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1, Report #1248680
Aug 15 2015
06:12 AM
David John dav57jon people per hour freelancer Internet
I hired 'dav57jon' david john on the website people per hour for a job with a very important deadline.He accepted the job wednesday and said ready for friday. I contacted saturday and he said he didnt even start.Then he claimed to be ill.I said ok can you do it today, its a 3 hour job, so easily could still present the work to my colleagues at a meeting.He said no.   I said what to do about my meeting then? He then blocked me on skype. Amazing show of unprofessionalism, even if someone is sick they can at least email you and say they are behind on work, if it was even true, people make so many excues these days.Just bear in mind if you choose to work with 'David John' web designer and graphic designer, and have a deadline, he will not meet it, and if you have any uncomfortable question, his answer is to just block you from skype......now ask if you want to trust your project to such a person......
Entity: Internet
2, Report #521666
Nov 09 2009
03:10 PM
David John - John Gabby david john Scammers Internet
I got a call today at 3:30pm on my cell asking for me. I told them I wasn't available because the number was blocked and I didn't know who was asking for me.  I then received a call on my job from somone who called himself David John and said I had an outstanding loan with cashnetexpress and he was representing them; that I could take care of the loan now or be arrested at my home or place of employment.  Well I told him that I didn't recall having a loan with that company and if he could tell me when this loan arrignated.  He couldn't give me that information.  I told him I wasn't paying for nothing I don't recall doing and for me to let my attorney look into this matter.  He kept insisting that I take care of the loan now; so I told him to do what he has to do and I will do what I have to do.  I searched the internet for this company and found no results; then I knew this was a scam.  I called them back to let them know that I would be filing a report with the police in my city about these phone calls and the first few calls said that the number I'm trying to reach is unreachable and when I did get someone and asked for David John they told me to hold on; but hung up the phone. Don't phone for any of these calls especially if you know that you are not responsible for what they are saying.  Do research.  Report them to the Better Business Bureau and find out things such as a name and phone number and if they continue to call report it to the police in your city.
Entity: Internet, Internet
3, Report #558718
Jan 22 2010
07:30 PM
David Hughes John Anderson ACS scam Internet
I received a call today from David Hughes who claimed he was with ACS and was calling to collect $509 from a loan I supposedly received from one of their affliates in January or February in 2008.  Why didn't he know which month?  He refused to give me proof of this loan on paper and stated that payday loans do not use paper.  This is not true.He claimed that I was going to receive a lovely lawsuit if I refused to pay.  He also asked for my debit card number and refused to accept a check.I have seen another Ripoff Report regarding ACS and I believe them to be scam artists.If anyone has any information to share with me, I'd appreciate it.
Entity: Internet, Internet
4, Report #242455
Apr 05 2007
07:28 AM
John David Zajch Failure to pay court ordered child support Virginia Beach Virginia
John D. Zajch has never voluntarily paid any child support he made one payment (through wage garnishment) then quit his job and fled to the state of Virginia (where he has a warrant for his arrest) he currently owes $90,000 in back child support, if anyone knows the whereabouts of John D. Zajch, please contact the Virginia Beach Police Department with the information Penny Thomaston, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
5, Report #466760
Jul 01 2009
10:11 AM
David John - John Gabby Sent fake $20,000 Bank Check to purchase an Alfa Romeo Race Car Phoenix Arizona
Individual found my race car for sale on an Alfa Forum. Then sent a fake cashiers check in an amount greater than my asking price. Listed his name as David John at 3024 W. Griswold, Phoenix. A search of this wonderful site showed three existing similar scams from this same address using the names David John and John Gabby. A search of Google earth showed that there is no such address as 3024 W. Griswold, a vacant lot at best! Do not cash his checks or allow your car to leave. A scam, no question about it! Robert in texas Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
