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1, Report #1357592
Feb 22 2017
08:09 AM
Fashion Nova Fashion Nova Scam Fashion nova Internet
 Ordered 2 outfits from Fashion Nova for my Birthday. Recieved the Package 02/21/17 hurried to open it to try ok my Clothes, come to find out they Sent me a Used Sprint Phone. I will never order from them again and I will take Further Action to recieve My Money back.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #989862
Jan 02 2013
09:20 AM
Fashion Bug Fashion Bug Frauds Customer Internet
I am writing this complaint to make everyone aware of the unethical procedures that Fashion Bug is utilizing.This company thrives on the impoverished demographic and relentlessly jabs their unsuspecting victims until they bleed dry. In my yonger years I decided to open up a credit card with Fashion Bug. Not knowing then what a horrible mistake I was making. It was my understanding that I had paid off my credit card and closed the account, only to have a collection agency stalking me almost a decade later. My wages began to be garnished without any prior notification. Fashion Bug was claiming that I owed them $1377.00. WHAT!?!?!? This was false and completely not true. Every attempt made to contact the company and straighten this out was only met with insensitive, condescending employees of Fashion Bug. Just recently I noticed that they were STILL taking money from my paychecks even though I had paid their original $1377.00 they claimed that I owed. I was told by my payroll departement that Fashion Bug continues to add fees, miscelaneous charges and court costs all without my notification. This is UNETHICAL, FALLACIOUS, and WRONG. Basically this company that prides itself on cheap clothing that falls apart in the wash, costume jewelry that was marked up from the dollar store and shoes that were probably purchased from a sweat shop in China. I am disgusted and appalled. I will continue to make my story be heard until Fashion Bug takes responsibility and this illogical situations ceases. Until such time I am arranging a boycott of collosal magnitude.I will not stand by and be raped of my hard, earned money.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #161357
Oct 19 2005
03:52 PM
Fashion Rock ripoff Orlando Florida
fashion rock is a RIP OFF they made me pay 2000.00 dollars us money to be in a competition and they said they will give me a prize no matter what i got up there and they didnt give me one dang thing and i didnt even compete they lied they werent even at the hotel or nothing i just dont want anyone else to be scandeled bye this. oh yeah and the hulk off of wwe wrestling his daughter was apart of that also. Brent middlesboro, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
4, Report #160464
Oct 12 2005
07:37 AM
Fashion Bug ripoff Brookhaven Mississippi
I had made a purchase with a debit card, tried to return one of the items with a reciept the following day, was told no refund, as it was purchased with a credit card, which I tried to explain that I didnt own a credit card, and would perfer that they didnt credit it back to my debit card, as this always takes months, and in past experience with this company sometimes never happens, I was treated very rudely, whereas then the manager was called in, who then explained it could be credited to a in store card which I didnt mind and said as much, then the employee began basically calling me a liar, I resent this treatment as well as the fact now that I think about it, that I am being made to shop once again in this store, as I live in a rural area, or forgo the money that I spent in this store, so basically I have been ripped off, as I would never step foot in this store again Sylvia brookhaven, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Brookhaven, Mississippi
5, Report #8261
Nov 28 2001
12:00 AM
I am from a small town. We don't have a lot of places to shop outside the local walmart, but one day we got a Fashion Bug. I went there with a friend and purchased 2 pairs of jeans. I took them home and my friends mother had to take in the hips on the first pair because the didn't fit right. So i decided to save her a headache and take the second pair back. At the store the sales rep was extremely rude. I explained there was nothing wrong with the jeans i just wanted to return them. The sales rep asked me if i had worn them. I said no i hadn't even taken them out of the bag and all the tags were still attached. She accused me of lieing she said Well they smell like smoke i said well probly because i am a smoker. Then she actually had the audacity to pick up the jeans spread the legs and smell the croch! I almost died of embarrassment! I have never been so insulted in my life. I couldnt even talk to her without screaming. I kinda lost my cool but in the end i got my money back, and no one i know will ever shop there again! Crotch sniffers i swear!
