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1, Report #39043
Dec 23 2002
12:28 PM
7 Sultans Casino ripoff Internet
This internet gaming site uses questionable methods to get around payout when patrons to their site cash in. For example, they can request copies of bank statements, credit cards, credit card statements, drivers license, etc. And if you attempt to comply they stop returning e-mail's etc. They will always seem to lose one or more of the documents or come up with another that they need. Warn people about this site. Norman Tomball, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #177407
Feb 21 2006
07:18 PM
24/7 Downloads ripoff Internet
While I was looking for a music subscription service, I came across the 24/7 downloads website. I had read some good reviews, which must have been a ploy to lure in suckers like me. I provided my credit card info and was charged for the service. I received an e-mail with a username and serial code. However, it wouldn't let me access the system. I sent at least two e-mails before I heard back from them. They wanted me to make sure I was entering the info correctly. After many more failed attempts, I wrote them again and put in for a refund. I still have not received a refund and have tried to e-mail their customer service. I am going to call my bank and see if they can give me a physical address of this so-called company. The last e-mail I received from them, they were blaming my ISP service and firewall for their software not working. What a joke! I had already disabled the firewall and exited my ISP's Security Suite, but it didn't make a difference. This company is obviously getting away with many cases of fraud and should be shut down. If anyone knows of any lawyers involved in a class action suit of this company, please let me know. I'll be among the first in line! They shouldn't be allowed to get away with this! I hope they can be stopped permanently! Cindy Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1141237
Apr 23 2014
09:29 PM
7-eleven 7-11, 7-eleven Over charge for fountain drinks niles Illinois
Returned to 7-eleven to purchase a refill for my Big Gulp fountain drink.  Brought my previous purchased empty Big Gulp cup into the store, refilled it and went to pay.The lady attempted to charge me 1.29 for the refill.  The price for a new Big Gulp is only 79 cents.  I couldnt understand why she is charging me more for a refill than a new purchase.  She said she does not look at the cup, only charging me cause I said refill, so she charged me the refill price.I asked her if I tried to refill the Double Gulp (which does not get refills at the 1.29 price) if she would look at that cup, or only charge me 1.29 because I said refill?Then she gets upset and tells me that I am cheap!!!  Hahaha, why because I would not let her rip me off???I will never go to this 7-11 again.  Since this incident others have told me that they brought winning lotto tickets there and they dont give them the correct pay out.   
Entity: niles, Illinois
4, Report #1267298
Nov 11 2015
01:16 PM
7 Star Transport / 7 Star Auto Transport This company still owes me and my company $2,400 Miami Florida
My name is Nick Dutko and I have been working with 7 Star Transport for over 4 years now. I have been dealing with Jack (Jacques), Ezra and Mike for years now. They decided to stiff me out of $2,400 back in October. Have nearly 200 phone calls from myself to this company they refuse to settle this balance they owe me and my company. I didn't want to have to start blasting their company online, but when an invoice that was due PRIOR to October 1st and the day I am writing this is November 11th, there is a MAJOR problem. After doing MUCH research I have come to find that this company is based in Guatemala. They have a Miami address, but that is just a front. There whole operation is in Guatemala. I have tried to reach Jack, Ezra and Mike several times and all I ever get on the phone is their dispatcher George (or Jorge). He has also lied to me several times telling me they were not in the office when they were. I have several emailed from Mike, Jack and Ezra all letting me know that payment will be made and they need this or that and it will be done in a few days and it is never done. I am sick and tired of the lies and the BS I keep having to deal with. Transport Reviews is only the beginning of the crapstorm they are about to get into.Did you know how they operate their business is illegal? Their US Department of Transportation gives out an MC number to a qualified broker. Well because they are not in the United States they will be losing their broker ability soon. If you ever have your vehicle damaged by a trucker who 7 Star hired, how would you ever get an authority figure on the phone if they are never in the office? Do NOT do business with this company. They are honestly horrible people who will lie through their teeth and do anything to make a buck, even if it means screwing over another company. Hey Jack, Ezra and Mike... you going to pay me my money now!!!??? If you do this can all go away easy. Each day I will be posting more negative reviews everywhere online and I will be in touch with your bond on Thursday to submit a claim to get my money and I will be on the phone with the U.S. Department of Transport and letting them know to look at your company and you'll get show down. Have a GREAT day!!!
