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26, Report #346538
Jul 01 2008
08:18 PM
Aamco Poor Transmissions Sold Minneapolis Minnesota
In February of 2007, my transmission went out on my 2001 Saturn SL1. It had 105k miles on it at that point. I needed a car and didn't have the opportunity or the cash at that point to purchase a new car. With the lower mileage on this vehicle, I thought having a rebuilt transmission put in my car was my best option. I found the closest transmission shop to my house, which happened to be this Aamco shop located on Broadway in Crystal (Minneapolis address). After speaking with them, they towed my car to their shop and told it would be $2300 to put in a rebuilt transmission. I figured $2300 then would be enough to get me at least another 4 years/95k miles before something else major happened to the vehicle. At the end of June 2008, I pulled out of my driveway and halfway down the block my car would not move anymore. I got out, looked behind me and saw a trail of liquid behind the car. It turned out that my transmission blew and all the fluid drained out. I had it towed to this same Aamco figuring they would be able to replace/repair this for a minimal fee since I had just gotten it put in 16 months prior. I talked to Rich at the shop who said it may only be $100 to fix the problem and he'd look into it. He called me back the next day to explain to me that the vehicle had a good run, but there was nothing he could do. I told him that I could not believe that a transmission would only last 16 months and 25k miles. He told me that they should last much longer than that, but mine only had a year warranty on it so there was nothing he could do and I would need to have a new one put in. We talked a little longer and he said he would talk to his district manager to find out if there was something more he could do. He called me back later that afternoon and told me he had a deal for me. His deal was to give me a brand new transmission for $1600. I explained to him that I did not want to put another $1600 (totalling almost $4k) into the vehicle, especially giving more money to the same company that sold me the last one that lasted only 16 months. I told him I could not do anything for more than $1k. He told me he'd check into and get back to me if there was anything else he could do. It is now a week later and I have not heard from him. I had to purchase a new vehicle to get to work. I sold the Saturn with no transmission for $500. The people at Aamco have been very polite. I have nothing against Rich and the staff. If you are looking to purchase from them, however, I would definitely shop elsewhere as you do not want to pay over $2k for something major only to have it break down a short time later. There are plenty of other transmission shops out there willing to fix their mistakes. Woody Plymouth, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
27, Report #564233
Feb 03 2010
07:41 PM
Aamco transmission Gainesville, Florida
I was quoted 3 different prices for repairs as well as my nephew as well as a family friendjust because i didn't know that when i was walking out of the and was asked he last 4 digits of  my social i was being setup as a victim of circumstance because i didn't know by doing that i was giving permission for a repair the estimation was suppose to be free little didi know it was/is going cost me $500.00 i went back in tryin o reason with Mike and was told if i call the police because that was my intention after telling him i felt mislead and he told me to call and he would show them my signature which was on the free estimate but he said because i gave him my social i was liable even though i wasn't aware that was the reason he ask for it with me walking out the door. is this fair pracice just to make money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i even offered to meet him halfway and pay half and even then he wasn't reasonable so I ask again is this how you trick customers by asking for their social and lock them into a repair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Entity: Gainesville, Florida
28, Report #202620
Jul 24 2006
10:48 AM
AAMCO ripoff and incompetent Fremont California
Took my 95 Pathfinder to AAMCO and got the low end quote followed by the 'needs new transmission' phone call at double the original estimate. Let them go ahead and 200 miles before the warranty ran out the transmission went out again. They called a couple of days later and said some voltages were off and I would have to get that fixed as it was the cause of the problem. Took a look and the alternator belt had been thrown and torn up by the fan, so, expecting a good running vehicle I had ALL the belts replaced (timing included) and a new water pump installed for $800. Picked it up and it still would not drive. Took it to aamco and they spent two weeks 'fixing' it. Within a day I could tell it was not right. Took it back and picked it up two weeks later and it was still not right, plus it nearly caught on fire on the test drive. Took it back and got really upset this time. Two weeks later I pick it up it is still not right and it won't start when hot. They tell me I need to fix the starter but I saw they left the starter cable dangling. Take it back, they reconnect the starter and remove the oily rag they left sitting on the exhaust manifold and say everything is ok. Within two days I can tell it is not. At this point I am livid. I have essentially been without the car for three months and am threatening to sue them. They beg for one more chance so I give it to them. The transmission STILL doesnt seem right so I took it back and they say they can find nothing wrong. By this time I have purchased another car and so pick up the pathfinder and park it with a 'for sale' sign for $4k - low blue book. Unfortunately nobody would buy it when I tell them AAMCO worked on it. About five months later I have to drive the car to work and reverse goes out, but by now the warranty is expired and it is clear AAMCO is not competent to fix it so I lower the price to $1.5k. Some guy comes to test the car and now it won't move, the transmission is completely shot. I end up selling it for $800 and it had to be towed away. I spent over $3k on repairs and essentially gave the car away. Not only do I believe AAMCO intends their repairs to fail just after the warranty expires, I think they can't help it because they are imcompetent. Chris Fremont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fremont, California
