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26, Report #441712
Apr 07 2009
07:32 PM
AT&T paying dsl dryloop Internet
I do not use AT&T anymore,I paid my bill in full and according to an account specialist with AT&T,a dryloop is not payable using a bank account. The key words in my original post are bank account NOT credit card NOT debit card NOT paper check just the words bank account. Spiral216 you are right but you are WRONG. Canttellmyname Waukesha, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
27, Report #615101
Jun 19 2010
08:31 AM
At&T goodbye att, Internet
LeavingATT but they continue to make serious mistakes (now they are worried about money - I am expected to wait32 minutes for them to come back and give me wrong figures related to monthly charges).....they continue to ignore my cell phone service which was a separate account....they continue to advertise 24/7 service but the weekends they are can you do that??  
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #633433
Aug 19 2010
07:35 PM
AT&T Blames Apple for everything, Internet
Ok, So about 3 weeks ago I started having trouble with my cellular service through AT&T at my home. Had no problems before, so this was kind of a surprise. I give it a day to see if maybe they were working on a tower nearby. After about a day of ALL phone calls being dropped within seconds, I call AT&T. At first, everything was fine. We went through basic troubleshooting of the iPhone 4 (I'm not an idiot, I know of the grip of death and had a case on the phone.) About an hour after my first call, I called back because the problem persisted. (Oh, by the way, my dad has an iPhone 3G and was having the same problem, so the grip of death had nothing to do with it.) I kept telling the person that I had already done the basic troubleshooting and that a different device in the household was having the same issues. This fact was ignored. This person said that I would be credited $200 for the inconvenience. Yeah right. It turned out to be 200 minutes. Like I need that. Anyway, this person I talked to tried to transfer me to AT&T tech support. Tech support REFUSED to take my call. They insisted that I DAMAGED THE PHONE!!! Are you serious?!?! At this point I called Apple. They were GREAT! SERIOUSLY! They were much more helpful and kind than AT&T. They confirmed my theory that AT&T was having problems that they wouldn't admit to. I was repeatedly told by apple that nothing was wrong with my phone, it is a problem with AT&T's network. Apple even had me turn off my phone and did all kinds of tests and stuff to it while it was off. This apple manager that I talked to finally got as mad at AT&T as I did and called them with me on the phone. He chewed their tech support out for not taking my call. In the end, (after the chewing out of the Apple manager) AT&T finally sent someone TO MY HOUSE to check out my accusations. They had the same problem with the service as I did and wouldn't you know it, within hours the problems were fixed. AT&T can kiss my Apple. As soon as I can, I'm leaving AT&T. I don't like to be called a liar by a company that habitually lies to me. 
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #740075
Jun 13 2011
09:04 AM
AT&T Hidden Charges Hollywoof, Florida
we purchased internet service for our business they said they would include a free modem we were paying for months and months then discovered they have been, and continue, to charge us for the :free modem after 5 - 6 calls, and promises of credit... we are still being billed for the modem
Entity: Hollywoof, Florida
30, Report #188098
Apr 22 2006
11:16 PM
At&t ripoff Internet
Dear Sir or Madam I had to call my brother in Egypt to ask about his son, who has cancer.I did make two calls first call was for 10 minuets to my brother's phone.The second call was for my sister's phone for 10 minuets also. Both calls were in the same day 2/24/06 after 8:00 P.M. Now at&t phone company charging me: $93.78 for 18:00 minuets on 2/24/06 $ 5.21 for 1:00-minuet on 2/24/06 $46.89 for 9:00 minuets on 2/24/06 $36.47 for 7:00 minuets on 2/24/06 ------ ----- $182.35 35:00 minuets ( Total Distance after tax $211.67 for 35:00 minuets ) ======= ===== I can not believe that a manipulated company takes advantage of the people needs. Moreover I have six charges to local number which I never did -----. Now I don't know how can I deal with such company, which it keeps threatening me by running my credit in case of not paying. What can the costumer do if the company charges $100 per minuet even though the average charge is $0.59 per minute. Once again thank you very much and your help is greatly appreciated. Ahmed San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet
31, Report #1149523
May 25 2014
08:58 AM
AT&T Bait and switch Nationwide
 We changed our wireless plan to AT&T's new plan they keep advertising on TV and Radio to the 10gb plus ulimited talk & text . We were told for 3 lines that our bill would be $145.00 per month our old bill was $167.00 for the past 4 months we have to call and have them reduce our bill cos they are charging us $167.00 now this month they will not change the bill.
