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26, Report #159590
Oct 05 2005
12:17 PM
Advantage America ripoff, fake U.S. grants Colorado
I recieved a call from what I first thought was a tellemarketer.He spoke broken English (very hard to understand).He said I had been chosen by the U.S. government for a grant of 12,500 dollars based on my tax history. He wanted my acount number to verify that my bank was federaly insured. I told him I was not going to give my account info over the phone to anyone. He then gave me his name, Christopher Jackson, and an athourization code,0838. He also said that anyone I write a check to had my acount number and it wouldn't be possible to access my acount with just that info. I told him that I wasn't at home and My wife delt with the bills, and I did not know my account number off hand. He told me to call my wife and get the number and he would call back in 15 minutes. I hung up the phone and called my wife, she called our bank. the bank said it was definatly a scam and if we gave our acount number we could be ripped off. He did call back , but I missed the call. I came close to getting ripped off and fortunatly have a wife that is not as easily scammed. Thinking back on our phone conversation I should have seen the signs. He gave me a common name that did not match his accent, he would not let me talk to his supervisor, and he was going way out of his way (arguing with me about me not wanting to give my acount info, calling me back 2 times, and basicly trying to convince me this wasn't a scam) just so he could give me 12,500 dollars. I sure hope someone dose an indepth investigation and prosocutes these people before they ruin too many peoples lifes. I don't have a clue on how to poceed with this complaint. Rocky Wellington, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Colorado
27, Report #161733
Oct 22 2005
03:55 PM
Advantage America ripoff dishonest fradulent government grants Nationwide
A guy named Steve that sounded like he had an Arabian accent,that said he was with a company called Advantage America called promissing a federal/government grant of 12,500. After talking to him for not even a couple of minutes he got frustrated that I couldn't understand him through his accent and transfered me to a female named Jen that also had an Arabian accent. She had me transfered to an automated machine that would ask you 10 questions about you address, name,and account number to make sure everything was correct. Then was transferd back to Jen, to confirm my so called Grant ID number. After doing some research online my husband came across this web site. After reading other reports filed about the fake company we realized that it was bogous, so we had to contact our bank to get our account info changed. They already charged my account of 49.95, but hopefully we'll be able to avoid any further problems with this scam. Joseph Santa Maria, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #158976
Sep 30 2005
11:05 AM
Advantage America ripoff Albuquerque New Mexico
A woman called my husband saying that since he had been paying his taxes for so long and on time he was entitled to recieve a grant for 4,000 dollars but in order to recieve it he needed to pay thier fee of 50.00 so that they could complete the transaction. My husband then believed her and gave out our account number. Once he came home and told me I went straight to the internet and found other rip off reports. By this time our bank was already closed but as soon as they opened in the morning we froze our account and are currently changing it all together so that they can not use a different name to try and get our money. Thanks to others ripoff reports we were never charged even the inital 50.00 that they asked for but others beware. Erica los lunas, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
29, Report #160090
Oct 09 2005
12:34 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
these advantage america criminals called with the promise of grant money. if sounded fishey so i didnt really give them a whole lot to go off of. however, they had my info already, banking info, and wanted me to read the numbers back to them so they could record my voice saying them. when i interuped the reording the one guy got mad at me! the thing is, i dont have checks through my bank. i am due to transfer this month and they took over $300 that i need to travel off the island. i want to castrate those rag heads!!!! Martha honolulu, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
30, Report #160439
Oct 11 2005
10:28 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winterpark Florida
I recieved a phone call at 8:30pm from a so called company that was dealing with government grants of $12,500. They called themselves Advantage America. It sounded fishy because they had all my info already and wanted me to confirm it. Which was strange considering that I had just moved. My wife and I thought that is was fishy because of these reasons but also thought that maybe it was real and we could use the money. I mean who couldn't us the money after moving. These people seem to have their info sources that are about golden. Some one else had said that they must find people that have recently had proplems with money and sought them out. Well me being willing to have more money started to fall into this trap. I couldn't shake the felling that it was wrong and that this was all a lie. After the persons on the phone couldn't answer me a single question straight away. So I got out my cell phone after hanging up on them and dialed info. I found out that there was no company by that name in that location. So they called back as I knew they would, and they weren't happy about that. They said that they could drain my account because of they already had all my info. They then said that all they needed was for me to answer all the questions to get a cancel the deposit but that they were going to still charge me the 49.99. I told them that they couldn't. They then got angry with me and started to yell. I had to confirm all my info twice before they gave me a so called cancelation number and a fake ph. number. Then they hung up on me. I looked up the so called company on the internet and found this. So now I have writen my story. I hope that it does good and that it helps some one elso out. Don't agree to anything from this company even your address. I also hope these people are caught and get what is coming to them. People like me need those 50 dollars. Derek Farmington, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Winterpark, Florida