Entity: Miami, Florida
5, Report #1328772
Sep 17 2016
09:49 PM
7-11 7 Eleven Credit Card theft, credit card duplicating San Bruno California
If you are one of the unfortunates who have shopped at this location and one day get the heartwhenching suprise of your account getting emptied out in another state, you have this store to be thankful of and for some reason which I know but cant put to print, the local police deparment is ignoring it. The ones who are doing this are the employees. If you have been here whether a victom or not, you will notice many a times, especially with large lines, there is an employee off to the corner supposely doing inventory behind the customers. What he is actually doing is recording everyone in the line in an area where both credit card terminals are in view and records not only the credit card number, but also the foolish ones like myself who didnt cover up the numeric terminal where they see the pin being entered. I have spoken to the police department in regards to this and their only responce is they have no proof, to do anything and just blow it off, not to mention tend to friequent the establishment quite often. The only reason I am doing this report is because this has happened on several ocasions and on the third time I got the evidence if not the police will use, at least gives me the satisifaction knowing where this was happening. The third time my new card was duplicated, I not only made sure no longer to use a pin but to use it as a credit card, and the first place I used it was at this 7-11. What took place is what I described above, but this time the clerk messed up and forgot to turn the flash off so it got my attention immidiately. Turned around and he turned as well with phone in hand pretending to do some other chore though not only did I get confirmation from another customer of what happened, several neighbors its happened too who shopped there. Now, after this all took place, I put the card away and used a backup to same account I had bank make me. I was not even surprised days later when my bank calls me to tell me the card was compromized in yet the same state as before where my account got emptied out the first time. My bank was well aware after I told them what was going on, and already had restrictions put on it so nothing got taken the third time, but still, if you go here or have to, bring cash or put tape over the credit card and cover the terminal with your hand, its the safest thing to do or youll go though what I have.
Entity: San Bruno, California
6, Report #157322
Sep 16 2005
01:42 PM
Mall24-7 ripoff Salem Oregon
This past Father's Day my wife and kids asked me what I would like for a gift, and I pointed them towards a Humminbird Matrix 17 Fish Finder for Utopia, as I tend to do a lot of fishing when I am out. I directed them to a web site that specializes in marine depth finders and GPS which always seems to have the lowest prices called Mall24-7.com. They had the depth finder for $162.99 which was quite a bit less than West Marine and without tax. Shipping was only $4.95. I decided to ignore the fact they did not take credit cards or PayPal and required an electronic check and ordered from them anyway. Long story short, here I am in September without any depth finder and out $167.94. I have received numerous emails promising a refund but none are ever followed through on. This guy (this is a single person) works out of Salem, Oregon and I have contacted their police department and my local department who both directed me to the online FBI web site to report internet frauds. But all they do is report it to the local police departments for action.. There is no guarantee anyone will even read the report less act on it. Someone scammed in a state a thousand miles away does not carry much weight. Joe San Marcos, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Salem, Oregon
7, Report #153956
Aug 17 2005
07:56 AM
24/7 Downloads Ripped me off! ripoff Internet
Was searching for legal internet music to download. Website said 24/7 BEST internet site to download so went there. After paying $22.80 on credit card, became a member and downloaded their software. Didn't work! Didn't download ONE song! When I complained, was referred to support services which over a month later, denied my request for refund. Even though I told them they were a scam and unfair not to refund my money, they apparently didn't care. I should have checked the ripoff report first. I will from now on. Since I make a little over minimum wage, to lose $22.80 was alot of money to me. These guys have to be stopped! Pam Puyallup, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #81232
Feb 21 2004
12:03 AM
24/7 Downloads ripoff, fraud & thievs Internet
I subscribbed to 24/7 downloads and have followed their instryctions-I have e-mailed them 5 times, the last of which i informed them that i was going to go to the u.s. attorneys general office to start a wire fraud investigation. NO RESPONSE at any time from them. what can we do to get our money back???? We have not received any help or satisfaction from this company. so service and certainly not my moneys worth. please advise Chuck asheville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #98615
Jul 12 2004
05:57 PM
24/7 Downloads.com ripoff Internet
WOW! What a scam! I read on an internet site that 24/7downloads.com was the absolute best web site for downloading music. What a dummy I am! I fell for it. Went to the site, paid the 1-year fee, downloaded, and began my three-day research into how in the heck I could use this convoluted program. They make it so that only a computer tech alone would know it was a scam. Now that I know others have been scammed, I can look back and see that they have no address, no telephone number, no way to check their copyright or legal status, and when they say in the help section to feel free to contact them, you have to guess as to what the telephone number might be. I called my credit card company and intend to make sure they get their due. Linda Melbourne, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #86429
Apr 02 2004
08:19 PM
24/7 Downloads RIPOFF Nationwide
I bought the year subscription to 24/7 downloads and as soon as I downloaded it I couldn't figure out how to work it. It didn't do anything like it said. I will report them. The website said that you can download music, movies, and games but I couldn't. I couldn't download anything at all. Allen Forrest City, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #90953
May 11 2004
04:29 AM
24/7 Downloads Ripoff??? Internet
I have tried this software & it does not work. I tried in on 3 different computers just in case it was my settings. Tried contacting them on numberous ocasions but was ignored. I Have asked for refund but do not hold my breath for an answer from them never mind my money back! William BelfastUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet
12, Report #85621
Mar 27 2004
12:36 PM
24/7 Downloads.com ripoff Internet
These guys are truly a class act! They sell you some shit that doesn't work! I Paid VIA my phone line. 900-988-1429 is the number I dialed to pay for this and I am very displeased! I called and I was not able to get in touch with this company. Deshaun Saint Louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #499737
Sep 24 2009
08:06 AM
SLIMFORCE 7 No refund Toronto, Ontario
I ordered from Slimforce 7 in June, and received my product a little over two weeks later, after I paid extra for the fast shipping. In July, after using the product for a week; which doesn't work, by the way; I sent the rest of the pills back to the return address in Canada, along with a request for a refund.  There is a money-back guarantee on the website, which is obviously bunk!I waited a couple of weeks to hear back, but then emailed and called the customer service line every week since then, all through August and September.  I have not been contacted by Slimforce 7, other than an automated response to my emails, telling me that someone will contact me.  They have not, even after I have emailed them over 10 times since then.When I call the customer service line, and finally get to speak to a person, they are not able to help me. They can only take my information down and send it somewhere else, who is supposed to contact me.  Of course, no one has ever contacted me from Slimforce 7.  So here it is, the end of September, and I still don't have a refund.  I have been ripped off! All I really want is my money back, as that was the only reason I ordered in the first place, because of the guarantee. 