6, Report #267614
Nov 15 2007
03:33 PM
John Hodges - John David Hodges This man is a con artist & domestic abuser ripoff Saint Thomas Virgin Islands
If you meet this man and are doing an internet search because everything doesn't seem just right. Follow your gut, it's not right. Just so there is no confusion. John's birthdate is 10/12/69 and he has lived mainly in Jacksonville, FL and St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. He seems to be the most wonderful man who is just down on his luck when you meet him. Once you let him move in with you he WILL become physically abusive. I have tracked down 3 of his exes and found that the stories were all similar. After talking to the ex girlfriends, I found that he is more dangerous than I even realized. This may be out of his control and he may have an illness he needs to deal with but I am writing this so that you PROTECT YOURSELF. I'm sorry that I cannot include my information, I am afraid of retaliation. If you want further information, you can go to Duval County Clerk search site to lookup court records. http://www.duvalclerk.com/ccWebsite/Default.aspx?id=recordSearch Do not show him the results, it WILL enrage him. Concerned about the next woman moving soonU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Thomas, Nationwide
7, Report #876864
Jun 27 2012
08:57 PM
David John Frantz David John Frantz, Cameraman & Editor sends vulgar and harrassing emails to local company offering paid internship and continues in his harrassment Internet
We posted an ad on craigslist locally for an assistant to help out with photography.  We are consistently getting requests to follow us for the day or assist for free and so we decided to offer pay- not that this matters.  David John Frantz took it into his hands to email the following vulgar harrassing email to a female employee, when responded to he sent another.  We have clearly asked him to stop.  This man has information about church and cancer awareness issues on his facebook, but cannot even be civil enough as a much older adult to properly speak to people in his community, let alone on an issue he had NOTHING to do with.  Here is his crude letter:I think photographers that offer to pay people less than it would cost to rent their equipment to work for them for someone else, in a word, suck. That would be you. I hope someone (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE))) you over royally on May 5th and someone else May 12th because you deserve it. Have a nice day!Really courteous and all because we were looking to teach NOT have people rent equipment and work long hours for free.  Ps. most internships are that wayhttp://eventimages.info/sixpagesnow/Welcome.htmlhttps://www.facebook.com/davidjohnfrantz
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #612834
Jun 10 2010
07:19 PM
John D. Kendall John David John D. Kendall SCAM ARTIST - strikes again Hudson, Florida
This guy advertises as a Youth Pastor from Oklahoma and hides behind God. As it was written in articles # 425581 and # 440402 he is really a scam artist. Together with his wife Kimberly they bought my business - a Hair Salon in Belleair Bluffs, Florida in May 2010. He paid me only a down-payment of $5000 and he signed a Promissory Note that he will pay me $46,800.- in monthly payments. He took my business and in a few days he sold both both tanning beds leaving a big hole in the wall of the salon and he disappeared. He also sold or took with him most of supplies. He did not pay his employees, electric bill, water bill, phone bill or the rent. He lied to me about the rent. He said that the Landlord will not assign the lease to his name (not true). I am still responsible for paying the rent of $2,500.- every month till the end of the year 2010. So I had to pay $20,000 rent for May-December 2010 for the business that does not belong to me anymore. John David Kendall is his real name but all the time he was saying his name is John David. I found about his name at the bank, when he took over my business account. All together he owes me $66,800.- Now I have no money left to sue this guy. Only if I would find some local Lawyer who would get paid only if he would get some money from this thief - I could go for it. He ruined my life. Please - all of you - be very, very careful if you will ever meet this man.
