycheck - Nothing more.
It is honest pay for honest work. 
Some of it is Work.
You do have some down time and a lot of waiting.
As well, the hours are very long. 
That is how the Film Industry works. 
Again, Internet Television is a very large step for me.
I am a Behind the Scenes type and that is why I do Books and Radio.
A means of getting my voice heard without having to be seen.
IF Internet Television happens, then it does, but I will let it, like everything else in my life, come in its own time.
If it is meant to be, then it will happen.
I am Not going to push nor rush anything.

Wow, Life chart in Hall of Records, Spirit guides! That is impressive stuff. It's too bad that your spirit guilds don't tell you some useful advice, like leaving sleeping dog lie and not stirring up trouble. Like that book you are spraying all over Amazon. Not only are you putting a lot of innocent people in danger, you are busting copyrights all over the place. I'll have to inform people that their creative licenses are getting stolen. And Missy, before you start screaching about how I "stole" your copyrighted words, you gave away your rights when you posted that on Facebook, ALL of your friends have a right to repost anything you say. But the web pages you stole material from for your books, like this web page gave you no such right. They can now sue you for your miserable existence. SO can all of the people you named and their families. A lawyer friend of mine thinks they don’t have to go after you alone Missy, they will be able to go the folks who bankroll you, your family in other words and I’m not talking about your Hubby. Your family has money Missy, and you’d better be more careful from this point on because ultimately they are responsible for your actions, should you be declared incompetent.

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#225 General Comment

I'm not going to be her friend anymore EITHER. (tongue)

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Thursday, May 30, 2013

 I read about the agents and casting companies calling her. She named two types of companies, agents and casting companies, and referred to callS that she has received, which would imply 4 or more calls. I call B/S on this one. I have seen her work no legitimate casting individual at all called her. It was probably a troll prank calling her, in which case is a-ok because it will lead to a FING MELTDOWN which will cause me to lol epically. She deserves every lol at her expense for what she has caused to other people. . As far as NY man goes, does her have an opinion? Is he happy that missy's life has turned to crap and all she can do is fantasize about appearing waaaaay in the back of a movie scene and cry about amazon sticking it to her for reasons her mind can't/is to stupid to recognize? He really should log in and share his thoughts. . So here's one of missy's latest: Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 26 minutes ago near Arroyo Seco, NM · Since Amazon and Kindle have decided to join the Stalking against my family and I, I took what was mine, of my work and put it on my Website, to be Sold on Disc, so everyone can still have the Info for what is going on and understand what I am dealing with. I am going to close my Amazon Account and never return. Kindle and Amazon.com can kiss my a*s! . . . That's INSANE! Or is it? That guy from NY must be a VERY wealthy guy. Missy should go back to calling his employer and family and businesses in his neighborhood and tell them all about how he paid off amazon and kindle. Maybe then he won't be spending his fortune blocking her publications. . This is some seriously funny lulz. OK not seriously. But it IS funny!

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#226 General Comment

Live? On TV?

AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

POSTED: Thursday, May 30, 2013

Apparently she is looking to go on TV, live and in full colour!  I surely would watch that just for the lulz!  Maybe she will read some excepts from her latest 'Expose" book(s).  I wonder if she will talk about the cancellation of the Enchanted Circle Fair.  The info page (written in her style) states that it's the fault of that Baaaad Man from NY who is responsible for allll her troubs!! I don't care that she trashed and challenged me in that infamous broadcast (I play it ocassionaly for the big Whoop it affords me), I may just get down to Arroyo, and see what she's made of!

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#227 General Comment

My Goodness!

AUTHOR: MissPriss - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WOW Just WOW! How is amazon at fault? I've read a couple of the books on kindle and there's nothing there that points to her being stalked. Those emails she was getting was nothing more than the usual spam we all get...Those ISP's she listed don't lead to where a person lives...Mine has me in a town over 100 miles from where I live. I can't understand why she doesn't see how those books make her look...I feel somewhat sorry for her. She must live a miserable life if all she can manage to do is keep the drama going on in her life...Sad so very sad...

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#228 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

 Chalk this one up as a win for everyone except Missy: . Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 35 minutes ago near Arroyo Seco, NM · NOW I AM REALLY PISSEED OFF! A******  PAID KINDLE AND AMAZON OFF NOT TO WORK WITH ME ON MY BOOKS! HAD THEM PULLED FROM THE SHELVES AND NOW I HAVE TO SUE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS DAMAGES! I AM JUST GOING TO SEND THE BOOKS RIGHT BACK THROUGH AGAIN! I WILL NOT GIVE UP! THEY WILL BE PUBLISHED AS CLAIMED! I WILL NOT STOP! I WILL KEEP GOING AND GOING AND GOING! NOW I AM REALLY THROWING A FIT AND AN FING HALF! I WILL NOT BE SILENCED! I REFINGFUSE TO BE SILENCED! ALL OF THIS DAMAGE GOES IN MY BOOKS TOO! . Her books were pulled because of valid complaints by consumers that the content was obscene and violated the privacy of several individuals. But in Missyland it is a conspiracy to steal the amazing wealth she WOULD HAVE reaped by plagiarizing several websites and now she has to sue everybody because amazon has standards. . The lulz just don't stop. . Haha, Missy. Keep trying to publish. We'll keep filing against you.

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#229 General Comment

Rererereleasing a "new" rerelease?

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

 Missy has redundantly and retardedly rererereleased one of her books, yet another step in her plan to get even with those nasty cyber terrorists who keep destroying everything that is holy by discussing things publicly. Save some money. Search this site for "melissa Bryan" and read the encyclopedia dramatica articles. That's about it. I will admit that volume 3 is pure lulz because Missy dedicated the entire volume to HER own rants and responses to trolling, looking like it was written by a dyslexic second grader with tourettes syndrome Buy it! Read it! Enjoy the lulz at missy's PROFIT!!

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#230 Consumer Suggestion

Here is Relivent Data

AUTHOR: BlanketAnon - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, May 28, 2013


§ 43-1-10(A)
§ 43-1-10(C)

A peace officer may detain and transport a person for emergency mental health evaluation and care in the absence of a legally valid order from the court only if:

(1) the person is otherwise subject to lawful arrest;

(2) the peace officer has reasonable grounds to believe the person has just attempted suicide;

(3) the peace officer, based upon his own observation and investigation, has reasonable grounds to believe that the person, as a result of a mental disorder, presents a likelihood of serious harm to himself or others and that immediate detention is necessary to prevent such harm; or

(4) a licensed physician or a certified psychologist has certified that the person, as a result of a mental disorder, presents a likelihood of serious harm to himself or others and that immediate detention is necessary to prevent such harm.

An evaluation facility may accept for an emergency based admission any person when a licensed physician or certified psychologist certifies that such person, as a result of a mental disorder, presents a likelihood of serious harm to himself or others and that immediate detention is necessary to prevent such harm.



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#231 General Comment

I understand...

AUTHOR: Tyg - ()

POSTED: Monday, May 27, 2013

 I understand how frustrating a situation like this can be. Especially when you are dealing with someone as seemingly delusional as this woman. However, nothing is being accomplished with these postings. Other then a very very good laugh at an obviously crazy person. The mental health laws vary state to state. You may be able to get help for her by simply investigating the local laws. Also EVERY complaint is logged. Legally speaking if your local police force isnt helping then you need to go to the next level. Judical involvment.

Sometimes all it takes is to stand in front of a judge and explain the situation. If a person is a danger to themselves or others then there is normally a madatory 72 hold. This gives that person some time to get their head straight and to have professionals look at them. If this person is literally that bad then she needs help. Its obvious she isnt going to get the help herself.

Get this person the help she truly needs.

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#232 Consumer Suggestion

I'M sorry to say this too.

