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1, Report #1248459
Aug 13 2015
10:17 PM
Sam Wilson Attorney General Office Illinois
 I tecieved a phone call at 4:15pm to my cell phone from 911. A message was left that I would be arrested in 30 to 45 minutes as a legal warrant had been issued for my arrest and to call (773) 345-8014. I saw the call at 5pm as I took a break at work. When I called back I was told that his client was an internet cash advance that was prosecuting me for an advance I had received in 2013. I informed him that I have not had a checking account for at least 5 years due to issues with ex's so it couldn't possibly be me. I asked how I could stop this and was informed that as long as I could prove this and was a law abiding citizen I had nothing to worry about and have a nice day. I should say that Sam Wilson sounded to be of Indian (from India) descent.
2, Report #1280755
Jan 18 2016
12:14 PM
attorney general sam wilson, state of florida Illegal lawsuit against your name and SSN, threat of arrest by local sherriff if dont call in 30 min. under fraud charges, caller id 911 State of Florida Nationwide
Recieved a call coming into my mobile phone where the caller id said 911...I did not pick up assuming that 911 is not a normal incoming call. I reviewed the message that was left, and in a very aggressive bullying male voice i was threatend to be arrested by my local sheriffs dept. if I did not call back this number in 30 min, under fradulaent charges. It began stating that there is a legal lawsuit against my name and socials security number, and that I must fall the Attorney General Sam Wilson of the State of florida. 850-387-2302 was the number given. Unfortunatley I am just finding this website after asking around if I should report this message to my local police. I am located in Bergen County and the last time i was in florida was with my family on a family vacation over 15 years ago. This call was made to me on August 21, 2015 at 6:37 p.m. I still have the recorded message, I saved it just incase something can be done to track the caller.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1210638
Feb 20 2015
10:43 PM
attorney sam wilson sambenson first sam benson im attorney sam wilson there is a warrant for you for a loan you got back in july 2014 Florida
i have been getting calls constantly from different states diffent phone numbers attorney samwilsan and or sam benson you have a warreant out for your arrest for a loan you took out july 2014 if you dont pay they will come get you. he asked me if my zzip code was a number and told him  they will give you a day or two break then call again. i have already tols him i have contacted the attorney general and the police and they keep calling
Entity: Florida
4, Report #1319338
Jul 28 2016
06:11 AM
From attorney Sam Wilson Unknown company name Warrant to arrest me if I did not call within 30 minute Nationwide
 On July 8, 2016 I received a prerecorded message staying I had a warrant on my social security number. It stated I had 30 minutes to contact attorney Sam Wilson. It stated if I didn't call I would be arrested by the end if the day and jailed for 6 months. The recording did not say what it was regarding. I sign not call the number back.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1133360
Mar 25 2014
10:56 AM
ymax oration Attorney general sam wilson, texas state police, rep of state police, ymax oration, sam wilson Scam artists threatended me with jail time because of money i supposedly borrowed a year ago, said they were with the state police, then police reps, then attorney generals. plant city Florida
 the first two times they called it popped up on my phone as an emergency call, and they told me to call 727 330 8184 to get information from according to them was the number for the sherriffs office in Texas about making payments. the third time they called it was from the 727 330 8184 and said they were with the Texas state police and then said they were reps and then said they were from the attorney generals office and that i owed money to cash advance from a check i supposedly wrote a year and a 1/2 ago and that i would have to make a call to 727 330 8184, when i asked for a photocopy of the check to be sent to me to either paper or my email they said that i took it out online and that all the paperwork was at the courthouse and that once i paid them they would give me proof. i told them that unless they could send me proof I was not going to send them money for something I was not even aware I done. After insisting they send me proof they sent me an obviously fake document including mis-spellings through my email stating that I owed 954.00 for a 300.00 loan and that the