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1, Report #6903
Oct 02 2001
12:00 AM
MOTORSPORT 22 rip-off
Motorsport22 sold me a set of Racing seats for my car. I got home to install and noticed one box was retaped and missing packing material. After inspecting the seat I notice the reclining knob was cracked. I called them up and told them the situation and they told me they needed to see the seat. The next day I brought it back and to make a long story short the would not refund or replace the damaged seat. I will never shop there again.
Entity: union, New Jersey
2, Report #175609
Feb 09 2006
08:48 PM
Shoe 22 ripoffsey Internet
I am a hard warking student, and back in Oct I sent $149.96 to Shoe 22 for 2 pairs of shoes. Never received shoes. I had to go and paid another $12.00 to put a tracer on the money order and received a photo copy of the cash money order. I want my money return and I feel that we should not allow such a rip off, not have any responsibilities and get away with people money. Robert Livermore, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #158415
Sep 26 2005
03:38 PM
Shoe 22 ripoff Clifton New Jersey
shoe 22 is a rip off,i ordered my son a pair of shoes off the site 3 months ago and i never received anything but they sure cashed my check quickly, they dont respond to no emails, or have any tracking number info for them like they say on their site. thanks for taking away from my 13 year olds school shoes, i am a single mom and i dont have money just to throw away like that, then they have the nerve now to try to benefit from the hurricane with the red cross sign on their website saying give to hurricane katrina, we need to stop this guy from ripping people off. Tina buena park, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clifton, New Jersey
4, Report #1399112
Sep 10 2017
07:37 PM
Lift for the 22 Internet
 I helped this company out with finances and I found out that even though they claim to donate all of there money to veterans about 70% go's into there pockets. They recently faked being scammed to gain more donations. After I talked to the vuctoms of this I pointed them in the direction of a private Investigator who is building a case.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #146088
Jun 14 2005
03:49 AM
shoe22.com Shoe 22 they stolen my money Clifton New Jersey
shoe22.com glenn gardner junior ive ordered a pair of shoes ive send him the money 90dollar and i didnt saw ani^thing off the shoes +he dont answer my e-mails ........... Pascal SteffisburgSwitzerland
Entity: Internet
6, Report #116747
Nov 08 2004
04:02 PM
I will try to explain the the problem but i will explain it in better way when some contact me this car dealer had an add in the paper for toyota camry for $129 a month with $995 down when i went there the sales person told me that i am not qualfied for this deal and this will cost me more afetr 5 hours he came with his manager to asure me that he wil give the best deal in the market and this deal is my trade in + $300 down and he will give the car for $355.89 a month for 48 month lease i told him that is too much he stole me that my credit score 648 and this bad score !! after i agreed with him they told me to go out and check the car to sign that every thing is good the car was in a dark spot i signed on the sheet and when i took the car in the light under a light pool me & the sales person saw a scratch on the trunk he told me that he will take care of it when i come in the next day to keep short i did shop around the next day with another toyota dealer which they told me that 648 credit score is not bad and they can get the same deal for $299 with $1000 down payment when i went back to my dealer they left me waiting out side for an hour or more just to see a manager and when he came out he was so rude to me and he told me that i got the car and that is it BE SURE TO SHOP AROUND FIRST THAT WAS MY MISTAKE IS TRUST PEOPLE I WILL NOT RECOMEN ANY ONE TO GO BUY FROM THIS DEALER AGAIN EVER Shady east brunswick, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: HILLSIDE, New Jersey
7, Report #488115
Sep 01 2009
07:03 AM
Route 22 Nissan uses Bait and Switch tactics! Hillside New Jersey
Route 22 Nissan in Hillside New Jersey is very deceptive with their on line advertising. I have been in the market for a decent pre-owned car for a couple of months now and Route 22 caught my eye with their low mileage cars at a very reasonable price. When I first started visiting the dealership I didn't take notice of what cars they were advertising, I would just go and see what they had on the lot. After driving to the dealership a few times it became monotonous so I decided to follow their website closely and see what cars I liked. I would only go down if something appealed to me, but each time I went down those cars I liked were not on the lot. I started to suspect that they were being deceitful with their advertising, but it wasn't until after I had just visited the dealership the prior day did I see that they were using the old Bait and Switch tactic. I saw they listed a few new cars that were exactly what I was looking for(low mileage, low price), but when I drove down to the dealer the (very day they were listed) I was told that those cars were not available. I questioned the salesman quite a few times how it was possible that these cars were newly listed and yet they were not on the lot. He had no answer for me, and had me speak to the Internet manager who told me nothing more then they weren't available. He did not offer any other explanation as to why they were listed and not there. I sent Route 22 an email and explained to them how they were advertising cars that were not available, and asked that they be removed from the website, but it has been a few days now and these cars still remain on their site for sale.  
