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1, Report #441324
Apr 06 2009
06:24 PM
Men's Health Store web site is a SCAM!
DO NOT order products from Men's Health Store. The products are fake and do not work AT ALL. Web site claims 100% money back guarantee but the contact number of 1-210-880-4776 is not a valid number and the company has not answered several on-line attempts to contact them. I am now forced to file a dispute with my credit card company. Mike Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #110690
Sep 29 2004
07:30 AM
Men's Health Magazine Subscription Renewal Strongarming Red Oak Iowa
This is regarding a magazine subscription renewal scam. This Men's Health Magazine came to me the first year based on a new membership I signed up for at GNC (General Nutrition Center) in my local shopping mall. When they sent me a renewal notice and invoice I ignored it as I usually would with a magazine subscription I don't want. What happened next surprised me and made me angry. A Mr. Vincent Maretti, manager of their collections department, sent me a threatening collections letter! How dare they threaten me and my credit. I choose not to renew their magazine. This renewal is something I never committed to in the first place. I consider this a marketing strong arming technique to scare consumers into renewing subscriptions with this company. It's unethical business behavior and customer harassment. Please don't patronize this organization! Daniel Bourbonnais, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
3, Report #463314
Jun 20 2009
04:26 PM
Men's Health Magazine Delinquent account email New York Internet
I started a subscription for 10 magazines sometime last year. I never signed up for a renewal and only paid for 10 magazines. I received some Invoice Notices in my inbox but since I was not going to renew I ignored them. I then received a Delinquent Account notification from Vincent Maretti, Collections Manager Men's Health. It asked me to pay immediately or face further collection notices. Since I never signed up for more than 10 magazines and never renewed my subscription I was a bit put off by their collection notice. I immediately asked for my subscription to be canceled and I've also filed a complaint with the BBB against the company. I am not sure if this will actually affect my credit rating or if this is some marketing scheme designed to scare me into renewing but either way I am not amused. Bruceb Qualicum Beach, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Internet
4, Report #324074
Apr 06 2008
10:51 AM
Men's Health Rodale North Shore Agency, Inc Beware of Men's Health Magazine! Rip Off! New York New York
I received Men's Health Magazine through an Airline Miles Program. It was a way for the Airline to burn off unused miles I suppose. Anyway, I just got a collection letter from North Shore Agency, Inc on behalf of Men's Health Magazine which is apparently a division of Rodale. They claim I owe $24.97 for a subscription. I don't recall ever asking for a subscription or a renewal. I would like them to show me proof, which is required under the Fair Debt Collection Act. They can't show proof, but these jackals will run this scam until they are sued. In the meantime, I suppose my credit will take a hit. Rat bastards. Tell everyone you know to AVOID Men's Health Magazine. M spotsylvania, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
5, Report #1372563
May 10 2017
11:41 PM
Universal Men's Clinic Ripoff scam Federal Way Washington
My story reads basically like the other complaint. They put you in a room, and tell you to wait. The doctor comes in, and told me I needed their testosterone replacement therapy, even before I had taken a blood test or any other test, for that matter. Then, when he was done, they sent in another guy, who I couldn't tell if he was a doctor or not, and he tried to give me the hard sell for their 2900.00 testosterone replacement therapy. I asked  them about Viagra or Cialis, and they said they wouldn't work for me, even though I don't really have too much of a problem having sex. I also asked them about testosterone patches, of which they told me they wouldn't work, because my testosterone was ...too low, even though, again, they hadn't even taken a single drop of my blood. They wanted  about 1799.00 for that therapy. Basically, I paid 199.99 for NOTHING! I could've gotten the  same satisfaction going to a used car lot, and gotten the hard sell for free.
