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26, Report #56879
May 14 2003
08:08 AM
Alyon Technologies ripoff ripoff fraud business Norcross Georgia click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
I recieved an erroneous bill in the amount of 542.34 from alyon tech..They claim I used there services for 106 min. on may 1,03.this bill is obviously a fabricatuion because they claim that 93 of these mins. occurred in a 61 min span and then they claim I used there services every 2 mins. for a 10 min. span(log on-log off 5 times). I goes on like this but you get the idea.I've tried to contact them by phone but theres only an animated recording.And there website is inaccessable. I have no intention of paying this bill. However if my letter is registered with the many others you've recieved maybe, it can help others who've payed these erroneous bills to get their money back. Ken streamwood, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
27, Report #57069
May 15 2003
01:59 PM
Alyon Technologies ripoff update! Secaucus New Jersey click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
Nineteen States Sue Software Firm; Allege Web (censored) Thu May 15, 2003 04:44 PM ET SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California and 18 other states on Thursday brought a consumer protection lawsuit against Alyon Technologies Inc. for allegedly running a (censored)that automatically connected peoples' computers to porn sites then charged steep fees to their phone bills. California Attorney General Bill Lockyer in a statement said Alyon, a New Jersey-based software company, installed pop-up ads that automatically dialed expensive adult Web sites without consent. He said the suit was brought after his office received dozens of complaints from consumers who had received steep bills from porn sites they had never knowingly visited. The sites Alyon links to require no credit cards but charge $4.99 per minute to a consumer's phone bill, according to the complaint. The complaint also charges that Alyon engages in unfair business practices when attempting to collect payment from consumers. The suit is asking Alyon to provide better instructions on how consumers can remove the automatic dialer software from their computers. Alyon could not immediately be reached for comment. James Orland Park, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
28, Report #57075
May 15 2003
02:29 PM
Alyon Technologies THE NOOSE TIGHTENS.--CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE Norcross Georgia click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
Companies accused of (censored)billing for pornographic Web sites By Michael D. Sorkin Post-Dispatch updated: 05/15/2003 01:09 PM The attorneys general of Missouri and Illinois are suing two companies accused of (censored)billing consumers for accessing pay-per-view pornographic Web sites. The suits alleges that Alyon Technologies Inc. of Secaucus, N.J., and Telcollect Inc. of Norcross, Ga., billed consumers for accessing services they had not ordered, refused to remove the bills and threatened to turn them over to a collection agency. In some cases, consumers reported getting bills after a pop-up ad for a pornographic Web site appeared on their computer screens. At least one consumer reported immediately closing the ad and still getting billed. About 100 consumers complained to Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon; nearly that many complained to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. Madigan said the services are set up to allow easy access to adult sites: no credit card number is required and 900 telephone number blocks are ineffective because people are unknowingly connected to a number with a New Jersey area code. Consumers and kids may not always know how to avoid spam or pop-up traps, but these companies know exactly what they're doing when it comes to making money, Madigan said. Nixon said some people who got bills did not even own a computer or have access to the Internet One consumer paid a bill of more than $600. Consumers who called the toll-free number listed on their bills were told they had to prove they did not order the service. The Missouri suit asks a judge in Jackson County Circuit Court in Kansas City to issue an order for: restitution for consumers, discontinuing (censored)billing and requiring the defendants to post a $50,000 bond if they continue offering Internet services in Missouri. The suit also seeks civil penalties of $1,000 for each (censored)act. The Illinois suit, filed in Sangamon County Circuit Court in Springfield, seeks a permanent injunction, a $50,000 civil penalty and $50,000 for each violation found to have been committed with intent to (censored). Both suits also names as defendant Stephane Touboul, who's described as CEO and sole shareholder of Alyon. Florida and other states, also are investigating Alyon. A Web site called contains complaints from consumers, including a California man who says he was billed for viewing an adult web site while no one was home to use his computer. He says Alyon uses a Trojan horse computer program that lurks in computers and dials toll numbers without permission. He says the program connected his computer to a 900-toll-call number even though his phone is set up to block such calls. Another complaint, from a man in New York, gives directions on how to remove Alyon's dialer from your computer as well as how to block your phone number from the company's Web site. There is a RICO ((censored)eering) investigation going on in Florida which means that all penalties, including possible jail time for Alyon and its employees ,could be increased. KEEP COMPLAINING. IF YOU SENT THEM MONEY FOR A BOGUS BILL, YOU MAY BE ABLE TO GET IT BACK WITH INTEREST. WE DID IT. THANK YOU PEOPLE AND THANK YOU RIP OFF REPORTS. P.S. THE FLOODGATES ARE OPEN, NOW WATCH THE STORIES ON ALYON. Allan Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
