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76, Report #74225
Dec 05 2003
10:36 PM
Allied Interstate took settlement from acct too many times Oceanside New York
The first week in November, I received a call from Allied stating that I owed $537 to Household Bank. They would settle for $275 if I set up payment right then. I authorized ONE payment to be pulled from my bank on Nov. 14th. On the 19th, the payment cleared. On the 20th, they tried to pull another $275 out of my acct, which was not available at that time costing me a $25 NSF fee. I called Allied and stated my problem, was told to send/fax a copy of my statement to them and they would go from there. The next day I had a message on my machine to call a Jenny Eevans(not sure of last name). I got someone else when I called but was assured that the reason for her call was to tell me all was straightened out and that it would not happen again. Thanksgiving came and went, I called to check funds in my checking account on the 28th of Nov. only to find out that an additional $275 had been pulled from my account. I called my bank and it was verified that all three transactions were made by the same company. I again tried (for over 1 hour) to call only to be put on hold or transferred to a voice mail box, which stated it could not receive any more voicemails, and then get disconnected. I finally reached Rozina, who told me again to fax in a copy of my statement showing the transactions. The next morning (tuesday, dec.2) I faxed in my statement, a handwritten letter, and a copy of the statement from Allied. I stated that I would like to hear from them before the close of business the following day (wednesday dec.3) After not hearing from them, I called on Thursday morning, got through after 5 tries, and was told that my fax had been received and it had been forwarded to a supervisor (Melissa Donovan). I asked to speak with her but was told she was busy and asked if I would like to leave a message on her voice mail. I foolishly agreed only to be told there was no more room for recording and was hung up on again. (DONT THEY EVER CLEAR THEIR VOICEMAILS?????)I havent heard anything from them since. Carrol Newport News, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Oceanside, New York
77, Report #103888
Aug 16 2004
11:57 AM
Allied Interstate harrassment, rude customer service dept Oceanside New York
Allied Interstate has been leaving at least 2 messages per day on my cell phone voice mail and my home phone. I called to find out what kind of company they were and what they wanted. They claimed they were looking for a Craig. My cell phone voice mail clearly states my name(I am a female) in my own voice, yet they continueously keep calling. When I told them they had been calling the wrong number and started to give her my name, she hung up on me before I could get my entire name out. I called right back and asked for a supervisor. The man put me on hold and came right back and asked if he could help me(the same man, mind you). I asked if he was a supervisor and he claimed he was. I told him how I had just called and was going to give the lady my name to make sure no one called me anymore and that she hung up on me while I was talking. He didn't ask for my name or phone number and just said it would never happen again and he hung up on me too!!! I tried to call back and get the operator so I could speak to a REAL supervisor but was only given the option to speak to a customer service rep. All I can say is, if you have to deal with these people, get in touch with a REAL SUPERVISOR! However, that's not assuring you will get anything done or get hung up on!. Kathy Tupelo, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Oceanside, New York
78, Report #107831
Sep 10 2004
12:27 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff still sending me a bill for 20 bucks. Columbus Ohio
These guys are amazing. I sent a package UPS. PAID for it on the spot with a check. I DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT NUMBER WITH UPS. My check was good and the 20 bucks was processed. Apparently, the driver forgot to check off 'check' and that set this whole bullsh** into motion. The next thing you know I'm getting nasty notes from Allied A**holes. I called UPS and told them BACK IN MARCH!!! They resolved it IN MARCH! Meanwhile, Allied Sh** for brains are still sending me a bill for 20 bucks. I called them and told them and they said..'nothing we can do about it' you need to notify UPS. I told them 'I DIDI!!!' Her reply was, 'well we're just going to report this on your credit regardless'. These people are liars and crooks. I called UPS and they supposedly are now taking care of it. Don Yonkers, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
79, Report #68719
Oct 10 2003
08:25 AM
Allied Interstate - IRMC - Law Offices Of Stacy Sullivan lied about settlement for 50% of debt Nationwide
