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26, Report #1141264
Apr 24 2014
06:21 AM
27, Report #852564
Mar 12 2012
12:05 PM
Xlibris Corporation Author House (parent company) Fraudulent Sales Reports - All Around Ripoff Scam Bloomington, Indiana
 When I decided to self-publish my first novel, I found a company in Indiana ~ Xlibris Corporation.  I did my research and from all accounts, the company appeared reputable.  My representative was extremely helpful in getting my process up and running smoothlyor so I thought.  Once the company had my money and there was no turning back financially, I was no longer able to reach anyone that spoke (or understood) proper English.  Suddenly everyone I was connected to was located in the Phillippines and working from a script.  None of their responses had anything to do with the questions I was asking or the reason for my call.  None of the people I originally dealt with in Indiana were available by phone. It wasnt until after they had my money that I learned nothing would happen with my book unless I paid more money, and lots of it.  Stores wouldnt purchase the book unless I paid another fee for insurance; no marketing would be done to sell the book unless I paid another fee for marketing services.  All of these fees were thousands of dollars.  None of my phone calls were being returned when Id call about suspected sales that werent being credited to my royalty account.  Then a friend told me she purchased my book in October of 2011 and another said she bought it in December of 2011, both directly from Xlibris Corporation.  I am holding the receipt from her purchase in my hand as I write this report.  It is dated October 14, 2011.  Unfortunately for me, my Xlibris account shows no sales since April of 2011.  No one at Xlibris will tell me what is going on.   For over a month now, Ive been trying to reach someone in Indiana about the fraud being committed against the sale of my book.  Every time I call Indiana, I get transferred to the Phillippines.  I demanded an audit of my sales and was told one would be conducted immediately and I would receive a call back in 2-3 days.  Its been ten days and no call every came.  So I followed up with another call to Indiana today, and again was transferred to the Phillippines.  The woman I spoke with, who I was informed was an attorney in the companys legal department, says she is only a customer service supervisor and knows nothing about an audit on my sales.  Butshe would look into it and get back to me in 2-3 days.  Click!!! Do not do business with this company.  They will take your money, sell your book and steal your royalties out from under your nose.  Youll never get the same person on the phone twice.  Who knows how many copies of my book they have sold and havent paid me on.  Theres no way to get that information either because no one understands you when you call or calls you back when you leave a message. 
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
28, Report #1195965
Dec 17 2014
07:14 AM
iUniverse/Author House Company does not respond with full sales figures. Bloomington Indiana
I published my book, Vlad Dracula, The Dragon Prince, with iUniverse in December 2004.  At first, everything went smoothly.  Sales were steady enough that I was entered into iU's STAR program.  I purchased a marketing program from them for several hundred dollars, in which they claimed that they would send e-mails to a target audience of book buyers.  I have no way of knowing what they did, but I did not generate one sale that I know of from this program.  I decided to try a more focused approach and purchased another marketing program from them for $1200, this time supposedly targeted to blogs on the subject of Dracula.  Sparing the details here. that program was a mess, and, after several e-mails back and forth, they finally refunded my money. In the meantime, my book sold well enough that it was published in Italy, Poland, China, and Viet-Nam by commercial publishers.  It carries solid 4-Star reviews on amazon in the US, and 4 1/2 Stars in the UK.  I did make one inquiry--not an accusation--regarding iU's royalty reporting to the Indiana Consumer Protection Bureau.  They (uselessly) referred the question to iU instead of doing an actual investigation into the matter.  I suppose they do not have the resources to investigate every question raised with them.  I asked the question because of my own doubts and things I saw posted on-line about iU. Recently, I asked iU for gross sales figures for my book since its publication in December 2004.  I made it clear that this was not a royalty issue, that I just needed a gross figure of sales to refer to my agent in the hopes of getting a US publisher interested.  I even said they could lump all sales--e-books, hard cover, paperback--together, so I wouldn't even be able to estimate what total royalties should have been. Well, I am now four e-mails into it with them, the last being sent by me today, 12/17/14.  The only response I received was a partial report of sales from this calendar year after my second e-mail (their on-line posting of sales are rarely, if ever, up to date), which is useless and does not answer my question. This has all raised further questions in my mind, which I intend to refer to another legal agency, one which, I hope, does investigate iU.  As I said, there are several other complaints posted on-line about iU.  Again, I am not making any allegations, just raising questions, like, Why won't iU send a meaningful response to my recent request?  Do they, in fact, report all sales and pay all royalties?  Do they keep all sales records on books published?  If not, why not? I posted before about their poor record with my book on their marketing programs.  And how, when they entered my book in their STAR Program because of its number of sales, they had the back cover description written by someone who either did not speak English as his/her first language or was just very poor at grammar. At any rate, that is my story to date.  
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
29, Report #611736
May 24 2011
09:54 PM
Author House / Author SOlutions royalties unfair money Bloomington, Indiana
The finished book is top notch but they (Author House) will really get you in the pocket book. I recently was told that 28% of my royalties were being withheld because they did not have my social security number on file. This information was provided to them in December of 2009. I provided the information again last week and they now say that the royalties cannot be refunded to me. Also, when I paid the initial fees for publication I specifically asked if there were any hidden costs for shipping and such of books that were included in my package. I was told there were no other charges. When I didn't receive the books that were included in my purchased package I contacted them and was told that I would have to pay the shipping. They make very nice books but they rip you off any way that they can and when you question this they just write off your concerns and say that there is nothing that can be done to correct the problem.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
30, Report #975715
Nov 29 2012
03:41 PM
Derek Lundy author Borderlands Rining the Edge of America, Knopf Random House Canada Anne McDermid and Associates Derek Lundy wrote a book of fiction using full of lies that endangers American citizens lives. Shamme on Amazon and Random House for publishing and or selling this book under the heading NON FICTION. Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada, Internet
Canadian Author Derek Lundy wrote a book Borderlands; Riding the Edge of America under the false premise it's non fiction. Borderlands is a fictional story that uses real names. It essentially endangers the lives of those he's slanders. Lundy is a desperate open borders advocate seeking self aggrandizement. After a police data base search it was discovered he's a suspect in a child molestation case in America and was remove from the country on visa violations. Don't waste your money on this poorly written book of propaganda and lies.