31, Report #161253
Oct 18 2005
10:09 PM
Advantage America Definite ripoff!! Fort Wayne Nationwide
Watch out for this definite scam. I was almost taken by them. They prey on mainly students, disabled, and poor people who are vulnerable to scams like this. They claim that the Federal Government is providing you with a grant for $12,500 to be used on anything of your choice and all that is needed is a one time fee of $49.95. The two times I was called the representatives have had very thick accents and there was a great deal of background noise so it was hard to hear them. I was lucky because I asked them to call back later to talk to my husband, which gave us time to call around and check out some reputable sources who advised us not to participate in this offer. They asked for my bank account number so they could deposit my grant money. When I asked them why I was chosen I was told that it was because I was over the age of 18, a US citizen, and that I was chosen at random according to a Congressional law that was past that required the government to give tax money back to the citizens. The second time I was called I asked for a phone number that I could verify that they were truly who they said they were and I got the run around. I kept asking questions and eventually the woman hung up on me. Please be careful and do not give them any information. I feel so bad for the people who were trustworthy and believed in these monsters. I hope that they will be brought to justice very soon. Be sure to read the other reports for more information about this scandalous company. Jennica Fort Wayne, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #161420
Oct 20 2005
07:33 AM
Advantage America ripoff, fraudulent, conartists Winter Park Florida
I received a phone call saying that I was qualified for a $12,500 grant from the federal government. I gave them my account information, and just found oput that they paid themselves out of my account. I never received any other information from them other than a letter and the first phone call. Jason Gonzales, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
33, Report #158593
Sep 27 2005
05:55 PM
Advantage America ripoff Atlanta Georgia
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
34, Report #158600
Sep 27 2005
06:32 PM
ADVANTAGE AMERICA ripoff They Called My Cell Phone Other
Entity: Other
35, Report #159792
Oct 06 2005
02:49 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
Advantage America is rip-off, scam. They told me that they would first deposit money into my account $12,000 then and only then would they take out money to pay for someone else's grant. This company is Advantage America 1900 Hollow Branch Rd. Winter Park FL. 32792 ph# 1-800-410-1682. Dawn Lafayette, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
36, Report #159826
Oct 06 2005
08:04 PM
Advantage America Unsuccessful RipOff Winterpark Florida
At about 4:30p.m. on Oct 6, 2005 I recieved a call from Christina Parker employee id #c1289 from Advantage America. She claimed that she worked for the Government locating individuals who paid taxes for the year 2004 and were selected to recieve grants totaling $5000.00. At first I thought it was a call regarding the information I submitted on line for loans and grants for school. But soon into the conversation, I realized that this had to be a scam, but decided to continue with the call to see what they wanted. This woman with a foreign accent called herself Christina Parker which did not seem appropriate since she had a hard time speaking clear English and I had hard time understanding her. She explained the whole story of how the Government had selected my name to recieve the grant 3 times before she voluntarly gave me her information and her companies info. To be quite honest I thought since she volunteered this info that this could be a true deal. She asked me what bank I had my checking account with. I told her what the name of my bank was and she began reading numbers to me. She was looking for the correct routing number of my bank. When she finally got the correct routing number after 4 tries, she then proceeded to try and obtain my checking account number. I explained to her that I do not give out my checking account number over the phone. She tried to explain to me that no one could obtain funds from my account without my permission. She explained that she needed the account number to send the money to my account. I again told her that I did not give out my account number over the phone and if there was a form she could send me via mail, I would be happy to fill out the info and mail it back to her. At this point, she said that she would transfer me to her supervisor. She transferred me to her supervisor who was also a woman who spoke broken English but called herself Jessica. Jessica tried to obtain my account number and when I told her that i did not give it out over the phone, she asked me ........are you ready for this........ Don't you trust your Govenment?. I laughed at her, told her to send my the info via mail, I would have my attorney look over the papers and mail them back. After a moment of silence, I heard the click. I am fortunate to have not given out my account number since they could have done a lot of damage. My concern is that they are a fraudulent compnay with the means to get personal informaion about me and probably anyone else. Also the ability to pull banking information from the simple name of the bank. Although, I did not get scammed, I just wanted to let others know, I sympathize with them because these people are good. I would like to see something done about this. Just BEWARE!!! Korene Newark, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Winterpark, Florida
