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1, Report #65761
Aug 15 2003
09:14 AM
Motel 6 Not Sanitary Worthington Ohio
Bedspread was bloodstained, sheets had pubic hair, pillowcases were turned inside out and dirty, bathroom was unsanitary. How disgusting it was to drive all day and arrive to get a good nights sleep with three children and find such a mess. The radio reports that are broadcast regularly about Motel 6 are misleading. Does inexpensive mean poor quality????? Robin Burbank, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Worthington, Ohio
2, Report #568299
Feb 11 2010
07:59 PM
Talent 6 Deceptive business practices Internet
I answered an add in a city newspaper under EMPLOYMENT. I called the add that said be an extra in the movies! Film companies are searching your area for talent and extras.. no experience necessary! I spoke with a Janet Luna who rambled on off a script of what this company could do for you. I was told that if I paid $1.98 one time lifetime fee for me to set up a profile to get me working. Then she went on that casting directors are always looking at the profiles and I have a chance to be seen by paying $39.00 a month to allow me to respond to the casting calls near my area. She told me the monthly access fee was optional and I had the first month free and could cancel anytime within the first free month. I did not agree to the monthly access fee, but to the one time $1.98 fee to set up my profile on their website. I set up my profile and the best picture I could come up with,in hopes that a casting director would see it first, was on the site for 3 days and then it was put in a file  called Just For Fun. I was told  that it was too wide for the headshot.. which was wrong because it was a headshot. I applied to two of the casting calls near my area and nobody responded. Two weeks after that my checking account was withdrawn of 39.00. I called the Talent 6 casting support line and said that I was wrongly charged. The man on the line explained to me that the first two weeks were free and I need to give it a chance. I than told him that I was dissatisfied with the headshot issue and he said that it was too wide to be put on the website. I then told him that I wanted to cancel my account and told him I was told the first month was free and that I had until Feb . 14 to cancel. He explained that I still need to give it a chance and responding to two leads was not enough, and then he patronized me by saying.. well have you learned something? I said yes, not to answer adds in the employment section for being an extra in the movies... Cancel my service! You took the last $39.00 of my savings, I'm unemployed and your service will not get me unemployed any faster! He verbally cancelled my service for the next month and sent me an email that confirmed my cancellation. After that I recieved a Malware virus alert on my computer from the email. I still have not recieved a refund, but am watching for the next month bank statement. Talent 6.. you may be still putting your adds in the newspaper under the employment section, but I have forwarded my dilemna to the media whom I have very good contact with, in my area- and if I get charged for next month, it's off to the attorney general in my state!
Entity: Internet, Internet
3, Report #1334705
Oct 23 2016
08:00 PM
Entity: OKC, Oklahoma
4, Report #95677
Jun 20 2004
04:09 PM
Motel 6 dirty rooms ripoff Vallejo Calfornia
We made resevation for Motel 6 and after we brought in our luggage it had been about 15-20 min and I had to use the restroom and it was Sooooooo dirty. So we got our stuff went to check out and get a refund They said after 30 min they can not give refund so I called guest complaint line next day to file a complaint they sent letter saying they can do nothing, I Called complained again they sent another letter saying there deepest apologies but they cant fulfill my request of my refund. so Im here now I think it is really too much. I do understand what maybe some people do in 30 min at a motel 6 which is the reason for this so called policy but come on use good judgement at least; Me my husband and Child 20 min in the room what the.... Barbara Redding, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Vallejo, California
5, Report #3393
Sep 21 2000
12:00 AM
Motel 6 on the bad side of town
I made a reservation for lodging via the motels 1-800 number. upon arrival, we found our motel to be inbetween two liquor stores. The hotel parking lot was used as a place for drunks to congregate. Many of the rooms were rented to guests who were males between the ages of 18-25. They partied all night, often very loudly. People would come and go, banging on their doors ( I think drug deals were going on). The maids were drinking beer and smoking around the pool, even though the posted rules said no glass, they all had bottles of beer! This was the second time that a Motel 6 that was on the bad side of town. A few years ago, I realized, the Motel 6 was suuronded by motels offering XXX movies! We have decided to NEVER stay with Motel 6 again!