29, Report #293021
Dec 19 2007
05:22 PM
AAmco DONT DO IT!!! Fremont California
Nothing but terrible experiences with Aamco... go somewhere else to get it done... ANYWHERE!!! Dont do it!! Fremont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fremont, California
30, Report #33108
Oct 22 2002
07:17 AM
AAMCO ripoff warranty joke Zanesville Ohio
I spent $1700.00 to have my transmission repared on a 2000 dodge pick-up truck and immediately suffered an extreme loss of power. When I complained about the problem, the manager proceeded to tell me 10 ways from Sunday why it could not possibly be his fault without even test driving the vehicle. When I told him that it was only evident when I was pulling a load. ie: a skid loader, His response was that it was too heavy for the truck even though it preformed just fine for over 1 year before the transmission problem. For all he knew, the loader may not even weigh much more than a lawn mower since they are made in all different sizes. This company is not at all interested in my problem or honoring their warrany and have thus ruined my work truck. They are only good for being a master at excuses. John Zanesville, Ohio
Entity: zanesville, Ohio
31, Report #32299
Oct 11 2002
05:36 AM
Aamco ripoff ruined transmission Dayton Ohio
In April 2001 I took my car to Aamco. After paying almost $2000 the transmission only lasted 8 months (not problem free). To the tune of 4 rebuilds later, in 1 1/2 years, the car is now at another business getting repaired properly. David Greenville, Ohio
Entity: Dayton, Ohio
32, Report #1108232
Dec 19 2013
07:01 AM
Aamco Transmission Misrepresentation Decatur Georgia
I went to Aamco Transmission because my 1997 Chrysler Sebring needed to past emissions in order to get my tags renewed. I took it to the emission place first, and they reported that I had a Torque converter clutch circuit malfunction, an 02 sensor as well as a transmission control system malfunction. I took the printed malfunctions to Aamco transmission on North Decatur Rd. and before even inspecting it they told me it was the solenoid pack and that it would cost $525. Now, I didn't pay them right away because I had prior pending responsibilities, but after I gave them the go ahead to do the work he also promised me that he will drive it around to get it ready to past emissions. Aamco never iniated phone calls, I always had to call and check and to see when my car was ready. I pick up the car and pay for it. I drove it that same day to my mechanic to get the 02 sensor replaced, my mechanic informed me that it was still the torque converter clutch circuit malfunction codes popping up and he observed an oil leak. So, I took it back to Aamco the next day and told them that my check engine light came on reading the same problems and that I had an oil leak. Aamco told me that they will check out the leak and that the codes had to be wrong. I had to call them to see if my car was ready for pick up again, and sure it enough it was but AAMCO say they checked the check engine light and that it was because of the 02 sensor, so I took it to Advance auto and they confirmed what my mechanic had informed me, that it was the same codes pertaining to the Torque converter clutch. So, I took it back to Aamco and left it with them, they took two additional weeks to get back to me, Aamco said that they replaced the solenoid pack again. I drove it again for a few days, check engine light came back on. Aamco said well they can't do anything else about it, maybe it's the battery. I took the battery to get recharged, brought the car back to aamco and let them run the test again and the same codes appeared. Then Aamco told me maybe it's the wiring, so I took the car to get the wiring looked at, after Aamco informed me when they ran a wiring test on the car that they couldn't see a discrepancy in the wiring. The electrical shop told me that there was nothing wrong with the wiring as well. I go back to Aamco and at this point I'm frustrated and just want my money back, he tells me the best he could do was credit it to the rebuild of my transmission. So, I asked did the rebuild of my transmission cost $525, he said no. I was like well I would like my money back and you can keep your solenoid pack just put my old one back. In my head I'm like my chrysler isn't worth that much money. Aamco informes me that, that's the best they can do. So, I go to the courthouse and file a small claims against them. I go back up there and ask if he was willing to refund my money, he said the best he could do was $200 for the labor. In my opinion, I didn't give him $150 to do a $525 job, and he shouldn't try to give me a portion of my money back when I paid a lot more. I paid him in full to fix the torque converter clutch, and because its still not complete then I need my full payment back...   
