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1, Report #1402612
Sep 27 2017
06:50 AM
Adrian Freedman ETERNAL HEART MUSIC / Santo Daime Ayahuasca Ceremonies Portugal, Free Santo Daime, Johannes Maasland, Eternal Heart Centre UK Professional Musician in Cannabis, Ayahuasca and Death threats Scandal, Denying responsibility for Cannabis / Substance Abuse in his Movement Internet
Adrian Freedman is a professional musician operating under the name ETERNAL HEART MUSIC. Eternal Heart is also the name for underground Santo Daime (Ayahuasca tea) ceremonies that involve people drinking large amounts of hallucinogenic Santo Daime tea, with cannabis. Adrian Freedman set up such retreats in Portugal after avoiding (narrowly) criminal prosecution in the United Kingdom for importing Ayahuasca tea in violation of Customs and Excise laws, and spent 18 months with an anklet.Despite that, he thought it was a good idea (and one that comes with no ethical or moral responsibility) to bring the Santo Daime (Ayahuasca tea) to Portugal, and then promote cannabis use. It went badly wrong as one of Adrian's friends thought growing 14 kilos of cannabis at a publically advertised Ayahuasca retreat centre was intelligent. If that is not enough, his 'friend' who claimed to be importing lots of Ayahuasca for Adrian Freedman's Church, was then arrested with 14 kilos of the substance, and then proclaimed he had the power to kill people, for which there is clear proof HERE individual was named Johannes and his operation was spawned by Adrian Freedman's poor awareness, which believed that helping amateurs to set up and distribute Santo Daime / Ayahuasca Centres, is clever. Adrian claimed no responsibility when Johannes went on to not take responsibility for his actions, and claimed he had the power to kill people.Adrian Freedman's Church has a long history of playing the persecution story and blaming other people for their problems, including the authorities, when all they are doing, is making their own karma by importing Class A drugs into the UK and other countries, and then supporting and condoning illegal cannabis operations in Portugal. That is because cannabis is in high demand at the retreats.Adrian Freedman was more interested in people not finding out because of his professional music career, rather than stopping to attend to his responsibilities in making good for the damage done by his followers cultivating substances for the Ayahuasca ceremonies and then threatening to hurt or kill people. Some of his Church went on to engage in behaviour that includes harassment of trial witnesses, making death threats, abuse, threatening people and stalking (whilst making threats to put people in wheelchairs)This is because these people were corrupted by the combination of egoism, cannabis and Ayahuasca, because they had no moral guidance, and were taught to not take responsibility and blame others for their troubles, as that is what the Church does (of which Adrian Freedman is a senior), whilst they continue their questionable activities of supporting and condoning illegal substance abuse/distribution, as well as abuse of the sacrament.Proofs of allegations in these links and in screenshots submitted is also added to the report to substantiate the serious allegations made.  
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2, Report #1402367
Sep 26 2017
06:03 AM
ADRIAN FREEDMAN - Free Santo Daime Movement - Santo Daime Church JOHANNES MAASLAND, Cannabis in Portugal, Free Daime, Eternal Heart Centre, Santo Daime Church Portugal Abuse of Cannabis and Santo Daime / Administering Hallucinogenic Substances Irresponsibly Internet
Adrian Freedman is a musician operating under the name ETERNAL HEART MUSIC and also is the senior of the Santo Daime Church in the UK and Portugal. Adrian Freedman was involved / and is involved - in importing DMT across borders and in my opinion, administering and distributing hallucinogenic substances irresponsibly, and promoting cannabis use at such events, despite cannabis being illegal in Portugal. In 2010Two church directors smuggled a powerful hallucinogenic drug which was used as ceremonial drink at psychedelic services, a court heard.Adrian Freedman, 49, and Jane Liddell, 48, are said to have imported N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, between January and November 2010.Freedman is a director of the Eternal Heart Centre in Totnes, South Devon, while Yorkshire-based Liddell is a director of the Church of The United Kingdom of Light.The psychedelic drug DMT, thought to have come from South America, is classified a class A drug under UK law, and is drunk in a tea by members of the two churches.Liddell and Freedman appeared in the dock at Southwark Crown Court for a brief plea and case management hearing. They are each charged individually with one count of fraudulent evasion of a prohibition on the importation of goods contrary to the Customs and Excise Management Act.They are also jointly charged with a count of conspiracy to contravene section 170 of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979.Liddell and Freedman, a renowned Japanese flautist, entered not guilty pleas to the charges and were ordered to stand trial on October 19, 2012.Freedman, of Huxham's Cross, Dartington, Totnes, pleaded not guilty to being knowingly concerned in the fraudulent evasion of a prohibition on the importation of goods contrary to the Customs and Excise Management Act between January 1 and November 18, 2010.Liddell, of Lee Road, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, also pleaded not guilty to the being knowingly concerned in the fraudulent evasion of a prohibition on the importation of goods contrary to the Customs and Excise Management Act between January 1 and September 1, 2010.Both defendants pleaded not guilty to a charge of conspiracy to contravene section 170 of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979 between January 1 and September 1, 2010. They were remanded on bail ahead of their next appearance at the same court next Adrian Freedman then went on to set up a Church in Portugal, with the help of associates, who would provide cannabis for the works (one was arrested last year with 14 kilos of it, and LSD) and who would take the risks importing it illegally across borders.He arranges for people to make car runs to drive the Santo Daime through countries where it is illegal and uses cannabis in works, grown by others, doing it