Entity: Federal Way, Washington
6, Report #1160752
Jul 09 2014
02:05 PM
Maryland's Men's Medical Clinic Men's Medical Clinic / Dr. Kevin Hornsby, MD Fraudulent/Deceptive Insurance/Sales Practices -  Silver Spring Maryland
 Fraudulent and Deceptive Insurance and Sales Practices - After treatment for ED at the Maryland’s Men’s Medical Clinic, I was informed by Gary Gans, National Sales Manager, that my BC/BS health insurance plan should cover from 40-60% of the charges after I submitted the claim. I was then presented a bill of $7,135.00 for the office visit, a year's supply of medication and associated paraphernalia/supplies; no other options were provided. I reluctantly paid for the office visit and medication with my Visa card with the assurance that my BC/BS health insurance would cover a portion of the bill.  After submitting the claim, BC/BS denied the claim stating that the provider was out of network and that ED was not covered under the plan.  On or about March 21, 2014, after calling the Silver Spring Maryland office to complain about the fraudulent billing and sales practices, I was referred to the corporate office in Orlando, Florida where I spoke with a Colleen Reilly, Risk Management Office. Colleen Riley informed me that Gary Gans should not have told me my insurance should cover 40-60% of the bill and basically, as the National Sales Manager, he knew better.  Colleen Reilly further stated that as of March 17, 2014, the one year billing practice was discontinued; they no longer billed for a 1 year’s supply of medication.  Ms. Reilly then stated she would authorize a refund of $3,500.00 to my Visa account to be credited within 7-10 business days.  After checking my Visa account 10-15 days later, there was NO refund credited.  The cycle continued with countless calls to Colleen Reilly with continued promises of a refund credit to my account, to no avail.  Attempts to contact other individuals of authority at the Orlando, Florida corporate office, to include Tim Hailey, Clinic Operations Director, met with negative results; I was continuously placed on hold, transferred to voicemail, told that the individual was out of the office, in a meeting or gone for the day, or I was just hung up on.  Finally, on June 18, 2014, I last spoke with Colleen Reilly where she told me that the legal team was reviewing my complaint and asked if I had received a letter.  Informing her, No I had not, she stated that it is now out of her hands and that I should be receiving a letter in the mail.  Subsequently, I received a generic letter in the mail several days later basically stating there would be no refund. No doubt that this medical scam is a Rip-Off. Further research shows that the Men's Medical Clinic has had numerous and similar compaints. It is now my intention to file complaints with the Maryland State Attorney General’s Office, and the Florida State Attorney General’s Office, and to pursue criminal and civil recourse against Gary Gans, National Sales Manager; Colleen Reilly, Risk Management/Patient Care; Tim Hailey, Clinic Operations Director; and Dr. Kevin Hornsby, Proprietor. 
Entity: Silver Spring, Maryland
7, Report #309486
Feb 16 2008
03:02 PM Rodale Men's Health Magazine North Shore Agency, Inc; Rodale; Men's Health Magazine Send me a bill for a Men's health subscription that I never ordered. Melville New York
I would love to know what I can do, besides just throw this bill away. It looks very official. This may have originated from some sweepstakes entries. Terry Bethesda, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Melville, New York
8, Report #1369318
Apr 24 2017
07:10 AM
RMCB Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau / Men's Health Men's Health Magazine Men's Health Auto Reneal Invoice Disquised as a Collection Notice Elmsford New York
I received an official looking collection letter from RMCG - Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc. on behalf of Men's Health magazine.  The letter said that I had an account to settle which was still unresolved.  I called the phone number given and reached Men's Health magazine customer service.  I spoke with the rep who indicated that the $24.97 that was unresolved was actually a magazine renewal notice.  How unfortunate that a well respected magazine like Men's Health would resort to using RMCB to deliver renewal notices disquised as collection letters.  If you receive this type of letter and don't want to renew the magazine, just call the phone number provided to cancel.  I would have renewed, if Men's Health had simply sent a renewal notice and invoice.  How unfortunate that deception has become their way of business.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
9, Report #402934
Dec 18 2008
08:04 PM
Rodale Books, Men's Health Sends Unsolicited Free Preview of Unwanted Books Emmaus Pennsylvania