Entity: Hudson, Florida
9, Report #403621
Dec 21 2008
06:27 AM
John Kelvin - Temitope Lawal - David Adeotti Internet dating scammer, advance money, western union money transfer, online dating, false identity Limerick Ireland
John Kelvin, online dating , looking for love, false pictures and identity. Says he is based in limerick , Ireland and had to go to work in Africa. Chatted on line for two weeks , he says he was robbed returning to his hotel and asked me to advance money to the accountant of the hotel to pay his bill. Hotel called the Cottage, Ikeja, Lagos....it dose not exist. He uses 0023 480 306 78238 as a contact number. Says he works for Sharp Construction. Daughter called Clara also doe not exist. Beware of this man trying to get money from other internet dating users, he comes across as very genuine but don't be fooled . John Kelvin, Internet Fraud, hope he is caught soon. Shannon KildareIreland
10, Report #1193832
Dec 08 2014
09:29 AM
John David, Christine Lagarde, International Monetary Fund Funds transfer Washington DC DC
They sent an email with the following:I am John David personal Assistant to Christine Lagarde Managing director International monetary fund IMF in USA. I know this will come to  you as a surprise but it is a blessing for life and this transaction will be beneficial to you even on your retired days and you will be grateful to me for the rest of your life. During my investigation, I discovered funds that have been seized through the past government but due to my position now, I have discovered and confirmed that it can be realeased to you without any hitches. You are vey lucky for me contacting you now because this is the best time to accomplish this transaction. This is an opportunity that comes which I cannot afford to lose because it is painful when you do not utilize a real opportunity The details of the fund will be disclosed to you once you reply and bear in mind that your name will be  used as the true beneficiary to the fund. Be happy because you are not spending any money from your pocket on this project. Also give me a number I can call you. Mr. John David. Personal Assistant and chief spokesman of Managing director (IMF). Contact me directly on the email: (((Redacted)))
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1325721
Aug 31 2016
03:03 PM
KSB Holdings-Aaron, John David, Isaac Levy KSB LLC : Greenwood Holding GroupKSB, Ltd Pompano Beach Florida
 On 8/30/2016 I was informed by my old employer that someone from the listed phone number has left several messages for me to contact them, the caller never leaves a name in the message. I called the number back and spoke with someone name Aaron and he told me that I owe I have a debt from 2012 for an online loan and I used a Bank of America acct number and I owed $510 and $480 to Mac Development Group. I asked if they could send me something with the information and I would review it but I was not giving any information for payment over the phone. I then asked that they remove the contact number of my old employer immediately and I provide my phone number to him and he informed me that he would remove it, on 8/31 my old employer called me again and said they left another message. I'm called back and asked again to remove that number, but this time I spoke to someone by the name of Isaac Levy and he told me that he was my case manager and I could give home my cc information to set a payment, when I asked for a contact extension to call back he said there was no extension, because the payment verification department was not in th same building he could only transfer me. I was then transferred to a foreign lady by the name of Lisa Amaram, when I asked if I could call her back she said she had no extension, at this point I believe this is a scam. If I owe a debt I will look into paying but I do not want to give my PII over the phone and I want them to stop calling my old employer (614-883-7974) leaving those threatening messages! I want it stopped immediately.
Entity: Pompano Beach, Florida
12, Report #676594
Dec 29 2010
05:35 PM
david pessis john metzl con man sick child molester people drugs and guns chicago , Illinois
My name is Robert .. U can just call me Robert. I paid these scum bags. David pessis money and John metzl money and they took it and ran. David had drugs on him when i was doing business but it didnt seem to bother him that My pregnant wife was about to pop. The coke was huge on the table. John on the other hand told me that when it rains it pours. Well i guess in real estate thats the story out there. Please don't give them 4,000 up front because i did. Now i know for the future they are sick maniacs. Please my wife is very poor I can't take it anymore. Give me the money back you child molester.
Entity: chicago, Illinois
13, Report #1086003
Sep 21 2013
10:30 AM
David Williams, John Smth, John Myers, Giovanni? They are scam. Beware! Penn & GA
806-318-8975, 215-666-5719, 678-995-7643 Harrassing phone calls to receive compensation. They hardly speak English are very rude and demanding, talk in circles, extremely unprofessional and dificult to understand. Required a green dot money card for verification $90., insisted on an additional and final $100. to receive compensation. Swore check was ready for transfer. Then needed another $70. for paperwork from Bank of America yet same phone number as original callers. Requested an additional $80 for lawyer fees. Just received another call from a GA # wanted more money again to raise credit score and receive compensation. John Smith swore on his son after the first payment was made that this was not a scam and no other money would be asked for. He even threatened me his father works fo the FBI when I said I was going to report them if they did not return my money. They call at least 5 times a day
Entity: Pennsylvania
14, Report #432845
Mar 10 2009
10:51 PM
David John Aka James John craigslist ad replies that offers to buy without seeing product and pay more than you ask for shipping fees. Internet
I posted a piece of equipment for sale and I received two emails with really bad grammer. He said he was fine with the price and didn't need to see the equipment. He wanted me to cashed his check first and then his delivery person would pick up the item. He wanted to send me a check for more than my asking price and I was to wire the amount in excess to a western union account. Only I had to really read between the lines to figure this out. He did not explain this clearly. He never asked for the location of the item. He just asked for my name and address. He had two separate email addresses with the same type of offer and with the same bad grammer. I kept asking for his phone number and I asked when he mailed the check. He wouldn't answer these questions. Finally I got a phone number that was a general number with a computer generated voice. I just read that someone else had the same type of experience. Apparently he found some fed ex account numbers and the checks that come are fraudulent. The bad email addresses I received are: davidjohn110@gmail.com and john.james1975@gmail.com Dcl123 Manhattan Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1087810
Sep 27 2013
12:00 PM
John Partiel David Partiel OverCharging, Horrible work and Threats Hollywood, CA
 John and David Partiel are CON ARTISTS They agreed to do work that was either partially done or in horrible quality I was overcharged on every job and when questioned they threatened me These are the worst people you can ever work with, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!