Entity: Hillside, New Jersey
8, Report #493002
Sep 10 2009
04:53 PM
RT 22 Nissan STAY AWAY RIP OFF!! Hillside , New Jersey
It was time to turn in a lease with Nissan so I went back to the dealer where I got it, Biggest error on my part. The Murano hand 9500 miles on 39 month lease,  Spoke with  Felix  Nieves  told me come they are trusts in the car. So I make appointment with him and show at 1030 am, waited for 3 hrs to see me. At that point he takes the used car Manager  to check out the car. They agree to buy out the lease from Nissan, I had 1 month left in the lease so we agree to split the last month payment 50/50 gave them a check for 1/2 done deal.... It's now 130 pm.. Two week go buy and i get certified letter from Nissan Infinity that I still owe them 1 month , I call and tell Nissan America what happen and they tell me to speak with the dealer, Try to contact the dealer multiple times always a song and a dance, manger not here, finance guy not here, Nissan America is Lieing to you  , I heard it all. Finally three days later no response I go top the dealer and they tell me they payed off car, while standing there i call Nissan lease and they told me they only payed off the buyout not the 1/2 payment......  Used car Manger Real SOB  got nasty when i ask to speak with CORPRATE about the problem. Three different people at corporate told me to contact the better business and consumer Affairs, In the end I still must pay for the 1 month and no car to drive STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM THEY LIE AND SUCK TO DEAL WITH........    
Entity: Hillside, New Jersey
9, Report #410553
Jan 10 2009
04:12 PM
Route 22 Nissan Liars and most rude people Hillside New Jersey
I purchased a used 2006 Nissan Maxima from , Route 22 Nissan in Hillside NJ, on Dec 13th 2008. I have never experienced such terrible service from a dealership. In this economic time when dealerships are hurting you would think service is something they would want to provide. Not only was the service terrible but they lie and are plain rude. The car was EMPTY..Atleast put $10 worth of gas in there. When I purchased the vehicle I received only one Key and remote. My salesperson, Julian, told me that the other key could not be located and by the time I receive my new plates I would have the other key. I am a NY resident and had received a 20-day temporary plate. I waited and did not receive any calls from the dealership and I only had one day left before my plate expired. I must have called them 10 times with no call backs. I finally called Julian and he told me he would call me back within mins. I still waited hours and had to call him back. They finally issued me another temporary plate after getting angry. When I went to pick up the new temp on Dec 30th I again asked about the key. He told me the key would be ready by the time my plates arrive or they would just cut me a new key. I received a call from Julian on 1/6/2009 that the plates had arrived. I picked up the plates on 1/8/2009 and Julian was not there. I asked for additional help and they sent some sales rep to me. His exact words were ??you need to speak to Julian.he is the KEY Specialist for the dealership and you HAVE to speak to him but don??t worry he will get you another key. He handles the keys for this dealership?? Now I might not know the car business but did this guy think I was born yesterday? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. They must really thing people are stupid. I then called Julian on 1/9/2009. I once again asked about the key. He told me my paperwork included a ??key replacement?? paper and that I could come to the dealership before 7pm today and they would cut me a new key ON THE SPOT. He also said ??bring the car as they need the VIN.?? I showed up the dealership around 5:30pm and was told Julian left early. I went to service and they told me they couldn??t do anything for another 45 days. I then told them I was concerned that my car was giving me low gas mileage and wanted to have them check it. I was told ??if my check engine light was not lit then there was nothing wrong with my car.?? Why I was never told this? I traveled to this place 3 times and its costs me over $10 in tolls plus gas each time? I was very angry and asked to speak to Julian??s manager. The receptionist went to some guy and this guy looked at me at made faces. His name is Mark Frank. It seemed he was disgusted with my question. He wouldn't even walk over to talk to me. They then sent me ANOTHER sales rep instead of a manager who told me I must wait 30 days?. This dealership really defines the stereotype for a slimy car salesperson. They are liars and have no customer service etiquette. I was treated like I was off the street with no manners. Not only will I never buy another Nissan I would never even recommend Nissan to friends. I was sold a maintenance contract with this dealership. Will they even honor this? Will I even get SERVICE? Why should I trust Route 22Nissan to service my car? I am very concerned. DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE. THEY WILL LIE TO YOU. DON'T EVER EXPECT A PHONE CALL. THEY ARE SLIM. Anil **** Staten Island, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Hillside, New Jersey
10, Report #646085
Sep 30 2010
08:30 AM
Route 22 Honda deceptively stealing from customers Hillside, New Jersey
I purchased my first car from Route 22 Honda in April of 2008. When I left the dealership that day, the only paperwork that I left with was the owner's manual for the car and the inspection checklist. Earlier this year I was interested in trading my car in for a newer model only to be told that since my payoff was still so high, I must have been loaded down with lots of warranties. The dealership also charged me for lowjack, a feature that had never even been activated! I was furious that these people had been charging me for this stuff without even giving me paperwork telling me exactly what had been added on. I called Route 22 and spoke to salesperson who was extremely rude. He told me that I could not have the lowjack installed. When I asked if I could be refunded since they refused to install it, he said that wouldn't be possible either. Next, I sent an e-mail to Ed Garcia, the General Manager of Route 22 and received a response from Marta Rebelo. She said that if I sent a written request I could have my warranties refunded and have the lowjack installed on the car. I sent her my request in writing as she asked. She then emailed me back saying that a finance director needed to speak to me and asked for a phone number where I could be reached. I was told that I needed copies of the warranty paperwork that I had signed. The whole reason for my complaint was that I WAS NOT given copies of anything!  I gave my phone number and also tried to call the finance manager. I left multiple messages and never received a response. I have emailed Marta and General Manager Ed Garcia several times since July and am now being ignored. I will never deal with Route 22 Honda again and have told my story to others so that they are cautious when dealing with these people. I'm out a good amount of money without them ever providing the service that I paid for and am now without recourse. The entire staff seems to fall off of the face of the earth when they learn that I am on the line or when they see an email with my name on it. Route 22 Honda and its managers should be ashamed! What they are doing is outright theft!
