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26, Report #245398
Apr 23 2007
04:38 PM
AFNI, INC fraudulent billing Nationwide
I recently checked my credit report due to being refused/ turned down on an auto loan and found AFNI, INC. listed as a collection department seeking funds on a seriously past due dept. When I tried to call the phone number listed on their web site to inquire about the dept during the operating hours listed on the same web site, I got a Please Hold recording that ran for over an hour playing music and every so often a recording saying your call is very important to us, please stand by but all the while, no person picked up on the line. I just wanted to know how I aquired the dept and why I was never notified about it prior to my checking my credit report this time. I had check my credit report 6 months before when I re-fied my home and it was not their, but now it's here to my suprise. After doing a little research on the company, I found that the company is not all that it claims to be. I have filed a dispute with the credit bureau over the account and I hope that will bring this all to a head, though what I have found out about this company troubles me. I have been a victim of ID Theft in the past and I thought this may have been a result of that. What else can I do? Charles Hampton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #240652
Mar 25 2007
11:19 AM
AFNI Fraudulent debt collection attempt Bloomington Illinois
I received a letter from this bunch dated 3/21/07 attempting to collect on a debt in the amount of $447.75 on a GTE/Verizon account. They offered a settlement of $223.88 (half the debt) payable by the usual methods. The problem is that this debt is over 15 years old, from Arkansas, where I have not lived for 14 years. The creditor account number appears to be the old phone number, appended with the date of the last bill sent. John Madera, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
28, Report #240713
Mar 25 2007
07:01 PM
AFNI Notice For Questionable Debt Bloomington Illinois
I opened this notice today but it was sent March 15, 2007. I thought it was another credit card offer so i put it aside but something told me to open it up today insted of just throwin it away. To my surprise, it was a collection notice for a Verizon Maryland Inc. debt for $542.47 in reference to a disconnected phone number 301-887-1414 I have never in my life had an account with Verizon until October 2006. I just got my new apt and opened a DSL/phone service account with Verizon. I pay my bill every month on time and would have been notified by Verizon if i was this deliquent. Furthermore, this 301 number was never my number. I called this same number and it's not disconnected. It rings and an answering machine picks up. This notice went to my old address in DC which i lived at before i moved in October 2006 to MD. The home in DC was my grandfather's home and he had the phone registered through Verizon in his own name for the past 15+ years. I only have Verizon DSL at my grandfathers home. I noticed some unusual things on this collection notice. While i rarely receive collection notices, i do know enough of what they are supposed to contain. First of all, there is no company name for this collection agency. All it says is and below that COLLECTION NOTICE in bold caps. There is no open/close date for this account. Usually collection agencies soliciting to collect a debt will offer payment plans. This notice didnt. Usually collection agencies that are collecting debts on the behalf of a creditor lists the creditors address and contact. this notice didnt. As i have been reading from other posters, we all seem to have the same Verizon in common. Why is this? And why does everyone have different phone numbers for this company if we all are calling the collections department? Now i know im not the brightest in the world but the phone number for specific departments such as billing and in our case collections are universal no matter what state you are in. I don't have the money to solicit an attorney but if it comes down to it, that will be my first and foremost priority. For now, i am drafting a not so kind inquiry letter to this and i am calling Verizon at 8am. As a matter of fact, i have verizon on speed dial so as soon as i wake up, before i even brush my teeth, i will be the first one in line to speak with a supervisor, not a customer service rep. This entire notice sounds and smells foul to me and i am getting to the bottom of it. Lindsey hyattsville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
29, Report #247524
May 08 2007
08:11 PM
AFNI - Verizon Ripoff, dishonest, fraudulent Bloomington Illinois
I received a collections letter frm AFNI Inc., regarding a Verizon account which does not belong to me. After checking with Verizon back in September of 2005 (this is the third time a collection agency has tried to collect this debt on behalf of Verizon), I was told that somehow my name had become to another person's social security number in Verizon's system. Each of the two previous times, I contacted Verizon, and after hours of being bounced around to different departments, was given confirmation numbers that the problem was taken care of. I have sent a certified letter to AFNI disputing the debt. Sarah Erie, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
30, Report #272829
Sep 06 2007
01:30 PM