AUTHOR: Seco Native - ()

POSTED: Monday, May 27, 2013

You make a good point. We should all take a step back and look at this from more adult perspective. As an adult; anyone who makes a statement like this should be instantly reported to the local police. 

"As soon as my Manuscripts are updated and sent back through, I am packing up and going on the run.
I will be a Fugitive from Justice. 

I mean really? Really? I should report this to Sheriff Romero today. Except he know all about her and he can't do anything because she has not really done anything yet. All she does is make threats like this. But it's a know fact that everyone who has gone berserk and killed lots of people also made threats like this. We could ignore her but that won't make her go away. What would help is if her husband or her family would step in and get her the help she so desperately needs. Otherwise the cops are going to Baker Act her and she will be forced to go back on her meds. 

You heard me right. She ready been diagnosed. She refuses to take her meds because the interfere with the voices inside her head. That's what she is quick to tell people. If she would stop going after people, she would stop getting trolled here and in other places. That stupid book is  just the lateest thing. 

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#233 General Comment

Im sorry to say this...

AUTHOR: Tyg - ()

POSTED: Monday, May 27, 2013

 But you do realize that everytime you either respond to this "lady" or in anyway acknowledge her existance, you simply feed her delusions? Now thankfully I can sit back and examine ALL the posts from a safe distance. You guys however have to deal with her in person. Not something I would relish.

Perhaps the best way to handle this is to find something she can be prosicuted for and go from there. Now I know you good ppl feel hurt or upset by this person. But lets face it, the more you put her dirty laundry out there, the more she is going to react. How would you feel if someone went and activly attempted to not only ruin your life locally, but also put ALL of your skeletons on display. Im sure if you took a few mins and reflected on your individual actions, you would find that the less then mature way this situation is being handled is causing you more grief.

Perhaps a more civil solution would be to get this person help. Maybe inform the mental health dept. Possibly research your local mental health laws. Maybe all this person needs is meds. Maybe some therapy. This middle school/high school drama doesnt help anyone.

Also when you have researched the mental health laws, be sure to get the support of the local police/sheriffs dept. This way, when they do detain her for whatever reason, there is a paper trail. She may only be held for 72hrs, but a trained psychologist will have that long to check her out. I can assure you, not even the greatest actors can hold up to intense scrutinty and questioning and still keep their stuff straight.

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#234 General Comment

Typical finger pointing by Melissa

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Monday, May 27, 2013

 Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 8 hours ago near Arroyo Seco, NM · Keep digging A** Hole - Keep digging! Libel, Defamation, Stalking, Harassment, Losses from all, Distress, etc. now stands at $106,002,275.00 and I continue to keep track and keep score! And from what I am seeing here, I WIN - FOR ETERNITY! One hundred six MILLION two thousand two hundred seventy five dollars. That what missy says she has lost due to crimes from people she has never met, because she has not been able to make a living from trying to sell copies of her family tree that ghosts helped her write, trying to sell tickets to see her inflatable Halloween and Christmas decorations, trying to sell baked goods and sticky syrups that she made in the kitchen with the cat turds on the floor, and from trying to sell books that are just the contents of a couple of publicly accessible websites. Keep in mind that she refuses to get a real job through all of this too. But its not her fault. Not when the public is talking about her biz, and she's out over a million dollars as a result. Next thing you know, she'll be begging for people to buy her cat turd muffins so she can buy food. . If you do business with Melissa you can expect her to point her chubby fingers of blame at you for allll eternity if you EVER question or doubt her. You're better off just running to the store. She refuses to work. It's HER choice. It has been years and years. Don't let her begging and blaming fool you. She owns her pathetic situation and her failed marriage. Any blame on anyone else is just her own fraud, just like her books and her "psychic" services. . I know because spirit FING told me. Lol.

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#235 General Comment

Oh, Melissa....

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Saturday, May 25, 2013

 " Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 3 hours ago · Sending all 3 of my Volumes of Book right back through the whole Process. Thankfully, they are all re done." . . Keep submitting your lies all you want. Every single time I get them removed, it is an undenyable victory for me and every good American who is sick of your pathetic lies and fraud. You ARE destroyed. We all laugh at you. You have failed. You are lulz. You are nothing.

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#236 General Comment

Watch out, Trank!

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Saturday, May 25, 2013

 " Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 3 hours ago · I FING REFINGFUSE TO BE RUINED! I REFINGFUSE TO RUN BUT I WILL FIGHT TO THE FING GD PIECE OF SH DEATH FOR EVERYTHING -I WANT A PHYSICAL NON COMPUTER NON BOOK WAR TO THE FING DEATH FOR FU&LL CONTROL OVER ME AND MY ENTIRE FING GD PIECE OF SH LIFE! CIOME AND FING FACE ME RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE TRANK! COME AND GET ME YOU GD FING b*****d A* SOB!" Melissa still struggles with the idea that nobody cares. Add this all to your book. Blame whoever you want. You have no credibility. Every word out of your mouth is harassment. Every time you address anyone, it is a threat. You are unbelievable. Keep naming names and dropping dox. You have me mistaken for somebody else, and it is hilariously funny watching you melt down because I questioned something you posted on Facebook. Your entire life is out there posted by you for everyone to read and laugh. And we laugh at it constantly. The entire internet knows about you and laughs at you constantly. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go laugh at you and your miserable life now. Hahhahahhahaaahahhaha!

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#237 General Comment

To the parents

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Saturday, May 25, 2013

 I don't live in my mom's basement or play video games at all. I own a very nice home and enjoy the security of a full time job with excellent benefits that I am qualified for by virtue of my college education and outstanding achievements in life. My husband and my children and I are as close as we can be, despite the problems I had from the ignorant fraud that you have declared as "legal" godmother to your poor poor daughter. There was no attack on your family here. Perhaps you missed Melissa's posts where she recently stated that she is going to kill a bunch of people? No? How about where she's going to kill herself? I could go on, but I cannot make your decisions for you.

When you read about the threats that Melissa doles out, understand that these are not lies. And melissa continues to post threats and lies about people along with all of their addresses, putting people at risk. Melissa posts her own address constantly. Perhaps you have sent her business cards and brochures? Yet somehow you don't recognize that when a woman does all that then you put your baby in her hands. Are you waiting to see if anyone that melissa has tried to destroy tries to have her killed for all of the problems she has caused or to protect their families from the crazy woman who keeps posting that she's going to kill them?

You fail as parents and protectors of your baby girl, but that's your choice. You have been warned about melissa and the attention she keeps trying to get. I hope your baby stays safe, but since the latest round of Melissa's threats are so fresh and so severe, I predict that any child social service worker would view you putting your baby in her presence as an unnecessary risk. But do what you want. Obviously your baby's safety and welfare is not high on your list of priorities. Have a nice day. Sorry I couldn't help.

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#238 Consumer Comment

What a load of crap

AUTHOR: Stacey - ()

POSTED: Friday, May 24, 2013

 Psychic my a*s - con artist you got that right!!! Keep spending your money on this fake guarantee you will be surprised about the results - Idiots

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#239 REBUTTAL Individual responds

RE: I Wonder

AUTHOR: Rouge_Worker - ()

POSTED: Friday, May 24, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

I am the parent of the child that you are verbally attacking, and I and her mother don’t appreciate you questioning our choice of who is or isn’t going to me our child’s God Mother. That choice is ours and ours alone. And we don’t judge people based on what others believe, we’ve been blessed to have gotten to know Mrs. Bryan and if you think that you can do better…then we say good luck and that you can’t even “hang” like we do with the people we know.

We dare you to write some more s**t about our family, you have no right to speak about the choices others make without knowing the whole story. All you are is a mindless soul behind a keyboard that has nothing better to do, then search the web for people to destroy and hurt with the lies that you spread.

In short, you’re nothing but a troll that is living in their mother’s basement and can’t get off their WoW (World of Warcraft) game, get off the games, off the computer, and get a life!!!



