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1, Report #275598
Sep 21 2007
11:55 AM
AFNI Afni Files Bogus Credit Bureau Reports SUE Afni! Bloomington Illinois
Afni, Inc. is a disgusting group of liars who cheat people out of their money. They file phony credit bureau reports on very old time barred debts. I sent them a dispute, their response is for the consumer to send them all types of personal information. They want this so they can use it against you. They do not have the documents to legally validate their claims, they want you to send them documents NEVER send them any documents. If enough people sue Afni, they will get the message, here are the owners at Afni you should sue: Bruce F. Griffin, IFCCE, Chairman-CEO Ronald L Greene, President-COO John Mobley, Jr., Vice President Gregory J. Donovan, Secretary V. Curtis Oyer, Treasurer They live in and around the Bloomington, IL area, many are members of the Bloomington Country Club. File suits against them, they will lie and say they made a mistake, then pay up. Make them remove their fraudulent claims from the credit bureaus. They do not have documents that will meet any legal status for validation, they lie on almost all accounts they collect. Hold them responsible for their actions, make them pay! Robert Bloomington, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
2, Report #568444
Feb 12 2010
07:28 AM
AFNI - - Afni Inc. Was being charged for an account I never had Bloomington, Illinois
I recieved a collections leter from AFNI stating that I owed Verizon Select Services a total of $564.69, but they would settle for $50.00.    I called the number provided on the letter and sat on hold for 15 minutes.  I got to my computer and did a search fro teh company and found an additional number to contact them by (877.403.0670).  A woman answered, not identifyine herself with the company, and she brought my account up.  She had my name, previous address and the year I first moved into the residence. I explained toher that the only home phone service I had at that time was a Pay As You Go plan and that I have NEVER had a verizon plan, either home phone or cell phone.  The ladie stated that she would stop the mailings, that they probably had the wrong person. 
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
3, Report #365150
Aug 20 2008
07:35 PM
Afni Whistleblower How to Beat Afni Bloomington Illinois
I am a team manager @ Afni. I oversee several collectors and program coaches. I have inside information about Afni that I am willing to discuss with anyone who is interested. Why? A smug subordinate went to my supervisors office and fed him lies about my management style. When I returned to work, I had to deal with the s**tstorm that happened while I was out of the office. I have incompetent people working for me and my bosses are morons...and my efforts to help make Afni a great place to work have gone unappreciated.....So...I've decided to go public. I can answer any questions about Afni collections that you have. Don't just mail in a payment as soon as you get your First Notice letter. That's how the company makes so much money. Last month, our debt purchase division alone, made 6 million dollars...most of it from consumers that are unaware of their rights and the law, mailing in a payment b/c they were afraid of what might happen if they didn't. This is just the first of several installments on how to beat Afni. There will be more to come... Anonymous bloomington, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
4, Report #418079
Jan 30 2009
07:33 AM
Afni, afni, Inc bad bill Bloomington, Illinois
well my mom received a bill in the mail dated back in 1992 from altel. in 1992 i was 16 yr old in high school all we had to use for communication were pagers. There was no altel. I remember the first cell phone and it wasn't altel. Now it's 2009 and we have have black president. yay. That bill is almost twenty yrs old. So i contacted the attorney general of Va. to dispute the bill. I think it's funny that someone would try this on someone with something date back when we didn't have cell phone, what are they stupid or something. Shawn hampton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
5, Report #873703
Apr 25 2012
12:54 PM
Afni afni collections SCAM! Bloomington, Illinois
I received a 'settlement offer' from AFNI collections stating that i owe AT&T $59.89 and that I need to pay either by credit card slip or go to their website to payoff this debt. I DO NOT OWE THIS MONEY. I haven't even had a past due balance from AT&T EVER. Awful that they can get away with this. I'm certain people just fill this out with their credit card information and AFNI makes the money. Disgusting
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
6, Report #906433
Jul 03 2012
04:54 PM
AFNI AFNI, Inc. Countless credit report accounts. Internet
My name is James and I am in the military for 16 years and I have been getting AFNI on my credit report for years saying I have a cell phone bill or cable bill or something from the 90s. I have another for 400 dollars and they are settling for 50. I don't understand and AT&T and Qwest have no record of my accounts. Please help!