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
14, Report #722960
Apr 27 2011
08:25 PM
WinCash 24/7 Does NOT pay out Internet
Fortunately, I didn't lose as much as other people have lost because the only advertisers I clicked were the ones for free.  I didn't sign up with anything that required a credit card and I'm glad I didn't.  When I went to cash out my $20 that I had won, Wincash 24/7 had me sign up with an online casino instead of asking for my address to mail my check to me.  When I contacted the casino, they said my account name was invalid.  All I lost was a few days, but some people lose real money because they subscribe.  When I later searched information on the domain name/host name, it said the company's earning were only worth about $13,000 USD meaning there is no way they could pay a jackpot of 1 million or more.  Also I discovered the host name originates in the country of Hungary, which makes it nearly impossible to take legal action against them based on U.S. laws.Whenever you sign up with a gaming site (if you are directed there through a survey site, inform the survey site about the fraudulent gaming site.) Do not use any of their promotions that require you to spend money on trials, purchases, text messages, subscriptions, etc.  Only use the free promotions and then all you'll have lost is time.  Also, before you ever use a site, always look for their direct contact information.  If all they have is a contact form embedded in their website, and no other email, phone number, or physical address listed, do NOT trust them.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #726057
May 05 2011
11:19 AM
wincash24/7 casino deposit fraud Internet
I went to cash out earnings as a deposit to cool cat casino. Cool cat knows nothing. wincash247 is not responsive.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #888228
May 25 2012
12:24 PM
7-Eleven False advertisement Winston, Oregon
My local 7-eleven has started carrying new double gulp cups. I didn't seem to notice anything strange when I got one until I sent it down next to the old cups I keep around for refills. After doing a little experiment (Filling the old with water, pouring into the new one until it was full) I realized these are no where close to the same size. In short if you have the old cups keep them around, that way you don't get ripped off.
Entity: Winston, Oregon
17, Report #911132
Jul 12 2012
02:07 PM
7 Rent Do not rent Columbus, Ohio
I have also had a very poor experience with 7rent and highly do not recommend doing business with them. As John said it a company like this does not deserve to be in business. I do not have anything poorly to say about any individual working for 7rent. However, I have experienced many of the horrible things posted previously of them. These complaints have spanned 2 years so obviously nothing is going to change in the near future. Maybe they dont care? Maybe they cant keep up? Either way, do not rent from them. There are many more reputable companies in Columbus
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
18, Report #949657
Oct 02 2012
09:57 AM
24/7 Techies Fraud, No Refund Issued, Internet
Never use 24/7 techies to fix your computer via remote access. They tried to solve a DVD drive issue I was having. They told me, sir, if we can not fix this problem, we will give you a full refund. After about 4 days of trying, they could not fix my PC. Now, they don't want to refund my money even after I opened up a dispute with paypal and paypal could not resolve. I am not going to ever give up until they issue my refund like I was told. Always use a credit card if you use their services and if they fail to resolve your issue and paypal can't decide in your favor, go back to your credit card company and dispute the charge.This company is very unethical in my opinion. They should give you your money back if they can't fix your computer. They always tell you after they have screwed your PC more than it was before they start working on it that they will help you to reformat the hard disk drive. Anyone can do this. I don't need these incompetents to do a reformat to fix my issue. I can do that myself. Anyway, I am going to post all over the internet to warn other people. I just filed a fraud complaint with my credit card company. Remember, always use a credit card if you decide to use them. I will never use them again and I advise others not to use them either.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #188203
Apr 23 2006
10:37 PM
24/7 Downloads ripoff Internet
I was looking for a legal way to try to get music from the internet. I came across 24/7 Downloads. They stated that by joining thier company, you could get services legally. I went through all of the steps it asked. In the last step, it tries to sell you something you do not want. There is not a step or key that will tell them you do not want it. I went ahead and did all of the steps. They then tell you that an account number will be sent to you in 15 minutes... More then 6 days have gone by, I still have no service or received my account number. However, I did get a notice from my credit card telling me 24/7 Download debit my card. I sent them e-mails requesting services or my refund....I have saved all my request and I also have a copy of all the steps/dates I gone through. I am ready to take they to court. They are a rip off big time. Domingo Dilley, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