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #1193337
Dec 05 2014
12:52 PM
AT&T Bad Customer Service Nationwide
My name is Monica and I have just relocated to Midlothian, Texas, from Pennsylvania with my 3 children, (12,12,16) and my Husband. We have been trying to get Internet (Wi-Fi) at our house for 3 weeks now.  I, personally, have been on the phone almost every single day with AT&T's customer service trying to get someone out to my house to hook up our Internet. Every single time I call I am on the phone for atleast 3 hours just trying to get anywhere, I have 3 account numbers now! I hear the same thing over and over again each time I am on the phone, which is Your order has been cancelled and cannot be processed. Now first of all, I NEVER cancelled my order. I have been told 3 times someone was going to come to our house but each time, nobody showed up. I didn't get a call or email or nothing to tell me they werent coming they just didnt show up.At first they were telling me that there was something wrong with my internet box, outside, then they told me it was fixed, and now they're telling me it's broken again. I keep trying and trying to get a worker out to my house to see whats, if there is anything, wrong with my box. I see AT&T trucks driving throughout my neighborhood at least 1 a day! When I call customer service i usually ask to speak to a supervisor, most of the time I get disconnected before I can even do that, but when I do actually get through, they tell me that they will fix it and call me the following day. This has happened 4 times now and not ONE single supervisor, has called me back, even after they promised to do so.If this website, or anyone could help me in ANY way It would be so greatfully appreciated. My kids can't even do homework, my Husband can't do work from home, and we have Christmas coming up, and I usually order some gifts online.
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #1043725
Apr 16 2013
01:29 PM
AT&T overcharge, Internet
AT&T overcharges for bundling; takes advantage of customer's weaknesses.
Entity: , Internet
34, Report #1310488
Jun 09 2016
10:12 AM
 They told me one price. Haven't got that price since I signed up. I'm calling every month for adjustments. Now I'm stuck with a $356.36 bill. They are only willing to take off $50. Bill was only supposed to be $122. I'm so confused and stressed
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #1307429
May 24 2016
09:54 AM
AT&T Unprofessional and Useless
In January of this year I switched from Time Warner after years of using their phone service due to needing a traditional landline. I had ATT service briefly and yet the entire time it was such confusing and unprofessional interaction. Each month my bill was a different amount even though I rarely used the phone. No two agents had the same explanation for this, and it lead me to believe even their employees do not understand their policies and billing procedures. When I received yet another unexplainable bill amount of over $100, I switched back to digital phone. I recently called ATT to ask why my final bill was so high and yet another new explanation was told to me, which was that a payment had been reversed at some point. My bank confirmed this was false, so I called back to inform ATT of this so I could get my actual bill amount, pay it, and be done with them once and for all. But alas, it is apparently never that simple with this company. Once again they had something new to tell me about there being a payment attempted via a check-cashing place, which is a mystery to me since I pay bills with my debit card and it is reflected on my statements.  ATT of course could not explain the mystery check cashing business to me and just told me that my account will go into collections by June 6 if I didn't fax over my proof of payment via my bank. Yet they don't have to prove to me that this so-called random reversal actually occurred. Nor do they have to explain to me why some check-cashing transaction is associated with my account. A single agent was cooperative and knowledgeable. He told me that my final bill made no sense and tried getting me to Accounts Receivable. I was transferred to the wrong department twice. Unfortunately the person I finally spoke to in AR was a jerk who, like the many other agents I'd dealt with, had no information to offer - just a request for me to prove something to ATT. I asked him how to file a complaint about the company and he said only a PO Box address was available. No actual person to speak to. It left me no choice but to use a complaint board.   We used to be able to pay what we owed, receive a service, and that was the simple end of it. It is not a difficult thing to grasp. 