Entity: St Louis, Michigan
6, Report #3402
Sep 22 2000
12:00 AM
Motel 6 no soap, no towels plenty of Bugs
We were very un happy with our stay in the Motel 6 in Fenton Missouri. First there were ants crawling all over the nightstand. Second they ran out of towels not once but twice. We had used the pool and all of our towels were still wet in the morning so we asked for more towels and were told the person that did towels at night had not showed up so they didn't have any. We washed and dried our own towels. The maid new we were five people and still only left us three towels. The third problem was the maid never left us any bars of soap or new cups. If this is an example of how Motel 6 is run then we will go out of our way to stay some where else.
Entity: Fenton, Missouri
7, Report #375311
Sep 23 2008
08:57 AM
Talent 6 Scam! Don't Do It! Hollywood California
Wow! What a Rip Off! Talent 6 first charges $45.00 for a lifetime of not so free Services, and then charges your account a MONTHLY service fee of $35.00 to keep you current. They also state they are going to send you information about your investment in the mail (doesn't happen) and charge you another $2.00 for a cd that promotes their company and how to use them. Their customer service team actually enters into a SHOUTING MATCH with their UN happy clients and will often hang the phone up on you during your conversation! Get the name of your representative before you start talking, otherwise they will just hang up on you. It has only been over 2 weeks and they already charged me $82.00 when it was supposed to be a flat fee of $45.00 to start up. I know $82.00 isn't much money, but it's the way they did it that gets me upset. (Sneaky) As far as any type of a refund, they won't give it. Refunds with this company don't exist. Buyer be ware, Talent 6 is a rip off and an unethical company to deal with, Don't Do It! I hope this helps people thinking about joining, the only good thing to come out of my experience is that by sharing my experience with this company it stops people from making the same mistake I did. Mike Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, California
8, Report #465259
Jun 26 2009
11:54 AM
Talent 6 Ripped off by talent company Hollywood California
Here's the deal. I am an out of work Architect, while searching for jobs on Yahoo hot jobs I came across an add for Talent 6 looking for Extras for movies. The add also said that extras make anywhere from $150 to $300 per day. Awesome, right? I called the Talent 6 and started the process. Then they reassured me by saying that there were over 100 casting calls in my area at the time so I should have no problem finding work. I live in Chicago so I thought that since they were always filming something here, it would be a good idea. Plus I was told that with the 90 day guarantee, if I don't get anything in 90 days they will refund my money. So I sent them my money and away I went. Log into my account, and of the more than 100 casting calls posted 3 were for extras, and of those three none were paid positions. I submitted my portfolio to a couple of other things because I needed money. At this point I'm out $45. When you aren't working that is a huge deal. So I decided that I would just wait out the 90 day guarantee and get my money back when it was all over. 5 days before the end of my 90 period I got an email from a promotions company saying that they wanted me for a promotional event and would pay to have me there. I am out of town so I can't attend. I just called Talent 6 to get my refund, and because I was contacted for work they cannot refund it. Regardless of the fact that they waited untill the last minute to send someone my way, and the timing worked out in the worst possible way. Thank you Talent 6 for making this current recession just that much better. I hope you can buy a nice bottle of vodka with my money and celebrate taking advantage of the little guy. Basically my message, which is my opinion, to other people out there is this. DON'T USE TALENT 6 UNLESS YOU ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO GET INTO THE ACTING INDUSTRY. That, in my opinion, is all that they could be good for. Other than taking people's money for a less than stellar service. And please stop posting that you are looking for movie extras in the architectural work area on job sites. That is almost as frustrating as IT Architects posting there. Rob Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, California
9, Report #371256
Sep 09 2008
12:05 PM
Talent 6 Pushy belligerent bullies Hollywood California
These companies always make me approach very carefully, which I did. I called them this morning and spoke to a customer service representative. He went through certain details, including the $45 fee. After reading all the other reports about Talent 6, I will verify that there was never a monthly fee discussed. After he explained things to me, he assumed that I was just going to pay the $45 and when I refused, he got belligerent and pushy. I explained to him politely that i was simply calling to get information on their service and wasn't planning on or intending on paying any money. He then tried to bully and pressure me into paying after I kept telling again and again and again that I wasn't going to do it. I told him I was done talking and was going to hang up on him, which I did. Immediately after I was off the phone I went online to do further research on Talent 6 and came across their BBB ratings (F) and all the complaints, plus all the complaints on this website. Maybe I'm paranoid, maybe I'm extremely cautious, but with all the information available, it is pretty easy to spot a scam when you them. For those who want to take a chance and give it a shot, I suggest this: get a pay as you go credit card, one where you put cash on the account. That way, you can leave just enough money on the account that someone like Talent 6 is supposed to debit. If they try making unauthorized charges, there's nothing to take. Anonymous Ankorage, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, California