20, Report #88045
Apr 17 2004
05:15 PM
24/7 Downloads ripoff Nationwide
I purchased the 2 year membership and could not get it to work and requested a refund but no refund has been made and I when I email their customer support (support@247downloads.com), I get no response and I have not received my refund as of this date. Something should be done about these con-artists..... Gregg swainsboro, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #349964
Jul 11 2008
01:51 AM
I have just read someone else's report, it is an identical situation. They gave me a quote for shipping a certain quantity to Sydney, and once they picked-up the freight, they invoiced me for double the weight and double the amount. Even the seller, where they picked up the freight from, asked them: Did you add the truck too? It is unbelievable what they do. They are like a gang, their name are Luz, Poonam and their Boss as they call them. They had no explanation whatsoever for doubling the amount. They only said: you either pay or we're starting to charge you more. I have all the emails I have received from them, all the quotes, there is no doubt they're making good money out of this. You won't get away easy if you just try to get your cargo and leave, they will make sure they charge you as if they delivered it to destination., based on pick-up charges, handling fees, storage etc. Do not ever make business with them. Carla SYDNEYAustralia
Entity: MILPITAS, California
22, Report #1166094
Jul 30 2014
11:12 AM
7 Min Loan Cash loan Nationwide
I was looking for some extra cash for dental work. Filled out an online app. and this company called back. They asked about all my info. I wouldn't verify any account info and they got a bit of an attitude. They transfered me to a supervisor(Supposedly) Mr. Jackson with an Indian accent! They told me to get a Green Dot Money Pak from CVS and call them back with the # so they can verify the funds. I told them no and got called a Mother F*&ker. The Phone # they told me to call back and is 754-210-8889. I called it back and they accually answered. Then after 10 mins or so no answer. 
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1181302
Oct 06 2014
04:26 PM
7 minute loan loan scam plantation Florida
 i applied for an online loan and this company called 7 minute loan calls. They will give me a 5000 unsecured loan no credit check just off my application. the payback was resonable and the payments also. So to get the loan i need to buy a greendot moneypak and put 240.00 on it which is my loan payment to prove i can make the payments and then the 240.00 plus my 5000. will be deposited into my account. So i bought the card gave Tony Watson the number and the money was to be deposited in 45-60 minutes.After 6minutes no money no call i check the moneypak and the card is empty then i get a call from Patrick Bell he says to approve the loan i need verify my credit with some bureau for another moneypak for 450.00. I told him i have no more money and i wanted my original 240.00 back he said to get that back i would have to get another moneypak for 240.00 and then he'd refund both moneypaks for 480.00. I said i have no more money just cancel my loan process and refund my money and he said i 2 ways to get my money back a moneypak for 240.00 or proceed with the loan and get credit verification for another moneypak for 450.00.I continued to ask for my money back and he said when you get another moneypak you can call me at any time and hung up. So if Tony Watson,Lance Morris,or Patrick Bell call from 7 minute loan and ask for green dot moneypaks please don't do it.    
Entity: plantation, Florida
24, Report #1048105
May 02 2013
10:03 PM
AIR 7 SEAS Quotes correctly Milpitas California
This incident is an Year old. The shipping charges increased only because the shipment size was more than the estimate in the quotation provided before handling the shipment. In this example shipment, the client's shipment was almost double when received & palletized at our warehouse. Client underestimated his shipment size causing him frustation but we did provide all informaton & documents for his satisfaction and regret that we could not satisfy enough to stop him posting this listing. Independent warehouse's receipt showing Weight & Dimension to determine the size was provided with the charges as proof. We now try that the client has all the information to their satisfaction before we ship the their personal goods.
Entity: Milpitas, California
25, Report #1049824
May 10 2013
07:23 AM
PlaNET 7 CASINO Dont pay there winners Internet
 On May 7 2013 i won 800 dollars play with  this casino and tried to with draw...i was declined due to playing with a free chip and money already in my account....
Entity: Internet

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