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #1271567
Dec 02 2015
12:51 PM
AT&T is by far the worst company that I have ever had to deal with. They lie, steal, cheat and hire people who have no idea what they are doing. Direct TV, you may want to find a way to distance yourself with AT&T or try to TAKE OVER their whole operation. AT&T Customer Service scores way below a -0, more like a -1,000,000,000,000,000,000, can I go on? I signed up for service with AT& T AND Direct TV earlier part of November. When the tech finally made it to install the AT&T Internet box, told us it was an issue outside, he left and never came back or called. I gave them a whole 24 hours to call me but nothing. I finally called them and was told there was an issue with the outside line and someone would call me in 72 hours (3 days). I waited 3 days and no call. I called them back and while on the phone had another representative call me and tell me that I was decline then said no wait, we call to reschedule for service. I called them back and the person whom answered the phone said there was no call to me and that it would take a week or two for someone to come out, and still no guarantee that even then they could get someone out to fix it. I hung up and called back to cancel the AT&T service as well as the Direct TV service. The person I spoke with cancelled the AT&T (he works for AT&T), and Direct TV...I received a confirmation number for both. I was told I will have my money back within 24 hours. Direct TV refunded my money as promised. However, AT&T still has not given me money back. I have called every day since Nov. 24...I was told the first time I would have my refund in 24 hours. I got my money back from Direct TV in 24 hours. AT&T NOTHING!!!! I was told it will take 61 days, 45 days, 14 business days, 5-10 days and 3-5 days. I am so fed up with them I could scream. I hate when a business tells me that. It didn't take you 61, 45, 14, 5-10 or 3-5 days to take the money out of my account, so why does it take that long to put it back in my account? Hire a group that does nothing but give CUSTOMERS BACK THEIR MONEY!!! I have spoken to so MANY so called supervisors. I was given confirmation numbers, escalated numbers and it was all for nothing. I was told this morning, they never cancelled my service, they stopped auto pay. Auto Pay? I never signed up for that!!! So, Why? Another issue that they are dumb and don't have a clue what they are doing....The last woman I spoke to kept telling me she sorry, I don't care about you being sorry. I said that doesn't work and I know you are not to blame, but the fact still remains I don't have my money!!! To keep repeating I'm sorry doesn't help....That does not help me get my money back now does it? She said I need your permission to refund your money in 3-5 days, or you can call your bank. I would have to lie to my bank and say it was unauthorized to get my money back or wait 14 days to see if they refund it. I want to just scream!!!! I wish I could say what I really want to but, I could get arrested for the words!!!! I DISLIKE, because HATE is such a strong word and I want to get into Heaven!!!! I will post on every site to tell people to stop doing business with AT&T...There are other companies that are more than willing to help and treat customers right... AT&T Customer Service is: HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!! Did I say HORRIBLE????? I can't stand them!!!!!! I wish they would get shut down!!!! I work in a building and next door to many other buildings that are always asking for companies to recommend. I will NEVER EVER RECOMMEND AT&T EVER!!!!!!! I will suggest Verizon, Time Warner Cable (speed is better than AT&T), Sprint, Dish TV, and anyone else I can think of. I sure hate that Direct TV, is associated with them. They need to take over and SHUT AT&T DOWN!!!!!! I had to get service with TWC and so far it's ok...They sent out a tech the next day and fixed everything..... I will continue to call AT&T and get on their damn nerves until I get my money back.... I will write on the BBB Site and tell their customers that AT&T customer service is HORRIBLE!!!! I will look for other companies and suggest them to individuals as well. I will tell the members of my church, my sisterhood group, book reading group, my PTA parents, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer Parents, all the people in my building, and the next 5 other buildings next to us, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat and all of the others that are trending in this time and age.... I will also call the radio stations (I have connections as well), they can report bad customer service, companies who lie, steal and cheat customers and have a discussion about....The President of AT&T you suck and so does your company customer service reps..... You need to all SHOOT YOUR SELF IN THE DAMN MOUTH!!!! Lies, after lies, after lies keeps coming out of your mouth!!! STOP IT!!! PLEASE STOP THE DAMN MADNESS!!!!! GIVE ME MY DAMN MONEY BACK!!!!!!!   Signed, A PISSED OF CUSTOMER (who will NEVER recommend you to anyone else, EVER)!!!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #1341646
Dec 06 2016
07:29 AM
AT&T Loyal customer Nationwide
Cancer sucks and my bills are piling up while I wait forever for my NYS Temporary disability !! Rudely at 7:30am yesterday AT&T shut my phone off !! I been a loyal customer of theirs roughly 14 years !! Do you think they'd let me use the 3000+ rollover minutes I've accumulated ? HELL NO !! So here I sit at Dunkin Donuts using their WIFI !! I hope none of my doctors are trying contact me !! Chemo is a very rough thing to go thru and AT&T made it much rougher !! Thanks AT&T !! Your ex loyal customer Steve Echauri !!