Entity: Decatur, Georgia
33, Report #1104768
Dec 05 2013
10:42 PM
Entity: kitchener, Ontario
34, Report #992929
Jan 07 2013
04:46 PM
We live in Brampton Ontario, and from last few days experienced transmission problems. We had taken our car to the AAMCO dealer in 91 Kennedy Rd S, Brampton and spoke to Mr Kamran Ameri on January 3rd, 2013. We waited about 45 mins in the workshop to know what was wrong with the vehicle. Later Mr. Ameri came and spoke with us about transmission problem and it will cost $1200. He informed us that there is a promotion going on that is why it will cost only $1200 with everything including tax.   At first, it was too good to be true to us, since normally for transmission of Honda it would cost close to $2000.00. He did convince us that it would still cost him the same, however, due to the promotion; Aamco Head Office will reimburse him the difference.  I have to say, he was very convincing and seemed to be a very nice guy. After we agreed to do the job, he told us that the vehicle will be ready in two days. He also offered us rental car for those days.  As we already had another car, we did not take rental car and he said there will be $45 credit towards our bill in lieu of the rental car. Later we requested him in the same time if it is possible to change timing belt and water pump. Mr. Kamran said, since he would be working on the car, it wouldnt cost more than couple hundred dollar to change the timing belt and the water pump if it is needed. He promised to call us to let us know about the condition of timing belt and water pump after opening the car. At the end we decided to pay $1150 + couple hundred dollars for timing belt (including tax, parts and workmanship). He promised to give the vehicle back on 5th January, 2013. On Saturday January 5th till noon Mr. Ameri did not call us. We just want to know the condition of the timing belt and water pump and the cost for these two items. We waited and waited but he did not call us. Then around 2 pm we called him and asked about the car. He did not give us all the informations. He just informed us that his mechanics did not show up so nothing was done in the car and told us to pick up the car on Monday January the 7th 2013. We were very surprised with his behaviour and with his customer service and the way he spoke to us. It almost seemed like it wasnt the same guy that we dealt with 2 days ago. On January the 7th, again we waited till noon but did not get any call from Mr. Ameri. This was our 5th day without a car and had lot of challenges to deal with. I work over the weekend and about 30kms each way. My wife had to drop and pick me up during bad weather. We called him back and he informed us that still our car was not ready. This time he gave us very surprised news about the maintenance cost.  He told us because there was lot of other problems in this vehicle, he would have to charge us much more and also the car wouldnt be ready for another day.   What really bothered me was that before getting the business he seemed like the nicest person on the planet and after getting the business, he changed totally. During the 6 days, he had our vehicle, he never tried to communicate with us, and we had to call him all the time.  Also every time we were fortunate enough to talk to him, he changed the story.  When I asked him, how come he is not contacting us, he said he has 40 customers and he cant be calling each of them. So, at this AAMCo location you are not a customer you are one of the 40 people they are doing you a favour by working on your car. I would advise you to be very cautious taking your car to this location I would advise anybody not to go to AAMCO
Entity: BRAMPTON, Ontario
35, Report #1069698
Jul 24 2013
12:27 PM
Aamco Repetitive Rip-Off! Clearwater Florida
Took my son's Isuzu Rodeo to this location last year; given estimate and told them to proceed -- we paid in full in advance.   THREE WEEKS LATER still no car, and no projected date of when the work would be complete -- they literally said they weren't sure how to fix it and might need to bring in some help!   Called the corporate office and they got on these guys; a mechanic from another location was brought in and eventually the repairs were done.   Ten months later the transmission blew while on a camping trip four hours from home.   Still under warranty so took to a location there -- two weeks later finally were able to drive there to get it.   Three weeks later, BAM, transmission light is back on and back to the Clearwater location we go.   They advise that it is a computer part not covered under warranty, $200 but won't charge for labor.  We say OK, and ten days later we are told that the part is installed but the problem still exists, so come and get it.   WHAT???   They mis-diagnosed the problem, we are supposed to pay for their stupidity and still have the same problem???   And now we're told to come pick it up???   These folks do not know WHAT they are doing, and think we're as stupid as they are!