Entity: Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada, Internet
31, Report #710889
Sep 18 2011
01:19 PM
AuthorHouse Author Solutions; Kevin Weiss unreasonable; dishonest; lay-offs; over-worked Bloomington, Illinois
If you've had a bad experience with ASI, you're not alone. It's not an isolated event, and chances are you probably have more reasons to be pissed off than you're even aware of. Two years ago, Author Solutions Inc (ASI) /AuthorHouse CEO Kevin Weiss was gladly accepting money from Mitch Daniels (Governor of Indiana) in the form of tax breaks. The money was for not laying off employees, and for actually bringing jobs into Indiana from over-seas. I wonder how Mitch or the Indiana government officials who give this tax break would feel to know that Kevin is, in fact, laying off workers and outsourcing their jobs to a somewhat incapable staff located in Cebu (Philippines.) If you've been having trouble with the ASI Book Orders department recently, it's because Kevin laid off 90% of the employees inthat department. Many capable, dedicated employees with years of loyalty to the company are now without a job. While it may come off like your Sales Consultant or Design Team don't care about you, this is usually not the case. Unfortunately, every single ASI employee is doing the job of two or more people, since Kevin and the Board of Investors he reports to refuse to hire much needed help in the US offices. You have every right to be frustrated when your marketing and contract questions are going unanswered, or when your time lines in production are longer than promised. Please know that this is ALL the work of the executive team. Most of the people you speak with directly would gladly provide you with better service if they could. However, due to having a terrible internal database with constant issues, unreasonable daily deadlines and a constantly impossible workload, they are simply unable to do so. Instead, anytime they lose an employee, lay-off or otherwise, they replace that person in Cebu. The workers in Cebu are poorly trained and do little to make the lives of the employees or the authors any easier. Not to mention, the so-called wages Cebu workers receive is borderline (if not) exploitation. Eventually, all US positions, except for possible some financial and marketing positions, will be outsourced. In the meantime, the lives of the employees are hell. Kevin unashamedly makes comments about plans to outsource before the announcements are made, and makes these comments in front of other employees. Do not be deceived into thinking this is carelessness and tactlessness. Kevin is a mastermind. (Google him to see what else he's gotten away with.) He wants employees to know just how expendable they are, in the hopes that they will quit, so that when the time finally comes, they will be paying less in unemployment to the dozens of Hoosiers who will lose their jobs. I hope this helps those coming here to report ASI understand why things are so terrible. And if it's any consolation, the people you are working with feel for you, and are receiving the same, horrible treatment.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
32, Report #241469
Mar 29 2007
09:43 PM
Author House tried to squeeze money out of my sponsor for my copyright they lost ripoff Bloomington Indiana
My sponsor called and got through after his 9th call in a week and 3rd called today got through. He adressed original copyright certificate issue. AuthorHouse said we can get another one but it will cost? ($150.00) My sponsor said I am not paying one penny for AuthorHouse irresponsibilities. That Rich VanLue got $42.00 for a book the author gets free. It will be the company money to replace it. He made me proud that he showed them he was not a push over. Faith Kula, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
33, Report #1120048
Feb 04 2014
01:55 PM
Publish America, America Star Books, Author House(publish America companies and sister companies) CONTRACT ARBITRATION, FRAUD, RENAMING THEIR COMPANY TO AMERICAN STAR BOOKS Baltimore Maryland
my name is Robby William Forg Jr. from Louisville,Ky Im Also Known Under The Stage and Pen Name Frogg Corpse which my book was written as (Frogg Corpse)ive never once talked to a real person, publish america is under a new name now at arbitrated my contract in 2012 , i challenged for proof of promotion of book as well in 2012 for the vanity marketing i purchased for the London book fair around march or april of 2012 among other things i have all emails saved since the contract in 2011 i was fired around july-August 2012 after asking for proof under the lack of demand of book loop hole aside the arbitration they failed in contract to send and register my book to the library of congress and without sending the official paper. they took all assets i accumilated also charged me 8% in royaltys which is about 2$ per book after selling without discretion of price at 25$ without my say at the time since contract was signed November of 2011.The-Mourning-Hour-Frogg-Corpse/dp/1462645011/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391251300&sr=8-1& removed everything off of the books a million web store....then i typed my ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 into Wikipedia and the search Engine this is some of where it went and what i dont understand having aspergersthe ISBN-13 bar code to my book 978-1462645015 (ISBN-13): ISBN-10: 1462645011this is what was found as well as numerous and still unknown to me microbook stores i had not known of i have all files backed up since most of the buisness was done very seldom by gmail conversation  WorldCat free online catalog of the world's libraries Find this book at Internet Book Database online database Find this book at aNobii personal library catalog Find this book at Goodreads personal library catalog Find this book at LibraryThing personal library catalog Find this book at Shelfari personal library catalog Find this book at citation metasearch Find this book at Copyright Clearance Center online rights database Find this book at Open Library Find this book at The Universal Digital Library (or .cn, .cn, .in) Find this book at the Grand Comics Database Find this book at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database Find this book at WorldCat free online catalog of the world's libraries Find this book at Internet Book Database online database Im seeking a Lawyer i talked to the BAR in baltimore and paid the 35$ but cannot afford a Lawyer so any help is much apprechiated. i also have some peice of mind that they work with AUTHOR HOUSE from Bloomington Indiana. Please help ....Email me(((REDACTED)))     -Frogg Corpse
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
34, Report #1397927
Sep 05 2017
06:30 AM
Peter Brown Claims manager: Betty Hill or Victoria Anderson Publisher's Clearing House Scam Louisville Nationwide **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
 A man by the name of Peter Brown sent a letter and a check in the amount of $7,897.00 which he stated that this amount is for legal and administrative fees, to my home with the Publisher's clearing house logo stating that I won $500,000.00 USD and to contact my claims manager by the name of Betty Hill or Victoria Anderson at TEL# 1-647-891-3844 without any delay before depositing the check in the amount of $7,897.00 at my financial institution, and for further information on this prize. This letter also included a security code with PCH-4284. The letter also states that their office is open Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm Eastern.
