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76, Report #96977
Jun 29 2004
02:33 PM
AT&T ripoff on message service Phoenix Arizona
I have used my AT&T for years with no problem. I have also used the AT&T message service to reach people that have no voicemail or answering machine. The message sevice is supposed to record my message and then attempt to deliver my message to the intended phone number that I designate for up to 12 hours. The way it works is as follows: I call and set up the message to be delivered. Your phone rings periodically until someone answers. The person that answers would hear a recording stating they had an AT&T message from me and then my message would play fr you to hear. You would then be given the option of repeating my message and the option to reply t my message if you wished as long as I set it up that way. I could, in turn, call AT&T and retrieve your reply. Last year, I used this service several times and AT&T claims my messages were delivered just minutes after I recorded them. Yet when I would call my clients later they would tell me that they received no such message. I questioned further and found that each time, no one else was home to receive these messages either. I called AT&T and complained that the service must be malfunctioning as each client told me they had no answer machine and got no recorded messages delivered to them. The answer from AT&T? They claimed that each time, my message was delivered. They also tried to claim that the recipient would have had to call AT&T to receive my message (which is NOT how the service works) and that each message in question, someone called them to retrieve it. I have received these messages mself and NEVER have I had to call to get the messages, they have always announced the message then played it right over the phone. AT&T has charged me $17.48 for these calls and when I did not pay becaue I was still fighting their billing dept about this, they cut off my phone card. No big deal, I only used the card for the message service and for nothing else and I have decided to pay it just to keep it off my credit report. If AT&T needs my $17 that much, they are in more trouble than I am. I was a loyal AT&T user for over 18 years but you can bet I will never use them again. I have switched my LD company and will not buy anything with AT&T's name on it. I hope it was worth a long time paying customer as someone else is getting my hard earned dollars instead. These people are rip off artists. instead of fixing the faulty system and crediting me for THEIR mistake, they threaten to turn me over to a credit reporting agency? Jeanne Cape Coral, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
77, Report #97065
Jun 30 2004
08:00 AM
AT&T Wireless ripoff New York Nationalwide
I used AT&T wireless from 8/2001 to 9/2002. When I signed the contract, it was $29.99 per month with 1250 minutes days and nights and weekends. I didn't cancel it on the day that my contract was up instead, I extended another month thinking it would be the same plan. Unfortunately, I was billed over $300 for that extra month. When I called them to find out why, the customer service representatives refered my calls back and forth and of course I didn't get a satisfactory answer from any of those idiots. I kept calling in the following few days, same result and finally one idiot told me that 1250 minutes was only a promotion for that year. Once the year was up, the promotion was finished and my plan would automaticaaly go back to 250 minutes per month which I was not told at any time. I was furious and argued with her, but she said that I would only not be charged for $350 (about that amount) if I signed up for another year or get somebody else to use the service for one year. I rather pay than being a customer or introducing another customer to such a dishonest company. My brother's friend had the same problem with AT&T, but he was ripped off with more than $600. AT&T sucks!!!!! If you don't want to be ripped off next by AT&T, be a smart customer: DON'T USE AT&T SERVICES! Helen NY, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
78, Report #87549
Apr 13 2004
07:48 PM
AT&T ripoff Aurora Illinois
Worst service , worst cellular phones company on the market. I'm from Illinois , AT&T says that no roaming charges in the states around Illinois . I used my phone there and they charge me for roaming (double bill). I was AT&T customer for 4 years and I received from them absolutly nothing, only every year they were asking my for renew my contract, which I never did. When I decide to switch to another company they charge me for adjustments which they never explein what it is , double my montly bill and let me pay off in 7 days to avoid report to credit company . Maciej Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Illinois
79, Report #71765
Nov 13 2003
12:57 AM
AT&T Wireless ripped off twice!! Tampa Florida