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
36, Report #1133946
Mar 26 2014
04:23 PM
AAMCO classic mechanic scam Hayward California
I go in there to get my tranny flushed (1996 Ford Explorer) they took all day, advised against it, and I was about to be on my merry way when I notice the CEL is on so they reset the computer. Lo and behold the CEL comes on after 10 minutes.The next day they say they can check and see what the problem is but whatever it is, I'm gonna have to pay to get it fixed.Since I had read the reviews that morning I figured only way to get some justice is to tell the BBB, the Bureau of Automotive Repair, and yelp.comThe code the computer brings up is P0113 which is the Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 under the hood; he insists it's a sensor in the tranny... I'll just fix it myself.DO NOT GO HERE TOTAL RIPOFF and all the reviews that seem to be too good to be true are probable fake!
Entity: Hayward, California
37, Report #1124429
Feb 18 2014
09:53 AM
aamco Transmission disintegrating mcdonough Georgia
 I took my 99 Dodge 2500 truck into this AAmco to have my transmission fixed, I told them that the O/D Solenoid was needing to be fixed. they ordered the wrong part and forced it into my truck. the lead tech told me that the transmission was disintegrating and told me that when i had the pan taken off the last people were hiding the evidence, well i was the one who cleaned the pan and there was nothing on the magnet to show any signs of wear just had some really dirty fluid when i had the Temp sensor and Govern Switch replaced , .  when they completed the repair the dummy light was still on and i had no overdrive this is when the owner told me i would need a complete transmission rebuild $3000 and that my transmission was disintegrating. I paid them almost $500 for this repair that was not fixed and was advised by other mechanics to take to the Dodge dealership because they were trying to Rip Me Off. I took it to Landmark Dodge and told them what was going on. This problem was quickly found that they had installed the wrong O/D Solenoid and broke the wiring connector. Landmark fixed both of the issues and I have gone 14 months and 20,000 miles without a problem. the owner AAmco also told me if that rebuilding the transmission didnt fix the problem that he would than check the wiring at an additional charge. I really dont suggest going to this shop becasue they do not have a clue on what they are doing or they know they are ripping you off.
Entity: mcdonough, Georgia
38, Report #1236353
Jun 17 2015
09:19 PM
AAMCO Destroyed my car Tigard Oregon
I took my car in for repairs, and they accidentally knocked a rock into my engine which destroyed one of the cylinders. I was in the process of moving 350 miles away and had to leave my car there. I had no car for 3 weeks in a new city. They did not reimburse me for any traveling costs to pick up my car, and still charged me $1200 in repairs. I was able to get the car to my new home, but it was not working correctly and they also broke the air conditioning. I took it to AAMCO in my new city since the work was supposedly covered by a warranty. They found that the cylinder head which was supposedly repaired was badly warped. They couldn't do anything unless the AAMCO that originally destroyed it agreed to repair it. Guess what? They never called back. The car doesn't work, but I'm still paying AAMCO for the $1200 in repairs. Please don't ever go to AAMCO. They are obviously horrible mechanics, and even more horrible with their customer service. It is criminal what they do. They literally destroyed my car.
Entity: Tigard, Oregon
39, Report #1279899
Jan 13 2016
04:14 PM
AAMCO East Mesa Arizona
 I have waited two months to provide a reasonable review instead of writing one out of spite or anger. I contacted AAMCO in east Mesa, Az. about my engine light that had come on. Made the appointment took it in and $79 later they claimed it was the gas cap. Really! A gas cap...because the kid at Autozone plugged in the code reader and suggested I take the vehicle in for a more serious problem having to do with the fuel vapor emission system. Hence my appointment. Long story short and an additional $743 with two months of having the vehicle at their shop (luckly I had another vehicle). It was still not repaired. Every time I went to complete the drive cycle (that they had no time to complete) it would fail. After the sixth time I said forget it. The same code kept displaying and every componet in that system was replaced. They finally said that it was failing a smoke test that supposedly passed after replacing the gas cap. Just like they cleaned the system from charcoal because the canister ruptured. Charcoal that they kept finding in the corners of th e system that contains round tubes...yeah round tubes. They were respectful and give them that, but again not once did I go on a verbal rampage. Not once was I offered a discount nor did the AAMCO corporate office offer any insight on why the shop could not fix my vehicle. Their knowledge of vehicle repair is limited to basic oil changes, brakes and tires. The reason I state this is because the two months of having to go back, I witnessed three other consumers with transmission problems, warranty issues, and engine tune ups gone wrong. Please...Do not go to this location. Ive heard horror stories from others that other AAMCO locations are the same but I strongly feel that I will not be taking my vehicles to any of them to find out. Thank you for reading and suggest on researching where you take your vehicle for service.