Entity: Hillside, New Jersey
11, Report #670746
Dec 12 2010
10:55 AM
A COMPLETE JOKE!! I found a Mini Cooper S that I was very interested in online and it happened to be at Route 22 Nissan.. I called to get some information and was redirected by the receptionist 2x and finally she was able to get me some info.. When I inquired about pricing all she could say was we only negotiate in person... Being that I lived over 2 hours away I reluctantly made the drive as online on ALL of their ads it reads We are very negotiable... No reasonable offer refused.. I at least assumed There would be a little flexibility off of their online advertised price.. Which was a bit interesting as the car was listed on both autotrader.com and cars.com at $13,877 and on their website as $14,877 and financing $11,877... I should have known right there not to waste my time.. I called yet again and asked to speak to finance manager to get some more info as I was intending to pay CASH and wanted to know what forms of payment they accept.. I was put in touch with Nisarg? and he was all but annoyed he was talking to me especially since I was inquiring about paying cash... In hindsight another clue that I should never have made the drive... Upon arrival the dealership could have been best described as dirty, disorganized, unprofessional, etc.. I was about to write it off as a nice drive to North Jersey and simply walk out and go home.. At that point my astute fianc told me to go out on the lot and at least look at the car... I looked at the car and it was actually a really nice 1 owner car.. So I decided to look into things a bit.. By then my fianc had found a sales person who was nice and friendly but absolutely clueless... We went inside and sat down and he went to talk to his manager.. He then came back to the table and had a price of $11,877 financed with $3000 down.. I repeated what I had earlier told him (that I was paying cash) and then showed him the print outs from autotrader and cars.com that listed the car at $13,877 with the claim that they were very negotiable.. He then looked at me confused and said Oh you want to negotiate off of that price?... To which I replied well yes of course.. Back to the manager (hidden away) he went.. He returned and said to me that the ads were a mistake, but since I drove all the way up there the would honor the $13,877 price for me... as long as I financed with them... I was becoming infuriated.. I repeated for the 4th time that I was paying cash and he tried to then convince me to finance with them just for a few months and then pay it off... At this point I knew what they were attempting to do and was outraged that a dealership operates this way in this day and age... I for one last time stated I came up here to pay cash, I have the cash on hand and I wanted to buy the car provided they were true to their advertised pricing.. He then threw his hands up in the air and said okay fine if you insist on paying cash the cash price is..... $15,877... HUH?.. WHAT?.. 2 thousand more than the nationally advertised price!?!?!... I did all I could do to contain my self and not flip the desk over and gladly walked out... I have never even heard of a a dealership that operates that dishonestly.... I am now forwarding all materials that I have along with a synopsis over to the BBB, Nissan North America, AutoTrader.com, Cars.com, and RipOffReport.com.... DO NOT EVEN THINK OF GOING TO THIS SH**HOLE!!
Entity: Hillside, New Jersey
12, Report #220577
Nov 15 2006
02:06 AM
Route 22 Nissan never buy a car there- Hiilside New Jersey
Entity: Hiilside, New Jersey
13, Report #260315
Jul 11 2007
11:58 PM
NCO Fin 22 Still reporting after payment ripoff HORSHAM Pennsylvania
I was delinquent on an 2002 account. Chase turned it over to Northland Group who then turned it over to NCO. I was young stupid blah blah blah. I didn't pay it like I should have when Chase had it. I really didn't know anything about credit reports at the time. Long of the short of it is. I paid NCO the settlement amount (750 original 950) in 12/05 on the condition that they would take it off my credit report so i could get a loan to go to school. Yes I understand that it was I owed money, but I would rather have made payments. So we agreed that if I paid right then that they would take it off. I mean I had no other motivation for paying it right away. So, I paid and received a settlement letter or satisfaction letter (dont' remember what it is called). They still call me trying to collect on a debt that I paid two years ago. It is 2007. When I told whoever I spoke to that I paid it and that I had cashed checks and a letter to prove it, the guy called me a liar. You know it is one thing to owe money and not pay it, but it is quite another for someone to tell you your lying when you have all of the information in front of you. I ask to speak to a supervisor, Keith Sweat. He told me that the guy didn't know what he was doing and it was paid but not entered. Has it been resolved, no. I would like this taken off my report as our agreement was to do so. However, if that is not possible, I would like them quit harassing me over a paid debt. Here is information I found on the corporate officers: MICHAEL J BARRIST Title: President