Entity: Nationwide
38, Report #1354290
Feb 06 2017
09:44 AM
Entity: Nationwide
39, Report #581044
Mar 15 2010
06:36 AM
AT&T AT&T THe New At&T Ripoff Internet, Florida
On Jan. 14th I recevied a call from At&T representative asking me to switch my phone and Internet Services to AT&T, in doing so (as currently advertise through various media sources) I would recevie rewards cards in this case in the amount of $250.00. As of today 3/15/2010 nothing has been recevied. In numerious follow up phone calls to the Business Services Office, and to the Rewards center nobody knows or has a correct amount amount  and or I am told a different amount..I have asked to speak to a supervisior and they are clueless as well..In addition to the fact that it is 9:00 AM EST. and no supervisior has shown up for work as was stated to me and the representative did not know what time they would...Buyer Beware Thank you..
Entity: Internet, Florida
40, Report #695141
Feb 14 2011
06:40 AM
At&T At&T At&T bad customer service and bogus charges Altanta, Georgia
OK let me make this as brief as possible.  At&T will sell you a plan for 24.00 according to them for basic phone service.   However when you add up all the txes, and fee's and federal charges on top of the fees you wind up with a bill of 50-60 dollars for a basic phone package. When you question them about these fees they tell you they are all feder related and can not do anything about them. I was even being charged fee's for long distance as well as a 1 dollar charge for something called international long distance and another 5 dolars federal fee for that.  I talked to them for each month about removing these fees.   I never had long distiance, that is what my cell phone is for. SO I finally decided I had enough.  On 12/1/2010 I canceled my phone service and had my home number ported to my cable internet company. Here it is 2/14/2011.  I just got a bill in my email this morning.  It says federal fees due for my account that has been closed since 2/1/2010. I called them on the phone been on the phone for over an hour, transfered around to about 20 folks. None of them could explain to me how a closed account would be chared for each months since I had canceled my service. The following charges were incurred.  Federal Universal Service fund Fee .26 for each  month Carrier Cost Recovery fee            2.25 for each month So Ok its only 7.17 and I know some folks are going to say thats not much pay them.  Why pay them 7.17 when my accounts been closed for 3 months.  Who is collecting these fees and why on a closed account. On a closed account  The problem is plain and simple At&T will rip you off, even after you clsoe your account.
Entity: Altanta, Georgia
41, Report #863453
Apr 03 2012
04:17 PM
AT&T doesn't care about it's existing customers, they only want to lure in new unsuspecting customers with fraudulent promises of services that don't work and can't get corrected.  Forget the Billing being Fair and Forget any promise and ANY REP makes to you.  The next time you call, it won't be on record.  I was under a High Pressure sales pitch for Uverse services that NEVER worked losing my phone service days on end and internet service would go out leaving me no way to communicate.  Out of a total of 7 weeks my phone actually worked maybe 25% of the time but they did not adjust my bill fairly.  The issue continued with one tech after another coming out not knowing what to do until finally after making many requests for it to be removed, they sent me a whopper of a bill and basically told me to take my needs elsewhere which I did and Comcast installed and I haven't had one moment's trouble.  AT&T promised 150.00 reward card for having service over 4 weeks which I did but they did NOT honor it and no rep would.  Each time I called in they became more and more  rude spending hours on end being transfered to one rep after another having to repeat the same story only to be disconnected and have to start all over.  It wasn't unusuall on a bad day to spend more than 4 hours trying to resolve issues.  They offer packages to new customers but will not honor same packages for existing customers.  Forget any promises of any Credits on your Bill.  Do not use this company.  They Train their employees these dirty tricks to trick customers and to frustrate them into just letting it go because of the time you spend on the phone.  Every single person with AT&T is a Liar, a Phoney and a Deceiver.  Do not use this company I don't care how desparate you are for service.  You will regret it.  Find any alternative before making the biggest mistake of your life.