10, Report #189477
May 01 2006
05:42 PM
Savoy 6 misrepresentation, ripoff Provo Utah
Was offered one bottle of this diet product for mail costs only - I specifically stated that I did not want to be on ay auto-ship and was told that it was OK. Today (5/1/06) in the mail came four bottles, with an invoice WITHOUT any costs being shown. Upon investigation, via the internet (1-800-752-0196) I ws told that by agreeing to receive the one free bottle, I automatically enrolled in the autoship and my credit card was charged about $200.00 . O am going to the bank tomorrow and will insist that the necessary forms be availed me in order that I may at least insure that not more charges are made against my account. Thank you for your website and helpful information Laurence Malden, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Provo, Utah
11, Report #1055566
Jun 01 2013
12:35 PM
lisa boylan motel 6
 I was asked to come to Fl to do a interveiw and I told her that I would be there . So I drove  to fl from nc 650 miles one way .  my interveiw was for 4  I got there 10 min before and when I got there she said that she called 1 hr before my interveiw to make sour tha i was coming . I was driving and I dont us my cell in my truck when I drive . and then she saw my fraind that came with me and her presonality changed .my freind is a black lady . then she said that she started a meeting and she has no time to do it and maybe in the morninig and when i asked for her thay said thay dont have time . but she was out side talking and drinking coffee. so she had me drive 1400 mile under some bs  the job was a gm job and I am a agm now so i am a good candate for the job so i thank it could have be what my freind said and felt .  lisa boylan is the haed of the managers for motel 6 and what she did was not bussinness like . and what i see from coments thay could us some like me i have cleand up 2 other holets . so i thank that they sould pay me for my time and gas for all the time i spent going to see her for the sb   and i do have emails to the fact  I do beleive that it is a good company but it needs help from the top down and i would still like to work for motel 6 but this company needs to fix some thangs and personal
Entity: carrollton, Texas
12, Report #1298331
Jul 16 2016
11:13 AM
Motel 6 Worst Hotel Experience Ever FT Lauderdale Florida
 I must say reading reviews before purchasing is very important, I stayed at the Motel 6 in FT Lauderdale and the experience was awful, I sayed there from 18-21 Mar 2016, and only one of my three day stay was my room cleaned, I nitice a lot of dust under the bed including a used band aid and a hair bibby pin . I notified Ed the front desk worker and nothing was done. The room also was filled with roaches we had to sleep with the light on. I paid $355.00 for three days of hell, I contacted there corporate office and they never contacted me back. I recommend you go else where with your money for lodging, do not let what happen to me happen to you.
Entity: FT Lauderdale, Florida
13, Report #1204242
Jan 25 2015
02:17 PM
Ocean 6 DirectUSA They sold BAD MEAT Jacksonville Florida
A rep for Ocean 6 was goining door to door selling meat, the meat that showed to me look good, When he came back to stock my freezer the meat was totally differnt and waht I looked at. The meat was freezer burned and once you thawed the meat out the packages were leeking
Entity: Jacksonville , Florida
14, Report #1387799
Jul 24 2017
12:49 PM
Motel 6 Roach infested motel. Austin Texas
 Ok I checked into a motel 6 in Austin Texas room 118 to be exact. Well as I brought in my suit cases I went into the restroom to wash my hands. As soon as I turned the light on roaches scattered everywhere, baby roaches to adult roaches. Well I freaked out started killing them with my sandal. No red flag crossed my mind yet. Well I left for the rest of the day, came back around 1am with food and wow the roaches must have been hungry, because they came out from everywhere. Mirrors, the tv,walls under the bed and from the ac unit. I freaked out again lost my appetite. Closed up my food tied the bag tight as I could. Still the roaches managed to get into my food. Disgusting. I called the front desk to tell her the problem with the room. The front desk girl apologized and offered to move me to another room. I declined because there were guys all outside of there rooms drinking smoking weed etc. Did not feel safe moving at one in the morning with my two sons a two year old and 12 year old. So I declined and waited until the morning to move because I did have another reservation for one more night. Well the second room I moved to 228 was no better roach infested again. No surprise. I did not sleep for those two nights. And I kept the lights on all night even in the restroom. Roaches were crawling on my sons bed as he was sleeping I had two roaches fall on me. I took pictures of the problem through out the two nights and a video of all the roaches I killed. I told the manager the problems she didn't even apologize. She just told me I know we have a roach problem and we're working on getting the rooms exterminated. Long story short. I made a report on the motel 6 guest relations website, gave it a week no call back nothing. So I called guest relations and the lady told me give it 5 days to be contacted. Well never was contacted. I put in a request to speak with a district manager so I can show my pictures and video and so I could voice my issue in person. Never happened. Called for the third time today and the lady said it is out of her hands because the gm put me on a do not rent list. I did not do nothing wrong. The gm is upset because I made a report. All I want is my oney back for those 2 days and money back for my food that the roaches got into. Very rude people working for this company including guest relations employees. Never again will I stay at that motel 6 location.