Entity: STERLING, Illinois
6, Report #424936
Feb 17 2009
04:48 AM
Potent Fashion are a scam. I can't believe I was ripped off and feel very silly and annoyed that I have lost close to 600.00 because of this company. Last June I wanted to buy myself a new designer bag and thought I'd search for the best deal as I really wanted a chanel bag. I earn the average salary and sometimes struggle so wanted a bargain if honest. I'd always wanted a chanel bag but they are so expensive but thought I would see if I could get one in the sale. I came across Potent Fashion, which stated all their bags were authentic but that they bought in bulk and thats why the discount was so great. I checked out their website which was verified as safe etc and called the company to double check that the bags were authentic. I was however told that some were seconds but very slighly, like a stitch maybe missing or a zip slightly wonky. Well I looked at all the bags and thought I can get a zip mended and for these prices well I was so excited. I made 2 seperate purchases online the first for a shoulder Chanel quilted patent silver bag and a Prada multi coloured bag, totalling over $600. The second for a larger Chanel bag, a birthday present for my mum again totalling over $350. To conclude, I received 2 of the 3 bags. In shock at realising how fake they were I called Potent Fashion to demand an immediate refund. I was told the 3rd bag had not yet been dispatched and told that it had now been cancelled and that they would send me a full refund for the second order and that they would send two return envelopes for the two bags received, once returned I would then get the refund for the first order. Todays date is the 17th February 2009. I logged that call on the 10th July 2008. I have made twenty plus calls, I now have hufge telephone bills for them. I was told a refund would be due in August, September 2008. I never received the return bags and will never return the rubbish they call bags until my money is refunded. I never received a refund for the 3rd bag which was never received. They have stolen my money. I spoke 20+ times to a guy whos sounds like Michael Jackson (SERIOUSLY HE DOES) but since October 2008 the telephone number has not worked. Ive send them nuermous emails with no response. I've spoken to Mastercard and there is nothing they can do. The two bags I did receive are still upstairs packaged back up awaiting a response. I would never use a fake bag and I cant believe there is nothing no one can do. My orders are nearly one thousand dollars and its just disgusting that this company is still active. The bags seem to come from China on the post mark. I swear if I ever get to find out who owns this company I will pay even more money just to fly out to him/her and punch them on the nose!!!!! . . . .Is there anything anyone can do? Thanks Lauren **** WithamEurope
Entity: Internet
7, Report #568770
Feb 12 2010
04:58 PM
ICANDI FASHION pirated dvd's lb, California
Searched on the internet for The Carol Burnette and Friends DVD's.  I ordered them, received a receipt.  I noticed the receipt did not contain any customer service information such as contact.  So I went back to the website and used the CONTACT US link.  I sent them an email, to which I received no response. I responded to the email and received no response.  I was charged $29.99 for the complete DVD set, expecting to receive them in the same way a company such as would send them. Instead, I received a plan brown envelope with pirated copies of the DVD's, all 8 seasons.  Although they play, the quality is not all that good and the DVD's are not labeled, however they are handwritten on the white envelope for each. I no longer recall the website I used to order them but it is clearly a private person pirating DVD's and posting them on the web site with nothing to indicate that the copies are illegal.  I am considering going to my bank to investigate the merchant id to get my money back.
Entity: lb, California
8, Report #832976
Feb 02 2012
03:39 PM
emporio fashion italian scam! watsonville, California
  An Italian man drove up to us asking if we spoke italian, and gave us the story on how he needed to get rid of some clothing because he couldnt take them back, showed us the airline ticket, pasport, rental car agreement and was asking us to please help him out. we gave him 500 for 7 jakets and 1 suit. and he went on saying how much they were worth and all he wanned to do was to get rid of them. That same night I went online and saw that it was a scam. we couldnt belive what had happened because we gave him our rent money =(
Entity: watsonville, California
9, Report #958152
Oct 22 2012
06:48 AM
emporio fashion Rip Off Aurora, Colorado
Going to my car at the Home Depot parking lot, this Italian sounding man parks right next to my car and ask if I can help. He claims to have lost all his money at the casinos in Central city and needed to pay for his rental car. Told him I did have any money and he shows me his goods. seven jackets he claimed was samples and for the difference in his rental car bill he was willing to let it go. $239.00, stupid me got the cash from the atm while thinking if its too good to be true it ain't. Well now I have 7 jackets to give away for Christmas.... By the way the man was driving a Nevada licensed car.
Entity: Aurora, Colorado
10, Report #1296853
Mar 30 2016
03:59 PM
5ave Fashion Fake and fraudulent Internet
 I purchased a Northface Denali Womans jacket It was fake I sent it back I was never credited the $100.00 I spent They do not answer their phones or emails The BBB says they can only lower their score Other people continue to get scammed My account was charged by someone in China DO NOT ORDER from them-they are criminals!