40, Report #130695
Feb 09 2005
08:06 AM
Aamco Transmission ripoff Rochester New York
After breaking down while driving one night, I brought my vehicle to the dealership that I purchased it at with the assumption that it was a transmission problem because the vehicle would not shift into second gear. This is a three year old Vehicle with only 40,000 miles that I purchased just four months prior. The dealership confirmed that there was internal damage but that my warranty company wanted a second opinion from a transmission specialist (Aamco). The vehicle was brought to Aamco, who confirmed what the dealership had said and it was decided by my warranty company that they (aamco) would fix it. They had my vehicle for approximately a week and a half. When I went to pick it up I was told by the manager, Mark that the check engine light came on when the car was in their possession and that the diagnostic test said that it was the O2 censor. He explained that the car had been on a lift and that it would probably just go off after driving for a while. If not, he said to bring it back and they would replace the censors, which I agreed to. I proceeded to get in my vehicle and when I started it I heard a loud rumble from underneath that I had never heard before. After driving I realized that when I turned corners I heard a rubbing from underneath. I waited two days and I called them to let them know that not only did the check engine light not go off, but now there is a rubbing/vibration that is getting progressively worse. I Brought it back the following weekend. They fixed the check engine light by wiggling some wires. Mark then called me in to look under my car. He pointed to the exhaust system and showed me that it was rubbing against the frame. He then went on to insult my intelligence by telling me that this was caused by the change in temperatures that we were experiencing and that they never touched the exhaust system, therefore had no responsibility to rectify the situation. It is too bad that it is obvious that they have to take off a portion of the exhaust to get to the transmission. After them refusing to do anything I contacted my dealership and explained all of it to them. They tried numerous times to get them to just re-align the exhaust to make things right and they would not do it. Mind you, they got a check from my warranty for over $2200, & I paid them the $250 deductible. Needless to say, I had my dealership fixed the exhaust problem which got really bad toward the end. That ended up costing me another $150 dollars. They told me that Aamco bracketed the front of the exhaust system straight to the Transmission and that was causing the loud noises. Yesterday the check engine light came back on and that is my reason for writing this. DO NOT GO TO AAMCO TRANSMISSION. THEY LIE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS AND ARE TRUE SCAM ARTISTS AND BAD BUSINESSMEN. STAY AWAY FROM AAMCO. Josh Rochester, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Rochester, New York
41, Report #122894
Dec 14 2004
07:31 PM
Aamco bait and switch Ripoff Hammond Louisiana
I was looking at buying a used 92 Ford Explorer 4wd from a business in the Hammond area. The owner told me it had a transmission leak but had it looked at by other mech. and told it needed to be resealed. The owner was going to just donate the car to charity but offered to sell it to me for $500 buck. I told him I wanted to see how much the transmission would cost to repair it. Aamco towed it to their shop, then took it for a test drive and she said it shifted fine and prob just needs to be resaled as well. Well they had me sign an agreement for a reseal $695 (keep in mind I'm still not the owner of the car). Then comes the bad news call we need to replace the converter, a solinoid, and the planetory gears, and then reseal it at a cost of $2,000. This could be found because the gears were loose and they found metal shavings. I smell scam... the explorer has 90,000 miles I talked to some mechanics at my work that work on Macks and they said it sounds like a scam. I called Aamco and told them that the transmission would out value the car and that I think just resealing it would be the way to go, then I was told that id I had that done then none of the work could be under warranty and that it would still leak. The company that ownes the car called Aamco and said they never auth. any work to be done on the car and was comming to pick it up the next morning. Do I owe any money to Aamco and do you think it was a bait and switch? Thanks Daniel New Orleans, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Hammond, Louisiana
42, Report #61617
Jun 23 2003
09:32 PM
Aamco Transmissions ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Augusta Georgia
I purchased a 36 month warranty. Aamco headquarters now says I only have a 12 month warranty. Transmission failed 2 days after one year ran out they are truly a rip off I paid them 2157.44 dollars to rebuild my transmission. Terrible service. Roy Madison, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Augusta, Georgia
43, Report #105654
Aug 27 2004
03:04 AM