full fees comes out to over $4000.00 and that if I paid $275.00 today that I would not be going to jail. When I said that it looked like someone had typed it in a hurry, they said if I don't believe them that they would have a officer call me from the sherriffs office in Collin county(texas). Almost before they hung up the officer mark smith called me and told me that I needded to make a payment or go to jail. He said he understood that I didn't have the money and that he wouild give me another chance and that I was to call those other people back and tell them that he was saying I could have more time to make payments. I called them back and after threatening me with six months of jail time if I didn't now pay at least 100.00, I told them that there was no way I could do that and they said they would call me back. They called me back and said I had until the 31st of this month. Now, when I checked with all of collin county sherriffs departments, all attorney generals and phone number legitimacy there is no officer mark smith, no attorney sam wilson, and the number they gave me is from ymax oration. Scam scam scam scam
Entity: plant city, Florida
6, Report #677258
Dec 31 2010
11:33 AM
Clancy Wilson Attorney - San Diego California Beware of the smiling face of Attorney Clancy Wilson Internet
Clay Blehm was the founder ofDC Shoes He was 58 year old retired California CPA that owned retail stores in S. CA. when he was asked by Ken Block and Damon Way for help with nothing more than an idea.Clay founded and built their idea into a $160 million dollar a year business, DC Shoes in exchange for a 1/3 ownership. But, when DC Shoes was sold to Quicksilver ten years later, Ken Block,Damon Way and Quiksilver.. manipulated the deal and cheatedClayout of his ownership and out of his share of the multi-million dollar sale that Clay made happen! It is my hopes that the news media will pick this story up and expose this American success story and how the founder and builder of the company Clay Blehm was robbed by the other two partners and Quiksilver! and bring justice to this 78 year old sweet man.Clay is living in poverty while the young men that he made RICH and FAMOUS are living a great life. Belowis the story that will stand truebefore any court in America! Clayhas all of the documents !!! Following a full year of Lies, Deceitful and Misleading recommendations and secret negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service by Attorney Clancy Wilson and his hired Attorney/CPA Thomas A. Reid, all of which was designed to intentionally engineer the transfer of Two and One Half Million of Taxes, Penalties and Interest, already claimed by the IRS from their Client DC Shoes, instead to Clayton D. Blehm, also their Client. Reid and Wilson entered into a formal agreement with the IRS to Accomplish their dastardly deed and Destroy the Seventy Year Old Senior Founder of DC Shoes, life and planned retirement after Ten Long Years of Directing DC Shoes from an idea of a couple of uneducated and inexperienced Skate Boarders to an extremely profitable Company doing 100 Million Dollars in annual sales and netting a sale price of just under 160 Million Dollars after only nine years of operations. Irrefutable documentary evidence of an agreement with the IRS to settle the DC tax matters of 1998, 1999, and 2000 under IRS Section 3509 on July 15, 2003 and a further confirmation of said agreement signed and dated by Clancy Wilson on August 14, 2003. These negotiations and agreement were concealed from Clayton Blehm despite Blehm's repeated inquiries of Clancy Wilson and other representatives of DC Shoes. On August 20, 2003, Blehm and the DC Shoes Parties signed a settlement agreement whereby DC Shoes promised to pay the 2.5 Million Dollars of Taxes, Penalties and Interest which they all knew they would never pay because they had negotiated themselves out of responsibility to pay the IRS Claims over a month before the Settlement Agreement was signed. The Settlement Agreement was thus a fraudulent inducement for Clayton Blehm to sell his one-third interest in DC Shoes for only 4.5 Million Dollars plus other considerations which were represented to Equal Nineteen Million Dollars by Brian Wright the Corporate Attorney of DC Shoes. A few months later, Quicksilver agreed to buy 100% of DC Shoes for almost $160,000,000.00 which was split between Kenneth Block and Damon Way, the owners of the other Two Thirds ownership of DC Shoes.Blehm was cheated out of his 1/3 interest of $53,333,334.00. Quiksilver was aware of the organized conspiracy to cheat Blehm, and joined in readily to finalize the deed. Quiksilver paid Blehm the 4.5 million Dollars due him on May 1, 2004 and closed the escrowwith