AFNI Collection Notice BEWARE Bloomington Illinois
Around 7/17/07, like many others, received a letter by mail from Afni. Skeptical and concerned I called. I asked the rep that answered what company they were representing, she said Alltel. I told her I have never had an Alltel account. She started listing various other companies associated with Alltel, which I have NEVER done business with. I told her after she was done naming off companies and guessing, that they would be receiving a letter from me soon. I sent a certified letter that required their signature and a response within 30 days. The letter stated that I was trying to obtain information from them. Check out Robert's letter, mine was similar, advice in the rebuttal and update column on the first page of the Afni first page search area. They, Afni sent a letter back apologizing for the error. I am now in the process of checking my credit report. Several people have posted that their credit report did show AFNI on it. I would advise that you respond to AFNI by mail, and not ignore the letter. I also filed a complaint with the FTC, and did a fraud alert as well. Michelle Sarasota, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
31, Report #274831
Sep 16 2007
05:15 PM
Afni, Scam Bloomington Internet
I received a letter in the mail saying that 'my account' was in collections from this company in the amount of $387.55. It listed the original creditor as GTE Southwest Incorporated, for a certain 'disconnected' phone number. I have never had an account with GTE Southwest Incorporated, nor have I ever had that particular phone number. I guess they prey on people who can't remember what phone companies they have used or past phone numbers. Watch out! Sheila San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
32, Report #274077
Sep 11 2007
06:50 PM
Afni COLLECTION SCAM THEFT Bloomington Illinois
I can only say that I am glad to know that I am not going crazy. A few weeks ago I also received a bogus collection notice. I did not recognize the creditor or the disconnected phone number they had listed. Upon receipt of the second notice my husband decided to call Afni. He called me with two addresses, both of which belonged to my sister-in-law in 1999. They had all of my personal information, ss#, birthday, current address. I could not remember ever having the number, nor could my sister-in-law. We decided to research the collection agency and came up with most of the same information as many other people. We were shocked that so many others had the same situation. Our balance is $270.00. It seems that most of the balances that are due are less than $500.00. Most of the people have worked hard at repairing credit in the first place. Just enough of a balance for someone to payout to get rid of it, and just enough to not make it worth the effort to seek an attorney. I am in the process of going through the correct channels to fix this problem. It is important to contact local law enforcement as well as the Federal Trade Commission, Afni, and the creditor to establish record. Wendy Copper Canyon, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
33, Report #289371
Dec 06 2007
10:06 AM
AFNI Bloomington Illinois
Upon receiving a bill from AFNI in the mail, I contacted them to find out why I was being billed by them and asked for verfication of who this bill was for. My second letter arrived and was noting ALLTEL as the original creditor. I once again phoned AFNI and attempted to inform them that up until this year (2007) I had never had a cell phone and had never had nay service and or dealings with ALLTEL . I was at this point asked if i had ever lived at an address that was not recognizable to me and then was asked for my SS# which i refused to give again, only because this infroamtion was given at the point of my initial phone call. The rep then asked if The name Arthur Clark was a fimiliar name. My response that that was yes-he was my exhusband She then asked for dates of Our marriage and I gave her years and at this point was informed that because we were married at the time of service (July 95 til Oct 95) then I was responsible for this bill. I then argued the fact that nothing had been produced to me with my signature of records showing this was my bill. She then offered a settlement amount of $106.05 at which point I informed her that I would need proper verififcation of this bill and would contact my ex to let him know also of the situation. At this point I boldly informed this individual that I would not be responsible for a bill that they could not provide the appropriate information to validate the fact that this was my actual account or bill Stephanie Honea Path, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
34, Report #293480
Dec 20 2007
10:12 PM
Afni verizon rip off Bloomington Illinois
I really don't know if I owed this bill they said I did. and trying to be a honest citizen i took them at there word. now that i have looked into it I think they just ripped me off. Lucy redmond, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
35, Report #293426
Dec 20 2007
06:50 PM
Afni Crooks Bloomington Illinois
They claimed i owed a t-mobile account from 1999. I never had an account with t-mobile. I paid to remove it from my credit but they never sent me proof that the account was mine. I'm 99.99% sure they are making this up. i paid all my bills during that time period they are claiming this happened. They are Full of s*&^* Mike Pahrump, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