a few years ago.. im gonna say 98 or 99 i had a great plan with att. i had a girlfriend in the ft lauderdale area that i would talk to for hours every night while on my cell phone, simply because i had free nights and weekends and i had been doing this for a couple of months. well one day this lady calls me from at&t and tells me they are having an anniversary thing and are giving their customers 100 extra minutes just because. i found it kind of strange and thought umm ok why did she even have to call to let me know this, just give them to me, so i asked her would this change my plan at all for taking these free minutes? she says no. i must have asked her to repeat herself at least 2 more times that it wouldnt change a thing before i hung up with her. well i took the extra minutes and of course still made my calls like i did every night to my girlfriend and when my bill came that month it was 400 something dollars. my plan was only like 39 or 49 dollars normally a month. when i called to complain they credited me back some money but not all. when i asked her the rep to put my nights and weekends back on she told me they had done away with the nights and weekends. i said that didnt seem right, i had them, and then they mysteriosly went away, give them back to me. she just replied there wasnt any way in her system that she could change it. so moral of the story i think back a few years ago they had to have done this to alot of customers. make them think they are getting free minutes get the customer to say yes, and dont tell them with the free 100 day minutes they take away their free nights and weekends. 2nd time i got ripped off was just a few months ago, year 2003. i had a plan that was really good but i realized i didnt use my cell as much as i used to, so i would call and get the lower plan of 29 bucs a month. when i did this change i got my next months bill that was outrageously high and called to ask what had happen, because i knew i had not used my phone hardly at all. she replied that that because i called on the day i did, doesnt mean thats when they start the cycle all over for the calls on that day, that they went back to the start of the billing cycle and all the calls i had made, which were alot cause i was in the process of moving... was put on the plan of the 29.99 a month deal, i was very upset and said this is not right, i should have been told this would happen and she said the rep should have told you, i said she didnt or any person in their right mind would have waited to change their bill on a different day. so she apologizes and tells me she can work with the system and give me a plan that is 80 bucs and it will take off some of that money that i would have to pay but left me still with extra money that i shouldnt have had to pay. and of course with this, seems like at&t loves to say lets just change your plan to a higher amount to fix this problem and likely you will put off calling to change it back and we get more money in the end anyways. Laura brandon, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
80, Report #81938
Feb 26 2004
10:19 AM
AT&T Wireless ripoff, poor service Watertown MA
AT&T GoPhone disconnects, even if you prepay!!! AT&T offers a wireless plan they call a GoPhone. One of its main attributes is that it requries no yearly contracts. They just bill your credit card a set amount (for example: 29.99 for up to 200 minutes at 20 cents per minute per month). If you use up your minutes, they will just rebill your credit card and start a new month from there through a process they call. I quote from the rateplan explaination on their website: If you are on the automatic rolling option, additional automatic payments will be made every 30 days or whenever your balance is reduced to $5 or less, which ever is sooner. If you are on the fixed monthly option, your automatic recurring payment will only be made once every 30 days. So, you have two stated options: 1) Fixed Monthly Option: If you use up your minutes, the phone is cut off until the 30 days passes. 2) Automatic Rolling Option: If your balance falls to $5 or less, your credit card is billed another $29.99. This certainly implies heavily that your phone would NEVER BE CUT OFF (unless your credit card was denied perhaps). However, this IS NOT THE CASE because their billing system SUCKS. Let's say you have $6 worth of time left, and you make a 45 minute phone call (at .20 per minute, or a $9.00 phone call). The billing system will cut your phone off, and you have to call AT&T wireless to have them turn it back on. Plus, their operators are snotty little wenches who can't IMAGINE how you could be so stupid as to make a 45-minute phone call without first checking to see how many minutes you've used up. Dolt! They'll then try to upsell you to a better plan, and by upsell I mean bait-and-switch or, to put it like the Mafia would ... offer you a cut-off protection plan. Don't Go hear the GoPhone. Kevin Watertown, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
81, Report #84170
Mar 16 2004
09:07 PM
