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1, Report #1368823
Apr 20 2017
09:34 PM
Christopher Blanchard : Mama Lola SPIRITUAL SERVICES SCAM Burbank CA
I came across and decided to call Mama Lola at the phone number displayed on her website.  I called (424) 362-3119 and spoke with Christopher Blanchard on Saturday, April 15, 2017.  He spoke on behalf of Mama Lola and advised that they were like family.  He also recommended a service from the website that would work for my situation.  He quoted a price of $400 and said that I could pay half up front and the remaining $200 in two weeks.  I asked if I could pay the money via Pay-Pal, but he insisted that I use Money Graham.  He said that they wouldn't be able to access the payment for two days with Pay-Pal.  On Tuesday, I finally decided to go through with the service and I sent the payment via Money Gram. He never called me back to oonfirm that he received the payment or discuss the next steps in the process.  I called him on Wednesday (4/20/17) evening and he texted me letting me know that he would call me later.  However, he never called.  I called him back on Thursday, April 21, 2017 and I noticed he was very short with me on the phone and it felt as though he was trying to end the converstion quickly.  Although, he said he was driving, I really didn't feel that it was right to rush a paying client off of the phone. I then asked to speak with Mama Lola.  He said, You want to speak with her? I said, Yes. He said, I'll have her call you later. Guess what? Later never came. By 11 p.m. my time, I tried calling him back which was after 8 p.m. his time. Guess what? He turned his phone off and sent my calls straight to his voicemail I will pursue this further so that he can refund my money. I called the Burbank CA police depart
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1403786
Oct 02 2017
10:34 PM
Mama Lola / Christopher Blanchard Mama Lola, Christopher Blanchard, Jonathan They are harassing me and my family sending messages through the internet. They are scammers. Miami Florida
These people are scammers. They attempt to harass and blackmail individuals, family and friends via mail, internet etc. To get money. Christopher Blanchard AKA Jonathan has a criminal / arrest record.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1300207
Apr 17 2016
12:13 PM,, Christopher Blanchard, NOT THE REAL MAMA LOLA Chris Blanchard, These people change websites often, but they always pretend to be connected to Mama Lola. LOLA IS NOT ONLINE. Florida
These people change their websites often, so beware! They claim to be affiliated with/representing Mama Lola, but she has no idea who they are and cannot be contacted online. Her family is aware of these scammers and are seeking legal counsel, but it's difficult to get the websites taken down because as soon as one is reported, another domain name springs back up. All of the pictures and video on the website are stolen from various other websites, including personal Facebook pages. Absolutely disgusting. The people behind this website should be ASHAMED of themselves for impersonating Lola's family. They do a disservice not just to the people from whom they've scammed thousands of dollars, and to the entire Champagne family, but also to the religion of Vodou itself for taking advantage of Lola's reputation.  LOLA CANNOT BE CONTACTED ONLINE. Please do not give these fools your money.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1345166
Dec 23 2016
06:41 AM
moma lola with Christopher Blanchard I gave my email ,my question or concern.which was curse removal.Then stated to leave a contact number.then Christopher called me miramar Florida
I was looking for a Voodoo Priestest to help me remove a curse.I looked through google found moma Lola's Red and Black outlined website.on the site it said ,leave an e mail,contact number and what I needed help with.which was $200 which when I sent through western union was 290.85 what i sent in total :/The person who called me back was Christpoher Blanchard .then told me I could call him back when I sent the money.then gave me his number 
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1155439
Jun 17 2014
11:23 AM
blanchard and company ripoff artist Louisiana
Do not deal with this company. Check around. Their commissions are outrageous.  Be careful of the sales pitch to purchase rare coins and gold pieces. It is a sales pitch for you to spend on items that would take years for you to break even after the outrageous commission they charge. Either their sales people are taking home huge checks or the companies expenses and g&a is out of bounds. Dont buy into the sales pitch. If you want to purcbase bullion stick to your plan and shop their prices. They offer no services other than constant sales pitches  Absolutely not worth their huge commission charges. BEWARE....I WOULD NEVER PURCHASE FROM THEM AGAIN. Screw me once shane on you...screw me twice shame on me.