The other day we received in the mail a package containing two fitness books along with a letter indicating that our 21-day free preview of 'Men's Health Total Fitness Guide 2009' had arrived! We never ordered or approved or were asked over the phone about this preview. There is no explanation in the correspondence about how to return the items. And honestly, I'm not paying for it. If you do a search for Rodale on this site, you find many more victims of this same scam. Here is some advice from a fellow consumer, Rob, in Buffalo: send them a certified letter. You're absolutely correct with your feeling. Any merchandise received that was not ordered can be considered a GIFT according to FTC rules. Send them a certified, return receipt letter informing them that you never ordered the book and that under the FTC rules you are considering it a gift and do not choose to pay for it. Also remind them that you are under no obligation to return it to them at YOUR EXPENSE. Further, remind them that because you didn't order this book, any reference to this on any consumer credit reports is a violation of the FCRA and if such a reference occurs you will seek a full judicial remedy as outlined by law. Finally, request that they update their records by removing you from their system as you are not and do not wish to be a customer. That should do it nicely, unless there's something you didn't mention in your report. Concerned Citizen New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
10, Report #402661
Dec 18 2008
08:55 AM
Rodale Books - Men's Health Magazine scam, mail fraud, slamming, without consent Emmaus Pennsylvania
Yesterday I receive 2 Men's Health books in the mail. I can enjoy them for 21 days for free and at the end of that period I will receive an invoice to pay for the books or I can send them back (at my own cost) at any time. I did NOT give consent for them to send these books to me and I do not want to waste my time and money to ship them back to this terrible company. Last Christmas (2007) I received Men's Health Magazine from my mother-in-law. I had no plans of renewing because I just don't have time to read all the free magazines I get already. As a result I've thrown away EVERYTHING I've received from them. So there is no chance that I mistakenly opted into this type of thing... Now I have to waste my own time to report this despicable business practice by Rodale Books and Men's Health Magazine to this site, the BBB, the FTC, the USPS,, and any other place I can find to make people aware of these scammers. I want to make this company pay or change their tactics, because this is BS. Please tell me someone has a coordinated effort to give Rodale and Men's Health a wake up call! Mevans05 Natick, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
11, Report #441267
Apr 06 2009
03:44 PM
Rodale Books - Men's Health Magazine BBB got them to leave me alone!!! Emmaus Pennsylvania
Around Christmas time I received, as many other folks on here have also reported, unsolicited books from Men's Health- Rodale. Since it was the middle of the Christmas shipping season I figured it was one of the many items I ordered online, and only when I opened it up did I discover these books which they were wanting me to pay for. A google search brought me to this web site, where I learned of this scam. I was quite unwilling to take my time or money to ship these unsolicited books back. Over 3 or so months I received the increasingly annoying letters from Rodale asking me to pay them $50 for books that I didn't order. Finally, in desperation, and seeing how others on here have had zero luck in getting Rodale to leave them alone, I reported them to the BBB of Washington DC and Eastern PA. I did this using their online form. I didn't expect to have much luck with my report to the BBB, but I was wrong. Today I received a letter (in a hand addressed envelope) from Rodale. It was addressed to the BBB and CC'd to me. In it they say that they are sorry that I didn't receive their reminder notice and decline the preview. They cancelled further shipments of these books to me (good, I didn't ask for them) - they cancelled my $50 bill - and I don't have to return or pay from the books (that I didn't order). Success!!! I hope this road map to getting Rodale to back off will be helpful to others on this site. J Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
12, Report #1103899
Dec 03 2013
10:33 AM
Michigan Men's Medical Clinic Don't Even Think of It! Farmington Hills Michigan