illegally in Portugal. does not do such himself because otherwise he would have to take responsibility, so his followers take the risks / do the dirty work, so he can advance the aims of his movement, which is to spread Santo Daime through the West.But he has a poor ethical and moral awareness, and has admitted the matter reflects back lessons in such, yet he administers powerful hallucinogenic substances to anyone who attends, and then promotes cannabis use, despite the founding father Mestre Irineu being against it.Then some of his attendees get into trouble and in one case, his associates were arrests with cannabis, cannabis grown to supply to people attending his ceremonies as well as elsewhere.The cannabis the police found in the home of an associate of Adrian Freedman, was worth Euro 70, 000. It was confiscated, proof same person arrested, was also importing concentrate Santo Daime in ways to avoid police detection.His Church always play the victim card as the screenshots show, and they say nothing about taking responsibility for doing such activities. Many of the problems in the Portugal Santo Daime Church (including arrests and busts for cannabis cultivation) can be attributed to the Santo Daime Church in Portugal having a lax attitude toward mixing cannabis and Santo Daime, even though that went against the teachings and wishes of the founding father of the Daime Church, Mestre Irineu.Others in the movement have alluded to marijuana degenerates morals and ethics (as is self-evident in Portugal) His associate threatened to put a spiritual mentor in a wheelchair, and also claimed that he would be killed before the police could do anything (see screenshot of death threat and here) and thus this movement has serious moral lessons to learn about respecting the medicine and this serves as a lesson to Mr Freedman as to why administering and distributing hallucinogenic substances irresponsibly, with cannabis (illegal in Portugal), backfires and makes for big trouble.Adrian Freedman has yet to properly apologize and take responsibility for his role in all of this, behaviours that over the years, he has blessed to varying degrees, and then failed to assume responsibility, despite being a senior leader of the Church.He was more concerned about people finding out and the reputation of his music business rather than taking proper responsibility for what he has created through his actions. See screenshots for proof of importations, police raids amongst associates, reports linked above for other proof and screenshots showing news websites about the importations of Class A substances and a statement by the police. My partner was also made to fear for her safety because she is a witness to some of the behaviour, and Adrian Freedman totally ignored her concerns. Adrian's associate faces trial shortly for cannabis trafficking (see links above) which was grown to supply Ayahuasca ceremonies in Portugal, run by Adrian Freedman and the Santo Daime Church (aka the Eternal Heart Centre)
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3, Report #1401681
Sep 22 2017
06:09 AM
Santo Daime Church UK, Portugal, Netherlands, Brazil Adrian Freedman, Free Santo Daime movement, Santo Daime Portugal Questionable Importation of DMT containing substances through airports and borders, threats and vilification of whistleblowers, cannabis arrests in Santo Daime Church Portugal Internet
Under the category of Questionable Activities is reported the Santo Daime Church who operate in Brazil, Europe, the UK, Portugal and the Netherlands.They are reported ro trying to flout DMT substance laws, as their members often transport the DMT containing sacrament overseas, and then claim the victim story (war on drugs) when they are caught.See screenshots showing how in various countries, there have been arrests, and how those arrested, play the victim story with regard to the war on drugs, whereas in reality, they are transporting DMT substances across borders, in violation of various laws, and so they make their own trouble.I as a whistleblower was threatened with serious harm by some within the Church who have been caught with cannabis and face prison, after being caught with 14 kilos of it and LSD.Before his arrest he was importing large amounts of Santo Daime into the country and made threats to kill a whistleblower, see Europe the Santo Daime Church is run by Adrian Freedman who was arrested in 2010, with the substance, and then went on to import it into Portugal, via associates, who have now been arrested on cannabis traficking charges, see something is illegal, or potentially illegal, the first thing to do is to clearly respect law.Rather than importing gallons of a potentially illegal substance through customs, as the Church did in the run up to 2010 (declared as something else to avoid detection), asking proper permission from the authorities might be more appropriate, whether that be by asking a Court, or seeking permission from the police.Santo Daime Church members often do ‘Daime runs’ which involves transporting sacrament in cars, in a clandestine manner from places such as Italy (where it is legal) to Portugal, which clearly involves driving through France.This is done to bring the Daime to people in other countries.Sometimes, if you get involved with the Church, you can get a free plane ticket if you import some Daime. If you get caught at the airport or a border and face prison, the Church will then ask its followers for big donations to help to prevent you going to prison!?One might ask why the Santo Daime Church promotes this behaviour, and instead does not simply stick with countries where it has the permission ? If you have been caught in a country, and narrowly avoided prison, doing it elsewhere, and flouting laws in Europe, is highly questionable.The Church then plays the victim card and emails its followers, asking for large donations to help with legal defence, when members are caught, doing the above (transporting a potentially illegal substance across a border with full knowledge of the risks).This is NOT the way to get respect from the authorities. I am a witness in a criminal trial related to the cannabis found at the property of one within the Church, and was subjected to death threats to be quiet to the police, and this brings to light the questionable behaviour at the heart of this movement. It wants to free the sacrament, but it takes chances with the law, and brings about its own troubles.