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #409002
Jan 07 2009
01:37 AM
Author Of Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta Sold downlaodable DVDS how to pay off debts in 5 yrs. I Paid $39.95 by visa but no URL Cheyenne, WYOMING
Mr. Cummuta sent me an e mail on December 23, 2008 telling me he can show me how to Pay off my House off in 5-7 Years with his downloadable DVD course of only $39.95. I agreed and paid with my visa. After accepting my initial visa number and approving the purchase, on the next page of the website, Cummua came with another offer of $350 for the course. I now got suspicious and declined the second offer. I was hoping he will immediately allow me to download the DVD or at least send me the URL by e mail for the course I paid for. Days passed and nothing happened. The Visa company charged me the 39.95. On December 29, 2008 after having received no information about the purchase, I sent the following e mail to Cummuta. To date, no reply: Dear Mr. Cummutta: On December 23, 2008, I purchased your downloadable course. I paid with my credit card $39.95 but your system did not show me how to download the course. Neither did you send the URL to download your course by an e mail. I checked my visa account and the money has been drawn by you. This is absurd, how would a business educator like you who claims to liberate the whole America from debt does this? I would rather say it is computer error and ask you to send me the course I paid for. Send the dowload URL to my e mail address (((email redacted))). Zel St. Eustache, QuebecCanada CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Cheyenne, WYOMING
36, Report #1166780
Aug 01 2014
05:01 PM
Tate Publishing Hiding information from the author Mustang Oklahoma
I have two books published through Tate Publishing LLC.  Both children's books were published in August/Oct, 2011.  Over the past 3 years, I have been trying to obtain a (sold amount) from this publisher.  I was told by Ryan Tate, sorry, we do not provide this information to the author's.   During 2011 and a portion of early, 2012 I launched the books all over the world, in several book stores.  Most of the stores that I was able to contact, did accept and did advertise the books in their stores (online) and (walk in).  As the months go by, I tend to notice that the books appeared to be selling and over time, noticed that the stores advertised sold out, out of stock.  I even landed on Amazon's Best Selling Children's Turtle Books for about 6-8 weeks.  With this being said, I had to sell at least a few books, and then some.  By the way, Tate tends to re-fill sold orders to the book stores in about 4-6 months, they are not in a hurry. I again, tried to contact the publisher to see how many books, really sold.  I keep receiving the answer of sorry, we dont advertise that information, or I dont even receive a reply.  I did contact the Attorney General in Oklahoma and a complaint was filed.  I believe this was in 2012.  Ryan's response was we did nothing wrong and we dont advertise this information to the author's.  The case was then, closed. Recently, 7/26/2014 I contacted Melanie Hughes (Director of Production) to demand my electronic files, including the rights so I could move both books, to another publisher.  I again, received NO reply.  I filed another complaint with the Attorney General in Oklahoma and the BBB and an answer from the publisher is still, in waiting.  I dont see how this publisher or any other publisher is able to hide this (sold amount) from the author.  Also, if I did receive an amount, I would not trust this publisher, anyway.  Tate Publishing appears to be a highly shady business which again, appears to be a snake in the grass.   I do believe the publisher is enjoying royalties to no end and continues to hide this information from every author.  As long as we keep this information from every author, they never reach their 5000 sold mark and we get to take endless vacations, thanks to every author method.  They are as shady as Al Capone and Baby Face Nelson.  Tate, if you are reading this, I hope every author moves their book(s) to another publisher and your doors, close.  DO NOT use this publisher, you will never receive an honest and straight answer.         