AT&T ripoff but I fought back Nationwide
I was ripped off also by AT&T but I fought them back and won. They conned me into switching from Pac Bell to AT&T Broadband with unlimited local service and 180 long distance minutes for $28.95/month. They messed up my phone lines and charged me long distance minutes for local calls. They overcharged me for international calls and said they did not know the rates. The customer service people were rude and unhelpful. One night I received a threatening phone call, I thought I was being stalked. It was from a collection agency put on me by AT&T LONG DISTANCE! They had slammed my line and double billed me to the tune of $213.00 for long distance calls. I fought tooth and nail and they fought back. AT&T Long Distance lied and their people were rude and arrogant. But I am a fighting woman and went to the Public Utitlities Commission in California and to the FCC on them. It took two months and all of my theatrical talents to finally get them off of my back. AT&T Broadband finally apologized and removed the charges even after they did not want to. They tried to pretend that they did not understand. I told them I was not afraid to go to court on them because I knew my rights. They are afraid of the PUC and the FCC and don't want to deal with them. They also sent me extra money but I sent the checks back with a nasty letter cursing them out. I also got them to take my name off of their mailing lists for ten years. Fight Back! Fight Back! Fight Back! You don't have to take their crap. A. los angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
82, Report #13495
Feb 06 2002
12:00 AM
Suncom and AT&T Rip-Off
I too agree that AT&T are ripping customers off. We had sign up for a wireless phone with those companies. First of all we were never told that on the nokia phone if you see partner displayed that when you place a call it will be roaming. We call the 1-800-786-7378 customer service # on our phone bill to see what was going on the csr said: he did know and that we would have to return the phone to our local suncom AT&T dealing in Rocky Mount, NC so we did. the rep there said, whenever you see partner you have to dial the area code first and then the # not tell us by the way when you do that you are going to be roaming. when we received the first bill in Dec. we paid 57.00 for the month of Nov which we got the phone on nov 30 for one day we paid a full month so for the first bill no charges reflected roaming chgs. but when we got the dec 30 for charges up to this point was way to much which where 160.00 our bill should have been 50.00 for the welcome home packet of 4000 minutes but we were bill for the roaming charges we call Ebony at 1-800-786-7378 one of the supervisor to clear this matter up from there on we knew do not use the phone when it were in the partner mode always used the phone when suncom AT&T is displaying so we did. it got worst for feb 2002 bill we received a bill $1378.62 this is no way write because I know with out a shadow of dought after 45 minutes last month on the phone with ebony we knew not to place a call showing partner but yet and still we were bill for partner when the phone showed suncom AT&T this is unhear of maybe AT&T is trying to make a profit for laying of all of those people by charging customers what ever will it want work we are writing FCC, Public Ulitity, Better Business Bureau, President of AT&A, President of Suncom, Local tv station WRAL, Local telegram, Attorney General and any body that can do a investigate on this matter because there is no way we are paying for this when the phone showed suncom AT&T it is not our fault. Someone needs to look into this matter. If any more have suggest or was over charge by those company. They cannt get away with those unhear of charges if they think we are going to pay them 1378.62 i will pay an attorney for beening slam not truthful about there produce and service now they are trying to say o you dont have to worry about seeing partner on your phone get another plan at a higher amount and lower your minutes from 4000 you will have 600 that's slaming just to make a sell so that they would have a contact but this contact is misleading therefore we are not paying 200.00 per phone which we have two to do a cancelation. Angela Nashvill, North Carolina
Entity: Nationwide
83, Report #35839
Nov 20 2002
06:14 PM
AT&T ripoff fraud scam Petoskey Michigan
AT&T won't remove long distance calling political corruption the business that doesn't give a dam ..... AT&T refuses to remove themselves as a long distance carrier from my phone. Passes the buck to Ameritech. Anyone know how to get rid of them? JL Petoskey, Michigan
Entity: Petoskey, Michigan
84, Report #31060
Sep 25 2002
11:47 AM
AT&T Universal Card ripoff