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4, Report #1394269
Sep 13 2017
03:19 PM
ADRIAN FREEDMAN Eternal Heart Centre, Santo Daime Church UK, Europe, Portugal. Ayahuasca in Europe. Importing Santo Daime (Ayahuasca tea) across borders, underground operations in other countries, his followers in police trouble for cannabis, ethics issues DARTINGTON Internet
Adrian Freedman is the head of the Santo Daime Church in the UK which operates under the name of Eternal Heart Centre at Companies House UK. In 2010 , he was caught importing Ayahuasca (a DMT containing substance) into the UK, and was put on bail for two years pending trial. quote the site  After two years on bail awaiting trial in the criminal courts in London, and just a few weeks before the start of pre-trial hearings, the case against two leaders of the Santo Daime Church in the UK has been dramatically dropped after the Crown Prosecution Service decided to abandon their case.andHowever the situation is far from over, as the Prosecution also wrote in their letter that It is not accepted that the N-Dimethyltrptamie (DMT) found in the tea falls outside prohibition imposed by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. In other words they still maintain that ayahuasca is illegal and so fresh attempts to import it could result in arrest or prosecution.Quite where this leaves us in terms of next steps is difficult to say, at least until after the next court hearing, but both Adrian and Jane are committed to continuing this battle until the use of the Daime as a sacrament is given the legal recognition it deserves.Adrian Freedman then set up an underground Santo Daime Church in Portugal, and despite what happened in 2010, then encouraged members of the Church to drive Santo Daime across borders illegally.If something is illegal, or potentially illegal, the first thing to do is to clearly respect law.Rather than importing gallons of a potentially illegal substance through customs, as the Church did in the run up to 2010 (declared as something else to avoid detection), asking proper permission from the authorities might be more appropriate, whether that be by asking a Court, or seeking permission from the police.Santo Daime Church members often do ‘Daime runs’ which involves transporting sacrament in cars, in a clandestine manner from places such as Italy (where it is legal) to Portugal, which clearly involves driving through France.This is done to bring the Daime to people in other countries.Sometimes, if you get involved with the Church, you can get a free plane ticket if you import some Daime. If you get caught at the airport or a border and face prison, the Church will then ask its followers for big donations to help to prevent you going to prison!?One might ask why the Santo Daime Church promotes this behaviour, and instead does not simply stick with countries where it has the permission ?If you have been caught in a country, and narrowly avoided prison, doing it elsewhere, and flouting laws in Europe, is highly questionable.The Church then plays the victim card and emails its followers, asking for large donations to help with legal defence, when members are caught, doing the above (transporting a potentially illegal substance across a border with full knowledge of the risks).This is NOT the way to get respect from the authorities.A member of Adrian Freedman’s Santo Daime Church, as well as an ‘associate’ of his, was arrested with 14 kilos of cannabis in 2016, by the Portugal GNR, and he was importing large amounts of Santo Daime, in concentrate form, in ways to avoid customs and police detection.The police now know that Ayahuasca Retreat Centres are places where illegal substances, including cannabis, might be found, a big blow for the Free Daime movementNext :- Do NOT then encourage, condone or promote any kind of other potentially illegal activity, especially connected with other banned substances, including cannabis.For some reason, despite the opinions of the founding father Mestre Irineu, Adrian Freedman thought that the use of cannabis at Santo Daime gatherings (in a country where it is an arrestable offence) was wise.Because what then happens, is people in the Santo Daime Church decide to grow cannabis, and then get caught. See:- seems then, the detriment in this matter is clearly the fault of the Portugal Santo Daime Church and Adrian Freedman, for allowing cannabis to be used in the works, and then encouraging others to bring and share, which then necessitates the production and cultivation of an illegal substance, all against the teachings of the founding father of their very own Church!As the movement allows cannabis to be used in works, and has ignored previous feedback about how it degrades awareness, it clearly brought about its own troubles, hardly supportive to the Santo Daime movements desire to procure freedom for the sacrament.This tells the authorities that the Church does not respect law, and its members are involved in other illegal things, and then how can one expect respect from the authoritiesSee proof of Santo Daime Importation case in UK, as well as screenshots showing police tweets of cannabis found in Portugal as well as a link to where his follower Johannes, shows he is in trouble with the Freedman said that the Church never assumes responsibility for what people do but he is one of the seniors of the Church, who imports Santo Daime tea across borders, gets into trouble, and promotes cannabis use at retreats. 