Entity: Louisana
6, Report #1280003
Jan 14 2016
08:55 AM
Jon Blanchard Albany New York
 I worked for Jon Blanchard for almost 3.months until he just stoppedal paying me. We worked together everyday starting new jobs but never going back to complete any of them. He would ask customers for money for the materials, show his face for a day or so and never go back. He avoids contact from customers wondering where he is and has no concern for anyone but himself! Right before Christmas he owed me for 53 hours of work and called me at 5 pm on Christmas Eve to come get my money. At that point my family and I were on our way to a family function and I asked him to the 26th of December when we returned to work. When the 26th rolls around Jon had no money for the 53 hours he owed me. The next week money and another check was no due. Third week rolls around still no pay check for any if the three weeks. I now have not spoken to Jon in over two weeks and he avoids all phone callsystem and texts. Ithe is to the point now where he changed his phone number and is no where to be found! I am stuck with nothing for three weeks work of work! Never hire Jon Blanchard for anything he will take your money and run! He is a great talker but has no care but how much money he can put in his pocket!
Entity: Albany, New York
7, Report #568250
Feb 11 2010
06:00 PM
Blanchard and Calhoun Real Estate Rip Off Augusta, Georgia
This company is incompetent.  They have taken more than $1500.00 in un-authorized repairs on my rental properties in the past 2 months from me, with no notice ,which is a breach of our contract.  They do not MANAGE properties.  They collect money on your properties at their convenience.  Call me before using this company for anything.
Entity: Augusta, Georgia
8, Report #776193
Sep 13 2011
10:24 AM
Blanchard & jCo Inc. Reeled me in like a big SUCKER ! Internet
i too was like the other post that i read here about blanchard & co. inc. i was new to gold investing and had some cash from an inheritance that i wanted to perserve. the salesman suggested collecting rare coins, which i totally depended on his expertise to guide me. without going into detail about the amount i invested, my biggest disappointment was a gold dollar type II Indian Princess, which I need to complete the set. that coin cost me 4,000.00   i have had it four years now and have yet to see it retail above my cost even with the gold prices soaring.  i know that i was taken advantage of with my lack of knowledge, having since talked to local dealers since and have heard nothing but negative complaints about Blanchard.  don't expect anyone there to have your interest, they are no better than vultures picking the bones of people such as myself. my rep. was slick as goose-grease, looking back in hindsight. he probably hung up the phone and had a good chuckle.   don't buy from blanchard you will overpay bigtime! ripped a new one in Kansas City.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #243175
Apr 09 2007
07:22 PM
Clayton Blanchard SLUM LORD BITTER OLD MAN landlord ripoff Fort Wayne Indiana
This report is on a old fart named Clayton Blanchard of Ft. Wayne Indiana. He is a landlord. He is a deplorable, disgusting, human being. If u rent from him, do not under any circumstances think for one minute he will fix or repair anything and if he does, it will take up to 6 months for him to do so. He is a liar, a theif, participates in fraudulent practices and is very VERY spitefull. He does IRS scams along with other scams including citt and state scams. This is a liar. Big liar. He isnt to be trusted. This man will allow you to live under deplorable circumstances & if u report him, he will seek revenge and he will find a way to get it! If u do associate with this man, he will call EVERY SINGLE number u call him from, regardless if its your number and regardless if u tell him NOT TO! He has no respect! If u call this man from your friends house to make arrangements about collecting the rent, he will SAVE every single number u call him from & place these numbers as a can be reached number for you. He will call these numbers repeadedly, over and over again, leaving messages FOR YOU even upon being told that yuo DONT live there, and that its not your number. He will call these numbers BEFORE your rent is even