Damon Way and Kenneth Block for just under 160 Million Dollars on the very same day. Commitments by Quiksilver in their sale agreement with Ken and Damon, which Blehm was required to approve included various inducements to Blehm such as a Six Million Dollar holdback to pay Blehm's Employment Taxes and repeated passages reminding the reader of the DC Obligation to pay the Blehm Taxes. All of the proof documenting the above conspiracy was known to all of the parties named as defendants. The bound books of exhibits received from Larry Campitielloprove his access and possession of the 3509 Agreement with the IRS which preceded the August 20, 2003 Settlement Agreement between Blehm and the DC parties. James Peterson directed the negotiations regarding the Blehm/DC Settlement Agreement as DC's attorney and after the Agreement was signed, entered into an escrow agreement to hold Blehm's DC stock, pending completion of the terms of the settlement agreement. As DC's attorney, he knew of the 3509 IRS Settlement, and of the subsequent assessment of the taxes, penalties and interest actually required to be paid by DC Shoes which was levied against DC Shoes on April 5, 2004, in the paltry amount of $250,000.00. This levy was awaited with interest by the DC Shoes parties and Quiksilver who had made receipt of the levy a prerequisite of closing the escrow. Also of note to assure that Blehm did not discover the dirty deeds being perpetrated against him by the DC parties and their attorneys, the DC/Blehm August 20, 2003 escrow agreement with Higgs Fletcher & Mack, was amended after the Quiksilver purchase agreement was signed, whereby the original requirement for Blehm to authorize the release of his DC stock was dispensed with. Thus, James Peterson, the DC Attorney and Blehm's Escrow agent was free to transmit Blehm's stock to Quiksilver, while he fully knew that DC would never pay the Blehm employment taxes required in the August 20, 2003 Settlement Agreement between DC and Blehm/FDC. His obvious conflict of interest should be enough to relieve him of his license to practice law. Blehm's attempts to get an escrow closing statement out of him have proved futile. He apparently fears that something done at the close of escrow may serve to incriminate him. One positive result to Blehm's credit resulted from the Stipulation required in the August 20, 2003 Settlement Agreement, whereby Larry Campitiello and James Peterson, no doubt unintentionally, provided Blehm with this opportunity to re-open this sad state of greed and dishonesty, despite Larry Campitiello's loss of Blehm's right to appeal by allowing the time to expire to file a notice of intention to appeal. Larry was constantly reminded of that deadline by Clayton Blehm and ignored the expiration of the time limit. Amazingly, the Stipulation filed by Peterson and Campitiello, immediately following the signing of the August 20, 2003 Settlement Agreement, provided for a preliminary dismissal of the Complaint Clays Blehms Loss of participation in the Quiksilver Sale by the underhanded acts of Ken Block, Damon Way and Quicksilver was $53,333,334.00. Clay is 78 years old and Ken Block and Damon Way become successful beyond their imagination. Then along with Quiksilver they intentionally and maliciously cheated Clay Blehm out of his ownership and earned share of DC company sale to Quiksilver! When you see the name or logo of DC Shoes or Quiksilver, you are looking at companies that are cold hearted thieves behind glitter.Watch for this story hitting headlines and news coming soon! The complete list of crooks is listed below!!! DC Shoes, A California Corporation;Kenneth Block, An Individual; Damon Way,An Individual; The Damon Way Revocable Trust U/A Dated May 20, 1999; Brian Wright, An Individual; Brian Selstrom, An Individual; Quiksilver, Inc., A California Corporation; Robert McKnight, An Individual; Charles S. Exon, An Individual; Branton & Wilson, APC; Clancy Wilson, An Attorney At Law; Reid, Sahm, Isaacs & Schmelzlen, LLP; Thomas A. Reid, An Attorney At Law; Higgs Fletcher & Mack, LLP; James M. Peterson, An Attorney At Law; Richard Shaw, An Attorney At Law; McColloch & Campitiello, LLP; Lawrence G. Campitiello, An Attorney At Law; Michael T. McColloch, An Attorney At Law.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1243776
Jul 23 2015
11:17 AM
 received phone call stating kevin williams from the state police in your area was letting me know of my legal lawsuit and that i would be arrested in the next 30 to 45 minutes.  if i had any further questions please call attorney generals office at 773-345-8014 and talk to sam wilson. of course no one answers when you call this number and ext 6012 is unavailable at this time.