In May of 2003 this company contacted me about a debt left over from a car repossession in California dating to July of 1993. They promised to settle the balance of $4400 for 50 percent of the total amount and would take payments of $550/month totaling $2200. Less than 30 days after the last payment in August they called again and said no such agreement had been reached and that I still owed $2180.35. I informed them I didn't have another $2200 to give them yet and asked that they call me back in a couple of weeks--after unsuccessfully arguing that they'd made such a deal in the first place. I contacted a former employer and closed out my 401K to obtain the funds to repay the debt. When I called Allied Interstate back this morning I found they no longer have any record of me, the debt, or anything. The operator I spoke with said that Allied had probably sent back(?) the debt. Are these people trying to fraudulently collect on old debts, or what? Their behavior is highly suspect at this time and I think maybe they need to be formally investigated. The operators I spoke with in early September were able to tell me the name of the supervisor that handled the case--a Mr. Pierre--but wouldn't allow me to speak with him. Nobody at this company wanted to give business addresses or other contact information which would have helped resolve my debt. The only way they would accept payment was by giving them check numbers of post-dated checks, complete with routing numbers. No mailing address was given for this company via telephone at any time. Considering the effect that these people can have on people's lives, I feel that they are the most unprofessional individuals I have dealt with. They are an excellent example of why nobody likes debt collectors or the agencies they work for. David Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
80, Report #81730
Feb 24 2004
07:28 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff RUDEST people working for them Greensboro North Carolina
We had the MISFORTUNE of trying to talk to someone at allied interstate today. We received a letter from them saying we owe for aol but we were not with aol and can prove it. BUT instead of listening and telling us to write it etc, the only 2 people we talked to were the most RUDEST people we have ever had the misfortune to speak to. They started yelling at us, laughing at us. belittling us, and then hanging up on us. I called back and got someone named SARAH and she was nasty. I got so upset I told her that I intend to file complaints with the attorney general of nc and with the nc insurance licensing board. I also told her we intended to sue for emotional stress they inflicted. See I have a heart condition. I have had 2 heart surgeries and take 10 pills a day to keep my heart stabalized and they sent it into the 150 range. 60 to 80 is normal. When and ONLY THEN did I get her to listen. This company needs to train their employees in customer service and they need to fire those who do not learn how to treat people. This is all over $23 supposely owed to aol. We have proof we were not with aol when these SUPPOSE charges were ran up. We have proof we were and still are with another company. Please help us to teach them that treating people the way they treated me is wrong. Unfortunatley companies like them only care about MONEY and so hitting them with a lawsuit might get their attention. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank u. Deborah Fayetteville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Greensboro, North Carolina
81, Report #114767
Oct 26 2004
06:07 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff harrasment Not my debt guy never even lived here Mesa Arizona
Allied Interstate keeps calling harrasing me about a guy's debts who NEVER even lived here.Guy used to live in the downstairs apt.(which is a completely SEPARATE unit from mine), until about six MOs ago. Been getting the special kind treatment from Allied for a month now. Keep telling the inbreeders he never lived here, wrong numbe ,quit calling,etc. Like that even does any good! Now I would give Allied the number of the guys ex-girlfriend who was the actual tenant down there so they can harras her, but she's dead:killed herself couple MOs ago, so I have no way on my own to find out where the dude is at. Does anyone out there have suggestions? Duane Grand Rapids, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
82, Report #119551
Nov 23 2004
04:15 PM
Allied Interstate Collection Agency Ripoff rude harrasment Internet Massachusetts
Allied Interstate collection agency has been calling me almost every day since sept. 04 their people have been very rude on man cant remeber his name said that i can not set up payment that i had to pay in full i told him that i did not have the money right know and he told me to go and get money off of some one and pay the matter off. and on 11/23/04 at around 6:00pm called me and was getting an atatud with me rasing here voice when i ask her to talk to her supervisor her replied was that her supervisor would tell me the samething. i told her that i am trying to get my back owed bills payed but i do have that much money and she said that is not here fault. i said that not your fault. i also told here that when i get extra money that i would send it out. and she told me that i have a bill to pay or they would put on my credit report. i said that i have 2 kids and married i am the only on that works to support my family and that i live in low income housing her response was well i have 2 kids to and not married so what the hell does that have to do with this matter Dave new kensington, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Massachusetts