due, demanding the rent! 3 Days before rent is due!! When u make mention that something needs fixed, he will yell and scream at u, talk over you, WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LISTEN TO YOU, will loud talk you and talk over you and then slam the phone down in your ear!! He will however listen and talk with u in more of a calm manner if the discussion is about putting money in his pocket! He will dodge you all month long about repairs, but will track u down and even stalk u the day after rent is due even though u have a 5 day grace period. He will bang on your door over n over again and will even do a reverse look up for a telephone number that u call him from even 5 months before hand and get their address and go and pound on their door, looking for u 1 day after rent is due and then have the conceit and nerve to get mad at YOU or THEM because u are mad at him for tracking u down at their house!! WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MAD! I have been late with my rent twice since I rented from the man for a total of 2 years!! This man is unbeleiveable!! He will leave u in a freezing house with no heat for the whole weekend. He will leave u with a sink that doesnt work, leaks everywhere,cracked windows that wont even lock, u name it! HE will promise u that he will fix these things when u first express your concern about things,but never follow through. He will also leave u without a shower door that secures the shower from water exiting out the shower even though u make mention to him that water is bouncing off your body onto the floor and that u have to use 4 and 5 towels to place on the floor to keep water OFF his floor to prevent damage to it. He does this on purpose, that way the floor will get damaged by the water and he can keep your deposit claiming its for repair of the floor, or better yet, take u to court and sue u for damages when the whole thing could of been prevented by installing the full shower door,like he intially said he would the first 34873489 times! Whatever u people do, DONT RENT FROM THIS MAN!! U WILL REGRET IT!! TAKE IT FROM ME! HE IS A MEAN CRUEL BITTER OLD MAN WITH A BAD RAG ON HIS HEAD (TUPEE) THAT LOOKS LIKE DOG FUR.HE LIKES TO PLAY GAMES BUT LABEL IT YOUR THE ONE PLAYING GAMES!! He makes me sick. *vomits*@ the sound of his voice. ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLl he is interested in is your money, no repairs. HE will NOT use the same avenues to catch up with u to make repairs as he does to get money from u. In other words, he will use whatever means nessessary to get rent, but WILL NOT track u down using the same sources to fix anything!! I am reporting this man ASAP! DONT RENT FROM HIM! BEWARE! P.S. HE IS A RACIST TOO! Ft. Wayne, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Wayne, Indiana
10, Report #1074823
Aug 11 2013
08:14 AM
Olivia Blanchard Mistreats kids and have them around drugs and alcohol New Iberia Louisiana
Olivia mistreats her kids and does not take care of them like a mother should, she is so busy worried about men drugs and alcohol that she is forgetting all about her most important job, being a mother. She is not even sure who her kids father's are. Those beautiful boys deserve better.
Entity: New Iberia, Louisiana
11, Report #1367255
Apr 12 2017
07:16 AM
Blanchard and Company Took me to the cleaners New Orleans Louisiana
I am a sophisticated investor for stocks and bonds. When I bought gold from blanchard, the rep told me I should have rare coins, and placed me in a set. One of the coins cost $46,854.00.00. There was also a variety of non-rare coins, and some gold bars I specificaly asked for.There is a buyback guarantee with this company. But wait 'til you see the buyback.Two and a half years later, I asked for a price on the coin mentioned above, the rep quoted me $29,500.00, a 17,354 haircut.Since I needed the cash, i sold it back, along with some gold coins at about a 13%  HAIRCUT.I'm waiting for gold prices to reach a level I had pre-set to myself at time of purchase.  In the meantime, I'm afraid the value of the so called rare coins will bu such a loss that I'm going to leave them to my children and let them sell it to a neumastist.No more business for Blanchard, which boasts of being the lowest price, highest quality gold dealer.