Entity: Mustang, Oklahoma
37, Report #972476
Jan 23 2013
11:21 PM
Trafford Publishing books, Xlibris, Palibrio, Author House, author solutions Trafford Publishing's scams Bloomington, Indiana
Ive read countless of negative comments online about Trafford Publishing and I was skeptical to believe those at first, but now I believe everything I read about this book, which in my opinion is a criminal organization. They are shameful comments, so Trafford should be ashamed. After I published a book with Trafford, two years later I contacted them to ask for my royalty. They said, there was an outstanding balance that needed to be paid and because of that the book was never published. This, despite the fact that I paid the publishing fee in full, they have already sent me a royalty payment and have received my free copies. I lost it. So I called and talked to Eugene Hopkins, a person at the top of the food chain so to speak, and he said, Ive never talked to you before. He has selected memory, because conveniently he didnt remember that we have talked before regarding some issues that I had with Hunckler one of the production guys. I spoke to Eugene Hopkins on the phone and exchanged e-mails with him. After going through all the e-mails that I received from the different people working for Trafford, I found Mr. Hopkins in my contact list. Imagine that you are being robbed or have been robbed. I have added a few names of the people that had exchanged e-mails with me; they are more than that. When I first contacted Trafford, Demond Dee Jefferson was the very first person that I dealt with and the person that sold me the publishing package. He sent me an e-mail confirming my agreement based on the payment and to let me know the book was going to be sent to production to be published. It is mind-boggling and hard to understand why would the book be sent to production, I received my free copies, I received a royalty payment already and two years later, I am told the book was never published and the production was put on hold because of an outstanding balance. Here is a site provided by Trafford Publishing promoting the book: This is one of the many comments that I found online about Trafford: I simply cannot get anyone to respond to my e-mails on a book I am publishing with the company. The company says my book has already gone on sale, though they are obligated to provide me with a sizeable number of free books for my book launch they have not and are not responding to e-mails. Does this sound familiar? Did I get robbed? Is Demond Dee Jefferson a fraud and didnt work for the company? Is Jennifer Mitchell a fraud and doesnt work for Author Solutions? Why would all of these people be dealing with me assuming the publishing fee was paid already and dealt with me post production? If there was an outstanding balance, she wouldve told me that and she never did, because I paid in full to Dee Jefferson. I meanbased on my experience, Trafford is the biggest scam as a publishing company, which is why I requested that my book be pulled out of circulation. Surprisingly, in the month of October (2012), somebody from Trafford contacted me offering to sell me copies of the book at a discount price. I told him: Are you people for real? This book is supposed to pulled out of circulation. As it turns out, they are still selling my book. Are they thieves or what? I know people that have purchased my book before and after I asked Trafford Publishing to pull my book out of circulation. I am considering getting a lawyer involved. Here are the names of the people that I dealt with. They are all criminals. Be careful with Trafford. It you could your worst nightmare. Eugene Hopkins Demond Dee Jefferson Jennifer Mitchell Maria Van Santen Courtney Fleck Matthew Hunckler What they are saying: Jennifer Mitchell Maria Van Santen Courtney Fleck Matthew Hunckler What they are saying: Trafford was acquired by Author Solutions on April 2009. I signed a contract with Trafford December 2008 and paid for it. Since March they have my PRINT READY book with all the files for the cover and webpage. I have not received the pysical proof until today (July 6) I simply can not get anyone to respond to my e-mails on a book I am publisihing with the company. The company says my book has already gone on sale, though they are obligated to provide me with a sizeable number of free books for my book launch they have not and are not responding to e-mails. Trafford has great sales people and terrible ethics. Upon contracting with them for my book of 120 pages, I was quoted an author price of 6.53 and a retail price of 13.74. I have this in writing. My book came to 112 pages 8 pages less than quoted and they placed the author price at 10.49 published a book with Trafford under their Webblazer program that was offered at a considerable discount. Everything was pretty good up until proof reading time: They have a very sloppy printer. When I sent in my list of changes, it came back with even more needed! Whole paragraphs In Ontario, 2005 paid over $3, 000 to have book published with a promise of marketing the book. I received some books and then paid for more. I wrote and phoned re: royalties as I saw the book advertised but never received any royalties as promised from Trafford. RECENTLY SENT MY MANUSCRIPT TO TRAFFORD.I PAID FOR BASIC EDITING.I WAS MAKING WEEKLY PAYMENTS.THEY WOULDNT EVEN LOOK AT THE MANUSCRIPT UNTILL ALL PAYMENT WAS DONE. I PAID FOR BASIC EDITING.NOW THEY TELL ME I NEED CONTENT EDITING WHICH IS OVER $300.00 .NOW THAT IS PAID FOR. THEYRE..
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
38, Report #1097647
Nov 07 2013
11:06 AM
Melike2sucku aka Rhina Elizabeth I met her on Adultfriendfinder, she turned out to be hostile to me to include threats of spray painting my house and having her group beat me up. Santa clarita California
 I stupidly decided to go on adult friend finder. The first and last person I met there who goes by the name melike2sucku, turned out to be a sociopath. My first red flag was that she informed me when I first met her that not only was she involved in drug smuggling with an ex boyfriend, but she had also attempted to commit suicide and ended up being placed in a mental hospital. I unfortunately continued to date her for a few months which was my fault and I was feeling lonely. During the course of the relationship, things got worse due to the fact that she continued to lie and was becoming aggressive due to her drug habbits. During a disagreement we had, she had threatened to commit suicide and I called 911 because she had told me that she took a bunch of pills and was sending me alot of garbbled text messages on my phone.The cops showed up and I later learned she was lying. After that event, she continued to get more aggressive and mean. When we decided to end things, she had threatened to spray paint my house and have a group of people beat me up. She told me to watch out and that there are people around every corner.Since the fallout, I have noticed that random cars have been following me, my vehicle has been subjected to vandalism, and I have had to change my number. I have tried to reason with her but I learned you cant reason with a crazy person. I have noticed a lot of cars parked around my residence that normally werent there.Another strange thing that happened in the form of an audio bug that had been placed in an alarm clock I had in my room. I had noticed that the clock was making odd static noises when the radio wasnt even turned on. Upon closer inspection, I noticed one of the screws was missing. I decided to take it appart to find that there appeared to be a line drawn in black marker tracing the power cord to a section of the circuit board with which a small round device had been placed. The device had a three digit number on top. I lifted the circuit board up and saw the number 13 written in black marker. Since that was her favorite number, and the fact that she had that number tattoed on her, it made me wonder. She was also from el salvador so I couldnt help also wondering if she was associated with MS 13.That site seems to have alot of crazy people that should probably be locked up.