83, Report #93705
Jun 04 2004
04:31 PM
Allied Interstate Ripoff Rude and Lacks ability to face the music! Ohio
Okay, I got a message on my voice mail from this place called Allied Interstate. They left no indication as to who they wanted, but they did leave an 800 to call and a reference number. I live with a roommate so it could have been for either of us actually, but curiousity got the better of me. (A bit of advice, unless it is a company you know...don't do this.) I called the number and waited for about 5 minutes for someone to answer. When they answered I gave them the reference number they provided and before I could get anything out of my mouth, the woman started pommeling me for something that didn't even apply to me. When I tried to cut her off, she was extremely rude and condesending. I asked her if this was the same company that was known for its fraudulent claims and she started screaming at me. When I tried to speak over her to tell her what I had been told and to explain to her that I had heard such from a BBB and an internet site she said that I was rude and threatening. WHAT?!?! Where is the threat in relaying information to someone? I then proceeded to say that I had also heard how rude the people were and she said quote Look who's talking. You keep yelling at me. unquote. I never yelled once. I simply raised my voice to get her to shut up for a minute. When you have someone harping a barrage of things at you at once, you kind of have to raise your voice to be heard. Especially when the person on the other end of the phone isn't remotely interested in what you have to say. I really enjoyed when she hollered Are you gonna pay the money or not!?! I said Nope, not my bill. And hung up. Here's the kicker...I called back later to see if I could get a hold of a supervisor to tell them about the unbelievable encounter I had just had, and they sent my directly to a voice mail, not a person. I guess they don't want to face the music about their employees. They can call us and give us Hell, but we are not allowed to reciprocate. Oh least I didn't waste my breathe on deaf ears. Erica Wellston, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Ohio
84, Report #41723
Jan 16 2003
12:43 PM
Allied Interstate, Verizon RIP-OFF after years of service victimized many consumers Scottsdale Arizona
Overcharged for phone calls per minute / disconnected my phone and then continually charged me month to month for services I was not even receiving. Now they call my new cell phone on a daily basis. I have sent letters asking for a detail of why I am being charged over $400 and I have stopped getting mail now I get annoying voice mails left on a daily basis. Kandis 85260, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
85, Report #215326
Oct 11 2006
09:29 PM
Allied Interstate constant harrassment phone calls after I've set up payment plan ripoff Minneapolis, Minnesota
For the past few months - Allied has harrassed me at home at 7:00 in the morning, 9:00 at night. They have called my job. Now this is after I've set up payment plans. Now the payment plans I've set up haven't been done on their part. I'm a person trying to improve my credit and they are making it harder to do this. I have continuously said to stop calling me at work or home. I have continuously called them to find out why they haven't taken payment. I can never get a hold of a person when I call. Every time I ask to speak with a supervisor the spvr gives me the run around. I have tried to contact the original company about my complaints on their collections agency with no luck. Cherrice San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis,, Minnesota
86, Report #382150
Oct 17 2008
08:33 AM
AT&T - Allied Interstate Unautherized additions to my account Nationwide
last year 07' I opened a AT&T cell phone account with two lines of service and loaned one phone to a friend. Four months later she was able to walk into the same corp store and add two more lines of service without my knowledge then gave them to her children who proceeded to run up a 2k internet bill. now at&t says that it was not fraud and the police department says its a civil matter. what can i do? also allied interstate is calling me day and nite trying to collect on a 3800.00 debt. what can and should i do? Please help! Abel Federal Way, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
87, Report #451168
May 12 2009
03:24 PM
Allied Interstate calling to harass and insult West Palm Beach Florida
This company, Allied Interstate, has been calling and harassing me and my husband for months now. They call all hours of the day. Sometimes when I answer the phone they hang up. Other times they call to verify information with me and then they start calling me a dead beat who does not want to pay their bills. I am still trying to sort out whether or not this bill is valid and they will not stop calling. I have filed a report with the Better Business Bureau and I am looking in to a lawyer to see what can be done about this company. My best idea for right now is just not answer the phone. Deb ST Petersburg, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