Address: 515 PENNSYLVANIA AVE FORT WASHINGTON PA 19034-0 Name: STEVEN L WINOKUR Title: Secretary Address: 515 PENNSYLVANIA AVE FORT WASHINGTON PA 19034-0 Name: STEVEN L WINOKURT Title: Treasurer Address: 515 PENNSYLVANIA AVE FORT WASHINGTON PA 19034-0 Name: CHARLES C PIOLA JR Title: Vice President Address: 515 PENNSYLVANIA AVE FORT WASHINGTON PA 19034-0 They wont give out any email addresses, however, i figure if people have free time, there is nothing like a handwritten letter. Why not go straight to the source of the company. Oh and Steven Leckerman is an Executive Vice President, however, he used to be the SVP of collections. I believe his address is the same as the others. Info for the public. Base Pay $321,848 Bonus $117,000 Restricted Stock $0 LTIP Payouts $0 Present Value of Option Grants $147,940 Other Annual Compensation $0 All Other Compensation $6,125 Total Compensation $592,913 Stock Option Exercises and Cumulative Balances Shares Aquired on Exercise (#) 0 Value Realized for Options Exercised $0 Remaining Exercisable (vested) Options (#) 163,333 Remaining Unexercisable (non-vested) Options (#) 56,667 Value of Remaining Exercisable Options $156,399 Value of Remaining Unexercisable Options $270,301 Data for fiscal year ended in 2003 Hope the disgruntled people have a chance to write. Denny Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: HORSHAM, Pennsylvania
14, Report #1177773
Sep 18 2014
07:20 PM
Planet HOnda on 22 insane and horrible Hillside New Jersey
Entity: Select State/Province
15, Report #1048682
May 06 2013
05:30 AM
22 Entertainment This is a scam company that solicites prostitution Los Angeles California
22 Entertainment that's run by Sean Peden and Pisces Peden/Dana Ceres is a scam operation.  I have dealt with these 2 and they fed me some BS.  I had wasted my time as they misrepresented themselves by claiming that they have major backers for their so-called film projects and that they have distribution for their awful film, Bad Kitties.  You can find the trailer on Youtube and it's awful and you can tell that it was made by amatuers.  How this film made it into the Beverly Hills Film Festival is beyond my understanding.  Furthermore, their website consist mostly of them getting out of limos and posing for paparazzi in which anyone can do that.  They also use footage from the Academy Awards in which they have no right to use and violated copyright.  22 Entertainment's employess have 0% industry experience.  Their PC, Tammy Wissman, is fresh out of college and has only done internships for local news stations and yet they was trying to convince me that she has a lot of experience.  Their so-called films that they pitch on their website have 0% originality and they use news footage and other pics to use as their pitch.22 Entertainment is a waste of time and money. These filmmaking wannabes have absolutly no knowledge of this biz and for  anyone to give them money when they have no track record is stupid.  They misrepresent themselves and in this biz, that will get you blacklisted BIG TIME!  Dana claims to be an international model and claims to have modeled for Victoria Secret.  Her only pics with them look like they was taken with a cellphone and there's other pics with horrible photoshop.  The same with her BMW modeling pics.  FYI, Wikipedia has a list of models of those that have and are currently models for Victoria Secret, Dana isn't on the list. She has no sex appeal and she looks much older than she is because you can tell that she's a drug addict. So how can she be a successful model?  They also solicited prostitution to me with Dana.  I have a record in which they sent me emails of her in a teddy and told me that I could have all of that for the right price.  All I have to do is take this to the LAPD and these 2 can be arrested at anytime for this.  It's a good thing that they don't give out their personal info to anyone.  Google Search Sean Peden and Dana Ceres and you'll see nothing more than negative comments about these 2 that goes back for the past couple of years.  They've also changed their company's name a few times in the past couple of years.  Their IMDB credits were added by them as a way to trick people.  It's very easy to get phony credits on IMDB.  Contact the production companies and they'll verify that the credits are fraud.  Everyone that is involved with 22 Entertainment and that are involved with these 2 are a party to a scam operation and a prostitution ring.  Associtating yourselves with these 2 and people like this will not help your career.  There's an article online that they did in which they claim that Mary Bell, a 10 year old kid in their film, had donated a 5 figure investment into it.  Who would believe that a 10 year old child would invest a 5 figure deal into a film made by amatuers?  They also place ads online in which they claim that they can represent people and get them paid work, but they want a $5 grand retainer fee upfront.  Sean can't even get Dana any legit work, so how can he help anyone else? Bottom line, is don't be fooled by their website and their IMDB credits. Be smart and Do your research. These 2 are just criminals taking advantage of people's hopes and dreams!  I hope that this helped.   