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5, Report #1406736
Oct 17 2017
06:16 AM
ADRIAN FREEDMAN Eternal Heart Ayahuasca Groups PORTUGAL Santo Daime Church ,ICEFLU, Eternal Heart Music, Ayahuasca Retreats, Shakuhachi Composer LEADERSHIP CRISIS, Followers Under Police Investigation for Substances, Death Threats, Ethical Leadership Problems, Failure to take leadership responsibility and to condemn BAD BEHAVIOUR
Adrian Freedman is reported for having a serious leadership crisis which he shows no interest in taking responsibility for.He and his movement organize Ayahuasca (Santo Daime) retreats in Portugal under the name of the Eternal Heart.This involves participants being given hallucingenic substance which makes people have visionary experiences, and there is music, and cannabis is often brought to the retreats and shared around. In itself that may seem not such a big deal, but in Portugal, cultivation of cannabis is illegal, and caused members of his following to get raided and caught with 14 kilos, who now face trial for drug trafficking under Portuguese law, which carries a sentence of up to 12 years prison.It is these people were friends and associates of Adrian Freedman, a fact he chose to deny as he then stated he assumes no responsibility for what people do.The trouble is, these people and their family, and indeed other members of Adrian's group, went on to engage in harassment of trial witnesses, labelling people homosexual peodophiles, insulting them, inciting hate speech and even going as far as saying that someone would be killed before the police can help.There is documented proof of all that abuse at the hands of Adrian Freedman's movement, which in Portugal, imports Ayahuasca tea (there was a raid in 2011) here is the proof of the death threats made on this talks about unsuited shamans, drug busts, police issues, death threats (all documented clearly to substantiate the allegations) and they are members of Adrian Freedmans Santo Daime Ayahuasca Church in Portugal.Some of those individuals then went on to label a trial witness sick, evil, twisted, should feel fear in his trousers, would be set upon by dogs, was a homosexual peodophile, and it was suggested his life would be taken, or he would be put in a wheelchair.The Portugal GNR became involved and police reports were filed GCLSA 37.17.0These people began their operations as a result of Adrian Freedman's blessing because he needs people in Portugal to import the substance, to grow cannabis to share at ceremonies and to host retreats, so he helps them by setting them up with imports of Santo Daime, which he later conveniently denies, but the reports show that all involved in this are Santo Daime Church members.Adrian was asked to formally condemn the behaviour but took no interest in doing so, even in the face of serious immoral, wrong behaviour, and instead, had some role in inciting his business associates to behave similarily, causing them to send hate mail and obnoxious insults to those assisting police in their investigations. In my opinion Adrian Freedman is ill suited to lead any Santo Daime or Ayahuasca Ceremony in any context and would be well advised to take a big step back and do some internal reflection with regard to the dysfunctions in his own movement (The Santo Daime Church) which believes that I should take the detriment for. These dysfunctions include threatening to kill or hurt people, excessive egoism, huburis, disrespect for the Santo Daime, being involved in drug trafficking, flouting customs laws, not paying taxes and a whole host of other behaviours that show the movement as a whole, is very poor when it comes to taking karmic responsibility for its troubles. Once I am threatened with death, it clearly brings up very serious lessons for resolution. If it does not want to look at the lessons, because it brings up feelings of shame or dishonour, it does not mean the lessons are not there for learning. Once a movement heavily involved with abuse of the sacrament and condoning behaviour such as illegal cannabis cultivation, and turning a blind eye to death threats, or serious safety concerns raised by others made to fear for their safety by the behaviour of some of its representatives, does not want to take responsibility, ultimately, it shows the leaders of such, are not fit to lead. It may be a very painful lesson for Mr Adrian Freedman, but the truth is he is not fit to lead and should step back and to work on the lessons.
6, Report #1373018
May 15 2017
12:29 PM
Ayahuasca in Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal Earth Connection Portugal, Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Portugal, Johannes Maasland, Alexandra Akat, Attila Akat Amateur Ayahuasca Shamans in Portugal with limited experience and bad integrity Oliveira do Hospital Internet
For those looking to drink Ayahuaca in Portugal be aware that there are amateurs on the ground with limited experience in Ayahuasca that do not really know what they are doing and are not skilled in holding a space for healing.Some of the shamans have toxic relationship issues, alcohol and violence issues as they openly admit on their Facebook walls, and others do it for popularity, to be number 1 in Portugal for Ayahuasca whilst overlooking ethics and integrity.Two Ayahuasca retreat centres in Portugal to avoid are The Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre and Earth Connection Portugal. The Ayahuasca shamans of the latter were raided by police and face drug trafficking charges, the former are business partners with them. For more information about these centres, the police raids and the scandal visit:- These shamans do not follow the sacred dieta nor respect the medicine and thus one may not have the best experience. Those people and Ayahuasca Portugal retreats to avoid are pictured.
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7, Report #1384150
Jul 25 2017
03:36 PM
Johannes Maasland Earth Connection Portugal, partnered with Sanctuary 1860 B&B Ayahuasca Ceremonies Retreats Portugal Johannes Maasland, Daniela Markert, Sanctuary 1860 Retreat Centre Portugal, Ayahuasca Ceremonies Portugal, Alexandra and Attila Akat harassment and malicious defamation of GNR Criminal trial / police investigation witnesses, cannabis and LSD seizure in associated family business, ethics scandal, unsuited shamans, insulting Spiritual Teacher / whistleblower with threats to feel fear Oliveira do Hospital
I want to report The Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre and Earth Connection Portugal for questionable activities. They both run Ayahuasca retreats but the latter permanently closed after there was a drug bust in the family, which is documented November 10th 2016 Johannes Maasland of Earth Connection Portugal was busted for 14 kilos of cannabis and LSD by the Portuguese military police (known as the GNR) see police tweet of seizure attached.Earth Connection Portugal was run by two people, one of them is named Johannes Maasland, who is also a partner of the Sanctuary 1860 B & B Retreat in Oliveira do Hospital, which is also a newly established Ayahuasca retreat centre.Johannes Maasland is complained about for criminal harassment of a witness in a criminal trial (who he threatened to kill whilst drunk - police report no GCLSA 37/17.0 GCLSA, see attached police witness summons for that) and for malicious defamation, implying that a Spiritual teacher was mentally ill (see screenshots of such abuse).He was the one caught with the cannabis in Oliveira do Hospital. He thought I reported him to the police and he turned up one night in January 2017 adn threatened to put me in a wheelchair. I then contacted the police and received a witness summons, where I gave a statement about the death threats and threats of harm. He was then made to report to a police station three times a week instead of two whilst awaiting trial. He was on police bail when he made the threats.He then implied on several online websites that I was mentally ill and should be afraid. He also clearly asked for more blogs to be posted (hence these reports). He claimed I should feel the fear in my trousers, mentally ill and that I was a loser, and as a result a malicious defamation claim was commenced (see screenshots)Harassment online of criminal trial witnesses is very serious. These retreat centres claim, or have claimed, to be places of spiritual wisdom and power, but the plain truth is that they are family run businesses, and within the same family, there are cannabis arrests and police investigations, as well as lawsuits for harassment and defamation.I gave them two weeks of grace to apologize for the threats, and several opportunities since. It has now been six months and there has been no apology. As a spiritual teacher, it becomes my moral duty to ensure such retreat centres are permanently closed, once I am threatened to be quiet in a criminal trial, and when there is drug trafficking going on, and when ethics and integrity in such operations is clearly non-existent. There are attachments to show the police reports, the summons (with my name and address renoved for my safety), the threats made online, the people concerned, the GNR police tweet of the cannabis and the locations of the retreat centres to show they match the location of the police raid in Travanca/Oliveira do Hospital.