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #230342
Jan 13 2007
10:48 AM
AFNI AFNI Fraudulent Billing Ripoff Bloomington Illinois
I too have got the notice from AFNI $900 some odd dollar bill. Found out it is from 1994 for a (727) area code phone number in St. Petersburg FL. Of coarse I didn't live in St. Petersburg in 1994. I was not married at the time so the notice should be in my maiden name not my married name. But guess what else my research reveals for those of you being scammed too. Verizon Communications did not exist until the Bell Atlantic and GTE merger in 2000, so why would this debt not show in the old phone company name. Also the 727 area code did not exist until July, 1 1998. So they are trying to say I owe a debt on a number that couldn't have existed in 1994 under a name I did not have then for a company that did not exist then. FRAUD, FRAUD and more FRAUD. Plus the statue of limitations have passed in FL and the current state I reside in and to report to the credit burea they must use the original deliquency date of 1994 and the credit bureau can only negative debt for seven years this is according to The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)Section 623(a)(5). We need to stop these criminals. Jennifer Lex, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
8, Report #229370
Jan 08 2007
01:24 PM
Afni, Verizon Comm. collection notice from Afni fraud!!! Bloomington Indiana
On 1-9-07 we received a notice from Afni that we were in collections due to an account with Verizon in the amount of $745.24. We have never had any kind of account with Verzon so we called and Verizon didn't even have a listing on this so called telephone # that was in collections. Verizon rep did tell us that there were alot of people calling with the same story as mine. When we called Afni to see what was going on no one answered the phone we just sat on hold for 20 minutes. Jani Yulee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
9, Report #265610
Aug 06 2007
02:55 PM
AFNI, Afni Collections rip off BLOOMINGTON Illinois
I received a collections notice from Afni, Inc., also Afni Collections stating that I owed Verizon Communications a bill for an outrageous amount of $629.00. in New York City on bills from 1986-1996. Afni offer me settlement for $525.38. I am in California from 1997 and never used Verizon and I paid all phone bills to New Bell before I moved to California. I have never at anytime ever owed New York Bell and Verizon this amount. Please stop this rip off. Igor Santa Clara, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: BLOOMINGTON, Illinois
10, Report #269351
Aug 22 2007
07:21 AM
AFNI, Verizon AFNI Employee is blowing smoke Bloomington Illinois
VERIZON customer service is well known and is currently under review by the MDPSC (Maryland Public Service Commission) for forgoing their responsibilities as a member of the business community. I only assume that it will be AFNI sitting in the US Congress explaining their pratices in the near future. I discontinued service paid balance in full and moved. Mail was forwarded to new address for 90 days by the USPS. Never recieved any bill from VERIZON. AFNI claims to have mailed notices but the address they used was incorrect and denied me any right to dispute the claim I owed VERIZON money. Unfortunatly (Like most) I shred all records after 4 years. This bill is from 5 years ago and if AFNI had contacted me when they claim they had tried to I would have had the proof that I had paid the balance in full. Now AFNI after making a data-entry mistake per my current address, and after I contacted them in response to their mark on my credit report to investigate what it was about is unwilling to correct their mistakes. The mark falls off in 1 year 3 months, it's not really effecting my credit score because I had all 3 CRA's correct the attempt by AFNI to re-new the debt. If they try and sue I'll show up to court and claim SOL, and counter sue for FTC violations of attempting to renew a debt. And to think all this could have been fixed by VERIZON customer service entering my payment when I made it. Heck I even offered to pay it again if they just removed it from my credit report since they had been contacting the wrong address, but they claimed it to be illegal (imagine AFNI wanting to play by the rules). So they are out the money, I'll go on with a small 5 point hit on my FICO for 1 year and I'll be happy. George Catonsville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
11, Report #275527
Sep 20 2007
09:18 PM
Afni Inc Ripoff by AFNI & Verizon Bloomington Illinois