 The Michigan Men's Medical Clinic and it's founder Dr. Kevin Hornsby advertise that they can help men with ED and PE function sexually for up to 90 minutes.  I went to the clinic on July 29, 2013 for the first time to see what it was all about.  Once there, after some health information was taken a doctor used some gadget to measure the blood flow into my penis.  He announced I was a good candidate for the program.  I waited and a technician (are they nurses or licensed?) came and told me to lay down--on a massage table made into a exam table--and left the room.  He also told me to drop my pants--one of many requests that day to do the same.  He came back after quite a while with a instrument know as an auto injector.  This injector was going to inject my penis with a drug that would cause an erection.  He injected me told me to stand up and stroke myself to make the blood flow down into my penis.  After this a salesman came into the room; I was dressed with this erection that wasn't about to disipate till the medicine wore off.  He showed me a glowing report of a study with men using a similar self injection method.  What he didn't say was that it was a small sampling of men and only a small perentage of the men completed the study; it ran for a year.  His sales pitch was:  I would get a real bargain if I purchased enough medication to use for a year--all of this for a mere $5243.  I picked up the medication and supplies the next day.  I started to follow the program.  This is the clincher:  trying to self inject was traumatic and a disaster.  The auto ilnjector once loaded with a syringe of the drug and triggered is a nightmare to use.  You have to hold your penis with one hand and the injector with the other.  Once in the correct position, the trigger is pushed with a loud click, the tool snaps against the penis (yes you feel it hit), and the needle is plunged into the penis.  Your are not in any way told what a trauma this is or about the anticipatory response.  After a couple of uses, I got swelling, bruising, and continued pain.  I went back and they said I was doing it wrong.  I tried again with the same results.  I went back again with the same pain, bruising, and swelling.  I said I would not use the stuff again.  I went to my own doctor who said I developed scarring that was potientally permanent.  I called and asked for a refund--they make you sign a sheet that says there are no refunds.  I got a call from the home office in Florida and was told I could not get a refund.  I wrote a formal letter requesting a refund for the second time.  And, by the way, the medication they sold me came from a compounding pharmacy in Florida--Olympia Pharmacy.  It's one of the 3 implicated in the drug scandal earlier in the year; the drugs that were used caused harm to many people.  Olympia is the new name.  The same owners changed it to Olympia after the legal stuff was over.  And, they continue to compound drugs.  On line reports say the FDA had to get a searach warrant and enter the place with federal marshals in order to conduct an inspection.  Had I known any of this, I would not have allowed the MMMC to inject me.  At the clinic, your put into the most vulnerable position, a chemically induced erection, and taken advantage of!  It's a scam!!! 
Entity: Farmington Hills, Michigan
13, Report #1165771
Jul 29 2014
09:05 AM
Men's Medical Clinic Atlanta Dr. Kevin Hornsby Unwilling to reduce cost for treatments that did not work Atlanta Georgia
This Clinic claims to provide only a response to their treatment to erectile dysfunction and charged me $4000 for treatments that did not work. Upon discussions with my regular doctor - he recommended that I would not be considered a good candidate for injection treatments - due to increased medical risks. Upon contacting the clinic and asked to reduce the cost due to my medical conditions not being an ideal candidate for injection type treatments. The clinic refused to reduce the cost for a treatment plan that was not working in my case. There claim was that I was refusing additional treatment - when in fact - it was considered a dangerous treatment option in my case. So this clinic is not willing to agree to a reduced cost for a treatment option that is not considered resonable or safe for my conditions. Again, consumers need to be aware that this clinic is only promissing a response to their medications of injection treatment - not a complete or useful erection. I hope that future clients to this clinic understand that a response to injections does not represent complete satisfaction of the treatments. 
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
14, Report #1182391
Oct 11 2014
02:00 PM
Florida Men's Clinic, LLC They would NOT honor the ERECTION guarantee Ft. Lauderdale Florida
I was told that the procedures at Florida Men's Medical Clinic was guaranteed if it did not work. I was als told that I was a perfect client for it and despite my medical issue that it woud work, At my first session they told it was working, I told them it wasn't. They said when you go home take another shot....again NO ERECTION. I called upset about it and they told me to come back in and they would try a different formula...again NO ERECTION. When I asked for my $500 back they told me sorry they can't do that. They are a scam and people should know the truth. Their Guarantee is a joke....and they do not HONOR it in anyway!!!!