Entity: Los Angeles, California
16, Report #645837
Sep 29 2010
04:27 PM
Route 22 Nissan Route22nissan.com rte. 22 Nissan Liars, Incompetent, Bait and Switch, Most unprofessional dealership I have EVER dealt with - Hillside, New Jersey
Series of events: I did the online credit qualification on Friday and was notified by Jabril that we where fully approved to come on in and pick out a color. $199 sign and drive event. I told him I lived 1 1/2 hours away so please tell my if there was ANY B.S. before I made the drive. I asked if we where fully approved and only had to bring in the first month's payment like he told me earlier and the ad states - He said yes. I couldn't make it in on Monday so I called and told him, and asked for the FOURTH time 'I am fully approved, and all I am bring is $199 with me and I am leaving with the car? He said Yes. I called him again Monday evening and arranged a time to come in on Tues morning and pick up the car. I started asking AGAIN I am fully.... and he actually cut me off and said you do not need to ask again, you are 100% approved and all you need to do is pick out the color and bring in the money. He said he worked from 9 to 9 so I told him I would be there at 10:30 am. Got in the car next morning with my wife and daughter (the car was for her), drove 1 1/2 hours in the rain and arrived at 10:20. When I asked for Jabril, they said he didn't come in until 1. I said I was there to pick up a car, everything was all approved so anyone should be able to help me. Some else started to help us and the receptionist called Jabril. He said he would be ther in 5 minutes. 20 minutes later they called him again and he said I am here and just parking - 15 minutes later the other guy gave up and said he would handle the transaction for us. Jabril finally came in at 11:15 and said sorry, I over slept We went to the lot to look at colors (the lot was a few miles away), walked around in the rain looking for the cars and picking the color. My daughter, who gets her license next week, picks out the color and we all go back to the dealership. THEN, Jabril comes out and asks if we are trading in anything and I said no. He then comes back out and said Nissan Financial is requiring we trade in the Toyota we have (we just purchased this vehicle 4 months ago and had no intension of trading it in). He comes back out again and said we need to have a cosigner. SO - After telling me 4 times I was fully approved and ready to go, then actually sarcastically cutting me off the 5th time I was asking before I made the 3 hour round trip, and telling me again I was fully approved and ready to go, I now took off work, drove 1 1/2 hours, waited for him for 45 minutes because he overslept at 11 am, walked the lot in the rain, picked out a color, came back to the dealer - he THEN tells me I need a cosigner or to turn in the brand new Toyota Highlander I just purchased 4 months ago. (Remember I asked him this 4 times and was actually cut off asking a 5th time!!) WTF !! Not sure if he is just an F'n lyer or just a stupid SOB (probably both) but either way I left without the car. The dealership is filthy, the lot has pot holes everywhere, I seen cleaner bathrooms in a roadside stop, everyone is rude as hell, the demo car looked like something from a repo yard, and after all that the Manager said there wasn't anything he could do for me - I think his name was Mike. Don't waste your time with these A holes. They are EXACTLY why people hate going to car dealers to buy cars. I will continue to post on every message board, scam board, craigslist, etc... normally I wouldn't waste my time but tis deserves it.  
Entity: Hillside, New Jersey
17, Report #74166
Dec 05 2003
12:45 PM
Eyeglass World 22 incompetent personnel ripped me off by providing defective improperly made glasses repeatedly Will not refund my money Mobile Alabama
After purchasing one pair of eyeglasses and being promised a second pair free on Nov. 6, 2003, I was told I would have to return to pick up my glasses as their machine just broke down. I returned two days later to pick up my glasses. I tried them on and found that they made me dizzy. The person who assisted me seemed to be in a hurry to go to the next customer. I took the glasses home and tried to get used to them. After three days I took them to a local optical shop and was told that they did not conform to my prescription and that they had prisms in the lenses. I took them back to Eyeglases World (a 140 mile round trip) and was told that the ocular centers were in the wrong places and that my prescription distance at 100 was too strong. Since it was Saturday and they could not call my doctor to request a lesser distance, they recommended that I see the doctor there in the store. Not wanting to make another trip, I agreed to see their doctor. Their doctor talked non-stop, told me he had been in the busicess for 35 years and said my doctor had not given me the right prescription. He then gave me a prescription for 150 distance, which I questioned. He insisted that he was correct and also ordered correction for astigmatism, writing on the prescription form that the glasses should be made exactly like the pair I was wearing. I had to return ti pick up the new glasses because they said their were other glasses ahead of mine. When I returned for the glasses, they made me even more dizzy that the previous pairs. When I asked for something to read with them, the clerk had to look around for reading material. When I complained that I was dizzy, she told me I had to get used to the new prescription. After trying for 3 days to get used to them, I took them to a second local optical shop. The technician there said These glasses are terrible. The ocular centers are wrong, the bi-focals are crooked. She then read both pairs of glasses and found that one pair was 112 for distance, plus 50 for reading and 9 and 0 for astigmatism, while the other pair was 100 in one lens and 125 in the other lens for distance, plus 75 and plus 50 for reading and 175 and 10 for astigmatism. In other words, neither pair of glasses conformed to the prescription nor did they conform to each other. I called the regional customer service number and asked if I could use a different Eyeglass World store, since this one is clearly incompetent. I was told that each store was responsible for own work and I would have to go back to Mobile. I called the Mobile manager who expressed no concern or surprise that my glasses had been so poorly made. He told me that I could bring them back for correction AFTER I went back to my doctor for a new prescription. I am not sure why a new examination from my doctor was required, as the last two pairs were made from their doctor's prescription. I have re-visited my doctor and my prescription has not changed from my August 2003 examination. I called Eyeglass World to insure that they would have the correct lenses in stock when I drove the 140 mile trip to their store for the fourth time. They said they would have the manager call me back. Two weeks later, no one had called me back. I contacted my credit card company, who placed a dispute against the charge and contacted Eyeglass World. In the meantime, I wrote a 3 page letter and sent it, along with the glasses and the local optician's notes about the discrepancies, to Eyeglass World 22, return receipt requested. They received the glasses a week ago and have told my credit card company that they will not issue a refund. I must now drive back to Mobile and ask them to make two new pairs of glasses. which I will then have to have checked out by a local optician. I just want my money back and to forget I ever heard of Eyeglass World. Mary Bon Secour, AlabamaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Eye Glass World