8, Report #1186761
Nov 04 2014
02:47 PM
Sam wilson attorney general Called and stated I would be arrested in 30 min if I did not pay 1870.00, they would never give me any information about a loan the said I had with Advance America in 2012 Pensacola Florida
 I received a call from an emergency number, called the number back on the pre recorded message. They stated there was a warrant for my arrest for 1870. for advanced american and I needed to pay immediately. I was told if I didnt listen they would hang and I would be in jail for 6 months
Entity: Select State/Province
9, Report #1293565
Mar 31 2016
06:28 PM
Brian Marshall - State Police / Sam Wilson - Attorney General / Legal lawsuit resulting in arrest warrant Scam phone call stating arrest warrant has been issued for my arrest Nationwide Nationwide
 I received a frightening voicemail today, that caused me to immediately frantically panic and stress. The message was labeled as a voice mail from 911. After checking to verify I had not accidentally pocket dialed an emergency number from my phone's lock screen (I obviously had not), I rolled my windows up and played the message on speaker inside my vehicle. The message was as follows: Hey, this is officer Brian Marshall calling from State Police headquarters. This call is regarding a legal lawsuit and arrest warrant filed against your name. Now the very next second when you receive this message I want you to contact your local attorney general, attorney Sam Wilson at 850-702-2842. I repeat that is 850-702-2842. Tha.know you, and God bless you. After having a moment to chew on it, and having listened to the message 8 times consecutively, I started to realize that there were small details about it that did not sit right with me. The message never referred my name, or location. Nor did it include the reason behind the actions being stated. Not to mention the Florida area code when I am in Ohio. Following about 3 minutes of due diligence, I found references of the scam and word for word dialogue of the message. I was fortunate enough to figure this all out before ever having even considered providing this man with my personal information and payment methods. I hope this helps you to do the same. And if anyone out there can determine a way to seek this psycho impersonating a police officer and stealing people's money, then please be certain to ensure that every extent of the law is in forced on this man from a real police officer and attorney general. Thank you, - Ohio Victim
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1292458
Mar 08 2016
03:36 PM
Brian Marshall Sam Wilson Florida Attorney Generals Office This is a SCAM Florida Nationwide
I have been receiving a call from Brian Mardshall stating I needed to call immediately to settle a lawsuit brought against me or I would have a warrant issued for my arrest.   This is officer Brian Marshall from State police headquarters. This call is regarding a legal lawsuit in an arrest warrant filed against your name. The very second you receive this message I want you to reach attorney generals office state of Florida to attorney Sam Wilson at 850-296-3557.  Thank you and God bless you.   I proceeded to do some research knowing it had to be fake and I am glad I did because I see that many people have lost their money by falling for this scam.  These people must be stopped.  i am tired of receiving numerous calls during the day while I am working and being left nasty messages like this.  What action can be taken to stop this on my part?
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1145181
May 08 2014
05:26 PM
Entity: Middletown, Connecticut
12, Report #1127877
Mar 03 2014
12:22 PM
Attorney General of California State Sam WilsonRobert White I received a call from a guy saying his name was Officer Robert White, and that he was at the Dallas office to issue me a arrest warrant. He said for me to call a Sam Wilson. Northern Los Angeles California
I was called this morning by a guy who said he was officer Robert White, and he was at the Dallas county police department to issus me a arrest warrant. He than told me to call a Sam Wilson the Attorney General of California State at 818-813-6137. he said if I did not call in 30 minutes i would be arrested. After I called Sam Wilson he started saying if I did not pay Cash Advance he was going to issue an arrest warrant, and I wuold be arrested before the end of the day. When I tried to explain to him that I have not borrow any money for Cash Advance, but they scamed me out of over $2100 dollars in July of last year. He got very upset and told me not to call back and that I'm going to be arrested. Their need to be a law but in place to stop this kind of harassment.