Entity: Austin, Texas
15, Report #159967
Oct 07 2005
07:39 PM
Motel 6 Hard bed and pillows, no light left on, partying residents at Motel 6 RIPOFF Macon Georgia
After a very bad year for my husband I was advised by therapists to give him a break so I planned a trip to Florida to visit my dad. He looked forward to it for weeks. He is recovering from a bad stroke and that was his focus point. When the day came to leave I had planned to drive to the halfway point of Macon, Georgia. I looked online for a Motel 6 before we left so I knew where we were staying. After all, they leave the light on and pets are always welcome. There we have fib number 1. No lights on but we could live with that. As we got ready to take our showers I noticed we had 1 washcloth, 1 hand towel and 1 bath towel for 2 people. We made do with that because I used the hand towel. Finally we could relax in bed. That was the hardest bed we've ever felt in our lives and the pillow was so used that it was completely flat. We may as well have been lying on a board. I finally gave him my pillow and I got our clothes for the next day and put them under my head. Now the fun started. Every time we would attempt to drift off we heard a shout from outside. People were standing in the corridor or sitting in their doorway chattering and laughing. By 12:45 we'd had enough already. We packed up and left but before I did I went inside the office to take the card key in and make a complaint. All I got from the night clerk was I hope you enjoyed what time you did stay with us, please come back! She shut the window and walked away. I was totally speechless and let's just say I wasn't a happy camper right then. We drove for 2 hours and then stopped to have breakfast. My husband can't drive and I needed a break so we caught a catnap in the parking lot of the restaurant. After about an hour we were on the road again but I already had a plan to report them to the Motel 6 online. I reported them that night. I did get an email from the main office saying my report had been sent to that location. Today I received a letter from Macon Motel 6 saying steps had been taken to fix the problem but I really doubt it has. I just want to let everyone know to avoid that place. Spend a little more money as we did on the way back. I can't mention the name of the place we stayed but it was a lot more comfortable with plenty of towels and a nice pillow. Not to mention a good night's sleep for the next day's drive. Kathy Evansville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Macon, Georgia
16, Report #1188450
Nov 12 2014
12:28 PM
Motel 6 Southaven Mississippi Motel 6 Motel Hotel Motel 6 Room Service Horn Lake Mississippi
I'm staying in this Motel 6 and I'm asking for room service.  The management and the employees are very aggressive.  They're abusive and they steal from your rooms.  They're abusive in ways they treat their customers.  The management of this building is very ugly.  They're running this establishment by force by an unneeded means.  They're entirely to rude.  They treat their customers with disrespect.  They're abominable people.  I cannot believe this establishment is able to even exist in the county I reside.  This is an unbelievable act of indecency.  The employees are allowed to run a muck, not do their jobs like they're hired to do.  They're theifs and they will steal your property when you're not looking.  They're not doing what they should and treating their customers the way they should. The management is overbearing and immature.  They argue like little children.