Entity: New Orleans, Louisiana
12, Report #688641
Jan 30 2011
09:42 AM
Blanchard Valley Hospital Blanchard Valley Regional Health System Emergency Room Care Very Poor Findlay, Ohio
We have had some terrible experiences in the emergency room at Blanchard Valley Hospital Emergency Room. Recently my husband passed out at work and was transported by ambulance to the ER. He laid there for hours and hours while the ER doctor had him on a monitor andordered blood tests. Hewandered in and outoccasionally. I believemy husbandlayed there 5 to 6 hours with a baby down the hallscreaming and crying about once every hour. During one of the times the doctor wandered he informed me of his plan to discharge my husband. I asked if there were any tests needed and he said no. I suggested that we should see if my husband could stand up without passing out, before I took him home. The doctor raised the back of his bed and walked out. In about 3 minutes my husband said he needed to lay back down as he felt dizzy. I lowered his bed and went to the "nurses" station where the EMT's hang out. I informed them what happened. They said they would come down and monitor his blood pressure laying, sitting and standing. Then a woman came in with paperwork to discharge my husband. I told her he was not going home yet. The EMT's came in and took his bp laying and sitting. Then they asked him to stand up and I had to steady him. He indicated he was going to be sick and one EMT grabbed a bag, which my husband promptly filled. The EMT had to grab a second one as the first one. They looked like they were in shock at how much he vomited. Then they said nothing, butlaid him back down and left. The doctor came in and said he heard what happened and said he thought he should him for tests. They put him in a room on the 6th floor, but did not "admit" him so we had to pay the copay of $50 for the ER. He was kept for observation for the remainder of that day, all of the next day and into the morning of the third day. During the second day they did all kind of tests on him. The lady in billing told me they can keep a patient for 23 hours for observation...? In the past my husband went in complaining of chest pain. I parked the car and went in to find him sitting alone in a chair in a small room. I went to the ER front desk and the receptionist was not there. I waited for at least 5 critical minutes for her to return. I asked if someone could check my husband to see if he was having a heart attack! He was finally put into a room and examined!! The next day he was transported by ambulance to another hospitaland had angeoplasty and stints placed. On the floors, and at the diagnostic center you are treated with great care, but the in the ER be prepared to be ignored!!
Entity: Findlay, Ohio
13, Report #1161954
Jul 14 2014
03:27 PM
Entity: New Orleans, , Louisiana
14, Report #1371477
May 05 2017
08:49 AM
The Wildlife Gallery Incompetent Blanchard Michigan
We contracted with The Wildlife Gallery to tan the hides of game animals we harvested in Africa.  In late summer, 2016, The Wildlife Gallery shipped the hides back to us via UPS, uninsured.  Somewhere, UPS completely lost them.  The Wildlife Gallery didn’t insure the return shipment to us.    I contacted the Wildlife Gallery on or about 4 April 2017, and spoke with a Mr. Dave Peters. Mr. Peters listened to my complaint, and agreed to call me back the next day.  The next day, Mr. Peters offered compensation of $875 as reimbursement for the loss of the capes.  I reluctantly agreed, and Mr. Peters stated he would have to clear it with “one of the owners.”  The following day Mr. Peters called me to say that the “owner” said “go pound sand”, and that they will not be providing any form of reimbursement.  I concluded the call by expressing my dissatisfaction, and told Mr. Peters to inform his owner that I would be pursuing all legal remedies.  I am not happy with the customer service we received from The Wildlife Gallery.  I am disappointed that The Wildlife Gallery did not insure the return shipment to our taxidermist.  I am very unhappy that The Wildlife Gallery offered compensation, and then reneged on the offer.  These people are poor business people, and have terrible customer service.
Entity: Blanchard, Michigan
15, Report #713658
Apr 04 2011
12:06 PM
Matt Blanchard , Marquis Fulfillment Agency LLC 2 nice kids knocked, said they were getting money for school, sold me magazines totaling $294. NOT Buford, Georgia
Two nice looking college age boys knocked and immediately started their pitch.  One even said he lived in the neighborhood; the street is several blocks up the hill from me - Dorilee Lane, Encino.I asked for identification, they showed it and began their pitch about where the magazines would go and what they would get as their part of the subscription, which was points for college somehow.  I never did get that part but they were fast talking and very polite.  We talked of several things, all subjects were immaterial to their pitch, to make me feel at ease.  They even offered to come do chores around the garden to make up for me spending so much money, which I was hesitant to do, saying I thought my husband would disapprove.  I should have listened to my inner self.I told them the chores would not be necessary.  I should have taken them up on it to see if they ever showed up.That's it except that I am a damned fool!!