HELP! ATT Universal Visa 4492 XXXX XXXX XXXXX I am I am shocked and appalled at AT&T Universal Card's lack of protection to me. I find it incredible that apparently I can be charged for services and facilities I never used. After checking into the The Hotel Amistad in Amsterdam, I found the conditions there deplorable, and nothing like what was pictured or promised. The Hotel was under construction. I checked out having used no services or facilities. I was forced to pay for five nights that I DID not stay at this hotel. I consider this a most serious breach of AT&T Universal cards supposed customer protection. I am dismayed at what I consider the total failure of AT&T's customer service apparatus to deal with the issue. As a charter AT&T Universal card holder I am sadly disappointed in what to me was my #1 card and the thoughts of it now sends shudders down my spine. Dennis L. Taylor Jacksonville, Florida
Entity: Nationwide
85, Report #38096
Dec 12 2002
08:54 PM
AT&T Wireless ripoff deceptive company Nationwide
When the AT&T long distance and cellphone parts split, they decided they could rip people off by denying them the free long distance minutes per the cellphone contracts. Then, when the cell company didn't pay the long distance company for the supposed free minutes, the long distance company just tried to charge users directly. The payments made to the cell company didn't go to the long distance company - they just kept them, so the long distance company ran up huge bogus charges because they supposedly weren't getting paid by the cell company. So then, when they wouldn't talk to each other, the long distance company decided to send people to collection, even though the cell company HAD THE MONEY already and wouldn't pay it. Consumers beware - the AT&T split was a consumer scam designed to break wireless free long distance minutes and set you up to be sent to collection for money the cellphone company has, but won't pay to the long distance company. DONT pay these people - they are corrupt and will not fix their own accounting problems because they know they can threaten people with credit damage and make money while they do it. David Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
86, Report #34806
Nov 11 2002
09:36 AM
AT&T ripoff Morristown New Jersey
AT&T Worldnet charged me an outrageous $400.00 in long distance charges to a Hackensack,NJ access after my local access number was dropped. The first number that appears on the list of numbers to change to is a Hackensack,NJ number (apparently because Worldnet home office is in NJ). This happened because I was out of the country and my son was attempting to access the internet and naturally he chose what was offered in order to resume service. I spoke to AT&T people and supervisors, but got no help. An honest mistake rewarded with a RIPOFF CHARGE!!!! John Windsor, Colorado John Windsor, Colorado
Entity: Morristown, New Jersey
87, Report #23948
Jul 03 2002
01:43 PM
AT&T ripoff the business that doesn't give a dam
Was offered a guaranteed VISA with 4.99% APR over Prime, 0% till june 2003 and no fee for transfered balances. Mailed in the reply envelope and received a notice of denial from them because my ratio of debt to reported income was to great to at tyhis time?? If they looked at my credit report to offer me the card then why deny it after I replied? I sent back a thank you card with an explaination of how with the card I could have reduced my debt by $6000 by payments of $500 a month (my current payment to a card with a min. balance of $134) and lowered my Debt versus income ratio to whatever they thought it should be. Sean Phoenix, Arizona
88, Report #50200
Mar 22 2003
11:17 AM
AT&T rip-off thieves Los Angeles California
In the month of February 2000 AT&T sent us a bill for $757.98, they said that we made 3 30 minute long calls to Chad Africa within a 2 hour period on the same afternoon, the telephone line that the calls were supposed to have been made on was a computer line with no phones on the line, just a computer, the day the calls were supposed to have been made was a day when the kids were gone and my wife and I just stayed home and did nothing, never once turned on the computer, we called AT&T and they told us that voice went over the line (how can voice go over a line that only has a computer on that was never turned on), and we told them that there was no way that we made those calls, all AT&T would do was discount the bill to $405.70 and told us we would have to pay anyway, we have tried every way that we know of to get AT&T to realize that we did not make those calls, the calls just happen to be 30 minutes exactly each, AT&T can just say that you made calls that you did not make and there is no way you can prove that you did not make the calls, AT&T can charge you for what ever they want and there is not much you can do about it, they have turned it over to a collection agency that has ruined our credit but I refuse to pay because I won't pay a bill I don't owe, if I thought that we were responsible in any way, shape, or form for the bill I would pay it, but I know that we did not make those calls, if anyone knows of any way to help us please let us know because I am sure that we are not the only people that AT&T is trying to screw or has already screwed. Charles Lawton, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