Tuesday 8/24/04 my mom calls, trouble with her car. transmission is slipping told she needs a pan gasket and transmission service by a local service company. they want $250 to do a transmission service. I live in florida and have 3 had trans service done before the pan gasket is part of the job and it is usually around $100 so I tell her look take it to another place and have the service done. I call AAMCO close to her we have all heard the commercials. But before I do i get the number and call the transmission place I talk to Chuck who says he is the service advisor. I am concerned and want to talk to the owner to let him know my mom is coming in and that I want the transmission serviced. I explain about the other company and the pan gasket leak and inquire how much to do a transmission service. I am told it will cost between $75 and $95 depending on the transmission. He Chuck also advises I should have the vehicle towed in to his shop so asw not to further ruin the transmission. I agree to the towing wed. 8/25/04 car is towed. Thursday 8/25/04 I call 10 am not looked at it yet. 1pm I call I am mistaken for another customer given a bunch of excuses why my dodge was not looked at, I tell chuck who I am and he appologizes and tells me he has good news the transmission seems ok it does have a leak but they cant find it yet it must be an internal hipressure leak. 10 minutes he calls me back and says that after further review and before I got my hopes up he wanted to let me know they they have discovered the transmission needs a soft rebuild. and that it has internal problems and it is chattering thus the seals and something else internal is bad. I said to him that I have had cars that have slipped if the fluid was low or burned did he take it apart or drop the pan to inspect it . Chuck said they have a special machine that does the test and he does not need to physicall inspect the inside of the transmission. Furthermore the fluid is not low or burned he said it was leaking earlier to me because we told him it had a leak and he was going on what I had told him. the transmission fluid was full there was no leak and the fluid was not burned. The repair was $1600 I told him I did not no what to do my folks are old on social security live in the projects of baltimore and have no money for this. I am trying to help from florida. He said he would park the car and there was no hurry in picking it up and that he would not charge me storage. I called my mom told her to take a cab and go get the car and drive it home that I would have my brother in pennsylvania see whatr he could do. I called chuck back at the glenburnie aamco and paid the bill over the phone $101 when talking to chuck while paying he says to me oh by the way under the car you'll see alot of transmission fluid someone has topped off the fluid and spilled it it was not us they had to add because of all the leaks I guess. I then said to him you told me there was no leak, which he denied. I reminded him that was the whole basis of the car needing a transmission job you know no burned fluid and fluid level fine. he denied saying the car did not leak. I sent my mom to get the car she told me it slipped on the way home, My dad went out and read the manual and said he checked the fluid with the car running in park no fluid showed up on dipstick, my mom went and got some my dad put it in til it registered where it should then my mom drove the car several times totaling approx.14 miles and my dad checked it again no loss of fluid yet and the transmission has not slipped again. My brother is coming down from pennsylv. and getting the car then I will finish the story. I sure do feel like we were getting the shaft. One thing through all this is that alot of people I talked to about this does say AAmco is a big ripoff and I found this website by typing in their name that ought to tell you something Phil sarasota, FloridaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Aamco Transmissions
Entity: GLEN BURNIE, Maryland
44, Report #68473
Oct 07 2003
05:10 PM
AAMCO TRANSMISSION ripoff Mississauga Ontario
I had my transmission and clutch rebuilt at AAMMCO, what a mistake! I have had nothing but problems with the car! 2 months after it was supposedly rebuilt, it had to go back to AAMCO again. The transmission was done again, this time the supposedly used heavy duty parts. about 3 months went by, the transmission was grinding again and noisy. Seeing as I got such lousy service at the original AAMCO, I decided to take it to a different AAMCO. They told me that the transmission needed to be bled, not knowing anything about transmissions I took their word for it. I was not happy, but these people are suppossedly know what they are doing! Now that the warranty is up, what a surprise the car is sitting in my driveway with no tranny left in it. I paid 3000 to get this thing fixed, and very poorly I might add! I expect the tranny to last more than a year, what a rip off this place is. I phoned the main AAMCO in PA, what a bunch of useless idiots. Just pass your call, or never return calls. Can anybody recommened any solutions? thanks I filed with the BBB in Canada, and the US hopefully they can help? Kris mississauga, OntarioCanada
Entity: Mississauga, Ontario
45, Report #118006
Nov 15 2004
04:08 PM
AAMCO Transmissions Ripoff incompitent rude not their fault Oceanside California
They insisted that my transmission needed a major overhaul when all I wanted was a service. All they did was make matters worse. Had to return the car several times. They also damaged my radiator in the process. They denied my claim for reimbursment for the radiator even though I gave proof that there was nothing wrong with it before they worked on the transmission. Is it coincidence that the manager and mechanic were fired during all of this? The original invoice for the overhaul was $2250. It looked like a laundry list of things to do. After the first fix, the car broke down in my driveway. I couldn't even get into gear. Then they worked on it again. The second invoice of repairs was longer than the original one. The second invoice makes the first one questionable, was the work really done or did their mechanic do more damage to it? Now they don't even want to talk to me. They're happy, they got my money. It's no wonder automotive mechanics get such a bad rap. The few like AAMCO