36, Report #291535
Dec 14 2007
09:18 AM
Afni, 3 Collection Notices Blomington Illinois
My husband received 3 collection notices from Afni, Inc. Due to the nature of these bills and to a previous ex-girlfriend who was infamous for using his SSN without him knowing, it appears that these bills have some validity. However, we only paid on one of the bills, and we settled at half of what they were asking for. I did request a copy of the bill that they were asking for payment, and it was from Verizon Florida, Inc., which many others are complaining about. What we have done is file an identity theft case in the county in which we currently reside, we had to provide them with his tax returns for that year, and in turn they don't report this false claim to our credit. I will be performing an annual audit of our credit reports in February, and if Afni has filed something against us, I will provide the big 3 credit agencies with the information from Afni. So, there is a possible solution to the problem, but I would be VERY skeptical about sending them payment. Also, don't send them SSN information unless you find a secure way to send it to them. I am going to get an email from an individual, password protect my documents, and limit what they can do with the information, since this is very sensitive information. If anyone else has some better information, please post it. That is my advice to you all. His tax returns show that he didn't live at the address for which Verizon and Cingular had the account listed, therefore excusing him from any liability to pay for the sought after debt. Angry Arlington, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Blomington, Illinois
37, Report #252452
Jun 05 2007
12:35 PM
Afni Ripoff Billing Bloomington Illinois
I received a collection notice for $447.43, a letter and a seperate bill from Afni, Inc. for a six year old telephone bill that is not mine. First, I never had residential telephone service from Verizon, never had any dealings with Verizon and I never lived at the listed address. I sent them a letter requesting more documents proving that I am the responsible person, i.e. original signed contract, service agreement, etc. I do not intend or think of paying them any money. George Fontana, California George Fontana, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
38, Report #251706
Jun 01 2007
01:45 PM
Afni dishonest fraudulant billing ripoff Bloomington Illinois
I received a collection notice from Afni on behalf of Verizon New York Inc. in the ammount of $63.57. They claim it was for a phone line (631)584-9296 in my name located at 70 Gordon Dr. Syosset New York. That is the address of my former employer Bakers Aid Inc. They claim the phone was disconnected in 1995. They also claim the area code at that time was 631, at that time the area code did not exist. I did not authorize Verizon, Bakers Aid or anyone else to install a phone line in my name. I called Anfi to dispute this notice and was told to go to their website and fill out a form. I went to their website to find their form asks for more information including my drivers license number and state if issue. I am not sure what this has to do with their collection procedure and will not provide the information. This is a totaly bogus attempt to collect money not owed and is a clear fraud ripe for prosecution. Bill IRVINE, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
39, Report #341645
Jun 18 2008
01:22 PM
Afni Lawbreakers and Scum Bloomington Illinois
Afni placed a collection account on my credit report. It is not my account. I have sent them numerous dispute letters, which they have signed for. I have been trying to get this crazy item off my credit report all year. They cannot validate this account and have even written so in one response. They have no documentation to prove that this account is even mine, yet they continue to update it and verify it to the credit bureaus. They even put this item on one of my reports AFTER I disputed it, which is a violation of the FDCPA. I have asked them to remove this item from my reports since it's not mine, it's not valid, and they have no documentation. They have refused. I understand companies make mistakes. But all they have to do is look at the account and the documents I have sent, and they will see their error and fix it. I guess I have to sue them now! They want $188 from me, which I do not owe. I will sue them for $3000 for violations, which I will get because I can PROVE they broke the law. Obey the law, Afni, and stop screwing with regular, hard working people who don't owe you any money! Eric Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
40, Report #1063663
Jul 01 2013
04:40 PM
afni Fake ATT Uverse Bill bloomington Illinois
I received a Settlement Offer for 70% of a balance to ATT uverse that I didn't owe in the first place.  I noticed there was no email address and the form seemed weird.  For instance the remitting envelope had two different addresses, one in IL and return address in California(?).  I called and was on indefinite suspension with music and a cheesy recording.  I was googling afni while I was on the phone and discovered it is a scam.  I hung up immediately when I read don't call them and give them your phone number!  This site really works it has saved me twice from scams.