88, Report #415097
Jan 22 2009
08:02 PM
Allied Interstate FRAUD Collection action against me for something I don't owe Minneapolis Minnesota
Received a call from Allied Interstate saying I owe Book of the Month Club $96.68 plus a $4.00 late fee. Said my account has been in collection with them since July, 2008. I have never ordered from Book of the Month Club. When I asked Michael Johnson (who could barely speak English so I doubt his name is really Michael Johnson) for PROOF of my debt and asked if he could send me a bill or invoice proving I owed the debt, he said he couldn't and that they've sent numerous letters to my home address. When I asked for home address, he couldn't repeat it back to me. When I told him I'd rather deal with Book of the Month Club myself to clear up this ERRONEOUS debt, he refused to provide me with their contact information then had enough balls to ask me for my bank account or checking account number. They are CROOKS. I told him to get bent. Pissedoff Sussex, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
89, Report #436517
Mar 22 2009
01:29 PM
Allied Interstate Inc False accusations Constant Harassment. Dallas Texas
False accusations. Constant harassment. Seven days a week. As much as 6 - 7 times a day calling a phone just used for business. They refuse to stop calling. Anonymous Lakeland, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
90, Report #367883
Aug 28 2008
01:46 PM
The original theft was by Direct TV. My account was closed and they used my credit card and payed themselves my last payment. They did this without my consent or knowledge! when I confronted them they said that they always do that to people and that it was tough for me. I contacted VISA and they gave me back the money as it was slated for my electric bill which was to be turned off and to put gas in my car as i go to 8 DR.s' and this was when gas was over $4.00.After VISA went after them, they then turned me over to AlliedInterstate who said that i owed them $65.07 for an unpaid bill. the money that was given to me by VISA had to be used for what i said and the money refunded from Direct TV was to go back to VISA!!!!! Direct TV sent me a letter said that they sent me the money and it was to bad for me! i was told to contact my bank, but have not been able to due to illness. Allied Interstate has been calling me all hours of the day and when i do answer there is nobody. That happens all day long. The one day that someone answered, it sounded it was some guy that sounded like he was in a cave in Bulgaria with no bars. i have to check my answering machine before I can answer my phone and can't walk to well, so it is so a terrible imposition for me!!!! I don't know how to stop them? I wrote to them as the FTC told me to do but so far nothing has changed! I also noticed that Allied Interstate is adding finance charges or late charges. Can you imagine what that's going to turn out to be until they decide to stop the harrassment? I am very nervous and afraid as I live only on my SS check and that's not much!!! I honestlywill pay Direct TV which will have to be in payments but I never had any intention in not paying them. I say payments, as I am sure that they are not going to give me my refund! I am at my wits end and don't know where to turn.In there letter, they say that they can give my credit info to anyone but the FTC says that they can't and really worries me!! I raised 4 kids alone and have worked diligenty to clear up my credit so that I would have some and now they are going to ruin it again! I hope that someone cana help me!!! Rjspiggy40 LISBON, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: COLOMBUS, Ohio
91, Report #686610
Jan 25 2011
12:50 PM
Allied Interstate Collection Agency calling daily and hanging up LAKELAND, Florida
I have been receiving these phone calls for the last 2 weeks. A few of them a day. They are from toll free numbers. They call me early in the morning, noon time and late at night. When I answer my phone there is no one there and the line is still open. After a minute it hangs up on me. I have magic jack so it keeps a log of all my calls. One of the features I love about it. So I click on the number and call them back. I get only a recording. Well today the recording that I got gave me another number to call as well. this was a first as all the times before it only told me who they were and to refer to the letter that they sent me. Huh what letter? I have never received any letter from this company only daily phone calls. So I called this number that the recording said to only to find it was a different company. A company by the name of International Masters Publishers. It was their Customer Service line. I actually got to speak to a live person and it was almost as soon as the call went through. Ok was not expecting that one. So while talking to this guy he asked for my name first. Well they had no record of me having an account with them. Ok now why are they calling me. So I give him my phone number. Nope no record on file. So than he proceeds to tell me that maybe they were trying to sell me something. Um I am a residence not a business why would they think that I needed a collection agencies assistance? He could not answer that one.
