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1, Report #1402203
Sep 25 2017
10:48 AM
Taclight Concepts LLC ROK7 Lakeland Florada Ordered and taclight for $4.95, which I was charged for on 8/22/2017 and then on 9/06/2017 I was charged an additional $49.99 Lakeland Florida Internet
This is one of those offers in the sweepstakes and one of the offers was the tacklight flashlights for 4.95 which was charged to my credit card and then later was charged an additional 49.99
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1401608
Sep 21 2017
04:10 PM
Univera Healthcare Senior Choice Plan Just dropped my insurance for non payment? Rochester,New York Nationwide
I was waiting for 4 prescriptions to be delivered today and when it got to be late I decided to call my pharmacy.They told me I had no insurance so I would not be getting my prescriptions.I could not understand this so I called Univera and after 15 minutes I was redirected to a special department.A woman named Betsy who was very polite told me after looking into my files that I was no longer insured due to non payment.I had her wait while I logged into my online bank account which did show payment was sent and the check was cashed.She then told me it was for past due payments.I looked back through every month up till 12/1/2016 and they did receive and cash a check each month.I was told last year that after I caught up on some late payments any following payments would go to the following month.Betsy said that was not so and I should have not been told that.In fact she said I was over $100.00 behind which was the reason for the termination.I did receive a letter stating this would happen but I received the same type of letters after some payments were cashed late by Univera. So I just ignored those letters like I was told to by a rep.I now have 4 prescriptions for my heart which I need each month and also 2 Dr appointments coming up in october.One prescription cost me over $250.00 alone plus not to mention the one Dr fee of $225.00 a month.I,m Disabled and also get a small retirement check both of which just barely cover my other bills.So now what am I suppose to do? She said to wait until October 15th to reinlist with Univera.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1406244
Oct 14 2017
10:30 AM
Perk MedSpa Rip Off: On Jun 25, 2017 I signed up for 3 Ultrashape for my abdomen; 15 Velashape (5 for upper arms and 10 for bra area/leggs/abdomen); 1 Free Facial and 1 extra Velashape. At that time they signed me up for an interest free loan for 5 months. Meanwhile I began my treatments beginning 7/17/2017, had 3 treatments and then went on vacation. I had another treatment on 9/1/2017. and then had a medical problem. Called to schedule my other appointments and was told I had to have a Consultion with their new manager. She told me that they no longer had the machines available and wanted to to schedule facials to finalize my treatments.. The Villages Florida
On 26 Jun I purchased a treatment plan from Perk Med Spa  of 3 Ultra Shape for my abdomen: 15 Velashape for my upper arms/legs bra area/abdomen.  They were to give me a free facial and one extra velashape.  At that time they were allowing a interest loan for 6 months through Green Sky.  I decided to take the interest free loan of $4.037.50. A schedule was set up for treatments for the 1st month:7/3         Velashape/Ultrashape        Had to cancel this due to illiness7/17       Velashape/ultrashaoe        Treatments completed to abdomon7/31       Velashape/Ultrashape        Treatments cimpleted to abdomon8/14       Velashape                         Treatment completed to abdomon9/1         Velashape                         Treatment completed to abdomonCalled to schedule my remaining appointments and was advised that I needed to have a counsultation with the new Office Manager (Nicole Elliott) on 9/28.  When I arrived the office had only 3 people there,  Nicole advised that Perk Med Spa had sold and was under new management.  She gave me a form that falsey claimed I had received 4 treatments of Ultra, 11 treatments of Vela, and 2 free facials.  She advised that I had only $1,612.90 left towards facials.  They no longer had the machines for the Ultra and Vela treatments.On 5 Oct, I tried to call Perk Med Spa but the recording said all lines were busy.  I typed a letter to Nicole, the office manager and tried to hand deliver my letter, the outside door said that they were closed permanently.  I feel I have been cheated and need money back, plus I still owe Green Sky $1,770.87.