29, Report #137199
Apr 01 2005
01:41 PM
Alyon Technologies ripoff- fraudulant billing! how come the state of New Jersey still allows this to go on! Seacaucus New Jersey
I have been constantly harassed and billed by Alyon Tech. for charges that no one in my home made to an Adult Website. I tried to call the # listed above but got either a recording or a very rude and beligerent person who said that I had to pay or it would go to collections. The original bill was for $85.00. Now it is in collections for $110.26. When I spoke with the collections agency, First Credit of America (1-866-505-8249) they refused to provide me with an account #, specific web address that I was being billed for, address or phone # for Alynon or any other info except the date of the charges. (Feb. 27, 2003) They said that I had no legal recourse in order to dispute the billing and that they would continue to call me once a day until I paid the bogus charges. I know this to be wrong as I have been involved in collections for many years. This company has to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Thank-You for your time and for being a helpline for those that are ripped off by unscrupulous companies. Stephanie Hickory, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Seacaucus, New Jersey
30, Report #143678
May 23 2005
05:46 AM
Alyon Technologies (AKA) First Credit Of America ripoff fraudulent business activities illegal collection activities Secaucus New Jersey
It seems thousands of us have been harassed and victimized by these companies. Their mode of operation is to deceive then charge for services never purchased or agreed to by the victims. Fraud is deception in practice, and this is definately fraud. To be actionalble, fraud must be deliberate, and we must prove that harm was done. Also it helps to know the contents of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (On the FTC web-site. Document exactly how you were deceived, how the deception was deliberate, and what harm was done to you. Also keep records and document how First Credit of American and Merchants Credit Guide have violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Then submit as I have done your documentation to the Illinois Consumer Fraud Bureau, and the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs as well as the FBI and the FTC web sites. I also suggest that we all consider a class action lawsuit against these fraudulent companies. I would be willing to coordinate such an effort if we can all agree to pursue it. Bill P. Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
31, Report #67078
Sep 16 2003
05:42 PM
Alyon Technologies ripoff (censored)charges Secaucus New Jersey click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
I recieved a bill supposidly for visiting a Adult Web site. I never told anyone to charge me I don't do this kind of stuff I have reported this to the FTC, I am reporting it to the Attorney General of the State of Arizona. I am working with local officials to stop this kind of (censored) Jim Thatcher, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
32, Report #61480
Jun 22 2003
03:13 PM
Alyon Technologies ripoff evil dirt bags Norcross Georgia click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
minor child acessed this porn site not understanding that a very large bill was being run up through my phone lines this is trash that a child should not be allowed to view I keep getting threating letters telling me to pay this bill or it will be transferred to a collection agency I am i hard working mother with 2 children to care for I will not pay this bill for such trash that was let into my home because some sick company wants to make money from children please help this is hurting my credit record Cindy campbell, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
33, Report #65670
Aug 13 2003
08:41 AM
Alyon Technologies ripoff by modem hijacking Norcross Georgia click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
Modem hijacking. This company has billed me for long distance calls made from my telephone line (computer modem) that I did not make or authorize to be made. Robert Hooper, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
34, Report #58540
May 27 2003
03:10 PM
Alyon Technologies ripoff (censored)business Norcross Georgia click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
I was using Yahoo at a friend's house on his computer. They somehow cut in on my line and changed it to their line. All without my knowledge or permission. I did not look at any of their sites nor was I even aware that I was on their line. They have refused to cancel this (censored)charge. They sent my friend an invoice using information they wrongfully secured from the telephone company as I never gave them a phone number credit card or name. I want a refund and that company prosecuted under CA law which is where I was at the time. Fred AjijicMexico Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Alyon Technologies