Entity: California
14, Report #1261334
Oct 14 2015
04:50 PM
Officer Kevin Williams and Sam Wilson Call from Officer Kevin Williams Nationwide
Got a call and voicemail while I was still at work. Number is unkown voicemail was a male voice that sounded like a computer recording. (First red flag) Said that it was Officer Kevin Williams from State Police Headquaters calling about an arrest warrant for my name and social security number. (Really, you're calling me to tell me this?) Continiued on saying to call Sam Wilson Attorney General for State of Florida within 30 minutes or warrant would be issued and served by local police.  Then there was garbled something sounded like he said behind something, then that I would go to jail for 6 months for fradulant activity. (Huh, you just finished saying you had a warrant for my name and social) Nevermind that the call came in at 5:05 pm, but I'm sure that the Attorney General has better things to do than wait around the office to see if I'm going to call back about a warrant. Anyway the first time I heard the message I was a little freaked out, then I listened to it again and was like Huh? are you for real? I don't think so. So when I arrived home I immediately got online and looked up the State Attorney General as well as both Sam Wilson and Kevin Williams, surprise surprise the list of web addresses with how many hundreds if not thousands of people that have heard from and some even called back this guy(s). I live in Florida but haven't done anything that could be fraudulant activity. I haven't called them back but I am calling the police about this.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1056845
Jun 06 2013
07:11 AM
Attorney Roy Wilson ,ATTORNEY ROY WILSON, B.A., M.S, Civil Case Attorney - FRUAD Tallahassee Florida
 I received an email from Roy Wilson on 6/6/13 claiming he was an attorney and I was being sure for a past due pay day loan.  The email had my name, old address, SSN, full bank account number, where I work, etc.  So initially it looked legit. As I read on it claimed I received a pay day loan back in 2008 for $300 and now owed $800.  If I didn't pay now I would be sued for $10,000 and my SSN would be blacklisted.  I have done pay day loans before but they have all been paid.  But to be on the safe side I checked with my bank to see if any deposits were made for the amount and timeframe they are claiming.  As I suspected there wasn't any. When you call the number listed (646-736-3927) it does not provide a company name but says please leave a message and then it says mailbox is full. This is a scam!!! This person really needs to be stopped.  The fact that he has all of my personal information is unnerving.   
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
16, Report #1046063
Apr 25 2013
06:55 AM
Attorney Roy Wilson Attorney Paul Andrew Mitchell BOGUS INTERNET LOAN Internet
I also received an email today from this so called attorney. I called the number and a gentleman answered the phone with a simple Hello and I told him I had the wrong number and he said OK. I have worked in an office setting for 20 plus years and no business ever answers the phone this way, especially the attorneys I have dealt with. The loan amount was for $300 and when it gets to the business that is suing you it says Cash Loan. The email did have broken English and the gentleman that answered the phone sounded foreign also. It also said that if I did not pay $200 today that I might end up having to pay back $6000. These people have called my brother before and informed him that I was being sued in New York and that I needed to show up in court. The number I called is listed as a New York number. Why would a business in Florida have a New York number. The letter that was attached looks real enough, it even has a seal. I just wish they would stop calling.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1083010
Sep 09 2013
02:28 PM
ATTORNEY ROY WILSON B.M.G. Pay Day Loan LOAN FRAUD Tallahassee Florida
This person to sign for (ATTORNEY ROY WILSON) FINAL NOTICE BEFORE LEGAL ACTION, sent me a email at 3:29 am (it's weird no normal hour for work) and notice a Civil Case, with partial personal info with Law Suit # (see below), He created an almost perfect structure to FRAUD PEOPLE, but some details that He failed. Never ever try to FRAUD some one that work for GOV, He signed as Assistant Attorney (Per),....unusual, I m not, I m not ask never ever in my all life for this ridicule amount $ 350.00 dlls? Lmfao a LOAN ? Me?,...maybe I spend this amount in one night. My minimum loan in my Life has been maybe for 5,000.00 dlls, never less. And I do it directly with any bank, normally the same bank where is my account. Loan date: 03/17/2011....was Thursday, I pulled all emails 2011 on march and nothing from outgoing box emails, he's email don't show any attorney email address, He use a regular email (Gmail,...and was creates moths ago). and the percentage can't be superior to the amount that You are Sued, 10,000 dlls?,... now I m investigating, who is this person. I m running my credit report and see any activity, I gave copy of this email and Notice Notification to my Official in my Bank, because they have that Info, I suspecting some realtor share My personal Info, but anyway. I just trying to figure out where I m with this person and I m taking legal actions. He tried to bite the wrong person I m looking for consequences. I will hit back and see If He like it or not. And the first result is HE DON'T LIVING IN TALLASSEE IS REPORTING AS FRAUD TELEPHONE NO TRUSTING AND the 206 is area code de WASHINGTON, SEATLE, This kind of people can live doing Fraud to innocent and honest people like me, I m hard worker, wake up early every day, use the public transportation and back home exhaust. And a Criminal people like this man, is trying to get a easy life? No, He need to go right thru to the jail. So I m sharing this because people need to pay attention, just be careful. Oh I forgotten to mention that I called and Roy Wilson assistant responded and asked for details and I told him where I m working and told him that I going to sue and put in the jail, and He was nervous, very nervous by phone, LOL. It's funny, try to bite me?....anyway, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! LAW SUIT. #:. 