89, Report #50205
Mar 22 2003
11:56 AM
AT&T Rip-off Unlimited Calling Plan Fraud Internet
I ordered the unlimited calling plan, which is supposed to be a plan where a call to anyone who also has AT&T is free. My son calls two numbers regularly, they have AT&T. Each month, however, these phone numbers appear on our bill. Each month I have to call them to correct the bill. Each month I am promised that it won't happen again. This last month (the 4th month now) I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that there wasnt one! What call center operates without a supervisor?? I cancelled my service and sent a letter to AT&T legal threatening FRAUD action, and that I wanted them to correct the bill. This was late February. Today, 3/22/03, I got a collection phone call from AT&T! I advised them of the problem, they gave me a Customer Service rep who could not fix the problem! I was told I'd have to wait for a letter of credit in the mail. BEWARE!!! DON'T PATRONIZE AT&T!!! Brad Snohomish, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
90, Report #12293
Jan 23 2002
12:00 AM
AT&T long distance 800 # magically becomes 900 #
I got my phone bill from Qwest for July and noticed a charge from AT&T long distance added to it. Two calls totaling 12 minutes for over $100. I called to find out what was going on since I have a long distance block and 900 block on my phone. The woman I talked to said it was on the internet and it was a porn site. At the time of the porn call I was at work and my sons don't have access to my computer at home. She promised to have my account credited for the full amount within the next 3 billings. Four billings later it was still there so I called again. A man said the woman had screwed up and the call was made from my phone so I need to pay it. He would not give me his name, his supervisors name, a reference number or a phone number. Wonder what they were hiding. I called Qwest back and they said that there are some 800 numbers that people call that forward to 900 numbers without you knowing and AT&T is the company providing them. The number I supposedly called is a porn number on an island on the other side of the world that I have never heard of. If the number was accessed without dialing 800 first it would have been blocked or station-to-station. Unfortunately I am still fighting with AT&T. If anyone else has been fighting a similar battle I'd be interested in know about it. Can you say class action?
Entity: Nationwide
91, Report #6446
Aug 31 2001
12:00 AM
AT&T Worldnet Charges forNon-Service
I signed up for AT&T Worldnet Service in January of '01 and after having only one access number for my entire county, and constantly being disconnected on-line, and not being able to get back on-line, I e-mailed their help department to cancel my service with them. I received a message sent report from my e-mail provider, and I thought my account had been cancelled as they stated it would be if I informed them by e-mail at their site. What A Joke!!! After a long illness, and problems with my banking institution changing computer systems, parent banks, etc. I just found out that I was still being charged $14.95 per month for non exsistant service!! I immediately contacted them again via e-mail and the response I was given in return was a direction to call a 800 number to cancel the account! I called the number, and was told that the legal agreement I accepted was one that contained clauses that under no circumstances would refunds be given. They have a no-fault clause in this so called agreement that allows them to charge you a full monthly fee, even if they fail to provide you with service! I told them to look at the records and it would show that I hadn't used the service since February, and their reply was that I may not have been able to connect with the host server since that time!!!! Whatever the reason, they wouldn't return the 6 months of charges they made on my bank card!!! When I told them I'd contact my attorney, they said the agreement was written by a AT&T attorney and was legally binding. BULL****! Agreements of this nature are made in good faith, not on the premise of ripping people off!! Don't let them get away with the We're too big a company to touch attitude of corporate America! If you have AT&T Worldnet Service, CANCEL IT NOW!!-And do it BY PHONE! If they feel that they have the right to rip you off, at some point in time, they will, just like they did me! Anyone else who has had this problem with this company, please answer this complaint-I'm sure if enough people have had false charges made on their credit accounts a class action suit can be filed against them. I know I will be taking this matter to my attorney next week, and hopefully I'll start the ball moving on it soon! Anyone wanting to jump on board???