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
35, Report #59922
Jun 07 2003
01:01 PM
Alyon Technologies Ripoff billed for services NOT rendered Norcross Georgia internet click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
I just received a bill from Alyon Technologies, Inc. for $78.24 for 16 minutes of Premium Web Content. There is no way I received any such product. Michele Groveland, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
36, Report #59465
Jun 03 2003
04:35 PM
Alyon Technologies ripoff business from hell Way Cross Georgia click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
this place is geting away with a lot of poor peoples money and we need help. thay are sending out bills that we do not make and thay are trying to make bad credit for us . jimmy rockyface, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Way Cross, Georgia
37, Report #59514
Jun 04 2003
06:44 AM
Alyon Technologies ripoff Elizabeth New Jersey click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
I received a billing from Alyon Technologies. I have no idea what it is or where it came from. Upon further reading, it is a porn website that automatically downloads on your home computer. No one was at home for at the time of the alleged download. I have small children that play only games on the computer and don't know how to use the internet. I also have 900 call block on my phone service. This is a (censored)of some kind. Please shut this site down. Thank you. V Floresville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Elizabeth, New Jersey
38, Report #65371
Aug 06 2003
06:14 PM
Alyon Technologies cyber pirates Secaucus New Jersey click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
I'd update my old one but it is so far back in the pile... Alyon Trojan horse: May be present on web sites attractive to children, ie; game tips, improve or update your game, game (censored) Cure: Remove Trojan horse parts either manually or by software listed in other filings on this website. NOTE: I found more than just the IEAccess/IEAccess2/IEDisco parts. Also found were the ScratchandWin and I lookup parasites. I feel that these others came in when the Alyon website was contacted by my son's computer. Took me a couple of hours to clean the machine. The crap hides all over the place! Received a letter from the State of New Jersey Office of the Attorney General today reminding me to REFILE my complaint with Alyon at this address: Alyon Technologies, Inc. PO Box 6049 Elizabeth, NJ 07207-6049 I've sent letters to 4 of the 5 of the addresses I have for them so far. The most recent were on 8/3. Best money I've spent! Called Merchants' Credit Guide Co. today (collection agency) about their client and the court order. I was told that Alyon was vindicated by the court order. I informed him that he was misinformed. He said he had a copy of the court order in front of him and he has done research on the internet about the vindication. I also told him that I have sent numerous letters to Alyon with no response and they were in violation of section 5 of the FTC Act-Deceptive Practices + Unfairness, Pay-Per-Call Rule, IV B and C or D in addition I've contacted the FTC, FBI, FCC and will contact the judge that issued the order. I also told him that his company had better chill out until this ends because they will be in as much trouble as their client when this is over. He mumbled something and hung up on me. MY ADVICE: Contact Alyon as soon as possible, certified, return receipt requested. Clean the computer but try to save the Trojan horse pieces to floppy or CD as evidence (I didn't). Keep a file on everything you receive from them INCLUDING ENVELOPES. My first bill was due 2/19 but the envelope was postmarked AFTER that date. Keep a copy of everything you send to anybody including all receipts from the Post Office, the green cards when Alyon receives your letter, everything. Go buy a cheap file/envelope to hold all of this stuff. You may need it (The Attorney Generals Office suggested You may wish to consult with a proivate attorney before making your decision to ensure your rights are protected.). REFILE YOUR COMPLAINT TO THE FTC AND ALYON TO PARTICIPATE IN COMPLAINT RESOLUTION ESTABLISHED BY THE FEDERAL COURT. The addresses are as follows: The Federal Trade Commission Alyon Technologies, Inc. Consumer Response Center PO Box 6049 Alyon Matter Elizabeth, NJ 07207-6049 600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW H-130 Washing, DC 20580 I won't be happy until I see these guys on the news being led off in handcuffs. Price of a stamp: 35 cents Price of an envelope: ~ 1 cent Your time: varies Seeing these guys in cuffs: Priceless Robert Plainfield, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
39, Report #66799
Sep 10 2003
08:22 PM
Alyon Technologies ripoff (censored)Billing Norcross, Georgia click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
I received a invoice for premium web services. The services were charged for a period when no family members were present at my home. After several attempts to contact the customer service department for Alyon, I fainally received a letter from them stating that they had verified the charges through my phone company. They stated they had a SSAN to verify the access with the phone company. Since no one was home on the day they are billing for, this info is (censored). I have demanded information on what service was provided and how (via which ISP) the service was accessed. This information has yet to be provided. Scott clearfield, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross,, Georgia
