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1, Report #120078
Nov 27 2004
10:37 PM
Allied Interstate Ripoff Harassment from Allied Interstate Mesa Arizona
For months this agency called our number. Wondering who they were we finally decided to respond to find out what it was about. In speaking with a Craig Knight I found out they were trying to collect a debt owed to a Roomstore in Md. Since we have never in our life bought anything at a Roomstore he was told this fact. From there it went downhill. I was accused of lying, yelled at and told to just pay the bill because it was ours and we were just deadbeats (total bill they claim is $5000.00 some dollars). We have paid every bill that we have ever incurred in our lifetime and this really p-ss-d me off. Subsequent calls and requests to stop calling only resulted in more calls. When we requested information about this debt they could not (or would not) give us any information. In one call I did manage to get the last 4 digits of a social security number associated with this debt out of one of them. I told them it was not any part of any number in our family. Told them again it was not our debt and told them we had been assured in a recent phone call that they would stop calling. While I was making this statement, I was told to - go to h*ll, and hung up on. Out of frustration I contacted several Roomstore's in our area and guess what - no one can find anything about any sale in our name or address or phone number. I am ready to file a complaint with the FTC as I shouldn't have to put up with this harassment. Ruth Elkridge, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
2, Report #138986
Apr 15 2005
02:30 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff! Nationwide
I've been getting calls from Allied interstate for about a month now. I've answered one of 8 calls. And when I proceded to call them back today, they tell me I owe $776, for what, they would not say. I proceded to ask why nothing has shown up on my cell phone bill, and they still would not say. Then whoever was on the phone started up with an attitude and said that I was prank calling them. They hung up, and called back. I then said I'd like to know what these charges are for, once again he asked for my #, and I gave it to him. He asked me if my name was ___{{leaving blank}} and I told him no. He said, OK, we'll take you off the list then. Don't give into Allied Interstate. Katy Lakemoor, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #115128
Oct 28 2004
05:27 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff Mesa Arizona
No matter how many times I tell them the individual lives here, they continue to call and will not remove my phone number from their list. Kevin Olympia, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
4, Report #171521
Jan 12 2006
03:25 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff Columbus Ohio
I was origanally contacted Wednesday, December 28th 2005. I was driving home and asked her to call me the next day @ noon, she agreed. I missed their call(from a blocked number) at 3:55pm.(no message left) They continued to call me every day for the next couple of weeks at about 11am. I answered every one of thier calls. every time I picked up the phone I said hello a couple times then about 10 seconds later you would here a click from them hanging up. once again this was from a blocked number. Today, january 12th 2006, they called, and acctually talked to me. she said that if i did not pay today i would be recomended to some other companey i talked to her and explaned what was going on, she said there may have been a glitch. i said that i was on the road and didnt have the info right then. she said that she would call back at exactly 4:30pm. At 4:50 i did an online search for there phone number since, she never called back. i found there number and called at 4:49pm, and got a message saying that there office closed at 5 pm and to call back durring buissnes hours. Mark novi, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
5, Report #211417
Sep 17 2006
11:23 AM
Allied Interstate, ripoff Columbus Ohio
I was contacted by this idiots on a debt for Sears that was not only paid off a year ago, but it was paid off through Allied Interstate! When I told this guy (Mr. Fred Taylor) that it was paid off and it was through their firm that handled the debt he had the balls to ask me for proof. I gave this clown the original Allied account# and the date it was settled. That wasn't proof enough for him, he wanted the letter faxed! I asked him if they were in the practice of collecting debts without verifying them first? No response from him on that one. I told him that they should be able to verify this through their own records, but he still insisted I send him the proof the debt was settled and wanted to know if I could fax the information to him. I asked him for the fax number and sent him a cease & desist letter with the same information that I already gave him on the phone. I figure the letter was from them and I shouldn't make their job any easier. This place must not keep records very well to go as far to collect on the same debt that they already collected on! Eric Seaford, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