Fraud attempt: 9/20/2007 I have received aCollection Notice through the mail from Afni Inc. They claim that they have purchased a debt from Verizon for an unpaid telephone bill. My Verizon account is verifiable as zero balance online Info included to the FBI & Postmaster. I have proof of all bills paid before due for the last several years. You can see a bulletin board with numerous complaints about this company at CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. that site has 46 detailed complaints against Afni. Better Business Bureau at: processed 792 complaints against Afni in the last 3 years. They call Afni a company in good standing - presumably because they pay membership dues. Afni has a web page at Which cannot access my account and their phone number 866 308 1160 has a recording saying they cannot answer my call due to the volume of calls. They required my social security number (illegal,) and I entered random numbers, which (just maybe) could be why they could not access my account. Others, however could not get any joy with that web page read the complaints. Curiously, Verizon does seem to sell debts to Afni, so maybe Afni is legitimate and Verizon has found a new source of revenue. Dont know. All I know is that the claim is fraudulent. I am a senior citizen and getting real tired of people trying to rip me off. Verizon did rip me off once before, when they claimed I made an overseas call and quoted the number used as my internet provider's number - about 6 blocks away. They gave me such a corporate run around I paid the charge to save my credit. Dumb me - now I'm on a suckers list. I would really, really appreciate a reply. Cc: FBI at: Postmaster at: Mal Coeur d'Alene, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
12, Report #253335
Jun 09 2007
07:34 AM
Afni Fraud collection notice from Afni ripoff Bloomington Illinois
I recently received a collection report in the mail from Afni, Inc. saying I owed money for a Verizon telephone service. I found that odd seeing Verizon land line is not available in my area. So I called the number on the notice. The gentleman that I spoke with said that I owed this from 1995. I would have been in my senior year of highschool then and did not have a phone in my name at that time. He did have the town correct that I lived in at that time, but I told him I did not have a phone. He kept insisting that I did have the phone and was asking me if I knew the people he was giving me names of. He was telling me that these people were tied to me some how. I did not know the name of the people. He actually told me the town justice was tied to me and the phone too. How could I have anything to do with a town of justice phone? I asked if this is my bill, then why in 12 years have I never received a bill for this. He said that this company is the only company that has equipment good enough to find people no matter what. He proceeds to tell me that I should get my credit report. I told him I get my report quarterly and that has never been on there. He said I had to go to their web site and file a fraudulent report then and if I did not do it in 7 days they are going to send me out information to file one through the mail. Then he hung up on me. Why would he hang up on me if he is trying to collect money for a so called bill? Kristine Warsaw, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
13, Report #344533
Jun 26 2008
11:03 AM
Afni, Inc Afni Inc Bloomington Illinois
My battle with AFNI collection is a very stressful one, and it began when i pulled up my credit report about a year ago and there was only 1 negative thing on it, and it was an outstanding bill from MCI that was send off to collection agency for an amazing 416.70 I have since then contacted the collection agency who has my DOB,& SSN, they stated that they got that info from MCI but MCI does not have any of that information, further more these services where provided to some one that lives in a total different area but it just so happen that whom ever had the service i was mixed up with had a similar name. So i filled a dispute, but that dispute is basically a dead end because since they have my social and DOB they basically said its me, and i must pay up even if MCI has never had any of my personal information, and i never lived at the address or had that phone number, they still want me to pay all this money for something i never had? I dont think so. AFNI needs to be reported for Fraud, and punished for what they are doing to so many people, I'm sure there are some that really do owe money, but for does that are Innocent of this debt, Federal Trade Commission needs to investigate properly. Myafnibattle bronx, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
14, Report #1032530
Sep 01 2007
11:52 AM
AFNI Verizon Wireless. Get AFNI to stop... Bloomington Illinois