Entity: The Villages, Florida
4, Report #1399768
Sep 13 2017
01:52 PM
Checkfreescore.com Checkfreescore.com works with SVCRT.com I cancelled my membership 3 weeks ago and they said it was cancelled just today and they have charged my credit card on 8/31/2017 and again on 9/13/2017 Frederick MD
Hello my name is Tawny Grubaugh I had a membership with CheckFreeScore.com and I have tried to close my membership with them 3 weeks ago they assured me that it was closed. Then I see a charge on my credit card from them and so I called and told them that I had already cancelled my membership and she then told me that it was just cancelled today. So they charged me on 8/31?2017 and then again today on 9/13/2017. They need to know that when a membership is cancelled they don't take 3 weeks in order to do so that they are to close it that day that you call. I want a full refund of they last charge that they charged me and if they want to argue that then they can credit my account for more than what I am asking. Thank you for your time and attention on this matter.   Sincerely, Tawny Grubaugh
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1409386
Oct 30 2017
07:56 AM
Current hidden listings I was sexually assaulted by an officer of the Sullivan Co, police dept. In Sullivan ,In 47882 on Monday Oct 9, 2017, I was then taken into custody for resisting arrest and possession of Meth -the officers entered my home illegally without cause or warrants . they then held me at their county jail for 12 hours saying that i was under the influence of Meth . Internet
I was sexually assaulted by an officer of the Sullivan Co, police dept. In Sullivan ,In 47882 on Monday Oct 9, 2017, I was then taken into custody for resisting arrest and possession of Meth -the officers entered my home illegally without cause or warrants . they then held me at their county jail for 12 hours saying that i was under the influence of Meth . i had been denied assessments at the local hospital for sexual assault and drug testing . sheriff cottom Clark refused my requests of interview. To this day there's been no investigation and in to stand trial in January 2017 for these false drug charges , my name is Leslie Miller. (((REDACTED))), In (((REDACTED)))
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1403912
Oct 03 2017
12:18 PM
Rigi Health.com Garcinia Cambodia They charged my account on 9/9/2017 for 3.97and10/2/2017 in the amount of 88.97 Internet
 I was first charged on 9/9 and 10/02/2017. I just looked at my bank statement online and noticed the charges. They had a phone number. But when I called it gave a new number which was T-Mobles. I looked on the Internet and saw they were a fraud.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1400388
Sep 15 2017
07:59 PM
WOODSPRING STUDIO SUITES EXTENDED STAY HOTEL Illegal eviction of over 20 families and individuals on 9-11-2017 SACRAMENTO California
 This Company- Woodspring Extended Stay Studio Suites is the epitome of evil & no moral compass of any magnitude. On 9-11-2017, everyone including disabled, elderly, sickly, small children, infants, individuals & families were all & I mean everyone living here from 1 week to several years or longer were given a letter to get out with 14 days. It was not legally drafted or were the tenants informed prior to 9-11-2017. 9-11-2001 was a horrific day in America which afflicted nearly every person living in the USA. Now we have another epic hardship placed upon us for no legal reason whatsoever. Sacramento already has the worst homeless & increasingly highest rent increases in the past several years. What Woodspring Studio suites & extended stay hotel has done has increased this population of homelessness in our lovely city of Sacramento. There has to be something done to help us because we have been hurt unnecessarally & most of us have absolutely no way or means to come up with 1st, last & security deposit to move. Most of the people made this hotel their home because they had no where electoral turn to. Please stop this company from using greed & evil to justify their hideous actions for evicting all of these families & individuals that have depended on this place to live & call it their home.
Entity: SACRAMENTO, California
8, Report #1419962
Dec 29 2017
07:05 PM
Entity: Concord, Georgia
9, Report #1402126
Sep 25 2017
06:49 AM
Dealman Item purchased on 7/8/2017 Email of item has been shipped received on 10/8/2017 Today: 25/9/2017 nothing has been recieved yet. The only time that they replied on FB messenger, they said as long as I've emailed them, they will get back to me but nothing. Internet
Item purchased on 7/8/2017Order No: #DM1404832Tracking No: RK822023305CNEmail of item has been shipped received on 10/8/2017Today: 25/9/2017 nothing has been recieved yetEmailed support@shopdealman.co : 16/8/2017, 17/8/2017, 21/8/2017, 28/8/2017Emailed support@thedealman.co.nz: 7/9/2017FB messenger: 15/8/2017, 17/8/2017, 18/8/2017, 21/8/2017, 28/8/2017No one replies the emails and now they have also blocked me on fb from posting on their page and even blocked me from fb messenger. The only time that they replied on FB messenger, they said as long as I've emailed them, they will get back to me ASAP but nothing. I even check my spam mail everyday. Payment was made by mastercard via pay pal.  