6, Report #231026
Jan 17 2007
11:51 AM
Entity: TIGARD, Oregon
7, Report #213268
Sep 28 2006
08:02 PM
Allied Data , Allied Interstate Harrassed severly Houston Texas
So after spendig a nice afternon with my 3 children, while their father my husband is overseas for the military, I come home to here a message from someone from Allied data there exact words were these. This is Allied Data Corporation, we need to hear from you or your attorney by noon tomorrow central standard time! Ok they didn't say who they were trying to contact or what is was about. So they could have been trying to call Ms Cindy Lou Who for all I know. Since I had no idea who this was or what it was baout I decided to look it up online, thank goodness I did so. I sold Avon for about a month in 2005 right after my husband had come home from overseas the first time. Although it was only for a month it took much needed time away from my family so I decided to stop. There were way to many people here selling it and i didn't make the money I felt I was supposed to be making. I sent the products I had back although just like another person, they were returned, because they were refused. Well I refuse to be bullied by people who pretend to be something they aren't. I'm sure this was just the first of many harrasing phone calls which I will recieve. Please let me know about any lawsuits being filed against these awful people. April Ft Carson, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
8, Report #136576
Mar 28 2005
08:02 AM
Allied Interstate false information given to me Internet
telephone message left on answering machine, i returned call to interstate asking for the person who called, placed on hold, was told that person did not work there. i asked who was interstate, no answer given. i was asked if my last 4 digits of my ss # were such and such, i replied no, i asked again who was calling, again no reply. the caller then said they had reached the wrong person and hung up. i called back, was told this was a collection agency, they had the wrong info, i was not to be called, and my telephone number would be removed from their system. i was also told notes would be entered regarding this call. march 28th another call received, told no info had been entered into their system from previous call, but it would be today. J South Portland, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #123093
Dec 15 2004
08:34 PM
Allied Interstate collection ripoff Wilmington Delaware
Allied Interstate is a nasty Collection Agency. Cathy, Donna, David, and Sean of Boston, MA office were very nasty towards me and told me I must pay the bill in full or else I would go to jail. Allied in Florida is nasty too. Melissa Maggio told me if I had a problem with her she would file a police report against me for harassment and put me in jail. I told her I had a problem and she said you must deal with me you BIT**. The florida office called me at my job everyday and I told them not to. Allied Interstate in Canada told me if I did not pay the bill according to Jeremy Witman and Mr. Desoso they were going to sue me and make me pay their legal fees. Allied Interstate in Columbus, OH is Supposed to be the Corportate office but they are telling me Florida is. They have a bad reputation and told me if I do not pay my bill they were going to garnish my salary, make me pay their court fees, and put me in jail. These people get away with murder and in a few years I am writing a book on how collection agencies get away with murder and ohter things too. The merchants contacted them due to Fraud on some charges and Allied is tellling them I am responsible and they kept on adding late fees, over the limit fees, and finance chargees. I hope allied gets what they deserve for harassing me. They called me everyday at my job and my bosses told them to stop calling me at the job but they don't listen and rip me off and lie saying I Paid $1500. and I paid $2700. Plese help me. Colleen Levittown, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #128186
Jan 20 2005
04:53 AM
Allied Interstate ripoff, harassment, slander Minneapolis Minnesota
Allied Interstate saying that they are a debt collector keeps calling my parents in United States asking to speak to me. My parents said that I reside at their address and they also keep sending letters there, nonetheless. They claim to state that I took out a Student Loan and I did not--for I paid my way through college. I sent them a CEASE and DESIST letter through my attorney, and they continue to harass my parents. My Attorney sent this letter: We are advised by our client that your company have continued to harass my client over a period of approximately six months. Communication has been by way of mail and telephone. Your enquiries to our client concern a matter whom our client confirms he has no knowledge of, pertaining to a debt recovery matter--which the client has no responsibility. Our client has advised your company at each contact that does not live at a residence yet you persist to contact our client with your enquiries. You are hereby advised to cease and desist. You are hereby advised that our client has no knowledge of the matter you have created and under these circumstances, your company is to immediately cease any further contact with our client in this matter. In the event that your company makes any further contact with our client from this date forward by way of mail or telephone, we will initiate legal proceedings against your company without delay. You are hereby advised of the circumstances and expect that you will take note of this detail and cease to harass our client immediately. We consider this matter now closed. In the event of any future communications concerning this matter you are advised to forward all correspondence directly to the undersigned. I wait for the next move from Allied Interstate. Darren Staten Island, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