8, Report #1391456
Aug 09 2017
07:13 AM
Ayahuasca Ceremonies and Retreats in PORTUGAL and EUROPE Ayahuasca Ceremoniesa and Medicine Retreats in Portugal and,  inc Sanctuary 1860 Retreat. Untrained and Unskilled Ayahuasca Facilitators operating Ayahuasca Retreat Centres in Portugal without ethical, moral or shamanic training in holding spaces for participants, risk of metaphysical harm or danger
Unregulated and untrained amateur Ayahuasca Shamans operating in Portugal and Europe put participants metaphysical wellbeing in danger and such Centres should be avoided.   One Centre is the Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat in Portugal who advertise Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal and Europe. To quote an expert:- Ayahuasca is a medicine that has an ancestral tradition of many thousands of years and MUST be applied using proven techniques which have been in use for centuries. It is a medicine and, like all medicines, it must be administered in the proper quantities and dosage as indicated by a specialist. Used in large quantities Ayahuasca may resemble a type of poison with many negative effects on the participants. The facilitator is a shaman – a physician whose obligation is to know how to identify the issues of all participants and give them adequate treatment. To have the good intention of helping others does not suffice. The person who administers ayahuasca without adequate preparation will potentially assist 5 people meanwhile placing 30 others in danger – the costs are of no return, not to mention the karmic debt.   and   It is only within ceremonies conducted with a Maestro (a proper Shaman), in small groups, that one can be assured of safety from such dangers. If these entities are incorporated within the body of a person (especially in the neck region) they can cause lack of energy, various illnesses and perturbations in life. Those operating as amateurs in Europe do it to be number one and for money, but forget that without the right moral and ethical grounding, or the right training, their intentions to help people, only harm and put people in serious danger.   NEVER EVER drink Santo Daime or Ayahuasca anywhere with untrained shamans or amateur guides. Ask to see a Shamanic Training Certification and a Code of Ethics that many reputable centres will have.
9, Report #1379720
Jun 25 2017
03:19 PM
Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal - SANCTUARY 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat, Earth Connection Portugal, Johannes Maasland, Daniela Markert, Alexandra and Attila Akat Drug Bust in Family, Ethics Scandal, One Retreat Centre PERMANENTLY CLOSED, Amateur unskilled Ayahuasca shamans,PR scandal. People risk losing deposits. Oliveira do Hospital
Filed under questionable activities and complained about are Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre PORTUGAL, Earth Connection PORTUGAL, Johannes Maasland, and other associates Daniela Markert, Alexandra and Attila Akat.This is reported in the public interest for those looking to consume Ayahuasca tea ( a shamanic psychedelic medicine) in Portugal. There is a major scandal on the ground in Portugal because some amateurs without any shamanic training certificates or any other accreditation, have set up two retreat centres, one called Earth Connection Portugal and one called Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Portugal.The matter is detailed If you do not find experienced shamans, it is dangerous to drink Ayahuasca, because amateurs cannot handle the energy navigate the medicine space or attend to deeper difficulties in a ceremony. When amateurs set up such retreats for profit and with the intention of being number one in Portugal for Ayahuasca, the intention is not pure and trouble must only partake in Ayahuasca with accredited or properly trained shamans who have been initiated in the Amazon Rainforest.The scandal involves several things that people should know about.1. A police raid for cannabis in the family. See proof in the pictures showing the police tweets and showing that the retreat centre busted was in Travanca, matching the police tweets, there is also police arrest snapshots from the Portuguse police (GNR) website.This happened at Earth Connection Portugal which has now PERMANENTLY CLOSED.This is because of the police raid in which 14 kilos of cannabis and LSD was seized, with the suspect awaiting Earth Connection Portugal basically passed on their Ayahuasa business (after the raid) to their family members Alexandra and Attila Akat who have NO shamanic training whatsover, yet offer shamanic Ayahuasca retreats.3. The shaman of Earth Connection Portugal made death threats toward a Spiritual Master falsely accusing him of being a police informant and is now facing trial in Portugal alongside the cannabis - police report reference number (37.17.0 GLCSA)4. Because of the scandal, retreats may be cancelled at short notice and deposits lost, as there are police investigations currently ongoing and Court cases scheduled later this year.5. Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre is expected to close, as the amateur shaman arrested for cannabis makes their Ayahuasca, and once there is no Ayahuasca, there are no retreats. Be careful.6. The retreat centres mentioned have no ethical codes or guidelines on their website.The whole matter is a major PR disaster. Google Ayahuasca Portugal Scandal.See also screenshots of the police raids and the cannabis found, as well as other evidence including extracts of police reports asking for restraining orders and the like.