I was so livid. I wrote this letter to the president (and mailed it to his house) of the company that reported me to AFNI (Verizon of Florida - not all of Verizon). I am thinking about getting people to write their stories regarding Verizon & AFNI to the Securities and Exchange Commission and Verizons accountants. Please let me know by replying to this if I should write a letter and post it here. Maybe if we put enough heat on Verizon they will drop AFNI. Every time a letter goes to the SEC/CPA it would cost at least $1000 in accounting fees to document it. HAHA. August 31, 2007 Alan F. Ciamporcero 4920 Lyford Cay Rd. Tampa, FL 33629 Dear Mr. Ciamporcero: About a month ago I got a collection notice and Verizon of Florida (VoF) was the original debtor. I was surprised because my personal cell phone is Verizon, but I was pretty sure it was not the same business unit and I know I pay my bill so I couldn't imagine how I racked up an over $300 bill. I called the collection agency, AFNI, and they told me how to go online and report fraud, which I immediately did. I was also surprised that the debt goes back to 2001 and that I was just now getting a bill why did VoF wait six years to factor this account? Or if it had factored it after say 180 days why did it take so long for me to get notified because this IS NOT on my credit report. It was an 813 area code and I figured it would be easy enough to prove it was fraud considering I never lived in Tampa and I was in full-time attendance at the University of Central Florida in Orlando at the time. In addition, they had my social and could have pulled my credit report and found my current address. Why would I have a Verizon cell phone that I pay and ditch a landline bill? Today I get another letter from AFNI. I just called and spoke with someone named Justin. I asked him, Doesnt it look suspicious that the billing address is a PO Box? He said I needed to pay it or else it was going to go on my credit. Is he retarded? Why is he threatening me and why would VoF use a company that threatens people? He said the Support department had investigated it and since VoF had my date of birth and social, it is a valid debt. I asked if I could talk to the support department and he said they only take faxes because they are so busy. Thats almost as retarded as him threatening me with a debt collection on my credit. I am appalled that someone was allowed to get telephone service in my name, considering I was in college at the time. Please take note: FRAUD HAS OCCURRED SOMEWHERE IN YOUR ORGANIZATION. Please fix this. Please call me. I will provide my transcripts if that is what you need. I will pull my drivers report and credit report to show I never lived in the Tampa Bay area. If I have to pay this to prevent this from going on my credit I will not be pleased. As a registered agent of VoF I will put your name on the small claims court summons it will probably cost more to have counsel go to court then it would to call AFNI. In addition, I will write the audit committee and lodge a formal complaint about the controls in place in your organization, specifically the code of ethics and managements unwillingness to investigate fraud when it is reported. I will also write the SEC and your independent accounting firm to report this matter. Also, I am appalled at Justins threat about paying this. I hope you have someone in your organization contact AFNI and let them know about the threats of their employees. I cant imagine that the threat would be something permitted by Verizon Communications Code of Conduct. Thanks in advance for helping me out. Regards, Jason Ocala, FL ---- (my Verizon cell, which I pay regularly) Jaxjason Ocala, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
15, Report #384302
Oct 23 2008
07:31 PM
AFNI BOTTOM FEEDERS Bloomington Illinois
First let me say that I am sorry what most of you are going through with this poor excuse of a business. I noticed a recent surge in old phone bills trying to be collected from Colorado residents. This has sent an unexpected flood of calls into the Qwest call center. I myself tied up a rep for nearly 2 hours. This means these bottom feeders are finally scraping the bottom of the barrel. They know that 2/3 of the nation could careless about their credit and more about paying for food. I paid my bill and have a bank transaction to prove it and was told by the afni rep that was not proof, that the money could have been used somewhere else. Talk about the lowest of all IQ's..honestly I have more respect for the India helpdesk than the nimrods at afni. The tactics used by this company are illegal and they'll get their day in court. The trick is on them though, I am going to pay them then prove that I paid Qwest 4 years ago then have them right me a check, I'll post up a link of the image. I have a slew of lawyers dedicated to just this thing, they picked on the wrong little guy. At one time I put my phone on speaker on the living room table and called into afni with my son next to me and had him listen to the attitude and demeanor these people dish out and tell him This is where you will be working if you don't make it in life. I give them a fake account number and play old man' while they vent their anger on mevery professional but at the same time pathetic. Medwards brighton, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