Entity: Horn Lake, Mississippi
17, Report #125301
Jan 01 2005
08:40 AM
Motel 69595 Motel 6 Fraudulently sold or used credit card information Lantana Florida
I checked into Motel 6 at Lantana, Florida on Nov.8th 2004. The duty clerk always takes the credit cards behind counter (out of sight) to imprint them on a slide machine for room payment. I have stayed there on and off for several years now due to their reasonable rates that saves my company money when I travel. I have never had a problem with them before. There is a night watchman guard who is armed and seems to keep most of the trouble at bay. I noticed two odd charges on my monthly credit card statement at the end of November for the dates of 11-08-04 and 11-09-04. I called the number listed on the statement next to the charges and was told they were a billing company for Metro PC (a pay-as-u-go cell phone service) out of Texas. After explaining that I did not subscribe to that cell service, they quickly agreed to reverse the charges to my credit card (which they did). I thought it odd that they did not even put up an argument, as if they see that sort of thing on a regular basis. I called my Credit Card Company and they immediately cancelled the card and issued me a new one. I was asked to watch the next billing cycle as some charges would fall under the previous credit card number. My next credit card statement did indeed show another odd charge with a different phone number reference. I called the number and was told that they were also a telephone billing company out of Texas. They gave me the originating phone number for the person that used my card information. They also gave me the number that the Perpetrator dialed. The originating number was a West Palm Beach phone number that is disconnected, or no longer in service. They dialed a Miami area number for 43 minutes that goes to a porn phone site. I am now in the process of getting that fee credited back to my card. I fully believe that the clerk at the Motel 6, on the night of Nov.8th, 2004 made a copy of my card and either used it or passed it to someone else. The first call was made at 10:18 PM approximately 1 hour after I checked into the motel. The second call was made at 11:37 AM the following morning (Nov.9th). The perpetrator waited until Nov.19th to score the other hit on me. Although the total amount of stolen funds from my credit card only amount to 141 dollars, the perpetrator is obviously milking many credit cards for small amounts to keep a low profile. How many other travelers were and are being bilked out of hard earned money due to this person's unscrupulous activities? This person should be easy to find. Records from the Lantana, Florida Motel 6 should show who was on duty that night (I seem to remember a black female) and follow up on her criminal records. You may just hit the jackpot and clean out a whole organized crime gang. I am sure the Motel 6 Corporate Office would be well pleased to remove these thieving employees. Albert Brooksville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Lantana, Florida
18, Report #863
Oct 21 1999
12:00 AM
CBS KOIN TV 6 Portland - Vancouver Attitude Towards Soap Fans
KOIN TV Attitude Towards Soap Fans KOIN TV has refused to show the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful after many fans have called and written to complain about the station. The CBS soap opera is highly regarded around the world and it is in the top of the Nielson ratings and they still refuse to show it! I have been griping to them for two years and they have done nothing BOYCOTT THE IDIOTS AT KOIN TV TODAY!
Entity: Portland - Vancouver, Washington, & British Columbia
19, Report #422245
Feb 09 2009
09:00 PM
Motel 6 So Called Do NOt Rent List Grapevine Texas
I can not believe this place. My family rented here and we had a dog. We paid the pet deposit and thought everything was ok. The next day we were going to check out, because we were staying there until our house was ready. We ended up needing a room again and was told that we had been placed on the Do Not Rent List because Our dog pissed in the bed. Our dog does not sleep in the bed at all! Our son, however has a bedwetting problem and wears pullups to bed, we were not aware that he had peed through the pull up. The manager that was there was so rude, she would not even let us explain what happened. She just kept insisting that our dog ruined their new $200 mattresses! LOL, We could have paid for them right there! Our dog did not pee, she is not even allowed to sleep on the bed and she is trained. We tried to contact the corporate office, but they said that the matter had to be handled by the head manager of the motel 6 we stayed at. So that is what we did, we emailed and did not get a response and we left messages on his phone. No answer back. If you are staying in the area please just go across the freeway to the Ramada, they were great, had better amenities, were cheaper and even offer free breakfast. Do Not Rent List, LOL Nikki Little Elm, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Grapevine, Texas
20, Report #387303
Nov 02 2008
09:04 PM
Talent 6 scam, selling information that is free! Hollywood California