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#240 General Comment

God Mother to be

AUTHOR: Pissedoffchick - ()

POSTED: Friday, May 24, 2013

Melissa will be a wonderful god mother and I am not even gonna waste my time explaining why. ya'll need to stay out of our business

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#241 General Comment

Save your money. Don't buy this fraud's books.

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Friday, May 24, 2013

Melissa has published Volume 3 of her "Cyberterrorism Survival Series" on Amazon, plastering haters' Kindles with every discussion forum she has ever whined and and cried about online since Al Gore invented teh internets.  I downloaded a free copy to my iPad which instantly reeked of festering butthurt even though I refuse to install the iStink app.  I flipped through the first two volumes.  (eye roll & face palm)  Save your money.  If you are reading THIS, then chances are you have already read the other Ripoff Report pages, the Encyclopedia Dramatica article, and all of the other web pages that mention her, and where she usually freaks out with her FING tantrums and "truthing" LOL.  If you answered yes, then you have already read all 3 volumes of her book.  tHAT'S RIGHT.  her "truths" and "proofs" and "evidences" are nothing but a copy pasted collection of THIS.  And she STILL can't understand why the police won't just arrest and execute each and every single person that she insists is responsible for the murder of her and her bizzzz....


I would have at least expected her to fake at least a little intelligence into the Amazon book description, but, hilariously, no:

Book Description

May 22, 2013
This is the final Book in this Series.
This is the Truth Compiled as a Book, in Support of my now Former Business, that is under the Umbrella of my current Business.
Myself and my Supporters speak out against the Brutal Injustices done me and my Business.
You can't make this crap up.  A three volume book series that should have been titled "Surviving People  You Have Never Met Who Live Thousands of Miles Away Discussing Your INSANE Internet Posts and Threats and how trying to make money off a book that you wrote about them is somehow going to make things better."
Melissa Bryan is mentally ill.  She should also be aware that our operatives have regularly catalogued and archived all posts by and about Melissa, so we are in possession of the ORIGINAL raw manuscript that Melissa is now ILLEGALLY trying to make money from by selling it on Amazon.  Our digital archives are all dated the moment that the original posts were made, therefore they all predate Melissa's books.  We have filed a copyright violation lawsuit against Amazon and Melissa.  Pursuant to Amazon's Terms of Service, they will not be held responsible for damages due to a Seller's negligent or FRAUDULENT actions, so it appears that Melissa will have to pick up the tab for Amazon's legal expenses.  Our friends at the Fed reviewed the archives we provided, and have verified the authenticity of the dijital signatures, as well as the archive dates.  Even though the archive includes some of Melissa's own material, since it is a compilation authored by so many, Melissa represents a minority holder of the intellectual copyright of the overal compilation and manuscript.  Therefore she is subject to the majority rule of ALL of the authors.  But she forgot to get their permission.  So she loses her right to claim any profit from the book until this matter is settled.  We plan to push the case just long enough to drain all of Melissa's resources and leave her with a judgement filed against her.
Speaking of "legal," I mentioned in the previous post concern for the little girl that Melissa stated that she was going to somehow become the "legal Godmother" to.  Um, Melissa?  In what state are there laws governing "Godmotherhood?"  Please reply courteously and provide supporting links to actual laws published on the internet.  Feel free to ask that weird guy who keeps actually saying out loud that he wants to be an "internet lawyer."  I am asking mainly to make you make yourself (and maybe iLawyer) look like an absolute idiot again.  I will await your reply.

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#242 Consumer Comment

I knew this woman was sketchy

AUTHOR: Paulita - ()

POSTED: Thursday, May 23, 2013

 I googled this lady because she was out in the streets handing out business cards and demanding that people buy her books.  I took her card because I didn't want to be yelled at and called a stalker like all the other people around me were being treated.  I took the card and then hurried on with my business so she would leave me and my children alone.  Now when I came home and googled her look at all the reports about her.  I am glad I escaped as easily as I did!  I  know everyone else was just humouring her too because they wanted to escape her wrath as fast as they could.  Someone needs to do something about this strong armed tactic this lady takes.

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#243 General Comment

I wonder...

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Thursday, May 23, 2013

...if the parents of the little girl that Melissa says she is soon to be God Mother to are aware of all of the times that Melissa has posted online that she is going to commit murder and/or suicide. If anybody knows how to contact that family, please make sure they are aware of these frequent threats from Melissa. I would hate to see a baby girl get put in jeopardy. It's for the children .:)

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#244 General Comment

An exquisite demonstration of the psychic abilities of a FRAUD

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I laughed so hard tonight.  Senora Maven Outlaw FRAUD is pouting away on her facebook, declaring her intent to travel to South Wales, NY as soon as she can find somebody to loan (give) her the money, so she can kill that Trank guy because she insists that he is posting here, trying to destroy her life, one day after she published a book in print and on Amazon Kindle that states that, according to what Melissa Bryan authored and published,he and several other people are in fact Taliban members of Al Queda as Mulsim terrorists living in this country.  Seriously.  You can't make this $hit up.

But get this:  It appears that for the first time in a life that spans over a half century, that Melissa's hubby has finally grown a set of functioning cajones, and actually stood up to his unreasonable, unforgiving, paranoid, delusional, loud mouthed, conscienceless, and STUPID soon to be ex-wife because he can not believe that she would be so stupid and ignorant where she would deliberately stir things up with every single person online that they have ever had a problem with, even though they leave her the hell alone far more when she shuts her mouth, but NO she has to have ATTENTION and she has to have it NOW and she has to have ALL of it.


Good move, Dan.  Maybe without her you won't have to deal with all of this crap every time she decides to stir things up.  What was she thinking?  She was thinking the way that Missy thinks.  It's her.  She is not capable of being reasonable.  That's why your life is crap.  Imagine what you could achieve without her.

Then again, none of this matters.  She stated (again) that she is going to travel to New York to kill Trank and his family.  The usual cheeringsheep (Coleslaw and that "Internet Lawyer" (ROTFLMMFAO) Dressler weirdo) gave Melissa's ego a handjob until it spewed "Suicide out by continuing to eat like a pig" statements all over the place.  So I don't know if she is going to attempt to murder Trank, or if she's going to try to eat herself to death.  Again.  I'll let you know when she posts more to facebook.

To Melissa:  Go ahead and blame Trank.  The more and more that you make a huge fool of yourself by lashing out like this at the wrong people, the more and more I will post like this and coach your life into absolute self destruction.  You lose.  Nobody is listening to you any more, except to laugh at you.  You can continue to make a fool of yourself all you want.  NONE of the people you name by name are in contact with you at all.  YOU can make it all go away by simply GOING AWAY.  But you refuse to do that, so you cry and cry, and you name names, and you stir crap up, and people get pissed, and they post a reply, and you get more upset, so you stir stuff up worse.  Nobody cares about what you say.  Trank doesn't care.  NOBODY cares.  You are a celebrity across the internet as a crazy person who attacks people online because they laugh at you and discuss your CRAZY business plans, and you just plain can't stand when people talk about you.  Or laugh at you.  LOL @ U.  HAHA at the CRAZY person.  She's stirring stuff up AGAIN.  Let's nudge her until she falls over a cliff.   HAHAHA.  LOL @ da biotch who won't SHUT HER MOUTH and LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE.


Better get going on that diet plan.  Allsup's has a sale on chili cheese burritos.  You could start there, then switch to your baking.  I'm sure the cat hair mixing with the chili cheese should have some kind of reaction in that humungous gut. 