Entity: Buford, Georgia
16, Report #1123516
Feb 14 2014
07:48 AM
Blanchard and Company Chuck Bloomenfield Sold me MS63 $10 Indian Certified coins in 1993. 10 ea. @ $ 1650 per coin. Far above market. New Orleans Louisiana
On june 16, 1993,Blanchard and company sold me, Gilbert D, ten ms63 $ 10 Indian Certified gold coins at $ 1650/coin. I was a first time buyer of gold and believed the salesman, Chuch Bloomfield. I bought ten of these coins.  He said, over time if gold prices go up, these coins would go up exponetionally--up to 2 to 3 time value.  Gold was selling for about $ 300 an ounce at this time.  Gold went up to close to $ 2000 an ounce and these $ 10 Indian ms63 at buy back never got better than about $ 1400 per coin.  The company lied about the value in 1993 and really lied about the potential.  Buy 1 oz of gold from these liars on monday at $ 1400 an oz and the best you get a buy back for on tuesday is about $ 1200.  Try it !  If you believe their gold story, be prepared for a ripoff.  I will never buy gold from these liars again.
Entity: New Orleans, Louisiana
17, Report #1213823
Mar 06 2015
01:07 PM
Blanchard Valley Hospital Dr. Kindl Caused increased pain and suffering then wouldn't return any calls. Findlay Ohio
 I started seeing Dr.Kindl over a year ago for increased pain to spine with three tumors and three bulging disc. Prior to seeing him I had already been getting injections for a year he did another year of injections causing my pain to be worse when they are not suppose to be done for more than a year. I had been on percocet for my pain for two years, I told them they were not working any more taking them four times a day,I couldn't even ride in a care 5 miles to town so when I saw his nure practicioner heather I told her I was needing to take them one every four hours around the clock she said ok then started me on baclefen for spasms stated it would help with the pain meds. Then I got called out of state to Iowa for my sister had a tumor inside her heart, 10 hr ride which was exurtiating then sitting in hospital with her for five days til over then another 10hr ride home. So when I got back they counted my pills that were off because she said it was ok to take every four hours. I have been on heat pad night and day causing my skin to break down. I get a letter from them stating I broke the contract so they were not going to give me any pain meds again. I went and saw heather again stated you said ok when told you I was taking them every four hours she said yea I did but I didn't mean for you to do it. So she wouldn't give me anything mind you I haven't seen Dr in five months just nurse practioner. So for over a week I have been in so much pain, not eating not sleeping due to the pain and sitting up all night on heat pad. My daughter called them every day for a week telling them the condition I was in and not once did they call me back. I contacted the administration and they said they would have them call me.  which they never did, then his nurse called me stated you broke the contract he wont give you anything for your pain but we can see about more injections or aqua therapy sure when I can barely walk. They said I abused my medication if that were true when he gave me dilauded twice which is more powerful narcotic both times I gave them back because they made me feel funny, I was told by spine instatute if that were the case an abuser would have taken them all. His nurse would not even listen to me, the nurse practoner and Dr. kindl never did call me themselves. I told them My quality of life at this time was zero due to the pain and trying to save up money to have neck and lower back surgery.And they still didn't care to help me with my pain. they said Dr Kindl could see me in april to do other alternatives which already were not working. The last neck injection I couldn't move my neck for a week.So here I am still having pain and suffering that they caused then abandoned me for any care or pain treatment. I have been a nurse for 30 years and lifeflight medic for 25 and I never would have ever abandoned any of my paitients like they did me. But mind you two week of calls with no returns until I contacted administration and that still got me no where. I think they failed me the people I trusted the most to help me and they just stopped caring. I hope this never happens to anyone else no one deserves to be in this much pain that I am in and then just left to suffer for a contract they broke not me. And if the nurse practioner says she didn't say it she then lied because ever my husband heard her. Is there anyone out there who can help me.