10, Report #1372990
May 13 2017
07:55 AM
Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre Portugal Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal, Johannes Maasland, Alexandra Akat, Attila Akat Police raids for illegal drugs in the family, ethics scandal, unsuited for hosting Ayahuasca ceremonies, risk of customers losing deposits/money Oliveira Do Hospital Internet
The Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre in Portugal offers Ayahuasca ceremonies and should be avoided by those looking to drink Ayahuasca on retreat in Portugal.This is because there have been police raids in the family, where family members of the Akat's have been police raided and arrested with 14 kilos of cannabis as well as an LSD find:-That fact has been established here and there is evidence to substantiate as true the allegations are a collection of images attached to this report that show beyond doubt that Sanctuary 1860 are connected with Earth Connection Portugal by way of admitted association and are documented family members of Johannes Maasland who is the brother in law of Alexandra are images of the police tweets website also details how a spiritual teacher was wrongly accused of being a police informant about the cannabis, by one of the business partners of Sanctuary 1860.Johannes Maasland (of Earth Connection Portugal who are the partners of Sanctuary 1860) is currently in judicial process about the cannabis seized, documented on these news ethics scandal is that none of the facilitators at Sanctuary 1860 Retreat Centre Portugal are trained or skilled shamans. They were introduced to the Ayahuasca by Johannes Maasland (a bad example for he did not respect the law) and have not been properly initiated by an Ayahuasca shaman, and have just decided to do it themselves as amateurs, with no respect for local laws or toward those they work with.When one partners up with people in police trouble, it sends out the wrong message, and is not a recipe for business success, especially when people are wrongly accused of being police informants. 
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12, Report #1389042
Aug 19 2017
04:07 PM
Daniela Markert Breathworks Ayahuasca Europe Portugal Sanctuary 1860 / Earth Connection Portugal, In trouble with police for cannabis bust Nov 2016, drinking Ayahuasca irresponsibly, leaving abusive partner home alone to abuse and stalk online Travanca da Lagos Internet
Daniela Markert is a breathworks teacher in Portugal who claims to help people find deeper healing and spiritual wisdom, yet that spiritual wisdom did not help her avoid trouble with the police, because she insulted a Spiritual Teacher and claimed she knew better.The teacher foresaw the raid in September 2016 but she disbelieved him.In November 2016 her partner was caught with 14 kilos of cannabis and some other substances and is on police bail. She is also under investigation (see attached evidence as proof for the police raid in Travanca da Lagos, also where their retreat centre is, and the police tweets/records)see reported to the Spiritual Teacher that Johannes goes into dark spaces when left home alone, getting drunk, abusive or similar. Despite this, she continues to go away on Ayahuasca retreats, getting high on Ayahuasca and cannabis, and leaving her partner behind to engage in behaviour that comes under harassment of trial witnesses whilst on police bail, stalking, malicious defamation and general abuse.She has yet to apologize for the behaviour.The screenshots of the abuse always match the publicized retreats at Sanctuary 1860The opinion of the Spiritual Teacher in this matter was (from a letter):-It also appears very obvious that you and Johannes disguise yourself as healers, but in truth are broken people, involved in criminality, trafficking in illegal substances, unhealed from your toxic relationship issues, separated from Source within, and use the Ayahuasca to lure people into your lives so that you can feed off their energies to prop up your lives.That would explain why my departure from your lives caused you a rapid fall, for you were not grounded in your power, had not learned the lessons from my teachings and believed that my power could be re-routed to support your aim of being the number one in Portugal for Ayahuasca and ascending (without dying) in December 2016.Daniela Markert has not taken the simple step of perhaps taking the computers away from Johannes when she is away, or simply staying at home with him, because he cannot be left alone without going into dark spaces and then going onto another review site spouting abuse and threatening the Spiritual Teacher involved, saying he should be feeling fear, etc (he is a witness to the cannabis trafficking and Danielas partner does not want him to testify)She has claimed to be an Ayahuasca guide in the past, and claimed she was better at it than the Spiritual Teacher, but later, they admitted having toxic relationship issues, and her partner Johannes simply gets drunk on Ayahuasca dieta and gets abusive. So it is clear they are not experienced guides at all, and instead, are parasites on awareness, unwilling to take responsibility for their lives, and instead dragging their family and the wider Ayahuasca community down into a deep karmic toilet.The spiritual teacher also told her:-It seems you had a chance to step away from the light-worker karma, but you then chose not to, and instead chose to remain in the life of criminal behaviour and abuse toward myself, an action that has the karmic consequence of ruin.It also appears very obvious that you and Johannes disguise yourself as healers, but in truth are broken people, involved in criminality, trafficking in illegal substances, unhealed from your toxic relationship issues, separated from Source within, and use the Ayahuasca to lure people into your lives so that you can feed off their energies to prop up your lives.Attached are the screenshots and they show that Johannes abuse always happens when she goes to consume Ayahuasca tea at Sanctuary1860, at the centre of a is also more proof and screenshots on a Rip Off Report about Sanctuary 1860 above.Attached is also a police complaint about the behaviour, yet her partner continues.As he faces a criminal trial for trafficking of cannabis, it is fair to say that it will look bad in front of a judge, for harassment of trial witnesses is a very serious matter indeed, as is not taking responsibility.Daniela Markert could also not claim to the judge she was not involved in the behaviour because she lived with Johannes and they both profited from the illegal cannabis operation, and she left him home alone on six occasions now, alone with a computerm, where he keeps posting abusive comments that I am mentally illm or should feel fear, etc..Daniela Markert was invited to apologize for his behaviour, but ignored all communications.A member of the Ayahuasca Church did apologize and his message is attached. 