Entity: sunnyvale, California
39, Report #960881
Oct 27 2012
11:40 AM
REDONDO BEACH SLUM LORD YVONNE B.JOHNSON ,YVONNE B. JOHNSON SPEYER LANE RUND DOWN PROPERTY, TERMITES, PLUMBING, RATS, MOLD, ELDER ABUSE TO AUTHOR BECK, DISHONORABLE REGISTERED NURSE, BLACK LISTED REGISTERED NURSE , liar, no boundaries, abuser, invader, dis-barred registered nurse, dangerous landlord, junk property, rundown house, jamaica penthous redondo beach, California
Yvonne B. Johnson is a wicked, deceitful, dishonest, deranged, crazy old jamaican woman, that is a Slum Lord in the Redondo Beach area, charging TOP dollar for a property that is only worth $299,000 on 1820 speyer lane in redondo beach. The property is Termite Infested, had mold, massive plumbing issues, toilets don't work, sinks don't work, ceilings leak, and drain, she has junk like Sanford & Son all through the garage and Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles. He property are all run down and busted. She abuses an 88 year old man verbally and emotionally that she sexed up when she worked as a registered nurse for his dying wife that had cancer! She was the dying woman's nurse and starting carrying on an elicit affair with the womans husband. Word came out and the woman reported her to the nursing board of California and she lost her nursing licsence for sexual misconduct. The whole time she blamed her lover Arthur Beck for her misfortune. She rents properties that are busted and not safe to  live in, ceilings caving in, and floors lifting from water and molded carpets. This woman is a con man of the 3rd kind and her presence in Redondo Beach is bringing down the property value alone. Yvonne needs to be exposed. People have come and gone because of ceilings leaking, sinks not draining, toilets not flushing, rats, mold, and she charges $1850.00 for rent with nothing included but water. This evil woman Yvonne B. Johnson must be exposed and reported for Elderly Abuse as well.
Entity: redondo beach, California
40, Report #1397907
Sep 05 2017
06:00 AM
Customer 1st, a division of Business Evaluation Services & Rolland Leggett They stole $2181.23 from me! They asked me to be a Customer Service Evaluator. They sent me a check for $2450.00 on a Saturday as we were just leaving our house, so I didn't have the time to check on this company. Dime Box Texas **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
One week ago last Saturday, as my husband & I were just driving out the drivewway, we stopped to get the mail & there was an official looking envelope from the USPS from a company named Customer 1st with a check in it in the amount  of $2450.00.  It sincerely did look real & I thought I must have signed up with them online, as I often did, but  never again!  Had it not been a Saturday & on our way out the door, I would have checked on this company first, but since my bank was open on a Saturday, I thought I would just go ahead & deposit it, big mistake! The letter inside asked me to let them know at  (805) 301-7023 when I:    1) had RECIEVED ASSIGNMENT,  then to TO 2) let them know when I had their CHECK DEPOSITED, then again when the FUNDS WERE AVAILABLE which I checked in on Tueday & the bank told me that the funds were available, then the following Saturday, that being last Saturday, I got a notice in the mail from my bank saying that I had RETURNED DEPOSITED ITEMS & that the reason for the return was that the check for $2450.00 was ficticious/altered, I was sick to my stomach!  At first I was pissed at my bank for telling me that the funds were available, then on top on all that, my bank charged me an additional $16.00 Then they told me that they would either have me buy something or do a financial matter, which was to send $1,81.23 to a Rolland Leggett for a Walmart to Walmart transfer to Texas.  That was it, my money was gone! Now I've contacted the local police, which said they pretty much would/could do nothing, I contacted my bank, which said the same thing, and I've contacted Walmart Fraud Department, ll telling me that it wasn't fraud - that the minute I deposited that check it was on me, no more fraud my fault, period. Now they (Customer 1st) won't take my calls, won't answer my texts or my emails, nada.  