Entity: Hollywood, CA, Select State/Province
16, Report #620537
Jul 06 2010
09:31 AM
John A. Fulcrom & Wendy Hamilton, General Manager, NAAC ( Wendy)&David Slater, Chief Financi Wendy Hamilton,John Fulcrom,David Slater Guaranteed Win-Opportunity To Recieve 1,900.thousand dollars Plainview, New York
I was told I was a Guaranteed winner of One million nine hundred thousand dollars, all I had to do was send in a check,money order,or cash in the amount of 19.99. I did. Two days later I get another sweepstakes letter asking for 39.99 to be eligable to win. A week later I get another one asking for 31.99. It looks like these people are really messing with people just for the sake of scamming money. I only sent in the first payment, still a dumb move on my part. Please get these people and make them pay a high price so that other people will see that it is wrong to keep scamming people out of money. I work three jobs just to try to make ends meet and don't need to be misled or taken advantage of. from now on all the sweepstake letters will be burned as soon as i get them in the mail.
Entity: Plainview, New York
17, Report #14238
Feb 15 2002
12:00 AM
John D Rowell, Jr. Dead Beat Dad Back child support living Phoenix Arizona
John D. Rowell, Jr. is behind in child support has left the state of california and is now living in Arizona, he is behind only by 2 months as of Feb.1,2002. But owes more, doctor bills, forclosure on houses, solen property, cell phone bills and the list goes on and on..
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
18, Report #115025
Oct 28 2004
09:10 AM
BARICK BUILDERS, DAVID BARICK - Owner ripoff, Breached builder's contract, won't finish my new construction home, Dyer Indiana
I have had to hire an attorney to deal with Barick Builders because they have not finished my new construction home. I closed on the house on 9/10/04 & there are so many things that need to be finished. However, David Barick walked out and said that he was not returning to do any work at my residence ~ 9/30/04; therefore I have had to hire counsel to get him to respond -- which he still hasn't. Every seam in the drywall is bulging. My exterior doors do are not properly hung -- they open unless they are dead-bolted shut. The marble counter-tops in both bathrooms are not what I ordered. The exhaust fans in both bathrooms are not lighted. The paint job is horrible. There is electrical wiring coming through the ceiling in a closet in one of the bedrooms. The attic openings are not framed. The hallway to the basement is not finished at all. The platform in that hallway is not finished (on the floor). My sister lives next door to me...So, I have a great model to compare my house to. David Barick continues to say that this is the quality of work that he sells...However, next door, everything is finished & the drywall is smooth. For me to live like I am camping in a brand new house is ridiculous. I have been riped-offed. Brooke SAINT JOHN, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Dyer, Indiana
19, Report #885927
May 21 2012
04:32 PM
american payday John miller,david lucky, David Peterson, Barbara smith, and David Anderson Money take me away Internet, District of Columbia
start like this, I was looking for an loan or payday loan to pay off an bill. I receive this call and it seems to be good to be true. So they told me if I send 100 then I will receive an 2000 loan. I know it sounds stupid but I wanted that money. The person name was Steve Page employee ID: EMPTST823GR1 and loan amount was 2000 and payments were 210 month interest 104. Phone number is 2022414267. So I sent the money gram reference number 77816710. After I sent the money then they are telling me about bank to  by bank transfer fee of 350 that now I have to send again. They say that they are the federal reserve bank 202-506-9995. They are stating that they are federal reserve bank at Washington dc. they deal with wells Fargo loan. then they gave me an address at 202 warranton dr. Washington dc. website www.americancashadvancepayday.com. I told them I want an refund then it was stated that I have to send $50 more to get it. The loan company