11, Report #160698
Oct 13 2005
09:49 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Southgate Michigan
I recieved a bill for from Allied Interstate Inc telling me that I owe MCI $138.53. The problem? I have never had MCI services. Not once in my life! I told my mother about it and she said she wanted to call them. So I gave her the bill and she called them. The lady who answered her call was really rude. She wouldn't let my mother know anything about the bill sent to me or anything. She just blew her off and my mother hung up on her. I don't know why someone would send me a bill for services I never recieved. It's sad. It kind of hurts that someone would want to take my money from me for something like this! Is there any way to take care of this? Stacy Franklin, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Southgate, Michigan
12, Report #161168
Oct 18 2005
12:39 PM
Allied Interstate harrasment, improper business practices, RIPOFF Minneapolis Minnesota
To whome it concerns, I am writing this to let others know they are not alone. Allied interstate is a collection company of sorts. I have recieved phone calls from them for better than a month, without finding out what the reason for the calls is. They call several times a day and then hang up when they are questioned. I have managed to get some of them to tell me who they represent (Allied Interstate) and that is about it. Even when they have gotten the person they wish to speak to they never explain what it is about. They always hang up. This is harrasment. If they were a legitimate buisness then they would be unafraid and prepared to answer the typical questions a person would ask. Would you just accept a phone call for some one you care about and just let anyone know anything about them without first knowing what it is regards to? I wouldnt. They try to hide behing the privacy act. Yet they were not even forthcoming with information when they spoke to the person they were attempting to reach. It is tantamount to children making prank phone calls. One question I would like to have answered is what kind of legitimate company would hire these type of people to handle accounts for them? Is it that companies only care about getting their money more than they care about their one time customers? Of the six or seven times I called to speak with them in an attempt to resolve this I was hung up on all but one time. This person worked in thier Columus Ohio office and actually attempted to help me resolve this. However the name and number they were calling did not show up on his records. So I attempted to reach thier Minneapolis office and only reached voice mails. Seems they are as afraid to answer thier phones as they are making us. This number is (952)595-2000 try it yourself maybe you will have better luck than I. If you are being harrased as I have been. please do something about it. Jc Golden, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
13, Report #164063
Nov 10 2005
12:10 PM
Allied Interstate Very rude Ripoff Columbus Ohio
The company called the house looking for my sister. I told the lady that she was not home. She wanted to leave her name and number. I asked her did my sister already have, she said no and I wanted to know what it was regarding. She said a personal business mattter and I ask her the company and she wouldn't tell me. I told her that if it was important my sister should already have the information and would contact her. I told her since she couldn't tell me what it was concerning i was not going to take a message. Then she got smart and said that better help my sister with a lawyer and hung up. In about ten minutes my sister called the company back and talked to a Ms. Linda. My sister explained to her that the lady that called was rude with her sister and that is her phone in her name and that she should have not talked to her sister that way. Then Ms. Linda was getting rude and saying that they cannot give information to anyone, and my sister said that if they cannot say waht the call is regarding then they do not need to call my sister phone and getting smart with her when she pays the phone bill. Fallon Canton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
14, Report #163139
Nov 02 2005
11:21 PM
Allied Interstate Harrasment by phone Columbus Ohio