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #875119
Apr 27 2012
10:51 PM
AT&T Wireless AT&T AT&T Rip Off Internet, Georgia
AT&T wireless customer for over five years.  Lost my phone, phoned AT&T wireless  to see if the phone given to me by my son could be used, was told it could.  Took the phone to AT&T, was told it could not be used. Rep tried to sale me a phone I did not want, discouraged me from a phone I found on the AT&T web site.  Left AT&T and immediately opened an account and got a GAlaxy with T-Mobile (unlimited talk, text, and web).  AT&T refused to allow me to transfer my phone number and keep all excess money paid on the account (I normally pay 2 to 3 months at a time).  You can tell when a company is on its way out by the quality of service.  There reps will lie, they scratch for every penny they can get (no refunds).  Just think of other companies who had bad business practices, those who always treated their customers badly, they did not last.  When a company operates in this manner, they are on their last leg.  FYI - a couple of years ago I phoned AT&T in regards to an advertisement I received in the mail regarding internet service.  I only called to inquire.  Well a few days later I received a modem for internet service and a charge to my account.  Now granted I only phoned to inquire, made no commitment to obtain the service, no question the conversation was one of inquiry and not a request to revise or change my account.  Well, it was like pulling teeth to get the charges removed from my account.  This is the last straw, I will never contract for any type of service with AT&T.
Entity: Internet, Georgia
43, Report #877593
May 03 2012
06:59 AM
AT&T AT&T wireless, AT&T Internet, Uverse Deceptive ripoff Internet
I signed up and received AT&T fast internet special.  I have paid $25.00 monthly for the past 9 months. I notice very slow speeds, thinking that it must be other than my internet, I tried a number of different fixes and suffered through personal and business slow connection speeds. I ran a speed test and discovered that I have the slow AT&T internet at 3.0 not 6.0 MBPS. When I called, I was told that the downgrade to the slower speed was made in September by my wife. This was during the time that AT&T demanded more than the contract called for and then later refunded the over-payments. Now I use my rooted cell phone at 5 times the speed after making speed test comparison. What does AT&T say - we are so sorry for your inconvenience - BULLSHIT  I AM CANCELLING ALL MY AT&T ACCOUNTS AND I WILL DEFAULT ON THE CANCELLATION CHARGES. SUE ME BITCH.
Entity: , Internet
44, Report #903616
Jun 27 2012
10:05 AM
AT&T Uverse C4 AT&T AT&T Uverse Liars!! Orlando, Florida
AT&T Uverse and their scum bag contractors are Liars! They offer their so-called superior service and then don't respond to your request or transfer you to 10 different people. Their customer service is total crap, and they are liars!  They promise free installation and then they ask for a $400 non refundable fee!  Do your self a favor and stay away from AT&T use Brighthouse, Time warner, anybody for you Internet and cable TV needs, but avoid these liars at all cost!
Entity: Orlando, Florida
45, Report #967270
Nov 10 2012
06:19 AM
at&t At & t uverse at&t is a sham sun valley, California
At&t is a sham! they keep sending emails and letters promoting their At&t u-verse and when I finally decided to switch to this service, I never though that I would be in for a BIG disappountment. Yesterday, november 9 was my schedule for installation of the uverse pkg. The technician came at around 9:45. I kept waiting and waiting the whole day for the set up to be done and finally at around 6:40 he announced that this service is NOT working in our area. I was so upset and so stressed since my other cable subscriber already cut off their service since early morning of nov. 9, when avtually I am paid for my cable service with them till end of day of nov. 9.. And when I tried to call them to get my cable back. They told me that they would charge me installation fee just to reconnect the service.Of course, I was so upset and disappointed. I could not sleep, and the proof is right now , at 1:43 am I am in my bed writing this complaint letter. At&t should not have offered the service if they are not sure that it is working in our area.Now, I do not have cable and for this weekend and who knows when I can get a new cable subscriber, I will not have tv to watch since I dont have cable service.Oh, before I forget, the technician took so long in switching back to my old phone and internet service with them and even messed up my wifi.So yesterday I took the day off from work just to be hom we for the installation and wasted my whole day for nothing!At&t.should compensate/indemnify me for the stress, sleepness night and for the installation fee that I need to pay the other cable company just to have my old cable back!Please warn other consumers not to fall for this fake servic ed from at&t. I do not want them to experience what I did because I made the mistake of falling for this sham.