By the way, Melissa is NOT an award winning baker.  She never won first place in the County Fair contest, as proven by the fact that she does not have a ribbon presented by the county or a winner's certificate.  So all the lies she keeps saying every time she mentions her "award winning treats" is ALL fraud.  But, then again, what would you expect from someone with no life or skill otherwise?  (Being a background "extra" in a church group's old western style anti-abortion indie film project is NOT a "skill" nor is planning a career of a 36 year old woman around dressing up as a goth version of Santa Claus' wife once a year and then charging people, companies, and whole communities to see... ...it, although consistently threatening to murder anyone who laughs at the concept with such speed and consistency just might qualify as one.)

Melissa, this is what you can expect every single time you lash out and do stupid stuff like publish a book with lies like you did yesterday.  Stop threatening to kill people.  Stop stirring things up over and over and over again.  The people you are used to dealing with are gone.  They don't care about you at all any more.  They actually want to avoid all contact with you.  But you can't get that straight.  But you need to.  Because some of us are getting really sick and tired watching as you try to destroy people's lives over and over and over and over again.  It is time for you to knock it off.  Next time will be much worse.  Just shut up and go away. 

Or don't.  Nobody cares.  Make your threats.  Name your names.  When things go down, they will see the threats you made.  They will read about how you SWORE that you were going to kidnap someone's entire extended family and kill them one by one and WHY you said you were going to do it.  They will read accounts of all of the meddling you have done, the employers you have called, the family members you have called, the extended family members of people whose addresses and phone numbers you keep posting, as though other people with the same last name are automatically guilty of ANYTHING by virtue of a last name.  Keep pushing back and losing your mind every time you read things like this.  Nobody cares any more.  They just laugh and shake their heads.  Because you do STUPID STUFF like that.

I am the sum of all of the problems Melissa has created during her life.  I reflect all that she is, and I am relentless.  The more that Melissa tries to destroy, I shall destroy.  I like what I do and I am very good at it.  I have made no threat, nor do I pose any.  All that I have written here is absolute truth.  I truthed it all out there.  Truthfully.  I can not keep a straight face if I keep typing like this.  FING!

To recap: 

1. "Those" guys?:  Don't care. 

2. YOU screaming "LET THA PAST GO!" as you publish a book falsely accusing a bunch of people from your past of being Muslim terrorists?:  Fail.  And LOL.  @ U.  Idiot.

3. You push and threaten to kill ANYONE: SOMEBODY (not necessarily little ol' me) will push back until you cannot take it any more.  And it will come back at you from every direction.  Your psychic abilities will never ever develop properly.  You will never be able to enjoy any part of your relationship with your husband.  You will live the paranoid life of a crazy woman who is convinced that everyone everywhere works for me, the Man, and that my intention is not only to control your life, but to ultimately control you and make every little facet of your life work against you until you cannot take it any more.  And we do not want any of that to happen.  Which is why we are so pleased that you have finally come to your senses and decided to quit being such an unreasonable stupid person.

OK then.  Have a nice night everybody.  Missy, I hope you seriously at least consider some kind of counseling.  Dan, take care.  Watch out for YOU.  Everyone else tuning in, please be safe. 

God bless.

Benito Zuccharelli VII
Grand Master & Patriarch
Zuccharelli Metal Recycling, Document Shredding, and Trampoline & Bounce House Rental

Tell them "Beni" sent you!
(Please do not book more than one of our services at a time per work site for safety reasons.)

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#245 General Comment

The only person at risk because of Melissa's book is Melissa

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, May 22, 2013

 I downloaded a free copy of both volumes of Melissa's book this morning. She specifically mentions the names of three people along with their contact info, addresses, employer's contact info and every detail that Melissa was able to dig up on their family members even though none of those people have any thing to do with any of this. It really REALLY funny that she actually published all of that information about all of those people all the while clearly making the statement that those people are members of the Taliban and Al Queda terrorists. It is funny because they are not, and none of the people she names would be able to do what they do for a living if any of what Melissa says is true. This is hysterically funny. Seven people at our facility have downloaded complete copies of both volumes of the book and have bundled it with 4 years worth of threats she has posted and mailed to people in 3 countries and sent those packages off to the FBI, NSA, Attorneys General in 6 states, and 3 law enforcement entities in Northern New Mexico, 22 paranormal and psychic associations and committees across the southwest, 221 universities and colleges also across the southwest, and to 38 different Native American Tribal councils across Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and California. It has been years since Melissa and Dan started trying to destroy other people's lives with retarded lies like this. Rather than fight this all head on and just stop the publication of her stupid childish lies, we have decided to help spread words that Melissa Bryan is a big fat liar who will even go as far as trying to sell books on Amazon claiming that good honest American citizens are terrorists and members of extreme Muslim terrorist groups. Melissa Bryan is a paranoid loser and a liar, and publication of her books is proof of this. The world knows once and for all how laughably pathetic Melissa and Dan Bryan are in their own words. We are all laughing hysterically at just how unbelievably stupid Melissa now looks thanks to her own publication. We are looking forward to what she does to herself when she realizes just how much of an idiot she just made of herself. We also look forward to Dan's meltdown when he realizes that he could have stopped it a long time ago, but now he is stuck dealing with a big loud fraud for a wife who just keeps repeatedly destroying every chance he could ever have for success. Melissa and dan Bryan have created so many problems for themselves that there is nothing left to do but watch everyone laugh at how no matter what kind of lies they make up to attack others, they still can't successfully accomplish anything at all, and how even at ages of mid30s and 50s, both of them are still uneducated morons with no income or success in their lives, and all they can do is point fingers (and e-self-publish books) that blame people thousands of miles away for their lazy failures. There will be no "justice" from Melissa's new book, but there will be lulz as the world laughs at the fat fraud and the lazy enabler she calls "hubby" (unless she's busy blaming him too). At least my name doesn't appear in that book. Lol!

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#246 General Comment

I believe

AUTHOR: Pissedoffchick - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

so then that makes me a weirdo too because I have had the paranormal happen to me. so if u don't like it then get over it

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#247 General Comment

you're wrong about her

AUTHOR: Pissedoffchick - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I personally know Melissa Bryan and I think she is the most wonderful woman I have ever met. I think that whoever has said these negitive things against her is totally wrong in what they are saying. she is the sweetest person and has helped me out a lot. I will stand by her no matter what anyone else says

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#248 Consumer Comment

Her Book Is A Danger

AUTHOR: Truther - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

 She has published 2 volumes of her third book and if you look on Amazon.com and look at the kindle edition you can read quite a bit of her book for free.  She names three people, gives their addresses and phone numbers.  This has turned dangerous for innocent people now.  I urge everyone to go to Amazon.com and scroll down to the link that says to report the content as inappropriate.  If we have enough people complain maybe Amazon will take it down before something happens to those three people who were named in the book.  This has potential for millions of people to see those names and addresses and numbers.  If a mentally unstable person who thinks they are helping Melissa gets ahold of that information and does something to harm any of those people Amazon will be liable for the damages suffered.


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#249 General Comment

Thank you Ripoff Report!

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Sunday, May 19, 2013

Possibly the greatest satisfaction that any of Missy's victims have had for years has been when she posts something so belligerently ignorant and threatening, all anyone has to do is re-post her stupid statement, and she will spiral downward in an obscene wave of threats and assumptions, while she scares everyone who might have been willing to help her develop her "biz" far away, leaving her in a blubbering heap of cathair flavored cake frosting, insisting that (again) Dan kicked her out, and she's going to kill, sue, and over-eat herself closer to death, not necessarily in that order.


Take this nugget that she recently posted to her Tumblr page:



May 11th at 5:49pm

Lies And Threats Against My Book Continue!

Yes, the Lie Train against me and my 3rd Book Continue! Well, I am being Threatened with a Lie and Hate Filled Book against me for Publishing my 3rd Book.I will have to Retaliate by finding and killing the Author of that one against me and also have it pulled from the Shelves.And as well, write a 4th Book Overriding the Lies of the Lie and Hate Book against me fighting a War of Books next!
I Promise and Vow to Truth until the very day of my Demise from this Earth!