40, Report #64269
Jul 21 2003
03:33 PM
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
41, Report #106570
Sep 01 2004
05:04 PM
Alyon Technologies Aka First Credit America ripoff, fraudulent biling Secaucus New Jersey
I have recieved several phone call recarding a bill that is 18 months old and I have never recieved a bill. They say its from a porn sight and that someone in my household had to us the computer to view there sight. I am a single mother and my daughter was 7 yrs old at the time, and does not know how to use the computer. They are saying that this bill comes to $345.00. Candida gold hill, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
42, Report #104267
Aug 18 2004
12:36 PM
Alyon Technologies Aka First Credit America ripoff, bogus charges, intimidating, false claims, harrassing Seacaucus North Carolina
Company has called trying to collect over 500 dollars in bogus charges, we found their dialer on our computer after receiving telephone statement. This site was not viewed by anyone in my household, they are implying that my spouse used this site. I know this is untrue. They are threatening legal action whatever means necessary to collect. We have never received a bill or any info from this company, these phone charges incurred over a year ago and this is the second time in a week we have received this type of call from them. They are very abusive and harrassing. I filed a report with the Texas Attorney General and will now file with as many other sites, agenicies etc that i can find. Sissy Bryan, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Seacaucus, North Carolina
43, Report #106418
Aug 31 2004
07:57 PM
Alyon Technologies Aka First Credit Of America ripoff, Claimed internet charges, not real, 2 years ago, harassing Internet
Last week my wife seemed upset at me. When I asked her, she had received a call frof above company with the complaint that there was a bill outstanding in collections. When she asked about it, it was told to her it was an internet porn site. When we spoke, I needed to reassure her that this charge was false. They then called again, was willing to settle. My wife asked if they would call back when I was home.They reluctantly agreed. I spoke to a Ms. Williams who kept repeating that the settlement was a good deal. I told her only if I had actually incurred the charges. she then told me they would call daily to attempt to collect a debt.. then it got ugly. I suggested this would be harassment, she said unless I had a lawyer, I should not talk of what they could do. I asked for written documentation of this so called claim. She said she would e-mail me. This was hours ago. I asked her for a physical address, she refused, but offered me a web site, which is not operational. I will see this matter through. Richard North Haven, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
44, Report #105457
Aug 25 2004
08:13 PM
Alyon Technologies & 1st Credit of America ripoff internet dial up scam spyware charged me for unauthorized charges Chicago Illinois
August 25, 2004 1st Credit of America LLC Alyon Technolgies Dept 4335 Carol Stream, IL 60122-4335 Fax 312-896-9198 800-860-1935 Dear Sir or Madam: On or about the date of this charge, which I had newly gotten my computer, you are stating that I dialed a number from my phone number of xxx-390-6915. To the best of my knowledge, I have never given any authorization to any company, including Alyon technologies, to disconnect me from my service provider, MSN, INC, to connect me to themselves and charge me for any type of service. I have never received a bill from Alyon tech or from my phone company for any charges. I am totally disputing any charges or talk time to this company. I have never given any authorization to disconnect me from my ISP and connect me to some other website. I have never given any age, name, address, credit card information or other personal information nor have I ever received any bill from Alyon Technologies. The first time I've even heard of this company is when a 3rd party collection agency has called me. I have called my local service provider, regarding this matter and had a 900 block put on my phone the first time I've heard of this matter, not realizing what this was about. They agreed that something fishy was going on. I have young children in my household and If I find out that some porno website has allowed them to view any type of filthy disgusting material over the internet without my direct consent, I will be taking this up with the FCC, PUC, and the Better Business Bureau along with my Attorney and state and local police officials to settle this matter in court. I am tired of dealing with 3rd party ignoramuses who do not know the full story about this matter nor can they properly speak the English language. The next time I get a phone call from your company about this matter, consider it an invitation to direct legal proceedings on which I am more than willing to commence. I invite you to provide me with an invoice or any documentation that I have ever received a bill or mailed invoice for any of these charges. It can't be done because you don't even have my correct information, which I have already confirmed with someone from your company! You said I was at xxxx Elder Lane, and I am not at currently, nor ever have ever lived on any Elder Lane. I am copying the public utilities commission and my personal attorney on this letter. s&S Cedar Rapids, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