Entity: bloomington, Illinois
41, Report #1033953
May 08 2007
01:16 PM
Afni What The Heck!!! Bloomington Illinois
I received a letter from afni stating that I owe $229.30 for a Verizon telephone bill. I contacted afni to find out What the Heck and they advised that the telephone bill is from 1996 and 1997. Are they kidding? I have been a Verizon customer since I have been an adult and I am 37 so I have been an adult for a while and Verizon has never had a problem sending me bills. What happen they forgot about this one? How is it that now over 10 years later the Bill Demon is advising that I have this mysterious bill? 1996, are they serious? If anyone finds a solution to this problem please advise. Seriously What the Heck? Myra Rancho Cucamonga, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
42, Report #403298
Dec 19 2008
09:40 PM
AFNI Inc - Anderson Financial Network Incorporated AKA AFNI-BLOOM AFNI Inc Illegally Re-aging Old Debt, Refuses to Validate Account Bloomington Illinois
My husband and I applied for a mortgage loan last week. After receiving our credit report, our lender notified us that there were two new collection accounts. Both share the exact same account number, one had been opened in 7/08 and was delinquent as of 11/08, and another that reported no open date and a last activity date of 10/04 on our report. We did not recognize the creditor and have not acquired any new revolving or installment accounts in several years. In the notation field on the report, both accounts stated Verizon. On behalf of my husband, I first called Verizon to verify the name and SS# on the account. They were able to verify that it indeed was in his name, the account's telephone number, that it was a landline, and that the account had been closed in 10/04. They were unable to provide further information and directed me to call AFNI. I contacted AFNI Inc in order to obtain a copy of the original creditor's final statement to validate the debt. When I asked for a copy of the original creditors bill, the gentleman who answered replied with Are you calling to take care of this debt. I stated that we might consider it if he could provide us with a copy of the original bill. The gentleman stated that he was unable to send me a copy of the original creditor's final statement. I told him I could accept immediately by either fax or email. He refused. I stated that I needed a final bill to verify last activity date, because as it appears on the report, they have illegally re-aged the debt. He then stated that our lender did not know how to read a credit report, insisted that AFNI's methods were legitimate, and again refused to send a copy of the original bill. In all, throughout the 3 minute phone call, I asked for an original copy of the bill 5-6 times. Finally I stated that I would contact my attorney and hung up. I called Verizon back in hopes they would be able to provide the final statement of account, but their finance department told me that AFNI had purchased the debt and they were not legally able to provide documentation or further information on the original account. I did extensive research on AFNI today, and among the thousands of consumer complaints, I also found a class-action lawsuit filed by Minnesota Attorney General's Office and a news report stating Senator Owen Johnson has fired off a letter to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo asking Cuomo to probe what appears to be an unfair debt collection act by Anderson Financial Network, Incorporated,' otherwise known as AFNI. The letter asks Cuomo to determine if AFNI is operating within the law.' We are in the process of seeking an attorney to represent us in a violation of the FCRA/FDCPA, violation of Michigan State Law, and Defamation of Character. I would be willing to join any other class-action litigation pending against AFNI. Whatever you do, DO NOT provide them with any information if they state that YOU must validate YOUR information. Burden of proof lies with the collection agency to prove the debt as legitimate! Carrie Flat Rock, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
43, Report #288978
Dec 04 2007
05:51 PM
AFNI INC. AKA AFNI-Bloom AFNI bought Charter Communications debt - REPORTED ME! Lowered my credit rating! Bloomington Illinois