Entity: LAKELAND, Florida
92, Report #732862
May 25 2011
06:03 AM
Allied Interstate Possibly Collecting Money I don't need to pay?!?! Plymouth, Minnesota
I've run into some trouble defaulting on my loans and have been contacted by Allied.  I'm considering my options and trying to figure out what to do ASAP and have been troubled by some things I've read through this site when I was doing research to figure out what I could do.  I'm worried now that: 1- I don't need to pay anything off and it's pointless to do so as my debt has possibly simply been sold off from my original debtor and now doesn't need to be paid in theory 2- Anything I pay to Allied wouldn't even be affecting/applied to my original debtor My situation is potentially different though than those that I have read about as it regards my STUDENT LOANS.  I will outline my situation and hope for some help, clarification, direction and understanding from anyone out there. The long story short of my situation is that I had a handful of Federal loans (half subsidized, half unsubsidized) that were consolidated to total about $12,000, and a private loan for about $15,000 through Sallie Mae. Well, they've been put into default and are now in the hands of Allied Interstate.  There's one potential blessing in that I've received a letter that says I can settle the private loan for around $11,000 paid in full by the end of the month. This is a pretty good deal considering it's less than I borrowed. Someone suggested I contact Sallie Mae directly and try to negotiate a deal with them for even less as that $11,000 includes a cut for Allied and Sallie Mae might very well strike a deal directly that would be cheaper for me and in turn mean more for them, but I don't know if they would even do something like that. My bigger concern is the federal loans being defaulted. Sparing you all the details, this whole thing was a total surprise to me cause I signed up for an economic hardship deferral program which was supposed to put all my payments on hold for my federal loans and even have the government still picking up the interest tab for the time being. Them being defaulted on is a concern because Allied called me and I mentioned this program and they claim there is no such program. I know I've lost out on forbearance and deferment privileges by being in default, but this deferment I'm talking about is not the one I could pay $50 for 6 months at a time, but an automatic one because I don't make enough money. I've also stumbled on something about IBR (income based repayment program) which I don't think I'll now qualify for either.  Let me also note here that Sallie Mae still has record of my private loan on file, but the federal loans have been shown to be paid in full and out of their system, so they can no longer do ANYTHING with those. They were passed to USA funds, but their system now directs me to contact Allied as well and there's nobody I can talk to regarding it. I only work part time and make less than $10,000 a year as far as factoring in for repayment abilities go. The idea for cutting a deal and paying off the loan would require me to have a family member pay it and me just pay them back to get all this off my credit and if I'm gonna be paying interest and whatnot I might as well give it to them. Also, it would eliminate any unavoidable extraneous fees that would be tacked into my loans through the Collection Agency.  They threatened to go through wage garnishment if I don't work with them to set up a payment plan. I received a letter a few weeks ago that wage garnishment was going to start if I didn't contest it and be paid to Pioneer Credit Recovery (from Arcade, NY) on behalf of USA Funds for my federal loans. The calls I'm receiving from Allied are regarding these same loans, so it's kind of interesting/confusing that Pioneer is garnishing my wages and Allied is calling me saying that they will put that through. Anyhow, it said they could take up to 15% or the maximum allowed. Well, I make about $225 a week gross and about $150 after taxes and deductions. The wage garnishment they have been allowed to take out only comes to $1.72 a paycheck! That's got to mean something with respect to my financial position as a bargaining tool to cut a deal because of how little I'm legally considered to be able to pay..  Please offer me any advice you can as I don't want to make a wrong move. I feel like I have an opportunity to make something positive come from this negative situation and am believing for that to happen. 