37, Report #159435
Oct 04 2005
12:18 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
This is a very dishonest company, they tell you that because you filed and received a tax return you are eligible for a 12,500.00 free grant, I took the bate, being that I am trying to buy my first home and could use the funds for a down payment. They told me that if I was not satisfied the 49.95 one time fee is fully refundable. After reading reports on this company today, I called them and told them I was aware of their scam and wanted the transaction stopped, keep in mind I spoke to them on Sunday 10/2/05 today is 10/4/05 I was told it was too late they could not stop the transaction, I said okay then please refund the monies and cancel any further mailings, the lady by the name of Ventura told me that it was not refundable. I said that is a lie they assured me that the 49.95 would be refunded if I was not happy, she said that is not true you listened to the recording, unfortuneately all the comments about the refund were made before the recorded message. Please do not buy into this company they are very dishonest and must be an advocate for Satan! Every one that I spoke to also spoke very broken english. My Pastor has always said be careful of things that seem too good to be true they probably are, well this is one that is a perfect example of that! Very Disturbed by this! Kathrine King City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
38, Report #158565
Sep 27 2005
02:51 PM
Advantage America RIPOFF Miami Florida
I was trying to get information on government grants. I am planning to go to grad school. I assume that on a website link they contacted me. I was told that I would receive at least $12,000 in government grant money within 7 months of the offer. I would have to agree to $49.95 or so through my checking account to cover the cost of shipping and handling of the packet. Inside this packet there would be an offer as an option for health insurance benefits. You had to cancel within seven days of receiving the first mailings. I received the $500 in free coupons (not) and like a fool, I sent off for about $13.00 for clipped coupons. I got the coupon offer about 3 days ago and I've been trying to phone them and tell them that I do not wish to accept the health insurance offer, and I wanted all account information erased. So far, all I get is a recording! I did write a letter and mail it personally. I guess that I was naive and didn't think that there would be people doing government scams. I am single, and was looking for an honest way to finance my graduate school. Sheila Summerville, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
39, Report #158666
Sep 28 2005
10:30 AM
Advantage America government grant ripoff Miami Florida
Advantage America was calling me saying the Government owed me $12,500 and coupons. The only way I would get it is if I paid shipping and handling. The shipping and handling is $49.95. I have been trying to call the company but they won't answer. I have not received any money from them or any coupons. Jamie parma heights, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
40, Report #161837
Oct 24 2005
05:47 AM
Advantage America ripoff None Given Texas
I received a call on October 24, 2005, at approximately 8:30 a.m. There was a foriegn speaking gentleman who told me his name was Steve and his ID# was 165TC and that I was chosen to receive a $12,500 grant from government and all I would have to do is pay a one-time processing fee of $14.95. I was then asked to give out my banking information. I told him I was not going to do this and that I would look at the paperwork and then decide. He told me that I had to give the information out or I would not get the loan. I then hopped on line while on the phone and saw this site. I told him that I was not interested. Mind you, this was after he asked several times for my banking information. He gave a phone number of 1-866-503-7345. I then asked where the company was located... He said Texas, but no city. I then just hung up. Kristina Newberry, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: None Given, Texas
41, Report #162648
Oct 30 2005
05:12 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
I'm one the ones that fell for the whole, since you filed your taxes you qualify for this gov. grant of 12,500 dollars. Since my boyfriend and I have 4 kids and live pay check to pay check we both were eager to believe these foreign poeple! Christmas in just around the corner and it would make for a good day for the kids. Well, after a day thinking of how we were going to spend all that dough we got online to check this out a little more and found that we were SUCKERED too. Thanks for all heads up! They are suppose to wait until next Friday to take my money out so maybe I will be able to stop them from getting my 49.95. I'd like to kick those bastards right in the F*CKING mouth. Angie st. clair, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: WINTER PARK, Florida