Entity: Mobile, Alabama
18, Report #143661
May 22 2005
09:12 PM
Shoe 22 - shoe22.com RIP OFF!! SENT MONEY FOR SHOES AND NEVER RECEIVED THEM Clifton New Jersey
In January, I sent money to buy some jordans. I was told that it would take up to 14 days for my shoes to arrive. After a couple of weeks, I started to worry about my shoes. I contacted someone at shoe22 and asked them about my shoes and they told me that my order was still processing. I contacted them again and I was told that my order should be there in 6 to 8 weeks. I contacted them again and I never heard anything back. I want my money back and I am seeking a lawyer to represent my case. I am going to put a tracer on my money order. Asheley dadeville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Clifton, New Jersey
19, Report #127049
Jan 12 2005
11:42 AM
Shoe 22.com cashed my check I sent but did not send the shoes. Ripoff! Help! Don't go there or sent money. New Jersy; Internet
shoe 22 is a rip off they cause me money. i did not hve at christmas time. they cashed my check i do have proof, but did not send my shoes. rip off shoe 22 .close there wed site down Demika chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #212158
Sep 21 2006
07:42 PM
Route 22 Nissan dishonest deceptive tricked and lied to us Hillside New Jersey
On 9/1/2006 I went to RT.22 Nissan in Hillside, New Jersey to purchase a pre-owned car. I was told by the sales person that I could transfer my Vehicle registrations and plates for New York. The sales persons told me it would take two weeks I told them I live in New York. An the Business Manager say it would be ok no more then two weeks. I call on 9/15/06 to see what was going on with my plates. I was told by sales manager my plates would be in on the 9/20/06 when my 20- day non-resident temporary expire. So I call dealer nobody know what was going been put on hold for 30 min to 45 min then I'm told to call back. So now I have a car I can not drive sitting in my drive way. I have to take cabs to work. Tashaud Spring Valley, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Hillside, New Jersey
21, Report #213355
Sep 29 2006
10:20 AM
Route 22 Nissan dishonest, incompetent, no after sales support. Liars, racists. Hillside New Jersey
I was in the market for a Nissan Versa. I was pretty much willing to pay 13, 200 and after BSing me for a few hours they have agreed to accept this offer. They did not have the car but promised to locate it. The sales man, Ronald, stated that the car would be just like the one in the showroom which had wood trim. My car arrived a week later without the wood trim. What does Ronald say? He says oops I guess this is something we only do with floor models. Not that I care about this wood trim but the car is not as promised. Sure, I'd be willing to forget about this if the fun would stop here. However, this was just the beginning. I was given a 20-Day tag and told that they would have my Plates and registration within a week or two. So 19 days later I have no tags and I called them. They said not to worry they are working on it. So here I am cruising with expired tags. I call every day and a on day 21 Ronald's manager Ziat said that he had my tags. I travel 40 miles to the dealership and he tells me that they are locked in a storage closet and he does not have the key. I was asked to come back tomorrow which I did. At this point I was informed that the plates are with the NYS DMV. I called up DMV, and was told that they dealership never faxed them a copy of my insurance card. I conveyed this to Ronald who after giving me the dear in the headlights look finally asked me for a copy of my insurance card. At this point every day they kept telling me the plates are being sent over-night from Albany. This goes on for another week. Meantime my car is in the garage and I am taking car service to work because I can't drive around with no plates. I've even made my first payment on the car and I still can't drive it. For a couple of days they would not take my calls, would hang up on me, or simply claim to be in meetings. After threatening to come down there they produced me with an invalid DHL tracking number. When I informed them of this, they told me You signed the papers, and if you want to see your plates in the near future I'd stop calling. It's been a month and there are still no plates and the car is still parked in my arage. Today I was informed that I was on my and that they have spent enough time looking into the matter. I will not be dealing with Route 22 Nissan in the future even if their cars were being offered for free. Furthermore, there is a $200 document fee which I really feel does not correspond to the service that I received from them. Alex Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Hillside, New Jersey
22, Report #378987
Oct 07 2008
10:11 AM
Route 22 Nissan If you complaine, they'll harrasse you Hillside New Jersey
On 07/17/2008 my father and I went to Nissan 22 and bought two cars. I bought an 08 Sentra and he bought an 08 Altima. It was pretty late after signing all the paperwork. The finance manager Matt made a mistake on the temp plates and put the Altimas vin on both of the temps and put MY insurance information on both the temps as well. Matt told me to go back to the dealership the next day and correct the problem. When we recieved the cars we did not get instructions on features of the cars. Both cars were also very dirty. The Altima was not in the color that my father chose. Couple days later we brought our cars back there to install the lojack. My father left his car there so they could install a sun roof which was part of our agreement. Two days later he got the call to come pick up the car. When he got there he noticed the AWFULL job that was done on the instilation of the sun roof. They dented the cars side door. Scrached the roof of the car. Scrached the console of the interior and also put over 150 miles on the car. Not to mention the glue that was all along the side of the car. They changed the material of the roof inside the car. There were a lot of air pockets and when the sun roof was open it made a lot of noise too. They kept the car for a day and said they would fix the problem but my father refused. After we explained all the problems the car had once it was returned they changed cars and gave my father a new