So here's what I found on Talent 6. I was casting for a show ( a Live Event). I wanted to see a review of the show I did so I typed it in on Search on the Internet. On one of the search results, the Talent 6 website popped up. I went to it and I saw the casting call that I wrote for Craigslist posted on their sight. It was very amusing to me so for giggles I decided to try and submit forit and it brought me to the page where I have to sign up for a subscription. I am not a member of Talent 6 but this told me a lot about the company. Basically they are taking casting calls from free websites like Craigslist and trying to pass them off on their website, but for a fee. They are basically scamming hungry actors and trying to sell them free information. I would be cautious if you plan on subscribing with their services. Sman North Hollywood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, California
21, Report #346631
Jul 02 2008
06:56 AM
OZL 6/41 Lottery Scam Seattle Washington
I Received a letter from OZ Lotto 6/41 indicating that I have won a prize of $425,000.00 in a recent lotto drawing. They included a check for $3,895.00 to offset expenses involved in this claim. I knew from the start that this was bogus, I called the phone number listed on the heading of the letter and it wanted to direct me to the claims department. The letter indicated that I was to contact one of the two claims agents with a phone number of 206-331-4694. I work in the field of Law and did not proceed any further except to advise the Postal Investigators in my area of the scam. Ellen j Central Square, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
22, Report #401731
Dec 15 2008
08:46 PM
Sixy 6 Marketing Acai Ripoff McKinney Texas
Sixty 6 Marketing is selling Acai Wt loss products, they billed my bank account $149.99, before trial period ended. Tried to Contact them and could not reach them directly the CS # I have say they claim to have lots of marketing partners + you have to worry about membership fees with another partner company. Good luck finding all of its associates related to charging fees to ur account. I have not been able to reach them! Filing a dispute with my bank. Aaaye Santa Fe, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: McKinney, Texas
23, Report #427403
Feb 23 2009
09:33 AM
Motel 6 The Police searched me in front of my family Jonesboro Georgia
I checked in to Motel 6 in Jonesboro Ga. I thought was a family hotel, and before I could get to my room someone was trying to sell drugs to me and then The police moved in like a swat team and slammed me to the ground like I just robbed a bank or something, all in front od my family... I will never stay at another Motel sex again....The police said the motel was full of drugs and prositution and the owner was involved....No thanks Tom Boddet.....We'll move on John s albany, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Jonesboro, Georgia
24, Report #439641
Mar 31 2009
06:00 PM
Motel 6 rude,can care less about the guest Troutdale Oregon
in feb 09 my fiancee and i stayed at this motel dont remember the addy but is off hwy 84 near the ta truck stop, but anyways while my truck was in the shop i had to stay there and i paid for a week. when i did my reservation at 6:30 am i said i needed a bottom floor cuz of my dog..i was tryin to be nice by gettin a bottom floor due to my dog being HUGE i was considering other guests there..well they told me my room would be ready at 12..i went there at 12 and they said room wasnt ready they would call me when it was, now in the mean time its pouring outside my truck was already dropped at the shop we had nowhere to go, they said go hangout at the truck stop(which yes we could have no problem i am a driver BUT hello i had my dog and bags to stay there a week). so we ended up just walking around outside the hotel now at 2pm i called them and asked if my room was ready they still said no..so now im gettin mad i reserved this room at 630am.....they said housekeeping was not done....c'mon everyone knows they had to have atleast 1 room done....so i called the 800 number to complain and sure enough i was in a room right away but they put us upstairs which i wasnt goin to complain much cuz we were soaked, but i asked when a room opened the next day can we move downstairs they said no...i just said whatever and left it at that. a few days later the heater went out in the room so i called down to the office to let them know and once again they said they can put us in another room but it would be a little while, i said ok...well about 5 hrs goes by and still no room available.....so now we are freezing in the room i kept callin to check on another room and they still say no rooms open.....well again i called the 800 num and they got me a room within mins......i went to get the other key and the girl told me we cant call the 800 num cuz it gets them in trouble and that i need to be more considerate of them......CONSIDERATE hell i think i been considerate but they just dont care..so i ended up leaving like 2 days sooner didnt get my money for those 2 nights which i didnt care but i did expect customer service to do something but nope.....now i stay at alot of motel 6 and never had a problem till wwe went to this one........next time im in oregon id rather sleep outside on a street before i go back to that place.....on top of it they have drug addicts living there.......... Cherokee new port richey, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Troutdale, Oregon
25, Report #594448
Apr 18 2010
06:08 PM
Talent 6 They like to scam people hollywood, California
Entity: hollywood, California

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