1731984 This letter is in regard to your account, with a balance of $350.00 past due. We have repeatedly tried to resolve this overdue balance, and we have repeatedly advised you of your long overdue balance in the amount of $1,000.00 since you have not made your payment so we have turned your account over to our Federal Department and instructed them to commence suit without further delay. There is still time, however, to avoid suit if you contact us. This will be your final opportunity to resolve this matter without the expense of court procedure. There is no positive reply from your side. It clearly shows that you are running away from this legal matter. Now any time you will get summons as well as possession notice for auction of your any property. You have to sign power of attorney. As per contract between you and the company what you had signed, Company can go for all legal process. and once class action will be started your Resolve ment amount will be $10.000.00 plus all legal expenses and charges. Your ssn. May be blocked and blacklisted by banking authorities as per laws. Now best is yours either resolve it now or ready to go for long painful process. ATTORNEY ROY WILSON PHONE: 813-774-4010 FAX NO.206-350-7640
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
18, Report #1063938
Jul 02 2013
02:58 PM
Attorney Roy Wilson Internet Rip Off Tallahassee internet
 I just received an email from attorney Roy Wilson stating that I was being sued for an internet pay day loan I took out in March 2010.  The letterhead claims to be from Tallahassee, FL and has a seal Department of Justice.  The phone number listed is a NY City area code and the fax number is a Seattle, WA area code.  I brought up his name in google and there are numerous complaints against him for trying to scam people out of their money for the same thing.  What's alarming is that he had all of my personal information, as he did with the other people as well.
Entity: Tallahassee, Select State/Province
19, Report #1067042
Jul 15 2013
08:34 AM
ATTORNEY ROY WILSON Fraud, Not a real collection company Tallahassee Florida
A few months ago I reported a similar email with a different attorney that doesnt exisit and yesterday I received the same email with all the same fake numbers but from a different attorney. I have already reported the first incident to the FBI and will report this name as well. I am posting it here so that others who have been receiving these emails will know that these are not real and do not send these people any money. They may have received your name from an actual pay day loan that you may have opened but not with them. Please be careful. I have been doing some research since the first time I was contacted and many people have lost so much money by sending these people their credit card information. I have asked them for paper work regarding this so called claim and they can never send it nor answer any questions. The email I recieved yesterday is pasted below. I removed some information because they had my actual social security number, address and telephone number. Again please becareful, report them to the authorities and Do Not send them any money.  To file a report against these people please go to This is a NATION wide problem and the more we report it when it happens the more we can make others aware. CASE FILE. #:. M4169MLOAN INFORMATION[1]**************[2] ***************[3] SSN :- *********[4] LICENSE NUMBER :- *******[5] PHONE 1 :- **********[6] PHONE 2 :-[7] WORK PLACE :- ********[8] WORK PHONE :- 800********[9] ACCOUNT NUMBER :- **********[10] ROUTING NUMBER :- **********[11] LOAN AMOUNT :- $350[12] DUE AMOUNT :- $690[13] LOAN DATE :- 6/8/2010[14] LOAN COMPANY :- B.M.G.GROUP                  LAW SUIT. #:. 1731984This letter is in regard to your account, with  a  balance of  $350.00  past  due.  We have  repeatedly tried  to resolve this  overdue  balance,  and   we have  repeatedly   advised  you of  your long overdue  balance  in  the amount of  $690.00  since  you  have  not made your payment so we have turned  your account  over  to our Federal Department and instructed  them to commence suit without further delay.There is still time, however, to avoid suit if you contact us. This will be your final opportunity to resolve this matter without the expense of court procedure. There  is  no  positive reply  from  your side.   It  clearly  shows that  you   are  running  away   from  this  legal matter.   Now  any  time  you  will get  summons  as  well  as  possession  notice  for auction of  your any    property.  You  have  to  sign  power  of   attorney. As   per   contract    between    you   and   the  company  what  you   had signed, Company  can go  for all legal process. and once class action  will  be  started  your  Resolve ment  amount  will  be  $10.000.00   plus  all    legal   expenses    and  charges.   Your   ssn.   May  be  blocked  and  blacklisted   by   banking  authorities  as per laws. Now  best is  yours   either  resolve  it now  or  ready  to go for long  painful process.ATTORNEY ROY WILSON  PHONE: 8137744010FAX NO.206-350-7640 
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
20, Report #1067657
Jul 17 2013
06:59 AM
ATTORNEY ROY WILSON, B.A., M.S. Payday Loan Scam Tallahassee Florida
 My experience is the same as all the ones above, so there is no need to post everything all over again. I received the same email and attached letter, spoke to the same dude with broken English.