called me from this number 408-663-1221. I told them that I wanted an refund. they stated that I could get an statue where I get my $100 by western union then they gave me the MTCN or money transfer control number of 1572829100. I went to western union but the money wasn't there. Then I called back but this time I spoke to an David Luckily. He told me to go to money gram this time the statue was for $250. I had to get the money and take out the $100 out then send them the 150 back. I went to money gram with the reference number 96201823. Once again the money wasn't there. So I ask them for there information then he told me to f*ck off. I receive an call next day I got an call stating they take people money and they aren't an real loan company. Then on the same number they pretending to be an federal grant company. Saying I receive an grant in my name . They gave me this information email kint_139@yahoo.com and the number I should call if I want any information is 773-410-0886. website www.federal.gov.end.dept.com. The people I need to talk to are John miller, David Peterson, Barbara smith, and David Anderson. On 5/8/2012 I received an called from an David Anderson at 876-436-4847 saying its an 200 fee. I told them I dont have the money. On 5/9/2012 I received another call from an mike from the same number saying he want to have sex with me. On 5/15/2012, I receive another call from an  David Peterson from 876-847-6741 he was saying that I need to get my number change and he was going to change it. I told him imp not changing it. He was stating that all those other calls ignored them and talk to me. Use this security code blue1234 when anyone call you about this loan. Now today 5/18/2012 I receive an call saying from an mike this time same number asking how much money and send it now. When I ask him to provide me information then he say  just send the money and hung up. Then called about saying we scam you out of your $100 and you wont get it back. Heres all the numbers that I receive from these people: 876-847-6741    202-506-9995    876-436-4847    408-663-1221    876-426-1827    202-241-4267     876-454-9655
Entity: Internet, District of Columbia
20, Report #482367
Aug 19 2009
11:03 AM
National Awards Advisory Center - David Slater - Wendy Hamilton - John Folcrum Attempt to use the U.S. Mail to defraud Flagler Beach, Florida
On August 18th I received a mail-gram from National Awards Advisory Center indicating I was a confirmed recipient of a 1.9 million dollar payoff. All I needed to do to claim the award was send them a check for a $19.99 report fee made out to NAAC, prior to August 26th. Needless to say, I didn't respond and I intend to bring all their papers to our Post Office and report the attempted fraud. It is a Federal Offense to use the U.S. Mail to defraud.  From the looks of the number of reports filed about this company and their various entities they have continued in business for quite some time. It's time somebody put a stop to it.
Entity: Levittown, New York
21, Report #433867
Mar 13 2009
11:31 AM
US Government Grant Dept.- John Or David Williams Bogus $5000 tax refund DC District of Columbia
I've been contacted several times from some Indian or Pakistan accent fellow that claims that the US Government is giving me a $5000.00 tax refund and that he needs my birthday, SSN, full name, and more importantly my bank account info. If they would hire someone with an American accent, they would probably fool some people as otherwise they come off as convincing. The bad thing is that even though I've tried ignoring thier calls, telling them to take me off their calling list, and even threatened calling the FBI, yet they still keep calling me. Adam Blue Springs, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: DC, District of Columbia
22, Report #605386
May 20 2010
03:23 PM
John A. Fulcrom & Wendy Hamilton, General Manager, NAAC , Wendy,&David Slater, Chief Financi NAAC fraud sweepstakes Uniondale, New York
this company sent me a letter stating i had won a sweepstakes for $1.9 million....They then stated i was required to send in $20 to them for processing my paperwork...MAJOR SCAM!