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
15, Report #1096951
Nov 04 2013
07:48 PM
Men's Performance Enhancement Clinics,Hector Oscar Molina Out of Business, Stole money, Misrepresented qualifications Fort Worth Texas
I purchased 50 treatments and used less than 10.  When I began looking into the clinic after signing up, I found several articles about the man behind the clinic.  Hector Oscar Molina has been in trouble with a few states for practicing medicine not in accordance with the states medical practices.  Here is one article about this. figure I lost about 2000 in this scam.  They have been out of business for a while.  I just found this web site and thought I'd share my story.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
16, Report #1348861
Jan 10 2017
10:45 AM
PHENOMHEALTH.COM Men's health ripoff Aurora Colorado
I responded to an internet ad that appeared in my e-mail. It was selling a testosterone boosting form of another product that is supposed to go hand in hand with the first product called NO Max Shredula in capsules called Test-X core. I got a 30 day risk free trial for $4.95. I also purchased a risk free trial of another product called No Max Shred for $5.95. I did not order anything more, but they charged $2.95 for a 1 day sample of these two products, which they included. I received my products and began using. Their advertising promised great results in just hours. The reality is that there was no real results even after several days' use. When my order arrived is when I first learned that by ordering the trial I also had signed up for monthly deliveries of my 2 products and that they would be charging the credit card on file. At no time during the ordering process was there any indication that this would happen. And when I did learn this was the case there was no indication of price. I called them up and managed to cancel before they charged me the first month's payments which were going to be $89 for each one of the two products I had ordered. Furthermore the payments I made of $4.95 and $5.95 did not pay for the risk free trial. My first payments of $89 and $89 were to pay for the first shipment. To avoid the payments I had to return the unused portions of the two risk free trials at my own expense! When you answer the internet ad you think you are getting an actual risk free trial which you can use for 30 days without risk. Not so. You will be billed after 14 days for the first shipment that you already have and every 30 days thereafter. My advice is that if you ever get solicited by Phenomhealth over the internet, Delete at once! Then go into your trash bin and delete again. It is a complete rip off!
Entity: Aurora, Colorado
17, Report #710692
Mar 26 2011
08:58 PM
Men's Health Clinic, Auckland New Zealand Fraudulent IGF-1, False potency, Copyright infringement Auckland City, New Zealand
I bought product from (High St Men's Clinic) as a distributor and was shocked to find out that the product was nothing more than flavored water when I had it tested for its igf 1 levels. After contacting them many times with no avail, I had no recourse but to contact my attorney to start a lawsuit. But seeing as this is an overseas company, this takes an extreme amount of time and effort. I also contacted the attorney generals office. My attorney also made contacts with NFL player Roy williams sports agent who stated they are using his photo and likeness without his express permission and that they are going to send a cease and desist letter.  We also contacted US customs. My attorney said that this was the quickest way to stop them from bringing fraudulent product into the country. Us customs is looking into this matter as well. So please beware and do not buy anything form this company. They are a complete fraud and will take your money and give you nothing but snake oil in return. Just by looking at the picture of the bottle I should have known better. The FDA is also looking into their false claims of potency and labeling of the product. I will not rest until this matter is resolved. Remember this company is not even located in the united states. 
Entity: Auckland City, Select State/Province
18, Report #408137
Jan 05 2009
11:07 AM
Rodale Publishing Rodale Inc. Rodale Books and Men's Health Send Unsolicited Books, history of poor business practices Emmaus Pennsylvania
I recently received the Men's Health Total Fitness Guide 2009. Apparently, when I subscribed to Men's Health magazine I Agreed to preview the books. The offer details on their website indicate I would receive an advance announcement 2 weeks prior to their delivery, allowing me time to refuse the books. I did not receive this notice. The offer further goes on to indicate that if I wish to return the books that I will owe nothing, which is not true since Rodale offers no opportunity to have the postage paid on the return. Further investigation yields a class action lawsuit filed in PA alleging similar business practices dating back years. According to the suit: Rodale used a ''negative option marketing scheme,'' treating customers as if they've ordered the books unless they've taken steps to return them or taken steps to stop the books from coming, according to one of the attorneys involved in the case. The case alleges that Rodale violated the federal Postal Reorganization Act, which provides conditions for sending unsolicited merchandise to consumers. Further investigation yields many instances of similar business practices. -Class Action Lawsuit in PA related to same business practices -Similar reports on Ripoff Report -BBB report indicating non-accreditation and a C- rating Farm Nixa, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
19, Report #544430
Dec 23 2009
11:29 AM
Rodale Books - Men's Health Magazine sent 2 identical 'Run Less Run Faster' I did not order and charged $45.57 Emmaus, Pennsylvania
I received 2 copies of a book entitled 'Run Less Run Faster' and was charged $45.57. I've called Rodale but their phone service is automated.