Entity: Plymouth, Minnesota
93, Report #187654
Apr 20 2006
09:07 AM
Allied Interstate Invalid Past Due Account Notice Ripoff Columbus Ohio
A notice was sent to our branch office, from Allied Interstate, dated March 11, 2006. The letter stated that our UPS account (and the account number was valid) was past due for $23.21. Allied stated that they were assigned the past due account by UPS. We were very puzzled for a number of reasons. 1) UPS bills on a weekly basis, and we pay every two weeks. If the bills are not paid promptly, UPS would have shut down our service. We have had accounts with UPS for nearly 20 years, and no interuption in service. 2) The amount in question does not represent anything that we have billed for shipping. 3) The local branches of our firm do not receive bills. All accounts are set up with by our corporate headquarters. The Allied notice was sent to a local branch. We speculated that perhaps a client had discarded a UPS envelope, and Allied representatives went through the trash and found it, hence explaining why a notice was sent to a local branch office. Anyway, we forwarded the notice to our corporate headquarters. Their records from UPS say account paid in full. We have subsequently received a FINAL NOTICE dated April 5, 2006, saying that We are obligated to our client to make our best efforts to collect this account, to the full extent permitted by the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1978 (Public Law 95-109). In capital letters. We again forwarded this notice to corporate headquarters. An investigator at our corporate offices attempted to contact the Columbus office for information. All he got was a rude invididual who said we had to prove the debt exists, and hung up. What now? Do we ignor these notices? I am looking at a fax from the corporate office showing the weekly billing from UPS, and it says account paid in full. Should we do anything further? Paula New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
94, Report #178627
Feb 28 2006
05:56 PM
Allied Interstate - Verizon ripoff double bill rude obnoxious Columbus Ohio
I fell behind in my payments to Verizon after losing my job. I had muscle spasms because of a pinched nerve in my back so I could not get a job in a factory where the money is at. I had to take a job that was $6/ hour less than what I was making. My wife and I tried to keep up on all our payments but could not. Our account was turned over to Allied Interstate Collection agency. Allied sent us a statement telling us we had to pay everything in full. If we had that kind of money those morons would never have been brought into the picture. My wife tried to call Allied. She got someone named Peggy. Peggy's phone malfunctioned and she blamed me and my wife for trying to do something and play tricks. I was not home. Peggy then told my wife that our account would be noted and she hung up on my wife. I called asking for an apology and was sent to a guy named Kevin. I tried to tell him that my wife was taking care of the bills and that I had no idea where we are with any payments. (my wife was doing this because I was near depression because I had lost a job and could not function correctly because of the pinched nerve)Kevin raises his voice and tells me that I have refused to pay this bill in full because I was angry at the other operator. I was trying but this moron would not listen or work with us. Which from what I found out our $300 bill has now become and $800 bill. We don't know how. I know my daughter did not talk that much. My wife tries to call and e-mail Verizon telling them that we will make payments to them and not these other idiots. She told them that she got a slight raise and that I did too and we could make payments. She was given the cold shoulder and told that they would only work with me because my name was on the contract. Next day I get a call at my workplace from Allied. The woman called me a liar when I told her we had been in contact with Verizon. I let her know that we would not deal with such obnoxious people and that we would work with Verizon. I could not hear what all she was calling me as I hung up the phone but a co-worker sitting three feet heard the woman yelling. My wife looked up what our rights are for them contacting me at work. Just as I was going to amil that letter to them, My stepson calls and tells me that I have a message on the phone at home. This message is from Timco or something like that from Allied. He is telling me that they have tried several times to peacfully collect the money I owe and that I refuse to pay. Now they only have one other option and that is to take me to court. Can anyone out there stop these rude, obnoxious thieves? They seem to enjoy irrating people and starting arguments just so that they can take people to court. They do not want people to pay. These people at Allied have found the only calling in life for disfunctional , overbearing rude people. I am trying to run a family as much as they are trying to run a business. I do not have to be rude and call my children names to get them to do things. I do not have a pillow case full of money that I am saving for retirement. I can make honest payments. Not the double my bill payment in full that they are asking for. Someone stop these thieves that hide behind the law. Greg Lock Haven, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
95, Report #180155
Mar 09 2006
05:49 AM
DirecTv And Allied Interstate ripoff Marietta Georgia