Entity: Nationwide
92, Report #10522
Jan 03 2002
12:00 AM
AT&T Wireless Service bad ripoff company
I ordered two phones from AT&T at the end of August. They were suppose to be set up for Montana (we were moving there in a few days). I was never told that there was no service in Montana! I was assured that the phones would be set up there. We were moving with a baby and didn't have a place to live and the phone's were very important. The phones never worked properly and we are now stuck with a $550.00 phone bill which I cannot and will not pay. No one was helpful with the situation and no one still is. I was lied to by a major company and they want me to pay for it!!!! AT&T is a bad company! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on AT&T
Entity: Phoenex, Arizona
93, Report #12821
Jan 30 2002
12:00 AM
Anyone but AT&T Ripoff for Wireless Service Nothing but errors
Here's a copy of the letter I sent to AT&T. It pretty much says it all. 01/24/02 Dear Sir or Madam Yesterday, January 23, my AT&T wireless service #619-894-1311 was mistakenly interrupted for the second time. I run a small business and my cell phone is my primary business line, so apart from the inconvenience this has caused me, it has also mean financial loss incurred from missed business calls. It has reached the point where it is no longer reasonable for me to continue with such an unreliable provider. When I first opened my account in September of 2001, I paid a $400.00 deposit. My first bill showed that AT&T had taken my monthly charges of $41.41 out of my deposit, that I now had a credit balance of $358.59, and that I owed nothing on my account. There was nothing to indicate and no way for me to know that this was not the standard billing procedure. Soon there after I also received a bill saying I owed $400.00. There was no explanation accompanying the bill. I promptly called AT&T and spoke to a service representative who told me that the bill was a mistake and to ignore it. I also received a letter dated September, 28, 2001 which informed me that due to my lack of credit history, a $400.00 deposit was required for me begin service with AT&T. It also stated if you activated service and have already paid your deposit there is no need to contact our credit department for further clarification. I assumed, since I had activated my service and I had already paid my deposit, that the letter was a formality, and, as it suggested in the letter itself, I did not contact AT&T's credit department. I continued receiving two bills from AT&T, one showing that my charges were being subtracted from by deposit, the other saying that I owed $400. Again, I called AT&T, explained the situation to a representative. He assured me that the $400.00 bill was a mistake and told me he would mark it with don't send to insure that I wouldn't be receiving it again. Shortly after that, my service was interrupted for the first time. I called AT&T again. At first the representative I spoke with rudely accused me of being delinquent on paying my charges. Then, after speaking with her supervisor, Hiedi, she acknowledged that a billing error had occurred and offered me 100 extra minutes through March, 2002 by way of compensation. She informed me at that time that the error involved AT&T's taking my charges out of my deposit. She also assured me that my service would now resume as normal. I received one bill after that date which showed that I owed $47.18. Included in that bill were $3.20 in charges incurred by the mistaken interruption on my service, and a service representative agreed to remove these extra charges from my bill, acknowledging that they were a result of a mistake made by AT&T. Therefor my balance due was $47.98, an amount for which I sent a check on January 7th 2002. On January 23 my service was again interrupted. When I called AT&T, they informed me that the balance of the bills that had previously been taken out of my $400 dollar deposit was exactly $400.00 and that I needed to pay that amount immediately in order to resume service. The supervisor I spoke with, Laurie, told me that I had knowingly let AT&T take my charges out of my deposit. However, I do not feel I should be held responsible for knowing AT&T's billing policy. This is my first wireless account and I assumed I was being billed accurately as per AT&T's usual policy. I resent AT&T's wrongful accusation, and I deplore a policy that holds a customer responsible for understanding the internal procedures of a company. Up until now, I have not been re-billed. I am told that the $400.00 will appear on my next bill; however