Oceanside ruin it for the honest hard working knowledgable shops. I thought I was in good hands by taking it to a national chain of reputable name transmission repair shops. Obviously not. They would not admit there was a problem with the car until we had their machanic drive it at which point the car took-off by itself and basically broke down in his hands. This could have happened while my wife was driving and kids in the car, someone could have been killed, oh, but that wouldn't be AAMCO's fault! All I wanted was my fluid changed. You might be better off using the neighborhood shadetree mchanic over these guys. My hundred dollar transmission service ended up costing me over $4,000 in subsiquent repairs, rentals, ruined vacations, lost time at work and school, and the kicker is, they just don't care. They sound good going in, smile when taking your money, but talk down to you and treat you like dirt when all you're trying to do is make things right. AAMCO OCEANSIDE IS AN INCOMPITENT RIP-OFF!!! You would expect after spending so much money to fix something, that you wouldn't need to spend so much time back there that you need a time card. Bryan Oceanside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Oceanside, California
46, Report #23622
Jun 28 2002
06:53 AM
AAMCO Transmissions Fraudulant repairs, attempted fraud, Oceanside California
I took 3 different vehicles to AAMCO over the course of 5 years to have a diagnosis done and estimate to repair. Each time the vehicles displayed similar symptoms. I left the vehicles, each time, overnight with AAMCO to allow them ample time to make a diagnosis. Each time, the diagnosis was that the transmission needed overhauling at a cost of $1,400.00+ Subsequently, I took the vehicles to Oceanside transmission to have their technician look at the problems. Within minutes, the problem was found, and within 3 hours, simple gasket leaks were repaired. The bill was under $300.00 each occaison. Might I say that Ford AOD transmissions are defective and the gasket for the spacer between the transfer case and transmission housing, goes bad. As do the selenoids, shift valves and other assorted maladies. Do not use AAMCO. If anyone is ever in Oceanside California, go to Oceanside Transmission on Coast BL for your repairs. I know of several other consumers that have been ripped off by AAMCO also. AAMCO actually only owns a couple of shops. The rest are franchises. This keeps the dogs away from the door of AAMCO Corporation, and makes the franchisee liable. It is up to the franchisee to reimburse people for the bad work, not AAMCO Corp. The franchisee does not have the money to satisfy the consumer complaints. So, it is not a deep pocket company that most people think will make it right. The local privately owned shops are more likely to give good honest service as they need the return business, get alot of their business by word of mouth, and don't have huge advertising costs that have to be recouped by higher prices and fraud. Chris Oceanside, California
Entity: Oceanside, California
47, Report #1968
Jul 30 2000
12:00 AM
AAMCO of Mississauga Canada Ontario a rip-off
AAMCO 1369 Dundas St E. Mississauga,ON L4Y 2C7 I live in Columbus Ohio, and as I was traveling to see my girlfriend in Toronto my car experienced transmision problems. I had my car taken to the AAMCO dealer mentioned above on Saturday March 18th 2000. I spoke with Pat on the phone, and he said he would do the 39 dollar test. Pat called me back to tell me that motor was fine but my trans had problems. Pat told me that if it was just the soft parts it would be about 1600 dollars. He also let me know that it could be more, but would not be able to dertimine that until he opens the transmision. On Monday March 19th, we had talked to the warranty company (this warranty was from the dealer where I got the car) the warranty company explained what they did and did not cover. Pat called me on Tuesday the 21st to let me know that the warranty company was sending a person to inspect the trans to be sure it should be covered. Pat mentioned that the case is cracked also. Pat called me on the 22nd to say good news they are going to cover you up 2100 dollars, but you ahve to come up with the rest which is about 1400 dollars!!! I knew my warranty company should pay for everything except a 100 dollar deductable, so I had to call them to find out why thy were only paying 2100 dollars. The Warranty company said it could get a rebuilt trans for 1500 and that shop could install it for a total of 2100 bucks. I called Pat back to tell him what the warranty company said. He then said they are using used parts and does not know about the warranty. I called my warranty company and they told me it was parts and labor and nationwide. I thought great, so I called Pat back to let him know, he told me that he could not use that rebuilt trans, and that if I wanted to go with the other shop he would have to charge me for tear appart and put back together. My warranty company agreed to pay 5 hours of take apart, but told them not to put it back together. I also told Pat not to put it back together. He tried to tell me it was their policy, and I told him that by law if I told him to stop working on my car he had to. Pat still tried to get me to pay for 5 hours of putting it together. I refused and told him not to put it together. I ended up paying for 1.8 hours to put it together. The whole time he is whining about his warranty and how he went out of his way for me. I told him that I can not afford to pull 800 bucks out of my pocket to get to him, or 100 to go to another shop. I was very angry with how Pat treated me after he knew I was not going to get repairs done at his shop. I would advise anybody not to goto AAMCO.