42, Report #162272
Oct 27 2005
02:48 AM
I have been receiving phone calls to my cell phone for three days. Always the same person starts the conversation, but then, after a while she calls somebody else to try to convince me to tell them my bank account number.She told me that I was in the list for receiving a grant of $12,000 plus a $500 in coupons. She got very angry, because I told her that I am not stupid. Also I ask her for her name and phone number, and she told me that I will not be able to call her because that was a private company that works for the goverment. Then I told her So, do you think that I am stupid? How can you think that I am going to give you my personal bank account number, when you don't want to give me a phone number and your name, and how do you probe me that you work for who you say?. They have all my information: phone number, address, etc... The only one that they don't have, and for them is the most important is my bank account number. They insist so many times during the day, and always they have been calling with a private number, or with a number like this +702, +703, +705, always diferent. Today is the third day that they have being calling me, and this time the oriental woman start talking, but later on start a man that sounds very mean, asking for me.This morning I hang up the phone two times to them. Then they called back at night. I am getting very tired of these people, and I hope that they don't keep calling me, like they have being doing for three days. They call me all the day, morning, evening and night. I wish if somebody know how to stop this. Please, if somebody read this, beware your friends, neighbors, etc... before this happens to them, Yolanda SAN DIEGO, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: WINTER PARK, Florida
43, Report #162194
Oct 26 2005
01:31 PM
Advantage America fraudulent phone call ripoff Windpark Florida
I too received a phone call from Advantage America telling me I was selected to receive a grant from the Government. I asked the man how that is possible since one must apply for a grant. He told me that he worked for the US Government Grant Dept. and their research dept. was Advantage America and that they selected me because I have been a good tax payer and not a felon and I didn't buy it. My phone call mirror's everyone elses with Indian accents to being given to a Supervisor to verify the story. Both men told me I had nothing to worry about because the phone call was being recorded by the FCC. Thank goodness I didn't bite. What I did do was immediately send an e-mail to my State Attorney General and make him aware of the scam hitting Idaho. Latina Emmett, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Windpark, Florida
44, Report #162913
Nov 01 2005
04:51 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
Please Help!!! We got totally scammed by advantage america. $299.95 was taken out of our bank account! They said they sent us a welcome letter, we have received nothing! they will not refund our money because they said we received and signed for the letter, that is a total lie! I called the Seminole county sheriffs dept. they said to file a complaint in Michigan where we are from, so we called them and they said to call our bank, who in return told us to call the police, we are going nowhere but in circles please help... thank you so much Sandy deckerville, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
45, Report #164710
Nov 15 2005
05:08 PM
Advantage America RIPOFF Winter Park Florida
About a month ago, I received a phone call saying that I was chosen to receive thousands of $$ worth of grant money. I received a large book in the mail full of different grants that I could APPLY for. Today, I received two checks in the mail from this company. One for 19.95, and the other for 299.99. These checks were not made out to me but were made out BY me!! Thats right you heard right... this company went to the bank and cashed checks that were apparently authorized by my depositor so there was no need for a signature. There is a different contact number on each of the checks, so which one is REAL? Or are either one of them real? Stay away from this Grant Scam Company! Even the Better Buisness Bureau has them in their database: Additional File Information The Howell Branch Rd., Winter Park, FL address is an empty suite. Post Global, who leased the suite has told the BBBB that mail sent to that address is forwarded offshore to a West Indies address on the island of St. Lucia. The company's website registration gives the company's address as British Colonial, 1 Bay Street, Suite 303, Nassau, BAHAMAS Number of complaints processed by the BBB since the firm's BBB file was opened in August 2005: 109 Number of complaints processed by the BBB in the last 12 months: 109 I am taking action... and I WILL get my money back! Alison towson, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
46, Report #165062
Nov 18 2005
08:12 AM
Advantage America Benefits ripoff Winterpark Florida
I received a call from Darius Shane about a goverment grant of $12,500.00 that I had been selected to receive. I am always leary about these calls or any sales calls. I decided to listen anyway! After they had my address wrong at the beginning, I knew it was to good to be true. Fortunately, I did not give them my checking account number. They kept trying and trying. Even put a supervisor on the line. I told him that I would give my account info as soon as he gave me his checking account number and a credit card number so that I would have something to trace back. His reply is that he does not have any CC's. Anyway, I told him to call me back in 45 minutes and that I would check their website. Found that the is for sale and did a search on google to hit this site. Thanks for all that you do here! They call back and I told them that I was going to call the police and told them that he was a scam. They still tried to get my info by making me feel like a loser for not wanting the money. Guess what!! Not a penny from me. Click Click! Thanks again Rip-off report! Michael norfolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Winterpark, Florida