my service was interrupted without me ever having been billed for those charges. At the very least, it would have been more reasonable to wait until was billed to interrupt my service. Of course I understand that I am ultimately responsible for my charges, but it is outrageous for AT&T to expect me to pay this lump sum which has only accumulated due to it's own original billing error. What is more outrageous is for them to interrupt my service without sending my any readjusted billing following the billing error. When I signed up for wireless service I did not expect that I would be calling AT&T every month with billing problems and I never expected my service to be interrupted like this. Instead of threatening me with keeping my deposit and disconnecting my service, AT&T should be apologizing and offering me compensation. I have made no mistakes in paying my bills responsibly. All of the errors have been AT&T's. Please find enclose copies of all bills received to date. Signed, Maya Watson Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on AT&T
Entity: Nationwide
94, Report #27999
Aug 26 2002
10:04 AM
American Telephone & Telegraph AT&T Ripoff Hell JHell
I signed up with BellSouth and they asked me if I wanted AT&T as long distance. I said whatever, ok. Then AT&T bill came along together with BellSouth bill...AT&T was charging me $0.35 a minute inrestate within US (!!!) and $3 a minute (!!!!!!) for all overseas calls!!!! Until now they keep lowerig it but still their charges are ripo off $1+ a minute etc.!!! BellSouth has threatened me that they will shut down my local phone line service if I do not pay AT&T dirt bags and I told them to charge me proper fees and only then I will pay the AT&T thieves. They sent me a smaller bill , but no itemization. I called said I will not pay unless they send me an ITEMIZD bill for what I am paying. They said they sent three copies so far!! I never received one of them! BelSouth lies cause now they cooperate in the AT&T fraud! I looked up my online bill, it has NONE of ITEMIZATION! They are liars, just scamming people to make money. BEWARE of AT&T!!! By the way this web site does not work properly when I press SIFT or BackSpace it sends me to another page of this site (Iuse latetst Microshit Exploder). CORPORATE USA sucks! All idiots!!! SHAME!!! Corporate SA is a FRAUD and SCAM BAGS! All Of them!!! For some strange reason when I click on See other AT&T posts the link appears dead.....Cosdporate USA is a SHITHOLE! Hillbilly Redneckville, District of Columbia
Entity: Hell, Internet
95, Report #30536
Sep 19 2002
04:53 PM
AT&T Wireless ripoff Georgia
Was told I could change my calling plan while on business and revert back to old plan with no problem Customer service representative from AT&T Wireless said I could change my plan to no roaming charges and revert back to my old plan when I returned. When my bill came I found out that she extended my contract for a year without my permission and did not revert my plan back to my previous plan as promised. I was told that plan no longer existed. The new customer service rep I spoke with said they are not reponsible for what their customer service reps promised. I even have the name and date of the person who made me the promises. It seems the customer has to beware and protect oneself because AT&T does not care a bit about you the customer. Apparently AT&T can make agreements and not deliver. The onus is upon me to prove that they made the promises. Although I have documentation it is via the telephone and not in writing. Now they will not deliver what they promised especially after being a customer for over 10 years. jan Miami, Florida
Entity: Georgia
96, Report #39104
Dec 24 2002
07:50 AM
AT&T ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Aurora Illinois
agreed upon Plan rates were not charged but instead multiple rates for the same locations; refusal to grant full credits. AT&T has erroneously billed me for hundreds of dollars by failing to implement the rate charges sold to me in their Plan. So far they have credited me $241.67 and refuses to further credit me $70 more on my primary line. They have done the same outrageous kind of billing on my second line not taking into consideration the agreed upon rates. I have paid the amount rightfully owed up to this point and they had the nerve to send my name to a collection agency. They are the biggest crooks out of jail. Jean Miramar, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #40640
Jan 08 2003
02:59 PM
at&t rip-off deceptive company maitland Florida