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1391823
Aug 10 2017
02:05 PM
iXcel Health Specialists Ordered an introductory offer at $4.95 to be TRIED first, then charged after I INFORM them in time that I LIKED it 89.95 after a longer period of time. They charged me both charges on the SAME EXACT DAY AUGUST 9 2017. This Was not fair nor what I wanted as I did not even try the product yet. I want to return it and the address and email are false. Now I am charged all this money for a product I have not even agreed to nor want. Mooresville North Carolina
Aloha. I simply wanted to try this product. I have dyslexia and thought it might help. So it was an advertisement on the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes online. For $4.95 I could try this product and if not completely satisfied, I could be charged no more. But if I did not cancel in a certain period of time, I think it was 2 weeks or a month I would be charged $89.95. Well, I just received the product, a few days ago, and havenʻt even had the chance to try it yet! On August 09, 2017, This company has charged me for the $4.95 which I agreed to, but they also charged the $89.95 at the same time!!! How dare they be so unprofessional and steal my money before I even tried their product! Now I want to just send their sealed product back to them but the address is not real nor the email. I am afraid that I wonʻt get my money back. I live on Social Security and this hurts. Please help me. Mahalo TracyEvelyn Kūhaulua
Entity: Mooresville, North Carolina
11, Report #1359399
Mar 02 2017
04:19 PM
arabmatchmaking.com I cancelled my reoccuring subscription and they on 2/12017 stating they received my cancellation and then they billed me again on 3/1/2017 Internet
 I cancelled my reocurring subscription well ahead of time..and on 2/1/2017 they sent me an e mail stating that We have received your cancellation request and uour membership will be cancellled according to our reocurring payment polocy.......You. not be rebilled again in the future on ce the 30day notice period have expired...and they rebilled me again anyway
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1404697
Oct 06 2017
02:46 PM
2017 Cent Projects Ltd. BynaryCent Crypto Broker They lie on their website and advertising! Dont believe them. Internet Internet
I signed up to use a trading bot (binbotpro) via the binbotpro website. The only way you can trade is if you add funds to your account via BinaryCent. I then used my Coinbase account and sent 1,000 for trading. After only a few Hours i could tell this was going to be a ripoff and not what they claim. My bot lost $500.00 USD. I then decided this wasnt for me and decided to call it quites. I went to the binarycent website to take the rest of money out and call it quits at a $500 loss.The BinaryCent sight claims that its fee free and fast to withdraw your funds.... This is where the lie begins. Its not. In their terms that state if you select a bonus upon your deposit that you have to perform 20 times in trading volume in order to withdraw funds. Reading that clause i opted to not take the 50% bonus. However, they added a $20.00 bonus anyway. Note: There was no option or way to deslect receiving this 20$ bonus. I decided to with draw my remaining funds and put in a request. This request remained pending for a day.I finally sent a message to support and they told me, According to our procedures,manager should approve request in the system, only after that finance department will be able to process it. Please,do not worry as soon as your manager will be in the office,he will check your request. Thank you. Regards, Kristina S. Financial SupportApparently their finance managers do not work every day. Its been two days now. Stay away from this company. Im starting to doubt that the charts and graphs and live support are all real. My gut says this is a complete scam. 