45, Report #107739
Sep 09 2004
08:39 PM
Alyon Technologies Aka First Credit Of America ripoff, Claimed internet charges, not real, 2 years ago, harassing, Nationwide
My wife received a call looking for me. Stated to her that I had a large debt going into collections from an internet porn site. My wife asked a Ms. Williams to call me back when I was home. My wife confronted me and I did not know what she was talking about. Ms. Williams called, and offered me a settlement and assured me that if I did not settle the credit collections company would call daily. I asked her for the address, she would not give it to me, or a phone number. she did give me a web site that does not work. I asked for some written documentation of said charges, and she stated she would e-mail them. I never received an email. Also no additional calls. Amazing how this report sounds like the others... Richard North Haven, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
46, Report #69874
Oct 22 2003
08:00 PM
Alyon Technologies ripoff billing for premium web content Chicago Illinois click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
I was recently told that I owed $122.25 and that it was going to go on my credit report. They say it came from my phone number and required the last four digitd of a social of someone living in my house. Its just the two of us, and we never enter that information. So now I don't know what to do to stop this. Any information or help would be appreciated. Aveen lakeside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
47, Report #68008
Oct 01 2003
01:31 PM
Alyon Technologies ripoff fraudulent billing Norcross Georgia click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
I received a bill charging me $58.68 on April 5, 2003 at 2:24AM. I immediately called the billing company and received no answer. I wrote them a letter and received no reply. I tried to complain to the Better Business Bureau and was informed that the BBB had received too many complaints and were no longer accepting them. I let it go, I figured it was a (censored) and they would pursue any further. I was wrong. Six months later I have now received a letter from a collection agency. I called them to explain how I was billed for services I had not used and how I tried to correct this situation in April to no avail. The collection agency told me to pay the bill or she would see me in court. Then she hung up on me. Now I have finally filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and I have sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission. After that I went on the internet to find a phone number to contact someone at Alyon Technologies. After typing in Alyon Technologies into the search bar, I found hundreds of reports and complaints similiar to mine. I feel reassured that they will not get away with what they are doing, but I worry that my credit is in jeopardy. I wonder what steps I should take to right my credit report. Jennifer Maywood, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
48, Report #73250
Nov 26 2003
05:46 PM
ALYON TECHNOLOGIES I did not used this web site Norcross GA. click here for EDitor's comment; Alyon's efforts to resolve complaints and click here to read Alyon's response
I did not used this web site I did get pop ups from it I closed them they kept coming every two seconds. then I turn off my computer. Victor daleville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #111888
Oct 07 2004
09:19 AM
Alyon Technologies Aka Merchants Credit Guide harassing debt collection on bogus debts Chicago Illinois
This is just an update on this firm, which I understand in operating under several aka's....they have an excellent screen-prompt reply script, and are very belligerent when pushed off topic - the phone people must be under a tight clock and constant audio surveilance... background noise indicates that this is a large phone room....the name Ken Hughes is used as the teaser, but he is never available.... Their phone message states that they are not a sales call, but does not state any company name or reason for your call back. In all probablitlity they are buying ancient debt lists (the account they are trying to colect on from me has been closed and off the record for 7 years) and trying to collect on them. They insist that all formal communication be in writing, but will continue to inundate you with autodialer messages during that time. Any activity directed at you should be immediately reported to the FTC via their online complaint site. Only an huge public response via the web will get any action, if that will at all. Kendrick Metairie, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
50, Report #111708
Oct 06 2004
09:06 AM
Alyon Technologies 1st Credit of America ripoff Secaucus New Jersey
After numerous phone calls from 1st Credit of America regarding an apparent outstanding bill from Alyon Technologies, I finally got them to fax me a copy of the bill (which I had never received by mail). I firmly believe I was rip-off as I did not request to be billed at a future date by Alyon. I will file complaints with the State Attorney General as well Federal Trade Commission. Thank you for your help. Lee Lee Sag Harbor, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey

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