Entity: Dime Box, Texas
41, Report #375702
Oct 26 2008
08:56 AM
Author House Hook ya on price, then skin n fry'em Bloomington Indiana
Got my book published with Author House. FINALLY!?? Thought and asked several times was $799 going to be my final price, with out any printed books of course(those are priced according # in one production run). I was told yes, thats all it takes for the production). Got just hammered by another sales/marketing man, Convinced me, that I had to have this, that, and these promotional items. Newspaper adds, etc.. I bought in to way more than what I bargained for. For the almost 6,000 my marketing rep said it was a GREAT plan. I sold more books self-promoting and doing my OWN book signs, than I did on the 6,000 investment. I wont even start about the pains of working with their publishing consultants, or their production team?? ehhh.. Nightmare and they stuck me with more production charges(on a finished script, already professionally edited.. Nickel and dime you to death, thats all they do. Book quality was OK; however, follow up and ordering books, is still a f'n pain. Was going to do book two with them, but even with the discount the headaches alone drove me to another publisher(self). Be careful out there as well in the Self Pub arena, Author Solutions(the parent company to Author House), owns a great deal of the industry. From word of mouth its just the same repackaged junk. Sue NY, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
42, Report #1064358
Jul 04 2013
06:06 AM
Author House UK Ltd. Illegal bank debits and promised refunds that were not paid Milton Keynes United Kingdom Internet
I contacted Author House UK Ltd. through the internet on 1st April 2013 and requested the Writer's Guide to Book Publishing. On 3rd April I received an E-Mail from Jean Swan who announced that she was the New Publishing Consultant She advised me to order a package for 450 pounds. An hour later I received an E-Mail from with an order number and a payment plan for 1399 pounds plus a payment plan fee of 30 pounds - to be paid over 3 months. The first payment of 496.34 pounds was deducted from my bank account immediately. Another hour later I received an E-Mail from Anne Tolentino, Check-In Coordinator at who sent the online submission pdf. Whilst re-formatting my text, as required by Author House,  I had a computer crash and lost the complete text.On 8th April I called Jean Swan, told her what had happened and cancelled the order, without submitting any text. there was therefore no final contract with Author House. Jean Swan promised about 5 times that I would get a refund of the money. but on 7th May a second payment of 496.33 was deducted from my bank account. Jean Swan, who I had now established is resident in the Phillipines, also promised that this amount would be refunded. My last call to Miltión Keynes was transferred to Bloomington. The woman in the Financial Dept. there told me she had no record of a cancellation or refund but gave me a refund ID for $1399 which she told me would be on my bank account by 17th June. She also confirmed to me that Jean Swan works on a commision basis and therefore has no interest in a refund. She also agreed that the Milton Keynes address is simply a mailbox and that all calls are transferred to Bloomington. An 0800 telephone number in the UK cannot be called from Germany.As this was a Distance Sale Order according to EU law I should have received written details of the offer before ordering, an invoice with the correct address of the company and their registered number (in fact I have discovered they are not registered), A VAT number, the terms and conditions and a cancellation form. There is a cooling-off period of 7 working days following the day after the order was placed and the money must be refunded within 30 days of cancellation.   All this shows that Author House deliberately engages in fraudulent misrepresdentation to extract as much money as possible from authors and has no intention of refunding any money.  
Entity: Milton Keynes, Select State/Province
43, Report #161976
Mar 29 2007
06:06 AM
AuthorHouse/1st Books ripoff didn't live up to contract Bloomington Indiana
My experience with 1st books was very poor. After $600 paid on the contract I received a total of $33 back in a six year period. My book is for sale at the book stores at three times the amount they list my book as selling for. It is also listed as a used book in the UK and the used book is selling for more than they priced it to me. According to Author House which took over from 1st Books the books haven't sold because I didn't pursue their program for marketing which would require more money from ME. Apparently it is liked by someone for it to price that high and someones getting money, just not me.They are now saying that I have to pay them to keep it listed for sale in their program (which I still won't benefit from). They just plain lied. Dottie Dallas, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
44, Report #451633
Jan 09 2010
12:37 PM
Brian Scagliola , Action Home Buyers, Results Management lease to own scammers Newton Massachusetts
When you meet Brian its all about the sales pitch he will tell you the more you put down the more assured you are he can help get you fiancing with the next few years.His entiore scam is to get you to spend your money to repair his clients properties and keep the down payment you thought was to go torward the purchase .he never tells you its a nonrefundable deposit insted he tells you it is transferable and he will work with you.H e is a scammer he takes deposits frommultitudes of people on the same properties and never refunds the monies.He even uses action home buyrs int. as his co name when he is actually just results management or brian scaglioa nothing more the n a shady businessman looking to take peoples dreams and turn them into his next vixtim or meal ticket Kallyk wilmington, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Newton, Massachusetts
45, Report #922625
Aug 07 2012
03:17 PM
The Nut House - Michele Bakie ebay: NutHouseSportsCom aka TheSportsHouse1 in PA and in Ocean City, Maryland
MICHELE BAKIE - One of the Biggest Criminal Autograph Forgers in the united States! She has sold over 10,000 fakes autographs over the internet in the past decade. She sells on Amazon, ebay and one websites. THE NUT HOUSE aka NUT HOUSE SPORTS - MICHELE BAKIE (Owner) Shutdown Illegal website: Current Amazon StoreFront Autograph Showcase changed to ALL Sports Showcase (All fake autographs): Former & Current ebay ids: NutHouseSportsCom and is now thesportshouse1 Current ebay Store: Operation Head: Michele Bakie aka Michelle Bakie Addresses: P.O. Box 1439 or 107 Atlantic Ave., Ocean City, MD. 21842 Phone:  410-289-5222  Email: She has ripped of 1000's of innocent customers. She will change ebay id's and amazon seller id's so here are some of here seller names: nuthousesports, nuthousesportscom, autograph showcase, thesportshouse1, all sports showcase and more to come. She is wanted by the authorites. Just google any of these company names. If you have purchased anything from these companies contact your credit card company, file a paypal claim and call the police, ebay and or amazon.