 So, there you have it.  I hope that every potential employer, investor, customer, cop, mental health professional, and God know that she actually posted the phrase "I will have to Retaliate by finding and killing the Author..."

 Again, I will point out that Melissa will insist that this post is a lie and an attack on her, but I assure you, just as I assure you that Melissa has no idea who I am and that I will NEVER let up as long as she continues to post that she is going to KILL people who have left her alone. 


Please, if anyone has direct contact with the police in Taos County, New Mexico, please print out her Tumblr post and show it to them.  She deserves the kind of press that says she's CRAZY and a THREAT to innocent people. 

We can deal with her FRAUD another time.

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#250 General Comment

Melissa Bryan's aspergers syndrome is out of control!

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Friday, May 17, 2013

 Im sure tonight's show will be a hoot. I have read and followed as this Goodson fraud walked someone through some legal advice. He advises people on legal matters, but has no clue about law or the legal process. Sooner or later somebody is going to call his bluff, and he's going to find himself in a heap of problems for practicing law while being blatantly wrong. I will lol. The main reason I am posting this today is because of missy's update on the progress of her latest attempt at a book claiming to be about cyberterrorism. She mentioned on her Facebook page that she had a hit from "south wales" and insisted that it was a visit from somebody who is banned from viewing her pages, and is one of the main focal points of her 800+ page obsession.. ...er.. ...book.

Okay... If someone is banned, how can they get to the page. Again, another example of the idiocy and fraud that is Melissa. This brings me to my next point. I know the guy from south wales personally. I saw the 20+ email messages he received from melissa, detailing how she was going to kill his family. I heard about the calls and email messages to his employer, family, landlord, and even neighboring businesses in his community where melissa and her husband insisted that that poor man's family, employers, and neighbors lash out at him too because he had supposedly paid Facebook to deactivate her account in retaliation for her posting his name, address, personal and business phone numbers along with a map to his home and employers, asking any readers to kill him. She and her husband did everything they could to intimidate and destroy this man's life, and now she keeps yammering about an 800 page book she has written about him.

Let all of this serve as an example to anyone who is entertaining thoughts of showcasing her cooking, fake psychic skills, or any other projects with her. She snaps then harasses, stalks, lies, and will even write an 800 page book about you if she ever disagrees with you. And now, after harassing this man and his family and neighbors and fully documenting her intent to kill his family, she has the audacity to act surprise that somebody from his hometown looked at her page. She is sick, plain and simple. People are monitoring every move she makes all because of the threats she has made to him and his family. She should expect a LOT more hits from his neck of the woods. The whole whole community is talking about the whacko from New Mexico who threatened to kill an entire family because she got herself suspended from Facebook. Pathetic.

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#251 Consumer Comment

Tonight on the Missy show!

AUTHOR: Seco Native - ()

POSTED: Friday, May 17, 2013

Missy is having a special guest tonight, General Charles Goodson. I wanted to find out who was crazy enough to be on Missy’s radio show. I found that  nobody’s ever heard of Charles Goodman dan for good reason, even though he has a youtube channel which nobody watches.

The reason nobody knows who General Charles Goodson? Well when he’s not ranting at someone named Otis on YouTube, he’s flashing his lack of teeth and ranting about how HE is a general of a REAL army and Otis is a fake general. I think he’s mad at Otis because Otis pawned General Charles's Facebook page. But Charles is a real three star general! He lives in a homeless shelter sure, but he’s a GENERAL!

I guess Missy has found someone just as crazy as herself. It should be a fun show!

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#252 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, May 15, 2013

 Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 5 hours ago · You may soon have to add the Title Professor to my Name. I was offered the chance to write a Course teaching Mediumship for an On Line University. I am exploring my options at this point. Really? Has anyone from this university read her book about her fake psychic super powers? Lol. The entire text of the book is centered on the pages, and the eight or ten randomly capitalized sentence fragmentsthat she uses to describe "formless human forms" that she thought she saw that could not possibly be anything but spirits reaching out to her appear to have been written by a dyslexic second grader. For now I am going to add this to the warehouse of missyfail rather than the envelope of missynotfailedyet. Smh. And lol.

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#253 Consumer Comment

This woman has quite the nerve!

AUTHOR: Deejay - ()

POSTED: Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello, I see this woman has caused problems with a lot of people. Either no one has had this same issue, or no one has mentioned it yet. I was recently planning a Christmas in July party for my office and contacted señora c to be a character.. I will get to my point here.. On the telephone when trying to book her, she mentioned that she could do "something extra" for me.. At first I didn't catch on and told her that I might be interested.. I expected to be sold on her bringing some of the "treats" she sells at fairs and places. I was shocked to find out she was trying to proposition me for a sexual encounter!! She explained that she really needed money and said she would "please me in so many ways" for $100. I can't believe this woman is allowed to be around children! I have half a mind to let the local sheriff know about her prostitution exploits! After telling her I wasn't interested in hiring her for any reason, be it as a character or for sex, she called me back several times trying to talk me into it and also asking if I knew of anyone else interested! I am still worried about answering phone calls because it might be her again! Avoid this woman at all cost!

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#254 Consumer Comment

I'm looking forward to this book.

AUTHOR: Seco Native - ()

POSTED: Friday, May 10, 2013

I guess if its fame that Missy wants, its fame she will get. I hope she publishes her raft of lies. The people she fingers can sue her right here and the courts already know her. It will be a big sensation. BZ; we can get copies of your book in the local tourist traps and all around Taos. People will come here to see the Psycho from Seco. This will bring in badly needed tourist dollars because it’s been a hard couple of years.

In the next few weeks we’ll need to hire some paparazzi and get photographs of Missy and Dan. Then we can sell the pictures even if they cower inside their little cabin. If Dan and Missy want to be internet sensations we can oblige.  I think it will be a first! There has been talk about putting in an Internet café. We could sell “troll tours” of Missy and Dan’s exploits on the web The Ripoff reports and ED would be featured. Then for an extra fee we can have tours to Missy’s computer. Her security is like a screen door on submarine and some of the local children hacked into her computer years ago.

We made a copy of it and we can offer tours inside the computer system of a psycho. I’d pay money to see that! I think a lot of people would. All she needs to do to get the ball rolling is to publish her book. We can buy up a few copies, then GIVE AWAY your book. That alone should get some interest up. We could make a bundle. I love this plan!

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#255 General Comment


AUTHOR: MissPriss - ()

POSTED: Thursday, May 09, 2013

You mean she actually wrote a book naming names and so forth? Again WOW just WOW! Hey, I can't wait to read your's when it's published! Be sure and keep us posted as to when/if you publish it! Good Luck to those she falsely accuses stay safe and watch your back...

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#256 General Comment

MY new tell-all book...

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Monday, May 06, 2013

I have been reading today on the Outlaw Life Enterprises Facebook page about Melissa's new 620+ page book about Cyber terrorism and how to survive it. That cost me a cup of coffee, because I spit it out all over my counter when I read that. So I logged in to my email, went to my received messages, and began pasting every single message and post that people have sent to me over the years from Melissa that contained any threat to kill, kidnap, or burn someone's home down, as well as every outlandish claim of psychic superpowers and relations to famous people. The final project is 422 pages long, and was almost immediately approved for printing by Amazon's do-it-yourself publishing company. I am call it "Severe Mental Illness From The Inside" and I have censored out the names of all of Melissa's victims from the Billy The Kid boards straight through Ripoff report and ED. The longest chapte "When Retards Email Threats To Innocent People's Families" is particularly interesting, because in messages to two of Melissa's target victims, she actually goes through lists of members of her victims' families one by one, by name, and graphically.describes how she intends to kill them, all in retaliation for things as petty as her own unrelated Facebook suspension, as well as one time when she forgot her own password, but instead sent out threats to people accusing them of hacking her account. We cannot wait for the release of her new book.