Entity: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
20, Report #567501
Feb 10 2010
03:25 PM ; North Shore Agency, Inc ; Rodale ; Men's Health Magazine eugene sullivan keep getting bills that was already paid to pch Internet
I just checked publishers clearing house to see if I owed any bills and it said no but I still keep getting a collection letter from this north shore agency out of new york. I feel they are trying to scam me and my fiance.
Entity: Internet, Internet
21, Report #1196891
Dec 21 2014
08:49 AM
Men's Health Clinics A Bum Deal Orlando Florida
Avoid the Men’s Health Clinics. They purport to treat erectile dysfunction, but you could be very disappointed. Take with a grain of salt the advertisements of Dr. Kevin Hornsby, CEO of the Men’s Health Clinics.  Oh yes, the company covers all the legal bases. One of the staff members who consulted with me at the clinic was an elderly doctor of osteopathic medicine. The cost is exhorbitant. I paid $2,957 and received medical treatments that did not work. The treatments are far from pleasant. Self-administered, a needle shoots medicines directly into the penus, supposedly to stimulate blood flow and create an erection. It doesn’t exactly tickle. At the end of my visit to the Massachusetts office, the young medical technician who felt my penus identified the erection as being 60 percent. He said this was achieved with the medicine administered at a dose of 30. He told me that applying a dose of 50 would result in a 100-percent erection. It didn’t. After the radiation I received several years ago to defeat prostate cancer, I did not expect to achieve an orgasm. But a full erection and penetration, yes, this I fully expected. It wasn’t even close. Neither did the arginine and lysine cream rubbed onto the inner thighs have any effect. The $2,957 I paid was outrageous. The staff members of the clinic I visited were cold as ice. The only one who smiled was the young black fellow who was the lowest on the totem pole. The fellow who made the sales pitch, even though he was an American, spoke English so rapidly and so indistinctly that he was difficult to understand. I asked him to stop sounding as if he were reading from a script. He was unwilling or unable to do so.  In January 2014, I asked the company headquarters in Orlando Florida to refund me $2,000. First one staff member promised payment and strung me along. Then another staff member promised payment and strung me along. Eleven months later, I have received no payment. These are the Men’s Health Clinics I know about: 463 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA  01701 5828 Major Blvd, Orlando, FL  32819 10800 Lyndale Avenue, South, Suite 205, Bloomington, MN  55420 There are far better and more pleasant ways to achieve erections. The Men’s Health Clinics could well be one of the worst. Avoid them.    