I was behind on my credit card payment because I was taking care of a disabled parent and had no job. I wrote my cc company about my loss of income. well they got to doubling my credit card bill by uping the interest and adding 29.00 a month late fees with interest. Then I start getting calls from Allied Interstate. I found out they had me on auto dialer, which meant they called here from 8 am til 9pm, 7 days a week every 1 to 2 hours. this has went on for 3 weeks solid. When I finally made arangements with them, they still called in the same pattern. I had heated discussions twice with a woman. This last one was yesterday. She told me she would continue to call me until I paid the bill. (I had already paid half of it off in last week and a half). I told her again to not call here. She said she would call me until the bill is paid, and i told her i already reported her to the telephone company, and was going to contact the BBB and who ever I had to, she got smart and said well, Im still going to call you in 30 minutes, I told her if she did, I would find her. When I got home from work, I asked my mother had she called, and she said no. SO hopefully that did it. BUT, i doubt it. Marsha al, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
15, Report #166697
Dec 02 2005
08:04 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff Incessant nasty and threatening Nationwide
Approximately 6 months ago I began to receive calls from individuals (some rather difficult to understand) identifying themselves only as Allied Interstate (sometimes pronounced Allah Interest Rate). Sometimes they ask for me by my first name, other times by my last name. They hang up if I will not confirm that I am me. The calls are related to an outstanding account I have with Exxon/Mobil. The Allied Interstate reps claim that they have been authorized to collect this debt. At first, I was nice to them. I acknowledged the debt to E/M, explained that I had a heart attack an intended to take care of it after I returned to work. She insisted on getting a date when payment would be made, which I cannot yet provide, as I have not yet returned to work. She became annoyed (I could hear it in her voice, the calls had not yet become abusive), but noted this on my account. The calls continued, usually every 4 days, but sometimes more frequently, occasionally more than once a day. Each successive call became more and more abusive. The callers acknowledge that my report contains the information regarding my medical condition and lack of employment due to it, but insist that they must continue to call. Not only do they continue to call, now they question my honesty (if they read my credit history - which they threaten to destroy, they would see unpaid hospital and cardiologist bills as well - HMO's are WORTHLESS!) and integrity and my human worthiness (must be a hindu thing). I ask them why they insist on wasting their time calling me, as they know I can't pay right now, and they ask me how I am paying my other bills (I'm not, thanks for asking - I'm in forclosure, LIHEAP helps with my electric, and frankly, Allied Interstate is now at the very bottom of my list of who's getting paid this month). They nothing other than a first name, no location, and the CallerID shows either out of area or private caller. They know my situation. They know I am unable to pay right now, or even in the next few months, at best. The ONLY reason for their continued reapeated calling can be harassment. OK, now they're FAIR GAME. I am no longer interested in conversing with these cretins. I have informed them that when I am able to pay this bill, it will be paid to Exxon/Mobil, not to Allied Interstate. EVER. They can call me fifteen times a day, and waste all the time they care to spend telling me how they will somehow manage to make my bad credit history worse. hehe. Have at it. Right now I have nothing but time. Put in perspective, these dullards can actually be amusing. They would rather talk to me instead of someone who may actually pay be inclined to esend them a payment. How foolish. But then, what's to be expected from someone who's stupid enough to piss off a person they're trying to extract money from? Before I posted here, I read a number of other complaints regarding this and other collection agencies and occasionally there is a rebuttal from someone who actually performs ethical collections. This last note is for you: don't defend Allied Interstate, they give those of you who ARE professional a black eye! Will Newtown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #62359
Jun 30 2003
04:04 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff very rude Minneapolis Minnesota
A couple weeks ago I started recieving messages on my Voice mail for a guy I didn't know. So I called the number back and asked for the manager. She said she would have me removed from their list. About a week later I received yet another call. This time I asked the Collection agent to give me to the manager. This time the manager wasn't even nice to me. He yelled at me and told me I was a MF'er and I shouldn't be bothering him. I asked him what number his company used to report to the BBB and he went irate and hung up on me. Allied Interstate is a very rude Collection company and I can't believe that the Government uses them to collect some of their debts. Shawn LaCrosse, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
17, Report #100062
Jul 22 2004
10:07 AM