16, Report #359142
Aug 04 2008
04:44 PM
I received a collection notice from afni -P.O. Box 3472 in Bloomington, Il. 61702 -stating that I owed them $144.34 on the behalf of QWEST. I called the (866) 684 3221 contact # on the letter and after waiting on hold, a young man who talked like he was a Home Boy answered hello. I asked him about the collection notice and he put me on hold again. He then came on line and asked if I had just been to the afni web site to mange my account? I told him that I had tried but that the site would not let me in with the required acct.# and last four of my ss#. He then confirmed the last four of my ss# and told me that the QWEST acct had been closed. I told him that I did not have an account with QWEST so what was he talking about. He said let me make this clear, throw the collection notice away and forget about it. I asked him if this bill was on my credit report -he said no. I hung up. It made me feel weird that he knew that I was just on the site for the first time -and that he knew the last four of my ss# even though I did not successfully log in to the site. Jeannette ocean springs, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
17, Report #918659
Jul 27 2012
08:40 PM
afni Bogus Collection Agency! BLOOMINGTON, Illinois
AFNI sent me collection letters  couple of years back. They told me they would settle for a fraction of what I owed, however I did not owe anything. I do not have these debts and will not pay. These debts are on my credit report and I cannot get a student loan without my mother cosigning for me and she already has student loans of her own.
Entity: BLOOMINGTON, Illinois
18, Report #181622
Mar 16 2006
04:56 PM
AFNI ripoff Bloomington Illinois
AFNI Collection Agency bullies customers even if they don't owe. I was minding my own buinsess when a received a letter from afni saying that I owed a cable company from 6 years ago. I called AFNI. After spending thirty minutes on hold, I finally got in touch with a jerk who treated mu like a 5 year old. 'John' more or less made it clear that without a doubt I owed this money, and that I was simply too stupid to remember it. 'John' at first stated that a supervisor wasn't available, but one magically showed up when I raised hell! The supervisor was much nicer, then offered to make me only pay half of what he thought I owed. As I don't owe anything, I declined. In summation, the cable company now admits that it made a mistake. However, AFNI refuses to admit it and refuses to offer me an apology. Moreover, it seems real convienant that it takes forever to get through. I suspect that is part of the scam; even if you don't owe, they figure most people will just pay to avoid the hassle, i.e., staying on the phone forever and being treated like crap. Where I'm from, we call this stealing. Rob Chuckey, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
19, Report #320998
Mar 25 2008
03:00 PM
AFNI RIP OFF Bloomingtonbloomington Illinois
i had this on my credit report for a charge of 3500 , which is very very untrue i am unaware of this account also!!! Alacia82 San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
20, Report #321314
Mar 26 2008
10:46 AM
Afni FRAUD RIPOFF Bloomington Illinois
I RECIEVED A COLLECTION NOTICE FOR THE AMMOUNT OF 1210.00 on behalf of verizon FOR A VERIZONB BILL OF 2001 THAt was closed and for a account i received a credit upon closing the account .after calling afni thewy advised me that i need to send them documentation from 01-02 that bill was paid i spoke to verizon they said i owe them 000 afni is fraud Dave brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
21, Report #304720
Jan 30 2008
04:30 PM
Afni Totally False information Bloomington Illinois