Hello to all who are reading this. I am basically on my last nerve with this AFNI organization. Here's what happened. In August, I got a letter for AFNI saying I owe $195 from Charter communications for a cable box i didn't pay for when i moved (the movers moved it with them) almost 3 years ago. The problem with this is i remember that I PAID for this when i realized the movers took it with 'em! I moved from South Carolina to California. I couldn't exactly walk the box back to Charter right? So i sucked it up and paid it within 2 months of the move. Never got another notice from Charter. All is good, right? Well now I got this notice from AFNI saying PAY OR ELSE basically. They reported to all 3 credit bureaus. So I called Charter to say what's up and they don't understand why AFNI has this in the first place since they don't show i ever owed them anything and in fact, they owed ME money. It seems the amount i paid them just sat as a credit on my account instead of being applied to the cable box. No biggie right? They just apply it, notify AFNI and be on with it. Well, that is NOT what happened. So i call AFNI and tell them to contact Charter and they'll explain it. AFNI refused to do so and said that i Had to get a letter from Charter saying i didn't owe money. Well, Charter *REFUSED* to send me a letter and said i just have to deal with AFNI since they sold my account to them! So I tell AFNI to give me proof of this debt. To date (it is now December, this started in August) i have yet to receive anything!!! So, i call a few weeks ago to see what AFNI has done on this and apparently nothing. They said every time i call them, the 30 day window gets pushed back and starts over! Can you believe that? GARBAGE! So i call Charter and whammo, they say they no lower show a credit on my account and instead, I owe them another $25.81 for taxes due on this cable box i never paid for. Please note, this $25.81 never showed up before and was NOT sent to collections... well why not? Anyhow, in an effort to avoid ANOTHER collections, i paid it. Charter said that it's all resolved and will notify AFNI. AFNI now tells me that Charter told them that i paid this 25.81 in lieu of paying AFNI this $195 and therefore, aFNI is refusing to remove this $195 debt off my records! This is all ridiculous!! I told AFNI that had i owed them this $25.81 then charter would have sold them that part of the debt too, but obviously did not because it was never due to begin with and that it is totally SEPARATE from this $195 charge. What's worse is this has not disqualified me from getting a mortgage to buy a house i've been trying to get for the past few weeks. AFNI, you SUCK! You *REFUSE* to ever send me any proof that i owed you anything, and you STILL report me to the bureaus? and you now say since i paid charter, you close my account and it stays on my credit indefinitely? This is a RIP OFF!! If there are ANY lawyers out there who will sue them, please contact me. Dennis Fremont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
44, Report #564212
Feb 03 2010
08:44 PM
AFNI - - Afni Inc. Sent me a collections letter for a company i've never done buisness with Internet, Internet
I used to work for AFNI. Inc a few years ago for the contact center division. Ever since then I have received no less than 2 letters a month from them offering me a discounted payment offer for everyone of their current clients for different amounts. The lowest and most deceitful one is sending a letter to my wife in her maiden name for AT&T Mobility for an account that 1. we never had (don't do business with AT&T or cingular) 2. more than ten years old by their statements!!! when we called them to discuss the OBVIOUSLY PHONEY bill, the rep. told me my wife must have stepped out on me and got this mobile phone without me knowing... this is a popular scam where they send out thousands of letters and make payments on an account that doesn't exist so it wont affect the credit score of the mark.BEWARE THIS COMPANY IS A SHAM
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #948061
Sep 28 2012
02:16 PM
Afni Insurance Services Subrogation Department AFNI Collections, AFNI Inc. Fraudulant Collections Claim that I owe State Farm Insurance Money (AFNI Scam) Bloomingdale, Illinois
I began receiving letters and phone calls from Afni Insurance Services Subrogation Department in 2011 and then harassment became extensive in August and September, 2012. These letters and rude people on the phone claim that I owe $3,884.39 to State Farm Insurance and that I must pay this to Afni because of an accident I had in August, 2010. No one was injured in this accident, and I have verified with my insurance company (Progressive)  that State Farm was already paid the amount owed due to damage to the other person's vehicle. Progessive told me no other claim had been made, no claim had been made for $3,000 or anything at all like that amount, and that I owe nothing. I then contacted the State of Florida's Attorney General's office and was told that Afni Collections has already been investigated by the AG on behalf of another person, and that they had received many complaints about this fraudulant company. Meanwhile Afni is sending me these letters telling me that my driver's license and registration are going to get suspended by the Secretary of State's office if I don't send them a check or a credit card number. I know this is fraudulant, and nobody was ever hurt in the accident I had which was a very minor fender bender. But these people are scary, and they are relentless. They have called my cell phone dozens of times at all hours, and have sent me threatening letters. If they are threatening you, just Google Afni scams and you will see that you are not alone. Do not pay them anything!