47, Report #165453
Nov 21 2005
07:12 PM
Advantage America ripoff scam deceiving Winter Park Florida
November 19th 2005, I received a phone call from a woman claiming she was from a company named Advantage America. She claimed her company would be able to set me up with a government grant totaling $12,500. She also claimed I would receive a sign up bonus of $500. The way she explained it to me was, I sign up with Advantage America for a one time fee of $49.95 and her company will do the rest to get me setup with the grant. I was told I'd receive the sign up deposit of $500 immediatley before the $49.95 was taken out of my banking account. Of course I had to supply this stranger with my bank account number before any of this could take place. Me being the trusting person I am, did so. Luckily for me I decided to check out the company before any transactions went through. I was able to identify the company as a scam (through and get my bank account cancelled and reopened with a new account number before being ripped off. I found it strange that a woman with a heavy middle eastern accent could have a name like Tina Parker which is ultimatley what got me suspicious. Along with the fact that it all seemed too good to be true. Thanks! Jason Fresno, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
48, Report #165410
Nov 21 2005
01:59 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
After getting several calls which turn up on caller ID under: 666-8006 and 999-999-9999 I began to get suspect. I have yet to answer any of them until a moment ago. 999-999-9999 called. It was Brian Murphy who was offering me a Federal Grant that never had to be paid back. Fortunatly I had checked this site the other day and saw the endless info about Advantage America. What a scam. Get the word out- don't answer their calls!!! Matthew Needham, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
49, Report #163991
Nov 09 2005
07:33 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
After getting suspitious of this phone call i ran a google search and found this site and all the reports on this company. I confronted the lady (Faye James) and told her it was a scam and that i would like her to delete the information she had for me. She got rude and told me not to be stupid and that I seemed like a smart lady. After repeadedly asking her to delete any information she had on me her supervisor (Rick Smith) got on the phone and told me i had to go to a recorded line and give all this information and then at the end i had to say whether i would like it to be deleted. If they were going to delete it why would they need my to record it all, why not send my directly to that question on the recorded line. After half an hour of being transfered back and forth between the two and being told to shut up and not to be stupid I told them if there was a charge on my account that I would file a lawsuit against them. They told me it couldn't be done. Anyone can be sued these days, come on. I told them this three times before Mr. Smith hung up on me. Tomorrow i'm going to my back and closing the account they had the number too. It amazes me that these people are still in business and are so persistant and willing to treat people like they are. Karissa Federal Way, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
50, Report #164652
Nov 15 2005
11:23 AM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
I recieved several calls today from phone number 666-8006. No area code was displayed on my caller id. The calls came to my cell phone. When I answered, I was told that I was eligible to recieve a grant of $12,500 from the federal government because I paid my taxes on time. I was sure that it was a scam, but I listened to the guy ramble on (which was hard because he had a very thick accent). He told me that I would be recieving a packet in the mail that would have all of the information that I needed and also have $500 of coupons that I could use or just take to the bank and cash them; BUT, leave $50 in the bank to cover the processing fee. After all of this he wanted to verify my address. He had the wrong address. When I told him that he had the wrong address he obviously asked for my current address. I told him that before I went any further, I would like to research the company because I wanted to make sure that it was a legitamate offer. He asked if I had access to a computer and I told him yes, but not at the moment. He gave me a web address and phone number. I then said that I had heard about different scams promising free government money and this is when the connection became very bad and the call was lost. Pretty fishy. When I did go to the computer and look up this company, I found this website. Even though I did not give Advantage America any of my new information or bank information, I did call my bank because some of the previous posts stated that Advantage America already had their bank info. My bank said that they had already recieved several complaints about this company and that they would monitor my account. BEWARE OF ADVANTAGE AMERICA Louie Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida

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