Entity: Ocean City, Maryland
46, Report #1307807
May 26 2016
06:39 AM
Pamela Ann Author (Pamela Ann Books) - Pamela Banas A scammer who steals and cheats! United States, California Internet
Pamela (Ann) Banas organised an event called The Book Affair and it was suppose to be held on 18 April 2015, at London Marriott Grosvenor Square (UK). She asked 2 volunteers to help plan the Facebook's group and so on, while she collects the ticket money. She advertised the event as a book signing event with many famous authors attending... so readers or fans can socialise with them.  Pamela then started an eventbrite event and told interested participants to buy their tickets there. Here's the URL: The VIP tickets were all sold out (each costing £125.00) and numerous other 'ordinary' tickets were sold. It is believed that lots of revenue was raised from just this event. THEN she started her pattern of games: she started telling her organisers to post in the Facebook Group that a number of book authors weren't able to turn up. Over time, more and more authors mysteriously couldn't 'turn up'. We later found out that these authors weren't even aware of this book signing event. Pamela made it all up.  The worst part? She ran off with all the ticket money she's collected. She even deleted her personal profile so no one would be able to find her. Of course, we manage to find her personal facebook profile recently and we messaged her. After she read our message her profile was deactivated. What's left is her official facebook group: We tried to warn the others by posting in the visitor's wall. She removed them almost instantaneously. We then decided to simply comment on each visitor's post. She immediately disabled the option to comment on other people's post. She then blocked us. This scammer has gone too far. If she is innocent, she would have replied our messages or defend herself. Instead, she just blocked and silenced us.  We also found out that she's an American living in California. And she's selling various other books in Amazon. Some customers have been complaining of not receiving their pre-ordered books and so forth. I urge others to be wary of her. If any one reading this is a vigilante, you are welcome to take her down.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #874969
Apr 27 2012
03:58 PM
Prescott House P house The P House is not what you think prescott house, Arizona
AVOID GOING TO THIS PLACE ITs EVIL DRUG REHAB ITS REALLY JUST A HALFWAY HOUSE WHERE EVERYONE  TREATS YOU WITH TOTAL DISRESPECT I was told on the phone by a salesman named Collin McCarver a bunch of crazy things before I got there that werent true List of lies        Id be able to work out (not true) unless youre a fat kid and need to not for fun or fitness I could use the phone to call friends and family after 2 weeks (absolutely not true especially if you might complain to someone about the ills that occur there)  The facilities were nice (crack house) The treatment plan would be effective(the guys that graduated relapsed afterward)They ask for 2 months up front for drug rehab this is about 15000.  The reason they ask for a non refundable 2 months is because everyone who gets there instantly wants to leave. I left after 30 days and didnt get a refund for the second month.  I asked the director a guy name Dayton Durberville for a refund since I only stayed one month and he said we dont do things like that around here.   In other words I paid 15000 for a 4 week stay in a cheap apartment with a bunch of other guys. Most of the clients are younger men whose parents make them go.  The counselors dont let them talk to their parents for a long time and only after the patient agrees to say they like it there. Very Few adults avg age is about 20.  The reason there are no adults is because adults instantly leave when theyre exposed to the nonsense that occurs there My first day I show up I had to sign a bunch of contracts stating that I understood there were fines for everything. I walked in and the staff greeted me with sneers.  Usually counseling staff are great people who are compassionate ect. These guys were ex junkies who seemed to hate life.  Not a one of them had anything I wanted especially the attitude.  I got into my room that looked like an old beat up apartment.  The floor was gross the walls needed painting; the bed had paper thin blankets on it and super cheap mattress that squeaked.  I couldnt believe they had just charged me 15000 to be there.  My roommate sneered at me and then they took my cell my credit cards money ect and mailed it home.  In other words if I wanted to leave it would be a pain in the a**.  Like you walk out and dont have any way of getting a flight rental car or whatever. They do this on purpose so you cant leave without the help of your loved ones.  They plan on treating you poorly hopefully this (no way out) will increase your stay. Next morning everyone wakes up and goes to a meeting where they fine everyone for various things. Fines are doled out for being one min late somewhere, talking out of turn, and not cleaning pubic hairs out of the toilet, leaving a speck of dust somewhere on and on.  Anal retentive insanity that has little or nothing to do with recovering from addiction or whatever they say they treat.  My roommate was an idiot and ran around with a cap on his neck and uttered I FEEL FEAR all the time.  I said I wasnt a janitor and didnt want to clean after anyone and had to sit in silence for 8 hours a day with no aa meeting no talking and had to read it was like being a 5 year old in time out. I went to the med room r a checking 5 mins late and basically the detention thing lasted another week.  They said I couldnt go to the gym use the phone to speak to my kids or my workplace to describe how horrible the place was. One of the other guys that was staying there was sneaking alcohol into his room got drunk and threatened people with a knife.  It was a big fiasco.  This guy was like the poster child very compliant kiss a** type and everyone was so shocked he got drunk since he was poster child of the place. Go to rehab somewhere else this place is insane You might like to be treated like a child by a bunch of junkies who have been sober for a year. The staff power trips fines the patients for all sorts of stupid stuff People there all hate it and essentially stay because theyre parents wont let them go home.  Its bad for recovery.  I WANT MY MONEY BACK I ONLY STAYED ONE MONTH AND IT WAS HORRIBLE WHY ARE YOU CHARGING ME FOR 2 MONTHS WHY DID I PAY 2 MONTHS BEFORE I SAW THE FACILITY OR UNDERSTOOD WHAT IT WAS LIKE
Entity: prescott house, Arizona
48, Report #739167
Aug 03 2011
05:29 AM