one. But they refused to install another lojack. That day i got a nail stuck in my tire of my Sentra. They said they couldn't do anything about it because it was in a bad area of the tire. Told me to take it to a tire repair shop. I asked for a new tire, given the fact the car was only a few days old and the incident happend there. All the same they refused. Then a week after that, they called my father and I to come back to the dealership to resign a new contract agreement because the bank that had approved my car loan denied me. The finance manager Matt told me that Nissan financial was going to give the me loan but at a higher interest rate. My contract stated that the due date was on the 30th of every month. I called on the 26th of August to try to find out where my car payment was to be mailed to, because i had not recieved a bill yet. Then Matt said that they were going to change the date because of the finance institution change. On the 27th a recieved a bill from the bank which was the bank Matt told me refused me at first. When I called the bank they said they never refused the loan. By then i was already on my second temp plate because the first one expired. I called every day to see if my plates had arrived yet because the cops in the town that i work in where starting to give me a hard time. Finally Matt called back to the dealership to pick up the plates. Only propblem was he made a mistake in the paperwork and the pates was registered to my father. I DID NOT ACCEPT THAT PLATE. Then Felix the manager told me to give him a few more days and that the plates would be in soon. Then on September 18th my second temp plate expired. I came to the dealership to find out what was going on that it was taking soo long. While I was talking to Marisol from customer service Felix yelled at me and told me that I was doing nothing but complaining and for me to take my complaints out side. I was extreamly upset that he spoke to me in that manner. Over all the dealership made their mistakes and they are treating me like i did something wrong. Lynn from the dmv dept from the dealership said she would rent me a car until my plates came in. I was outraged that I had to make a payment on a car that I coldn't drive due to no fault of my own. Marlon a manager there offered to pay one car payment installment while I had the rental. I paid Enterprise the deposit and took the rental. Two weeks after I had the rental I almost got into a car accident when the brakes failed. That same day i went back to the dealership told them I just wanted to cancel everything because they said my plates wouldn't be coming in any time soon. I always thought that buying a new car was supposed to be a good experiance but it's been everything but a good experiance. When I was trying to work things out with Bobby another manager there another manager named Mark came in said that he was going to give me a car from the lot to drive home with and that they would send someone from the dealership to my job to drop off another rental and pick up the car they were lending me. I told them NO. I refuse to be resposible for a car that is not mine, nor am comfortable with. My mother who accompanied me to the dealership that night was trying to explaine to Mark the situation but he did not want to listen to her. He yelled at her and got very aggressive. She had to leave the room. I told the manager Bobby that I did not want my Sentra anymore because it was not worth the hassel it brought me. He said there was nothing i could do about it, and that i had to deal with the situation and wait patiently while they tried to resolve the issues. They gave me my Sentra and put their dealer plates on it. Told me to take the car like that and they would call me when my plates arrived. Needless to say I AM A VERY VERY DISSAPPOINTED CUSTOMER AND EXTREAMLY UPSET. They treated me horrible. They have been nothing but rude, disrespectful, aggressive, and all in all bad customer service. By the time I'm done paying for this car it will cost me almost $35,000.00. Deffinatly not worth all this trouble. I am asking that you please contact me so this never happens again. Please also provide me the information of ther person I should speak to reguarding my concerns. Unhappy customer 58 davis ave, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Hillside, New Jersey
23, Report #212653
Sep 25 2006
02:26 PM
Route 22 Nissan Dishonest liars, No After Sales Support, Greasy salesmen, unorgonized Hillside New Jersey
So I've wanted a Versa. I was pretty much willing to pay 13,200 and after BSing me for a few hours they have agreed to accept this offer. They did not have the car but promised to locate it. The sales man, Ronald, stated that the car would be just like the one in the showroom which had wood trim. My car arrived a week later without the wood trim. What does Ronald say? He says oops I guess this is something we only do with floor models. Not that I care about this wood trim but the car is not as promised. Sure, I'd be willing to forget about this if the fun would stop here. However, this was just the beginning. I was given a 20-Day tag and told that they would have my Plates and registration within a week or two. So 19 days later I have no tags and I call them. They said not to worry they are working on it. So here I am cruising with expired tags. 28 days later I get a call from Ronald saying that he needed a copy of my insurance card which he forgot to fax to DMV which is why I don't have tags. This was a couple of days ago and now they just don't take my calls and I still don't have my tags. Basically each time they hear my voice they just hang up. I am sufficiently annoyed to just higher a lawyer or show up at the dealership and make life miserable until I get my plates. Basically there is no after sales support. Read the contract like you're reading the bible because they change numbers on you. Or if you just want an easier experience avoid them altogether. I have had easier auto purchases than this. Al Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Hillside, New Jersey
24, Report #975225
Nov 28 2012
06:02 PM
22 Bond St. Tav Design, Tav Kaekul fales, forced, unauthorized charges Los Angeles, California