Entity: Travanca da Lagos, Internet
13, Report #937473
May 22 2013
11:07 AM
Jose Luis Ayahuasca shaman chaman (facebook group), Internet
I paid Jose Luis $200 almost two weeks ago through western union to buy some ayahuasca from him and since the day that he collected the money from western union he has refused to reply to my emails or ship the ayahuasca 
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #1193095
Dec 04 2014
01:29 PM
Cannabis Career Institute, C.C.I., CCI, Cancel classes, refused to refund payment los angeles Nationwide
Cannabis Career Institute (C.C.I.) offers one-day training in multiple cities every month. I paid $598 for 2 spots at the October 7th event in Buffalo, NY, only to have the event cancelled at the last minute due to low attendance. I was sent a note that it would later reschedule. I requested a refund of the amount since CCI had cancelled, and informed them I would rebook, at a later date, if the dates/times worked for me. I was told that I would have my credit card refunded. I followed up 4 times, each time receiving a response (from Noelle) that my card would be refunded. This never happened. I would be very wary of paying for an event upfront, as there is no guarantee the class will be held - there is no difference in price from simply showing up at the door and paying. If they cancel, you may not get your money refunded. There is a serious lack of professionalism with this company - emails take days to answer, phone response spotty, and unprofessional (texted-style) responses. I got my money back through my credit card reversal of the fee, but I would be wary of doing business with them.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1416415
Dec 12 2017
09:04 AM
GREEN COLORADO CANNABIS They charged for goods and refused to refund my money stating they were charging me for their time Colorado
Do not buy anything from this website, They are scam artist on top of being nasty  and rude. They claimed to be keeping my money because of the time I made them spend. Time being rude text messages about sending money.
Entity: Colorado
16, Report #1424150
Jan 20 2018
10:53 AM I was ripped off by for 290 USD order and 50 USD Western Union Commission
I would also like to confirm that they are fraud/fake/scam.I've made an order on 12 January 2018 and even though I constantly contact them to know that everything is ok I've lost 290 USD for the order and another 50 USD for Western Union commission.Under no circumstances send money to these thieves !! Your order is on-hold until we confirm payment has been received.Your order details are shown below for your reference:WESTERN UNION PAYMENT INFORMATIONNAME…………….. CHRIS HALESTATE…………….MARYLANDCITY………………..BALTIMOREZIP CODE………..21201Once done with payment, email us back with sender’s name and MTCNnumber for confirmation.We will then proceed and register your package for shipping andTRACKING NUMBER will be given to you
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1350788
Jan 19 2017
09:49 AM
Santo Gallo Plumber Santo's PlumbingSanto GalloJSGallo Plumbing Disreputable, Untrustworthy, Dishonest and Ruthless Toronto and area Ontario
Mr. Santo Gallo's appointment to a bathroom project proved to be a terrible experience. His work caused many problems to the home and we would like to make a very clear warning to those in the community. It's my opinion, that Santo can not be trusted, and will attempt to extract as much profit from your job as possible using ruthless tactics-- he will not do what he says, he will simply do what he thinks he can get away with. Please engage Mr. Santo Gallo with extreme caution, and consider going with another plumber instead.   He works in the Toronto area.
Entity: Maple, Ontario
18, Report #1384894
Jul 12 2017
07:23 AM
Santo Sport Store Santo Sports Total ripoff and waste of money Chicago Ridge Illinois
All I can say is do not shop at Santo Sport Store.  Only go there if you want to be disappointed in quality, quantity, and pricing.  They do not have much to offer there at all, everything is very out of date, and overpriced.  The place is a mess, very dark inside and hard to see, and he's ripping everyone off blind with his outrageous prices.   The owner goes by Mr. Santo which is comical.  Him and his wife used to take karate back in the day with me, and they wore those goggle glasses during classes, it was sad.  Maybe that's what gave him the confidence to yell and scream at customers.  I even heard from someone that he hung up on a job applicant over the phone.  Absolutely terrible.   Don't go to this store. 