Entity: Bloomingdale, Illinois
46, Report #237689
Mar 01 2007
06:46 PM
Afni, Inc., Afni Collections Via letter notified me I had a collections phone bill from Alltel Ripoff Bloomington Illinois
I received a collection letter from this company and I felt that I should check out why and get it corrected. After talking with Aaron for awhile it was obvious this was a scam. But he had my address, ss#, former address but did not have it all correct. He ask me to comfirm my ss# which I ask him to tell me what he had and told him it was close and my address was close. I then told him I had never has a phone service with Altel but he insisted I was wrong. I then ask him how I could correct and he instruced me to file fraudlent police report and I had to prove to them that this was wrong. I refused and told him that was wrong. I know for a fact I have never used Altel as I have my phone bill drafted since the second year with AT&T so it could not be delinquent. I then ask if this was real and if I did not pay could it go on my credit report. He said yes and that it was money I owed Alltel although I never have used this company. I ask him how I could check out his company since I had never heard of them and who they were. I asked that Aaron provide me with information and proof that I owned this money and was willing to give him a fax number, he blew me off and said he didn't have to prove anything to me. This is wrong and I HATE to see other people get scamed by this company. Luckily I wnet directly to the interent to research this company and found that I am not the only person this company is trying the steal from. I will contact the police department to file a complaint as well as the BBB in Bloomington, IL, local newspaper and possible TV stations to report this. Mike N. Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
47, Report #253263
Jun 08 2007
04:33 PM
Afni Inc. Or Afni Collections Unfamiliar Verizon account/ phone number Ripoff Bloominton Illinois
I also recieved a collection notice from the above named company stating that I owed $105.39 for an account that I do not recognize and that doesn't make sense seeing that I was out of the state and in the military 15 years ago when it apparently happened. It has never been listed on my credit report and it certainly would have been there if I owed it. I do not owe this money and I am very discouraged with the entire situation. RipOff Please Help, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Bloominton, Illinois
48, Report #386845
Oct 31 2008
08:02 PM
Afni WHAT ARE CONSUMERS SUPPOSE TO DO?? Bloomington Illinois
Checking my mail after a long day at work I found an official looking letter from Afni, Inc with large bold print COLLECTION NOTICE. My first reaction was to just scream, I don't have any past due debt! But then I tell myself let's be adult about this so I attempted to figure out what this is all about. I spent 21 minutes on hold waiting to speak to a live person, finally gave up and turned to the internet! The notice I received stated this is a debt owed to Quest, with a reported phone number that I haven't a clue where they came up with it, I have had the same phone number for a number of years and THIS IS NOT IT! There is no listed service dates or an address for service to this number. I am tired of having to take my time, which is limited, to figure out what is behind all of the mail consumers receive now adays. It is stressful, time consuming and half the time you never talk to a live person. I am frustrated that this type of thing should be allowed to happen. I will be reporting this to my local attorney general and postal service as well as Quest. I thank all of you that have contacted this site to bring Afni, Inc to the consumers attention. What can we do as consumers? Just what you have done, help others to become aware and put these thieves out of business!! Norma j Eugene, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
49, Report #355885
Jul 26 2008
09:44 AM
Afni mistakes i've made resolving a dispute Bloomington Indiana
While trying to buy a home recently, i came across an afni collection for over 1300 dollars from cingular. this is, in no uncertain terms, not my debt. i have been a gingular (now at&t) customer for almost 10 years now, and have only ever had 1 account with them - the one i use now. i called the call center to get information, which was an absolute waste of time, other than to start my 30 day clock running. during the course of my conversation i made sevral mistakes and would love some advice on how to make sure these things do not haunt me too much. i verified the last 4 numbers of my social - hesitantly, but i did it. i updated my current address. i updated my daytime phone. while i completely agree that these were huge mistakes, what can i do to prevent them from becoming my downfall? Parkbc Benbrook, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
50, Report #359819
Aug 06 2008
09:40 AM
Afni i got this bill from qwest Denver Colorado
I got a Collection notice from AFNI for a Qwest bill and i never had a qwest bill so i call Qwest i asked them what the hell this is and the ar looking in to it because not only have i never had qwest but it is not my last nave and i have never got a bill or any thing but a collection notice what the hell Tiggerkitty denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado

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