Yesterday, we too recieved a bill for collection for a cingular phone that I supposedly owe $1,173.40 on. The funny thing is that when I did have a Cingular phone it was included in my Bellsouth complete plan and although I canncelled cell phone service, I still keep my other services. And of course Cingular does not exist as a company anylonger. Cingular, Bellsouth and AT&T are now merged into one company. Since I am still doing business with this company, I called them and spent 2 hours on the phone with them. They looked everywhere, in all the old Cingular records that they have and they have NO record of me owing them any money. They did not send this to collection angency. Total Fraud on Afni part already. My son called the Afni number for me while I was at work and they insist that this was I phone I closed in 2005. Cingular's records show I closed the account in 2002 and it was paid in full. They also said that I opened the account when I lived in Margate, Fl. When my son told them we had never lived in Margate, they yelled at him and said my address there was a matter of public record. So I looked in public records myself. There is no record of anyone with my last name ever living in Margate. Caught in lie number two. I am guessing that they prey on people thinking that they are a victim of identiy theft who then pay the bills to save their credit. But I have had a credit monitoring service for many years and I am notified if anyone even looks into my credit, let alone an acount is opened in my name, so I know this is not identiy theft. To top this all they offered my son a deal. We could pay 4 monthly payments of $800.00. OK now do the math. That's $3,200.00 in 4 months, an increase of over $1,400.00 and about 80% interest. Loan sharks to boot. This afternoon I sent a certified and registered return reciept letter to them stating my rights under the fair credit act and to cease all collections until they provide proper documentaiton. I also sent the following letter to both the General Attorney of the United states and the Florida Attorney General's office. Everyone needs to start writing to the Attorny generl of both the U.S. and thier state and put a stop to this. I am also making an appointment with an attorney to make sure I am protected. Economic Crimes Division Office of the Attorney General 110 SE 6th Street, 9th Floor Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-5000 Re:Afni Account #xxxxxxxxx-xx Afni, Inc. PO Box 3427 Bloomington, IL 61702-3427 (888) 265-6111 January 29th, 2008 To Whom It May Concern I received a letter on January 28, 2008 stating that Afni has acquired a delinquent account in my name for collection, in the amount of $1773.40. The original creditor is listed as Cingular. Upon receipt of this letter I immediately became suspicious of fraud. Not only does Cingular no longer exist as a company, but during the time that I had Cingular service it was a part of my complete phone service with Bellsouth and AT&T. Although in 2002 I discontinued cell phone service, I continued all of my other services with Bellsouth and AT&T and continue to receive and pay my monthly bills as part of my complete plan. Cingular, Bellsouth and AT&T are currently one merged company, therefore when I received this bill; I immediately contacted Cingular/ Bellsouth/AT&T to look into this matter. As per Cingular/ Bellsouth/ AT&T, the only Cingular service that they have any record of is Cingular cell phone which was opened in 1999; discontinued in 2002 and paid in full. They have no record of me owing them any money for any bills or other phone service. All of my accounts are paid up to current day. When I proceeded to investigate Afni I found on the internet over 146 complaints that were very similar to mine. Afni is claiming to collect on discontinued and paid cell phone numbers from 6 to 10 years old, threatening and filing reports with the 3 credit agencies when the victims do not pay them for these falsified bills. When we contacted Afni they said the phone was disconnected in 2005 at the address of 2856 NW 49th in Margate, Florida. When they were told that we never lived at said address or in Margate for that matter, they said that my address there was on public record. They also offered to allow us to make 4 monthly payments of $800.00 to settle the bill. I am a school teacher and I know that $800.00 times 4 = $3,200.00. That is an increase of $1,426.60 more than the original bill in just four months. 80 percent interest in just 4 months. After speaking with Afni, I looked on the public records myself and there is no listing for anyone by my last name living at this address or in Margate at any time. I have also subscribed to a credit monitoring service for many years and I am always notified if there is any activity in my name. This phone account has never surfaced in any of my bulletins. Furthermore Cingular/Bellsouth/AT&T has stated that they have no knowledge of this supposed bill and that I do not owe them any money. All of the information given to me by Afni has proven to be false. Attached please find a copy of the letter which I sent to Afni Inc. in response to their request for collection of said monies. Afni is using the fear of identity theft as a ruse to extort money from innocent citizens. This is not a case of Identity theft. This is a case of a collection agency front used for the sole intent of scamming people into thinking they owe monies on nonexistent bill and threatening them with their credit if they do not pay. As Attorney General it is your job to protect us from these types of activities. This type of deception and preying on the public must be stopped; I respectfully request that you look into the practices of Afni Inc., investigate these counterfeit collections, and prosecute this company for criminal fraud. Thank you for your assistance And I await your prompt reply, Constance Pembroke Pines, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