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1406327
Oct 14 2017
07:24 PM
Bargain Pride I placed an order on 9/21/2017 and I never received an email or anything from them. I’ve been calling the phone number and email them, and I never received a response. I paid $140 for a cologne and I never received it! I’m furious right now! New York Internet
 I placed a order on 9/21/2017 for some cologne, and I never received the item. I’ve tried calling and emailed the company. I never received a answer or response from anyone. They took my hard earned money and I’m very hurt behind this. I have children I could’ve gave that money to. I actually thought I was buying from an actual company. This is very hurtful.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1381450
Jun 26 2017
05:24 PM
My Crisis Gear They have removed $39.99 which started on 11/21/2016 and removed the same date on the following dates also: 1/03/2017, 1/21/2017, 2/20/2017, 3/20/2017, 4/20/2017, 5/31/2017 and 6/20/17 for a total of $319.91. I had to finally close down this account. Allen Texas
As before, I saw this neat flashlight which had a lot of great functional uses on it and I felt it would handy to have in my car as I work late and come home around midnight every night.  I sent for it last November, 2016, probably thinking if it was as neat as it looked, I might even give it to my husband for a Christmas present.  I have never received the merchandise and this company keeps removing $39.99 out of my checking account and have presently removed $319.92 in total.  I have finally closed down this account so this will stop, but as I was not really paying attention to it--I have been very ill and it is hard for me to get online sometimes and I have had my attention on other things.  I know that's no excuse but it is so wrong that these guys have been removing all of this money out of my account.      Wendy, Cheswick, PA
Entity: Allen, Texas
15, Report #1360876
Mar 09 2017
09:37 PM
Kstlyesallday.com I ordered clothing from kstyles on 12/24/2016 was told 5-25 days shipping and after various emails back and forth its now 3/9/2017 and i still haven't received it Internet
 On 12/24/2016 i made a purchase online from kstyles they said it would be 5-25 days for shipping . after emails back and forth between me and the company its now 3/9/2017 i still havent recieved my product or a refund.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1360836
Mar 09 2017
05:28 PM
17, Report #1376187
May 30 2017
06:20 PM
Neuromaster Software Konstantin (Kostya) Grek Software than never works Texas Internet
It started on March 26, 2017. After a 2 week trailwith only 5 stocks to use the software seems ok.You are given 30 days to evalute the software. It didn't take me that long to know that I wanted my money back.The videos are vigue and do show you how to use the software. By the time that you do the 30 days are over. But I asked for a refund, the subject is ignored it and told me that I didn't watch the videos. He came in on teamveiwer to patch the software, but it never function correctly.All the whilemakeother offers on his other software to purchase.I will be filing an complaint with the Texas Attorney General's office.But don't get fooled by this guy. His software doesn't work
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1403252
Sep 30 2017
08:06 AM
Elly's World I ordered a STEAM straightener on 08-03-2017 for $49.99 and never got it. Then I discovered the web site does not exist anymore Internet
On August 3, 2017 I ordered a steam straightener from Elly's World for $49.99 plus tax. After three weeks passed and I had not received my product I signed on to look for an 800# or a customer service link. What I found instead is that the web site no longer exist. I tried again tonight just see what would happen and that is how I ended up on this site,
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1418712
Dec 22 2017
01:12 PM
King of Seat Covers I ordered custom seat covers for my 2011 Chysler 200 Convertible on April 9, 2017. They billed my CC $199.00. I have called, e-mailed since May and have gotten ZERO response. Los Angeles California
I went on line and found this company on the web, looked reputable, contacted customer service and placed the order for custom seat covers on April 9, 2017. Paid with my CC on line and recieved confirmation Order #811, 199.00.Gave them my shipping address andassumed 4/6 weeks delivery. Summer was hecktic, and I reached out to them in August to see what the staus was and was told on the web site that the order was still processing.. Called and emailed again in late August and got the same answer. I tried again in November and December and am getting nothing. Then I found your web site with numerous others complaing of being ripped off by this bogus company. I hope they are bankrupt and being persued by the FBI for wire fraud and false advertising and interstate commerece.  