Entity: Mississauga, Ontario
48, Report #4710
Mar 19 2001
12:00 AM
aamco the transmission rip-off specialists
I recently purchased a rebuilt transmission for my vehicle. It has been back for adjustments 6 times. They keep saying it is fixed and I dont agree. I took it to two other places for an opinion, they say it's slipping and not working right. The last two times I had my vehicle there it was for at least a week. They never iniated any conversations about the condition of my vehicle. They would not return phone calls. When I called they said my vehicle was ready. However, when I got there to pick up my car, they say that there was nothing wrong with my vehicle and wanted me to go on a test drive with them. THey never did anything to my car! This wouldnt have irritated me if they would have returned my calls and told me the truth. This is the only Aamco in Ft. Worth so They feel that they can get away with this garbage. I will drive to Arlington for future warranty work. I will let you all know what they do. Jackie
Entity: Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas
49, Report #4434
Feb 12 2001
12:00 AM
I took my 96 GMC Sonoma pickup with 5sp Manual into the AAMCO in Lakewood, WA on 1/27/01 because it was shifting funny. Allen told me that the Slave and Master cylinder and clutch plate/flywheel all needed replacing to the tune of $1500. I told them that was too high and phoned my dad who was a GM Parts Manager for almost 30 years. They talk to each other and get the bill down to $800. I will go to the dealership and by the salve cylinder myself and take it over to AAMCO. They do not replace the Master cylinder as it is OK. I called for a rental and leave. on 2/3/01 I get the truck back and I drive it for a couple of days to see how it works. I took it back on 2/5/01 because it was still acting funny. Allen told me that they would adjust the pedal and clutch. So I drive out of the lot after about 15 minutes of work. I go down the street and turn around and take it back as it is worse then before. Allen and the mechanic both tell me it just needs to be broken in:. I drive it till 2/9/01 and I take it back as it almost cost me an accident because it would not shift right. They look at it again and tell me the new slave cylinder is defective. They said I could go and get a replacement one from the dealership where I got the first one. AAMCO said that they would charge me $230 to install the new part since I did not let them get the part, their warranty did not cover it. So I called the GM dealership and asked them about replacing the defective part and they told me that they would replace the part for free but would charge me labor since I bought the part over the counter and took it with me. So I though fine, I'll have the truck towed over to the dealership and let them put it in. If the part went bad again they (dealership would cover the labor). So it got towed over to the dealership and their mechanic took a look...... the dealership called me and told me it would be $700 to fix the clutch. So I went over there and they showed me what the problems was... The mechanic asked me where did you have this worked on, on a driveway? The problems with it were: 1. AAMCO put in the wrong fluid for the hydraulic clutch system which destroyed the master and slave cylinders plus all the rubber seals, O-rings,etc. (Gm charged me $4.65 for the right fluid and AAMCO charged me $39 for the wrong fluid) 2. Bolts were missing form places and the wrong bolts were in other places. 3. Pilot bushing was NOT replaced. 4. And the topper...... THERE WAS KITTY LITTER IN THE BELLHOUSING The mechanic was flabbergasted and he stayed past his going home time to get it done. I thank the mechanic.
Entity: Lakewood, Washington
50, Report #12295
Jan 23 2002
12:00 AM
AAMCO Tramsmission ripoff the run around Annapolis Maryland
October,1999 we were haveing trouble with our sons Pontiac,Sunbird 1993. We brought to AAMCO because we thought they were experts in dealing with transmissions problems. The cost was $1200.00 for a rebuilt transmission. The car never seemed to run right but we did not think it was the transmission because we just had it rebuilt. August 2000 we took the car back they kept the car for 2 days and they were suppose to do some work on it but we did not see what was done they gave us a yellow invoice that said n/c and kept the invoice with the work done when I asked what was done they said dont invoice with the actual work done. The car was still slipping we should have brought it back again, it was just there for 2 days. October 2001 we brought the car back again and were told nothing was wrong.January 2002 we brought the car back this time Lee told us it would cost us between $650.00 and $700.00 to get fixed there is a broke band in 2nd gear. When I asked what does this mean he was silent and then said you are not under warranty. Why were we not told this earlier when we kept bringing the car back? I was then told to call the corporate office. We have been getting the run around there too.
Entity: Annapolis, Maryland

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