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
21, Report #1076601
Aug 17 2013
06:06 AM
Attorney Roy Wilson Scam Artist Tallahassee Florida
 I received a weird email today from Attorney Roy Wilson stating that I years ago I borrowed 350 dollars via a Payday loan and now I owe $700.00 to him.  The letter is really weird. The language is not good and a real attorney wouldn't have written the letter in the unusual manner in which it's written.  One line states I owe 700.00 and another line states I owe 800.00.  Then the letter goes on to state that if I don't pay, they will sue me for $10,000.  About a year ago, I received some unusual calls about this matter and I asked if they could mail me a statement because I didn't remember taking a payday loan out in that amount.  The call was from a foreigner (he had a strong accent) and he began threatening me and said he would not send out anything in writing.  He began harassing me dailing with threatening calls saying if I don't pay, I'll be sorry.   I had to get the security department at my job to get him to stop with the harrassment.  Furthermore, the email has an unusual address. It doesn't seem like a real address.  The whole matter is very weird.  I read here that someone else has experienced the same exact situation. 
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
22, Report #1087736
Sep 27 2013
08:02 AM
roy wilson - attorney B.A, M.S., lawsuit pending internet
 I received an email for this Attorney Roy Wilson, stating that I took out a loan in 8/12 and have since been ignoring all efforts to pay off this alledged loan.  I replied that I would need to know the organization that I borrowed money from and if I do indeed owe this money, can will split the payment is 4 equal parts. His followup email is below. If you want to resolve this matter and if you don't want to face any further legal actions in court house than today you will have to pay your first installment for $200 to the company because i cannot put your file on hold until you pay your first installment to the company and give me your cell number so that i can directly contact you in reference to his legal matter looking forward for your immediate reply in this matter.       ATTORNEY ROY WILSON      I have borrowed on line but if I owe, I want to pay the organization I borrowed from.  can something be done.
Entity: Select State/Province
23, Report #1367398
Apr 12 2017
05:03 PM
Sr attorney Roy Wilson Scam email New York city Internet
 He sent me an email claiming that I owned money for a payday loan in the amount of 375 and since I haven't paid this now its 1000 something. He claims its from fast cash payday loan from 2014 which is a lie. LAW SUIT FILE NO. 17#1027 This legal proceedings issued on you docket #: 3616 with one of Fast Cash Payday Loan company in order to notify you that after making calls to you on your phone number we were not able to get hold of you. So the accounts department of cash advance has decided to mark this case as a flat refusal and press legal charges against you. Already we have sent you several notification but you failed to respond on time. Now it's high time, if you failed to respond in next 24 hours we will register this case in court. Consider this as a final warning and we will be emailing/ fax this issue to your current employer to make sure they take strict action against you. Your salary and all your wages confiscated. The opportunity to take care of this voluntary is quickly coming to an end . We would hate for you to lose the option of resolving this before it goes to the next step which is a lawsuit against you. If you want to stop it now you must take immediate action. We will be forced to proceed legally against you and once it is proceed the creditor has entire rights to inform your employer and your references regarding this issue and lawsuit will be the next step which will be amounting to $6526.65 and will be totally levied upon you and that would be excluding your attorney charges. If you take care of this out of court then we will release the clearance certificate from the court and we will make sure that no one will contact you in future. Kindly let us know your clear intention by today onwards so we can hold the case file else we will submit the paper work to your local county sheriff department and you will be served by court summons at your door step. Note: this notice is provided to you on behalf of cash advance incorporation and its parent company, and their respective family of companies including cash advance, its parent company, cash America international inc., and all of their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, (hereafter collectively referred to as ''cash advance related companies, we, our, or us). The cash advance related companies include, but are not limited to: cash advance, cash America international, inc., and all of their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, including those that operate under the trade name cash advance, 100 day loan, net loan USA, fax free cash, payday one, sonic cash money tree, egg loans, check cash loan, quickly payday, personal cash advance, Rapid cash, sonic payday, speedy cash, fast cash, cash net USA, my cash now, national payday, paycheck today, payday ok, cash central loans, cash net 500, cash net USA, allied