Entity: Orlando, Florida
22, Report #824695
Jul 08 2015
11:16 AM
Florida Men's Clinic, LLC Dr. Kevin Hornsby THE COLD, HARD, TRUTH!!  Internet
I was looking for an alternative to the typical erectile dysfunction treatments and the radio commercials for Dr. Kevin Hornsby sounded like just the solution I needed. I scheduled an appointment with Mark who explained that there were 2 medication options; injectable or subligual (under the tongue). The end result was nothing but a ripoff, not to mention extreme disappointment.    My 12 noon appointment took over 2 hours. After waiting in an exam room for at least 20 minutes, a techinician came in to take a brief medical history, then he said the doctor would be in shortly. After at least another 20 minutes Dr Hornsby came in. He was very upbeat and extremely cordial.     Dr Hornsby did a cursory examination and went right into the sales pitch about his special formulas. I told him I did not want the injectable medication however he urged me to try it during this visit just to see the results. He promised I would feel no pain, just a slight thump.    The trial does was administered by yet another person after waiting 20 more minutes, and it happened to have been very painful. I was left with a result that lasted, uncomfortably, for over 4 hours and was quite bruised.    After at least another 30 minutes, a discharge planner (the same Mark that mnade my appointment) came in to discuss my bill and my order for medication. It was at that time that I was told the exorbitant prices and decided not to proceed.      Mark continued to do a sell job on me and I decided to buy only 2 of the sublingual version of the medication after Mark explained that it was similar to the breath strips and they can be cut in half or thirds. Mark even mentioned that he cuts his becuase they're so powerful.     Mark further sold me by saying that at $25 per dose, if I cut them in half, it comes out to only $12.50 per dose. I proceeded with the order for 2 doses which came out to $89 after they added the express shipping charge of $39 which promised to get me the medication by the weekend.    The weekend came and went and no medication came. I called the following Tuesday and wouldn't you know....they forgot to place my order. To placate me they agreed to send the order to me overnight and I received it today.    When I opened the package the first thing I noticed was that the medication was not in strips ut rather was in tablet form. I immediately called the office and Mark wouldn't get on the phone so I spoke to another technician, Steven, who said he could help me. He explained that the medication cannot be cut in half and that things had changed in the time since Mark and I spoke.     I also looked up the name of the medication on the package and it was not some special formula but was instead simply a variation of Levitra. When I asked Steven about this he said that only the injectable medication is a special formula, not the oral version.     So in the end, I spent $199 for the consultation, plus $89 to get 2 tablets of Levitra when I could have gotten 30 of the same thing for about $120 from my pharmacy.     These people are running a racket and should either be shut down, or should be forced to be truthful to people like me who came in fully expecting the help I need.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #1307003
May 21 2016
08:09 PM
Premier Men's Medical Center (Chris) Total sham! Exploit the elderly and your average working man. Needles through the p***s. Stay away for your own health. Harmful procedures. Orlando Florida
I have utilized several clinics for erectile dysfunction. This place was a nightmare, I want to make it clear for anyone searching the Internet. This is not the place to go. They said on their ad that they would check my testosterone, I never got one. It clearly states on their ad that they give free testosterone tests. I told them that I do not want to use the needles, but they insisted that nothing else would work on me. I got absolutely nothing from their medicine. The ad states that I would not pay if I didn't get a reaction. They still charged me. The worst part is that they insisted for me to purchase this medicine, even after I did not get an erection. Please take my advice and DO NOT go to the medical center. They are crooks and do not care about your wellbeing. It is all about money, I feel better in a car sales room than with these shisty a**holes! 
Entity: Orlando, Florida
24, Report #1415520
Dec 07 2017
07:05 AM
AOH Health Sabrina's naturals, Incredibly Fit charged more than was suppose to for a men's health supplemental Pewaukee Wisconsin
i ordered a trial supplement. it took almost a week to recieve it in the mail. was charged shipping and approximately a week after receiving it i was charged for a full month supply that i never authorized. also only ordered one item and was sent two different items and was also charged shipping for the second one and then the full month's supply. these supplementals did not do anything that was said to and the side affects were not good. i called the customer service number to cancel and was told that i would be refunded full amount for both but, only received a partial refund for one. i received $32.09 out of $91.69. that was for just one of the supplements i got. the other one is $92.71 and have not received any refund from that one. have gone back searching these websites and am not able to find them. when i called the customer service, i was told that i had 14 days to try the product and that 14 days started the day i ordered. how am i suppose to try this when it did not arrive for almost a week so, that only gave me 7 days to try and anyone knows that you will not be able to see any kind of difference in that time. i just want my money back. totalling $152.31.
Entity: Pewaukee, Wisconsin
25, Report #477524
Aug 07 2009
04:35 PM
North Shore Agency, Inc MEN'S HEALTH BILLING SCAM Melville New York
I, too, received a Request for Payment from North Shore Agency, Inc. for a Men's Health subscription that I did not order. I do not owe the company money, and while I was once a subscriber, I sure will never renew, after this. North Shore claims to be a collection agency and claims that Men's Health has sent repeated letters to me -which they have not! I tried to contact the magazine on-line with no results and want to make sure that this matter does not appear on my credit report. Arch Temecula, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Melville, New York

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