22, Report #309884
Feb 18 2008
02:44 PM
AFNI False credit reporting Bloomington Illinois
AFNI has been sending me false collections information from Verizon. I am contacting a lawyer to dispute this infomation. Tc Bel Air, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
23, Report #230166
Jan 12 2007
01:05 PM
previous company names: 06/24/1986 - CREDIT CHECK INC. 06/29/2000 - ANDERSON FINANCIAL NETWORK, INC. Afni, Inc. 404 Brock Drive Bloomington, IL 61702 USA Contact: Jim Hess, Director, Business Development Phone: 800-767-2364, ext. 3321 Fax: 309-820-2632 Email: jimhess Afni, Inc. IL 309-663-4510 Jim Hess President and COO: RONALD L GREENE 404 BROCK DRIVE BLOOMINGTON 61701 Secretary: GREGORY J DONOVAN Organization Number 0491821 Name AFNI, INC. Profit or Non-Profit P - Profit Company Type FCO - Foreign Corporation Status A - Active Standing G - Good State IL File Date 3/27/2000 Authority Date 3/27/2000 Last Annual Report 5/1/2006 Principal Office 404 BROCK DRIVE BLOOMINGTON, IL 61701 Registered Agent C T CORPORATION SYSTEM KENTUCKY HOME LIFE BLDG LOUISVILLE, KY 40202 Current Officers President Ronald L. Greene Vice President Gregory J. Donovan Secretary Gregory J. Donovan Treasurer V. Curtis Oyer Director Bruce F. Griffin Director Ronald L. Greene This organization has no assumed names Previous Names ANDERSON FINANCIAL NETWORK, INC. officers of the organization Bruce F. Griffin Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ronald L. Greene President and Chief Operating Officer Greg Donovan, CPA Vice President of Employee Services Stenia Dziadiw Vice President of Sales & Business Development Michael D. Garner Vice President of Call Center Services John Mobley, Jr. Vice President, Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer John O'Donnell Vice President of Credit & Collections Services P Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
24, Report #261865
Jul 19 2007
11:49 AM
AFNI scam collection agency ripoff Bloomington Illinois
I subscribe to a credit watch program, I was notified about a recent negative collection account. The collection agency that is trying to collect is Afni, Inc. It was a Charter Communications I had several years ago. I actually still have the receipt dated 08-31-2004. I faxed these clowns a copy of it and they claim they have 30 days to investigate and then delete there entry. I never received any mail from Afni, just the credit alert. My question is why are they reporting something I paid nearly 3 years ago. No phone call, no mail just a cheap attempt to destroy people's credit. I will give them exactly 30 days or I will take them to small claims court. It feels good to have the upper hand Randy Newport, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
25, Report #262742
Jul 23 2007
08:07 PM
AFNI Bogus collection attempts Bloomington Illinois
I have just received a second collection notice from AFNI, Inc. This second one is a Settlement Offer; giving me the option of paying half the original bogus overdue account. This so-called creditor is Verizon California, Inc. Like everyone else who has posted here, this bill is 100% fake. The website is also all wrong. One of things that's a dead giveaway about that is the VeriSign logo on the site. If you hover over the logo and watch the bottom of your screen, nothing happens. If the logo was legitimate, it would show a web address in the bottom of the screen for VeriSign. This is all outrageous! You cannot complain to the Attorney General of your state, either. This is mail fraud, and as such, is reportable to the United States Postal Service. DO NOT contact AFNI, Inc. To do so somehow gives their claim against you some kind of legitimacy. Instead, go to the following address: Copy and paste into your browser address bar. You can file a complaint this way. Be sure to ask for confirmation that your complaint has been received. It will take several weeks, but you will receive notification by mail. If enough complaints are registered, the USPS is far more likely to investigate these rip-off artists! Do it now! Robert Oklahoma City, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois

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