My briefly wife went to this high-end furniture store 11/24. She associated with Tav Kaekul, acting as sales person for 22 Bond Street or designer/agent, Tav Designs. She had Tav Kaekul set aside a variety of items she was mildly interested in. In the high-end retail world, setting aside products for contemplation is the universally accepted standard operating procdure. She was clear she needed my authorization and I had not seen anything. She left Tav my ccard data so she could ask my permission first, but told him not to charge anything until I authorized anything. He accepted. There was absolutely no goods taken from the store, receipts/slips/charges signed, deposits/layaway agreements made. Later on 11/24 she called him to tell him not to charge anything and if she was going to buy anything, she would come back with her own credit card. Monday 11/26 there was over $1900 charged to my credit card by 22 Bond Street, by Tav Kaekul; despite him telling her he would not do it. He told her later via the phone he would refund it, and she said she would possibly come back to the store a reconsider buying things. Wednesday 11/28 I called him asking about the refund to my credit card. He absolutely acknowledged I did not sign anything. He said My boss is waiting for your wife to come back and buy it. I told him it was her decision as she had her own job, life, money; but I didn't want it he had no authorization. I told him I was sending an email (10:30AM) again requesting it. and he said he would reply to email. Wednesday 11/28 (1:30PM) I called again He said they were not refunding the money. I reminded him he had no authorization to use my credit card, that I never made any purchase, and he told me to file a complaint with my bank. I told him I was coming to the store in order to get a copy of any authorization they felt they had. When I got to the store (2:30PM), he locked the door. Wells Fargo has told me they charged the card AS IF IT WAS AN INTERNET PURCHASE. This is in order to execute their no refund policy. I don't know if the dispute will go in my favor, but the idea someone would make the charge for goods never received or requested, then still refuse to remove the charges for goods never received or requested, and never provide evidence that the goods were received or requested, while not overseas outside the reach of the law, is laughable. I do believe Tav Kaekul had personal incentive (commission) and will also pursue with claims of fraud. Be very careful about giving any of your financial/personal data to 22 Bond St, or possibly any other retailer Tav Kaekul is repping/working for. This is entirely true and objectively filed JSB Los Angeles, CA
Entity: Los Angeles, California
25, Report #1055443
May 31 2013
06:59 PM
Sean Peden of 22 Entertainment Sean Peden is a sexual predator that takes advantage of young girls Internet
Sean Peden of 22 Entertainment is a sexual predator that takes advantage of young women by promising them their dreams and paying them big money.  This so-called man is in his mid 40's and has spent his life being a victim of being bullied and not becoming a man.  He looks like a deformed hillbilly inbred that walks like he's got something stuck up his butt and has been a lifelong reject with women.  He was an editor for Fox news in Flordia and left thinking that he could be a big hit in Hollywood.  However, he has no porjects under his belt and has no knowledge of the biz and how to succeed.  He lies and misrepresents himself stating that his fraud production company has been around for 22 years with no legit credits nor references to back it up.  He gives himself phony credits on his IMDB account that he's produced the 1st 5 seasons of American Idol and other credits, but have been deleted because of how false they are.  His other film projects like Wild Acres and others were also listed on IMDB with millions of dollars listed as the budget, but IMDB also deleted those because they wasn't legit.  A few months ago, he and Dana Ceres (his phony wife) went to Denver, Colorado to a tourist attraction of a Revolutionary War site and they tried passing it off as a legit film project of theirs!  There was pictures of Sean using a cheap camcorder filming and they were commenting on the pics that he was filming a movie.  Sean also misrepresents his wife as being an international model and modeled for major companies like Victoria Secret.  Sean has made claims of working in the adult biz with Vivid too.  He claims to have coached an A-list actress to stardom.  He claims to have worked on major films and TV shows and he can't provide proof and his excuse is because he remains stealth behind the scenes and yet he's supposedly the most saught after director in Hollywood.Sean claims this production company keeps their films under stealth so that nobody knows about the project until the trailer gets released.  So if he has Clint Eastwood starring in his film, he won't advertise it or nothing until the trailer is ready for release!  So in other words, it takes away from promotions and building hype for the film.  Sean's only legit film is also a major rip off!  his film Bad Kitties which has horrific editing and everything else has a horrible story behind the scenes.  Sean brought on inexperienced executive producers and told them that he would coach them along.  These execs raised over $100 grand before Sean cut them off and cut off contact with the investors.  He then made the film with only a few grand and then used the rest for his own purposes which includes shoving drugs down his wife's throat and making false promises of making her famous.  Dana Ceres is an immature girl that needs serious psychological help.  Medical records has proven that she's a serious threat to herself and a potiential threat to others.  She used to cut herself and has attempted suicide.  Sean has always been a reject with women and with his desperation, he took advantage of this poort girl for his own sick desires.  He fed her all kinds of lies and stories and she was dumb enough to believe them.  He stole her away from her boyfriend that was trying to get her the help that she needed.  Sean made this guy out to be that he was holding Dana back from her dreams.  Sean promised Dana that he could make her famous, but she had to leave her friends and family and be his wife in order for him to do this.  Sean keeps shoving drugs and booze down her throat while he keeps making these false promises.  Women in Orlando have posted online that Sean Peden tried taking advantage of them and that he wanted them to abandon their families in order for him to make them famous.  He continues taking advantage of young girls because he knows that Dana isn't with him out of love and that their marriage is a sham!  Sean Peden is twisted and evil!  He thinks that he's a bully now because he takes advantage of people and rips them off.  However, when you confront Sean, he'll lie and run away which proves that he's not a fighter and that he can't stand his ground.  He can't run forever because he's ripped off too many people!  What he does do, is either loose connection with you which is why he keeps changing his production company name or he makes legal threats to you and feeds you on some BS that he has the cops and his detectives watching you.  He won't fight you or nothing like.Bottom line is that this looser had gone his whole life never growing a pair of balls.  He has no money!  He has no connections to the entertainment biz and the only connections he does have, they have blacklisted him and will testify that he's a fraud!  He's a sexual predator and a potiental rapist!  He is a liar! He has stoeln over $100 grand. If you choose to get involved with this man, you'll regret it.  You have been warned!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet

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