Allied Interstate rip-off! Greensboro North Carolina
Allied Interstate contacted me about an aol account I was supposed to owe. I contacted aol first. I did close that account and it shows a zero balance. I recontacted allied spoke with Davell 5 times she hung up on me twice. Also spoke with Paul, Max, Chuck and last Charlotte. Everyone except Charlotte was rude and informed me I owed the money and it would be put on my credit report as bad credit. I informed them I did not owe it I even did a threeway call with aol and them they still refuse to close this matter. Even when aol told them over the phone I did not owe the money. I have reported it to the FTC and also written a letter to the attorney general in NC. I have not heard back from the attorney general as of yet. This company should be ashamed the way the talk to people on the phone and the way they hang up on people also. This is ridiculous. Still waiting for an answer to colse this matter! Melody Belton, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Greensboro, North Carolina
18, Report #102858
Aug 09 2004
06:50 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Minneapolis Minnesota
We thought we had paid a bill from SBC, later allied interstate sent us a letter saying that we owed money. We called them and they offered a settlement with 40% less if we paid over the phone NOW. We offered to send checks in but still they said that they would only accept a lesser amount if we did our transaction over the phone. We authorized two withdrawels from our checking account. One for 137.50 and the next check for 137.50. Later our account was off a little, we discovered that allied had taken out a third transaction on their own without our approval for 146.98. They used a check number that we had already used (for our church no less). Ken Bartlesville, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
19, Report #86709
Apr 05 2004
06:52 PM
Allied Interstate FTC Ripoff unfair reporting Columbus Ohio
I agree with the person that printed the article about Verizon and Allied. If the person that responded to his email knew anything about their rights as a consumer, they would know that Allied Interstate is in the wrong in this case. The Fair Debt Collection regulation printed by the FTC specifically states that if a consumer writes to a creditor and disputes the amount or says that the amount has previously been paid in full within 30 days of receiving the notice, then the cerditor (in this case Allied) has an obligation under the Fair Debt Collection regulation to obtain documentation from the original creditor that the debt is valid. If Allied cannot obtain this documentation, then it is against the law for Allied to report this on the consumer's credit report. Thus, it becomes an invalid debt. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CIVIL SUIT!! However, you may check with the Attorney General in your may actually have grounds for a federal lawsuit. Niecy houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
20, Report #90154
May 04 2004
01:13 PM
Allied Interstate Corp ripoff harassment Florida Florida
After contacting Allied Interstate Corporation about their constant harassing calls, I mailed them a written request, persuant to 805C of the Fair Collection Practices Act ordering them to cease and desist any further communication to my home phone in reference to their clients request. They still call at obnoxious times of the day with a computer generated message that ties my phone up several times a day. Sometimes it takes a long time for the message to start and sometimes it just hangs up. They are asking for payment for an account that was put into collections a long time ago. James Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #114937
Oct 27 2004
04:35 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff extortion Minneapolis Minnesota
Couple years ago I signed up for cell service from Sprint. I took the phone home and stood on my front porch and attempted to make a call with the new phone. Right off, I found out I was roaming. Knowing there was extra charges for that I terminated the call. The following day, I called Sprint and advised them of the problem. I didn't want roaming charges from my home. They said they had no service in my area. At that point I told the Sprint rep to cancel the service. I never received any billing and so assumed we parted in good terms. Enter Allied Interstate. The harrasing phone calls started. I told them I wanted documentation. I complained to the CA Public Utilities Commission who asked me to provide copies of any collection letters. Allied won't send me any. What they did do was put a negative report in on my credit report. I have 28 positive items and one negative now. Now I'm mad as hell. Steve berry creek, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
22, Report #114420
Oct 25 2004
06:46 AM
Allied Interstate ripoff Columbus Ohio