Entity: sun valley, California
46, Report #1247990
Aug 12 2015
06:32 AM
AT&T AND BOOST MOBILE (SPRINT) ARE PARTICIPANTS OF SLAMMING.  AT&T AND BOOST MOBILE (SPRINT) - IDENTITY THEFT AND SLAMMING.... AT&T IS SELLING YOUR DATA AND SLAMMING ALONG WITH BOOST MOBILE.  BOOST MOBILE IS DENYING ME SERVICE IN ORDER TO GET ME TO SET UP AN ACCOUNT SO THAT AT&T CAN SLAM. IT IS APPARENT BY THE BELOW TEXT THAT BOOST MOBILE SENT ME THAT I HAVE SERVICE. SO, WHY IS IT THAT MY FAMILY IS CALLING MY HUSBAND'S PHONE ASKING IF MY PHONE IS OFF. WHEN MY HUSBAND CALLS, IT GOES STRAIGHT TO VOICE MAIL. They are assisting AT&T in identity theft by giving them information on their customers and allowing AT&T to slam. This means to take the customers number and private information without their consent and operate under the pretext that you are an AT&Ts customer  . Boost Mobile sent me the following text message knowing that I do not have an account with them and do not need one because I purchase the minute card. They need me to setup an account for AT&T to slam. AT&T has been defrauding us and is attempting to cover it up. Yes, BOOST MOBILE IS HELPING. They are denying me service even though the minutes are on my cellphone. THIS IS THE TEXT THAT THEY SENT ME AT 2:44PM AFTER I ADDED MINUTES AND AT 6:26 PM, I STILL DO NOT HAVE SERVICE. APPARENTLY, I DO HAVE SERVICE BECAUSE THEY ARE ABLE TO SEND THIS TEXT MESSAGE. My Service is Being Denied. BST FreeMsg: You've added $50.00to your account. To check your balance, log in to My Account on your phone or online.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #1220159
Apr 03 2015
10:58 AM
AT&T AT&T Corporate AT&T Deceptive Billing Practices Nationwide
I opened a residential internet account with AT&T in the fall of 2010. I was told at the time I would be charged $14.95 per month for service. At the time they told me to pay the amount on the bills, which were $30 and it would take a few months for the billing to catch up and they would credit my account the difference. After six month my accounts still did not show that rate and numerous calls to customer service did not resolve the issue. I attempted to contact the corporate office and was contacted back by an employee named Rhonda nearly a year later. She apologized for the situation and zeroed out my account balance and said that she would give me six months free service. I was still billed for service at the increased rate, despite the promise of FREE. I called again and again was forced to follow up with corporate where I was assured the situation would be resolved. Again it was not and I ended up canceling the service. In 2012 I again sent letters and spoke with a woman named Doris, who again, promised to resolve the issue. It has recently come to my attention that the issue was never resolved and I allegedly own money for non-payment. I contacted corporate again, outling again, all previous communication and explaining I couldn't owe for non-payment when I wasn't supposed to be charged for the service in the first place. Their response was they had no record of an employee named Rhonda or that any promises had ever been made about credits to my account and free service. I requested account information to verify and was told that they would not release any information regarding the account to me without a subpoena. I have made numerous attempts to rectify this situation and they have failed to work with me. They will not give me any response other than the amount they allege is owed and they do not have any knowledge of the employees I have previously spoke with. 