Entity: Findlay, Ohio
18, Report #1149127
May 29 2014
04:14 PM
POWERFUL VOODOO SPELLS Christopher Blancharor Johnathan Christopher Blanchar in Fort Lauderdale Haitian Voodoo Spellcaster Fake Scam Artist Fort Lauderdale Nationwide
 I went on-line look for a voodoo reading and came across Chistopher Blancher who said that he was going to make a special trip to Haiti for me. He is a young man and said that he understand voodoo very well and would work to clean my life up.This man stole $1,100 from me claiming that two demons were attached to me and that if I used lisol in my home one would leave and a soultion in my clothes that he sent with leaves it would not return. The other demon had to be removed in Haiti. He asked me to assist him with the purchase of this trip saying that I should pay $1200 in total for his work. I paid $1000 upfront and then needed 200 more. I paid $100 for the initial reading.This man never gave me anything for my money. I still have the same issues and he never once showed proof of his travels. He sent four old photos of a goat with blood coming out and some people standing around watching a voodoo cermony which might even be from a magazine. I contacted the FBI on this person and the police local department told me that I had to sue him in civil court. I paid him through paypay so for those of you doing this, dont send this theif nothing.Here is his , and johnathan sidibe is his real namehe might send an email to you from this account johnathansibe@gmail.comBe careful, he is full of bulls*.  
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #395099
Nov 25 2008
05:48 PM
Easy CGI / YourWebHosting Failure to provide technical support on Web hosting Blanchard Massachusetts merged or morphed into YourWebHosting or Your Web Hosting. The transition totally messed up one of my Websites using Dot Net Nuke. It had been working correctly until the move and I made no changes to the DNN files. I uploaded support tickets for about a month and made several phone calls and so far they have not been able to see or fix my issue, but every couple of days the site would not let a user login or register. As of tonight the site is completely dead. When I originally purchased hosting in 12/07 they promised to install and handle any DotNetNuke issues, but the new company they have become no longer honors that promise and their installer will not correctly install DotNetNuke as of 11/25/08. So any Web Developer, Web Designer or Programmer with a Dot Net Nuke issue, you might also experience not being able to get technical support to fix an issue and you can not use the installer they provide as of 11/25. When I called on 11/25 and spoke to a supervisor their computers were down and they could not access support tickets, company information or even their own Website! So EasyCGI seems unable to fix DNN issues and does not provide me a means to fix them myself. Meanwhile I have a client upset (rightfully so) that his site is down and I am paying for an unfixable down site. I would highly recommend avoiding EasyCGI or YourWebHosting for web hosting services of any kind. It is not unusual that their promise of support in 24-48 hours only returns a ticket update that is not a problem resolution. I've never been allowed to talk to a tier 2 support tech directly. I have had to wait days or in my case weeks hoping for support. Ripoffreporter UndisclosedU.S.A.
Entity: Blanchard, Massachusetts
20, Report #1026489
Mar 12 2013
10:59 AM
Paragon Leads -Mikohl Caldwell pgaleads Complete Jerk once you turn him down-which you definetly should-The reason this site was created , Internet
After investigating this company I found only generic information on the site and no brag book about any client(s) that were doing business or happily doing doing business with him.  The only info wa other Ripoff Reports and scams notices.  I respectfully sent him an email and decline the opportunity to join his company for the reasons listed above.   Here is his response: > On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 11:41 AM, mike caldwell > <>wrote: >> Chris,**** >> >> Go f**k your own a**.  **** >>>> Youre removed from my list.  **** stay away, stay very far away from anyone that conducts his business like this.  it is tough to weed through the real deals and the scams, but I am writing this to help you avoid one of those worthless individuals and scams he perpetrates.  Good luck in your job hunt.