Craig Richard Lust Craig Lust, Craig Richard Lust, Browns Social House, Browns Pub, Craig R. Lust, 0791964 B.C. Ltd. , 0791964 B.C. Ltd. dba Browns Social House Browns Social House - Food Establishment Inspection Detail - Primary Operator: Craig Lust Primary Owner: 0791964 B.C. Ltd. Richmond, British Columbia
Inspection Details Inspection Date:     16-Sep-2010 Inspector:      Follow-up Required:     False Reason for Inspection:     Routine Action Taken:     Information Exchanged, Verbal Directive, Written Directive Referrals:      General Comments:      Closing Comments:     All of the above must be corrected on or before September 20, 2010. A follow up inspection will occur at that time or thereafter to ensure compliance. *A copy of this report is emailed to Inspection Information Observations     # of New Observations     # of Resolved Observations In Compliance - Food Food Safety Plan has been implemented and is in use. Refrigeration temperatures are satisfactory (< 4 degrees C / 40 degrees F). Hot holding temperatures are satisfactory (> 60 degrees C / 140 degrees F). Handwashing facilities are satisfactory. Food storage practices appear to be satisfactory. No pests observed at time of inspection. Maintenance of premises is satisfactory. Washrooms are clean and well-supplied. Thermometers are provided in every cooling unit containing perishable food.     0    0 Inadequate Cooling and/or Refrigerated Storage of Potentially Hazardous Food(s) The walk-in freezer is to maintain frozen foods at -18C or less. Advised the Manager to check the products to see if any foods have thawed. If foods have thawed, they must be kept in the cooler and used, and not refrozen. Have this walk-in freezer serviced to maintain -18C or less. The walk in freezer was observed to be operating at 0-2C. The Manager stated that the temperature of this cooler quickly rises when the door is opened and that a large shipment was just received.     1    0 Inadequate Cooling and/or Refrigerated Storage of Potentially Hazardous Food(s) Top portion of the prep cooler (where foods are placed in inserts) across from the kitchen grills was found to hold foods between 1C and 8C. Chicken wontons were measured at 19C, and an insert of ham was measured at 15C. Both were ordered discarded. All potentially hazardous foods must be stored at 4C or less at all times to prevent the growth of bacteria. Instructed the staff to put covers on food and if temperatures do not reach 4C or less within the next 30 minutes, all potentially hazardous foods must be transferred into an operational cooler or placed on ice.     1    0 Improper Cleaning, Sanitizing of Equipment and Utensils The bar glasswasher was found to produce 0ppm chlorine at the plate level during the final rinse. This same issue has been found in a past inspection on August 19, 2009. The bar glasswasher must be checked daily using chlorine test strips to ensure a minimum of 50ppm chlorine is produced at the plate level during the final rinse. Dishwasher technician serviced the machine during the inspection and at least 50ppm chlorine was measured at the dish level during the final rinse by the end of inspection. Ensure you log daily glasswasher checks as part of your Food Safety Plan.     1    1 Improper Cleaning, Sanitizing of Equipment and Utensils Low temperature dishwasher found to produce 0ppm chlorine at the dish level during the final rinse. It was found that the sanitizer bucket was replaced that morning and the sanitizing line had not been primed. After the line was primed, at least 50ppm chlorine was produced at the dish level during the final rinse. Instructed the Manager to ensure staff check the dishwasher daily using chlorine test strips and record checks as part of the Food Safety Plan. Dishwasher must also be checked after sanitizing bucket is replaced.     1    1 Food Not Protected - General Ensure the ice scoop is kept stored in a container outside of the ice to prevent contamination of ice from the handle. Corrected immediately. Ice scoop was observed storing directly in the ice at the front bar area.     1    1 Improper Sanitary Facilities Ensure this sink is kept free of obstruction at all times to allow handwashing to occur. Spray bottles of sanitizer were storing in the front bar handsink.     1    0 Other - Misc Fetal alcohol warning signage is still missing in the public washrooms. As per City of Richmond Public Health Protection Bylaw No.6989, fetal alcohol warning signage must be posted in each public washroom. Signage was provided to the Manager at time of inspection.     1       0 Source:
Entity: Richmond, British Columbia
49, Report #989621
Jan 01 2013
02:23 PM
Michael W. Ford Author The Order of Phosphorus Michael W. Ford, Satanism, Luciferianism, Michael W. Occult Author,Succubus Productions Houston, Texas has been determined by Flagship Media that this web-site is harmful to anyone practicing in the occult, since the author takes occult knowledge and places a spin on it to create relationships that are designed for him to prey on unsuspecting females and males exchanging false wisdom and documentation to sexual favors I recommend all stay away from people affiliated and especially from Michael W. Ford. This a public service message and is based on actual evidence that has been presented to Law Enforcement in the State of Texas. In the past our reporting has convicted several people in the Occult for sexual crimes, we are connected to Satanic Churches and Temples which provide safe atmospheres for the attendees. Thanks Flagship Radio C.E.O. Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik
Entity: Houston, Texas
50, Report #989102
Dec 30 2012
07:56 PM
Michael W. Ford Author The Order of Phosphorus Michael W. Ford, Satanism, Luciferianism, Michael W. Occult Author,Succubus Productions Houston, Texas
Michael W.Ford has been engaged in numerous scams and frauds, his books are merely another avenue for him to sell illegal items, he is however is an author but he seldom ships the items he sells, which include numerous items made of bone like substances he claims is real human bones, which has some legal challenge, as always expect his legion of fans to post claims this is a false claim, this is not the case, should anyone wish to contact our CEO please contact us at (((REDACTED))) include your name and phone number and we will have an investigator call you back. We have seen 33 accounts of items not being shipped from his website located at:  PLEASE OCCULTISTS AVOID PURCHASES FROM THIS SITE! PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE TO PROVIDE THIS MAN INCOME FROM ILLEGAL MEANS. Thanks Flagship Media  CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Houston, Texas

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