Entity: Uniondale, New York
23, Report #615888
Jun 21 2010
07:24 PM
National Awards Advisory Center - David Slater - Wendy Hamilton - John Folcrum they sent me a letter saying that i won 1,900,000.00 dollars just send they 19.99 for report fee uniondale, New York
this company sent me a letter saying i won some money and for me to seen them 24.99 and i did, didn,t know no better then they sent me another letter said i could win more money send them 19.99 and i did that now they are saying i won 1,9000.000.00 in cash and awards but i need to send another 19.99 for paper work they have gotton me for 80.00 dollars and i haven't seen one penny yet, something need to be done with this group of poeple because they aare getting away with this scam.
Entity: uniondale, New York
24, Report #540066
Dec 15 2009
06:51 PM
National Awards Advisory Center, David Slater,, Wendy Hamilton, John Fulcrom, F Gibson RIP OFF - If you are smart Just check the web before sending any money. Uniondale, New York
A letter came in the mailbox to me today offering me $1,900,000. In order for me to receive this award, I would have to send in $19.99 by Dec 23,2009. did internet research found that this was a Ripoff Report; was very surprised to have read that another lady had the same letter sent to her.She thought the same way that I did and I agree when she mentioned in her report what kind of company would send you a reward letter but yet you have to pay to get it. Really absurd!   Don't you think!Do your Homework ! Research People!! The News Broadcast cannot express this enough!! Hard times are here to stay, a dollar bill is too hard to just give away!!!Don't ever let your guard down!! Alfredo P Florida
Entity: Uniondale, New York
25, Report #201939
Jul 19 2006
03:11 PM
National Awards Advisory Center, David Slater, Wendy Hamilton, John Fulcrom F Gibson Ripoff, Deceptive, Mail Fraud Long Island & Levittown & UniondaleLong Island & Levittown & Uniondale New York
I received this letter today 7/19/06 from NAAC, National Awards Advisory Center with a Long Island, NY address on the 1st page, Notice of Available Payments To Receive, Cash & Prize Letter-Gram. They give a File Number/Account Holder Number. The first page states I am identified as Receiver for the entire Win-Opportunity in the Full $Amount as reported and detailed. It states on the 17th day of July 2006 at 3:14PM my name was computer matched with an ID# making me the individual entitled to receive the $1,900,000 in Cash and Awards. I was to verify the information as accurate and correct and make any necessary changes on the accompanying page in order to finalize the matter and commence proceedings of delivery to me without further delay. I was to receive the entire $1,900,000 in Cash and Awards by returning the completed CASH AND PRIZE-ACCESS PAPERS along with the required $19.99 REport fee in the envelope provided. My deadline was 7/31/06. It is closed with: In closing, All Best Wishes are extended to you on the Announcement! Winning a major CASH PRIZE is a truly wonderful experience, and we are thrilled to bring this exciting opportunity to your attention! It is signed: John A. Fulcrom, President. The National Awards Advisory Center. Signed & Dated 7/17/06 There is a Specified Mail Documentation to Individual of Record with my name and what looks like a blue card, that says: Prize-Award Certification Label dated and on file 2006 and approved by F. Gibson 3/67. NAAC Management Offices. 2nd page is a Receiver Copy on top of page, Confirmation in middle with letter and signed by Wendy Hamilton, General Manager, NAAC, deadlines approaching with date and Official Prize Declaration signed by David Slater, chief financial officer and the claimant Requisition & Completion Area on the bottom. That has the $ amount, my name and address and 3 places where I am to say yes, yes and sign here and enclose check, cash or money order made payable to NAAC. It also has the prize payment is guaranteed, receiver eligibility is confirmed and there is a 12 day deadline and authorized approval is JF. There is a return envelope with Time Sensitive Documents, Important Papers Enclosed, Expected Receiver Mail, Process Immediately On receipt and Attn: Wendy Hamilton on the left side of envelope. Addressed to N.A.A.C Administrative Services, Reveicer Processing division: P.O. Box 9370, Uniondale, NY 11553. This letter sounds very legitimate and I am not usually swayed by this type letter. I had to read it half a dozen times and then start searching on the internet for the company. Even my husband thought it was legit and had to reread a couple times. Jeannie Milroy, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Long Island & Levittown & Uniondale, New York

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