Entity: Internet, Internet
21, Report #155878
Sep 03 2005
07:21 AM
Navicomm ripoff CARMEL Indiana
Sent me a bill for $11.05 for internet web access. After reading these reports they'll be waiting for the money I wont be sending a check. Pam mount blanchard, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: CARMEL, Indiana
22, Report #334241
May 22 2008
11:03 AM
AOL double charge Internet
my mother cancelled her acct about a year ago when she moved to another state, then reopened it for her new high-speed internet acct, which should have been 4.95 a month. thay never cancelled her acct. they kept her dead husbands acct active at 17.95 a month...which was under her screen name; then added her new acct at 25.90 a month, charged her another 8.00 a month for services she did not want. they refunded..or SAY they will 2 months of the 8.00 charge...ooooh thanks. needless to say we have cancelled all accts. i'm expecting them to continue charging as that is their usual m.o. NEVER use aol, for the love of God use ANY other isp. Aolsmokescock blanchard, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #623660
Jul 15 2010
07:49 PM screwd over Norwalk, Connecticut
NOTHING BUT BAD TO SAY ABOUT PRICELINE. SNEAKEY, DECEIVING AND VERY BAD COMPANY!!!! NO Respect or concern for their customers. Have their Legal terminology right their in very print after pages after pages of searching. Don't even know that they are affiliated with the site you are on without serious digging. No matter what they are guarenteed to take at least $25.00 whether you are satisfied or not!!! (Or maybe much, much more!!!! )Not to mention ruinning your vacation plans, by their lack of customer service!!!!! Signed,  Hugely Disappointed Customer
Entity: Norwalk, Connecticut
24, Report #1061647
Jun 24 2013
12:45 PM
Christopher Bartholomew Scammed by Christopher Bartholomew Sarasota Florida
On May 1, 2013 we received a call from Chris Bartholomew requesting a quote for 12 large prints, 48 x 32. He would provide the files and we would print to 1/2 inch Ultraboard.  We provided a quote and he submitted the files.  We printed the images and when he came to pick them up he wrote a check for $1,740.00 but marked through the address and noted new address.  He contacted us the next business day and said to not cash that check because it was from a closed account, and that he would provide credit card information when he returned to Florida.  After a couple of attempts to contact him he said he had mailed a check.  Then after a week he disputed the charges and offered to pay a little more than half of the invoice total.  At that time he said the only way he could pay was for me to give him our company's bank information and he would deposit the money.  I told him that we do not give out our bank information and he said that he would have his partner get a cashiers' check mailed that day.  A week later he said he would provide credit card infomation that day.  Two days later he said he had emailed the credit card info.  Two days later he was out of the office but would email the credit card info upon his return.  Today he is out of the office on a photoshoot and will email me tomorrow. 
Entity: Sarasota, Florida
25, Report #447108
Apr 28 2009
09:43 AM
Christopher Clegg Money back? Clearwater Florida
I also did some work with Clegg and had no idea he was like this. He was such a nice guy when we first started working together. He was always responding quickly and seemed very knowledgeable. The minute he received payment, he stopped communicating as much. It got progressively worse as time passed. This was a while back and to this day he still owes me money. He basically disappeared. This is why I don't have any contact information listed. I have a paper trail of every conversation we had, because he only communicates through email. I should have known something was up from the start. I contacted an attorney a while back and he gave me a few different options. They all required spending more $, which I don't have. If anyone here has a cheaper way of getting their money back from Clegg, please let me know. It's good to know I'm not the only one. People like him don't get too far in life. He will learn his lesson sooner or later. Filing a police report is something that I should have done a long time ago. I wish there was a way to contact some of you so we could talk in private. However, I've read through past posts and saw that Clegg responded to a few reports, trying to defend himself. If anyone can provide any helpful information, please let me know. Thanks. Dirkzander88 Leesburg, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida

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