I orderd DirecTv over the web. When I spoke to the customer service lady after it was installed it turned out I wasn't getting what I thought I signed up for. She was VERY rude to say the least. When they began charging me full price after the initial discount ran out I called them up and asked them to just give me one of the more basic packages but even though she said yes it never changed. It took me almost an hour just to get that done. When the bill came I just didnt pay it. they suspended my service and then began sending me a bill for over 300.00 when it really should have been around 125.00. Finally I called the collection servce (allied interstate inc.) i settled with them for what I believed I owed. A month later I pull my credit report and there's a 195.00 collection account on my credit bureau report. I am in the middle of fighting these false charges on my credit report. I would try to avoid these scammers. I was promised service but all I got was one big headache and more. Thomas Somerset, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Marietta, Georgia
96, Report #207135
Aug 21 2006
12:00 PM
Intellirisk & Allied Interstate ripoff, Fraudulent Billing, nasty on the phone. Columbus Ohio
We had an account with a company and told them to stop service to us and they wouldn't. So they sold the account to one of the companies to collect. The bill they claim was around $100.00 and now Intellirisk is saying the bill is aver $500.00. We told Intellirisk and allied Interstate to take us to court. We have all the papers we need from the other company to prove our case, but they refuse to listen and keep harassing us every day. Most days it is at least 2-3 times a day. I work nights and just when I get to sleep the phone rings and sure enough it is Intellirisk. Raymond Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
97, Report #194160
May 31 2006
07:19 PM
Allied Interstate Credit Agency Ripoff Unresolvable! Hung up on me twice!! Columbus Ohio
I had bounced my checking account with National City while I was unemployed in the amount of around 60 dollars. It remained negative balance for a couple months as I was financially burdened. I tried to communicate with them and resolve the matter but informed them it would be 5-19-06 before I would recieve my first check from my new job (cingular wireless)that is a partner with their company. And it would be set direct deposit right to my account. Well the fee's kept adding up on the account expectedly and they where not willing to be patient and work with me. They suspended my account after it had reached -$252.59 and refered it to their Loss Prevention Office per their company policy. I tried to call their loss prevention office to make payment arrangments and gave them the same story about how I wouldn't be able to pay it untill 5-19-06 and it would be payed in full. I was informed to call my local branch and make arrangements with them. I call the local branch and get informed that they don't deal with that and to call their loss prevention office. I informed them that their loss prevention office had told me to call them. Again I get nowhere. I waited a couple days and called the local branch back again and a gentlemen tells me that it would be no problem with the arrangment and he would hold the account from being closed untill 5-19-06 and assured me the account wouldn't go to collections. Two days later I receive a phone call from a gentlemen that informed me the account had been refered to Allied interstate collections and very impolitely insisted that for my best interest that I make payment immediately. He also went on to tell me that I could pay ONLY by electronic check or credit card over the phone. I told him that I didn't have a credit card and my checking account was closed and that was what the collection was for. I was concerned about the credibility of this company anyway because of the lack of professionalism and would have been weary to give any account information to them regardless. I also informed him that I had made arrangements with National City and it shouldn't have gone to collections. I asked him if he would call National City to to get the situation straightened out. He very rudely informs me that there is no communication between the agency and the bank once the account has been turned over. He also tells me that I have had 2 months to pay the debt and its my problem now!!! I asked if they would take Money order or cashiers check and he told me no. He then went on to tell me that I could pay by Western Union for a twelve dollar fee. Also he refused to tell me his name. Well 5-19-06 I go into the bank over my lunch hour to cash my check and the teller (Linda Brown) Willingly took the payment for the account out of my check and handed me cash for the difference. By this time I had made it a point to get names. I was relieved thinking that finally the problem was solved. Making sure that it was resolved I tried calling Allied Interstate that evening and couldn't reach anyone there. I tried again the next day and got through to someone. I was informed that I would have to fax them a receipt showing that the debt had been settled with National City. Suprised that they couldn't communicate with them themselves to verify the debt was paid I told her it was no problem. Later that Saturday I went into the branch to open my new employee rate account and the banker faxed out the receipt to AlliedInterstate. Finally maybe now the issue is settled. I get home from work tonight 5-31-06 and there is a message from Allied on my answering machine. For your best interest please call Allied Interstate immediately regarding collections. I promptly try to call them right back and the woman on the phone askes Is this Karl Jr? I tell her no there is no Jr and that my father has a different middle name, This This is Karl A---- and I am the person this concerns. Informed her that she simply had my name in her system wrong. She irrately told me then she would call back when she could talk to someone competent regarding the matter and hung up the phone!!! I called back immediately steaming mad at this point. I recognized the voice as the same woman. I asked her for her name and she said no, but how may I help you? I said well if you don't rudely hang up on me again