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #606489
May 23 2010
08:00 PM
AT&T Mobility - AT&T Wireless The New AT&T, AT&T Cingular, AT&T Wireless, Cingular Wireless AT&T Wireless Purposely delayed support to void cool-down period Redmond, Washington
I ordered an Laptop Connect Card for AT&T Mobility on March 17, 2010 and received it promptly. The device was faulty out of the box. I would receive numerous error codes when trying to use the card. The code that appears the most frequently is Error 635. Every time I called AT&T I would go through the usual troubleshooting process. I informed the CSR that I have tried it on different machines with the same error messages. For the month of March I was not able to use the connect card at all. For the month of April I was able to download it for a total of 5 MB. By this time I was becoming quite aggravated at the device and AT&T. Every time I called they would tell me they would have to research the error message and call me back. They never call back and when I called back there was no record of the previous call so I had to start over each time. By this time I wanted to cancel and the CSR would apologize, say they would call me back, and when I insisted to return the device they would put me on endless holds while they process my request. Well since it was near the end of the cool off period they knew they had me by this point if they could stall me a bit longer. When I called the termination department they told me that since I was still in the 30 days I would have to go through another department to return the device and basically I was stuck in an endless loop. Since then I have called numerous times, sent them letters and even a certified letter that was received on May 12, 2010 and signed for by B. Corona and as of today I have not had a response. I have called the office of the president and left voice mails and messages with no call backs. AT&T has no interest in resolving my issue at all. For your reference the phone number for the connect card is 714-686-3819. At this point I want to return the device and no longer continue this line of service with AT&T.
Entity: Redmond, Washington
49, Report #498959
Sep 22 2009
10:20 PM
A T & T AT & T Reward was never paid for upgrade for AT&T. Website states processing for months now. Internet
Pamela, Reidsville NC . I upgraded my AT&T DSL Service during the promotion time in April, requirement were to upgrade and receive a credit for modem or wireless gateway. Value of 100.00. Since April, I have been told by customer service at AT&T that no record of such promotion, so I provided proof of promotion. Next I was told it will take additional time for processing. Next I was told the order was not sent because of a mixup with equipment, therefore rebate was not processed. Then a months or so later, August I received equipment however no rebate, so now I have to wait for the modem charge to show on my bill before I can receive rebate.  Processing time close to 5 months. This is unreal for a large company as AT&T.  As of this date no rebate.  This is a ripoff.  Class Action suit needs to be filed just to make sure this company handle business in a timely fashion.  You can rest assured if I dont pay the bill in a timely fashion,  I promise you AT&T will not let me go for 5 month.
Entity: , Internet
50, Report #5227
May 23 2001
12:00 AM
AT&T Worldnet-Nationwide ..appalled at how AT&T treats its customers.
I am appalled at how AT&T treats its customers. I received my first bill from AT&T and since it was for $156, which is way over the plan I had signed up for, I figured that they had made a mistake and wrote to them to correct it. I wrote Saturday at about 6pm. I called Sunday and Dean told me I could not speak to a supervisor. I called Monday and Daniel told me that the supervisors were too busy to speak with me. I called back Monday evening and spoke to Jay Dee S. (He would not give me his last name.) I explained to him that when I signed up I had made it very clear that I wanted the unlimited program. It was very difficult getting into the program and required much assistance from AT&T technical service on the phone. Both my husband and I had made it very clear that we wanted the unlimited program. When we signed up with AT&T WORLDNET as an Internet service provider we told them that we wanted the unlimited usage plan for $21.95/month as a flat rate. They agreed to give us that plan and then, when we got the first bill dated 1/6/01 on our credit card statement, it was in the amount of $156.72. We were perplexed, and emailed them. We got no response for many weeks and then the response was to tell us that they are too busy to respond. We called them to straighten out the charge. It took many calls until they would connect me to a supervisor. When they finally did, I spoke to Jay Dee S. (He would not give me his last name.) He refused to credit us telling me that we had signed up for the $9.99/month rate which allowed a few hours/ month of connect time and then they billed us the outrageous amount of $156.72, instead of the agreed to $21.95. He refused to acknowledge the error and said the best they could do would be to switch us over to the $21.95/month plan from then on. On 2/6/01 they again billed us $180.58 instead of the agreed upon $21.95 for the month. Again, totally ignoring the fact that we signed up for the flat rate. The first time may have been their error to give them the benefit of the doubt. But the second bill had to be done with dishonest intent. I cannot think of any other explanation. I am disputing these amounts for both months. Each of these bills should have been $21.95/ month and that is all I am willing to pay. Also the account statement downloaded from AT&T Website on which it is listed that plan chosen was the unlimited one for $21.95/ month. Yet they list charges for each minute, ignoring the fact that we have an unlimited plan. I write this as a warning to anyone using AT&T as an ISP. AT&T not only made what may have been a careless mistake. They not only refused to correct the mistake, but also then did it again the following month. Needless to say, we dropped AT&T and will never again use any services with that name on them again. Joan Bailey iW5-23
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