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1367204
Apr 11 2017
07:18 PM
Covet Fashion Fraud and robbery Internet
 One month ago I purchased a magazine subscription through this game with the game stating they would pay out double diamonds for this purchase. Never received any diamonds ever. Sent multiple emails to help at tapjoy as directed but have never received an answer to this question or the diamonds in question. The game is obsenely expensive. Now today they are telling me I am a new player with no clothes in my closet - this is unbelievable. SO angry right now!! Do not play this game. They will just take more and more money if they can.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1397053
Aug 31 2017
01:32 PM
Woww Fashion Ellys World Nationwide
 I ordered from wow fashion on Facebook on August 1st, 2017 it also told me 4 to 6 weeks received and confirmation email but haven't heard from them I want my money back they also been advertising on Instagram and Twitter.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1357087
Feb 19 2017
08:27 PM
Covet Fashion Discrimination California Internet
 I've been playing this game for about eight months now and they have robbed me in so many ways. Firstly, they have blocked from emailing them whenever I experience technical issues. They claim that my emails don't pertain to the game so they blocked me. Secondly, they blocked me from completing offers through the offer wall they provide. They only way I get diamonds is if I purchase a package. This is so unacceptable. They have robbed our fashion house with the rally events. They game constantly freezes and the prices have gotten ridiculously high. We spend way more on challenges and the prizes values have decreased.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1404927
Oct 08 2017
09:58 AM
Poppoly fashion China Internet
 The company sent me the wrong item after over 1 month of waiting and has been unresponsive to return item. There are multiple reports of the same issue from many other customers. This a scam and they are ripping off many people.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1406533
Nov 25 2017
03:40 PM
Wow Fashion Internet
 I ordered a stream flatiron through Facebook but never received a receipt or acknowledgement but credit card was charged.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1403323
Sep 30 2017
11:43 AM
woww fashion Internet
 I ordered a hair straightener that you could put oil in and moisturize your hair as you straightened it for 49 97 I have yet to get it I ordered it July 27th of 2017
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1408687
Oct 26 2017
07:05 AM
Woww Fashion No product delivered
I ordered 2 sports bras online from this company after seeing an ad on Facebook. My credit card was charged on 6/19, but I never received a product. I have tried searching for the company at the online address, but the site I am directed to is not the same company (they do not sell sports bras). 
18, Report #1184578
Oct 23 2014
02:32 PM
Shop Fashion Junkie Fashion junkie , shopfashionjunkie shop fashion junkie FRAUD BOUTIQUE!!! LIAR!!! Houston Texas
This boutique has taken my money & didn't send me my items. I've tried emailing & calling numerous of times! if you or not popular on IG , don't even waste your time! I'be only received a reply one & she was very nasty! I've spent 267$ with this boutique almost 2 months ago & I have yet to receive any of my items. They would ask you to contact them by email & when you do, they take days to reply unless you annoy them or threaten them. When they reply , they ask for your number just so you would think there going to help & you are never contacted! Don't waste your time and money on this faulty a** boutique! 
Entity: Houston, Texas
19, Report #1295864
Jul 18 2016
05:15 PM
MS fashion junkie Ms fashion junkie shop Shop MS fashion junkieHarisat Agbabiaka Personal Shopper scam Lawrenceville Georgia
 Found an Instagram account for a person who pretended to be a personal shopper and will get me a certain bag I liked. I contacted the person by whatsapp 678-975-5451. I transferred the money to Harisat Agbabiaka bank account as he/she has requested. I asked to pay by papal and he/she refused saying they have had problems and people (buyer) scammed them. I transferred the money and never got the bag. First he/she said will ship the bag after New Years as its busy times then after Chinese New Years (funny!) then stopped replying. After sending thousands of messages, He/she gave me a fake DHL tracking number. And when I told him/her this tracking number is FAKE and does not exist, he/she said oh maybe I shipped the bag with aramex. Seriously! No bag was sent at all. Only made $3500 staying at home and posting pictures on their website and Instagram.
Entity: Lawrenceville , Georgia
20, Report #1333053
Oct 13 2016
03:48 PM
Amit Fashion Buddy Fashion House Buddy Fashion Amit Fashion House Adam Ali Amit Deceptive. Deceitful. Dishonest. DO NOT BUY Bangkok Banglumpoo
I am so disappointed to have to write this report. I have sent him over a dozen emails, with no reply, so I'm relegated to this. I have been dealing with Amit Fashion (aka Buddy Fashion) for almost ten years. The first purchase was fine - no huge issues. Yes, my suits did not fit, but you get what you pay for. I then placed another order remotely and was overcharged to my credit card. I had to get Visa involved and my custom products arrived with significant flaws. Adam Ali Amit, the coward behind this operation, sent his friend to Canada to measure me and pressured me to invite my friends. Another horrible experience of over-selling and ill-fitting clothing. He was so nice and I was a sucker to keep giving him the benefit of the doubt. I even sent my family to buy from him during their recent trip! Then, this happens - another visit from his friend. Cash purchase for a deal and the result was the last straw. Horribly fitting suits. Wrong fabric, wrong style, not customized at all. I paid $500 for the suit and just spent an additional $200 to get it fixed (aka - re-done). Don't even get me started on the shirts... Save yourself the money. Do not buy from this place. There are so many alternatives. I know the low price is enticing, but it's certainly not worth the end result.  Scam artist. Karma will haunt this guy for a while...