i switched long distance to at&t.they promised me calling cards which i never got.and i never used the service.about the same time it switched i discontinued long distance services. anyway on the first bill was a 51$ charge.but i thought that would be deleted since i never used it.but no they still send bills stating i owe 51$.also they never told me when i switched i would owe money for not fair i should owe this money. gwen tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: maitland, Florida
98, Report #43618
Jan 31 2003
10:31 AM
At&t ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Aurora Illinios
I was tele marketed to switch my long distance company, I was told I could get all of my long distance for 19.95 per month. the first month it was 19.95, then $65 and $75, the deal was all long distance to their customers only!! I called customer service they said too bad. The deal is only their customers to their customers. Nothing we can do. Mick Green Bay, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
99, Report #4218
Jan 17 2001
12:00 AM
Entity: LOS ANGELES, California
100, Report #6683
Sep 19 2001
12:00 AM
AT&T Conference Call Crisis; Hassled, Threatened, Ripped-off
Submitted: 9/8/01 Modified: 9/8/01 In January 2001 my fiancee and I leased a new office space for our business. Along with this naturally comes phone lines and other expenses. When the first months bills arrived I automatically paid them without reviewing the contents (it was the height of tax season, guess what we do!?!?) The second month my job became a little bit more relaxed and I decided to carefully review a very high phone bill. I immediately noticed a strange description with a total amount of $65.00. I immediately called my local phone company to find out what this call was. My local phone Co. did not recognize the item description and said to call AT&T to find out. As I proceded to do so, I was told by an AT&T representative that this was a conference call. I told her that I had no idea why this would be on our phone bill as we do not have a need for this type of call in our office. The woman sarcastically asked if I need to know the definition of a conference call. Ostensibly this was not going to be a very productive call. After an arduous period of time the woman agreed to fax the order for the conference call and who was on it. When I received the fax I immediately responded back via fax that this was not a call made from our location and/or were we involved in any such call. At this point we were told the matter would be researched. Two days later we were left a message on our machine stating the problem had been discovered, that there was a mix-up between phone numbers and conference call accounts. We were assured that the problem would be corrected and our account credited. Now, I'm sure I do not have to go into explicit detail of every month's battles ever since. Obviously this matter has not been resolved or I probably would not be on this web site writing this report. The best part however is that every month since we have been charged for at least one conference call (ranging from $50.00-$68.00). I have called this company numerous times and each time I get a different person who has to have the whole thing explained each time and has to research the matter each time. Once I had a supervisor Veronica Johnson call our office number and ask for the party who arranges these calls by name and when I said she had the wrong number she hung up, called back and told me she would credit my account for the errouneous calls. She never did! I also have had AT&T contact us looking for the money for these calls, fuuny thing is they know the name of the company who actually places these calls. Call me crazy but, shouldn't it be easy to fix the error when you know the actual name of the company in question? Here's another funny thing, the last voice mail we were left from AT&T looking for the money for these calls they left us with the company name an ironically enough I did my own detective work and the company in question is simply listed in the phone book, their phone number is one digit off from ours and beleive it or not they are on the same street as we are. If I can access this informaqtion so easily why can't these trained representatives of a very large company do it??? Moral of this story-always check your phone bill but, if you find an error expect to be hasseled, threatened, placed in collections but do not expect the error to be corrected without a fight (at least if you have AT&T anyway!!!!!) #6579
Entity: Nationwide, Nationwide

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