cash, super Pawn, check into cash, check smart, cash America net, cash America, cash America pawn, cash land, super pawn, cash America payday advance, or any company-owner Mr. Payroll locations. You or your means you as a participant in or as user of the products and/or services offered by cash advance related company. We may report information about your account to credit bureaus, late payments, missed payments , or other defaults on your account may be reflected in your credit report. Do revert back if you want to get rid of these legal consequences and make a payment arrangement today or we would be proceeding legally against you. To resolve this issue contact us during the working hours Monday to Friday 09:00 am to 05:00 pm est by reply back to this e-mail us back in order to get in touch with the representative. Note: This Case Is Under Investigation With Major Credit Bureaus. YOURS SINCERELY NEW YORK LEGAL GROUP OF ATTORNEY Sr. ATTORNEY ROY WILSON ACS Inc © 2016 |Terms of Use| Careers|Complaints|Privacy Policy
Entity: Internet
24, Report #568543
Jun 13 2011
07:39 AM
Samuel Herbert Wilson , Sam Wilson AKA The Thief Stolen Paintings From The Swan Dobcross Sam The Thief oldham
Sam Wilson left The Swan Pub,Dobcross,Oldham,OL3 5AA,approx 7 months ago around July 09,he took with him,ie stole a Work Of Art Of A Local Street Cleaner,he knows the painting and it belongs to The Swan Inn. He also took stole other fixtures and fittings including some of the pubs other paintings and prints about the history of Dobcross and scenes from the old days.He knows this and will probably deny the claim as usual!!! Sam send the painting back by post to The Swan,this is a polite first request.  
Entity: oldham, Select State/Province
25, Report #646588
Oct 01 2010
01:47 PM
sam wilson jack schmidt, uses different numbers every time. except 1 phone number. 618-212-3047 and it is automated in spanish. forgein maybe arabic or iranian. never has the same name. super rude and ignorant.says we owe, Internet these guys that are forgein they are from arabia or iran or isreal..they have called us for almost 5 months and says that we owe them money for a loan that we didnt pay off and we never got the loan we didnt get approved. so they have ALL of our information and have called multiple family members and have harrased them to. they are very rude and ignorant. we have countless voicemails that are saved with him and his vulgar attitude and language. we have went over bank statements and everything and there was never ANY money going into our account from them. they have said they were from upside law office and the law office of anthony...i have done a enormous amount of research on everything they have told me and none of it is legit they make it up as they go. they have called from california and illinois and every other state. they never call from the same number except one 618-212-3027.sometimes the same guys calls and he is the rudest but there is once in a while a lady and sounds like a younger guy. i have called and talked to the supervisor and he is the same ethnic background and he has none of the names that that have gave me on his payroll. he got upset about me asking so many questions and hung up on me. they get their phone service through nuvox communications in illinois. once they told us that the loan was through fastcash loans and then they told us it was through ez cash. he did give us a badge number and he was talking to fast half way through it and we told him to repeat it and he switched the numbers up completely different. we have sat on the phone and made them spell everything out like their names and offices and badge number and account numbers and how much they thought we owed and they ALWAYS talk FASSSTTT and are very hessitant to give it to us. they make it up on the spot and are always changing the info. like my badge number is 924453 and when he reached the 44 he had originally said 92449 something and then swithed it not thinking we would notice. when they get frustrated they hang up on you and if they dont have the anwser and dont know it they hang up. this is crazy are you serious. how could you possibly think we would believe that bull. then about 3 months into it they started saying they we sending people over to our house and papers in the mail and NOTHING. they have never done anything but harass us on the phone. no copies of papers or emails or anything that showed they were legit. i have traced the phone number and got a latitude and longitude for their number and then got the address through a websites that will convert it. the number came back to a number in Berkeley and glendora california. they dodge questions a lot and are very persistant. they have only stopped calling for  up to a week and then were calling almost everyday. this is bull that these people think we owe them money and cant prove it. it would be different if they had something to back up this claim but thay have not even sent us things in the mail or anything. thay said once they sent something in the mail but that is a lie. they always tell us that we need our lawyer to call him but that is a shot in the dark because it is not going that far. we arnt paying our lawyer for some scam.
Entity: Berkeley, CA 94705, Internet

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