21, Report #139736
Apr 21 2005
12:00 PM
Fashion Rock, misleading, fraudulent & unethical ripoff Orlando Florida
I too was very enthusiastic when I first registered and paid for this event. Without question I charged it on a credit card, all in full! ! ! I went to an extreme, and had my dentist insert porcelain veneers, on my teeth so I could have a perfect smile! That cost itself, was about $7,000. Not to mention all the work I've put in physically so I can look good enough to participate in the Dance & Modeling portions of the event! However, I haven't attended this event, because I've kept putting off, for one reason or another. I am just NOW finding out all these HORROR stories, and it's just felt like a bucket of ice-cold water thrown on me. How can this be? I've contacted my credit card company in hopes of recovering this charge, but it's been about a year since it was charged. I hope justice is served. Especially for those who had to physically go and experience the disappointment in person. Oilda Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
22, Report #132021
Feb 19 2005
04:10 PM
Fashion Rock scam ripoff Orlando Florida
Fashion rock llc ripped me off. They said that you can win over 100,000.00$ in prizes. Once you get there and finish they give you nothing. To find out more info about fashion rock go to a search link and type this in. Is fashion rock a scam? That is all I have to say. Brent middlesboro, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Middlesboro, Kentucky
23, Report #158635
Sep 28 2005
06:39 AM
Fashion Italia ripoff Reading Berks UK
Seems this guy is now in Reading (28/9/05) he approached me in Morrisons carpark with the excuse of visiting UK with a fashion house and having been to an exhibition needed to get rid of his stock and for a small price of initially 300 to buy his son a present he would give me several jackets/suits/ties/shirts worth thousands. NICE TRY but having been to Milan many times and i found he hesitated at some questions plus his accent was more East European than Italian i declined - he fitted the part and had business card and patter to go with it.SO BEWARE OF BUYING ANYTHING IN SUPERMARKET CARPARKS Previous reprot gave his name as Luigi Sattino - he is now using Guiseppe Buanocore Shame i forgot to get his registration. Gary oxfordUnited Kingdom
Entity: Milan, Other
24, Report #91970
May 18 2004
02:10 PM
Fashion Rock ripoff dishones fraudulent talent contest Orlando Internet
big warning for those who dream to become artits, fashion rock is a fraudulent company that seems to be taking the dreams of all those young people and parents away by making them spent the ridiculous amount of at least 1500.00 dollars to attend to their contest at a prestigious hotel located in orlando florida. first i'd like to let you know that i am a singer , singing has been my dream since i remember and of course they fooled me by saying that i was being chosen to attend to the event all because of my great personality and my talent when they didn't even have a picture of me or have heard me singing. it was a little weird but i still gave them my sisters card number to go to orlando , then i was so excited that i went to google to see some kind of pictures of the past events that took place in the same city ,and of course there is no pictures but thankgod i found all these articles that helped me to realized that i was being a victim of an undescriptible dishonest fraud, so i am glad that i had to loose 100.00 dollars to understand that there are people who don't really care about people's dreams and feelings , from now and on this will help to be a little rational and not so emotional about making my career step desicions . If you have already given them the first 100.00 dollars you can save yourself the 1500.00 it would be worse if you still go to the event to put money in their pocket, save that money and go to a photographic studio or work on a demo , do something that is really going to take you to the next level , if you were very excited about going to orlando and traveling , let me tell you that the average of what you would have to spend in a 3 nights 4 days staying at that same hotel with the same 3 meals per day with a room just for you alone not having to share it with somebody else would be for about $650.00 dollars , those bastards are filling their pocket uh!. wake up! go to the bank if you used a credit or a debit card and change the number of the card, you dont even have to close your account number and reopen another one, just change the card number i am sure your bank will let you what are the best ways to stop these jerks of withdrawing money fom your savings, just do something . i also want to thank THE ANGELS for their GREAT article it really helped me and for all those who took a little of their time to write about these criminals. Jose rowlett, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #83433
Mar 10 2004
01:52 PM
Entity: SUNLAND, California

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