I had a message to call your company back regarding my collection. She states that if I wasn't such a F@#$ing idiot she would be glad to help me and hung up again!!! I called back a third time. Hoping to get a different person that could transfer me to a manager to file a complaint. This woman informs me that there is no manager on duty and asks me whom I spoke to before. I inform her that she refused to give me a name but it sounded like she may have been a black woman. Hoping that might narrow the possibilty. She flies off the handle cussing me out and calling me a racist and asking what a black person sounded like! I told her I am in no way racist and it wasn't meant to be offensive but mearly a means to narrow down the possibility of whom I may have spoken with. She also refuses to disclose her name. Let me reitterate, I am not a racist by any means. She then tells me to never call there again! I told her I was obligated to call and work the matter out and she hung up on me! I am really worried about this whole matter. It seems there is no way to resolve this issue nor is there anyone at Allied Interstate that isn't rude and completely negligent. The debt has been payed, I have tried my best to keep communication, yet I am still threatened to be reported to check systems and have it reflect on my credit. The employees at this agency seem to be getting kicks harrassing people and in no way are taking anything seriously or professionaly. If anyone has to deal with this company then buckle up it's going to be a bumpy ride. This is truly the collection agency from hell! Karl Springfield, IllinoisU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Allied Interstate
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
98, Report #192289
May 19 2006
08:52 AM
Allied Interstate Ripoff Harrassing phone calls with no end in sight! Columbus Ohio
For the last few months, we have been getting phone calls from an out of area number. When we answer the phone, we hear a beep, as if someone on the other line is pressing the number button on their end. We had no idea what to do about this. We were not able to *69 these calls. These calls would come sometimes at 3 in the morning, sometimes every ten minutes for several hours. They have a knack for calling during the baby's naptime! A few weeks ago we started getting calls from an automated system (Please take time to return this important call...). We ignored them for a while, then finally called back. The woman who answered the phone had a very thick accent and was very hard to understand. She asked for my phone number and I gave it to her. She mumbled something about checking the system. I told her that I was calling to have my number removed from her system. She mumbled something else, I caught the words your house. I figured that this was a mortgage company trying to sell me a refi deal (we get a lot of those). I told her that I don't have a house, that I live in an apartment. After a long pause, she said that she was removing my number from the system. Out of curiosity, I Googled Allied Interstate. Yikes! They are not a mortgage company! After reading all of these reports, I am starting to suspect that they are the ones who were sending the beeping calls. I haven't heard from them in a few days. I am a little worried, though. I am having my husband pull a copy of our credit report today, just to check it. We have had credit problems in the past (more than five years ago) but all of our old debts have been paid in full and we have the documentation to prove it. All of our current debts (student loans and a car loan) are up to date. So I guess now I am just waiting to see if they call back. If they do, or if we get anymore of the mysterious beeping calls I am going to call the phone company and see what we can do about finding out where they come from. I am getting tired of it! We unplug our phone at naptimes and after 8pm because of these calls. Just thought I would add my experience to the pile. Does anyone have any advice? Think I should be more proactive? Thanks! Liz Anytown, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
99, Report #194931
Jun 05 2006
07:30 PM
Allied Interstate ripoff constant phone harassment all accounts covered by bankruptcy Columbus Ohio
I have been receiving harassing phone calls from 866-207-8333. They call 4-6 times a day, seven days a week, starting at 8 AM. I never answer the phone and they never leave a message. I refuse to engage these idiots but their constant calling is irritating. Also, I know I have no accounts placed with collection. I filed bankruptcy in 2004 and since then, I have opened no other credit card accounts nor have other accounts been placed for collection. If anyone knows how to get these people to stop calling, please advise. I've filed a complaint with the FTC and sent a cease and desist letter to the address I found online. Thanks in advance. D. J. W. Cambridge, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
100, Report #192452
May 20 2006
11:08 AM
Allied Interstate; Bank Of America ripoff, excessive interest Columbus Ohio
I lost my job back in November of 2003. It took over a year for me to find a job. My current income is less than it was before. When I was unemployed I fell behind on my account. At that time my records show that I owed a little over $9000 to Bank of America. Now Allied Interstate is saying that I owe over $15650 on that account. They will not accept payments. A short while back they offered to settle for about $10200. That was more than my total income for 2005. They have called me several HUNDRED times with a recording to call them back. When I do they are totally unco-operative. They don't care. They just want their money NOW! I don't know how to deal with them. Ron Chillicothe, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio

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