This book, complete with actual email messages from both Melissa and Dan will be released immediately upon the release of her book, and an electronic version will be made available for FREE just to make sure that the entire world gets to read ALL of Melissa's threats that she has made directly to 9 different people over the years. You will also notice that Melissa has pretty much been left alone other than the occasional discussion of one of her public posts. I have no idea why she would stir things up by releasing a book full of such blatant lies, especially when she has emailed and mailed so many direct threats to so many people for so many years. But she put it all out there, she tried to destroy people's families, careers and lives, so the least that her fan club can do is show the world, once again, just how loud, stupid, and unreasonable Melissa really gets behind the scenes, then tries to hide from the world.

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#257 Consumer Comment

Highly unprofessional

AUTHOR: Gal from Seco - ()

POSTED: Sunday, April 28, 2013
Today I hear she was supposedly to help a family with a house blessing by using skype. Firstly you cannot possibly bless a house via long distances. I wonder how much she charged the poor family. I guess it depends. on his far away her grating voice had to travel via skype. Chip Coffey never skypes in a mediumship reading. I guess that is the difference between professionalism and money grubbing scammers . She says no one is allowed to laugh at her well anyone who hears about her procedures of mediumship will and probably are laughing at her and the spirits are laughing most of all. All except the poor spirits she lies about being related to. those ones are probably sobbing in embarrassment and shame because of her fake ties to them. We all know Danny laughs at her when she tries to look fetching in the bedroom GAG a magott
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#258 Consumer Comment

I cant believe it

AUTHOR: you''r Angel - ()

POSTED: Sunday, April 28, 2013
I happened by here and found Missy has been written up again! LOL so then I looked around and  shes doing exactly the same things she was doing five years ago. Nothing ever changes eh? 

Then I looked her up on Facebook and shes saying the same old s**t like shes always done. 

Melissa BryanI DO NOT Care who Anyone is - I DO NOT allow, Tolerate nor believe in allowing Anyone to Laugh at me! I REFINGFUSE to be Laughed At! The Longer, More and Harder this goes, the More, Longer and Harder I WILL Fight Back!

Lady, you are a one woman comedy show. Keep up the good work and we are all going to keep laughing at you.

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#259 General Comment

St. James, She Did You Wrong!

AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

POSTED: Saturday, April 27, 2013
Oh, where do I begin?  I did some reading about The St. James and was captivated by the history of this landmark hotel.  I was looking forward to hearing some insights from La Missy.  Sadly, I was let down again!  I listened to the whole show, hoping, hoping, she would come back to the proposed topic.  One hour of my life gone and I take responsibility for that lack of better judgement.  How many others felt that pang of regret?  I will never listen to her garbageshows  again and I would advise the whole world to not waste their valuable time.   She has nothing to say and spends upwards of an hour to say it.  My advice to La Missy, (and I know she will ignore it)--either do your homework or leave the building.  We are not impressed!
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#260 Consumer Comment

A big disappointment

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - ()

POSTED: Saturday, April 27, 2013
I love the St. James Hotel and visit there often for their good food.  Apparently she was trying to provide us with real history of the place.  But 5 minutes into her show and she says "And that is all I know about the St. James".  The rest of the show was spent begging people to call in to her show saying "call me call me call me" over and over, yelling at hubby for farting too loud in the bathroom and then begging a lady who works at the St. James to call her.   Sadly the 5 minutes of her ghost stories at the St. James were filled with falsehoods.  I mean come on, it takes what 10 seconds to type St. James into google and get the information?  She claimed she did research.  But she had all of the dates wrong, the builder of the St. James being born AFTER the St. James was built etc.  She even had Lucien B. Maxwell listed twice like it was two people and not one who were in the land grant for the area.  If a person is going to do a show on a certain place it only behooves you to do your research, make sure what you have found is solidly correct and then double check it before you open your big mouth and try to say something about something you have no idea about.  She cannot even pronounce the words Billy, Cimarron or Beaubien correctly.  I seriously hope she gets the much needed dental attention she needs soon because her lisp seems to be getting worse and worse as this goes on.  It is almost painful listening to her because you have to decypher half of what she says and hope you are right in what she is trying to say.  She also brown noses and tries to say she supports our troops, the law enforcement and fire departments because of her first fiasco in trying to charge a veteran for help.  Then she goes on to say how great the food is in the restaurants in her town and how everyone needs to spend their money there and then if you look back into what she has posted there are tons of places where she has said the food tasted like cardboard and not to eat there.  Not only that but she claims she never leaves her home.  If this is so how has she tried all of these restaurants enough to actually comment on how nice the decor is? She needs to get her lies straight and stop trying to scam people.  No one is going to spend $30 to read a book that is just repeating all of the things she has said over and over on the internet anyway.
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#261 Consumer Comment

Ready Set Go!

AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

POSTED: Friday, April 26, 2013
Tonight we all will be" Ready and Set to Go " to listen to her amaze us with her Ghostly stories.  We all missed her last week, There was a problem with a power outage she tells us. ( The spirits exacting their revenge on her for all her lies?) I hope all goes well tonight.  I want to hear her latest promises regarding vengence on the perps who are 'stalkinating' her.  Her latest attempt to legitimize her Paranormal Experiences is her list of charges, for hoped for engagements, with people who have more money than brains:
"All Fees are Based on Round Trip Travel per Location and Per Diem.It covers Gas, Meals and Hotel/Motel - No hidden Fees, this comes to what it Covers.I have a Family I have to consider, so I have to charge for what I do.
Fees for Public Appearances are extra  .Taos and All of Taos Free      Santa Fe, Albuquerque - $362.00    Denver, Amarillo, Lubbock - $448.00       Las Cruces, NM - $442.00  Clovis, NM - $526.00  Raton, NM - $402.00  Roswell, NM - $516.00  Rio Rancho, NM - $342.00     Colorado Springs, CO - $428.00  Phoenix, AZ - $514.00     Farmington, Alamogordo - $476.00      Hobbs, NM - $657.00  Salt Lake City, UT - $512.00   Tucson, AZ - $548.00     Flagstaff, AZ - $528.00"

So, I guess the $$$ will be a rollin' in! Good luck Missy, and Bless your Heart!
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#262 Author of original report

Another book tra-la!

AUTHOR: Seco Native - ()

POSTED: Friday, April 26, 2013
Once more Missy is going around and telling people that she is writing the definitive book which will blow the lid off of her stalkers and set the record straight forever. Except that every time she does something like this it makes her situation worse. So every time she throws her breakfast across the room, terrifies her cat or beats up Dan her husband she can blame it all on some Internet stalkers and not where it really belongs. Back at her!

I'd give Missy some advice but like every other time she will twist it into more of her truth which are all lies anyway. In fact, every time she screams MY TRUTH WINS on Facebook, she is really saying I'm telling my friends lies over and over again. What a way to treat friends! This book and her continuing behavior is sure to get her FAR MORE attention than she expects. It won't be the kind of attention she wants but that never stopped Missy before.  
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#263 Consumer Comment

A show or not a show

AUTHOR: Gal from Seco - ()

POSTED: Thursday, April 25, 2013
Can't wait til her show tomorrow maybe she can explain how it is ok to write libelous book about others but not ok for them to write one about her. But then again maybe her show will again be replaced by a real show again.
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#264 Consumer Comment

Huuuuge Disappoint!

AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

POSTED: Saturday, April 20, 2013
I was hugely disappointed that there was no show last night.  I sooo wanted to hear her " Ummms, Ya knows" and searches in her memory banks.  Also, her proposed topic sounded interesting. Speaking of interesting things, I now have an interest in New Mexico and specifically Arroyo Seco, so that I may plan a side trip there and knock on her door to say "Hi y'all". Maybe get an autograph, or a spent bullet or two, ask to pet the Jukecat.  Or, perhaps I will just admire the scenery, talk to the residents, buy some real Artisan's goods, take pics of the incredible scenery and take home  great memories of a lovely vacation.  I know there are worse things happening right now in this old world, but we need a little levity from time to time and there's a little right on this site.
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#265 Consumer Comment

We tuned in

AUTHOR: Gal from Seco - ()

POSTED: Saturday, April 20, 2013
So we can be ahead of any threats and her show was not on. Some other guy was on his show was Darkest Hour and he was really good! He had lots of callers and was exciting to listen to. Perhaps blogytalk replaced Missys sad show with this good one! and who would blame them with how mediocre her show has been and the horrible language and the terrible job she does. What is she talking about abusing her cat for? She carries that skinny stiff thing around wherever she goes.
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#266 Consumer Comment

Her Show This Evening

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - ()

POSTED: Friday, April 19, 2013
Should be interesting... NOT.  All she is going to do is drone on and on and on about how her relatives in spirit are at the St. James.  She has been there one time and took a bunch of dust filled photos in which she claims the dust is orbs and she never got any good photos.  Then she claims that they are all her dead relatives welcoming her in when in reality if she were related to them they would be chasing her out.  A bunch of us are planning to go to the St. James at the same time is claiming she will be there so that we can observe her non ghost hunting skills and laugh. 

In addition, no one ever calls in to the show because they would be embarrassed of her.  She ums and aws and okays herself through an hour of nothing.  That is why Brian Hornynoise didn't call and won't call.  That is why Emilio Estevez pretends he never got an invitation.   It is always fun to listen in to what she is doing because all she does is a self narrative of the same things she has said over and over and over again and she just likes to hear the sound of her own voice.  Last week's show was enough to drive a person to shove hot pokers in their ears if they could avoid hearing one more um or okay.  She was going to give us a para mystery story about some guy but when it came down to it her story was: Nobody knows what happened.  Even though she claimed to do hours of research.   This week's story should be even less exciting or entertaining but we all listen hoping that someone has the courage to call in and ask her if she is married to her mummified cat.  I mean come on she has had that cat for 20 years already.  Cats don't live that long.  So she had to have had it mummified otherwise if her caat died and she had to bury it then she would lose 90% of her reason to post on facebook.  Run Jukie Run you can still have some quality of life!!
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#267 General Comment


AUTHOR: Trillium - ()

POSTED: Thursday, April 18, 2013
The many threats she has made have so far been "Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing".  She has a hate on for someone who actually helped her in the past (so-called "Trank") and now has turned her hate for her life and blame for all the mistakes  she has made on him and whatever cronies/henchmen she imagines he has.  She has wished him blown away in a hurricane, drowned in a flood and all manner of deaths, plus threatened some legal comuppences.  None of these threats has come to fruition.  She threatened in her Big Blowup Blogcast to get out her guns and go gun to gun in a 'shootout', wherein I, or her would 'Win' everything each one has.  Well, she has nothing I would want to win. Since I would win and get 'nothing'  I chose to stay in my lovely mansion, drink my vintage wines, eat my gourmet food and curl up in front of my inviting fireplace with my lovely, sexy partner.  So, blow on Missy, you have nothing anyone wants at this time.  However, conversely, I wish you would make a big success of all your Bizzes so that I could challenge you and win it all from you.  Seriously, please get your LLC going and show us all up. Good luck and good night.
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#268 Consumer Comment

A Frightening Development

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - ()

POSTED: Thursday, April 18, 2013
I saw a horrific post made by Missy yesterday and I feel it is important to warn people of her intention.  You see, she was blowing off steam for one reason or another and trying to blame others for her problems as usual but her post took a rather sinister turn.  She is threatening to turn someone in to homeland security for domestic terror and saying she will LIE about it if she has to.  Of course it would turn that person's life upside down when the homeland people came to investigate it, but in turn when they discovered that she LIED to them about it just to gain some form of vengeance against someone else for no other reason than she is stupid and does not know who really is revealing her frauds and her scams MISSY will be the one who is put away in federal prison.  I mean there are penalties for making false reports to law enforcement but making a false report of terrorism to homeland security, well that is a whole other ballgame Missy.  So you better think twice before you make that mistake.  I am including a photo of the said post so that she cannot erase it later and claim she never said it.  And be warned Trank whoever that is she is blaming she is really looking for trouble.
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#269 Consumer Comment

The things we find out

AUTHOR: Gal from Seco - ()

POSTED: Wednesday, April 17, 2013
By just listening to the folks around town. I have heard that ms. bryan is known as the Seco psycho. I have heard her man was accused of making upskirt videos of women and that is why he is black listed from working anywhere near here. I also understand everyone is afraid of her over reactions and then laugh at how paranoid she behaves. She complains no one listens to her radio show... well if you have ever head her drone on and on in person no wonder nobody calls in to hear her ummms and okay and lispy speech impediments. Her grating voice alone is enough to give you a migraine and put you to sleep.
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#270 Consumer Comment

Bond is right

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - ()

POSTED: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Everything to date that Missy has tried to do in order to make big bux has failed because of her not so bedside manner when it comes to selling things (think trying to MAKE people buy whatever it is she has on hand).  She is too brusk, too pushy, too annoying and too Missy to sell anything anyway.  So we don't have to worry about her crappy t-shirts, we don't have to worry about her selling her books, and we don't have to worry about her selling any of her cat hair and feces infested baked items because once people hear her voice and see how she is so desparate to sell something/anything they run the other way.  My only worry is about her hubby and his Enchanted Circle Fair crap.  

He is totally defrauding the pig racing company and the Dr. Solar guy and when those people show up and find an empty fairgrounds with no rodeo and no people to see their shows and worse no check to pay for their time this could mean a big hit for small business owners. And the cowboys who may show up to try and be in a rodeo will have taken time away from their work and lose money too.  At least now we know we don't have to worry about her fake guns. So in summary, no one will buy her t-shirts, no one will buy her books and no one will buy anything she is trying to sell and she will blame all of us out here for that.  All of the hours she spent tediously putting her t-shirt designs on her crappy free website, all the hours spent marketing and all the time she has put in on the computer yammering about her products will be wasted.
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#271 Consumer Comment

Ah I get it now

AUTHOR: Niko234 - ()

POSTED: Monday, April 15, 2013
In reading your response I can only say this. Clearly this is a group of middle to late age women who have too much time on their hands. Weather the person you speak of is a nut or not you people are a disgrace. I do wonder how much time and wasted resources are spent following this person and all their drama. So once again I put it plain as day, grow up, do something productive for society. However, I do not see that happening since anyone who insults your fragile world is immediately slammed and ridiculed. 

Grow up nitwits. 
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#272 Author of original report

What Would Missy Do? ,WWMD?

AUTHOR: Seco Native - ()

POSTED: Sunday, April 14, 2013
I suppose you are right. We should all grow up and behave. We should behave like adults. We should  like  Melissa Bryan!

 I ask myself, what would Missy do? (WWMD?) 

First thing I should do Niko234 is figure out who you are. Then, since you  criticized me Ill scream obscenities at you on Facebook. Then Ill call the police and say that you are stalking me. Then I will do some tracking on Google to find out who you work for, who your family is and who all of your friends are. Ill create phony web pages to try and get your IP address. I will call the police, give them all of your information, Ill do the same with the FBI. I will publish your address; tell all of my friends to harass you. Ill write letters to your family demanding that they disown you. I will write letters to your employer demanding that you get fired. Ill pray to the gods that a storm takes out your house; Ill wish you and your family become homeless. At the same time Ill whine to all of my Facebook friends about how all of my stalkers and haters have made ME homeless and how all the s**t that happened to me over the years is the stalkers fault.
Thats what I would if I were Missy Niko234 This is who you are defending. Missys not a victim, shes a troll. Shes a troll who gets PAID MONEY from her family to stay away. 