Entity: Los Angeles, California
20, Report #1403306
Sep 30 2017
10:23 AM
The Sale Guru I I purchased the Tyme Iron on 9-20-2017 and never received the product. I tried to call the number but it was diconnected. Internet
I purchased a Tyme Iron on the internet on 9-20-2017. I have not recieved the product yet, so called the number provided and it was not in working order.  I read about all the other reports filed toward this company, thesaleguru.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1387890
Jul 24 2017
05:40 PM
mantrans tallahassee florida paid for a transmition never got it paid for shiping and taxes $1260.62 all kinds of excusess tallahassee Florida
i was looking on ebay for a transmition they had an add so i called the person i talked to name of cindy verry nice sounding   so i orderd the transmition i was looking for paid for it then waited for a week and called them they said the main shaft was on back order  so i waited another week called them again same excuse another week they said it was being built  so i waited another week called them back they said they were waiting for the shaft  now its been 5 weeks still no trans now when i call all i get on the number is a buisy tone that number is877-626-8726 so i am going to call another number and see if i can get a responce 850-222-6993 i am very disapointed in this company as i paid $1260.62 for a trans that i have not got       mike naples fl        
Entity: tallahassee, Florida
22, Report #1395655
Aug 25 2017
07:02 PM
Adam & Eve African Hair Braiding Eve On 8/17/2017 approx. 9:30 am, Eve braided my hair tight and sewed it up into a ponytail, pulling it tight with a needle and black thread, which cause my scalp to become inflamed with burning pain at 3 am. I went to the shop the next day, August 18, 2017, for help. I informed Eve that my braids were too tight, I took pain medicine and I was unable to sleep, but Eve did nothing to relieve me of my pain right away. *  Baltimore Maryland
*In fact, Eve made me wait until she finished all of her scheduled appointments with clients. At first, Eve said she would call me when she finished with her 1st client, but after calling Eve several times during the day, Eve never called me. I went to the shop approx. 7:30 pm 8/18/2017 and found that Eve had left the shop. I called Eve and explained to her that I was at the shop, but no one was there, and since she made me wait all day in pain, I prefer to have my $100.00 less the cost of the synthetic hair she provided, given back to me. Eve stated that she could not give me back all my money, but she could only give me 1/2 of my money. Eve told me she was on her way back to the store in 2 minutes. Before Eve arrived, a black female pulled up in the driveway and got out of her truck. She looked in the shop and I informed her the shop was closed. This female claimed that she left her charger in the shop. Eve arrived and opened the shop and the female went in with Eve. I began to feel uncomfortable because there was a curtain hanging in front of the door and the windows were predominately covered. I called a friend to let her know where I was and what happened. My friend stayed on the phone while I walked in the shop. I had told Eve that I will take 1/2 of my money ($50.00), but I was not satisfied and because I was alone with two people who knew each other (the woman said she had been coming to the shop for 15 years), I decided it was safer to accept the lesser money than to be caught in a conflict with no witnesses present with me in the shop. *This was not a positive and professional experience. I googled and found Adam & Eve Hair Braid Shop and it had 4.1 stars out of 14 reviews, which appeared to be a reasonably good rating. I was informed that they open at 9:00 am. I asked if I can get my hair braided and was told to come in at 9 am on Thurs. 8/17/2017. The address was texted to me. When I arrived, a lady with glasses, blue jeans and a white top pulled up and proceeded to open the shop. As I tried to park, there were about 3 or 4 people standing in the driveway talking. Eventually, they starting walking up the street. When I got out of the car, there was trash all on the ground and there was no curb appeal on the driveway. The was an open sign in the window and parts of the window appeared to be blocked. There is a glass door as you go inside the building and a curtain handing down that you have to pass through. The Braiders were just coming in to work. I was assigned to Eve. Eve asked me how I wanted my hair braided. I showed her pictures and informed her that I would like the Goddess Jumbo Braids because the nerves of my scalp was sensitive and I could not bear the excessively pulling or tightness of the braids. I politely informed her that I did not want any tight braids. Eve blow dried my hair and started to comb my hair from the scalp to the ends with a fine toothed comb. I hollered, Out! I asked Eve if she wanted my large tooth comb to comb my hair because she (Eve) was breaking my natural hair off and it was already delicate. My whole purpose was to get a protective style that did not hurt or damage my hair or scalp for my trip on Sat. 8/19/2017. Eve parted my hair and combed it. It felt like she was still using the same fine tooth comb to comb my natural hair. She started braiding the first braid and that one felt okay. She asked me was that okay. I said, yes. Then, Eve stopped and left out of the shop to go to the store. I sat there for about 15 or 20 minutes before Eve returned. When Eve returned, she had a bag of hair and gave it to another Braider. While she was gone, I noticed there were about 4 or 5 Braiders (employees) braiding customers hair in the shop. After Eve gave the hair to the Braider, she proceeded to start braiding my hair again. To make a long story short, there were several times I had to put my hand up on the braid and let Eve know it