Entity: Chicago Ridge, Illinois
19, Report #1283191
Jan 29 2016
09:59 AM
Dave Roberts Your cannabis orders Yourcannabisoregon.comYourcannabisbiz.comYourcannabisorders.con Charged me for product I did not receive. Nationwide
 I ordered some samples through yourcannabisoregon and they sent me a few things but said one item was out of stock and would be sent when it came in. I was charged and never received anything. The owner said he would fix it, I called many times now he won't return my calls. Someone else try- (707) 861-8180 SCAM order number was bd3102138 And here is another number they use -707-861-8184. I'll post a screen shot of my order later because he denies every accusation regardless of how big or small. Here is a link to his responses to other customers -
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1401124
Sep 19 2017
03:34 PM
your cannabis orders Fairway Marketing Took My order and my money never delivered product California Internet
This organization took my information and allowed me to place an order over the internet. After the order was placed I was contacted via phone for payment instructions. I had placed ordered with them before and they had been fulfilled. The orders typically take three weeks to arrive, but as these are cannabis products over the web I think certain leniencies need to be made.  After several weeks and several emails telling me items were back ordered or ill check with shipping no items have been sent or recieved. There is now no additional communication with this company and they will not respond to any of my emails or phone calls. I have tried and tried with no responses!  I would recomend any and all customers future and present! stop using them as they may be going out of business and at this time they apear to be just taking money and not fulfilling orders.  I would love to be wrong about them but at this time They are just thiefs taking advantage of their patients! 
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1400641
Sep 17 2017
07:56 PM
Jeff's cannabis despensory Walston Mbotane Yakwi from Miami Florida, 32003 He took my order for cannabis cookies which was $365, then I had to pay shipping company $700 and was told I'd reca $500 refund, then charged me $700 for a medical card which was a fake that he made and he told me he would refund me, I have everything in writing stating he would refund me and a emailed pic of fraudulent ins card he made Miami Florida
 I ordered cannabis cookies totaling $365. Then I had to pay shipping company $700 was told $500 would be refunded. Then I was told I needed to pay $700 for a medical card. The shipping company stated card was fraudulent (which I have an email with pic of card and you can tell it's fake) and would not deliver it unless they received another $500. I was told and I have it in writing that my money would be refunded to me and it never has been.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1422822
Jan 13 2018
12:26 PM
Ilonka Castillo Ilonka Castillo de Cestti Dominican developer Ilonka Castillo has not paid back debts and continues to work in Punta Cana and Santo Domingo other Provincia de Santo Domingo
Tourism project developer Ilonka Castillo was sentenced to three years in prison after found guilty of fraud that ran in the millions of dollars, mainly by taking money to pay her private debt with the Banco del Progreso. The judicial system claimed in news sources that it is ready to respond to claims and complaints by victim-plaintiffs who’re willing to embrace the process in an wavering manner, yet she continued to do business selling off lnd that had no proper deeds and more of us fell into the same problems, all while she was president of the local real estate asociation and continues to be part of these organization where she is regarded as a top educator. We are expected to spend thousands of dollars in a corruptt system to recover our looses. No payments received as of today.dominicantoday . com / dr / local / 2012 / 10 / 12 / major-bavaro-tourism-project-developer-gets-3-years-in-prison-on-fraud/dominicanwatchdog . org / dominican_news / page-Realtor_vanished_with_their_money%2C_investors_in_Dominican_Republic_villas_say_  
Entity: other, Provincia de Santo Domingo
23, Report #6768
Sep 24 2001
12:00 AM
Myofficejokes-Santo Palanco- rip-off
this sob got me for 60.bucks if anyone nos where hes at, i want to know!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1371316
May 04 2017
01:15 PM
Your Cannabis Now, Your Cannabis Orders, Fairfield Marketing, Chris French Complete Ripoff, Took My Money and Refused to Supply Products or Refund Internet, California
Foolishly I ordered from this scam of a company and never received my order. After placing my order, Customer Service called me to give me instructions how to make payment via Paypal even though I had already entered my credit card information when placing the order. I was given specific instructions to make payment by Paypal and I followed all instructions as requested. After making payment, I called several times to inform them I had completed the payment and to inquire when my order would ship. There was never any answer on the Customer Service line so I left messages. Eventually I got an email confirming the receipt of my payment. I emailed back to find out when the order would ship with no replay. Over the next several weeks I contacted them repeatedly over the phone and by email with no response. Eventually, I got an email saying that their warehouse was being restocked and it would take a little longer. Immediately, I responded with another email since I could not locate anyone by phone. I simply asked how much longer I should I expect to wait. Fair question. Again, no response. About a week later, I emailed again to ask for a refund after calling the fraudulent Customer Service number for the entire week with no answer. Eventually they blocked my number so that each time I called I would receive a voicemail message instantly. I continue to reach out to them but they refuse to return my calls or email after requesting my full refund including my shipping costs.  This review is 100% truthful and I have all supporting emails to prove it. It is beyond unconscionable to steal from sick people. I informed Customer Service that I was not well and was making a purchase based on my doctor's suggestion and then blatantly robbed by YOUR CANNABIS ORDERS.  They are using the name Fairway Marketing to cover themselves and possibly protect their name, but, regardless of which fraudulent name they use, Fairway Marketing, Your Cannabis Orders, Your Cannabis Now, or anything else they decide to call themselves in the future- They are a scam of the worst kind because they are targeting chronically ill patients with no remorse. 
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1413011
Nov 22 2017
06:47 AM
Legal Cannabis Dispensary Legal Cannabis Online Dispensary, Legal Marijuana Store, Legal Cannabis Dispensary SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. I sent them money, they sent nothing in return, Los Angeles California
I ordered and paid for a product ($277.00). They sent me a FAKE tracking number. At one point, the tracking site told me that the package was being held at the KC Airport. When I inquired about this to the company, they told me to send an additional $500.00, and that would solve the problem. They wanted me to send this additional money from a Walmart Western Union. I did not send the additional money. I did not get my order or my money refunded. And they cursed me out when I objected.They are a total SCAM. 
Entity: Los Angeles, California

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