WWMD? She would not take responsibility for her actions. She would stalk and harass people. She would create false police reports; she would get other people to fight her battles for her. And any time, ANY TIME somebody approaches her to cut a deal she will attack. 

WWMD? She would and HAS done all of these things. And youd better KEEP defending her. For the moment you stop, the moment you say anything negative of her behavior. Criticize her for making death threat or placing ENTIER FAMILYS in danger, you risk getting stalked and harassed yourself. You would be better off just leaving her be.

Good luck on that!  
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#273 General Comment

no U grow up

AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Sunday, April 14, 2013
This is not bullying. This is counter-trolling. Yes, rolling is like a nuclear war: the only way to win is not to play, unless of course your adversary is a lunatic psychopath, and will be attempting your destruction regardless of anything you do or say. Only in THIS conflict, every player (except a couple of Seco citizens) is thousands of miles away, harmless and unreachable. As Missy keeps swearing and threatening and publicly publishing photos of her preposterous pistolas precipitously poised to punish all who dare threaten her, her all-bark-no-bite husband, her cat or her wacky ideas that will flawlessly lead her to fortune and most importantly fame (attention), everyone who keeps nudging her uses what SHE posts to easily make her upset, which is easy because she's so unbelievable insecure and lacks common sense and the self esteem that it takes to effectively think through a "business plan" and then carry it out while actually WORKING to avoid failure rather than try to "truth" is all away, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. Never give up, and quit making excuses. If the "Outlaw Life Enterprises" thing isn't going to work, it will collapse on its own. There is no need for everyone to keep egging her on. Other than for the lulz of it all. I mean, c'mon. She posted multiple photos of her in her filthy kitchen, only this time in that ridiculous getup that she bought for grandma's funeral back in her native American/old west homeland of "the valley" in California, where her family and connections to many of the most famous people throughout history originated before their exile and subsequent exodus to the rich promised land of northern new Mexico, a land so steeped in history that much of it remained untouched since mud dwelling Indians decided "screw this crap" up until white man started screwing with the powers of god by testing atomic weapons there, which might explain a lot of what we have observed in Melissa and her fantastic claims over the last few years. But I digress.

So the only way to win is to not play. But she never let's up, blindly naming names from her past, hoping that somehow one of THOSE people step up to ward of those nasty time vampires before they steal another ounce of her stolen artistic originality.

There is humor in all of this. I have observed her wrath and torment. While never having experienced it firsthand, I have closely watched as she and her husband meddled into the lives of other people all in an attempt to destroy their lives from the inside, while no police or attorney could find blame in melissa and Dan's victims, just leaving Melissa and Dan to deal with it themselves, which ALWAYS results in more and more anonymous posts, comments, discussions, threats, and crap like these posts on ripoff report, encyclopedia dramatica (recently updated, I see), reposts of her own blogs (not updated I see), and countless rebuttals by Missy herself threatening all manner of cops, feds, attorneys, lawsuits, gonna get y'all shootemup all good with my pistolas after I truth it all up Yeehaw bullsh&t and the like.

It will never be over. She's a celebrity in the chans. They love to lol @ her epic phail. She threatens to kill a and sue anonymous - lol. You can't make this up. If someone mentions something about her on any website, she seriously thinks that threatening to sue the site owners and admins will work and get content removed. That worked ONCE a couple of years back, and to date she STILL can't leave they guy who took care of that issue for her alone, and she still goes after him and other admins from that site as though they have some kind of magical power to control OTHER sites too. You just can't make this sh*t up.

So she's paranoid, delusional, narcissistic, asperger-ish, and, if I'm not mistaken, a little bit mentally challenged. She can't seem to ignore a single thing that gets posted that bears a reference to her. If it is a good mention, then she blows it out of proportion and brags about it all day without actually mentioning what she is referring to, because if she did, everyone would see just how delusional she is. If it is a negative mention, then its all police feds attorneys and pistolas. And many lulz were had.

Nope. There are far too many people who make it a practice of calling her bluffs and laughing at her impotent threats. This is not HER internet. This is OUR internet. If you want to play here, there are rules. And if you keep threatening to sue or kill everyone, eventually you never get to see the identities of your adversaries. And they will use that anonymity to show the world just how beautifully stupid you really are.

Hope this helps. Take care. Buh bye.
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#274 Consumer Comment

Grow up, all of you.

AUTHOR: Niko234 - ()

POSTED: Friday, April 12, 2013
It is really pathetic to constantly see people engaging in what is nothing more than middle school drama. My god, you people are a sad waste of society. To constantly throw insults and taunts back and forth shows you are irresponsible people. I can only hope one day you folks grow up and actually be productive members of this world. 
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#275 Author of original report

maybe safe

AUTHOR: One from Senora - ()

POSTED: Friday, April 12, 2013
Melissa is the kind of person the NRA dreads! I am all for proponents of the 2nd amendment and all that. But that lady with her threats and then brandishing weapons sends exactly the wrong signal.  I've got guns and I have nothing against their use. Their responsible use. You can't threaten people with firearms every time you get upset. This is a recipe for disaster! I don't care if they are air-soft guns or lighters. You should not brandish them in public and you should never threaten people with them. 
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#276 Consumer Comment

Breaking News: The public is safe

AUTHOR: Scared Neighbor - ()

POSTED: Thursday, April 11, 2013
From any gun threats that Missy may try to perpetrate.  She has just today posted on her facebook pictures of herself with her so called firearms in hopes of getting into a calendar of some sort of gun advocate website. (If she could get into any calendar it would be the WTF IS That? Calendar).  The first photo looks genuine enough.  But then when she is shown pointing the two weapons you can clear see the double barreled weapon is merely one of those trinket lighters you can buy in a souvenir shop.  You can clearly see the barrels of the gun are solid and see the wicks to the lighter.  When she is pointing the other larger weapon at the camera you can also clearly see the barrel is not hollowed out enough for a bullet to pass through and the fake bullets are a far cry from realistic looking.  The larger weapon upon inspection appears to be an airsoft gun.  You can also plainly see she has no clue in how to handle a real firearm and has most likely never even fired one in her life. So no wonder she has not licensed her guns.  No one is required to license a lighter nor an air soft gun and the most dangerous she can be is lighting your cigarette or giving any exposed skin a little sting with the plastic bb's that the airsoft gun fires.  So no worries fair people.  Continue to be hyper alert and tell people of her scams, and do not  worry about her hurting anyone with her ineffective and fake firearms.
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#277 Consumer Comment

You have to admit, it is funny.

AUTHOR: My Word is Bond - ()

POSTED: Monday, April 08, 2013
I listened to her show last week and think Missy did a pretty good job. She sounded happy enough. When a fellow called her from LA she ran the call pretty well, she didn't cut the person off too much and I don't remember that she declared him a member of her family, but I was getting kind of bored by then. 

Her show a week earlier was a laff-riot! But then I don't  hold cotton to all of that psychic nonsense. Missy is about as psychic as this chair I'm sitting on. 

The name is ......
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#278 General Comment


AUTHOR: bz007 - ()

POSTED: Sunday, April 07, 2013
Outlaw Life Enterprises, LLC 10 hours ago

Now, there is a 4th ROR Against ME! This time - for my Radio Show! I have Ripped into them but good on my own personal Wall!

. . Seriously. It may seem hilarious now, but there are innocent civilians who live relativery close to Melissa and her family. Please show some compassion.
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#279 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: ramjet - ()

POSTED: Friday, April 05, 2013
Anyone who is deluded enough to buy into any paranormal crap is a scary wierdo anyway.

So I'd say she fits right in.

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