was hurting and too tight. Eve's phone rang excessively and she stopped excessively to answer the phone. The employees of the shop speak to one another in their language and the customers will never know what they are saying or if they are saying something derogatory about the customer while braiding their hair. The 1st Amendment allows Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, and Petition, but as a customer who is putting their trust in someone who is braiding their hair, to treat them with respect and dignity, talking about people in your natural language to degrade, dehumanize or to be plain nasty, is not right and it is not fair. When customers agree to allow African hair braiding to braid our hair, we expect to be treated with dignity and respect. We do not expect to have our hair pulled out, ripped out, braided so tight that we end up with bald spots or loss of hair around our hairline on any side. We do not want a disease or infection from the use of dirty combs. A clean comb should be used on each client's hair. A wide tooth comb should be used to comb natural hair not a fine toothed comb. The hair should be comb from the ends first and then up to the scalp. Before Eve finished, she sewed my hair up into a ponytail with a needle and thread and pulled it tightly. Keep in mind that I did not ask her to sew it. Eve finished my hair and did not offer a mirror for me to see it nor did she face me in the mirror during the braiding process. I went to the restroom and looked in the mirror. I was appalled and dissatisfied with the way my hair looked. I informed Eve that I did not like it and it looked fuzzy. Eve told me that she uses Edges and did not have any, so I followed Eve to the Beauty Supply Store on York Rd up the street on the corner. We went in and Eve took some of the Edges (A water-based thick Pomade) and put it on my hair in the front. I ended up having to pay $15.99 for the Edges and then Eve smeared it on the rest of my hair in the front. My hair reverted back to frizziness because it was so humid out side. I went to bed and woke up at 3 am and my head was on fire. I had to cut the thread out for some relief and take an Aleve. Next day, I went to the shop and informed Eve my braids were too tight and asked if she can fix my hair. At first, she did not believe me, then she told me after she finish her client. Eve never called me back nor did she fix my hair. I went to the shop approx. 7:30 pm 8/18 and it was closed. I called Eve, told her I was at the shop and since she never called me back, I would like my $100 back less the cost of her hair. Eve said I could only get 1/2 of my money back. A woman showed up at the shop before Eve and Eve may have told her to go there. This shop is unsanitary, unsafe, and unprofessional. Please beware if you want your hair. No hair license is required. This business ONLY accepts cash and they do not provide receipts.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
23, Report #1402760
Sep 27 2017
03:40 PM
Jullen skin care I order a free trail products from Jullen sin care for the post fee. The company deductible 89.45 from my bank account on the 9/20/2017 without my authorization. I called the company for a refund of my money then I told them I was going to return the pr This company took 89.45 out of my account without me authorize it. Tallassee Flt Internet
I order for a free sample of Jullen skin care for trail size for the prize of postage of $4.95.  The company took out 89.45 from my account on 9/20/2017 without my authorization.  When I call the company today to confront them about the money taken out of my account.  The man said, it was a trail product for 14 days, and after 14 days if you didn't return it you would be charge.  I told him that the web-site didn't say that and that I never open the serum, and I wanted my money refunded.  he said, this company don't give refund, and he offer to send me another bottle free, or send two bottle for half prize.    i refused to have any more products sent to me after that I called my bank.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1370584
May 01 2017
07:21 AM
Septi Max- a whole lot of S___' After having heard of my cancelling of an order for their septi Max product 9 I was a two yeaar client- this company first refused to confirm the cancellation and then refused to rid their billing deptment of my data fromyears before. The company never shipped a product in 2017 but stil belives that they were entitled to e transfer funds from one of my Vise accounts. It tokk three weeks in order for the company to stae they would fix the problem and even then they have refused to agnolege their mistakes and even try to fight on the phone with clients.Delray Beach Florida
Septi max has an long standing problem with being hoest with clients when a customer confronts them with scientific dat about thier products laccking use; they get angry with the customer, when told an order has been cancelled and further business is done wiut them they immediately take action to use dat driven account numbers to genereate bills and make payments electornically into their accounts. getting your money back is the trickiest part. Each dept at Septic Max state that they have no contact with other departments and yet when in Delray Baech you will find that they all work within only a few feet of each other in a two story building where someone could contact you without even making a phone call. Billing, collections and customer support are actaully all the same people andd yet they do not want you to know that when asking. Do not do business with these folks their product is worse then the problems your septic tank already may have. Their product is toxic to well water. stay away.......Peter in Gray, Maine
Entity: Delray Beach, Florida
25, Report #1420916
Jan 03 2018
07:34 PM

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