A Clear Case of Harrassment At 8 am this morning (Oct 25, 2004), I was awakened to a very nasty phone call. The woman on the line was from Allied Interstate Collections. We talked for a few minutes about a past due long distance bill from 2003. I explained to her that we are a military family and do not make much money. I asked her if there was any way we could arrange a small monthly payment schedule until January. She then asked me if I was employed or receiving any disability, which I am not. This is the unbelievable part....She then said to me, Why not?? I assume you are not even looking for a job either. I was flabbergasted. I could not believe this woman had the gall to say that to me! I told her that that part of my life was between myself and my husband. She said, no, not it's's between you and me now! I called the number back and asked to speak to a supervisor and she proceded in telling me, I just talked to you and I AM the supervisor. I asked to speak to someone above her and she refused. There was alot more said between us, but that is the part I wanted to relay to everyone. These companies should NEVER be allowed to harrass ppl in this way. Kristine Tarawa Terrace, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
23, Report #114320
Oct 23 2004
10:06 PM
Allied Interstate Ripoff ilegal collection tactics Columbus Ohio
They keep calling me about a legitimate bill. They send out a recorded message asking to to call but the offoce is closed when I get these calls. I told them multiple times that I would make 3 monthly payments starting the Dec. and they kept demanding immediate payment. This week a lady named Yolanda called. I repeated the offer which she called unacceptable I told her that the amount was too small for litigation and told her that she had little choice but to accept my offer. She hung up. I then called their CEO, Vikas Kapoor, at 614-865-2825 . I left a voicemail repeating my offer ad asking someone to call. I also told him that each continued call which refused a reasonable discussion would puch back the first payment by a month and increase by one the number of payments (i.e. next call 4 payments srating in Jan, next call 5 payments starting in Feb.). I get a recorded call daily. Today I called and asked to speak to a supervisor. The man who answered claimed to be one and said he was Mr. Wise' who worked for a law firm. I asked for the name of the firm and he said None of your f---ing business. I then repeated my offer. He began cursing aand told me that if I did no pay the entire amount within 72 hours the police would be visiting me. I have filed a formal complaint at George san francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
24, Report #61971
Jun 26 2003
03:59 PM
Allied Interstate mysterious collection fraudulent ripoff businessNorth Carolina
Today I was called from an 800 number at my work. Yes, at my work. This company calls you and says call back at 800-440-8323. So, I called the number thinking it was a telemarketer asking them to remove my number from thier list. Their immediate response was what's your Social Security number, and I responded who are you? and what makes you think I'm going to give you my Social Security number. Then they finally expalin that they are a collection agency (Rudely). I then just verified my info with my home address. They told me they were collecting for an AT&T account with a number I didn't recognize. So, the next thing they tell me is to give them a credit card number, so I can be on my way. I told them to take a hike, and I would settle this with AT&T. So I call AT&T, they have no record of what I am talking about. So, I do a 3 way call with Allied Interstate and AT&T. Apparrently, Allied Interstate just got a collection from AT&T on June 21, 2003 for a collection due June 2000. I told them I have a clean credit record and that I would never be irresponsible to not pay my bills (and I do). You beter check again. Then I asked AT&T how it would be possible for me to get another account with the same social security number and not be red flagged for collections. How is it possible that I had never been informed by mail or phone prior to these 3 years and now I'm in collections? What the hell is that all about? Anyway, AT&T is investigating this mix up, while Allied Interstate is sitting there, all trigger happy, ready to put negative comments in my credit report and while I sit here in limbo .I will update this as I find out more. Rick West Covina, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: North Carolina
25, Report #62110
Jun 27 2003
07:40 PM
Allied Interstate phone harrassment Internet nationwide
About 8 months ago I obtained a recycled new telephone number from a local copmany. Since then, I have been receiving a DAILY phone call from Allied Interstate. I did not even know what kind of company they were until I looked up the website. I know now that they are a collection agency, and from what I have read on the internet today, a very ignorant and unprofessional one at that. I have asked them several times to remove my number from there call list because they are looking for someone that had my phone number prior to me. I was assured that it would be taken care of, yet the calls have not stopped. I would just like to join the fight against Allied Interstate. There is power in numbers, and from what I have seen so far, with Allied displaying it's ignorance so freely, this battle shall be a quick and easy victory. Gina Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide

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